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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 13, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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middle of the of week then heat up before the weekend. >> thank you for joining us this morning. remember, your next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, august 13th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the trump administration slams former white house aide omarosa manigault newman for secretly recording her firing in the situation room. this morning, she released another recording with the president. investigators fine the black boxes from an airliner stolen by a baggage handler who crashed it after a 75-minute joy ride. why security experts call it a huge wake-up call for airports. the suspected golden state killer will be charged today for his first alleged murder.
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only on "cbs this morning," we'll hear from the victim's daughter, who says her father gave his life to save her. plus, indiana moms are demanding answers after 79 children in one county have been diagnosed with rare cancer. also, the powerful new tactics advertisers are using to target your kids. what you should know before you do your back to school shopping. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the chief of staff threatening me on damage to my reputation. if i didn't have these recordings, no one in america would believe me. >> the white house weighs legal action over secret recordings. >> is general kelly running this country or is the president running this country? >> the flight data recorder of the plane that was stolen from seattle's airport. >> a gathering of far right extremists in the nation's capital was overshadowed by counterprotesters. >> stand up against hate, stand up against white supremacy.
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>> a baltimore police officer seen striking a man several times on video has resigned from the force. >> the university of maryland has put its head football coach on administrative leave. describing a toxic atmosphere of fear and intimidation. >> flash flooding in new york and new jersey. dozens of cars just flushed away from a car dealership. >> oh, my god. >> all that -- >> a small plane make as amazing landing on a highway in california. >> owe, my goh, my god, oh, my >> a fight marred the joint practice. in fact, it was reported the jets and the redskins fans were throwing punches. >> on "cbs this morning." >> it's koepka's tournament. he joins that legendary list of players who have won the u.s. open and the pga in the same season. >> brooks koepka.
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>> to the player who beat the strongest field in golf, to win the 100th pga championship, brooks koepka. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. a big win for brooks, right? a lot of people happy for tiger too. >> looking good. >> yes. tiger has come roaring back. too early to pun? >> no, no, no. >> it's not too early. it's never too early. >> we're happy for both men. welcome. i'm bianna golodryga with alex wagner and vladimir duthiers. norah, gayle king and john dickerson are off. as you wake up in the west, white house officials are condemning former presidential adviser omarosa for taping conversations inside the highly secure situation room with chief of staff john kelly. this morning, she revealed audio of a phone conversation with the
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president the day after she was fired. >> manigault newman claims she was complicit in white house efforts to deceive the nation. weijia jiang is near the president's new jersey golf club where his working vacation ends today. >> reporter: omarosa claims this new recording shows president trump does not have a handle on the inner workings of the white house. and that the country is run instead it entirely by chief of staff kelly. she says this call with the president happened just one day before kelly told her to get out. >> he absolutely has an issue with the truth. sometimes he battles with reality. >> reporter: in a new recording given to nbc news, president trump appears unaware omarosa manigault newman was fired by his chief of staff, john kelly. >> omarosa, what's going on? i just saw on the news you're thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly, general kelly came to me and said you guys wanted me to leave.
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>> no, nobody even told me about it. nobody -- you know, they run a big operation but i didn't know it. i didn't know that. damn it. i don't love you leaving at all. >> yes, i have to protect myself and i have no regret about it. >> reporter: on "meet the press" sunday, omarosa staunchly defended recordings she took of chief of staff john kelly inside the white house as he fired her. >> this is my departure. i'd like to have at least an opportunity to understand -- >> no, we can talk another time. this has to do with some pretty serious integrity violations. >> why not have the meeting in the chief of staff's office? why put me in the situation room? >> reporter: the white house pushed back in a stinging statement. saying the very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the white house situation room shows a blatant disregard for our national security. over the weekend, president trump was asked about his former assistant. >> low life. she's a low life. >> the recordings come just days before the release of omarosa's
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new book, where she denounces president trump as racist. she claims she knew of a recording in which the president used the "n" word. >> i have heard for two years that it existed and once i heard it for myself, it was confirmed what i feared the most. >> reporter: before she lost her job, omarosa was one of the president's fiercest defenders. especially on the issue of race. >> mr. trump made a commitment to improving the conditions of the lives of african-americans in this country -- >> reporter: in washington, d.c., it is not illegal to record somebody without their knowledge. but, electronic devices are prohibited inside the situation room. a short time ago, president trump tweeted about his former aide calling her wacky omarosa, and he defended general kelly, saying when he came on board, he told the president she was a loser. >> all right, weijia, thank you. investigators don't know why an airline baggage handler stole a passenger plane from a major
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u.s. airport, but they say it should never happen again. richard russell flew the plane for more than an hour above the seattle area friday night. he finally crashed, killing himself. jamie yuccas is at seattle tock comma international airport. >> reporter: the fib announbi a it had found parts of the flight data recorder. the ntsb will now look at both to try to determine how a horizon airline employee was able to take off from here and fly a plane before he fatally crashed. witnesses on the ground didn't know what to think when they saw two f-15 fighter jets pursuing a horizon air passenger plane friday evening. >> all of a sudden, the plane was gone and the island shook and i thought we had been bombed. >> reporter: investigators are now trying to determine how and why richard russell, a nearly four-year employee assigned to
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handle baggage and cargo, managed to get the turbo prop airbor airborne. his conversation was captured on tape. >> just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, i guess. never really knew it till now. >> reporter: the plane was parked at a sea-tac airport maintenance area when investigators say russell used a tow tractor to turn the aircraft 180 degrees toward the runway. then got behind the controls and positioned the plane for takeoff. during the roughly 75 minute flight, air traffic control tried to get him to land safely, including at a nearby air force base. >> those guys would rough me up. i think i might mess something up there too. i wouldn't want to do that. hopefully -- oh, they probably got anti-aircraft. >> no, they don't have any of that stuff. we're just trying to find a place for you to land safely. >> reporter: russell conducted dangerous maneuvers before crashing into a small island.
