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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 12, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix five news. driver captures what could have been a nightmare, instead, one pilot now has an incredible story after using an east bay freeway as a makeshift runway. a grass fire sweeping through the hills of fairfield and vacaville, comes dangerously close to homes. this is the latest of dozens of fires burning across the state. the two men who might go to trial for the goshen fire are not the only ones in the hot seat. the victims families say they want the city of oakland to take responsibility as well. it is 6 am august 12, >> we will get started this morning with a check of your forecast. we are looking at low clouds and fog, patchy along the coast
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this morning, but blue skies overhead. we are kicking off a cooling trend that will continue through the weekend, and get cooler as we head into the work week. here's a look at those temperatures outside right now, 64 in concord, 57 in san francisco, 62 in san jose. we will see those clouds stacked up along the coast, but plenty of sunshine inland today. your full forecast is ahead. there are no reports of injuries after the pilot of a small plane made an emergency landing on interstate 580 in castro valley. the california highway patrol says it happened in the westbound lanes, just before 7 am yesterday evening near 164th avenue. the plane was loaded onto the back of a tow truck late last night, and taken to hayward executive airport with the help of a chp escort. the pilot and the passenger were the only two people on board the single-engine cessna 172. eric and brandy geer were driving on i5 80 at the time,
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and they landed not too far in front of them. amazingly, it didn't hit any cars. >> oh, my god >> he was able to hold that plane up until all the cars got out of the way, and then he landed it, and then immediately went over to the side. >> the chp says the plane took off from the lake tahoe area, and was supposed to land at hayward, until the pilot reported a problem with the fuel pump. the incident caused traffic backup much of the evening on parts of the freeway. investigators are trying to figure out how an airline employee stolen empty passenger plane and took off from the seattle-tacoma international airport. after a wild ride flanked by military jets, the plane crashed friday evening into a small island in puget sound. >> hey, can this thing do a back flip, do you think? >> authorities identified the man who still the plan is 29- year-old richard russell. he worked for horizon airlines for more than three years, and can be turned -- heard on audio
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recording telling air traffic controllers he was a broken guy. authorities believe he died in the crash.'s family says he was kind and gentle man. >> on behalf of the family, we are stunned and heartbroken. it may seem difficult for those watching at home to believe, but he was a warm, compassionate man. he was a faithful husband, loving son, a good friend. >> authorities say he had clearance to be near the aircraft, but was not a licensed pilot. veevthwi be able to recover both the cockpit voice recorder and the event data recorder from the plane. >> we are lucky that it went on an unpopulated island. it's on the island, and not in puget sound. >> horizon air does regional flights from alaska airlines -- for alaska airlines in this turboprop that can seat
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. in the bay area, all evacuation orders have been lifted in fairfield where the 2000 acre nelson fire is now 95% contained. that fire broke out on friday behind a housing development along interstate 80. no one was hurt by the fire, but one house burned. oakland mayor libby shafts as the city is not responsible for the deadly ghost ship fire. the fire killed 36 people in december, 2016. on fire, a judge throughout a plea deal for the two defendants, setting the stage for a possible trial, and his kpix reports, it goes to trial, there could be evidence brought forward against the city. >> reporter: the victims families believe a full trial will not only hold derek almena and max harris accountable, it will also show the city of oakland it is just as culpable for the death of 36 people. >> we would start getting the answers, and we would be able to take those answers and hold our city accountable for very specific things.
