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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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twice. i've been riding b.a.r.t. all summer. >> reporter: faced with an colby. >> it's graduation time and david colby is getting his ongoing rise in violent crime and three high profile party on. the 25-year-old cal-berkeley slashings in four months, grad is deeply grateful to be b.a.r.t. canceled police days off and ordered its cops to start here. >> one, two, three! working 12 hour days six days a >> and not just because he's week to beef up its earned a degree in physics from one of the most prestigious understaffed police patrols. >> the idea is to immediately increase police presence. >> reporter: and the cops who were brought in today on their universities in the country. early on david was told by a day off had one and only one social worker he would never experience this kind of success. mission. >> riding trains all day and >> that i would only be able to making sure the public sees you. go to community college, never >> reporter: with the part of making sure the public sees a four year university. >> the social worker was them as key. >> we're hoping our riders will clearly wrong. you see, dave and his big see and feel like we are responsive. sister lilly are foster kids. >> reporter: muchpublic he's also autistic and brilliant. when we first met david back in relations for an increasingly 2012, he was literally too worried ridership is debatable. how long can you keep this smart for high school, acing going? >> his college level math courses. we plan on this current both kids bounced around foster homes, but lilly never let go staffing model for about three weeks. of david. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. along the way she became his police officer's union head protector and educational keith garcia said b.a.r.t. champion seeing to it that he needs to go even further. >> i think we should have an made it to cal. officer at every station and >> i brag about david all the
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officers riding the trains. time. >> and like any proud big >> we do not have enough officers right now to cover sister, lilly was front and stations both day and night. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. center at david's graduation. is some 25 officers it's a full circle moment for understaffed and has been for lilly as well advocating for years, in part because it has a hard time competing with other herself and david inspiring her to become a lawyer and police departments for legislative advocate for recruits. >> why are people going to come children in the foster care here when they can make more system. >> i have my dream job. this is what i said i was going money somewhere else down the street? >> reporter: whatever the case, thanks to the emergency to do. >> both kids are sra alums and order b.a.r.t. had an extra 19 cops out riding both are quick to point out that they never would have made the rails today, but even the beef-up couldn't stop this man it here without students rising who was alternately talking to himself and insulting the above. >> it's a whole community of people around him from walking people that allow you to see right onto b.a.r.t. without a ticket and without any apparent fear of being your future as a success. >> had it not been for sra, i stopped or caught. >> what we're hearing from our would have never gone to riders is that they want us to do more and they expect us to berkeley. >> now back to the party. do more. >> reporter: in the short term for students rising above, i'm christin ayers. >> you guys inspire us. this is the more. now granted, 19, 20 or 21 more you can catch up on our cops on a daily basis, chances previous scholars, learn more are you might not even see them about sra, go to our website, on the rails or in the stations, but if you do, b.a.r.t. is hoping you'll pass the word along, at least show that they get the message.
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>> phil, here's the multi- million dollar question. good young folks -- website, where is all the money going to come from? >> reporter: well, they're going to squeeze it out of current building projects, a good young folks. >> see us right back here at little here, a little there. it's going to be interesting, 11:00. >> have a good night! though. the real test of will on this is going to be whether they go for the new hi-tech cameras some people say are too much big brother or whether they actually go ahead and hire the more cops. the chances are a report's going to say they sorely need i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. them. since the onset of the drought, in north berkeley, phil matier, more than 129 million trees have died in california. kpix5. a new transit option is in pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees the works for commuters who make long drives from the every year to ensure that hazardous trees central valley. can't impact power lines. trains in the proposed valley link would carry passengers and since the onset of the drought from as far away as stockton to we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly the dublin, pleasanton b.a.r.t. station. the new line would have 10 it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. stops and two with the existing what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer ace train. a newly formed transit authority believes a valley and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. link can reduce traffic congestion, especially on 580. it says trains could start ♪ ♪ running in five to seven years. can world-renowned artist red hong yi the project has an estimated use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank?
