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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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told to evacuate immediately. we'll keep an eye on thisone and let you know if there are any new evacuation orders. a bay area groundskeeper claimed the weed killer roundup gave him cancer and now after a ruling against chemical giant monsanto, a san francisco jury awarded him a total of almost $300 million. the decision came down late this afternoon. >> the groundskeeper for benicia unified used the popular weed killer roundup. andria borba has reaction from backyard gardeners, but we begin with julie watts at the courthouse in san francisco. julie? >> reporter: liz, this jury ordered monsanto to pay a lot of money, specifically 39.2 million in compensatory damages, but more notably, another 250 million in punitive damages because they unanimously found that monsanto acted with malice. >> did monsanto fail to adequately warn of the danger
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or instruct on the safe use of roundup pro or ranger pro? answer yes. was monsanto's failure to warn a substantial factor in causing harm to mr. johnson? answer yes. >> reporter: it was a unanimous verdict from a san francisco jury. they found not only did monsanto's product cause harm, but that monsanto was negligent and not warning it could cause harm and that their actions constituted malice, oppression or fraud and should be punished. lawyers for both sides say the jury was very educated and took copious notes. >> in truth, i've never seen a jury that paid attention and asked the kind of questions that this jury has asked, one question about a specific mouse cohort in one of the studies from the 1980s, kind of an obscure study. that was i think even difficult for some of the attorneys to
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answer. >> i don't know how they got it wrong, but they did. they got it wrong. >> reporter: 46-year-old lee johnson is a former groundskeeper for benicia unified school district. he's dying from non-hodgkin's lymphoma and blames the corporate giant monsanto. johnson's lawyers directly link his cancer to his continued exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in weed killers like roundup. he's one of thousands around the country suing the company for failing to warn them the chemical causes cancer. the chemical is classified as low toxicity from epa, but johnson's lawyers argue the epa relies on information from monsanto. meanwhile the state of california lists glyphosate as a chemical "known to cause cancer based on evidence from the world health organization's research body mons argues at o
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does not cause cancer. now monsanto sued the state of california to keep cancer warnings off products with glyphosate. a judge ordered a stay and that case is ongoing. meanwhile monsanto says they will appeal this verdict. >> thanks. a short time ago duane lee johnson thanked his legal team, family and the public through their support through this lengthy process. >> since the beginning of this case i received a lot of support and a lot of thank you and a lot of prayer and a lot of everything, just good energy from a lot of people that i don't even know, you know, and i'm glad to be here to help with this situation after i learned about roundup and glyphosate and everything. i'm glad to be here to be able to help, but the cause is way bigger than me. so hopefully this thing will start to get the attention it needs to get it right so folks can make a good choice. >> meantime we've reached out to gardeners and nursery
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workers about today's verdict. >> some say they got rid of the popular weed killer years ago. let's get to kpix5's andria borba live in daly city. >> reporter: many people we spoke to out here did not know about the trial, let alone its outcome at this point. now the ingredient in question in this trial is glyphosate used in both pro strength ranger pro and consumer grade roundup, but one man we spoke with outside the home depot in daly city said he discontinued using the herbicide years ago concerned about the safety of the product. >> i was just too questionable what it did and to the property and how long it stayed in the ground and if you want to grow vegetables, would your carrots be soaked in this stuff and so i just stopped using it. >> reporter: now some smaller garden centers in the bay area pulled roundup from their shelves years ago, but larger retailers like home depot and lowe's continue to stock it. we reached out to both home
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depot and lowe's to see if they will continue to stock roundup and its cousins with glyphosate in it. we have not heard back yet. live in daly city, andria borba, kpix5. us now with more on this ruling. ssa... does >> thanks so much. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen was also an attorney joining us. on appeal does monsanto have a chance? >> a small one maybe. it's really, really hard to get a judge to overturn a jury verdict. look, our american judicial system puts a lot of faith in the juries because they're there. they see the witnesses. they assess how much they trust them, how truthful they are and appellate judges just around willing to second guess that usually. so very, very difficult to do. what they may be able to do, which it's still really difficult, is try to get some of the damages reduced, some of the punitive damages reduced, but in terms of flipping from sort of liable to not liable, it's just a really extraordinary thing for a judge to do that, very, very small chance. >> there are many other cases
