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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to see the return of football season. we, of course, have a front row seat. tonight fans are anticipating their first look at jimmy g. in 2018. kpix5's andria borba is live in the stadium. andria, there are a lot of no. 10 jerseys. >> reporter: there certainly are, elizabeth. look behind me. you can see fans beginning to filter in here to dignity plaza. we're above where you are on the field right now and the name on everyone's lips is no. 10, jimmy garoppolo. jimmy garoppolo fever has hit the bay area. just about every other jersey we've seen today has been a no. 10 jersey. the nfl shop said it was the no. 2 selling jersey they had in the offseason. we asked fans what their hopes are for jimmy g. >> hopefully we're crossing our fingers, we're praying he's going to bring us some wins this year and next year and continuing till he's here. >> i'm in love with the guy. he's awesome. >> reporter: you're saying
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you're in love with the guy with your girl friend? >> she loves him, too. come on now. he's awesome. i can't wait to see what he does. i have no doubts about him at all. >> reporter: now word has it jimmy g. will play at least one series here against the dallas cowboys and i did a little investigating. i went to one of the stores here on the concourse to see exactly how the jimmy g. gear was selling. well, it's selling pretty hot right now, liz. jimmy g. fever has arrived. >> reporter: i'm anticipating a lot of halloween costumes this year, going to be a lot of jimmy g.'s running around. thank you. >> reporter: absolutely. from all those wildifres. fans and players have also been dealing with some hazy and smoky skies. it's coming from the smoke from all those wildfires burning in northern california. chopper 5 is giving you a view near sfo. you can see some of that white haze and you can barely see the runway, smoke lingering down
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from the lake and mendocino counties. as for the stadium itself, we shot this video a few hours ago. you can see the conditions here are relatively clear. a spare the air day is still in effect through today. paul deanno is keeping an eye on conditions here on the field and, of course, the air quality. paul? liz, the air quality is improving. it was unhealthy in a number of locations this morning. now as of this very second, we have improved to moderate air quality, still hazy, but the ocean breeze is beginning to win the battle versus the smoke and it's elevating it and we aren't breathing it as much right now. kickoff temperature 84 degrees. there will be some haze above the stadium. i think the santa clara valley may have some of the best air quality around, but still hazy and warm, mid-80s. as we look forward to tomorrow, the air quality continues to improve, good to moderate air quality. so tomorrow is not a spare the air day. as the air quality is improving with the ocean breeze, the ocean breeze will do some other stuff to our weather which we'll talk about in my few
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forecast coming up in a few minutes. as you can imagine, traffic getting here to levi stadium is getting heavily as we get closer to kickoff. as you can see, traffic moving now in realtime. you can see a lot of red on highways 237 and highway 101, a ton of congestion, of course, right around the stadium. mass transit is always your best option. coming up a bit later kpix5 sports anchor dennis o'donnell will join me on the field with a full analysis of today's game. ive lineman... giving that will lead us to kickoff at 7 p.m. don't forget, 49er fan favorite joe staley will be mic-ed up during the game, the offensive lineman giving us a unique preseason perspective. new at 6:00 pg&e executives went to sacramento today to push for a new law that lets pg&e and other utilities off the financial hook for wildfires caused by their equipment as long as that equipment met safety standards. kpix5 reporter emily turner was there and asked pg&e how do you
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explain this to the tens of thousands of folks affected by the north bay wildfires last year? emily? >> reporter: yeah, allen. out of the 12 fires in the north bay last year all 12 of them cal fire says was caused by pg&e equipment, which means they're on the hook to foot the bill for damages that equipment caused. however, they say moving forward in this new normal of a year-round fire season with hotter, drier, windier weather during the fire season that's year-round, footing the bill in the future is just not sustainable. the wildfire prevention committee was full of heated questions and emotional fireworks all centered around an ironically dry topic, inverse condemnation. >> i'd like to ask pg&e what did you spend the money on because we have significant devastation? >> so why should we reduce their liability and expect that they're going to do more? >> reporter: in the case of fire, inverse condemnation is the law holding utility