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price tag of $1.8 billion. n st all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? police. new at 6:00 the san jose police union says no way, no ♪ ♪ way they can work with a man yes. but this isn't for just anyone. they consider biased against ♪ ♪ police. kpix5 reporter kiet do walks us hong yi! through the fight with the independent police auditor and it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ the bombshell one community leader dropped today. life. lived red's way. >> reporter: yes. the city's religious leaders are turning up the pressure trying to put the spotlight on chase. make more of what's yours. the police union. so san jose is on the cusp of some major police changes when it comes to police authorization and also insight into the alleged wrongdoings of the police department. the union says they want change to come to san jose. they're ready to sign this deal. they just do not want to do it with this auditor. >> we hope that the police officers association will return to the table and move forward in good faith negotiations. >> reporter: one of the largest and most influential community groups in the south bay, pact, is in a clash of the titans trouble with another
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powerful group, the san jose police officers association and at the center is this man, aaron zisser, the independent police auditor. last month the union said zisser failed to inform the police department after this man allegedly made death threats to shoot the next officer he sees in the face and announcer: it's time to play then a week later zisser was "family feud." give it up for photographed attending a rally steve harvey. for anthony nunes who was killed in 2016. the rally ended up in front of [captioning made possible by the police department and in fremantle media] this video posted to twitter [cheers and applause] you can hear the protesters say steve: how are y'all? thank you to officers we're coming for very much. i appreciate y'all. you. >> you murdered anthony nunes thank y'all, folks. i appreciate in front of his home. we're coming for you. it. thank you very much. >> reporter: the police [laughs] officers union said zisser is well, welcome to "family feud," biased and can't be trusted everybody. i'm your man, steve with higher power. >> just like san jose are held harvey. to a higher standard who we can [cheers and applause] hang around and be friends and we got another good one for with, he should have that same standard and by stepping across you today, folks. returning for their second day, from cordell, that line and doing that, he's not holding that standard up oklahoma, it's the champs, it's and that's a problem for us. >> reporter: the city, the the berry family. union and the ipa's office has [cheers and applause] been negotiating sweeping and from minneapolis, minnesota, change in police reform and
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accountability. pact is accusing the union of it's the williams family. starting an attack campaign against the auditor to stall [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win reform. kelly says zisser in office is theirself a lot of cash, and a deal breaker. somebody, somebody might drive >> the board is moving forward with reforms, but you won't out of here in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] implement those reforms as long let's play "feud." give me as aaron zisser is in office. diane, give me jay. >> we just can't. there's been too many vital, serious, malicious mistakes that we would never give a more top 6 answers on the board. name oversight to someone like that. >> reporter: pact and the mayor remain hopeful the something that if steve harvey situation can be worked out. wanted to give you, you would >> and i expect that all gladly accept. parties will continue negotiating in good faith to diane: money. steve: heh heh. money! move forward on these reforms. >> withdraw the ultimatums, return to the table and let's [cheers and applause] man: we're gonna play, we're gonna play. move forward together. >> reporter: reverend jeff moore, head of the naacp steve: pass or play? silicon valley chapter, took it diane: we're gonna play, steve. whoo! a step further. >> paul kelly, step down. [cheers and applause] sit down. go home. there's a better place for you. it's called retirement. steve: what do you do, sir? >> i'm not going to retire. michael: i'm an i.t. manager for a financial bank in the twin i'm not going to sit down and cities. and my claim to fame was i'm going to remain standing.