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right now, we only have big generalizations that we can hold them accountable for. >> reporter: some of the familiesw from as far away as south korea. they say a trial would force landlord to speak for the 1st time about what she knew. it would also include just came footage from officers who had visited the warehouse multiple times, and knew about the illegal conversion. >> will report this to the city. i have a person that told me that you are charging $25 to get in, so i imagine you don't have a permit. >> from prior calls that have been here, they live here. that's a fact. >> reporter: even though the city did nothing to shut the place down, the mayor rejects any responsibility for >> we do not believe we bear any liability. >> reporter: she hopes a criminal trial will provide some measure of justice for the families. >> these two individuals, who knowingly did things to this building to make it unsafe, that is where the focus e ial
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>> reporter: judge james kramer sae ea deal because all the families demanded it. almena showed no ree. the judge was upset with the statement he wrote. there are those crippled with hate and ridicule, those who will never recognize me and my family as a victim. i am a victim, and a witness. here's what's next, both sides could come up with another plea deal that would satisfy the families, or the trial starts next year. in oakland, kpix . in solano county, a procession for a pollen chp motorcycle officer, kirk, the marine corps veteran was killed in a crash on interstate 80 in fairfield on friday. body ck he tocavie yesterday. he and another man were killed during a traffic stop when a traffic truck veered over and hit them. the driver is cooperating with investigators. he was 46 years old and a father of three.
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police in charlottesville virginia are preparing for potentially violent protests today. yesterday, officers in riot gear stood in line as demonstrators marked one year since the confrontation between white nationalists and counter protesters. today, white nationalist protesters are expected in charlottesville and washington dc. it was a year ago when hundreds of protesters, including ku klux klan members, descended on charlottesville. the gathering was, in part, to protest the decision to remove a local monument to a confederate general. white nationalists classed -- clashed with counter protesters as a car plowed through a crowd of counter protesters, killing heather hair. >> we still have a lot of work to do. just because something happened in the 60s, the 20s, the 1800s doesn't mean it's over. >> later that day, a state police helicopter that was monitoring the event, crashed, also killing two troopers.
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on twitter yesterday, president trump condemned all types of racism and acts of violence. the american psychological association is wrapping up its annual convention in san francisco today. this year, many of the symposiums and discussions centered around president trump. kpix asked chronicle reporter jerry gerber foley and former semper cisco mayor willie brown, is president trump driving some americans crazy? >> reporter: good morning, joining us is the chronicle political reporting, in case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of psychologists in san francisco this week for a convention. as he reported in the chronicle, there were several courses on how to deal with the trump phenomenon? >> there were 15 sessions devoted to trump in some way. how trump is affecting how we deal with immigrants, how trump is affecting how we deal with our lives. how the trump # america great is affecting us. there's some truth to this.
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there was a survey that asked, one of the greatest stressors in your life? more americans said the changing political system is affecting their lives more than their family or their health situation. trump is making us -- >> that just shows how unobserved people in the world of psychology really are. this has been going on for years and years and years. trump has been doing the same thing for the last 30, 40 years. you go back and pull up the frames of him when his hair was a different color, when he had a different shape to his jaw, etc., and you get the same message. this guy is completely consistent. >> but he wasn't president then. the question is, are we going crazy because of him, or is he there because we've gone crazy? >> 1st and foremost, he didn't know he wasn't president then, so don't disturb, he thought
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he was. the confirmation occurred in 2016, when the election took place. now, all the things that had been stored up but nobody paid attention to, he is afforded the opportunity. >> do psychologists have any tips for how to deal with the trump stress phenomenon? >> meet it with empathy. try and reach out to someone who is different than you. it's easier to do one-on-one, they are suggesting, call of a conservative friend. and reach out to them, try to connect with them on some of the issues where you share commonality. >> which means, don't be offended when the telephone gets hung up. [ laughter ] >> that's one way to cope with today's stress. we will have more, coming up, back ? it's interesting, there's the question, i don't owu can blame it on one man, but you have to realize that society has changed. social media has changed. as he came into the presidency, we had russian interference via social media, trolls on social media, mind games, the
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perpetuate this anxiety. >> there is uncertainty that was already happening among institutions, including institutions like the family. it's not necessarily underlying policies, and protect ability that some people perceive. they like to be able to predict what their leaders are going to do, and it's hard to do. that may be leading to some of the anxiety that folks are picking up on. coming up, we will sit down and ask what state lawmakers are doing about the long lines. at the dmv.