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companies strictly liable for damages their equipment causes whether they're negligent or not. the 2017 wildfires are costing them billions, which is why those companies want the state to change the rules. >> yesterday's laws are not going to protect us from tomorrow's wildfires or even today's wildfires. >> reporter: if the utilities get their way, they could still be held accountable if found negligent, but that would require a much higher burden of proof placed on the shoulders of cities, counties and homeowners to prove their case and receive compensation. >> pg&e wants to be off the hook. they want the power to take your pole but not the responsibility to pay for the damage they do. >> this is such an emotionally charged topic i mean especially from these fire survivors. what do you tell the folks who are so vehemently against reforming inverse condemnation? >> ill just go back to the fact this is a -- i just go back to the fact this is a law that's been on the books a very long time and it doesn't stand up to the conditions we're dealing with right now. if the utility is negligent,
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the utility should be held accountable, but if the utility has followed all of the state's high safety standards, then those costs shouldn't be put upon the electric customers. >> reporter: if nothing changes and inverse condemnation continues as it is right now, pg&e says it will cost them about $2 billion each year moving forward which ultimately will be passed along to the rate payer to the tune of about $150 per household per year. in sacramento, emily turner, kpix5. in southern california the so-called holy fire is racing towards homes in the riverside community of lake elsinore. firefighting planes are criss- crossing the skies overhead trying to save as many homes as possible from the flames' steady advance. the fire has forced at least 20,000 people from their homes since it broke out monday. it is 5% contained. meanwhile north of the bay area senator kamala harris visited firefighters in lake county this afternoon. she promised to take their
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concerns back to washington as this punishing fire season continues. >> we want our firefighters to have the resources to fight fires and also be able to have resources to do the preventive work they like to do and need to do and are smart in doing so that we can avoid zer in the future. >> the two fire -- disaster in the future. >> the two fires now cover an area larger than the city of los angeles, but many evacuees are now returning home. >> overjoyed, overjoyed, good to see the neighbors that i've seen that are bahome, hoping and praying that everyone that is still out is okay. >> crews now have strong lines around 48% of that massive ranch fire. the smaller river fire west of clearlake is 84% contained. vallejo police now say that the fire this week that killed a mother and her two daughters was more than an accident. investigators have concluded the mother set herself on fire
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and the flames ignited the family home on georgia street early sunday morning. mau dao and 14-year-old twins trinh and tran died. police are calling it a case of suicide resulting in two homicides. today the b.a.r.t. board put off a number of measures to enhance security. among them? new digital cameras and software that would analyze the movement of riders. there were privacy concerns, so it was sent back for more study. it's part of a $28 million emergency safety plan to help stop violence. as kpix5's kiet do explains, part of it is already in place with officers now working mandatory overtime. ts , we happened to see just one (nats) we >> reporter: we decided to see for ourselves just what the surge of b.a.r.t. officers looked like and got on the train at union city. in the suburban outskirts we happened to see just one officer in a patrol car. rking in pairs, but bart says this is not necessarily a new thing. the extra
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roughout the s we rode north past san leandro and didn't see anything for a while. the officers we are told are closer to the lake merritt station. sure enough, there they were, a pair of officers dealing with a man on a bike, another one keeping an eye on things from the elevated platform. normally there are 28 b.a.r.t. cops on patrol at any given moment, but now that they're required to work six days a week for 10 hours a day, that comes out to a21% increase in patrols. officers assigned to cars will stay with their vehicles, but the ones on foot roam the platforms and rided train walking car to car. you'll see them working in pairs, but b.a.r.t. says this is not necessarily a new thing. there is a particular emphasis on oakland and san francisco. >> there's a lot going on and i really appreciate all that because there's too much going on on b.a.r.t. >> reporter: shawnae bryant likes the increased patrols. the fatal stabbing of nia wilson last month, one of three people who died in violent
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clashes in b.a.r.t. in the span of a week, has put her on edge. >> the stabbing of that girl really took a lot. so i'm just happy there's more b.a.r.t. police so everybody can understand that that wasn't right, you know. >> reporter: on b.a.r.t. along the east bay corridor, kiet do, kpix5 news. a family reunited at sfo hours ago, their 3-year-old taken into custody at the border in june. kpix5 reporter julie watts was there. julie? >> reporter: that's right, allen. they crossed the border from mexico at an official border crossing seeking asylum. it was the day the trump administration reversed its executive order and stopped separating families at the border, but this family was separated anyway. rreal - sot- m -you are scared that they are going to separated at is why it was an emotional reunion, the first time little sophia has seen her biological mom or grandma in months. we first met 3-year-old sophia and her grandmother on the other side of the border with cbs reporter mireya villareal. >> you're scared they're going to separate you. no (nods
