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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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need mutual aid and board members say why not look at all options. faced with an ongoing rise in crime and three high profile crimes an four months bart has ordered its cops to start working 12 hour days. police union spokesperson keith garcia says bart needs to go even further. >> we should have an officer at every station. >> reporter: the reality is part does not have enough officers and now the council says it is time for surrounding police departments to provide mutual aid. jim a wonderment is president of the bay area council. >> to say the only people who can address this problem are these officers, most of whom are off duty, while we have thousands of officers right in the area of the trains and the stations just completely disassociated from the problem.
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>> reporter: but part -- but keith garcia told me today calling on the other agencies isn't the solution. >> the idea is what we are doing now but we are doing it with our own officers. we would not request a mutual aid from outside agencies because they have their own communities to patrol. that would not be fair to those people in those communities. >> reporter: were you surprised when they said no. >> i think it is unfortunate when you have a government agency that says no thank you we do not need any help. when clearly the situation calls for it. >> reporter: this board member says at this point all options should be on the table. >> using mutual aid from other agencies short term, i don't think it should affect the union
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's view. we are still going to be trained to hire and fill those vacant positions. i actually would love to have put another 50 positions in the budget this year. but, i did not propose that because we had so many unfilled positions at the time when we approved the budget. >> reporter: you have heard from all of these agencies, you see how there are differing opinions. by the way the board tomorrow meets to consider adopting a security plan that we reported on monday. that includes high-tech cameras. >> i can understand why the union might object but ultimately who makes the decision on if these agencies will be asked to help? >> reporter: everyone has a different answer but it comes down to the bart union. theytold me if they needed mutual aid they would reach out to other police departments. the concord police department
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is one half block away. the board tells me that if they do think that bart needs more security they will make a strong recommendation for mutual aid. stay tuned. now a look at san francisco's newest transportation hug. the transit center was captured today. film a tear was in san francisco where he got a look at the finished product. >> reporter: bromley $1 million mosaic floor to the six story skylight to the led wall, to the nearest tree block long park on its route. the new salesforce transit center is destined to be a san francisco landmark. at a cost of over $2 billion, which is more than one half billion dollars over budget, it may just cost as much as an airport. >> there are new security
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requirements. >> reporter: in addition to the restaurant and theater, there is also a shell of a train station in the basement but no trains. >> we still have a ways to go. >> reporter: like maybe in 10 or 20 years. in the meantime buses coming in from the east bay will now have their own ramp on and off the bridge. and a bridge to take them over city traffic. >> we can increase the ridership from 13,000 to 24,000. >> reporter: but there is more. >> when the buses come in they activate the fountain. >> reporter: how much will it cost to maintain all of this? >> the are talking six levels, four city blocks, so it is going to be quite a million -- quite a bit of money.
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in the millions. >> reporter: this is sort of the taj mahal of bus stations. >> west of the mississippi, yes. >> reporter: although it is called the salesforce transit center it is a public area. that is a public park and it will be opened on saturday. i suggest taking a stroll, it is well worth of the view. besides, you are paying for it. a proposed development in san jose is going to try to combine the new with your. the the tech companies incorporating a piece of the original century 21 theater into his architecture. the office campus will sit on olson drive near winchester boulevard across the street from santana road. here is a look from above. >> reporter: it has been a couple years since we checked in with the project. they had a lot of legal drama in a couple of years, that is
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behind them now. this week the developer submitted a pre- application filing that is basically some baby steps that lay the groundwork for a big push, make no mistake, santana west is inching forward. the old century 21 theater does not look like much now. just a storage yard. but it has been designated in historic building so it is not going anywhere. the other four dorms were not deemed historic and will be demolished. the dome will be incorporated into the final design. the developer provided us with these renderings of what it could look like. the dome surrounded by 850,000 square feet of office space spread out over three buildings. the goal is to be a mix of old and new. >> no one has any illusions that it will stay the same. >> reporter: she is the president of the neighborhood asat the domebehind her back yard. her property will hit up against the new campus. the neighbors are concerned about the height of the
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buildings, if they are too tall, people can see right into their homes and traffic could be a headache. she says they have been in meetings with the developer. >> it is much better to have a good relationship with the developers than to come out with an adversarial position from day one. our stands in the neighborhood is that we want to work with people, we want to make sure that the projects go forth with the neighborhood backing because it is a win, win for everybody. >> reporter: federal says ideally they want to have one single large tech employer to take over the entire campus. as far as a timeline it will take years to complete. new video shows a brutal accident on the bay bridge. take a look you can see a white car slam right into a wall. it happened at the treasure island off ran. it is unclear if the driver was
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trying to get off the bridge. it happened sunday evening. the victim was taken to the hospital with a head injury. a challenging rescue along fairfax road in marin county. a driver lost control and rolled 300 feet down in an embankment into a ravine. the man had to be pulled out and carried by firefighters to in the waiting helicopter. he was airlifted to the hospital with major injuries. a prowler on the peninsula, a mountain lion spotted overnight on this camera. it happened right in the middle of the city. more unusual because the home is not near the foothills or open space. len ramirez talked to the neighbors. >> we have the camera over there. >> reporter: the notification jolted him awake in the middle of the night. >> my immediate reaction was to go get my wife.