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alliance, the wind, is getting to the point were going to the dmv is almost a punchline in a joke. joining us this morning is state assemblyman who sits on the transportation committee in sacramento lawmakers take a look at this. what is going on with the lines , and this new id, and the backups, and the headaches? >> real id is being implement it. everyone who wants to fly with a drivers license by october 2020 will need a real id. it's taken twice as long to process people. the problem is, you and i could have renewed by mail, but now
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we have to go into the dmv with our birth certificates, or passports, to prove we are who we are. it's taking twice as long with a lot more people. >> the whole state of california, the drivers, have to go in and physically show up and change their license? those lines, they didn't happen overnight. i was at the dmv last year, and those lines were there. this is been an ongoing problem. what tipped it over the edge and got somebody to pay attention? >> it's real id, i was there couple years ago, you didn't have these people going out the door. i was there couple weeks ago getting my real id, and the line was around the corner, looked like someone was reading -- waiting for a rock concert. >> when you get there, we're sitting there, there's rules, you can't bring drinks, food, sometimes the weights are the question people said is, why aren't we just opening more and having more staff? for a while they were open on saturdays, then they closed. >> we opened on saturday, we had
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60 offices open on saturdays, that's new. they have a new texting system to pilot today and some of the offices, so that you go in, you check in, you get a text. there's a coffee shop across from the phil street office, the daly city dmv was yesterday, they got a donut shop across the street, people can hang out there. >> but if you miss your number while you were hanging out, you're back at the end of the line. >> no, i'm assuming that when you get back, they will take you. >> on this, the real id switchover, we saw that coming. or we should have seen it coming. the drivers license document, which is added to the lines, we should have seen that coming. now, we can register to vote at the dmv. you're putting a lot on the dmv. is this a case of where they were underfunded? or they just didn't bother to spend the money? or they, what happened here? >> with real id, is taking
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twice as long as they thought the process all the paperwork. i don't think they asked for enough positions in the budget. in the budget, we give them the positions they asked for. again, dmv brings in fees, so they are a self supporting agency. there not an agency that is reliant on our general fund. all the fees that they charge you and me when we pay for drivers licenses or ids, that funds the staffing of the agency. there's no reason to have these long lines. >> so it's just bureaucratic budgeting? were they don't go to the max and get things done? >> they estimated the number of people coming in correctly, they just didn't know how much time it would take. until system goes online and you are typing in the data, you don't really know. >> that sounds typical. will get better? we only have a w seconds. >> absolutely. it has to get better. we will implement technology, start moving people out of the front and into the office, we will make sure that they properly staff.
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>> we will hold you to that. how soon will you be able to go down there and get in and out within a half hour? >> within an hour? the director said lines should be returning to normal by the end of the year. >> state assemblyman phil ting. the dmv will be a dynamo. let's take a look at the weather. >> lines of the dmv is about as predictable as the weather. i can tell you, here's what you will see outside as you walk out the door. we are looking at low clouds and fog, patchy along the coast this morning, we will see temperatures begin to cool, already cooler along the coast, we will start to see more of an onshore influences we make our way into the afternoon, even inland locations will start to casts showing clouds stacking up along the coast. from a satellite perspective, high pressure moving out as it weakens, we will see more of that onshore influence. also we will likely see some mid to high-level clouds, thanks to this, what is left of
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this tropical system will bring us some cloud cover, and feel a little bit humid for you today. high temperatures in the forecast, around average, or a little below average for san francisco. still above average for concord. around average in san jose, at around average in oakland today. temperatures will likely be below average across the board as we make our way into the work week, and temperatures continue to cool down. here's a look at the high temperatures around the bay today. selfie temperatures topping out in the low to mid 80s. low 90s in places like morgan hill, heading to the coast, mid 60s, we will see those low clouds. inland locations, union city, hayward in the mid to upper 70s, hotspots today. that would be the east bay, topping out in the low 90s for the warmest locations. we are seeing many folks only making it into the 80s today. 70s around the bay, looking at 72 for alameda, 71 in oakland today, wine country in the low
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to mid 80s for you, sonoma, at 80 today. a tad bit warmer the farther north and inland you go. lakeport and clearlake in the mid-90s today. a look at the extended forecast shows those temperatures continue to decrease, take a look at this. we are in the 80s for the warm spots inland by midweek check we will keep those coastal clouds around, and we will see a mix of sun and clouds around the bay. temperatures begin to rebound by the end of next week. melissa? tesla ceo elon musk could be headed to court to defend against a pair of lawsuits. they accused him and his company of violating federal law, allegedly by making false statements to boost has low stock prices. they say he misled investors when he tweeted that hed fundte private. the company's stock got a temporary boost this week, but most of those gains have evaporated following reports that the feds are investigating the same claims by musk.