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head no) - mireya: no, these aren't import tion house in that's the reason why you're not crossing. you are scared. >> reporter: but angelica, sophia's legal guardian, had a change of heart on the day president trump reversed the decision to separate children from their families, no longer afraid of being separated, but a week later her worst fears came true. >> sophia was pleading with her not to leave her alone, not to let her go or leave her with the police. >> reporter: angelica said immigration officials took little sophia anyway citing a policy of continued separation for a small number of immigrant children when parental relationships could not be confirmed. these are papers that say you are the legal guardian and they say these don't matter. these aren't important. >> reporter: but the enunciation house in el paso helped angelica along with more than 30 other immigrant parents separated from their children, most of whom had no idea where the children were.
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today the family was reunited after 47 days. the separation was so agonizing angelica says she was hospitalized four days after losing her granddaughter. knowing what you know now, would you do it again? >> no. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: now both mom and grandma tell me they would not have crossed the border knowing what they know now. they say they would have never intentionally put little sophia through this. in san francisco, julie watts, kpix5. e trumadministration to ban a popular pesticide used on millions of acres of california crops. >> skyrocketing home prices, the seven bay area cities that are now a part of the so-called million dollar club. >> reporter: we are told the 49ers just took the field to
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start warming up. we'll have much more live from levi stadium ahead of the 49ers first preseason opener. we'll be right back.
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judge told the environmental n new at 6:00 california farmworkers are claiming victory tonight after a judge told the environmental protection agency it must ban a chemical linked to birth defects. d themselves to the yday as they h >> reporter: the court order placing a national ban on the
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pesticide chlorpy rophos was proclaimed a victory for workers as they harvest our food from the fields. >> we have fought for this for a very long time, way back to when cesar chavez was part of the movement and actually started the movement. this is something they've been working on for a long period of time to try to make sure we ban not just this particular pesticide but many pesticides for the farmworker families. >> reporter: the 2-9 ruling by the 9th court of appeals is a blow to the trump administration's environmental protection agency which refused to remove the pesticide despite mounting evidence that it was harmful to children and especially children and fetuses where it can lead to brain damage and illnesses. harvesting the fruits and vegetables, chemical drift up to a 1/2 mile away from an application, but studies show
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consumers with also be exposed just by eating fruits and vegetables even if they've been washed. >> it really tells the trump administration that they need to listen to what science and the community is saying. >> reporter: the chemical is used to control insects on dozens of field crops, fruit trees and nuts and california uses more than any other state, although in recent years use has declined. >> use has decreased 95% in the last 10 years. >> reporter: local growers use it mostly on grapevines to control viruses, but he says growers are sensitive to environmental and health concerns. >> the scientific consensus is forming around its harmful effects and i think it doesn't have much longer to be used. >> reporter: environmental groups are working to sure that happens as soon as possible. in salinas, len ramirez, kpix5. >> that pesticide must be banned within 60 days. tearful testimony in an oakland courtroom today, the
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sentencing of ghost ship fire defendants derick almena and max harris got underway. it began with the families of victims pouring out their anger and emotions. kpix5's da lin was there. ap on the wrist. > reporter: inside department 13 family after family voiced their strong opposition to the plea deal, nine years for ghost ship master tenant derick almena and six years for max harris. a victim's boyfriend compares that to a slap on the wrist. >> this sentence is unfair. it's unbalanced. it's negligent. >> three months for almena and two months for harris for each of those lives was way too short. >> reporter: many families asked judge james cramer to dismiss the plea bargainor change it. a different judge jacobson brokered the plea deal. cameras were not allowed inside