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>> reporter: it was a mountain lion walking down his driveway in his neighborhood. >> i think it got into the backyard. the camera captured it. it that one from the backyard to the front. >> reporter: he called police to put out a safety alert. they also searched the neighborhood on highway 92 but there was no sign of the big cat. >> i think it is the weather changes causing them to come around. i am not concerned. not have seen them before. >> reporter: it was the second sighting in san mateo in less than a month. on july 16th another mountain lion was spotted on jacksonville. in that incident police called in game wardens who tranquilized the animal then we would get back to the wild. >> this is technically mountain lion habitat. we live in their area. if they are looking for food or
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other reasons they come down. the concern is if there are pets outside or young children. >> reporter: there are no reports of anything being harmed. >> we need to be aware. >> reporter: he says the only thing he can do is be more careful. >> in the daytime i think we will be fine. i will limit my activities at night. >> reporter: in san mateo, len ramirez, kpix5. wait times at the dmv have gotten longer. why a audit of the agency is off the table. a sick man brutally beaten. the attack hitting home for a bay area police chief. how he helped to arrest his own son for the crime. in san francisco it is foggy but also it is smoky. the haze from oakland across the bay towards the city. when will the smoke clear? i have the answer coming up.
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21 agency is considering a proposal to join the santa clara, santa cruz community roundtable. the organization would be modeled after a group in san francisco and san mateo counties. the goal is to make it easier to negotiate with the faa on news. the dmv facing questions, the agency is asking for more money and rejecting calls for new oversight. susie steimle on the fight over resources and wait times. >> reporter: republicans in the state capital are furious about how today went. they are calling this a big win for the dmv and a loss for californians. we have learned the dmv will get his wish, $16 million to hi the wait times here. because they are not being audited by the state they won't have to divulge exactly how they are spending the money. >> i was in this line less than a month ago renewing my
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license. i was here for five hours that day. i am already going on three now. >> it is very disappointing. it is a waste of time. it has cost me quite a bit of money. >> reporter: the lines of elevated the story from the slow dmv stereotype to a potential systemic statewide problem. republicans even took out an attack ad criticizing the dmv on social media today saying californians deserve better. >> the dmv and the state of california needs all the help we can get in shortening the wait times. >> reporter: in sacramento the director is in a hot seat for the second day. >> it would -- it would strain resources. >> reporter: on july 1st the dmv received 1600 -- 16 million extra dollars to deal with the
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wait times. now the director wants $26 million more to hire more employees. lawmakers grilled her for misuse of state resources as well as accusing the agency of wasting taxpayer time and money. despite the harsh words and testimony the audit did not pass. republicans are furious. jim pattison's office sent this video statement. >> the dmv exists for the people of california. the people of california where the losers today. there will continue to be losers until common sense prevails. >> reporter: the assembly man says the earliest he can reintroduce the idea of an audit is in february. he says he will do so but he expects the lines at the dmv will only grow between now and then. susie steimle, kpix5. stanford swimmer brock turner lost his appeal of his sexual assault conviction. the panel found there was
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substantial evidence for his conviction. his attorneys were asking for a new trial claiming that the first try was based on "a set of lies. local legal analyst said it was a longshot appeal. turner served three months of a six-month jail sentence for the conviction. he must register as a sex offender. rankings of the best public high schools in california have been released and several bay area schools made the list. first, number 2, henry gun high in palo alto. the top east bay school was in san francisco. in marin county redwood high school top those schools. the rankings were released and used data from the u.s. department of education. a grass fire started today in west marin fire -- in west marin county. it is up to 45 acres right now. it is 50% contained. no structures have been
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threatened. take a look at this thick brown a layer of smoke over parts of the bay area. the mendocino complex fire has prompted air-quality officials to the clear a spare the air day for today and tomorrow. paul joins us with more details. >> the ocean breeze has really been helping us out. we were so lucky today. after about 14 days of having the smoke above us today we were in it. moderate to unhealthy here quality is what you had today. we will have the same thing tomorrow. improvement is expected on friday as the ocean brief -- as the ocean breeze returns. livermore is at 93. your streak of 85 or harder every day for a month continues. morgan hill you are 96.