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>> reporter: so the when i was 5, 6, and 7, i was independent police auditor previously has said that some a james brown impersonator. of his actions were taken out of context and also that he [cheers and applause] should be allowed to grow into the position. the union is asking the city council to investigate the auditor himself. it will take a super majority of this council to fire the auditor. the union says if or when this investigation is done, they will have the votes. in downtown san jose, i'm kiet do, kpix5. a shooting on the bay bridge leaves a man dead and closed down the lower deck early this morning. we have new photos from a witness giving us a good look at the damage that kept traffic at a standstill for hours. police say at about 2:30 this morning shots were fired from one car into an suv. that suv crashed into a third car. the driver of the targeted car died at the scene. two passengers were wounded. we're learning one has been released from the hospital and the second is in fair condition. >> right now it's still an open investigation. so they're trying to see if there is an incident prior to the shooting that may have led
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up to this, but we have no information on that right now. >> some eastbound lanes didn't reopen until about 6:30 a.m. the car with the gunman got away. investigators have only a vague description of a possible silver or gray suv or sedan. a deadly house fire in vallejo left victims' friends in a state of shock. two teenage girls and their mother died early yesterday in what police call a suspicious fire. kpix5's john ramos shows us the community is trying to make sense of it all. >> reporter: today there were more questions than answers at the little house on georgia street in vallejo. a fire early sunday morning in the back of the home killed three, a mother and her twin teenage daughters. police are saying only that the fire is suspicious. >> honestly it's still in my head like it's hard to sleep right now, just knowing that happened next-door. >> reporter: police are not talking about what happened that night, but a close friend got a 2 a.m. text from one of the girls that
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read, "sarah, are you awake? i'm really scared." the twins' names are trin and tram tran. their 11-year-old sister vi survived the flower and according to friends dropping off flowers at the small memorial. the girls went to logan's middle school and bethel high school and were beloved members of the school band and the wrestling team. >> trin was the soft, spoken but small silent type. tram was the bubbly uplifting type. everyone loved them in return. there was no way you couldn't love those kids. >> reporter: like everyone else the coach is devastated by the loss and this afternoon some of their friends and teammates met at the middle school's wrestling room to remember the girls. >> everyone considered them family and to see them just go like having a family member lost. >> reporter: as workers arrived at the house to secure the fire scene, it left mourners even more shaken to think this may not have been an accident. >> for it to have some intent or someone to do it or, you
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know, just the possibility of someone doing it, it's like it kind of changes the mood of everything like who would want to do something to them? >> reporter: in vallejo, john ramos, kpix5. he's known for a range of conspiracy theories, but today alex jones is known for getting booted off a number of social media platforms. our susie steimle explains why. >> alex jones and info wars have been banned from facebook, apple, youtube, spotify and now pinterest today. the tech companies say jones violated their hate speech policy. info wars is calling it censorship. >> they staged sandy hook. the evidence is just overwhelming. >> conspiracy theorist alex jones is calling on people from all corners of the internet to fight the big tech companies who banned him today. >> apple, facebook, spotify and youtube all completely banned info wars within 12 hours of each other clearly suggesting big tech collusion.
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>> alex jones conspiracy theories include 9/11 being an inside job, the idea that the government controls the weather and that the massacre at sandy hook elementary school was a hoax. last month reporters criticized facebook ceo mark zuckerberg for not banning info wars from the platform for spreading fake news. the company maintains the decision to remove jones' page today is not about misinformation. in a statement facebook said, "we have taken it down for glorifying violence and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, muslim and immigrants which violates our hate speech policies." youtube wrote, "all users agree to comply with our terms of service and community guidelines when they sign up to use youtube. when users violate these policies repeatedly like our policies against hate speech and harassment, we rminate their accounts." >> the internet has always been this bastian of free speech. that's part of what it was built as and seeing that erode in any way scares a lot of
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people. >> cnet's ian shear says this conversation isn't going away. it's clear jones will continue to fight and conservatives whether they agree with his theories or not argue info wars has every right to share that content on social media. >> alex jones may be an extremist that they're going to say look, he's not even conservative, which a couple of them already said, but the larger question is what is the slippery slope? where is the line, those are questions they'll raise and they're rightful questions to ask. >> jones is not backing down. throughout the day info wars posted videos under new handles on both youtube and facebook. the companies promptly took those videos down, too. twitter is saying it has no intention of banning info wars because the content does not violate twitter's company policy. >> thanks. incredible new images from wildfires across the state, why the president blames the governor for the raging flames. >> without power for days
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dealing with sweltering heat, northern california seniors with a plea for help. >> and a bridge for pedestrians only, the bay area city ready to spend millions on commuter safety. ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter?
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is burning in southern californ on to our fire watch now, a new fast moving brushfire is burning in southern california.