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similar to this one blaming monsanto for illnesses. what will the impact of the results of this case have on those? >> to the extent other jurors have heard about this case, that would certainly be an impact, but it's not a technical precedent. you couldn't walk into a courthouse tomorrow and say hey, i have similar circumstances, so give me a judgment in my favor. it's not technically present, but in the minds of the folks at monsanto for sure who are looking at the prospect of trying this case repeatedly throughout the nation, this does act as a bit of precedent and they're looking at this as a sort of worse case scenario and likely scenario going forward and probably settle out a lot of these cases. >> what do you read into this one that it was a san francisco jury that found them liable? >> exactly. we've talked earlier about how smart and educated these jurors were. monsanto's defense was the science and you had a jury that was very interested in the science. san francisco statistically has a lot of very educated folks. so if you can't win in a town
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with a jury made up of very smart scientifically interested people, it doesn't bode well for trials in other places where folks don't have as many degrees or not as interested in science as these people are. so i'm sure that's something folks at monsanto will take into account looking at trials elsewhere. if you can't win in san francisco, it's unclear where you'll be able to win. >> i think i read the next trial is coming up in the fall in st. louis. we'll follow that one for sure. >> if it goes to trial. now to the bay area's other big legal news, a judge has thrown out the plea deals in the ghost ship warehouse fire. derick almena and max harris face 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter in the deadly fire in 2016. kpix5's da lin on why thostwo men must s >> reporter: a sense of relief for the victims' family members walking out of the courtroom. they've got what they wanted, a rejection of the plea deal. some even whispered yes in the
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courtroom when the judge said max harris and derick almena are going on trial. judge james cramer says he believes harris is remorseful and accepts his plea deal, but he rejects almena's plea deal saying by continuing to think that he's a victim and blame others, that's not acknowledging responsibility or expressing remorse. because this is a package deal, the judge has to reject the plea bargain and send both defendants to trial. >> if they don't want it, to heck with them. we will go to trial. we will show them. we're not here dismayed. we're not overwhelmed. we're not angry. we're not frustrated. >> reporter: earlier this the day max harris addressed the victims' families saying, "i know words are empty. that's why i've turned to faith. i'm deeply sorry. i don't expect forgiveness. i don't ask for that. i'm sorry." >> i do see some remorse in him. i do see some remorse. >> reporter: but families say they agree with the judge that almena took no accountability.
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this morning almena told the victims' families about the ghost ship warehouse. "it was never my intention to benefit financially. i am guilty. i am guilty for believing it's safe." >> not at all. >> reporter: not at all. >> no. he has never been remorseful at all. >> reporter: almena's attorney said his client is sincere and has suffered tremendously. >> he's gained 60 pounds. he's been on suicide watch. >> reporter: the rejected deal would have sentenced almena to nine years, harris six years, but now the trial will likely start sometime next year. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. the 36 counts of involuntary manslaught >> both defendants will stay in county jail and their no contest pleas for the 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter will be removed ahead of trial. in oakland a pickup truck runs off the road hitting a mother and her young child and trapping them underneath just after 11:00 this morning outside of oakland charter academy middle school. police say the mother and son were walking on the sidewalk
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when the truck pulling a trailer jumped the curb and plowed through a meal fence. both victims were -- metal fence. both victims were taken to the hospital no, word on their conditions or the cause of a construction. breaking news in san francisco right now, a construction worker was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a steel beam about an hour ago. the victim was working on the west portal tunnel project when he was hit. he suffered serious injuries and was taken to a trauma center. officers and firefighters blocked off the area. right now all construction work on the project has been stopped while officials investigate what happened. up next the plan to reopen yosemite national park. >> plus a suspect behind a massive wildfire to the south goes face to face with the judge, his bizarre comments in court. >> telling her side of the story, how senator feinstein is defending one of her former employees accused of spying for china. >> these buoys are collecting critical scientific data, why what they found in san francisco bay is raising some
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red flags. starting the holy fire in >> the buoys west of san francisco are still reporting ocean temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. that is why the ocean breeze has brought such a strong bite this summer and with the ocean breeze increasing temperatures will do the opposite. we'll talk about how much we cool down as we go through the weekend and beyond in your forecast next. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less.