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the courtroom. one of the victim's brothers told the defendants the district attorney gave you both a sweetheart deal. this father whose daughter died in the fire said we were looking for justice. instead we're left with more questions. amanda we are shaw's mother told -- amanda kershaw's mother told the defendants what you did was despicable and you both should pay for that. amanda's brother criticized the district attorney saying we feel betrayed. another family member addressed almena. he's guilty as hell. he's guilty of creating a hell hole. >> many family members said they wanted a trial so they could have answers as to what happened and who did what. >> reporter: during the victims' statements derick almena looked at each speaker, even had teary eyes when michaela's aunt spoke. max harris had his back against a speak are and avoided eye contact. the -- speaker and avoided eye contact. the hearing resumes tomorrow morning at 9:30 and that's when family members on the defense side will ask for leniency.
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it's hard to say whether the judge will change or dismiss the plea bargain. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. most of these nfl players can probably afford million dollar homes, but the american dream is becoming more and more out of reach in more bay area cities, our devin fehely on those who have just joined the millionaire club. >> reporter: east palo alto was once a pocket of affordability, a place where you didn't need tech money or two incomes to live comfortably and raise a family but not anymore. >> long time residents aren't able to really enjoy the new community because we're being priced out and it hurts. >> reporter: melissa allen said she could never afford to buy a home in the community where she grew up. according to zillow, the average price of the home and seven more cities in the bay area including more traditional blue collar communities like east palo alto, daly city, broadmoor village, fairfax, alameda and newark has claimed
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up to $1 million. >> if you're not making over 150 grand a year or maybe even more, you're not going to get anything here, anything in the bay area, period. >> reporter: according to the california association of realtors, the dream of owning a home has become increasingly unattainable for the average family. fewer than one of every five people living in the bay area can afford to buy a home because you'd need a combined $220,000 household income just to qualify for a loan and would still be staring at a roughly $5,500 monthly mortgage payment. >> people really need to look at their finances and save every penny that they can wherever they can and what's happening is people have lower downpayments because housing is so expensive and they're just doing their best to get into something. >> reporter: but too often that means leaving the area to find a place they can call their own. >> i want to move into a bigger space and i'm kind of at a standstill. >> reporter: in east palo alto, devin fehely, kpix5. it's a warm evening for
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football here at levi stadium. i got to say it's a lot more pleasant than in years past. we see a lot of folks, of course, drinking water, some of the fans drinking some other cold adult beverages. paul deanno is keeping an eye on conditions here at the stadium and, of course, around the bay area. >> liz, mid-80s for you today. i remember you were there last year. it was about 101 degrees on the field. we did hit 101 in morgan hill and livermore. look at the temperature spread. morgan hill was 44 degrees warmer than half moon bay. that's the biggest microclimate temperature spread we've seen so far this summer, not even 60 at the beach, but triple digits in our hottest spots. it's a little warmer in san francisco today, 72 for the high, breezy and mild for the game tonight against the pittsburgh pirates. satellite and radar review, there are some chess pieces in the atmosphere on the move. that's tropical storm john moving away from cabo, but some of the cloud cover may make it up here the next couple days. the ridge is sliding a little to the east. the low is moving a little closer and will pass to our
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north. that will deepen and strengthen the marine layer and push that ocean breeze a little bit stronger into the bay area which means temperatures will fall a bit. after coastal fog returns tonight the air quality improves tomorrow and temperatures begin to drop, only a few degrees at first, but we'll get a few degrees each day, 96 in livermore, 94 in concord, 85 in san jose, down to 74 in oakland and san francisco 67 degrees and that cooling trend will continue through the weekend. speaking of the weekend, the sonoma county fair saturday and sunday, hazy still and warm, better air quality, but the haze and smoke will be above us, 89 degrees and the summer jazz festival in san jose, 83 degrees. extended forecast, the cooldown continues down to the 80s inland early next week and 60s near the bay. it will add up over time. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. and whiskers on kittens ♪ roses ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪
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♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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we've moved your normal cbs your cbs prime- time programming to our sister station... k-b-c-w... 44-cable-12.
