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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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upon how you do what you do, when you do it, how much it costs. what are the impediments. what can we do better. you should have that at your fingertips this moment. >> it is just a redirection of the resources where we are working up this and working with anyone that is working -- working as an auditor. >> all right. ray medina outside a dmv office in san jose where drivers would like answers.>>reporter: even before the office opened up this morning, a light hand line had formed. it is not just customers who were frustrated, but also lawmakers. >> i got hurt at 7:45. >>reporter: meredith murphy finally walked out of the dmv five hours later in san jose with a license. >> you think it is acceptable? >> no. >>reporter: the dmv received $16 million to cut down on wait times. in the weeks that followed the average weight in the bay area increased 48
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percent compared to july of last year. getting an appointment for some offices can take weeks or months. >> it is a little silly. i'm not sure if it is inefficiency or understaffing. it looks like half of the windows are not staffed inside.>>reporter: family member phil called a hearing on the issue. he planned to have the dmv what they have done with the $60 million so far. >> we want to make sure that from now on california does not have to wait in line it is unacceptable. we want to see changes happen. >>reporter: the dmv said it is redirecting more than to lean workers from other state agencies work a dmv office. it also plans to implement self checking kiosks, opening of some offices earlier, expanding saturday services and using text notifications so customers do not have to wait inside an office. >> we want to continue to monitor wait times and make a determination whether to open or offices on the weekend or earlier. >>reporter: the dmv blames the longer than usual line the
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customers applying for the new federal complaint id. with the dmv getting help to the tune of $16 million many want to see the money put to work. >> unless you open more dmv offices, i don't take much can be done. they are doing everything that they can. >>reporter: the dmv says it is taking a lot longer to explain the new ids to customer. that is why they need more money to hire more people. they have already hired 500 this year. live in santa clara, marina medina. kpix 5. stock investors is going to get hands on tesla chairs while available. the stock shut up and its after a lawn mosque announced he is thinking of taking the company private. trading was halted after 2 p.m. as the secretary tried to figure out if he was serious about it. it did resume before the close after an 11 percent gain.
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reporter len ramirez his life at the tesla factory with the tweet that shook the stock market. >>reporter: issue or dead. it shook up a lot of people. a lot of veteran wall street times shaking their heads wondering how this would be. this is no way to run a big car company like tesla to smaller investors and tesla fans in the south bay who are excited this may be the best path forward. >>reporter: with one tweet, elon musk sent the stock market into a frenzy. am considering taking tesla private at $420, funding secured. >> those two things taken together sent the market and made investors go crazy. >>reporter: the tweets after and reported that a saudi investment report had taken a stake in the electric car company. the effect on the stock was dramatic. and shut up $36 a share in a matter of hours but prompted
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question about whether lawn mosque broke rules. >> elon musk is an unconventional communicator. very similar to the way president trump communicates with his constituencies. it goes outside of the norm. in this case, it is hard to make a case that he did something wrong in the sense that he communicated with everybody at the same time. >>reporter: elon musk has been frustrated with trying to answer to the stock market while his company ramps up. in a letter to employees he said ethical beau kemp attachment company tesla is subject to wild swings in the stock price it it has been a major distraction to all shareholders. >> it is a goodwill because he has a lot of innovations. >>reporter: this was happen as the man was delivering a deliberate -- securing the delivery date as his tesla model 3. he sees it as a positive for mosque -- lawn mosque in the company. adhesive -- wanted to make happy the shareholders. that i think he had less pressure and --
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>>reporter: wanting to has a lot of interest is the wording of the tweet from elon musk. he said he is considering this. there is no definition or definite decision. he doesn't say where the money for what amounts to a big buyout comes to. >> i am sure there are a lot of rumors. i heard that saudi -- is there saudi money tied into this. >> that is right. it was announced today or reported today that a saudi investment fund has about a five percent s that amounts to about two or $3 billion. if the deal goes forward it would be a 70 or $80 billion bill -- deal. there is a lot of room left for other investors. at this point, elon musk is not saying were all of the extra money comes from. >> take a so much.