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california.. made a bizarre court appearance today. forrest gordon clark appeared the man suspected of starting the holy fire down in southern california made a bizarre court appearance today. forrest gordon clark appeared agitated as he paced back and forth in his orange jail jumpsuit. the 51-year-old also had several outbursts in court and claimed that his family was being threatened. >> i have to protect the lives of my brother and mother and siblings. >> and also mr. clark would like me to raise the issue of danger to his family and anyone that has a -- >> my life has been threatened. >> after a couple minutes the judge agreed to postpone his arraignment for a week. the holy fire burning near lake elsinore has nearly doubled in size. it scorched more than 18,000 acres. it's only 5% contained and right now more than 21,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. some good news out of
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mariposa county, yosemite park is expected to reopen tuesday. it's been closed two weeks because of the ferguson fire. crews continue to make progress on the 95,000-acre blaze. it is now 80% contained. it's a day environmentalists look forward to every year, pulling research buoys out of the water to see what data they've collected, but as kpix5's mary lee shows us, buoys they have pulled from san francisco bay are raising some red flags. >> when this buoy comes out and i see the kelp and everything growing on it, i get really excited because that's kind of what i studied. >> reporter: mary miller looks forward to this day every year when crews pull this noaa research buoy out of the bay to clean, calibrate and replace sensors. she's a marine scientist and the exploratorium's environmental science partnership director. >> when it comes up, you get a sense of all the life in the bay we normally don't see, but
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here it is in front of us. >> reporter: this noaa buoy has been anchored between peers 15 and 17 near the exploratorium since april, 2013. every six minutes it collects data like water temperature, solidity and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and in the san francisco bay. it's part of a network of coastal and ocean carbon dioxide research buoys around the world monitoring changing carbon content of the ocean in realtime. this buoy in the bay provides unique information. >> it is the most urban place that any of these buoys which are normally out in the ocean all over the world, it's the closest to urban center that one of these buoys has been measuring carbon dioxide in the ocean. >> reporter: i want to show you c02 levels in the north pacific collected from the oceans near hawaii. starting in 1958 carbon dioxide concentrations were about 300 parts per million, but by 2018
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it's now up to more than 400 parts per million. that's just in the air. this green line shows c02 what going up over time and as a matter of fact, the carbon dioxide measured here near san francisco is higher than it is in most places. >> reporter: the buoy in the bay is collecting carbon dioxide readings in the air at about 412 parts per million. that's higher than the global carbon dioxide average of 400 parts per million. researchers say the carbon dioxide measurements are higher because of cars, trucks and industries nearby that emit carbon dioxide. bay water contains even more carbon dioxide than the air. the latest readings are more than 855 parts per million. carbon dioxide levels in the water are highest in late spring when upwelling currents along the coast bring water that's high in carbon dioxide up to the mouth of the bay.
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>> here's the worst of it here. this is called olympia oyster and native to san francisco bay. >> reporter: higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the bay is causing what scientists call ocean acidification. this means increases in carbon dioxide actually changes the chemistry of the water making it more acidic. as a result, it makes it harder for shellfish and certain fish to survive which scientists say will eventually cause drastic effects to the food chain and marine ecosystem. >> it's been under like the sea and there's tons of like stuff on it. >> reporter: researchers are hoping by bringing this buoy out of the bay and onto dry land will inspire those who see it to not only connect with our bay, but to do all they can to protect it. in san francisco, mary lee, kpix5. >> a lot of people are hoping that the weather will cooperate and actually they can go out on the bay with their boats and enjoy the beach.