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that includes... the big bang because of tonight's 9ers game we moved your cbs primetime programming to our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12 that. includes the big bang theory -- kbcw 44 cable 12. that includes the big bang theory and big brother because we have the big game here on kpix5. liz is now joined with kpix5 sports anchor dennis o'donnell. hey, guys. >> reporter: in the past couple minutes it's almost like the electricity came on in the stadium. the optimism is so high. it's great to see. >> reporter: i did my forecast from the coliseum last night and i got the same sort of vibe. a winning team can change the stadium and change the culture and when i walked in here, i felt the same way. it's not just about jimmy g. it's more than that. it's the management and roster turnover and the future of this organization that hasn't been felt in this stadium since the harbaugh area. >> reporter: it's a really
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nice mix of players. you've got the veterans like joe staley working here on the mic and richard sherman and all these rookies that bring so much potential for this team. >> reporter: two rookies to look at, mike mcglitchy is the right tackle, growing pains over there and daunte pettis, no. 2 pick, wide receiver, a lot of talent, and those are the guys who bring vitality, energy, youthfulness, fun to the locker room. so i'm excited to see the young talent tonight as well as last year's draft picks and, of course, the italian stallion better known as jimmy g. >> reporter: we'll be right back. . levi's
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stadium, and probably the most anticipated season in the stadium's levi's stadium, and probably the most anticipated season in t adium's hi you're watching kpix5 news. welcome back, everybody, to levi stadium. dennis o'donnell alongside our newest analyst stanford. thank for joining channel 5. >> thanks for getting me back on tv. >> reporter: you work for yahoo doing a lot of fantasy sports. he believes i'm guessing jimmy g. is a franchise quarterback
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dream. >> top 10 this year. >> reporter: tank is on the show. you know him from stanford fame and the national football league. tank was an all american safety at stanford in 2001 drafted by the titans in 2002 and officially retired in 2009 after 70 career games. currently he's a fantasy guru for yahoo sports and if you are wondering about the name, tank was given that name by his sister. how did that come about? >> i drank so much milk when i was a baby, my sister told my mom to give me a tank of milk and somehow that stuck. >> reporter: that's it. i thought it was a sort of war story or something. >> no. >> reporter: this was a first 49er game of the preseason. it's different for veterans and rookies. what are the rookies thinking right now, just not the rst and second round picks. when you go down the line how much is it a significant game for them? >> for the rookies you can almost look at this like
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american idol. so they got their ticket to get on the show. now you have to be able to perform under the bright lights and say, for example, you miss a note, you miss a beat, you fumble the ball, i don't know. you may not get that call to l.a., but if you do great under the bright lights and the fans roar your name, you never know. you get that ticket to l.a. and that roster spot, you get paid. >> reporter: is this the first time you used that analogy? >> no. it just came to me. >> reporter: more of the same tonight from tank williams and, of course, the reason for the lofty expectations around levi stadium and this franchise is jimmy garoppolo, the pay he played the end of the season and can you pundits at all? the 49er won all five games to conclude the season. the performance won him a five year contract up to $137.5 million, but some wonder if garoppolo is headed for a possible regression this season now that the rest of the league has had a whole offseason to
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prepare for garoppolo. garoppolo had a 67 completion percentage and ave per game. >> jimmy has a very talented arm. he knows how to play in the pocket. hopefully we can continue to get guys here to separate, help get people open in the zone and give them time to go through progressions and give him a running game not to put all the pressure on him, eliminate turnovers, play defense. then when it's like that, the guy has ability to do it, usually they do. he threw 6 touchdown >> reporter: so with five starts last year garoppolo had a 67% completion percentage and averaged over 300 yards a game. he threw six touchdowns with five picks and that last number is not a great ratio. people tend to forget that because the 49ers went 5-0 under garoppolo. is he the franchise quarterback and i think it's a good point that the sampling size is small. so what is your opinion? >> i mean all they really care about is winning and jimmy g.'s stock shot up like the real