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sunshine in fremont today. 80 in san francisco. california the hottest july on record, looking at the entire state, we were 5 degrees above average. san francisco was not invited to the party. actually the second coldest july of the past five years. statewide it was a record july. dodgers in town tonight taking on oakland. breezy, 65 degrees. we are in -- we are forecasting sunshine for the preseason hope owner -- home opener for the san francisco 49ers. 84 degrees if you're kick off temperature. we are staying hot and cold at the same time. we don't have the ocean breeze because of high pressure. you will stay hot away from the water. because of the low pressure the ocean breeze continues. fog will return tonight. lows in the 50s. sunshine again tomorrow with poor air quality.
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close to 104 livermore. 75 in oakland. only 67 in san francisco. we will cool off about 5 degrees away from the water. down to the 60s near the bay. highs only in the 50s at the beach starting sunday. that big temperature spread will continue. that is your forecast. a bear cub rescued from the fire. the intricate procedure to help heal her. if there was one seat left on the bandwagon i just grabbed it. another great crowd tonight, oakland and the dodgers, it has a playoff feel to it. we will tell you all about it coming up.
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dodgers, and tonight they'll try to start another one with an eye on >> reporter: welcome back the a's six game winning streak ended last night to the dodgers. oakland will try to start a new streak again tonight against the dodgers. they are trying to catch the
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houston astros. making his debut tonight will be right-hander mike fires. the veteran was acquired in a trade with the tigers on monday. he has pitched well this year. he is a part of a massive rotation overhaul from opening day. in march kendall graveman got the ball on opening day, but, today sean minaya is the only pitcher left from that group. mike fiers joins anderson, trevor cahill and jackson as newcomers. the a's are jackson's 13th am, record. he told me he doesn't mind. this is your 13th team. wouldn't you like to stay around one place? >> i always feel like if it is meant to be it will be. i have always been a runner anyway.
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i don't mind not staying in one spot too long. i have got a chance to experience a lot of different cities and live in the a lot of different places. so i have experienced different lifestyles of different areas. >> reporter: what is the potential of this rotation that convinces you they can get over the top? >> i think the experience that we have. there are going to be a great mix of guys. so teams are seeing different styles of pitching. it is going to be fun. it should be an exciting two months. >> reporter: jackson is only 34 years old. my guess is eventually there will be a 14th 15th and 16th team. 49ers preseason opener is tomorrow night. the team have plans to honor dwight clark this entire
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season. he passed away in june from als. they will wear number 87 on the back of their helmets all season long. in the game on october 21st it will be a national game, they will paint the number 87 in the end zone. the exact spot where he made his famous catch. very inappropriate the 49ers and cowboys open the preseason tomorrow. the game will start at 7:00 p.m. coverage will begin at 5:00 with elizabeth cook. yesterday we showed you the independent baseball player that put a trashcan on the field after he was ejected. we are beginning to think this is a legal looking for publicity. a day later the manager picked up 3rd base, handed it to a kid in the crowd, he managed the red sox in the early 1990s.