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sometimes just looking up you can see a change in the weather. today you saw a little blue which was absent the past couple weeks because of all the smoke and haze. it's beginning to move out because the weather pattern is beginning to change. for some of you inland it may mean 15 degrees cooler weather by the middle of next week. highs today oakland 99 degrees, vacaville 102, pays to have the fast pass, doesn't it? saratoga 90, mill valley 80. i chose this picture because it was the bluest sky i could find looking over the oakland touchdown to the bay bridge, pacifica only 58 degrees, a second straight day with a 44- degree temperature spread coast to inland. raiders playing tonight hosting the detroit lions, mostly clear skies, 67 degrees in oakland. across the bay in san francisco baseball, the pirates taking on the giants, breezy and cool, first pitch 7:15, 60 degrees first pitch temperature there. things are changing a bit. the ocean breeze will get a bit stronger as this ridge of high pressure begins to move out.
6:20 pm
it's not going to be close for a while so even places like fresno, bakersfield, palm spring and death valley will get a break from the heat the next several days. as the ocean breeze increases, our temperatures go down a couple degrees a day. when you get four or five days, you're talking 10, 15 degrees. the air quality is good tomorrow, even better than today. it will not be as hot this weekend and the cooling trend continues into next week. your highs tomorrow, 90s, lower 90s for fairfield, livermore and concord, mid-80s for napa and san jose, 77 mountain view, oakland 72 and morning clouds, afternoon sunshine for san francisco, 65 degrees. a couple more degrees sunday, a few more monday, a couple more tuesday and wednesday, not even hitting 70 near the bay and likely only low to mid-80s inland by the middle of next week. so after a month of warm weather away from the water we finally will begin to xt too cl comfort. >> the incredible encounter with a big cat in the east bay,
6:21 pm
a mountain lion comes a few feet away from a man and his dog. >> coming up in sports the 49ers got the win but suffer some big losses on the injury front. >> steph curry hitting the links in search of his golf ball and golf game in general, a tough day at tpc coming up next.
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comes natural to the warriors steph curry. finding the bottom of the jar on the golf course is another story... as he struggled today in his 2nd pga golf tournament. curry was just one-over after . finding the bottom of the net comes natural for steph curry. finding the bottom of the golf jar is another story for steph curry. on the par 5, third hole curry drove two balls out of bounds. he ended up with a quadruple bogey. steph was 11-over after the front 9 and he went out of bounds again on no. 11. he misses the putt for a double
6:24 pm
bogey. curry is now 14-over for the tournament. that's last among the 154 players playing this week. tiger woods having some woods with the warriors andre iguodala at the pga championship. today he birdied 8 en route to shooting a 4-under 66, good enough to keep his one-shot lead. as for woods on the par 3 3rd hole he sticks his tee shot to set up a birdie. woods birdied three of his first five homes but only played seven because weather suspended the 2nd round with about half the players still on the course. the 49ers rally past the cowboys in the preseason opener, but it came at a cost. san francisco had its fair share of injuries in the exhibition game. tight end george kittle injured his shoulder. he was just one of s it was touch to watch at points. the 49ers were bruised and battered. tight end george kittle injured
6:25 pm
his shoulder, one of six players to be injured last night. he and running back matt gata are out for the rest of the preseason. head coach kyle shanahan knows the team didn't accomplish the main goal of a preseason game, to stay healthy. >> that's what scares you about training camps and the preseason. you kind of just want the game to end when those things start happening because you want those guys when the season starts, but there are four quarters in the game. i hope we never go to overtime in the preseason either, got nervous there for a little bit, but that's just part of the games. there's four. we got to get through them somehow. khalil mack won't be part of the raiders preseason match- up as he holds out for a contract extension. the silver and black take over the coliseum tonight for their game versus the lions. for the third time in less than three week the a's added to their bullpen acquiring fernando rodney last night from the twins for a minor league
6:26 pm
pitcher. rodney has 29 saves and joins a bullpen with jeurys familia and blake treinen. trienen will remain oakland's closer officially, but that will change game to game. they all have great arms. >> thanks. coming up in our next half hour senator dianne feinstein responds to chinese spying allegations against one of her workers. >> busted by his own father, the son of a bay area police chief faces a judge for a brutal attack that was caught on camera. >> curious and dangerous, the scary encounter in the east bay this morning when a mountain lion started following a man and his dog. >> a local police department is getting recruits to leave a tropical island to come to work in the bay area.
