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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it's three of the most beautiful people that we know. >> reporter: lara's husband scott owned a real estate consulting firm in the city. he was the pilot. they leave behind two young children, 5 and 7 years old. nasim was an up and comer in the office. they were all headed to a real estate conference in orange county. >> of course, it's extremely shocking. >> reporter: this is dashcam video of the crash that killed them all. scott, the pilot, did send out a distress call the ntsb says but didn't say what his emergency was aboard the cessna 414. shortly after he made that call the plane crashed down into the south coast plaza shopping center. >> with the pilot we're going to look at his currency with the airplane. we'll be looking at all the records that are associated, the environment. we're going to look and see if any environmental factors played a part in this accident. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of the aftermath. witnesses say they could hear the plane sputtering. it was less than a mile from its final destination at john
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wayne airport. >> it's just a shock and a tragedy. you know, i think the hardest part is digesting the news. we're all just finding out about it. >> reporter: just so heart breaking for these families certainly, especially those with young children. now the ntsb should have a preliminary report on this crash within the month, but the full report on this crash will take about a year. emily turner, kpix5. bay area tech the giants are taking action against a from -- tech giants are taking action against a prominent conspiracy theory, but now the question can tech companies remove posts for possible hate speech without infringing on freedom of expression. kpix5 reporter susie steimle looked into this today. >> alex jones was banned from apple, facebook, spotify and youtube today and calls the move cultural imperialism of
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the san francisco tech elite. conspiracy theorist alex jones is calling on people from all corners of the internet to fight the big tech companies who banned him today. >> apple, facebook, spotify and youtube all completely banned info wars within 12 hours of each other clearly suggesting big tech collusion. >> reporter: alex jones conspiracy theories include 9/11 being an inside job, the idea that the government controls the weather and that the massacre at sandy hook elementary school was a hoax. last month reporters criticized facebook ceo mark zuckerberg for not banning info wars from the platform for spreading fake news. the company maintains the decision to remove jones' page today is not about misinformation. in a statement facebook said, "we have taken it down for glorifying violence and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, muslim and immigrants which violates our hate speech policies." youtube wrote, "all users agree to comply with our terms of
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service and community guidelines when they sign up to use youtube. when users violate these policies repeatedly like our policies against hate speech and harassment, we terminate their accounts." >> the internet has always been this bastian of free speech. that's part of what it was built as and seeing that erode in any way scares a lot of people. >> reporter: cnet's ian shear says it's clear this conversation isn't going away. jones will continue to fight and his theorists say jones has every right to share those views on social media. >> some will say look, alex jones is not even conservative, but the larger question is about well, what is the slippery slope? where is the line? those are questions that they're going to raise and they're rightful questions to ask. page because the content does not violate company policy. >> the #alexjones and #infowars have been trending all day on twitter. twitter said it will not ban
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either page because the content does not violate twitter's company policy. president trump is now weighing in on california's wildfire crisis. allen martin is in our newsroom with the president's explanation and why experts say he's got it all wrong. >> yeah, ken. mr. trump turning the disaster into a political feud and in a pair of tweets he's pointing the finger at governor jerry brown's water policy. today he tweeted, "governor brown must allow the free flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the north and foolishly being diverted into the pacific ocean." in another tweet yesterday he blamed the fires on bad environmental laws and water being diverted into the pacific. we reached out to the governor's office and we're told the president's tweets do not merit a response. the governor's spokesman recommended we not talk to politicians and instead referred us to an expert on water management and climate change. fire more intense and difficult to fig it's >> the water policy of this state has not made these fires more frequent or intense. it hasn't made it more
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difficult to fight these fires. ironically he's ignoring the whole issue of climate change which has made these fires more intense and more difficult to fight. but governor brown is ba ater from th >> it's not clear what the president is talking about, but governor brown is backing a plan to divert water from the delta to central valley farmers and southern california cities, but peter glick and other experts agree this would not impact water available for firefights. glick adds that the only water that reaches the ocean these days is what's left after the massive diversions out of our rivers for cities and farms. this mushroom cloud of dense smoke exploding above a new fire in orange county, the holy fire erupted in santa ana mountains, part of the cleveland national forest. it's grown to more than 1,000 acres. evacuations have been ordered. two hikers who were caught by surprise had to be airlifted out of the fire zone. the mendocino complex fire continues to grow. it is now the second largest wildfire in state history. the river and ranch fires near clearlake have now scorched
