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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 8, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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dollars to speed things up -- and the lines still look like this. now it's asking for now at 11. waiting all day. the dmv spent $16 million to speeded things up and of the lines still look like this. now it's asking for millions more. good evening. >> state lawmakers say there is no excuse for the brutal
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wage times. they want the dmv to do something, but they want some accountability.>> reporter: today the head of the dmv told a room full of legislators at the state capital that the wait times for appointment holders were only 23 minutes. those legislators told her the numbers are wrong and the problem needs to be fixed.>> it was a line like waiting for a rock concert. that is the kind of line that i saw. it was like a star wars movie premiere. >> of this line and lines all over the state are not for concerts, but to banging your head against the wall. >> it is unacceptable that people have to take an entire day off work or wait 6 months 7 hours to process some paperwork. -- 6-7 hours to process paperwork.? this woman was lucky. her weight was only 5 hours.
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they say these weekends are caused by -->> asking for more money to get the lines moving. >> we would ask tooted additional budget authority of up to 26 million to allow us to hire more staff which in turn should help the wait times. >> that sparked this heated exchange over auditing the department. >> we would strain our resources with an audit. >> this from jim patterson of fresno appears to make an audit is merely going to ask you to divulge and disclose and report. to suggest that an audit in order to dig deep down into what you are doing by a common auditor who has lots of history in finding areas of problems in helping us solve them is in your judgment a problem because you can't deliver the basic
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information that a department director ought to immediately have at your disposal. >> sebackpedaling. >> i did not say it would be a redirection of resources at the counter. we would never do that. >> the dmv said today the goal is to have wait times for appointment holders reduced to 15 minutes and non-appointment by 45 minutes by the end of the year. it's a case of time will tell. in the newsroom, kpix 5. new information tonight about the father of 2 from texas who was shot and killed on the bay bridge early monday morning. it was his career in the music industry that brought him to the bay area. speaking to the victims father as police try to piece together what happened before the shooting.>> reporter: he was a hip-hop artist from dallas. he was 31 years old.
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>> police say this was the driver shot to death around 2:30 monday morning on the bay bridge. >> he has 2 sons. >> has father tells me by phone his son was managing another hip-hop artist at a performance late sunday night into monday morning. >> they travel all over the country doing shows in that is what he was doing in san francisco i guess. doing a show and from my understanding he was leaving a show and on his way back to the house where they were living and that is where he shot. >> that show was at a club south of market just outside the club here around 1 am sunday san francisco police report somebody fired shots and sped away. nobody was hit. the driver later crashed his car and was promptly arrested. an hour and a half later somebody drove up alongside his car on the bay bridge and shot him to death.
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to others in his car were wounded. police say they are still investigating whether the incident is related to the shooting. any witnesses are asked to call the chp. >> tonight a homeless man is behind bars accused of stabbing 2 people at the macarthur station last week. police arrested a 27-year-old in oakland this afternoon. officer say he was on a train friday night when he stabbed one man in the face and another in the arm. police believe espinoza used a box cutter. a surveillance camera captured the attack. struck a missing teenager from san ramon has been found safe tonight in fairfield. the 14-year-old was found with another girl. both appear to be okay. she was 1st reported missing a week ago. her parents pleaded for tips on social media. police had received tips that she might have run away with another.