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fairfield...burning near homes. it's sending huge plumes of smoke up into the air. you're watching kpix5 news. we continue to keep an eye on this graph burning in fairfield right near some homes sending huge -- grassfire burning in fairfield right near some homes sending huge plumes of flame into the homes. police have ordered immediate
6:30 pm
evacuations of the neighborhood near nelson road and laguna valley road near interstate 80. just in the last 10 minutes we have learned that residents in senior living centers in that area, they are being taken to fairfield high school as a precaution as we see some heavy equipment trying to get a fire line going there. flames have scorched at least 200 acres, but again people in the paradise valley estate area in fairfield near the paradise valley golf course have been told to evacuate immediately. we will continue to monitor it, bring you any update. we'll also have continuing coverage on our other top story at 6:30 senator dianne feinstein says a former staffer once suspected of spying for china resigned voluntarily and feinstein insists he did nothing improper. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen caught up with the senator at an event in san jose today. >> this is the first time the senator has spoken to the press
6:31 pm
since those reports came out saying that one of her former employees was giving political information to the chinese government and she says the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. >> i received some information from the fbi and to the best of my knowledge, the person involved did nothing wrong. >> senator dianne feinstein defended her former employee against accusations of spying. politico reported in the 2000's a staffer in dianne feinstein's san francisco field office was reporting back to the mss, the chinese intelligence agency, and the person was fired. then the chronicle reported that five years ago the fbi told feinstein that her driver was being investigated for possible chinese spying and that she forced him to retire. today the senator denied those reports. >> the individual did nothing wrong and the story has been taken out of proportion and
6:32 pm
it's very hurtful, i'm sure, but he has resigned and that was a long time ago. >> the senator said she never asked him to resign. >> reporter: senator, if the employee didn't do anything wrong, why was he asked to resign? >> he wasn't asked. he resigned. >> reporter: you didn't ask the employee to? >> i did not ask him. >> the senator refused to name the former employee, but on monday fox business network said it was former staffer russell lowe. >> and his name again? >> russell lowe. >> kpix5 reviewed publicly available employee records and found only one staffer who worked in feinstein's san francisco office for 20 years and left in 2013, russell lowe. he wasn't just a driver. he was feinstein's office director. lowe was hired by feinstein around the time she was elected to the senate in 1992. in 1993 asian week described his durepresents the senator at meetings and events, organizes public forums and meetings and
6:33 pm
provides input and feedback to feinstein and her washington staff on legislative matters. when he resigned in 2013, lowe was earning almost $72,000 a year making him the highest paid employee in feinstein's san francisco office, but it seems clear the senator wants to put this all behind her. >> i think i've said all i'm going to say on that subject. >> in the meantime president trump has tweeted and talked about what he calls the senator's chinese spy. we may hear more about that as he responds to developments in the russia investigation. melissa caen, kpix5. the son of a bay area police chief faced a judge today for allegedly attacking an elderly sikh man. kpix5's maria medina was in the courtroom in stockton and tells us absent. >> reporter: the son of the union city police chief is accused of the assault against an elderly sikh man caught on camera. today this was the 18-year-old suspect flipping off tv news cameras minutes before he stood in front of a judge in san
6:34 pm
joaquin county. >> was furious and could not believe what happened and you know what? it could have happened to anybody in our community. >> reporter: gary singh, a family friend of the victim, as well as a manteca city council member joined the family in court today. he says the 71-year-old victim is healing from his injuries at home. >> especially the emotional trauma is going to take time. >> reporter: two days after the attempted robbery turned violent it was tyrone mcallister's father and mother who helped track him down for police. chief mcallister opened up on facebook about his estranged son saying in part, "words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected and hurt my wife, daughters and i feel right now. violence and hatred is not what we have taught our children." >> darryl is doing the right thing holding him accountable. >> reporter: tony ribarra is the chief's long time friend and former san francisco police chief. >> as a father myself, i feel badly for darryl and his wife