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>> he just needs some help controlling his aircraft. >> nah, i mean, i don't need that much help. i've played video games before. >> the maneuvers he managed to do are astonishing for that type of so-called training that he had. >> reporter: russell's family and friends say they are shoc d ed and heart broken. >> he was a faithful husband a loving son and a good friend. this is a complete shock to us. >> reporter: homeland security has warned congress stricter employee background checkings are needed. as well as more surveillance in secured areas of the airport. because terrorists could apply to become workers. officials here at this airport are meeting with the airlines today to investigate this latest incident. >> jamie, thank you. i know a lot of people are just so shocked at how someone can steal a plane so easily. >> every aspect of that story is shocking. fortunate no one was on that flight. the threat of new violence one year after deadly crashes in charlottesville, virginia, did
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not become reality yesterday. 61% of americans in a cbs news poll say racial tensions have increased in the past year. there were tense moments in washington where huge crowds turned out to oppose a white supremacist rally on the charlottesville anniversary. kris van cleave is in lafayette park near the scene of the protest. >> reporter: we saw the white supremacist group unite the right ushered out in a hurry as police were engaged in a tense standoff with a group of counterprotesters. a confrontation in the name of the first amendment. crowds jeered as a small group of white supremacists arrived in the nation's capital under heavy police protection. they spoke in front of a virtually nonexistence crowd. and were cut short by weather. ushered out by police in vans and away from an angry crowd of counter protesters. the counterprotests far
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outnumbered unite the right sunday. but some in the crowd baited police as the day wore on. >> the concern has been, all day what will happen when the unite the right demonstrators came out of lafayette square. a huge crowd of counterdemonstrators have gathered. some are throwing eggs. some are throwing bottles in the direction of the police. a large police presence here. still, the counterprotests were largely peaceful. focusing on a message of resisting racism. >> today, i hope we outsign all of their hate. why can't we just shift the narrative of -- >> reporter: the tense day marked the one-year anniversary of the violent white supremacist rally that turned deadly in charlottesville, virginia. a year after drawing outrage from his reaction -- >> you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> reporter: the president choose to preempt the controversy, tweeting, i condemn all types of racism and acts of
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violence. the president has not spoken further about the incident yesterday. now, the police, d.c. police say there were no reports of any injuries and made only one arrest. we know of one other arrest made by police in virginia related to this incident. that underscores just how peaceful the vast majority of the demonstrators out here were, a lex. >> chris, thanks. other protesters gathered in charlottesville for a weekend rally against racism. >> we don't see no riot here! why are you in riot gear! >> at one point, the crowd confronted more than 1,000 local and state police. hundreds gathered at the spot where activist heather heyer was killed last year by a speeding car. her mother spoke to them. >> the world went crazy when heather lost her life and that's not fair because so many mothers lose their children every day and we have to fix that. >> police arrested four people. no one was hurt.