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>> police are offering additional details about where or how the girls were trump lef tonight and offered praise instead of for the firefighters battling wildfires across california. >> we are grateful to our firefighters and 1st responders. really brave people. i have been watching them. >> yesterday the president blamed the fires on governor brown's water policies and environmental laws. meanwhile, a new look at the biggest fire and california from space. making up the mendocino complex fire burning in mendocino, colusa, and lake county simultaneously. the satellite images show how smoke is spreading over the entire state. here is some perspective. this picture sows the fire perimeter it covers an area
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most of san francisco and daly city. along with a large portion of the east bay. firefighters are gaining ground on the fires your canal the largest day in history crews are taking advantage of a drop in temperatures tonight to increase containment line's are combined they burned 292,000 acres. it's a 34% contained. >> this is the northern edge of the fire. this fire already the largest one in california history. is growing even larger. coming over this ridge and coming down into the valley. that is how this fire has been growing for some 11 days now. >> a crews say they hope to get full contain september. california getting help from texas. crews flying out to get firefighters on the front lines much needed time off. this is the 1st time texas has ever sent crews out of state to specifically deal file that
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wildfires. challenges in southern california. crews battling the holy fire dealing with hot temperatures and windy conditions. new video shows a fire tornado spinning. the fire has coursed 3300 acres and at least one cabin has been destroyed. smoke ascending plumes of ash onto the nearby city of corona. tomorrow will be a spare the air day because of a mix of fog and wildfire smoke. this will be the 5th spare the air day of the year. california is pushing back into the present plan to relax obama era goals on vehicle emissions. the state air resources board drafted a proposal that would force automakers to adhere to california stricter standards. regardless of what the white house does. that move could eventually split the u.s. auto market in half. forcing companies to manufacture different cars for different states.
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they are hoping to reach some sort of compromise with california to keep that from happening. meanwhile investors could be scrambling to get their hands on any tesla stock they can find tomorrow while it is still available. >> shares shot up by 11% after he said he is thinking of taking the electric car company off the market. the secretary briefly -- nature it was not some kind of a stunt. the tweet that shook up the stock market. >> with one tweet he sent the sauk -- stock market into a frenzy. considering taking tesla private at $420. funding secured. >> those 2 things taken together really kind of set the market and made investors go
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crazy. >> they came soon after a superb reported that an investment fund had taken a stake in the electric car company. the effect on tesla stock was dramatic. it shot up $36 per share in a matter of hours, but it prompted questions about whether he broke any rules. >> he is a very unconventional communicator. very similar to the way trump for example communicates with his constituencies. goes outside the norm and in this case it's hard to make a case that he did something wrong. he communicated with everybody at the same time. >> he has long been frustrated with having to answer to the stock market while his company wraps up. in a letter to employees he said as a public company they are subject to wild swings in the stock price and that has been a major distraction to workers who are all shareholders. >> in my opinion -- >> all of this was happening just as -- delivery date on the new tesla model 3. he sees it as a positive for him in the company. >> he has a lot of pressure to
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make the shareholders happy.>> going private would amount to a 70-80 billion dollar buyout and with tesla yet to return a profit it's unclear where all of the money would come from. a jury will begin deliberations tomorrow and a case that could open the floodgates of lawsuits over the popular weed killer roundup. lawyers on both sides made their closing arguments today. in this landmark case against mosanto it was brought by 46- year-old lee johnson. a former schools groundskeeper who claims regular use of roundup caused his terminal cancer. mosanto says that lincoln simply cannot be established. >> it would be nice to know -- it would be nice to give cancer patients some idea of why they were the unlucky ones. the truth is you frequently just cannot do that.
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>> we are going to make it right. your verdict will be heard around the world. mosanto will have to finally do something. >> the lawyers are seeking a total of $412 million in damages. election officials in 5 states are counting ballots tonight in races that are widely seen as a referendum on trump's policies. at the moment the race for ohio's 12th congressional district is too close to call. the winner of the special election will head to washington immediately. the district has set -- voted heavily in favor of a trump in 2016. tonight democrats danny o'connor is confident he can turn the tide to blue. >> they carved up a district to
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favor the establishment, but you know what they never saw you coming. >> america is on the right path and we are going to keep it going that way. >> voters also went to the polls for primary elections in michigan, missouri, and washington state. the winners of those contest will face off in november at the gop -- as the gop defends its majorities. staff create takes a stand. a tribute to a young woman murdered. in erie souvenir from the accused golden state killer. a former coworker opens up about the man he knew for 11 years. a closed card or no problem. casually helping himself to a snack bowls to serve teriyaki.
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(sighs) what? try my teriyaki bowls.
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stabbed to death on a bart platform. kpix 5's christin ayers was there as steph curry took a time out.. to honor nia wilson, and the family she left behind: steph curry took a timeout to honor mia wilson in the family she left behind. >> creek came here to coach some of the most promising high school athletes, but tonight was not just about basketball. >> before the 1st whistle blew stephon curry took a center court at his basketball camps all-star game. not to play, but to pay tribute . >> i am sure everybody is aware of the tragedy.