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california is pushing back against the trump administration plan to rollback obama era goals and vehicle emissions. the state air resources board drafted a proposal that would force automakers to adhere to the california's stricter standards regardless of what the white house does. the move could eventually split the us auto market in two forcing automakers to manufacture different set of cards for different states. the epa says it is hoping to reach a compromise with california. lawyers maker their final argument in case of monsanto. against a terminally ill bay area groundskeeper picked the could open a floodgate of lawsuits over the popular weedkiller roundup. kpix 5's susie spinal is that san francisco superior court. >>reporter: the man at the center of the case is 46-year- old lee johnson. the case was actually activated because of his poor health. he is hoping the jury side with him in this case. lawyers on both sides came out swinging today. >> there is offensive and
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completely bonkers. >>'s cancer was not caused by ranger probe. >>reporter: attorneys for lee johnson went so far as to show the jury how to fill a verdict form asking monsanto corporation to pay $373 million in punitive damages award $39 to johnson today. johnson is doing the multibillion-dollar corporation for failing to warn him about using ranger probe. the bulk version of roundup, during his work as a groundskeeper at venetia unified school district. johnson is dying of non- hodgkin's lymphoma and says monsanto is to blame. >> it would be nice to know. it would be nice to give cancer patients some idea of why they were the lucky ones. the truth is that you quickly cannot do that. >>reporter: the lead attorney for george lamb body spent the afternoon tried to discredit every doctor and studied johnson's lawyer cited through
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the tile. >> you have to look at the facts are. there is facts and arguments. the facts are what should lead you in this case. >>reporter: in the beginning this case has been a battle over which science the jury should billy. johnson's lawyer say the main chemical and roundup causes cancer. monsanto says the link cannot be established. in the jury side with johnson, thousands of other cancer patients are lined up hoping to take on the corporate diet. >>reporter: when you return -- >> when you return a verdict we will make it right and your verdict will be heard around the world. and monsanto will have to finally do something. >>reporter: today during closing arguments, both sides used the same language saying the evidence that supports their side is overwhelming and both said the jury needs to listen to them to get the full
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story. the jury will begin deliberations tomorrow morning. live in san francisco, susie stein kpix 5. in our fire watch some people are being allowed back home in the river enraged fires forced new evacuations. they are burning and medicine in mendocino lake and colusa county. this from the national weather service shows the fire perimeter across the bay area to give you scale. the fire covers most of san francisco, daly city, and a large portion of the east bay. the complex of fire is being called the largest wildfire in state history. it has combined the byrne 290,000 acres. the fires are 34 percent contained. crews are still hoping to get full containment. a crew of 41 firefighters from new zealand arrived at the mendocino complex after a 13.5 hour flight. cal oh yes reports on the front lines joining other crews around the world. here is one lucky goat. this little guy rescued in the mendocino complex fire zone. san rafael police officers
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found a had stuck in defense over a delicate snipping of wire cutters helped set him free. tomorrow will be the spare the air day because of smoke. sky drone front -- five.hazy sky in pleasanton. this is the fifth spare the air day of the year. meterologist paul deanno toy does. >>reporter: it is -- is not going to be the entire day. before the sea breeze kicks in. the past couple of weeks it kicks in. we are not as fortunate. the east bay and south bay which will have unhealthy air quality before the sea breeze begins to mix out the smoke and rise it back up and elevation. watch out for breathing smoke and smelling smoke tomorrow morning inland and east bay and south bay. here's why you are around san francisco with a layer of fog for the 30th straight day. it would still be 80s and lived.
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this is a view of the trivalent. a lot of hayes and smoke and that will continue into tomorrow morning. let's talk about the local forecast and a rise in temperature. we will talk about how hot we will get coming up. we like to correct statements in a story we aired last night about aaron's this there. the independent police officer in san jose. we reported he attended a rally last month to protest a police shooting. the officer attended a pre- rally in left. we showed a photo of whom he believed was the officer but the photo was of his twin brother. we regret our error. after a top defeat serena williams admits she has been in a funk. the grand slam champion opens up about her postpartum struggles. on camera. the coyote seen sticking around the bay area college campus. restoring a lighthouse dating back almost 150 years. the transformation happening at point race.
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but kpix 5's juliette goodrich reports: but it's a different kind of star serena williams a came off the worst defeat of her career in the bay area. kpix 5's juliette goodrich report that is a good -- different type of slump that has a tennis star opening up to fans on instagram. >> serena was not herself. >>reporter: in san jose july 31 serena williams suffered her worst loss on the court.