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more than 273,000 acres. over the river and ranch fires. this video was provided by one of the air tanker crews flying over the river and ranch fires. the rugged terrain makes the aerial fight critical to the battle. firefighters from as far away as australia and new zealand are on the ground offering assistance. meanwhile in shasta county the carr fire claimed another life. a pg&e lineman was killed saturday. 21-year-old jay ayeta died when his utility truck crashed. the carr fire is now 45% contained. at yosemite the ferguson valley has the valley closed indefinitely. ranchers and other workers were forced out over the weekend. that fire is now 38% contained, but more than 91,000 acres have burned. cal fire says there are 18 large wildfires burning across california right now and more than half a million acres have burned. investigators are calling a deadly house fire in vallejo
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suspicious. an 11-year-old girl escaped the fire early yesterday on georgia street and flagged down police, but her twin sisters who were both 14 died along with their mom. a friend of the twins says she got a text from one of them at 2 a.m. just before the fire. it said, "are you awake? i'm really scared." >> it's really sad to hear that that was her last words to me, that she feels really scared, but i couldn't read it because i was asleep. >> vallejo police opened a criminal investigation into the cause of that fire. coming up at 6:00 details on a memorial for the twins that is just getting underway. the search is on for a shooter who opened fire and killed a driver on the bay bridge this morning around 2:30 a.m. the chp said someone in an unidentified vehicle opened fire on an suv on the lower deck. the driver died at the scene. two passengers were taken to
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the hospital. both will be okay. the suv also crashed into another car on the bridge. right now the suspect is still on the loose. the shooting and investigation shut down eastbound lanes for hours. the man who plotted a christmas day attack on san francisco's pier 39 will be spending 15 years in prison. 27-year-old everitt aaron jameson also sentenced to a life term of supervised release, jameson pleaded guilty to trying to help a terrorist organization. jameson thought he was talking with an isis leader. instead he shared details of his plot with an fbi informant. his idea was to use pipe bombs to attack holiday shoppers at pier 39. he hoped to corral the victims into one area and then shoot them. instead he was arrested on december 23rd. his sentencing was part of a plea deal. a man who was paul manafort's right hand man testified against him this afternoon.
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rick gates worked with manafort for years including at the upper echelons at the trump campaign in 2016. today gate said manafort often directed him to lie to book keepers, banks and accountants. the alleged goal was to hide millions of dollars from the irs linked to manafort's consulting work in ukraine. gates also admitted he embezzled money from manafort. he is testifying as part of a plea deal with special counsel robert mueller's team. president trump has reimposed tough sanctions on iran. this comes three months after the president pulled out of the obama era nuclear deal. the u.s. secretary of state warned other countries that the sanctions will be rigorously enforced. european allies oppose the sanctions. last week president trump offered to meet with iran's president, but his country is u sanctions. meanwhile the president is changing his story a bit about
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a trump tower meeting between his campaign team and a russian lawyer. cbs news reporter mola lenghi tells us mr. trump now admits his son was there to gather dirt on hillary clinton. >> reporter: president trump is now acknowledging the purpose for his son donald trump's jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer in 2016. he tweeted, "this was to get information on an opponent. it went nowhere. i did not know about it," but when news of the meeting became public last year, donald trump, jr. issued a statement saying it was about russian adoptions and mentioned nothing about politics or opposition research. in january the trump legal team revealed in a letter to the special counsel it was president trump himself who dictated the explanation about adoptions. that contradicted previous trump team statements about the president's involvement. >> this was donald trump, jr. and his lawyers. the president was not involved in that. >> reporter: president trump's
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lawyer now admits he was wrong to say that. >> i had bad information at that point. i made a mistake in my statement. i talked about that before. that happens when you have cases like this. >> reporter: the trump tower meeting as well as what president trump knew about it and his role in issuing the misleading public statement are part of the inquiry run by special counsel robert mueller. president trump has repeatedly claimed that the mueller investigation is a witch hunt and there was no collusion. last week he called on his attorney general jeff sessions to put an end to the mueller probe. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. a bay area airport now takes your picture. >> coming up the new technology using your face to improve security and wait times. >> plus fire drone surveying damage all across our state, how they help homeowners who have lost everything. >> reporter: amputees are getting back in the water thanks to a first of its kind prosthetic leg made with a 3d printer. i'm kenneth craig with a look at the development that's
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promising to change lives.