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still ahead, beachgoers are now battling coastal homeowners. anger over a popular beach in santa cruz, and why the state is stepping in. coming up in sports, a special ceremony for barry bonds as the giants retire his number. this is a play you will probably want to watch over and over again, possibly the best defensive play of the year as the a's try to ground the halos. have died in california. trees pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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barry bonds were number 25, and or the giants player has touched it since you were 2007.
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now, no one will. the giant officially retired number 25, the 10th number in franchise history. bonds, a 14 time all-star, winner of seven mvps and baseball's all-time home run leader, despite all the accolades, barry has yet to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame, because of steroid allegations. during the ceremony, his godfather willie mays is a passionate plea that bonds be sent to cooperstown. >> i want him to have that honor be something happened to him. on behalf of all the people in san francisco, and all over the country, though this man in, he is very important to me. >> before the game, bonds took the field, and returning to his customary spot in left field. the giants hope he was in the lineup tonight, top of the 4th, a three run homer, and the pirates win 4-0, giants fall two games below 500. hall of fame pitcher greg
6:24 am
maddux checking out the a's and angels in anaheim, and he saw the throw the year in the 3rd , oakland rookie ramon laureano chases down justin upton's fly ball in left center, then launches a 321 foot throw to double off aaron young junior at 1st , end the inning. , the 4th, marcus simeon, kennett's for his 2nd home run of the game , and the a's win 7- 0 to stay 1.5 games ahead of seattle in the wildcard race. at the pga championship, brooks shot a four under six to take a two shot lead into tomorrow's final round. tiger woods is tied for 6th , for a philly. the san jose earthquakes lose in stoppage time to the colorado rapids, 2-1 is the final in that game. kpix sports. there's anger in santa cruz over a path connecting to popular beaches. homeowners installed a gait, cutting off the traffic to black speech. the state is saying, not so
6:25 am
fast. >> reporter: the homeowners have removed the gate for now, but are vowing to continue their fight against the coastal commission. in what is shaping up to be the latest battle for beach access up and down california's coast. >> i haven't gone through that way in at least 30 years. when it was open, homeowners would try to chase you out. they didn't want you going through. >> reporter: richard hairs on his old enough to remember a time when there was a makeshift walking path down the cliff to black speech in santa cruz county. it was the gate installed a few years ago, and gone for now, that has caught the attention of the coastal commission. which has launched an investigation. >> i feel it's the owner's discretion, but as a public beach. >> reporter: black speech, otherwise known as twin lake speech, is accessible to the public. the path through the neighborhood and down the cliff is a convenient shortcut. especially for those coming from nearby sunny cove beach.