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the first time she failed to win more than one game. serena to begin the lost -- loss to being in a funk pretty tennis superstar opened up about her postpartum struggles on instagram saying, last week was not easy for me. not only was i accepting some top personal stuff, but i was just in a funk. she went on to say, mostly, i felt i was not a good mom. >> think as mothers we need to support each other. >>reporter: sivey -- ahead of had a september and has been open about the journey. she struggled with a life- threatening childbirth and postpartum depression. she fought back tears after her recent defeat at wimbledon. >> moms everywhere saying how could she have done this. you are stupid -- superhuman and a super mom. >> that is just me and for all of the moms out there, i tried. >>reporter: i read the rest of serena's post to the first time mom with two-year-old twins. spot finding the balance with
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kids is a true art. you are the true heroes. if you're having a rough day or week it is okay. i am also. >>reporter: her immediate reaction was relief. >> to hear that somebody else also goes through the same struggle helps. there is really extreme highs and extreme lows. not every day will be easy. >>reporter: the 23 time grand slam champion is opening up about her heartbreak was training the court and not at home, to witness her daughter's first steps. it seems that during his honesty struck a chord with other moms who recognize the job called motherhood isn't something anything can eighth. >> she is a great role model. >>reporter: win or lose serena have good perspective. >> it is disappointed but i cannot be disappointed. i have so much to look forward to. >>reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> williams withdrew from the rogers cup tournament in montrial citing personal reasons. a judge had another setback and it has banned the -- to
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turn the san geronimo go corset open the county wanted to dissolve in a junction preventing it from buying the land by september 4. that was of the county could meet a deadline to apply for grant funding. the judge denied the request for next dated hearing so it is set for september 21. for now the 18 hole golf course along sir francis rick boulevard is open being run by a third-party vendor. the point race lighthouse is officially shut down. the national park service is restoring the 148-year-old facility. the lighthouse isn't used anymore. and automatic eakin warns ships. tourists still visit the lighthouse. the big part of the product is focusing on repairing the lens of the white house. and maybe summer break for most schools. but in san francisco city college campus there is a curious coyote that cannot stay away. his video capture this morning or the library sneaks out of the brush and goes across the road to take inteview. from the wide-open spaces of
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the lawn. the coyote is one of an estimated 100 coyotes living inside san francisco city limits. lake tahoe's famous water clarity just took a big hit according to a uc davis report. the lakes clarity in 2017 dropped to an average depth of 59 feet. the number normally ranges between 70 and 80 feet. the report also found the lake surface time she reached a record high of over 60 degrees. two event for the changes. scientists citing record high precipitation and the end to a five-year drought. the san jose city council authored a female pallet today. she's elevated her 100 the this year. we first introduced to two meta- behringer in a showcase story about her amazing life and her work with the women in aviation history and she was actually piloting planes until she was 94 you -- 94 years old. she loves to fly organized by some of her chemo place an
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order of her birthday. today she received a special proclamation from the mayor and city councilman, johnny camas. >> think you for your passion for serving as a living example and perseverance, determination, and success. >> it is nice to see all of my friends and women pilots. >> happy birthday. she worked as a flight instructor training countless fema pilots. if you are flying at 1400 feet over the weather this is what you would see. pretty interesting. the sutro tower is above the fog layer, but below the smoke layer. take a look outside. the smoke at the top let's fog move-in at the bottom of the smoke is elevated over san francisco. good air quality that will likely continue. high temperatures hit in the 90s in windsor and walnut creek. most made it to 90 it hovers airfield base. -- air force base. fremont 79. crissy field in san francisco,
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d7 for a high today. we have been hot in and we will stay hot inland. the high pressure to the south keeping much of california around the coastline. let's speak about the coast. the majority of folks live near the water in san francisco in the low-pressure area to the north and west, counterclockwise will keep the ocean breeze going. the ridge is compressing the marine layer it will not make it inland. it will make it to oakland comey fremont, and daly city where the ocean breeze continues and temperatures stayed out. a smoky morning inland. spare the air day. we talked about a few minutes ago and when we get these onto the air quality improves. it was behaving was unsigned that mike sunshine and the coast with the 50s and 60s. 61 for pacifica. santa rosa 88. alejo 81. fremont 78 with hazy sunshine. 90s in fairfield, concorde, alamo and livermore. a couple of degrees hotter. likely will not feel the difference. hazy sunshine continues through
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the weekend. 70s near the bay and 60s continue at the coast. spare the air day tomorrow with temperature staying consistent. a literal boost still ahead. the bay area attack helping assembly line workers around the world. he ts it up for april golf tournament and why would the giant schipperke things around in the dugout. we will show you why,. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk?