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international passengers here in the bay area . kpix 5's len ramirez went to mineta san jose airport to find out how it works. [nats] new facial recognition technology greeting international passengers here in the bay area. kpix5's len ramirez went to mineta san jose international to find out how this work. >> reporter: the latest security upgrade at mineta san jose international is over in just a flash. >> it will be as simple as walking up, having your picture taken, two to three seconds you'll board the aircraft. >> reporter: mineta san jose is the first airport on the west coast to commit to fully adopting the u.s. customs and border protections new biometric security system that uses cameras and facial recognition technology to identify travelers as they enter or leave the united states. they say it provides better security and moves security lines quickly. >> we're solving an incredibly
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complex security mandate, a legislative requirement, to take biometrics from departing visitors without creating gridlock and shutting down air travel. >> reporter: san jose international has already been test running the biometrics system since june. the wait times have gone down from about 25 minutes when they started to about 21 minutes now. the software identifies travelers' facial features and compares them with passport photos already in the system providing electronic verification of what border agents already do, but civil liberties groups oppose facial recognition saying it doesn't work as advertised and can evolve into a tool for spying on american citizens. >> there's an officer our picture. so i don't know if that was the new biometric or not. >> reporter: travelers we spoke to say the security checks went quickly and don't seem bothered by privacy issues. >> i think that would help to secure more, yeah, for protection. that's a good idea. >> reporter: mineta san jose officials say the system will
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be fully up and running for international flights this fall. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. other bay area headlines, san rafael police shot a man wielding lives last night on market street in the canal neighborhood. officers attempted to negotiate, but 30 minutes later they say the man moved toward them. that's when a san rafael officer shot him, no word yet on his condition. in san francisco a recycling plant caught fire this morning. it broke out about 8 a.m. on evans street near the bayview neighborhood. firefighters put the flames out in less than an hour. investigators ruled that fire accidental. no one was hurt. new video from the carr fire near redding shows damage from above. menlo park firefighters recorded this footage with a drone. you can see burned trees everywhere. documenting this type of damage is quite important. investigators use these drones to accelerate the financial aid process for homeowners.
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the technology also has several other crucial uses. >> the real value in this technology is using it for the actual firefighting efforts. >> officials say their video also helps them execute better protective strategies in the future. the fire department has been called to help crews at several other incidents including last fall's tubbs fire in santa rosa. the city of san jose is reaching out to sonoma county fire victims struggling with anxiety from smoky skies. fires from outside their region are causing poor air quality and for some that brings up painful reminders of the wine country wildfires. the city is urging anyone with emotional distress to reach the support services like the disaster distress line. a first of its kind prosthetic leg is now licensed specifically for swimming. researchers say it could dramatically change the lives of the nearly 2 million americans who lost a him. kenneth craig got a look at what's being dubbed the fin.
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>> reporter: kevin vaughn is back in the water swimming in a way he hasn't been able to since he lost his leg seven years ago. >> it's huge. i'm not just kicking with one leg anymore. >> reporter: the 28-year-old is wearing the fin, a first of its kind prosthetic leg giving people like kevin the ability to get in and out of water and move through it with ease. >> the water comes off the angles here through the hole, then allows for when you kick. you move forward. >> reporter: it's the first amphibious prosthetic made with a 3d printer and is the creation of north well health's dr. todd goldstein. this is the key component here, right? >> this is all 3d here and this is custom to their limb. >> reporter: kevin is part of a group testing the limb in a research study awaiting fda clearance. his leg was amputated in 2011 after a roadside bomb severely injured him in his second tour of afghanistan. the marine spent 15 months
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recovering at walter reed. >> prior to the service i played lacrosse, wrestling, always swam at the beach pool. after i got hurt the first thing i wanted to do was get back to that status again. >> reporter: kevin is active again with the help of various prosthetics, but when it comes to swimming, current waterproof legs have limitations. >> it's just basically attaching a small anchor to your leg and that's not going to be something that is beneficial. >> reporter: the fin is designed to give swimmers a more natural sensation while swimming and they don't have to switch out prosthetics when getting in and out of water. exciting? >> very exciting. >> reporter: what's it like to know that the leg was made with a 3d printer? >> that just blows my mind. i'm mostly excited about being able to swim balanced again, having that feeling of feeling like i have another leg again. >> reporter: kenneth craig, cbs news, east meadow, new
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york. >> researchers hope to bring the fin to the market in three to five months. ng up all- new at 6:00 ti-million dol right now some of you are close to 100 degrees. right now some of you are barely over 60 like in san francisco. coming up will the temperature change or will we keep this 40- degree temperature spread? i'll have that for you coming up next. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight a multi-million dollar plan to improve safety in the b.a.r.t. system, why the department says making sure riders see police on patrol is key.