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a baltimore police officer resigned after a disturbing video surfaced of him beating a man on the street. cell phone video captured the unidentified officer repeatedly hitting lashawn degrear saturday. errol barnett is outside police headquarters. errol, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, that video, difficult to watch, getting everyone's attention here. the man's attorney tells cbs news his client is in a lot of pain, suffering from a fractured jaw and multiple fractured ribs. what's key is what led up to the incident. video at the beginning appears to show mcgreer and the officer in question arguing before it turned violent. the punches seem to come without warning. deshawn mcgreer is repeat lid hit in the head and body by the unnamed officer who continues to throw punches, tackling mcgreer
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and pinning him to the ground. the commissioner suspended the officer immediately. saying in a statement he was deeply disturbed by the video. adding officers have a responsibility and duty to control their emotions in the most stressful of situations. mcgreer's attorney, warren brown, says the officer who had been on the force for just over a year, tried to provoke his client. he claim also ts the officer ar mcgreer back in june for allegedly assaulting him, a charge mcgreer is fighting in court. >> people like that destroy the progress to reconcile the differences between the community and the police department. >> reporter: the baltimore police department has faced a number of allegations of police brutality and fabricating evidence in recent years. in january, an officer was indicted after his body camera appeared to show him planting drugs at the scene of a bust. and in 2016, the city faced a series of protests following the death of freddie gray, who was injured in police custody and later died.
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brown says the policing problems cross racial lines. >> it's really not white or black. it's blue. it's the uniform that they wear. and i think they take advantage of that uniform. they take advantage of the powers that have been given them. >> reporter: now, mcgreer also says the mayor, the interim police commissioner and the state's attorney's offices all reached out to him on the day of this incident and he has this sense they do want to send the message this is unacceptable. we reached out to the police union for comment. we have yet to hear back. bianna. >> such disturbing video, errol, thank you. >> that video is hard to watch. the lawyer for the family of a university of maryland football player who died after an intense workout is calling for the head football coach to be fired. mcnair died 15 days after showing signs of heat stroke and collapsing on the field. an espn report alleges a toxic coaching culture may have played
7:16 am
a role. tony dokoupil. >> reporter: two members of the coaching staff are on what they're calling administrative leave this morning. that includes the head coach. it all comes as the university investigates claims that those coaches create ad a toxic cultu, including abuse, threat of humiliation and all of it allegedly contributing to death of jordan mcnear. >> we have an individual that's hyperventilating after exercising and is unable to control their breath. >> reporter: according to espn, it was about 80 degrees on may 29 when jordan mcnair showed signs of extreme heat exhaustion about 45 minutes into a preseason workout. witnesses told espn the offensive lineman had difficulty standing while running 110 yard sprints. a tough but common workout for many football teams. he then had consulses and suffered a seizure before collapsing on the field. mcnair was taken to the hospital where he died 15 days later.
7:17 am
>> the conduct of the coaches was reprehensible in causing this death. >> reporter: bill murphy is the mcnair family attorney. he says coaches should have seen the warning signs. >> is this man suffering from the symptoms of heat stroke? the answer to that would have been yes, yes, yes. and he would have been taken into the training room and iced down. >> reporter: in june, the coach responded to news of mcnair's death. >> my heart is broken. it's not reasonable that a 19-year-old should pass away. >> reporter: but several current and former football players and staffers, including mcnair's family, believe a coaching style defined by intimidation is partly to blame. a cording to espn, there was often extreme verbal abuse. coaches would throw weights towards players. and some players claimed if a teammate was on the ground from exhaustion, staff would drag them off the ground and make them run. a player was once allegedly belittled for passing out during a drill. the mcnair family is now considering legal action.
7:18 am
>> our suit is absolutely probable. the question is when are we going to do it. >> reporter: now, the university of maryland wrote to us in a statement, promising a full investigation, and saying humiliating and demeaning a student is not only bad teaching and coaching, it is an abuse of the authority of a teacher and coach. we should also add that this is all still under investigation. some players and coaches have come forward to speak in praise of head coach durkin. alex. >> tony, thank you. we have breaking news from northwest spain where a board walk collapse overnight injured more than 300 people, five seriously. officials say many young people were on the board walk in the town when it gave way around midnight on sunday at the closing event of a three-day festival. officials suspect a structural problem. more than 20 million people on the east coast could be hit by more severe weather and flash flooding today after a very wet weekend. streets turned into river yesterday in lynn,
7:19 am
massachusetts, when more than 6 inches of rain fell during a 2 1/2 hour period. 911 operators received more than 100 calls as flooding engulfed the city just north of boston. on saturday, storms were so severe in little falls, new jersey, thcars from an auto dealership were washed down the river. the mayor said it was the worst flooding in two decades. parents in an community believe toxins in the air from an old manufacturing site are behind the rise in child cancer cases. only on "cbs this morning," we'll hear from two mothers who are taking their fight for good monday morning to you. if it was too hot for you over the weekend, we are cooling by 3 to 8 degrees. upper 60s in oakland today, and mid-80s for concord and fairfield. tomorrow we'll have more clouds
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and cooler on wednesday, heating up as we enter the weekend. have a great day.