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6:24 pm
that is it for the offense. that is not for this guy. and e-cig the comey nick hundley cannot keep the curveball. josh reddick tries to score. reddick is out. 1-0 giants. bomb garden seven scoreless turned it over to ray black in the eighth. 99 mile-per-hour fast while wasn't good enough. tyler white, a two run bomb prettily. that was the different for the astros. they when both games in san francisco on bullpen collapses by the giants who dropped one game below 500. >> it is hard to take when you get that kind of pitching. but you are playing a good team with the pitching and they keep a close. lightning hit us twice. the a's new picture is as good as the amount as he is with a sharpie. he should fit in nicely. this was his imminent interview last night on detroit tv after he was treated. he should have a better half tomorrow when he makes his debut in anaheim. for the second straight year in hayward steph curry -- steph curry was tie his hand a
6:25 pm
professional. he got a sponsor's exemption at the la make classic at tbc. he had is driving range this afternoon before taking off for a practice round. last year krisha 74 in both rounds and missed a cup by 11 strokes. it is not great, but it is not nike had 100. why not the up again. >> i hope to prove that i can hang even stronger this year. but if i came here and shot 100 or was dead last, or whatever. it change the dynamic. my whole goal is to have fun. blackwell curry plays on the minor-league circuit comment tiger is back on the sports biggest day. the pga championship tees off this weekend at the country club near st. louis. taker is coming off a lackluster tie for 31st on sunday current and is sounding every bit his age at 42. >> i spent a few times in the
6:26 pm
ice bath. >> where with the information and how many? >> three and everywhere. anything else? tempers flaring at independent baseball game in fargo north dakota. brandon metzger was once a giants foreman but today he is an internet star. he opposite to the umpire grabs a trashcan in the dugout and places it in the spot where the umpire typically stands and told him, that is your home. as he stomped off of the field. that was the rated g version come on believe me. but he was once a promising giant and his career derailed by a serious ailment. coming up in the next half hour, and environmental battle over a local creek. the feds want to save a threatened trout species. what a bay area water specie
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water district is the not so fast. police identified the man killed in a shooting on the bay bridge. is tied to the music scene. sorry lance bass comedy winner is hdtv. what the network plans to do with the brady bunch house. this is not a bed. it's a high-tech revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it intelligently senses your movement and
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automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. to help you lose your dad bod, train for that marathon, and wake up with the patience of a saint. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999. smarter sleep will change your life.
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north bay waterway.
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the feds want novato creek to be considered a fish habitat.. for fit of steelhead the top story at 6:30. a bureaucratic tug-of-war at a north bay waterway. the feds want nevada creek to be considered fish habitat for the benefit of steelhead trout. emily turner shows us there is one glaring problem with the plan. 12 when it comes to fish habitat nevada creek is missing the most important component. water. like you do not need to be a biologist to realize it would be very difficult for fish to survive in this type of environment. >>reporter: that is not what a 2015 study says from the national marine fisheries. it says the creek should be able to sustain about 1100 endangered steelhead trout. officially making the creek a recovery habitat. that means any work, the north marion water district wants to do and that part of the creek is under scrutiny by the feds and could require additional studies and work. it could be costly for -- mcintyre says, and unnecessary.