6:26 am
a spokesperson for the homeowners, who didn't want to go on camera, so the problem is the path cuts through private property. a common theme in battles for beach access statewide. >> if there was historically access, that access should probably be preserved, unless there is some overriding concern, like if there's been a lot of vandalism or something like that. >> reporter: in santa cruz county, kpix. it's a day environmentalist look forward to every year, pulling research buoys out of the water to see collted. this year, the noaa bullies -- buoys are raising some red flags. they show high levels of carbon dioxide. researchers blame vehicles and nearby industries that emit carbon dioxide. the scientists say san francisco bay water contains even more co2 the narrator does. -- then our air does. a chaotic scene as a play makes an emergency merge into freeway traffic. details, had.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. the time is _ _. i'm melissa caen. livom cbs bay ar his is kpix f we will get started this half hour with a check of your forecast. we are in the midst of a cooling trend, beginning today,
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and continuing as we head into the work week. here's a look outside, we have some low clouds and fog stacked up along the coast. we will see sunshine later today. we will see more of that onshore influence, eventually reaching evil inland by later this afternoon. we will still see one more relatively warm day like the above average for inland temperatures. right now, temperatures in the 50s and 60s across the bay, future kass shows that those clouds stay stacked up along the coast, with a few high clouds moving inland. forecast coming up in a bit, along with details on the cooldown. our top story, harrowing moments captured by a terrified driver as the pilot of a small plane uses a bay area freeway as a makeshift landing strip. the plane was a few miles away from its destination when it had to make an emergency landing in the westbound lanes of 580 and castro valley. hours later, it was put on the back of a flat red tow truck and escorted off the freeway by chp. kpix was there. >> oh my god, oh my god.
6:31 am
>> reporter: you can hear the shock and panic in eric and brady's voices as they watch the single engine cessna land right in front of them on westbound 580, just past the 238 interchange in san leandro. they say it looks like the pilot waited for a gap in traffic, then dropped the plane down near the 164th street exit. >> he was able to hold the plane up until all the cars got out of the way, and then landed it and immediately went over to the side. >> reporter: brandy called 911, and chp says they put out the alert officers around 6:45 pm. >> an airplane landed on the freeway. >> reporter: neither the pilot or the passenger were heard, and amazingly, even with heavy saturday night traffic, the plane missed every car. >> there was fear, at 1st, and then adrenaline kicked in. >> reporter: eric says he started trying to slow down the
6:32 am
traffic behind him as the plane made its way onto the shoulder of the freeway. >> i was trying to, hey, listen up, swerving a little bit, honking the horn, flashing the lights. >> reporter: according to sources, the plane took off from lake tahoe and was supposed to land at the hayward executive airport. the pilot reported a problem with the fuel pump less than five miles from the airport in hayward, and decided to make the emergency landing. >> you hear about this, you see it sometimes, and think that would never happen. there are things that happen that are beyond your control, and planes do fall out of the sky. >> reporter: katie nielsen, kpix. activists took to the streets last night to mark one year since clashes between white supremacist and counter protesters in charlottesville virginia. the tucson planned demonstrations again today in both charlottesville and washington dc. police say they are doing all they can to keep things peaceful. >> nothing would excite us better than r thise non- eventful, and for folks to go
6:33 am
home and be a peaceful weekend for all. >> reporter: it was a year ago when hundreds of white nationalists classed with counter protesters in charlottesville. at one point, a car plowed into the crowd of counter protesters, killing a woman. all evacuation orders have been listed in fairfield where the 2000 acre nelson fire is now 95% contained. that fire broke out on friday, behind a housing development along interstate 80. no one was hurt, but one house did burn. the two wildfires that make up the mendocino complex now cover more than 328,000 acres in mendocino lake and colusa county's. the river fire is now 92% contained, but containment of the larger ranch fire is only a 58%. in orangecoty, a break in the weather is bringing some relief to crews battling the holy fire. that blaze, which investigators say was started by an arsonist, is now 36% contained. it has burned more than 22,000
6:34 am
acres. some of the 21,000 evacuees were allowed to return home yesterday. in northern california, hundreds of people paid their final respects to a firefighter who died in the carr fire. yesterday, a procession of fire engines and 1st responders moved through betting on the way to a memorial service for jeremy stout, the 37-year-old fire inspector was killed on july 26. leaving behind a wife and two children. the carr fire is now 57% contained, and has burned more than 190,000 acres in shasta and trinity counties. in daly city, investigator's are trying to figure out what caused a fire at an apartment complex. firefighters got the call just after 4 pm yesterday, people at the scene since the video you just saw. you can see the lack smoke billowing from the apartment. this is video after that. the building is on sullivan street. >> huge flames, that was that.
