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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit wildfire in state history.. is now covering the bay area. . unhealthy air from the biggest wildfire in state history is now covering the bay area. good afternoon. let pfs's start with a live look from the exclusive view on top
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of the tower. you can see the hazy skies already lined up there. >> it looks pretty bad out there. >> this isotust limited to many inland communities it is all around the bay area this is the dublin camera. if it is not clouds around the golden gate bridge it is smoke, so you can see it here the east bay and north bay, and also i want to show you what it looks like from the lake observeatory that is the only area we have blue skies. at the coast there are clouds and higher up smoke. it is of course unhealthy up north where the mendocino complex fire iscrtond tahoe, nay unhealthy area and the areas you see the orange it will get
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thicker this afternoon with the smoke in the sky and i also want to show you what it looks like with the national weather service lot of the western united states the bright red that is all a sign of smoke. >> the largest of the wildfires. the mendocino complex fire flames scorched 300,000 acres. that is ten time s thes the size of san francisco. 221 structures destroyed. and now authorities say the fire is expected to burn until september. john black. of your lines of defense? >> this is a secondary line.
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for theur our troops stay save and also save lives and properties. >> this is one place crews have been victorious. they will need many more of these before this fire is echt . -- is out. >> crews setting up multiple lines of defense, keeping a close eye on where the fire is spreading. >> hour-- our hope is that it will collapse on itself. >> when you add the wind the fire is off and running again. >> the unpredictable nature is why thousands have been evacuated but not everyone decided to leave their home. >> i am going to stay. if i think it will get to me i will leave but i don't feel that
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threatened right now. >> the threat to homes here is fire is already destroyed 75 residents and more than 10,000 structures are still considered threatened the battle is far from over not believing it will be fully contained until september. >> there is a virtual community meeting on facebook tonight at 6:00 p.m. school was supposed to start in lake county but that has been put off for two weeks because of the smoke damage. this is a live look at the holy fire posing a threat to neighborhoods in orange county. the cleveland national forest confirmed a suspected arsonist is under arrest. the fire burned more than 4,000-acre. you can see the heavy smoke in the area and the fire is 5% contained.
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>> and the long wait lines are now being criticized by state lawmakers. jackie, the problem may be getting worse because of the new real ids? >> that's right, so it turns out lawmakers are just as fed up with the long wait times as we are. requesting an audit of the department to make the dmv experience better for everyone. >> what time did you get here. >> just before 6:00 p.m.. >> i am leaving again after 90 minutes trying to even get in and never mind talking to anyone or getting anywhere else. it very disappointing. >> getting here long before the doors open at 9:00 a.m. is something they hope will save them a few showers of waiting in line. >> i was in this line less than a month ago and i was here for
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five hours. i am on three now. >> some people had to wait up to eight hours across california lately. one of the state lawmakers saying that needs to change requesting an audit of the department. >> every license holder needs to get a real id, and there is going to be a flood of individuals. was there anticipation in their planning to hire people on a limited term basis. we might want to observe the training. >> the dmv director pushed back. >> you are very hesitant to an audit. >> it would strain our resources. >> she is asking the state $26 million, and since july to specifically alleviate long wait times.
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>> so hearing for this audit request is still happening in sacramento flight and julie a se of the lawmakers voted against the audit but they are waiting on lawmakers who are not there right now, this is expected to pass and the dmv may be going through an audit very soon. >> thanks jackie. new an noon. a bart to boost public safety after a recent string of violent and deadly attacks on the transit system. jim wonderman said cities and counties should start a task force to increase patrols on trains and it stations.
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police just arrested a home homeless l as rhmond ban stabbed one man ie and the surveillance camera captured the attack. >> a dog is found dead and this black back pack was found in western santa rosa on july 27th. inside they found an eight-month hold chihuahua that was strangled to death. if you have information about the dog you are asked to the contact animal subss. -- services. this is the funding of a proposition san francisco voters passed in june providing legal help to renters about to lose their homes.
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>> been a renter all of my life and personally know what it feels like to face housing insecurity. $5.lion a y for legalon san fro residents in no fault evictions. >> we know sadly most tenants can't afford a lawyer and don't know where to go in the first place. >> the city spends millions a year on legal services. supporters say every dollar spent saves $4 on services for the homeless. >> this is our city and our homes and we will defend our rights. >> about a dozen protesters shouted down the mayor saying this is too little too late. where. >> . >> -- where did the political
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will come up from. >> we are all fighting for the same thing. >> the money will be available june of next year. now to campaign 2018 coverage. thousands of votes being counted after five states held primaries. president trump's influenceaces. the 12th seat in ohio ben held a republican -- been held a republican seat. but balderson already declared victory. >> i am going do everything i can to keep america great again. >> we are in a tie ball game. >> the president tweeted there was a big turn for the better now troy win as great victory. both parties spent more than $8 million on the special election
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that is a huge mount for any -- amount for any election when voter turn out is typically low. california is getting a new senator. vanessa del godo is the mayor, but will represent district 32 and serve until november 30th and whoever wins the general election will assume office on december 3rd. she is taking over the seat after the allegations of sexual miscon -- misconduct. $83 billion on school supplies. the high race for pay just to go -- price to pay just to go to class.