6:34 pm
estate market after these five games and he actually has the san francisco 49er fans singing like the drake song. i was walking through the parking lot and all i heard was ♪ jimmy, do you love me are we winning never leave beside me ♪ i understand where they're coming from. he was really effective going through the tight ends this past year, 140 passer rate, 12 yards for attempt. he targeted the running backs 9% more than the league average. if they can continue to run the ball, be effective in the middle of the field with the pass game and that right hand offensive line comes along, he should be able to maintain the stats he showed last year. >> reporter: you bring up a great point. the right side of that line, mcglitchy is a rookie, i assume some growing pains in terms of past blocking and also right guard, joshua garnett is injured, former no. 1 pick. are you concerned about that right sideline for garoppolo? >> i am. joshua garnett is not healthy
6:35 pm
right now. they also have some other high picks trying to roll into that spot. someone needs to earn that position. mike mcglitchy is a high round pick. it may take him a little while to come along. it's always difficult for those tackles to get adjusted to the game, but he has the potential. as long as they maintain consistency on the left side and rich berg stays healthy, i think they'll be okay, but the key is running the ball to take pressure off jimmy. >> reporter: rich berg calls all the signals on the line of scrimmage under shanahan's offense and it's my understanding it's taken his time to learn shanahan's rather complicated playbook. >> absolutely. it's complex and will take him time to learn the system and give the running backs time to hit the holes effectively, but as they continue to come together here in the preseason and then early in regular season as long as they gel quickly, they'll be okay. >> reporter: can you rap? >> a little bit, yeah. >> reporter: i heard it. you going to be here all night?
6:36 pm
>> hey, i got a little something for you in my back pocket. >> reporter: we are counting down to kickoff here on kpix5 on the pregame show and the biggest transaction on the offseason, richard sherman, a turkey on the 50-yard line here at levi stadium. years ago it would have been hard to imagine him in a 49er uniform. my interview with sherm is next.
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when cj beathard was the quarterback.. look at the cowboys warming up on the field. dallas beat the 49ers 30-10 last year. it's hard to believe, but two years ago on the sideline pregame for the 49ers and chargers down in san diego when colin kaepernick decided to kneel for the national anthem
6:39 pm
and that began that entire movement and it's still two years later a very hotly debated topic around the national football league. vern glenn has more on the cowboys owner who has added fuel to the conversation. >> reporter: one thing we are definitely eyeing tonight is how these players will respond during the national anthem, stand or kneel, as a platform against social and racial injustice. while the nfl and players association continue to wrestle with this hot button issue, the cowboys rather publicly with owner jerry jones have decided to take a more definitive approach. >> our policy is that you stand at the anthem towing the line. >> reporter: that's jerry jones' hard line insisting his dallas cowboys players stand up for the national anthem, a lingering issue neither the league nor the players union have settled. jones not very popular in other locker rooms. >> lucky for me i don't play for the cowboys, nor would i
6:40 pm
want to. >> reporter: but quarterback dak prescott does. >> no. i never protest. i never protest during the anthem and i don't think that's the time or venue to do. so. >> reporter: surely it takes some fortitude to stand up against your boss. >> it's unfortunate that you have owners like him that use his position to intimidate and intentionally thwart, you know, even the idea of his players thinking individually or having a voice. >> i think this whole kneeling and all that was about raising awareness and the fact we're still talking about social injustice years later, i think we've got to that point. >> reporter: meantime still waiting on action and resolution between players and ownership. >> everybody knows where i stand and we stand as a team. >> reporter: we'll see what happens tonight before kickoff. dennis, tank? >> reporter: thank you, vern. it's hard to believe after two years this is still an issue. what do you think will happen tonight, tank? >> it will be interesting to
6:41 pm
see. i know dallas cowboys players will stand. i'm not sure the 49ers players will. the cowboys are america's team, yet at the same time at that first practice at training camp he was seen during the national anthem with his hat on and when someone alerted him of it, he didn't take it off. so with the dollar bills come in are over being patriotic for usa and the flag. >> reporter: sherman did not say any words when asked about jerry jones. sherman has a hamstring injury and will not play tonight, but it's still so strange to see sherman in 49er colors as opposed to seattle colors. here's my conversation with sherman. somewhere along the line it looks like you're transitioning from a player to a coach or a combination thereof. do you see that as part of your role with the 49ers? >> no. it's kind of what i've always done. i don't think --st