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here's a live look at the so- called holy fire. it broke out this afternoon near the orange county riverside county line in the cleveland national forest. the fast moving brushfire is causing this apocalyptic scene. this massive smoke plume can be seen miles away. the fire has already burned more than 1,000 acres. firefighters are facing near triple digit heat but light winds. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for a new communities there. crews had to evacuate two hikers who were stranded near the fire. they are safe this evening. crews flying tankers over the mendocino complex fires are providing an aerial view grown largest in state history. more than 273,000 acres. the mendocino complex is actually two fires, the river and the ranch fire, straddling clearlake. the ranch fire is just 21% contained, the river fire 58%
6:16 pm
contained. president trump on a war path over water policy blaming poor management for california's wildfires. reporter dave lopez looks at the facts behind the president's tweets. >> reporter: in this nonstop effort to put out the wildfires that have plagued california, especially in the north, president trump created his own firestorm with two different tweets. the latest this morning, "governor jerry brown must allow the free flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the north and foolishly being diverted into the pacific ocean. can't be used for fires, farming and everything else. think of california with plenty of water, nice, fast federal government approvals." >> there's nothing in the president's tweets that makes any sense. >> reporter: from berkeley peter glick did say some water is diverted to the ocean, but in his view the president has it all wrong. >> the president seemed to think we are potentially diverting water to the pacific, but the reality is the little
6:17 pm
bit of water that reaches the ocean these days is what's left in our rivers after we've diverted the rest of it to the cities and to the farms. >> reporter: this comment from cal fire, "no, there has been no water supply issues for fighting the fires," and this from governor jerry brown's office, "this does not merit a response." we received basically the same response when we contacted the dwp, department of water and power, and the metropolitan water district. both agencies made it very clear that, "they have no responsibility for how the water is distributed in northern california." >> water flowing down the rivers out to sea has nothing to do with these fires. >> reporter: congressman john garamendi had a comment. his district runs from concord to ukiah in northern california, an area where some of the major fires hit. >> if i'm ignorant, that's a problem. if the president is ignorant, it's a crisis. >> for scientists it's very frustrating. the president needs to get some good advice from scientists and he's not getting it at the moment. >> reporter: dr. glick said
6:18 pm
the one other element the president does not take into account, climate change. from downtown los angeles, dave lopez, kpix5. a group of seniors in vacaville is being forced to get by without electricity. the el matador trailer park has been without power for four days now, no ac in triple digit heat. >> reporter: many residents here are seniors, there are children and people dealing with health issues, no power since friday meaning no air conditioning. that's not only uncomfortable, but dangerous. >> everybody is hot. everybody is miserable. >> reporter: catina woolet describing the conditions after the electricity went out after noon friday. >> it's getting up to about 100, 102 on the porch and it's like 85, 88, sometimes 90 in the house. >> reporter: it's a situation she worries won't be fixed any time soon. >> they originally said days. now they're talking a week, maybe two. >> reporter: residents say the park's old and poorly maintained electrical
6:19 pm
transformer blew and they blame the owner, chris kahobka of ld flickenger company for what they say is his lack of maintenance and concern for the safety of his residents. those living here say they've had to fend for themselves. >> saturday we had to go to motel 6. it was the only motel we could find with rooms. >> reporter: the property owner did not return our calls, but pg&e tells cbs 13, but crews went to check on the problem and said the problems are the owner's to fix. park managers are scrambling to keep up with the phone calls. resident daniel ortiz taking his entire family to his workplace today so they can stay cool. >> i got a 3-month-old baby in the house. we are in unlivable conditions right now. >> reporter: residents say they've reached out to the mayor and city manager hoping to get some relief and to hold the owner responsible. in vacaville, kelly ryan, kpix5. gets a not the best situation because we're talking about
6:20 pm
temperatures in vacaville about 101, 102 and, if anything, it's going to get a little hotter over the next couple days. one of these two numbers in much of the country this would have to be a misprint. we did hit 100 in healdsburg. we did hit only 59 degrees in half moon bay, 41-degree temperature spread. palo alto, 88, millbrae 73 and 90s for pittsburg and san ramon. nothing on the radar. you have to go back to mid- april the last time it rained in san jose. if we go 0 for august, which is a decent likelihood, we'll be top 10 longest dry stretch in san jose's history currently sitting at 113 consecutive days without a drop of rainfall. other parts of the country, that simply does not happen. it happens here almost every spring and summer. a big ridge of high pressure to our south is keeping inland areas hot like vacaville, healdsburg, san ramon. watch this low pressure area off to the north and west, strong, too keeping that feed in from the ocean. the marine layer is not thick enough, but it's thick enough
6:21 pm
to keep the air quality decent and keep temperatures near the water much cooler than inland. we stay hazy and hot inland. the hazy sunshine in the afternoon continues for all of us. there's lots of smoke above us, just not at the surface and bay temperatures stay comfortable like oakland today, high in the 70s, do that again tomorrow, fremont 80, but concord95, santa rosa 92, livermore 97, 67 in san francisco tomorrow. a couple degrees hotter thursday and friday, close to 100 degrees inland, but at the beach only the low 60s with 70s continuing near the bay. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> paul, thank you. security at san jose airport gets a hi-tech upgrade, the passengers who will get their picture taken. >> the a's are on fire! today they added one to their roster, not to be left out, the giants had a fire, too, just not one they're hoping for next.