6:31 pm
like we are not against doing anything to protect the bridge -- fish but we do not want to build a bridge to nowhere. we do not want to study a this passage land the fish on dry ground. >>reporter: the water district said the problem with the plan is that when the study was done, there were not enough people with the national marine fisheries service to really look at all of the watersheds. now they want the feds to revisit it and to look at the studies they have done, as well as the obvious. that is why the district spent $50,000 of its own money doing its own research during wet and dry years. coming up with the same result. steelhead and upper nevada creek are instant -- unsustainable. they are waiting to pass the information along. >> we have taken it the extra step to give them more detailed information, to better assess the viability of the initial recommendation. that could help save the water district with a future requirement when we have a product.>>reporter: the national marine fisheries study itself says the further study
6:32 pm
and review is necessary when it comes to the steelhead trout population locations. however, it is important to know the study encompasses all of the rivers, creeks, streams that flow into seven cisco bay. it is likely that some of these other tributaries could be up against a similar situation. in novato, emily turner, kpix 5. something happened in milpitas today. the city has not seen in nearly half a century. for the first time in 48 years, it's cut the ribbon on a new school. mabel elementary will open its doors students grades k through two. the district is seeking funny for the school that would happen in two phases over the next four years. man arrested for an attack on bart. solomon espinosa is accused of assaulting two men aboard a richmond bound train friday. the whole thing was caught on camera. espinoza suspected transit was arrested today and oakland. police say the man, 38-
6:33 pm
year-old darryl stinnette with a deadly -- the victim of a deadly shooting early yesterday. stinnette a music promoter and father of two from texas was killed when someone opened fire on his suv. two passengers were injured. the gunman sped away, possibly in a gray or silver suv, or stat -- sedan. the shooting closed lanes the lower deck of the bridge for more than four hours. two people heard of this house fire in piedmont. chopper 5 was overhead as firefighters smoked through the roof of the home on st. james place. one of the tenants suffered minor burns and firefighters were hospitalized -- a firefighter was hospitalized with a shoulder injury. oakland authorities trying to identify a body found in the contra costa canal. it is found near rose avenue and main street yesterday. it appears to have been there for a while. officers suspect the person climbed a fence bordering the canal and then fell in. a new theory emerging of the missing iowa college student who grew up in oakland. mollie tibbetts father believes
6:34 pm
she may have left willingly with someone she trusted. in an interview, tibbetts father said he believes most -- both left together and are in over their heads. the 20-year-old was last seen jogging nearly 3 weeks ago in brooklyn, iowa. one of the critical california congressional races, the candidates had taken off the gloves over campaign slogans. campaign size democrat josh harter featured the slogan of the valley, for the valley. his opponent in the 10th district race, jeff denham has signed with the slogan, from the valley, for the valley. both candidates are accusing the other of stealing. both admit that any small advantage in the campaign matters, the most recent poll showed the race in a dead heat. the defense for former trump campaign manager paul manafort questioned the government start witnessed, rick gates. manafort charged with fraud and tax evasion.
6:35 pm
gates with his business partner and also worked on the trump campaign. manafort's attorneys questions gates credibility. the witness admitted to lying to the special counsel before making a plea agreement. gates will be back on the stand tomorrow. the trump administration said it will impose 25 percent tariffs on $16 billion in chinese imports. customs officials will begin collecting the border tax august 23. the list includes industrial products like steam turbines and iron girders. china has responded with retaliatory tariffs. resident trump has a warning for anyone continuing to do business with iran. the united states reinstated sanctions today after pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal back in may. cbs reporter mola lenghi has the latest from the white house. >>reporter: saying he is asking for nothing less than world peace, president trump tweeted on tuesday that anyone doing business with iran will not be doing business with the united states. the tweet follows a presidential order imposing sanctions that the obama administration suspended under the 2015 multinational nuclear deal with iran.
6:36 pm
the sanctions target iran's golden metal industries and the auto sector. they also restrict iran from using us dollars in financial transactions. in response, auto maker dialers said it was suspending activities in a ram. the white house says it is not looking for a regime change, but wants to pressure iran to change behavior. >> we wanted to see a much broader a true -- retreat by a run for their support for international terrorism. their belligerent military activity in the middle east. >>reporter: in a joint statement, european foreign minister said they deeply regret the sanctions and are taking measures to protect you companies doing legitimate business with iran. the allies have maintained and remain committed to the 2015 agreement. a second set of sanctions target iran's central bank sector and oil industry go into effect in november. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. assembly line workers around the world getting a boost, literally, from this unique bay area attack. coming up, we test it out.