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the pga championship tomorrow, i am going jordan spieth. he has got to break through at some point. alan, you have got justin thomas. a brutal attack.. caught on camera. we will see what happens. round 1 tomorrow. post game coverage on saturday and sunday. guide there is a playoff feel out here. it is so much different. i know this isn't a great stadium but people do show up when you have a winner. >> love it. thank you. coming up, a brutal attack caught on camera. the crime hitting home for a bay area police chief. how he helped to arrest his own son for the crime. millions in damages from the fires, who is going to pay for at all? the pushback from wildfire victims. the treatment to help this bear cub burned in the carr
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a sikh man attacked in the central valley... and we've learned... the union city police chief helped in the arrest... of his own son. the 71-year old victim was pushed to the top story at 6:30 a sick man attacked in the central valley.
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we have learned that the police chief help than the rest of his own son. the 71-year old victim was pushed to the ground and kicked several times. the victim was also robbed. chief darryl mccallister says he worked with police to make the arrest today of his estranged 18-year old son tyrone mcallister. the chief says he was disgusted when he found that his son was a suspect. carlos has more. >> reporter: in a statement darryl mccallister, the police chief, calls his son of's arrest in embarrassment and said the valance has brought sadness to the family. darryl mccallister says his 20- year old son tyrone mcallister began losing his way a couple of years ago when he was a juvenile running away and getting involved in a bad crowd. wednesday morning police officers arrested the 20-year old along with a 16-year old after they were caught on camera attacking an elderly
6:31 pm
sikh man. both teenagers now pastry towns each, attempted robbery, elderly abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon. >> that is crazy. these kids need to find something else to do. they should be doing something else other than looking for trouble. >> reporter: we visited the victim today and spoke to family members. they are relieved that the suspects were caught. carlos correa, kpix5. >> chief darryl mccallister posted a letter on facebook explaining "my son began to lose his way a couple of years ago running away, getting involved with a bad crowd. my wife and i worked with police to help them track him down and arrest him. my family is shaken to the core. words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected and hurt
6:32 pm
my wife, daughters and i feel. the nature of my son's actions such a departure from everything i have stood for." the chief also thanked people for kindness shown to the victim and to him in this difficult case. you can read the entire letter on our website we do millions of dollars in damages from fires so, who should pay? emily turner on fire victims who say the big utilities don't deserve a break. >> everything was in flames. there was a window, there was smoke. we could not see anything. we had nothing. then you are forced to deal with your lost every day. every day, even today. >> it was one of the most devastating things we have ever experienced. what i have to say is so ingrained in my mind i will never forget it all the days of
6:33 pm
my life. >> reporter: victims of the fire storms along with fire officials gathered at the state capitol today to share their stories and garner support. urging lawmakers to defend their right to collect money from utilities whose equipment causes fires. it is known as inverse condemnation. >> pg&e wants to be off the hook for it. >> reporter: in -- inverse condemnation has become the buzzword. it is why lobbyist have spent millions and why the utility supported coalition launch this ad hoping to plead his case on behalf of utilities to do away with inverse condemnation. >> the climate has changed. >> reporter: the wine company fires blazed to the bay 10 months ago. the thomas fire burned ventura to county almost two months after that. cal fire has blamed most of those fires on utility equipment. now the question, should
6:34 pm
utilities continue to be on the hook for fire damages or should the pain be spread to local governments and fire victims and insurance companies? >> you want to be able to reimburse for the damage you face. that is what is at stake. your ability to be reimbursed. >> reporter: the topic of inverse combination will be brought up tomorrow at the wildfire joint committee meeting. that will be happening here at 2:00 it -- an 2:00 in the afternoon. all those involved say there are sure to be fireworks. relief for people living in lake county evacuation orders were lifted today for several communities. highway 20 is now open in both directions. the area was threatened by fire. officials are working to control a norovirus outbreak at the lower lake high school evacuation center. people with symptoms are being separated from the rest.