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the alleged golden state killer will be charged today with what investigators believe was his first murder. >> ahead, and only on "cbs this morning," we'll hear from the district attorney, police chief and the victim's daughter who says her father was killed saving her life. >> he's always been my hero. i would not be here today, i'm sure of it, if it hadn't been for him. >> see how prosecutors tied the golden state killer to the murder without dna evidence. you're watching "cbs this morning." with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief
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transit center is officially open in san francisco. the station connects with 11 transportation service good morning, i'm michelle griego. the new state-of-the-art salesforce transit center is officially open in san francisco. the station connects with 11 transportation services, equipped with a park and rooftop restaurant. the biggest wildfire in california's history is forcing new evacuations. the mendocino complex fire has burned more than 331,000 acres, the size of phoenix. crews hope to contain the fires by september. it's been one week since the holy fire started.
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it's scorched over 21,000 acres and is 50% contained. get updates throughout the day at
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good morning, 7:27. we are still tracking the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are in the red heading into san francisco, about 35 minutes. east shore freeway starting to get a little heavy. fog is making it difficult to cross the golden gate bridge. be careful out there, fog advisory in effect as you cross the span. we have stronger onshore flow with cooler temps and fog out there. you can see the fog out there, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. this afternoon we'll be cooler compared to yesterday.
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lightning put on a show in las vegas over the weekend. >> mother nature always one ups. >> i'll take the strip. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. president trump is headed to new york today where he's expected to sign a defense bill named after arizona senator and former prisoner of war john mccain. the defense measure will provide
7:31 am
more than $700 billion to funding for the military. it would increase salaries by 3%, the largest pay raise in nearly nine years and will authorize the military parade mr. trump wants to hold in washington this november. north and south korea will hold a third summit meeting. north korean leader kim jong-un and the south korean leader will meet. this will be the first trip in more than a decade. and brooks koepka held off tiger woods to win his first pga championship and he credits him for pushing him to victory. everyone was rooting for brooks during sunday's tournament and that's what forced him to step up his game. woods finished second by two strokes and established two career records. woods shot his best final round and best total score in a major
7:32 am
tournament. good night for both of them. >> indeed. cbs news has learned the alleged golden state killer will be charged this morning for what is believed to be his very first murder. joseph deangelo is accused of shooting claude snelling in 1975. only on "cbs this morning," we spoke to snelling's daughter. and the police chief will announce today's new charges. demarco morgan shows us why this case is challenging to prosecutors. good morning. >> good morning. police believe the golden state killer began his killing spree in a small town. they say it escalated from sadistic burglar to notorious killer. >> in my heart, i believe he's the one and my father was his first victim. >> reporter: elisabeth hupp's father gave up his life. in 1975 she said a masked gunman
7:33 am
broke into her bedroom in the middle of the night, threatened her, and dragged her out to the carport. >> that's when i heard my dad yell. the man with the ski mask, pushed me to the ground, turned, shot my dad twice as he was coming to the back door. >> reporter: the killer fled. snelling died on the way to the hospital. hupp was 17 years oil at the time. >> he has always been my hero. i would not be here today, i'm sure of it, had it not been for him. >> tim ward believes snelling was the first victim murdered by joseph deangelo, the suspected golden state killer. >> we're filing first-degree charges against mr. deangelo along with the allegation he used a fire arm in the commission of that murder. >> reporter: during the 1970s and '80s, deangelo had allegedly committed ten other murders and more than 50 rapes in ten other
7:34 am
counties. dna led to his arrest in april. while he's not linked to snelling's murder by dna, the prosecutor can prove he was the visalia ransacker. >> those crimes were ultimately tied to the murder of claude snelling by a firearm taken during the visalia ransackers. >> reporter: during the time he worked as a police officer about 12 miles away. he's suspected of 12 other burglaries and over 50 rapes. >> the only one that has not passed is the murder of mr. snelling. >> i'm very happy that he's caught. he's a very evil person. >> the visalia ransacker was captured nearly three months after snelling's murder. he fired a gun and ran away. after that they believe he moved
7:35 am
to sacramento and committed a new crime wave in east l.a. >> her father is certainly a hero. >> demarco, thank you very much. some parents in an indiana community believe an increased number o cancer cases in kids is no coincidence. >> to say that i'm angry is an understatement. we used our kids as the canary in the coal mine in our tone. >> ahead, their frustrations with health and environmental officials after air quality at a toxic manufacturing sight. if you're on the go, check out our podcasts. check out the day's stories and what's happening in your world in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." stories and what's happening in your world in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." the emotions that bring us together
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an indiana community is demanding answers after recent testing revealed toxic airborne contaminants in some homes. an environmentalistal group tested homes in franklin, indiana. in six homes, they found three chemicals linked to cancer. adriana diaz spoke to two moms leading the push for answers. >> we used our kids as the canary in a coal mine in our town. >> reporter: for kari reinhart, her daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. just three months later she died. >> to say they i'm angry is an understatement. i feel like i owe emma to figure out what's going on.