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six straight and is now only four the only thing that can stop the a's right now is a day off. oakland has won six straight, now only four games out of first place in the american league west. >> folks have taken notice around the baseball world. they're like don't sleep on the oakland a's, not when you're coming in here. >> don't sleep on them. the incredible run continues. they've won 33 of their past 43 games. they're loading up for the stretch run. oakland acquired veteran starter mark fires from the tiger. he joins a rotation that has been fantastic on their current homestand. in the lastsix games the a's starter had given up only three home runs in 37 innings and are working on 30 straight innings without allowing an earned run. a grease fire at one of the
6:25 pm
concessions stands earlier tonight at the ballpark, san francisco hoping their playoff hopes haven't already gone up in smoke. by the way, i hear barbecue is on special tonight. >> thank you very much. the raiders play their first preseason game on friday, but it's only taken a couple of weeks for training camp for jon gruden to get into mid-season form. >> i thought we got to do a lot better job personally. i wasn't happy with that. i think the defense jumped offsides twice. presnap penalties make me sick. they really do and i'm sick now. i don't feel like eating. >> gruden and the raiders welcome the lions to napa tomorrow for two joint practices and then they play football together friday night and this former lion is reminded he's now in silver and black. >> i got it in mind. >> we don't want a bunch of screaming and yelling and brawling. we want to have good, solid, fundamental football, teaching moments. strained hamstring, so he'll be >> i like having gruden back,
6:26 pm
don't you? richard sherman won't play in thursday's preseason opener due to a strained hamstring. so he'll be coaching up the younger defensive backs from the sideline, but sherman made it clear he's got plenty of football left. >> i don't think i'm transitioning. i think i'm going to play four or five more years and then once i'm done i think i'm going to go into tv. i'm not sure i'm going to go into coaching unless it's management. >> how about politics? >> it's getting so messy in . litics right now i don't might want to stay out. >> you have pretty interesting opinions when it comes to politics. >> i interviewed richard sherman for about nine minutes. i could have gone 19 1/2 hours. he listens to your question, gives a thoughtful response. it was great interviewing, enjoyed it. >> look forward to tomorrow. >> we'll be there thursday night, kpix5, game one of the preseason. we'll be on the field. you'll hear more of richard sherman. coming up in our next half
6:27 pm
hour dramatic video of this plane crash in southern california, the passengers all from the bay area, emotional tributes tonight from friends. >> the future of air travel security being tested here in the bay area, the passengers who will get their picture taken. >> and why snapchat filters are sending a younger crowd to plastic surgeries. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses,
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grieving after a deadly plane orange county... you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, several east bay families are grieving after a deadly plane crash in orange county. five bay area people were killed including the parents of two young children and a mother and son. kpix5's emily turner looks at the personal and professional bonds that the victims shared. >> reporter: floria hakimi was a woman who made people smile, but today those who knew her battled tears. >> it really is a huge void and a loss because she was such a contribution. she touched many people's lives. >> floria was a pillar of this neighborhood and of this community. she had boundless energy. she was super positive. >> reporter: she was one of five people killed in a small plane crash in orange county over the weekend. her son, navid, was with her on board and also died as did two other women who worked at the same pacific union office in
6:31 pm