6:35 am
so many flames, so hot, just trying to get out of the house. >> no one was injured in this fire. brooklyn police are using this video to track down protesters who went into damage mode last weekend. they bashed 21 cars and trucks, many were dressed in black with their faces covered. they also smashed windows at the marine corps recruiting center on shattuck square. police are also looking for another masked man, who smashed a couple of atms with a hammer on center street. construction work is back underway after a deadly on-the- job accident at san francisco's twin peaks tunnel. a worker was hit by a steel beam on friday while working on the west portal side of thneemp the oakland-based construction company. it is unclear what caused the accident, but work resumed after cal ocean determined that the worksite was safe. former white house staffer is accusing president trump of racism.
6:36 am
amoroso manacled newman was one of the president's top advocates on african-american issues. she worked for him, until this past january. now, she is out with a book, in which she writes that he is a racist, misogynist, and a bigot. sheep claims to have heard recordings of offensive comments by mister trump from outtakes on the reality show they were both on, the apprentice. >> i heard this tape. >> you heard the president? >> i heard the president of the united states use, not only the n-word, but other horrible things. has released a statement, saying this book is riddled with lies and false allegations. ahead of this year's midterm elections, there is a robust effort to push the democratic party further to the left. we asked chronicle reporter willie brown what is the role of the so-called bernie krause in the democrat party? >> what's up with the
6:37 am
democratic party? it doesn't come through the primaries, but the bernie kratz are burning strong? >> it's a horrible experience, running for public office these days is the true believers of the democratic side of the aisle because they are without credibility on almost every issue, the whole group of people, a very strange group of people, they call themselves democratic socialists. >> they are bringing a lot of people to the party. i was at the alexandria across you or does when she came to the mission district the other day. i have not seen a crowd that lived in a long time. young people, and people of color, -- >> yes you have. trump brings the same kind. accepted on the other side of the aisle. >> we need to match the energy. >> the question is, everybody talks about energy, everybody talks about, but who has the votes? does it help the democrats to have this energy and buzz? >> they are losing the race is.
6:38 am
these candidates that the bernie people are putting up, they're losing the race but >> is a media phenomenon, or real? >> as democrats, that perspective, we've got to be practical. we really do have to do supply and demand as we pursue the votes. if we have done that in ohio, it would be the republicans looking up, not us. we would already be up there. >> back in the day, you were part of, working with jesse jackson, working with, didn't they said the same thing? you guys are too far left, your dragon the party down? what do you say? >> i've never been accused of being too left. [ laughter ] let's start with that. keep in mind that an individual like gavin newsom, who said in 2004, let anybody marry whomever they wish, period. barack obama, running for u.s.
6:39 am
senate from illinois, said be very careful. don't let me have a photograph with this person, it will cost me the election. there is a practicality that visited on candidates. that's interesting, i had no idea. >> you learn something new every day when you hear from willie. by question for you is, this idea of bernie-crats, far left section of the democratic party, that's not new, right? >> no, basically since the beginning of the democratic party there's always tension between the more moderate people, and folks on the far left. for example, bill clinton was opposed by a number of people on the left and the democratic party back in the 90s, when he was running for president. this isn't necessarily new, although these -- they using the word socialist is not been something people have been willing to touch for a long time. coming up, as fires raged across california, many people are left wondering who is liable. that's the question being addressed, when we join up with
6:40 am
assemblyman phil ting after the break. back to you.