6:35 pm
because i know they're going through hell right now. >> reporter: chief mcallister did not show up for his son's first court appearance in the case, but it definitely won't be his last. >> we want to see whatever charges can be done according to what the charges are. >> reporter: meantime the judge has ordered him to stay away from the victim in this case. his arraignment was rescheduled for next friday. in stockton, maria medina, kpix5. this evening friends and family are mourning the loss of a chp officer killed in a crash in fairfield during a traffic stop on interstate 80 this morning. reporter mark thompson on what led to the deadly crash. >> reporter: fellow officers lined a procession route from the hospital to the coroner's office in downtown fairfield to pay their respects to 46-year- old chp motorcycle officer kirk griess. griess was with chp for 19 years. >> he's going to be dearly missed by the members of the california highway patrol, his
6:36 pm
family and specifically here the people of the solano chp area office. >> reporter: it was just after 9:00 this morning when chp says griess was behind a saturn suv pulled over on the right shoulder of westbound i-80 near manuel campos parkway. it was then they say a white chevy pickup veered out of lane striking officer griess along with the parked saturn. griess and the saturn driver were transmitted to north bay medical center in fairfield. both died from their injuries. >> he loved his job. he's a military veteran. he served his country. he's been serving the people of solano county for 16 years and the people of this great state for 19 years. he'll be missed. >> reporter: as for why the pickup driver went off the highway, chp says that's still under investigation along with determining if drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. >> please, please when seeing first responders on the right shoulders, caltrans working on the road, remember to move over. be careful in the cone zone and please, please slow down when you see first responders on the
6:37 pm
right shoulder. >> that was mark thompson reporting. san jose's newest police officers didn't just go the extra mile to join the force. they crossed an entire ocean. kpix5's len ramirez asked them why they chose to leave the hawaiian islands to work by the bay. >> reporter: san jose's latest police academy includes two sets of brothers, one set of twins, 10 former military people and two recruits from hawaii including academy class president aaron alvarez. >> i heard they were recruiting and i was eager to raise my hand. >> reporter: san jose pd was criticized in may, 2016 when it sent 11 recruiting officers to hawaii for 11 days at a cost of $43,000. they stayed at the waikiki marriott resort and spa. the pd said it targeted hawaii because a lot of people with military experience live there and its rents were about the same as san jose. at the time san jose was in emergency mode looking for new recruits because of low
6:38 pm
staffing levels, but the effort was called a boondoggle. >> i don't think magnum pi is somebody that we're looking for in san jose. so no, i don't think it's a good use of tax dollars. >> i'll be the first to admit i had some doubts when i heard they had gone to hawaii to do recruiting, but the reality is there are military bases in hawaii in particular. i know we've got recruits there that are graduating today. >> reporter: you think it was worth it for san jose to reach out that far? >> absolutely. i mean i'm here. >> reporter: more than two years later police say their hawaii efforts are still paying off. >> over the past three or four academies we've had a few come in each class. so we knew that that would be entered out over time. >> reporter: after -- spread out over time. >> reporter: alvarez is originally from the navy submarine fleet and appears to be what the police department was looking for. what are you going to miss about hawaii? >> the beaches and crystal clearwater. >> i had some serious sticker
6:39 pm
shock. i thought the cost of living would be cheaper. i was surprised. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. talk about too close for comfort, a mountain lion caught on camera in the bay area just feet away from a neighbor walking his dog. the encounter happened in pleasanton. kpix5's mary lee picks it up from there. >> it was about here where i first sighted the cat crouched down the end of this road about where that red car is down at the end of the road. >> reporter: noel messenger was walking his dog reba this morning like he does every day in his pleasanton neighborhood when he got quite a shock with an unexpected visitor. >> at first it appeared to be a cat. it was in a crouched position not even facing me, but it stood up and turned around when it heard us coming. at that point i clearly realized what it was. it was a small mountain lion. >> reporter: noel captured this video on his cell phone and what animal control says is a 100-pound adolescent mountain