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>> he dedicated tonight's game to the family of mia wilson. the young woman brutally murdered at a bart station july 22. her family who was also injured in the attack sitting courtside. somehow mustering smiles. they got a standing ovation. >> [ applause ] >> me as father said he met briefly with staff before the game. >> -- with staff -- >> he was not just talking tonight. he was on a mission. >> everybody watching at home please hit the donate button. everything that is donated today will 100% go to the mia wilson family. >> fans who came here to see the future of basketball coach by their favorite pro player were touched. >> it actually seems like he cares. it actually makes us feel good as a community. >> people need to know that she
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matters. she really matters and for him to do this. i love him even more. >> donations reached $21,000. all of which will go to lson family. in san francisco , kpix 5 to ge know their police officers and neighbors a little bit better today. it was the 35th annual national night out. the goal was to promote crime and drug prevention awareness. one of the events was at this park. there was plenty of games and food to go around. lisa chief eddie garcia tells us this year's turnout is the largest they have ever had. >> the more community groups we have the more communication occurs in different micro- communities in our city. we have more eyes that help us fight crime and the
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communication that happens amongst residents is huge. >> an estimated 38 million people nationwide joined in on today's national night out. in san francisco the police chief showed off his keyboarding skills at the bayview opera house. please posted this video to their twitter account earlier today.rke goldentate killer has some eerie memorabilia on his hands tonight. wilhelm's recently bought this set of secondhand tools from joseph d'angelo. each ranch meticulously hand engraved with his signature. he says the man he worked alongside for 11 years was a different person. the accused killer that he now sees on tv. >> if he did it he deserved to go down. >> he is accused of committing
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12 murders and 50 rapes. he is due back in court next month. it had all the signs of a possible explosive. the alameda county sheriff department called a bomb squad in, but it turns out it was not so dangerous at all. this is the box that looked so suspicious. it hummed and had wires and of the bomb squad blew it up out of an abundance of caution. deputies later learned that advice was from san jose state. the mercury news reports it measured ozone. a professor at the school called the incident a learning experience. >> a company creating cutting- edge technology that could help companies prevent work-related injuries. now and auto giant is signing on. it's called xo vest. a company created the device that helps workers left. it as about 15 pounds to support when a person raises their arm. in fact ford motor company is already testing it out in 15 of its auto plants. >> the average ford employee does this repetitive motion 4600 times a day. that is about 1.2 million times
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a year. i did this motion without the vest and now with it and i have to say there is a huge difference. it really feels like i got a bionic arm. >> they expect the exoskeleton market to grow to $1.8 million by 2025. a driver a rescued after plunging down an embankment. a volkswagen bug veered off the road just before 4 clock this afternoon. firefighters found the driver with a head injury. a helicopter airlifted him to the hospital. investigators are looking at whether a dui was a factor. caught on camera. a hungry bear at lake tahoe helping himself to a snack. they cedi their set off motion detectors on their camera and you can see him easily opening a car door with his paw and climbing in. looks around and it grabs the
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food that he can smell from the outside and then got back out. officials warn them not to initiate contact with bears or try to take any selfies and do not leave food in your car. >> i have seen teenagers be a lot rougher on getting in the backseat of a car. it was very gentle in stealing the food. what a great sunset picture. we have got the smoke of course above the fog, but what a great time lapse of the sunset. that is a pretty beautiful picture, but not a beautiful cause. a lot of smoke over northern california with the worst air quality on planet earth. right here in california courtesy of all of the fires. we have low cloud cover over sfo. 64 in livermore. currently still is 69 degrees in concord. tomorrow morning at sunrise 56 degrees for san francisco. air quality is not good tomorrow. east bay and south bay before
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the ocean breeze kicks in macy smoke mixing down to the surface. if you estimate if you are up early tomorrow you may smell smoke and you likely will be breathing smoke. tomorrow is spare the air day. and san francisco 4 straight weeks and 28 straight days. we have not hit 72 degrees. over the hills only 36 miles away we have had a 32 straight days of 85 degrees or hotter in livermore. which one is it? have you been cold for a month or stuck in the hot for a month? we have got both.. not as much sunlight as reaching the surface because of the smoke. let's talk about what is going on. high pressure to the south is keeping inland areas except for along the coast and that is being kicked up by a really strong area of low pressure sitting off to the west. the ocean breeze continues if you are near the bay.