7:41 am
>> reporter: reinhart teemed up with fellow mom stacy. they started an organization called if it was your child. together they've tracked dozens of pediatric cancers in their area. they believe they have enough cases to be considered a cancer cluster. >> there were nine children in 16 months diagnosed in the county. >> reporter: davidson says zain was one of the lucky ones. after three years of treatment, he's now in remission. at least 79 children in johnson county have been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in ten years. more than a kwrter o those were in the town of franklin alone. but state health officials told the moms there weren't enough cancer cases to be considered a cluster. >> we've been told con statly there's no problem, it's just a coincidence, it's just bad luck. >> reporter: but they learned about an old manufacturing site
7:42 am
where they say toxic chemicals leaked into the environment. in the 1990s. they had the kpaul remove contaminated soil, a contaminated sewer system, and install a pump to remove toxic chemicals including tce, which the epa links to cancer. >> they don't see signs or roads and say i'll stop here. >> reporter: shannon and bob recently tested the air quality. six tested high for toxins. one home in one outdoor area had levels of tce that were more than 18 times indiana's corrective reaction level. >> there is a potential impact to these residential area far beyond what the agency had ever skplord before. >> reporter: some say they have denied there's a problem. they voice their concerns at a recent community meeting.
7:43 am
>> i want you to tell us how you specificry are going be more engaged than the people that were here three years ago and patted us on the head and told us to be quiet. >> we want transparency and honesty for our town. >> reporter: at the meeting, state health officials say they evaluated cancer numbers in 2017 and 2018 but closed their investigation after they determined a cancer cluster did not exist. now they say they'll partner with the cdc to furor investigation. >> they're actually going go back and evacuate all the work we've done in the past with regard to the registry. >> reporter: they offered to retest two of the homes that testified high for tce. >> back in the '90s, we did our sampling. >> pe a said they're working out an action plan for the former an the nall sight. >> we're using the information. >> my son went through 3 1/2 years of treatment of hell.
7:44 am
>> reporter: davison and he want them to do comprehensive testing and nothing will stop them. >> our key phrase is not one more. not one more child will have to go through what our kids have gone through. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," adriana diaz, johnson county, indiana. >> there's some strong and angry mothers. well, the anthenol company which owned the land said it's been working with the epa on this for years. it recently conducted testing and found the results met standa standards. the epa is working with the company on further testifying and they're considering putting a permanent air monitoring system in franklin. the mothers we speak to want hundreds of homes tested. up next, look at this morning's other headlines including how actor idris elba
7:45 am
may, in fact, be the next james bond. and victoria's secret and american girl are using the pink we are looking at cooler temperatures than yesterday. the seven-day forecast, we are cooling down a little bit more tomorrow with more clouds. cooler still for wednesday, then heating back up as we end the workweek. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by lilly diabetes. my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body
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7:50 am
a grounds keeper. monsanto plans president recently ramped up the attacks on the media, which he has called the enemies of the people. democratic congressman keith ellison denies allegations of domestic violence. the accusations come ahead of a primary tomorrow in which ellison is running for state attorney general. his ex-girlfriend karen monaghan says the six-term congressman dragged her off her bed by her legs and feet. her son posted about it on facebook. the latest fad in tooth whitening is to turn them black first.
7:51 am
yes. you heard it here. >> the joke's on you. >> it's full of videos of beauty bloggers brushing their teeth with charcoal products and paste. it jumped. procter & gamble is launching a product in next january. they say the abrasive products will eventually wear down your teeth. >> i'm just saying if you're doing this, the joke's on you. the "washington post" reports british actor idris elba is spewing speculation he may play the first black bond. he tweeted yesterday, my name is elba, idris elba. before you get excited, he tweeted, don't believe the hype. what?
7:52 am
they said, quote, it is time for a nonwhite actor the play james bond. >> they're driss would be an amazing bond. but i've been looking at them. sean connery was 32. >> don't be agest. >> all my fellow bonders out there will know this. idris will be over -- maybe close to 50. >> more power to him. >> whenever it happens, we will be watching. the cincinnati zoo's hippo fiona has her own book. we'll check in with the most famous animal and one o the zookeepers who helped nurse her back to health. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla . it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla
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7:56 am
learned the alleged golden state killer will be charged this morning for what investigators believe was his very *first murder. 7:56 now. cbs news has learned the alleged golden state killer will be charged this morning for what investigators believe was his first murder. joseph d'angelo is accused of shooting claude snelling in 1975. chp says an 18-year-old woman was drunk when she crashed, killing two passengers yesterday at eastbound 24 and 680. mollie tibbetts' former school and church came together
7:57 am
to light candles and pray for her safe return. she vanished four weeks ago in iowa. news updates throughout the day at this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999, intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts.