6:40 pm
lion roaming the streets. he said first it was walking toward him, but the next thing he knew it was running toward noel and his dog. the mountain lion came just 10 feet away from them, a little too close for noel. >> obviously i was shocked to see it up close and personal. i was especially concerned when it started running at me obviously. so i assumed a cat would run away from a dog, but no. he was clearly coming to check us out. >> reporter: i want to give you some perspective here. the mountain lion was spotted in this neighborhood on bonita avenue. as sky drone 5 is lifting up, take a look at this. you can see downtown pleasanton in the background just blocks away from here. animal control says an adult mountain lion was in the area, likely the mother of this mountain lion. >> we have a lot of wild turkeys that come over from the cottinger place. we've never had a mountain lion in this area. >> reporter: homeowners say they'll be extra cautious now. >> we keep our gates locked.
6:41 pm
we don't want to lose a cat to a cat. >> reporter: animal control is not sure if the mountain lion is still in the area or if it went back up the nearby hill. they tried to look for it today but could not find it. in pleasanton, i'm mary lee, kpix5. up next the secret dmv office that's only used by state lawmakers while the rest of us wait in line for hours on end. >> nasa's new historic mission, why it's going to launch one of the world's fastest rockets straight toward the sun. oh!
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6:44 pm
>> i've been here six years and i'm not surprised that legislators have given themselves special privileges and perks that typical californians just don't get. >> the dmv insists the office is primarily dedicated to resolving constituent complaints about the dmv. a popular bike shop in san francisco's mission district is almost out of inventory after a brazen break-in. box dog bikes told sf weekly the thieves cut through the shop's metal gate, shattered the front door and made off with 21 bikes wednesday night. the shop posted photos of a few of them urging people to call police if they see them. up xt after almost a decade in the making, a new san francisco landmark is finally set to open. >> the sun is about to set on your workweek or week at camp, pretty beautiful view out there, still have the low clouds in san francisco. there are some changes coming up, changes that we have not
6:45 pm
seen in parts of the bay area for more than a month, details next.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
force transit center opens to the public tomorrow. it's been nearly a decade in the making.
6:48 pm
the san francisco sales force transit center opens to the public tomorrow from the 100,000 square feet of retail space to the nearly 5 1/2 acre rooftop park you're seeing here. the sales force transit center is state of the art. it will ultimately connect 11 transportation services. >> this represents san francisco at our best. it reflects our commitment to innovation to transportation. >> one mode of transportation that will be missing for at least a decade is high speed rail. there's only a shell of a train station right now in the basement. >> looks pretty beautiful. i think if you're looking for something to do, if it's going to be pretty, go check it out. yeah. the weather has been spectacular in the financial district, a little milder the past couple days. temperaturessous currently, of course, san francisco is the cool spot of these six cities, still hot, look at santa rosa, 99 degrees. i'm going to check and make sure that's accurate. concord 95, livermore 91 and the cooler airs which include
6:49 pm
san jose 83 degrees, oakland 70 and san francisco 63. overnight tonight we fall back to the 60s and low 50s, san rafael 56, redwood city 59 and fremont 58 degrees. the air quality improved today. you saw it. you breathed it and felt it, even better tomorrow. today was good to moderate. tomorrow is up and down good as the ocean breeze hits its maximum tomorrow, but there's a film side to the wind the the wind will -- flip side to the wind. the wind will increase the fire zone in the burn zones around the mendocino complex and carr fire from lake county north to redding, california. the ridges and hilltops will hit wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour and certainly increase fire danger there through tomorrow night. the ridge of high pressure is moving a little. low pressure passes by on the north. you can see it spinning from the l heading up towards seattle where they may see a few thunderstorm tomorrow adding up to an ocean breeze which will be on the increase. as we get more of a flow from the ocean, it will be cooler.