6:42 pm
wasn't as publicized as it is getting now, but i've always kind of been a guy who has done his best to help other players get better and help them understand the game in a much bigger way. i just think people were paying attention more. i don't think i'm transitioning. i think i'm going to play four or five more years and once i'm done i think i'm going to go into tv. i'm not sure i'm going into coaching until it's management. >> reporter: how about politics? >> it's getting so messy in politics right now, i don't know, might want to stay out. >> reporter: you have pretty interesting opinions when it comes to politics. you mentioned five more years. where are you in term of percentage and where would you like to get? >> i'm feeling pretty good. i'd say i'm 80, 85% just because i'm going through practice dealing with the muscle fatigue. in terms of the injury it's 100%. my body has healed. when you haven't played football for eight months, it's going to take time for your body to get back. >> reporter: obviously jimmy
6:43 pm
g. took the world by storm here in california and the bay area. what's your impression of him because it seems like it's a daily soap opera. he beat you on a route on sunday. you had a pick off yesterday. what's it like playing against that quarterback and what do you see in that quarterback? >> he has a great feel for the game, great feel and great touch on his passes. i think that's one of the problems with letting the public into practice because practice, everybody is working on something. it's not a finished product and as a writer letting people into -- giving people your notes before you finished your article and they're like oh, what is this? why were you putting this there? it's like it's a rough draft. it's not a finished product. you see finished product on sunday and it looks a lot different than practice. practice you're working on different techniques. to the outside world it's like why is he jumping this way or throwing the ball there? he's working on timing, working on placement, placing the ball
6:44 pm
in different spots and seeing how the defender reacts. >> reporter: did jerry jones issue on the national anthem, you referred to him as the old plantation mentality. do you think you're adding fuel to the fire? >> to what fire? i don't necessarily think i'm adding fuel to any fire. it's pretty obvious to everybody what he's trying to do. first it was like players follow the rules, but now the rules changed and people are saying hey, you got to do what your owner says, but the rules say you can stay in the locker room if you want. so it's almost like an owner going against the rules, but when you're talking to fans, it's almost like they don't understand. >> reporter: finally you suit up in the 49er uniform and look in the mirror, is it going to be strange? >> no, no. i've changed jerseys before and it's worked out well. as long as the helmet and pads still fit, i got a chance. >> reporter: i 49er fans appreciate having him on this side. garoppolo was asked about the san francisco defense. it's got swagger this year. i don't know if it's swagger or
6:45 pm
a cockiness that richard sherman brings, but i do know the 49er defense needed some of that. do you see that with richard sherman? >> absolutely. i know when people saw the marquise goodwin video, the first thing people saw was oh, poop emoji, but he's coming off a significant injury, so it will take some time for him to work back, but one thing i'm certain on is sherman knows the defense like the back of his hand and he's working on things right now so when regular season comes, he'll be in position to make plays. so if he's not that, he's going on make sure he's using his help to his advantage. once his leg catches up with his mind, he'll be the sherman we've seen of old. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, you've got the young guy on one side and richard on the other, defensive backwise this team looks a lot better today than it did last season at this time. we are counting down to the 49er preseason opener here on kpix5. ahead on the pregame show how
6:46 pm
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year ago to the day it seemed the welcome back to levi stadium outside of the 49ers locker room. this season starting with week one the team will honor a player voted greatest teammate of all time, wide receiver dwight clark. clark made one of the most iconic catches in nfl history in the 1982 nfc championship game against the cowboys. clark who recently lost his battle with als will have his likeness on every 49er's helmet with his number 87 and the silhouette of that great grab which vaulted the team to its first super bowl. in rookie running back joe back to dennis and tank.