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honoring dwight clark, the man "the catch".. . this football season the
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49ers are honoring dwight clark. all 49ers wearing helmets with the 87 c decool -- decal. and all of thoproceed s e -- the proceeds going toward the golden heart fund. dwight clark made 49er history with the catch in 1982, launching the team to the super bowl that year. clark passed way in june after fighting als for more than a year. he was 61 years old. >> today the red and gold announced is single game tickets are now on sale, and tomorrow is the first preseason game against the cowboys. are you ready for football? i am. we will be live on the field
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ahead of the match up and you can watch it right here. another mountain line spotted in the bay area. the animal was caught on surveillance video prowling through a back yard and drive way. officers were called to the home but couldn't find the mountain line. americans are splurging more. spending $200 a month on nonessential items to street themselves. people 25 and younger spending a third of their monthly income. >> my splurge is my hair. >> it absolutely worth it. >> i think so too. >> speaking of spending back to school shopping is in full
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swing, according to the national retail federation total spending for k-12 and college is expected to reach $83 billion. that is an average of $680 per family and this year more kids are likely paying with their own money. >> parents are expecting their kids to contribute their own money to back to school, but they are also going to really influencing what their parents buy. >> the number is slightly lower than last year's spending figure that was 83.6 billion. but with three kids it is expensive. you have back packs and pencils and pens. >> can't they just hand it down? >> you would think that would work. but have you met my kids. >> if they are like you they like to go shopping. >> we are noticing hazy conditions out there and you will notice that throughout the
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day and unfortunately not much relief in site and you can see a breeze not strong enough to improve the air qlity andheay ay because of the mendocino complex fire this is where that is is not smoke this is clouds. so long it coast it looks like the clouds are hanging round. 60 degrees compared to 77 in san jose, and inland communities you are warmer and the smoke is serving as a protectant from the heat and the south bay is calm and the east bay is calm we need some wind to push it out of here, although there is a spare the air alert. and this breeze we will get thanks to this low not going to
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help us too much by pushing the smoke out but we will get an over all west wind and that is what is sending the smoke to us. afternoon highs not as hot. 83 in napa and those spots are the hottest locations. 79 in red wood city and also mentioning fire weather watch goes into affect tomorrow afternoon for the mendocino complex fire area. so in lake county up near redding. those firefighters are going to have it rougher. the gusts will pick up and the humidity levels are dropping. something too keep in mind through saturday and also this right here this is hurricane john off of the coast of mexico. there is cabo. wind gusts are very strong and
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it is moving northwest direction and sending a stronger surge as far as webs are concerned up to -- waves are concerned and by friday and saturday an increase in humidity and high clouds. so we may be impacted by hurricane john but not until the end of the week and temperatures will be rising through saturday and sunday, monday and tuesday. looking more comtortable as fortable as the temperatures drop, but for the beaches and the bay we are in 60s and 70s. every morning with the marine layer. spare the air issued for today and tomorrow. >> hang out inside. >> movies. >> thanks anna. thieves draining gift cards and how the they are stealing the codes and using stickers to cover up the crime. get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less.
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oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. fatrices that make them even trencuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. . let's look that big board the dow is down 17 points. authorities say gift cards scams are a growing problem. ginger allen found out first hand. >> this is where many of us pick the perfect present and this is also where criminals like to lurk. i sent my dad a gift card for father's day, but when he tried
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to use it the manager said the card had a 0 balance. we tracked the package and the card activity. while the gift card was being shipped someone was using it to buy drinks and appetizers. the dallas location said the customers had the card number and pin. both were keyed in when the customers doesn't have the card in hand. >> how did they get my card and pin number? >> they will go in to the establishment and start writing down numbers. >> this is called gift card draining. we searched several stores. >> you can see the pin on everyone. >> some require a scratch off. >> or have a silver sticker
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covering the pin. >> how do the thieves know when the cards have money? >> some of them will go on line and do it by hand and some have developed custom software that returns the result and say here are the card numbers and here is the money you can now use. >> outback tells us they changed the way they produced cards last year older cards may still be on shelves. but they fully reimburse customers including my dad who can now enjoy my gift.
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ken and liz will see you at five. have a great afternoon. f0 that is going to do it for us. we are here to say goodbye. we will see you at 5:00 p.m.. maria, so how's work?
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maria: it was 4th period biology. our students just weren't getting how easily viruses spread. so ms. bell and i had them role play a zombie virus outbreak. by the time they had all learned the lesson, all the living...were dead. hey, how's your job going? carlos: oh, that big sales meeting i planned? next year, i might get to go. kid: cool!
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♪ ♪ >> bill: i'm surprised to see you. didn't think you'd ever speak to me again. >> liam: yeah, well, i might not, but for now, i have some things to say. are you alone? >> bill: it would appear. >> liam: i guess that's not surprising, considering you've managed to alienate anyone and everyone who's ever cared about you. except for will, maybe. then again, when was the last time you even saw him? ah, well.


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