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a man arrested in connection to the holy fire burning in orange county. 51-year old forrest clark was taken into custody yesterday. investigators are still not sure how the fire was set. the fire has now burned more than 6000 acres and only 5% contained. people are worried. >> i have never been this close to a fire. if it comes down anymore i will get my car and it out. >> this erie has not seen a fire since 1980. all the vegetation is contributing to it spread. a burned bear cub is recovering after it was rescued from the carr fire. contractors found her six days ago lying in ashes with burned feet. the department of fish and wildlife was called in to help. they tranquilized her and took into a lab for treatment. on monday a doctor performed an
6:36 pm
experimental surgery on the bear cub. officials are optimistic the treatment is going to work. a republican congressman is now facing insider trading charges. chris collins turned himself into the fbi today. the congressman was a board member for a publicly traded biotech company. prosecutors say collins gave an illegal tip that allowed his son and others to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock losses. collins pleaded not guilty today. he plans to continue running for reelection in november. the elections will also see a record number of women on the ballot. angelica alvarez on some of the high profile races. >> reporter: she outran two male rivals to win the primary in michigan. >> we are going to get back to
6:37 pm
building bridges. >> reporter: in kansas democrats nominated laura kelly for governor. >> we are ready for change. >> reporter: bolden races are part of the "pink wave" so far 11 women have been nominated for governor. that is a record for a single election year. there is also a record in u.s. races with at least 185 women nominated so far for the house. that includes democrat who won for primary and is uncontested in november. meaning she will be the first muslim woman in congress. the number of women nominated will continue to rise. 94 are running in house races in states that have not yet held primaries. she is an expert on electoral politics. she says the me too movement is helping to propel women into
6:38 pm
office. >> one thought is that more women in a legislative body will be more likely to sit down and hammer it out as opposed to getting fighting to the end. >> reporter: as of now only six states have women governors but this year's nominees are taking aim at that glass ceiling. angelica alvarez, cbs news. be to a new counsel general of china arrived in san francisco today. he and his wife arrived this afternoon and were greeted by many people. he will be replacing the retired counsel general who returned to china last week. the first city to make a move on uber and lyft. new york city's plans to take a look at their impact on traffic congestion. ford rolls out its 10 millionth mustang. we talked to car enthusiasts about the historic milestone.
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now available with steak or chicken, covered in our teriyaki sauce, plus steamed veggies and your choice of white or brown rice. i've got the bowls to serve something different! (sighs) what? try my teriyaki bowls. the wall street journal reports the "securities and exchange commission"... is asking whether a musk tweet was factual. the c-e-o says he secured financing to b regulators investigating abdul-ghani wahhaj -- elon musk buy out of tesla.
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the securities and exchange commission is asking if his tweet was factual. he says he has secured financing to buy 1012's outstanding shares. regulators are questioning if the tweet hurt his legal obligations. new york city putting a limit on the number of rideshare vehicles. the cap is temporary. the council voted for a one- year freeze on new licenses for the ride hailing services. that means commuters could be paying more and waiting longer to get a uber or lyft. the city hopes the measure will solve traffic problems. one automaker has a new reason for bragging rights. board has just produced its 10 millionth mustang. here is video from earlier today. -- board has just produced is 10 millionth mustang. here is video from earlier
6:42 pm
today. you can see it here rolling off the assembly line. bay area mustang owners also celebrated. some remember the days from the car only cost $2300. that was back in 1964. >> when you went by the driving everyone looked at you. you wanted to be noticed. you were noticed in a mustang. >> we almost stopped making them in the late 70s. >> reporter: what happened? >> someone had the foresight to see the demand was still there. they learned how to make more horsepower and stay with any emission laws. >> they are still cool. 49ers preseason game at one is just around the corner. how the team will remember the man who made the catch, throughout the season. there it is, the fog
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all 49ers will wear helmets with the number "87" decal.. there will also be a number of all season long the 49ers will pay tribute to the man who made the catch. the 49ers will all wear helmets with the number 87 on it. there will also be a number of attributes and a special ceremony at the october 21st game. the team will unveil a statue of clark and joe montana, exactly 22 yards apart. >> dwight was 9 yards deep in the end zone when he caught it. we have situated the statues to be 22 yards apart. there will be yard markers on the ground so people can interpret where he was on the field. >> that is so cool. dwight clark passed away in june after fighting als. he was 61 years old. today the 49ers announced tickets are now on sale for the regular-season. fan giveaways were also
6:47 pm
announced. in week two the giveaway item is a jimmy garoppolo bobblehead. we will be live on the field tomorrow night for the first preseason game. you can watch the game tomorrow at 7:00 right here on kpix5. the very on fire chief was just named this years career fire chief of the year. -- our very on fire chief was just named this years career fire chief of the year. she leads one of the most diverse groups of firefighters in the world. she is credited for increasing the number of females and minorities in the department. an extreme disneyland fan is about to auction all of his artwork off. he has been collecting the emfor 25 years. it started out with posters but then he started buying the props from several attractions.