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up to no good. the surprise visitor at this lake tahoe home. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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life. to the fullest. trackers in war zones. officials say fitness trackers and smartphones pose a major risk to military personnel. the ban prevents service members from using the devices in "operational areas." the pentagon's new policy... allows ermine officials say fitness tractors -- -- attackers and smart phones pose a risk to military personnel. it banned from using devices and operational areas. the pentagon's new policy allows commanding officers to determine when troops can use them. and east bay company has a new device that could prevent work-related injuries and looks something like a rubble vest. kpix 5 reporter mary lee rebels which major company has already begun testing it out. >>reporter: this is what workers on a car assembly line do every day. reaching up with a drill. their hand in the air turning
6:40 pm
screws. >> typically they have to hit about 12 spots per vehicle drilling overhead when the car goes overhead. >>reporter: here in richmond, i got a chance to test out the exile vest. it helps you lift adding up to 15 pounds of support when you raise your arm. i quickly felt my arms shoot up when the spring inside kicked in. >> what's your arm hit about 30 degrees the torque is kicked in and creates a moment in your arm and shoots your arm up for you.>>reporter: the average a ford employee does a repetitive motion 4600 times a day. that is about 1.2 million times a year. i did this motion without the exovest and with it. it i have to say that there is a huge difference. it really feels like i have a bionic arm. ford announced a partnership with xo bionic.
6:41 pm
exoskeleton vest are being introduced in the 15 auto plants in seven countries to protect workers against repetitive stress injury.>> they call me man or superman. xo skeletons date back to the 60s when general electric developed this prototype for the military and showed promise in helping people with spinal injuries walk. analysts expect the market to grow from $60 million in 2015 to 1.8 billion dollars in 2025. ekso bionics eksovest cost $1000 along with devices in the workplace , the the ekso skeletons are helping those walk again. there helping you augment every part of life. in richmond, mary lee, kpix 5. selling a comic book with a crime of any time to a kid is illegal in sacramento. the unusual laws that are now up for debate.
6:42 pm
several big fires continue to burn in the state of california and the weather is not cooperating. it is windy dry, and hot. our local weather has been anything but hot around san francisco. find out how long has been's in san francisco have had 72 degrees, coming up.
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looking for food. some renters say the bear set a new video out of lake tahoe. hungry bears are out and looking for food. renters say the bear set off motion detectors on the ring security camera. cv bear that saunters up open the door, climbs in the back seat. what does he do? he grabs a snack and get thou. the homeowners plan to rent warn future renters to lock cars and take the food indoors. did you know it is illegal to sell crime-fighting comics to kids in the state capital? reporter jennifer mcgraw tells us it is one of several unusual laws up for debate in sacramento. >>reporter: any russell owns big brother, books in midtown. for years he has been selling these superhero crime-fighting comic books to kids. they make up a big part of this
6:46 pm
election. >> 50 percent. >>reporter: it looks like he is the one breaking the law. under a decade old sacramento city ordinance, any couple that comic book that beach -- portrays a crime is off-limits to kids. >> my first thought is how could this be a law. is anybody know about it. >>reporter: nicholas hello dawn spotted the comic book and while researching old laws. >> in sacramento we are the oldest city in california. i wonder what is -- >>reporter: the comic book band- aids back to the 1950s when a debunked study said they were contributing to the delinquency of use. but there is a massive moral panic across the us and 50 cities banning regular income at books. >>reporter: the book man doesn't make sense. practices something we can get done quickly. >>reporter: another law prohibits unlicensed astrology. fortunetellers need a license. >> do they? that is amazing. i am glad that i know that.
6:47 pm
i did not know. >>reporter: reverend. marion henshaw performs clarifying the andy brickley psychic institute of sacramento. the city enforces the law with these costing $188. there are 11 printed -- permits a currently. whether old or current, nicholas says there is a bigger lesson to be learned from the past. >> whenever you pass a light have to think 10 or 20 years from now, it will still be relevant? >>reporter: jennifer mcgraw reported. second major city leaders are working to see which laws need to be revised and others that need to be dropped altogether. >>reporter: president trump is talking about the wildfires burning across california unlike his tweets yesterday. this evening the president is leaving politics out of it. >> we send our love and support to families of those who lost loved ones. they have never seen anything like it. we are deeply grateful to our incredible firefighters and first responders that are brave.
6:48 pm
i have been watching them go to areas where few people would go. some of them do not come out alive. >> yesterday mr. trump blamed it on governor. brown's water policy. new photos from nasa shall show smoke plumes over california. daniel nottingham has the latest from the fire lines. >>reporter: crews are attacking california's newest wildfire from the air. this fire, called the holy fire comey started monday afternoon and it is tearing to the cleveland national forest south of los angeles. >> we could see the fire from the backyard and we could see it coming over the ridge. >> we live a block or two down and it is scary to see it close to our homes. >>reporter: comes below the ridgeline are unaffected. officials are warning residents to be prepared for massive amount of smoke. up north, the mendocino complex fire is the largest in state history and growing. it is already burned an area as large as the city of los angeles.