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your temperatures will stake cool and below-average. if you are inland they will stay hot like they have been for the past month. low clouds tomorrow morning. hazy sunshine once again. we will push the cloud cover away on thursday. highs tomorrow getting to the 90s. still 90s in concord and livermore. 80s for the north bay. 78 in fremont and 72 for oakland. hazy sunshine in the afternoon. still risk. 65 degrees in san francisco. >> i think the air quality will get a little better, but still in the moderate category. stealing -- staying cool near the bay. we often will have hot inland chili at the beach, but for a month straight without a break is strange. another week to go. >> there we the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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it's a high-tech sleep revolution. the sleep number 360 smart bed intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to run the world. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999. the new owner: h-g-t-v. last month... the home went on the market for the first time since 1973. it was listed at 1-point-9 million dollars. a handful of bids came in...
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including an offer from nysync's lance bass. but he was ultimately outbid by h-g-t-v. the bradys moved out a while ago, but they house they lived in was adjusted sold. >> the new owner? hgtv. at the home went on the market for the 1st time since 1973. it was listed at $1.9 million. a handful of bids came in including an offer from nsync's lance bass. he was ultimately outbid by hgtv.>> it was the reason we moved into the neighborhood. we loved it. what is happening with it is fantastic. >> they say it plans to restore the home to its 1970s glory. >> 49er fans. i got a sleeper for you to keep your eyes on thursday night. can't. he wears number 32. mc hammer throughout the 1st
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a's have beaten 8 straight times at the coliseum coming into play tonight... the a's but there season- high win streak on the line tonight against the dodgers who they had beaten 8 straight times at the coliseum coming into play tonight. 33,000 at the coliseum. both teams in a playoff battle. top of the 3rd. dodgers up. belanger. that will drop. making it 3-0 dodgers. he uphold in the 3rd inning, but the a's are comeback kids. davis. look at that go. number 32. a 2 run shot. a's down 3-2. now you got to hit it where they ain't. the win streak is over. 4-2 is the final. the a's are 5.5 out of 1st
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place. things so pad at at&t not even lucille can watch anymore. the giants had only 4 wins against houston, but a big one against dallas. giants draw 1st blood, but that was it for the offense. a 2 run bomb and giants lose another heartbreaker. 2-1 is the final. 7 shutout innings down the drain . 49er fans want to keep their eye on number 32 thursday night against dallas. you are going to see a lot of joe williams. last year's fourth-round pick who missed his entire rookie season season. he has been on fire in camp and head coach kyle shanahan is anxious to see a more productive williams thursday night. >> i am excited to watch and play. he is -- i am more excited a
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lot more this year because of what he has shown in practice. i know you guys have heard us talk about him. he has come a long way in a year and he has given himself a chance to be a good running back and we will see how it looks on thursday. >> stefan curry high school all- star game. here is the finished. here is the finished. the game-winner while other burger places serve the same old stuff, here is the finished. the game-winner i'm the only one that has the bowls to serve something different. i mean, just look at my teriyaki bowls. choose from steak or chicken, covered in teriyaki sauce, plus your choice of white or brown rice. what about these bowls jack? hey! you got some pretty nice bowls there. and so does dan! thanks jack! those are some nice bowls. everyone's gonna want to get their hands on jack's bowls. try my bowls! see that right there? you can't say that. what? i was just saying i got great bowls... ooooh. now i hear it. yea. try my teriyaki bowls. only at jack in the box. >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings
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you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession. we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, d whave to practe safetyda utilizin&eent and pee tarea trainsurighteron
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we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. [ cell phone rings ]
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>> yeah, i'm watching it too. i see them every day. >> the curtains, they're always drawn in this place. >> i know. >> that guy, it seems like he's in charge of them. i don't know, i don't feel very good about this. >> we have to report this. >> yes, absolutely.


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