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at least one person is dead... after a vehicle went off a flyover ramp, from eastbound we have breaking news this morning on walnut creek, at least one person is dead after the vehicle went off of flyover ramp from eastbound highway 24 to northbound interstate 680. the vehicle landed on boulevard way, a street far below the ramp. the california highway patrol says it was just reported at 4 am, there are unconfirmed reports that more people may have been in the vehicle. one of the effects of california's wildfires is the question of who is liable. under current california law, when a utility like pg&e takes
6:44 am
over a stretch of land for utility wires, they get it, and in return, they are liable. joining us this morning is state assemblyman phil ting. he is part of this huge debate going on in sacramento right now, about whether that should continue or not. if utilities like pg&e should be responsible for fire damage. ? absolutely. is no question. the question is the level of responsibility. right now, if anything happens on their wires, whether you are or i cause it, or the weather causes it, they are completely liable, whether they were negligent or not. they are arguing they should be 100% liable only if they were let -- negligent, or the liability should be unlimited. they want more limited liability if it wasn't their fault. >> so it becomes a question of the degree of fault. if they lay the lines, and there have been incidents in the last fires in recent years,
6:45 am
where there's been questions raised. and charges leveled. about pg&e, the fact that sparks triggered this. should they be liable for that? >> a number of consumer groups are very concerned because in san diego, after they had fire incidences, when they realize the level of liability, they started aggressively cutting down trees. there was concern that if you don't put the liability over them, they won't aggressively trim the trees, keep them away from the lines. >> we have the same issue with underground pipeline safety after the san bruno blast. >> are you actually taking care of it, or are you diverting the funds? >> that's the big question. they are saying they've set aside $2.5 billion to settle all of last year's settlements, not this year, last year. they feel like if they don't get any kind of liability relief, they will be close to bankruptcy. we are trying to figure out -- >> is also talk of a ratepayer bond, where we would pay back or cover the losses. >> i haven't heard that, what i
6:46 am
have heard is, they are asking to bill ratepayers some of the liability. the concern is whether or not they will go bankrupt. some people in san francisco would cheer that. i think that would be a disaster, at the end of the day, all the people happy about pg&e going bankrupt would be unhappy when the power isn't being delivered. >> or if it's a public utility, and they are liable for the same damages. it wouldn't change that. >> the question is, if pg&e went bankrupt, who would run the utility? would it be the state, or some other agency? the alternative would be worse. >> in that regard, if part of the issue is like it or not, we are building these homes, these wildfires are getting closer. it's becoming as the governor says, the new normal. if you're going to hold utilities liable for the houses in the lake country, or if a shoots into santa rosa, where
6:47 am
they have the option to say we are not putting wires in there?? that's the question. are they going to make them put the wires in there? we just had a new fire start in fairfield, in vacaville. this is a suburb, not a remote rural area. this is a suburb, part of the bay area. >> 20 years ago, it was farmland. now we are building on it. if something happens, we will have& we will wind up paying for it. >> it will be a mix, but ultimately, they make their money on us. >> okay, they make the money on us, and we pay, and somebody else pays, and then they charge us. whatever the case, we have a month to figure this out, or it goes to next year? >> less than a month. >> keep an eye on that. let's take a look outside and see where the weather is. >> the weather is looking good in terms of fire whether york we are bringing temperatures down over the
6:48 am
that will be good news for firefighters, we are increasing some of the winds. we will keep a close eye on the burn areas around the state. right now, we are looking at coastal clouds along the coast, and by the bay, as you can see, blue skies above the low cloud deck, the fog this morning. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s to start off the day, warming up into the 70s to 90s depending on where you live. will pinpoint that in a 2nd. future cast showing the clouds pull back the coast, and stay there for the day. it will be cool in the city if you are in the city for outside lands, settler perspective shows we are seeing a shift in the forecast. temperatures coming down, because high pressure is decreasing. we might see upper-level clouds , and feel a little bit buggy at times, thanks to the subtropical system there. overall, we will see an increase in onshore flow, which will decrease temperatures, and we will cool down as we head into the work week.