6:49 pm
cal fire officials say it likely will not be contained until sometime next week. and the ferguson fire has been burning since july 13 forcing the national forest service to close yosemite national park. officials the fire crews are making progress, but they will not reopen the park until they know it is safe. triple digit temperatures and brush left from years of drought are fueling the fire. forecasters say relief could come with cooler temperatures, but not until this weekend. daniel nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. folks in the north and east complain about seeing smoke in the air and can feel in their lungs. >> the sunrise has been strange the past couple of days. the orange or red hue to the sky that has cast the red glow everywhere around sunrise. a little bit in the morning. we have been selling the smoke and i think we will get a bigger bed tomorrow. the peak outdoors tomorrow you will not get in san francisco because the fan is on from the ocean and it has not shut off for a month. it is 58 degrees in san
6:50 pm
francisco. concord the warm spot at 87. san jose is 27 degrees cooler than yesterday compared to 73. we will level off in the mid- 50s. fremont is 66. fairfield 56. air quality tomorrow is moderate in the north bay and south-central bay, but it is over the hills in the east bay. livermore, pleasanton, alamo and sandra -- and out of the sand -- unhealthy air quality in the morning. the sea breeze in the afternoon and will mix out some smoke. we will be smelling and breathing smoke in the east bay and south bay. which side of the hills and you live on? do you live in san francisco where we have not hit 72 four four straight weeks, or in livermore where we have been above 85 degrees every day for more than a month. it is amazing how the pattern has how, for going on for a month it will not change any time. it inland stays hot into coast stays chile.
6:51 pm
a smokey start tomorrow in inland cities. hayes and smokey being the afternoon temperatures low because the sun cannot warm up to the ground where we live. a layer of stuff to go through. a lot of stuff in the atmosphere. the rigid to the south keeping inland areas hot and most of california hot with the exception of the coast because the marine layer is so tightly packed you cannot make it up and over the hills. it stays around san francisco bay and the coastline, but does not move inland because it cannot breach the hills. inland hills stay in the 90s. the san pablo and san francisco bay filling up like a cop and with fog and bring back to the coastline the afternoon, is stronger push in the afternoon will mean less smoke around the bay area. you will see the spare the air day thursday and tomorrow will be the worst air quality of the week. concord is hot again. oakland at 72 in the middle. san francisco is 65. pacifica is 61. 80s for napa for san rafael and san jose.
6:52 pm
extended outlook warming us up. the overall theme is staying hot. the coast stays chile with highs in the 50s and 60s near san francisco bay. comfortable in the 70s. hazy sunshine every afternoon for the next several. the highest bidder, hdtv. their plans for "the brady bunch" home. this isn't just any long-distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream.
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in studio city has just been sold. reporter jo kwon on who bought it... and their plans for e. the famous brady bond watch -- house has been sold. >> who bought it and the plans for the iconic home. >>reporter: neighbors of this made famous by the tv show "the brady bunch" now know who the new owners will be. hgtv. exciting news . big time brady bunch of fans lived down the block since 1999.>> was the reading test we walked into the neighborhood. >> is excited that hgtv plans to restore the home to the 1970s glory. >> what is happening is fantastic. truck the ville estate man coming to this house tonight. >>reporter: the home went on the market for the first time since 1973. a handful of bids came in including an offer from in
6:56 pm
think lance bath. the singer was out bed and dream of owning the home went. richard ressler lives nearby and runs by the home a few times a week. >> i do not have any attachment to the brady house. >>reporter: he says it may be time for a change. it's like this whole area is being upgraded. i would rather see an upgrade then return >>reporter: she helped cody family had purchased the home. that hgtv is about to close escrow, she would like them to get rid of this wall but keep the exterior look of the home around.>>reporter: so far hgtv has only hinted at plans. ressler says he will be watching. but if it is positive for the community i am for it. >>reporter: joke one, kpix 5. so much for things coming down the neighborhood the latest is always on >> join us at 10 and right back
6:57 pm
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