7:58 am
so you wake up ready to train for that marathon. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday. good morning, 7:58. we are seeing improvement across the san mateo bridge heading over to 101. we have reports of an accident here, southbound 280 blocking the transition ramp to eastbound 380. if you're planning on heading to sfo, stick with 101, still moving in both directions. you can see the foggy conditions out there. we have clouds and fog along the coast and bay, and even parts of the inland locations as weapon. we're cooler than yesterday, 3
7:59 am
to 8 degrees cooler. we'll continue with the trend through the middle part of the week. wednesday looks to be the coolest day of the week. have a great day.
8:00 am
in the west. good morning to our viewers in the west. ahead we start a week-long series on this year's political impact of young women. a new poll with refinery29 shows what they think of president and make good buying decisions. >> first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. white house officials are condemning former presidential advisor for taping conversations inside the situation room.
8:01 am
>> omarosa's former administration colleagues say her move was a breach of white house protocol. the fbi announced sunday that it found parts of the cockpit voice recorder as well as parts of the flight data recorder. we saw the white supremacist group unite the right ushered out in a hurry yesterday as police were engaged in a tense standoff with a group of counter protesters. >> that video is getting everyone's attention. they tell cbs his client is in a lot of pain, suffering from a fractured jaw and multiple fractured ribs. >> two members of the university of maryland football coaching staff are on administrative leave as the university investigates a toxic culture allegedly contributing to the death of jordan mcneill. >> center field. did he get it? walk-off slam. >> a walk-off grand slam for the win. >> a magical swing. a magnificent result with the bat flip.
8:02 am
that's one that he will never ever forget. eveman alive. >> kind of like our morning live! right? excitedow excited we are. >> it's painful to see the nats defeated, but the cubbies have a special thing. >> i'm vladimir duthiers with alex wagner, gayle, john, and norah are off. former assistant to the president omarosa manigault newman just released another recording that she says came from inside the white house. wa the tape given to nbc news with atly shows president trump reacting on the phone to her ouster by chief of staff john reacting >> omarosa, what's going on? i just saw on the news that you are thinking about leaving. hat happened? i general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave. >> no, nobody even told me about ened? nobody -- you know, they run a big operation, but i didn't know it.
8:03 am
toidn't know that. and eah. >> damn it. i don't love you leaving at all. >> all right. that follows a different yeah. ing of omarosa manigault damnitfired by kelly in the super secure white house situation room. >> is the president aware? m let's not go down the road. this is a non-negotiable discussion. this has to do with serious integrity violations. ithshe is promoting her white house memoir. she believes mr. trump probably instructed mr. kelly to fire her. she said she recorded it to protect herself. from false stories about her departure. the president tweeted this morning that the whacky omarosa a blatat fire. people in the white house hated her. president trump is encouraging harley-davidson
8:04 am
owners to boycott the company if it moves manufacturing overseas to avoid tariffs. vidsonesident tweeted yesterday that the u.s. will soon have a level playing field or better. mpany.then american willacturers are finding ways to keep going. ield orordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. ufacturemorning. some manufacturers are getting hit twice. first when they import raw materials and then when they export the final product. as we learned on a recent trip to south carolina where some lawmakers are now being urged to take action. to takemething about it. nd up and r: south carolina republican tom rice is home for isust recess. >> these tariffs are taxes on ugust reing people. >> reporter: in each of his town halls we attended, the same issue came up, trade. >> it needs to be corrected. >> reporter: south carolina is where farming meets manufacturing. bmw's spartanburg plant is the argest in the world. dozens of auto parts manufacturers have sprung up around it. >> this is the raw bar that has
8:05 am
a 25% tariff on it. >> reporter: darrell kidd is a sales manager at msi in rock daryl where they use imported steel. the president imposed tariffs on that steel in june, which drove up the price. >> we had to evaluate and actually pass on about a 15% a rease to our customer base. >> reporter: your customers are paying 15% more than they were urfore? customers. g reporter: here in the u.s.? heyhere in the u.s. . reporter: recently, south carolina's chamber of commerce >> h south cetter to lawmakers urging them to do whatever it cham makersto inform the administration about the jobs at isk due to rising tariffs. rt currently five of south carolina's six gop congressmen are backing the president. rice is one of them. >> it's not free trade if you re standing and letting the other guy stick it to you. >> reporter: he argues that u.s. pressure will eventually force >> repord europe to drop high long standing tariffs on u.s.