6:49 am
here's a look at the high temperatures around the bay today. we are right around average for san jose and oakland, a little below average in san francisco. remaining above average for folks inland today, the sea breeze will likely reach people inland by this afternoon, but it will take a while to cool down. we will keep you warm for one more day. temperature in the south bay topping in the low 80s today, low 90s for morgan hill, six is along the coast, you should say stockton most of the day. they temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 70s. inland temperatures around mid 80s to low 90s, depending on where you are today. around the bay, 72 alameda, 71 oakland, 70 berkeley, wine country in the mid to low 90s. napa, sonoma, novato. as you head to the north, mid 90s for lakeport and clearlake. what to expect, starting off with those low clouds near the coast, not quite as warm inland, mild as we head into
6:50 am
the work week where temperatures are topping out in the 80s for the warmest locations by midweek. we will stick to the upper 60s by the bay, low 60s along the coast and coastal clouds, they will stick around. scammers have come up with a new way to con people looking for a place to live, by hacking their way into rental houses. recently call the property management company, and make up a story to get the code to the lockbox. then, they draw up a fake rental ad. one arizona couple learned the hard way that their dream home was too good to be true. >> every thing seemed okay, i texted the guy, he texted back right away, saying it is still available. i said okay. >> the couple got the code, look at the house, then wired $1600 to the con artist. it was only later that they realized they had been scammed. back in the bay area, the new state-of-the-art transit center is now officially open in san francisco.
6:51 am
this was a huge party yesterday to celebrate the new transportation hub. the 2nd data center is equipped with retail space, along with a parkin restaurant on the rooftop , and an amphitheater. the station will ultimately connect 11 transportation services. after the break, a rough time in foster care didn't stop this week's students rising above scholar. how he and his sister persevered, and earned college degrees.
6:52 am
6:53 am
through the tough times. as kpix 5's christin ayers shares with us: sibl the foster care system can be extremely tough on children, but today's scholars battled through those tough times. >> as kpix shared with us, siblings david and lily colby never left each other side. >> next graduate is david colby. >> it's graduation time. >> reporter: david colby is getting his party on. >> it will be all good. >> reporter: the 25-year-old cal berkeley grad is deeply grateful to be here. >> one, two, three.
6:54 am
>> reporter: not just because he's earned a degree in physics from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. >> i want him to know that he was wrong. >> reporter: early on, david was told by a social worker he would never experience this kind of success. >> that i would only be able to go to community college, never a four-year university. >> reporter: the social worker was clearly wrong. david and his big sister lily are foster kids he is also autistic, and brilliant. when we 1st met david back in 2012, he was literally too smart for high school. acing his college level math courses. both kids bounced around foster homes, but lily never let go of david. along the way, becoming his protector and educational champion. seeing to it that he made it to cal. >> i brag about david all the time. >> reporter: like any proud big sister, lily was front and center at david's graduation. it's a full circle moment for
6:55 am
lily as well, advocating for herself and david inspired her to become a lawyer and legislative advocate for children in the foster care system. >> i have my dream job, this is what i said i was going to do. >> reporter: both kids are sra alums, and they pointed out that they never would have me to here without students rising above. >> it's a community of people that allow you to see your future as a success. >> reporter: >> had it not been for sra, i would never have gone. >> reporter: now, back to the party. for students rising above, i'm kristin ayers. to learn more about our students rising above, you can head to the website,, and we'll be right back.
6:56 am
offmighty delta four heavy rocket, with nasa's parker solar probe. a daring
6:57 am
mission to shed light on the mysteries of our closest star, the son. >> nasa has a historic mission after this morning's launch of a spacecraft toward the sun. if all goes well, that parker solar probe will eventually get within 3.8 million miles of the sun's surface. that should allow scientists to study the sun in a way never before possible. speaking of the sun, we are going to see plenty of sunshine today, temperatures will still be on the warm side inland, but beginning of a cooling trend getting down to the mid to low 90s for the warmest months inland today. 60s by the coast, coastal clouds, and a cooling trend heading into the work week, we will be in the 80s with warm spots inland, it will feel cool this week. >> looking forward to that. thanks for joining us, cbs sunday is next. >> have a great day.
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