6:48 pm
some of the items are listed for around $150,000. they will go on sale august 25th. >> i have a few of the paper tickets. here we have the fog reaching the other side of san francisco. we are looking in the distance and seeing not much. there is a lot of haze and smoke out there. tomorrow is another spear the air today. we have got the 90s and the 50s right now. windy in san francisco, 59. sunshine in concord, 92 degrees. 60s in oakland. 70s in san jose. 80s in livermore. a wide temperature spread today. san francisco 55 tonight. santa rosa 52. the air-quality tomorrow is very similar to today. we will have the worst air
6:49 pm
quality falling into the unhealthy zone late tomorrow morning into the afternoon. moderate air-quality is not that great either. we will have that everywhere tomorrow. san francisco you can't warm up, 29 straight days you have not even hit 72 degrees. livermore, you can't cool down, 33 straight days of 85 or hotter. in san jose, no rain, 115 days without a drop of rain. we get to early september without any rain, that likely will be a top 10 stretch. we talked about how it is hot, it will stay hot. quite warm, well above average. it is cool at the same time and that is not going to change. that onshore breeze near the bay or along the coast is not going away. the temperature spread from the 50s to the 90s every day for
6:50 pm
the next several days. fog will be prevalent tomorrow morning. sunshine tomorrow afternoon. friday not as much fog but it is still in san francisco county. afternoon sunshine on friday. a cloudy morning, cool afternoon at the beach. the sunshine with 90s continues inland. the air-quality should improve on friday as the ocean breeze gets stronger. tomorrow is a spear the air day. high temperatures tomorrow are well above average inland. 96 for morgan hill. 86 in palo alto. antioch is toasty at 95 degrees. san rafael 87. oakland 75 degrees. we are going to cool down but stay hot in linda through the weekend. we will stay cool near the water with highs in the 60s and 70s. that is your forecast. connecting northbay latinos with crucial resources. how this week's jefferson award
6:51 pm
winner helps hundreds of thousands of people every year and she has been doing it for decades.
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represent a quarter of the population in sonoma county but they are projected to make up more of half the -- more than half of the county by 2050. one woman has worked three deck -- one woman has connected three decades with these latinos. >> for those who do not speak english well she provides a life changing resource. when she first moved to santa rosa she did not even know where to look for a job until she found a referral network. >> they were very welcoming. they were inviting. >> reporter: today she works at the child's, parent institute linking families to housing. a job she found through the employment listings. she is cofounder and past
6:55 pm
executive director of latino service providers. through monthly meetings and a newsletter they connect sonoma county latinos to resources from health to education and employment. >> they are armed with information to help themselves. to help their families. >> reporter: she helped to start a group in 1989. today it has its own offices but it began in her garage. for years they have sought to reduce the stigma of mental health in the latino community. make sure they get treatment and encouraging people to choose careers in mental health. >> we want them to come away with the thought that they are not alone. >> reporter: in addition it became a lifeline in a firestorms, answering urgent questions from families who have lost their homes. >> what about insurance? where do we go from here? >> reporter: today the programs reach more than 100,000 people a year. the executive director credits
6:56 pm
her determination. >> she talked about, this is what we are doing. >> reporter: for three decades of directing sonoma county latinos to services needed for healthy living this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to wanda tapia thompson. want the recently retired as executive director but she is still coordinating the health forum and mental health career symposium. her voluntary experience is extensive. she helped to start the first food bank in sonoma county. >> as the latino population grows it will become even more important. >> absolutely, what she started will be useful for years to come. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at good night.
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