danville, lara shepherd and nasim ghanadan. >> it's a devastating loss. it's three of the most beautiful people that we know. >> reporter: lara's husband scott owned a real estate consulting firm in the city. he was the pilot. they leave behind two young children, 5 and 7 years old. nasim was an up and comer in the office. they were all headed to a real estate conference in orange county. >> of course, it's extremely shocking. >> reporter: this is dashcam video of the crash that killed them all. scott, the pilot, did send out a distress call the ntsb says but didn't say what his emergency was aboard the cessna 414. shortly after he made that call the plane crashed down into the south coast plaza shopping center. >> with the pilot we're going to look at his currency. with the airplane we'll be looking at all the records that are associated, the environment. we're going on look and see if any environmental factors played a part in this accident. >> reporter: this is cell
6:32 pm
phone video of the aftermath. witnesses say they could hear the plane sputtering. it was less than a mile from its final destination at john wayne airport. >> it's just a shock and a tragedy. you know, i think the hardest part is just digesting the news. we're all just finding out about it. >> reporter: the ntsb won't be able to release the full report on this plane crash until about a year from now. in concord, emily turner, kpix5. president trump is now admitting a 2016 meeting between his campaign team and a russian lawyer was, in fact, set up to get dirt on hillary clinton. cbs reporter mola lenghi has the story. >> reporter: president trump is now acknowledging the purpose son donald trump, jr.'s meeting with the russian lawyer in 2016. over the weekend he tweeted, "this was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics and it went nowhere. i did not know about it." but when news of the meeting first became public last year, donald trump, jr. issued a
6:33 pm
statement saying it was about russian adoptions and mentioned nothing about politics or opposition research and in january the trump legal team revealed in a letter to the special counsel that it was president trump himself who dictated the explanation about adoptions. that contradicted previous trump team statements about the president's involvement. >> this was donald trump, jr. and his lawyers. the president was not involved in that. >> reporter: president trump's lawyer now admits he was wrong to say that. >> i had bad information at that time. i made a mistake in my statement. i talked about that before. that happens when you have cases like this. >> reporter: the trump tower meeting as well as what the president knew about it and his role in issuing the misleading public statement are part of the inquiry being run by special counsel robert mueller. president trump has repeatedly claimed that the mueller investigation is a witch hunt and there was no collusion. last week he called on his attorney general jeff sessions to put an end to the mueller probe. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. the star witness took the
6:34 pm
stand today at the tax fraud trial of former campaign chair paul manafort. rick gates testified manafort directed him to conceal 15 foreign accounts from the irs. he also said together they conspired to falsify tax returns and gates admitted he cheated manafort out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by padding his expense reports. cooperating with prosecutors in lighter sentence. gates who is facing similar charges as manafort is cooperating with prosecutors in exchange for a lighter sentence. president trump is reimposing economic sanctions on iran. the move comes three months after the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. the trump administration says the goal is to put maximum economic pressure on iran to curb its nuclear weapons program and the u.s. is urging other nations to do the same, but european leaders are expressing concern. the re-imposed sanctions target iran's automo ndustries. >> they fear that if they go along with the trump administration and iran pulls
6:35 pm
out of the iran nuclear deal, they fear that means a resumption of the iranian nuclear program and therefore, there's a war. >> the reimposed sanctions target iran's automobile, metal and coal industries and will take effect tomorrow. iran's economy is already in chaos. its currency has lost half of its value since april. the man who plotted a christmas day attack on san francisco's pier 39 will spend 15 years in prison. 27-year-old everitt aaron jameson was also sentenced to a life term of supervised release. jameson thou jameson pled guilty to trying to help a terrorist organization. jameson thought he was talking with an isis leader. instead he shared details of his plot with an fbi informant. his idea? use pipe bombs to attack holiday tourists at pier 39. he hoped to corral victims into one area and then shoot them. instead he was arrested on december 23rd. his sentencing was part of the plea deal. the future of air travel security is being tested here in the bay area.