8:06 am
goods. >> this is a classic example of and t-term discomfort for long-term gain. >> reporter: in the meantime, msi has applied for a waiver from the tariffs on canadian inel. could you use u.s. made steel? for aght now we can't because ariffsis no u.s. supplier that gives us the kind of material that we use. >> reporter: and with the president considering more erialfs on chinese goods, china recently struck back increasing its tariffs on foreign-made cars o 40%. a move that is designed to hurt tariff u.s. auto manufacturers like bmw right there in spartanburg, toth carolina. >> nancy, thank you. a school resource officer aces backlash for handcuffing an autistic boy accused of being disruptive. ahead, the newly released body camera video showing the
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
>> the parents of a boy with autism in texas are considering legal action after newly released body camera video shows their child in handcuffs at school. video released over the weekend shows school resource officer eric holston handcuffed 10-year-old thomas brown at his
8:10 am
school in denton. the child was pinned to the ground. school officials say thomas was disruptive and swinging a computer mouse near other students. >> his mother told our dallas/ft. worth situation ktvt the officer's reaction was not justified. >> this officer is put there to protect and serve our children, and he abused a disabled little boy. he showed no compassion in that room. >> his parents say the incident in april left thomas with bruises around his knees and scratches on his face, neck, and back. the officer is still employed by the school district. a police department review of the incident found no violations of law or policy. >> a tough video to watch. >> there is much more news ahead. millennials will soon make up the largest potential voting block in america. refinery29 amy emmerich and
8:11 am
cbs news' anthony salvanto are in our toyota green room with why younger women say they are the least likely to show up at the polls. plus, how the fashion industry is making a powerful statement this september by featuring black women on the cover of almost every single issue. and a celebrity hippo named fiona is changing the way people see her species through a new children's book. you're going to want to stick around for that. you're watching "cbs this morning." his soul. it's just a gray dot. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as 8 minutes by america's largest mortgage lender.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. millennls w ♪ >> millennials will soonest be the largest generation in america's electorate. we are teaming up with digital media company refinery29 to explore the impact of millennial
8:16 am
women on the upcoming midterm elections. as part of our my vote series we polled women across the country with a focus of those issues between the ages of 18 and 3 a. 34% identified as democrats. 27% as independents. 19% as republicans. the remaining 20% aren't sure of how they identify politically. >> we found 7 in 10 are satisfied with the trump presidency, but 30% said they will definitely vote in november. refinery29 chief content officer amy emmerich and cbs elections and survey director anthony salvanto. i don't like this statistic at all, amy. young women are the least likely to vote in november. why is that? >> that's the goal, for us to use media and change that, right? but i believe, i think that the activism isn't necessarily translating into the poll. one of the reasons is
8:17 am
volunteerism, the activism and protesting we have seen. they can feel the change. they don't believe that their vote matters. they don't trust the process. they believe it's all about politics, and not about the policy. so why would you vote for something you don't necessarily believe in when you can get out on the street and feel the impact you can make? >> yet they are so invested in these policies and making change, specifically when it comes to health care. why is health care such an important issue for millennial women going into the midterms? >> traditionally, they cared more about the households, more doctor visits with their kids and parents. as women we have a long stand weapon with our gynecologists starting at the age of 13. so they are much more focused and they can see the issues and the pro he is ses at large. >> you know, it's interesting, anthony. the repercussions of the 2014 midterm elections are such that people understand your vote does
8:18 am
matter. what is it specifically about these younger women that they choose not to? what reason do they give? >> we have seen people say they are less like to vote. as you grow older and you see how politics effects your life or you put down roots. you buy a house, you have kids. part of that is difficult. but we also see here that for the young women who say that they are going to vote, the motivation is really high. we find enthusiasm to be really high. we say that they think that it matters who controls congress as opposed to the folks that say they are not going to vote and they say it doesn't matter who controls congress. there are big differences there. the motivation among those who say they are engaged is really, really high. >> amy, what about actual participation in terms of running for office? we find that a quarter of republican women in this age group say women in office would make things worse. what explains that? >> well, there is also the
8:19 am
positive side of that, which say 50% thought it would be better to have more women in office when you combine the democrats and republicans. when you look at the republican number there is something behind semnism and this believe that more women in office equals feminism and what is their definition of feminism. the study showed us that the republican belief is feminism where we blame men for the issues, whereas the democrat idea is much more about equality. i think there is something to that nuance. >> i wonder how much the clinton candidacy enshrined that sort of partisan difference around feminism and femininity, anthony? >> we have seen differences in this poll and others where we asked would you vote for a man or woman if you had the choice. democrats are more likely to say that they would pick the woman over the man. republicans much less so. and the reason that they give when we asked them is they think
8:20 am
it would add vai versety. that's something we have seen democrats respond to more. they tend to be older and not necessarily a part of this generation we are fccing on. >> it's interesting because every day we talk about how polarized our society is right now. among millennial women, only 26% said that parties affiliation ma mattered to them when it came to their candidate of choice. are they being honest? are we seeing something different here? >> we are seeing something different. this defines this generation. not only are more of them saying they are independent, but we also see that as they get older, they are not picking a party. sometimes as folks get older they start to pick one or the other. this generation is not. and that's something that is really defining for our folks. >> may not be a bad thing. >> no. >> for cultural identification much more than anything else. >> they are self-identifying in a more complex way than any other generation. you have to understand they care about culture and value much more than party affiliation.