6:50 pm
as we head toward next week even when that low is gone, the ridge of high pressure will not move back to where it was. it was sitting right over southern california and almost the entire state was baking and the fire danger was critical. now it's centered farther to the south, less influence on our weather, not as warm or stagnant. so inland areas may cool down below average the first time in about 35 days. that possibility is coming up next week. mornings are still cloudy near the water through the weekend. the cooling trend began today, won't be as hot this weekend. those temperatures possibly are falling below average. what is average? for concord it's87 degrees. tomorrow's 91 is much cooler than today, oakland a high of 72, morgan hill 90s, fremont 78, redwood city 79, 60 in half moon bay, 90 for pleasant hill, brentwood 93, fairfield 93 and dublin 89 degrees. as we look toward marin county,
6:51 pm
kent field 80, sausalito 68, 63 with morning fog for daly city, napa 85, santa rosa 86 and still hot in lake county, lakeport 96 degrees and clearlake 98. extended forecast we lose a few degrees each day. by tuesday we're below average the first time in more than a month. at the coast we cool down to the upper 50s. the really hot stuff is behind us and thankfully so is the worst of the air quality. we'll likely keep good air quality the next civil days. coming up nasa has its sights -- several days. coming up nasa has its sights set on the sun. >> why the agency has a rocket that will travel almost 5,000 miles an hour.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
very close to homes. people in the "paradise valley estates were told t another quick update on the 200-acre grassfire burning in fairfield, very close to homes. people in the paradise valley estates neighborhood were told to get out about an hour ago. this is near nelson road and laguna valley road near interstate 80 burning in some pastureland primarily. we just learned travis air force base is sending out resources to help with the firefight. we'll have continuing coverage
6:55 pm
on nasa is just hours away from meeting one of the biggest stars in space. >> the agency is gearing up to launch a rocket is headed for the sun. here's a preview of the first of its kind mission. >> reporter: the mission is to touch the sun, to visit a star for the first time in history. >> we've looked at it. we've studied it from missions that are close in, even as close as mercury, but we have to go there. >> reporter: nasa hopes to go there with the parker solar probe, a $1.5 billion spacecraft decades in the making. the probe is designed to fly through the sun's corona, the outer most part of its atmosphere, closer than ever, but still 3.8 million miles from the star's surface. >> the sun is hot. 4million miles, the sun is very hot. >> reporter: to withstand 2,500 degree heat, scientists developed a 4-inch carbon shield to keep the interior near room temperature. the spacecraft is about the size of a small car and will start its journey riding on one
6:56 pm
of the largest rockets in the world. when the probe arrives in three months, nasa hopes to learn about solar winds and space weather and gain insight into other stars throughout the universe. >> in a lot of ways it's an ending. the spacecraft is going into space, but it's really a beginning because now we're starting to take the science data that will change our view of the sun forever. >> reporter: traveling at 430,000 miles per hour the parker solar probe will orbit the sun 24 times over the next four years. launch time is 3:33 saturday morning before the sun rises. >> this will be nasa's first mission dedicated to a living person. 91-year-old dr. eugene parker developed the leading theory on solar winds back in the 1950s and he is there and he is very excited about it. >> what a tribute. >> it's going to be so cool. the latest always >> have a great weekend!
6:57 pm
>> good night. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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