6:36 pm
facial recognition technology is now being used on international flights at mineta san jose airport. kpix5's lynn ramirez shows us how it works. >> reporter: the latest security upgrade at mineta san jose international is over in just a flash. >> it will be as simple as walking up, having your picture taken, two to three seconds you'll board the aircraft. >> reporter: mineta san jose is the first airport on the west coast to commit to fully adopting the u.s. customs and border protection's new biometric security system that uses cameras and facial recognition and say it provides better security and moves security lines quickly. >> we are solving an incredibly complex security mandate, a legislative requirement to take biometrics from departing visitors without creating gridlock and shutting down air travel. >> reporter: san jose international has already been test running the biometrics system since june. wait times have gone down from
6:37 pm
25 minutes when they started to about 21 minutes now. the software identifies travelers' facial features and compares them with passport photos already in the system providing electronic verification of what border agents already do, but civil liberties groups oppose facial recognition saying it doesn't work as advertised and can evolve into a tool for spying on american citizens. >> there's an officer and we took our picture. that was the only time we took a picture. so i don't know if that was the new biometric or not. >> reporter: travels say the security checks went quickly and don't seem bothered by privacy issues. >> i think that would help to secure more for the protection. that's a good idea. >> reporter: mineta san jose officials say they'll have the system fully up and running for international flights this fall. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. get this. plastic surgeons are concerned by the number of patients wanting to look like doctored selfies. the trend is called snapchat
6:38 pm
dysmorphia. boston researchers say the smartphone app can have effect on self-esteem and even cause mental illness. last year 55% of surgeons saw patients who wanted to look better in their selfies. facebook wants a look at your financials. coming up the report claiming the tech giant wants access to credit card transaction data and account balances. >> it looks like a scene from a movie, the incredible explosion on a highway in italy. i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines.
6:39 pm
and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
6:40 pm
wells fargo is admitting it made hundreds of home foreclosures. wells fargo is admi repeast to hundreds of home foreclosures. the san francisco-based bank said that it miscalculated eligibility for loan modification. so people didn't get revised mortgages that they actually did qualify for. the error kept happening for five years and led to about 400
6:41 pm
foreclosures. wells fargo has now set aside $8 million to help affected customers. facebook is inviting more banks to join its messenger service. according to the wall street journal, the social network is seeking data like credit card transactions and checking account balances and the goal is to provide realtime updates for facebook users. the company reportedly has been talking with jpmorgan chase, wells fargo, citigroup and u.s. bancorp. you may soon be able to convert bitcoin into cash for coffee. starbucks says it's partnering with microsoft and the parent company of the new york stock exchange on a platform called bakkt. the platform would allow users to store digital currency and exchange it for dollars. a starbucks spokesperson wants to clarify customers are not going to be able to pay for hav bitcoin into u.s. dollars to pay for their drinks. coming up the bay area city getting ready to spend millions
6:42 pm
incred >> the view is excellent looking south right now from the sales force tower. you can see pretty much all the way down to san jose. we do have some fog rolling in streaming through the golden gate keeping the city chilly. we'll talk about how long we'll stay in the 50s and 60s at the beach coming up in your seven- day next. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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it happened in italy. the first blast was triggered by incredible new video shows a series of deadly highway explosions happened in italy. the first blast was triggered by a truck carrying flammable material as it crashed into another vehicle there. then moment later another massive fireball erupts of one driver stuck in traffic was recording during that second bigger blast. cobe s >> oh, come on. >> the explosion left a massive crater in the road. black smoke could be seen for miles. two people were confirmed dead. 70 others were wounded. in san jose a coastguard crew rescued a hiker who had a seizure and fell into a ravine at alum rock park. coastguard video shows a woman hoisted to a helicopter early sunday morning. she suffered leg and rib
6:46 pm
injuries and was taken to the hospital. the victim's friend was then hoisted to safety. tonight in san rafael a much needed upgrade for cyclists and pedestrians is up for a vote to city council. the centerpiece is a brand-new bridge that would connect the canal area with the rest of town including the transit center. kpix5's don ford has more on what's being proposed. >> reporter: with barely enough room hundreds of folks walk only a couple feet from cars, trucks and buses. francisco boulevard has been this way for decades. now more bikes than ever are also using the space. it's a dangerous situation. soon the city says that will change. >> the sidewalk there now is about 4 feet, which is very narrow. this will be a 10-foot sidewalk. >> reporter: more than double it. >> yeah. we'll more than double it. >> reporter: but how is that going to work on an already tight street? >> we'll be using a little bit of the street and part of the
6:47 pm
sidewalk and right-of-way that exists today and we'll acquire right-of-way from some of the private property owners along that pathway as well. >> i think it's a stupid idea. >> reporter: keith fields doesn't believe it's going to work. >> move over the sidewalk because the street narrows as you get further. >> reporter: do you ride a bike? >> no. i drive a car, but i'm walking right now. i'm getting some exercise. >> reporter: the new wider pathway then connects to a new completely separate $1.7 million bridge built here over san rafael creek only for bikes and pedestrians. >> i think that's brilliant. >> reporter: jocelyn clark says the existing bridge is overcrowded. >> i walk that almost every day to get lunch and it's very close to traffic and there are bikes that come by. >> reporter: there's not much room. >> nope. >> reporter: when completed, the entire project will cost $3.3 million. it will connect to san rafael's downtown transit center. in san rafael, don ford, kpix5.