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it started when a truck carrying flammable material crashed into another vehicl dramatic video shows an explosion on a highway in italy. it started when a truck carrying flammable material crashed into another vehicle. moments later a massive fireball erupts right there. black smoke could be seen miles away. one driver stuck in traffic was reporting during the second, much bigger blast. 70 others were wounded.
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the explosion left a massive crater in the road. two people are confirmed dead. 70 others were wounded. well, i see more smoke in the east bay this morning. it was quite noticeable. >> it's amazing how much smoke is being put out by these fires and how it's just off the ground, but it's getting closer to the ground. so the east bay and north bay which may be dealing with some surface smoke, the stuff we would breathe, right now the air quality is lacking good to moderate. much of california is the opposite. air quality has been poor the past several days. we still have the marine influence around here for most of the bay area. peek outside at the temperatures? oh, we've got 90s in concord, livermore and san jose today. we've been in the 90s now, 89 in santa rosa, but such a difference in san francisco where you haven't warmed up all summer, currently 64 degrees, 72 in oakland. overnight mid-50s in napa, oakland, vallejo, upper 50s for
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concord and livermore, fairfield 57 degrees. let's talk about the air quality because it's not that bad, especially considering what's directly above us. we're getting the hazy sunshine. the sky does not look that blue for much of the bay area, but the air we're breathing is primarily coming from the ocean, so good to moderate air quality, although some parts of the far north bay and east bay may be dealing with some smoke issues. the carr fire, 105 degrees tomorrow, mendocino complex 97 degrees and the ferguson fire 83 degrees and, of course, this time of year we are not talking about rainfall. we don't get rain this time of year. where is our ridge of high pressure because it's certainly hot inland with those 90s? it's to our south getting stronger and closer. inland highs will stay high. look at this low pressure area to our north and west. it is getting stronger and will start getting closer. with the strong ridge and strong low the cooler spots stay cooler and the hotter spots will get even hotter. with the flow coming in from the ocean, the ocean temperature running at about 55 degrees, the coast will likely
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be up to 40 degrees cooler than inland locations tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. we'll be close to 100 away from the water but barely hitting 60 degrees at the beach. low clouds and fog the next couple nights near the water. hazy skies continue. much of that smoke will stay elevated and will stay well into the 90s away from the water through the end of the week. fairfield 97, livermore 94, santa rosa 92. we cool to the 80s in san rafael, vallejo and san jose, 74 in oakland, only 62 in pacifica, 67 in san francisco. a couple degrees hotter away from the water, thursday and friday close to 100 degrees in the hottest spots, but still that hazy, milky looking sky with the smoke above us. near the bay we'll stay in the 70s and at the beach only in the 50s and 60s. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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hi ken and liz. up next... [take vonumber:550a] we'll have more mplex fire w the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. jeff? >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next we will have much more on the mendocino complex fire on pace to become the largest in california history. so much to talk about. >> the southern border, but there's been a huge increase in illegal crossings at the northern border. we'll take a look at this tonight. >> and how a father and son came together on an officer's final day coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> we thank you for watching at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00 a new transit option is in the works for commuters coming from the central valley. we have the plans and allen and i are back in 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, it is set to become the largest wildfire ever in the nation's most populous state, and we are on the scene. the star witness takes the stand at the fraud trial of paul manafort. and why so many older americans have been forced to declare of ruptcy. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> massive wildfires raging across california. >> the mendocino complex fire is now up to more than 273,000 acres. >> making it the second largest fire in california history. >> president trump hitting iran with the first financial .unishment since he pulled the united states out of the nuclear deal. >> we are not going to allow iran to get nuclear weapons. >> there is a shortage of values about what is right, what is
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wrong. >> the violent weekend in


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