6:50 pm
>> reporter: okay, vern. i think that's a great gesture san francisco is going to do, not just the logo on the back of the helmet, the 87, but also statues of joe montana and dwight clark outside the stadium. so this is a memory of clark, but also it's bringing his legacy all season to this stadium. >> this is a special thing the team is doing. i'm originally from mississippi, but i was a 9er fan growing up because of jerry rice. my parents went to the same college as jerry rice. so i remember watching dwight clark, all those guys play ball. it's really impactful when you see what those guys do not only in the field, but also in the community, too. so for an organization to wrap their arms around him and show him that kind of love and project what he's meant to them, it's a really special thing. >> reporter: it was almost a year ago the 49ers believed they struck gold with joe williams, but he didn't play. so this season he's out to prove to everybody that he
6:51 pm
belongs. >> there goes joe williams. >> reporter: the preseason game no. 1 last year joe williams racked up 60 yards on seven carries and appeared that he was going to be a differencemaker in the 49er backfield, but he went on injured reserve and did not play a snap all season. the bus label was ready to be applied. >> definitely this year i wanted to get my mind right and come all gas no brakes. >> reporter: brakes are what williams cannot afford these days. the one he -- breaks are what williams cannot afford these days. the one he took in utah sent his draft stock tumbling. many accused him of quitting on the team. >> we're football players, but we're also real people. a lot of people don't realize that. when i did step back, they just saw it as he quit on his team rather than he needed to do something to alleviate whatever stress he was going through. >> reporter: the source of the stress is tattooed on his arm. it had been 11 years since his baby sister kylie passed away from a heart condition.
6:52 pm
she was 7 years old. williams was 13. >> myocarditis is a quick illness that happened with the heart that doesn't pump enough blood, so it can shut down the rest of the organizants besides the brain -- organs besides the brain and basically just got mistreated. that night i took care of her. she passed away in my arms. i guess i didn't grieve the right way. so e thing i was trying to put all inside got let out. >> reporter: williams was left depressed and unmotivated even with a possible nfl opportunity in sight, but meeting and hearing wife jasmine helped ease the pain. >> when i first met him, that's the first thing he told me about was his sister and how she passed and how it affected him dramatically. so certain things he'd go through is because of his sister and he always has her on his mind and loves her deeply and wishes she was here to support him.
6:53 pm
>> she just wanted me to do what was right in my heart. i kind of owe a good portion of me stepping back and coming back and performing the way i did to her. >> reporter: the decision was a good one. williams finally exorcized his demon and unleashed them on utah's opponents in 2016 rushing for 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns in just seven games. john lynch and kyle shanahan thought that sort of talent was worthy of a fourth round pick. >> even of other teams in the predraft process they wanted to know how i was as a person and if that would recur and i just had to keep it honest with them. >> reporter: today the road to the 49er roster is achieved one way. it's all gas and no brakes. >> he's come a long way in a year and given himself a chance to be a good running back. we'll see how he looks thursday. >> reporter: keep your eyes on no. 32 tonight, nice job. ready for the 5th quarter. tank and i will see you after the game. elizabeth will take you home
6:54 pm
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>> kickoff is coming up next.
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