6:48 pm
let's go back to our fire watch because a new wildfire in southern california is exploding in size right now. they call it the holy fire. it's burning in the cleveland national forest. that's right near the orange county/riverside county line. this new video shows smoke ominously rising over the mountains as the sun is beginning to set now. 1,000 acres have already been charred. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for a few of the communities near this fire. toss to meteorologist paul two hikers were rescued after that fire broke out. we're told they are safe this evening. wildfires burning all across the state, paul, and hopefully they'll get a little relief with the weather? >> we want less wind, higher humidity because rain is still a couple months away. so small victories we're hoping for throughout the week. really interesting weather in the state of california, as i show you the current conditions, which are still warm, livermore, concord, san jose and santa rosa all 89 degrees or hotter, how about
6:49 pm
this? imperial, california, a couple weeks action, it rained when it was 119 degrees outside, rain and 119 degrees making it the warmest rain ever recorded in modern history. it happened a couple week ago in southern california, in imperial, california, 119 degrees and rain, makes you thankful for the 50s we'll have overnight tonight. vallejo 56, san jose 57 and san francisco 54, low clouds returning to areas near the water. that's helping with our air quality. tons of smoke above us, hazy skies, looks really yucky, but that's not what we're breathing, good toed many rate air quality with a few east and north -- good to moderate air quality with a few east and north bay communities. carr fire, mendocino fire, ferguson fire, all of them staying dry tomorrow, 105 in and around redding tomorrow. the wind isn't crazy, but the temperatures will stay high. humidity will stay low and, of course, no rainfall. a big battle in the atmosphere.
6:50 pm
you may not feel it outside, but the difference between the 59 in half moon bay for a high today and 100 inland is because of this, a strong ridge of high pressure over southern california keeping the inland areas hot, strong area of lower pressure off to our north and west keeping that feed from the ocean going. as long as those two don't move much, we'll stay very cold near the water. we'll stay quite warm to hot inland and have that temperature spread be upwards of 40 degrees. it was today, will be tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday likely 40 to 45-degree temperature spread from the beach which stays chilly to inland which stays hot. low clouds and fog likely again tonight, hazy skies continuing, but most of the smoke stays above us. we're not breathing it. 90s continue inland for the foreseeable future. 95 in concord tomorrow, 7 degrees above average. morgan hill and los gatos will hit the 90s. the rest of the peninsula, sunnyvale 80 for a high and
6:51 pm
uniondale 77. brentwood 95, kentfield 82, sonoma tomorrow 85, 70 in alameda and close to 100 degrees near the mendocino complex. we stay hot inland, 90s across the board, close to 100 on thursday and friday. well also stay cooler near the bay, 70s and really cool with highs only in the 50s and 60s at the beach. that's your forecast. >> thank you, paul. a rough time in foster care didn't stop this week's students rising above scholar, how he and his sister persevered and ended up with college degrees. come try my teriyaki bowls.
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now available with steak or chicken, covered in our teriyaki sauce, plus steamed veggies and your choice of white or brown rice. i've got the bowls to serve something different! (sighs) what?
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try my teriyaki bowls.
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but today's s-r-a scholars battled as a former foster parent, i can tell you the foster care system can be extremely tough on children, but today's sra scholars battled through the tough times. >> as christin ayers gruate da
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