8:21 am
>> they need to vote. >> politicians need to figure out how to get them out. >> anthony and amy, thank you both. tomorrow our my vote series continues with millennial women voters in pennsylvania. they sound off about a variety of issues, including immigration and the family separation policy at the border. >> we're talking about humans. >> absolutely. >> they come across the border, they are separated. they have to stand trial alone. my non-verbal 2-year-old sitting in a courtroom by himself being asked if he understands what's happening. and this is not even their language. >> it's a riveting conversation. more of that tomorrow on "cbs this morning." >> quite emotional there. >> up next, the dramatic rescue of a bridge trapped in floodwater -- a bride trapped in floodwater on her wedding day. and get shorty store chris owe dowd will be here. you're watching "cbs this
8:22 am
morning." fights for his career and family. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪
8:23 am
with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours.
8:24 am
perfect song for this story. newlyweds in new jersey faced an unexpected challenge due to heavy rain and flooding. the bride got stranded on top of a car surrounded by water over the weekend. police came to her rescue, getting her from the car to a humvee. the groom was rescued as well. police posted to facebook congratulating the couple, wishing them a lifetime of happiness despite the soggy start. >> swimming across the channel. >> chance of love. >> they're facing new concerns about how they faced new challenges. leigh gallagher. there she is. she's in the toyota green room
8:25 am
with what parents should know about digital ads and the way companies are marketing the kids. your local news is next. rent dispute... the city of santa clara and the 49- ers have reached a decision. good morning, i'm michelle griego. after a two-year dispute, the city of santa clara and the 49ers have reached a decision. the rent is going up by $300,000. the mayor is expected to speak at a press conference later today. a steel beam fell and killed a technician on friday. the death was deemed an accident. and a new tariff by the trump administration could cost wildfire victims. one building association
8:26 am
estimates the price of new homes in california could increase by $20,000. more updates throughout the day at
8:27 am
good morning, 8:27 now. we are tracking a new crash along 101 right as you're approaching highway 92 in the southbound direction. expect delays if you're trying to cross the san mateo bridge. it will be heavier getting through san mateo and foster city. but the ride on 880, still in
8:28 am
the yellow if you're northbound, 238 to the maze about 28 minutes there. we have no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, and travel times are likely to go back down into the green this monday morning. mary? thank you. happy monday to you. we are starting off with areas of low clouds and fog along the coast and parts of the bay. even inland seeing some fog as well. live look with the roof cam, see the low clouds out there. currently in the 50s and 60s to start. we'll be 3 to 8 degrees cooler for the day hanks to onshore flow kicking in. highs in the low 60s in san francisco, upper 60s oakland and mid-80s in concord and fairfield. cooler on tuesday with more clouds, even cooler on wednesday before we heat up at
8:29 am
the end of the week. have a great day.
8:30 am
welme welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "minneapolis star tribune" reports google is tracking your movements whether you like it or not. nodding his head yes. associated press found even when location history is turned off. so you turn off location history, many google services on android devices and iphones store your location's data. critics say it stems from google drive to boost revenue, google says robust control so people can turn them on or off and
8:31 am
delete their histories at any time. >> i don't know about that. all right. cbs orlando affiliate wkmg reports the fastest human made object ever is on a historic mission to study the sun's outer atmosphere. >> three, two, one, zero, liftoff. >> the massive probe launched yesterday starting a nearly seven-year journey. it will reach top speeds of 700 miles an hour. the probe will orbit 3.8 million miles of the surface closer than any other spacecraft before. >> the man who it was named after got to see this. partners from bbc suggest malicious faxes can leave companies open to cyber attacks. many companies use fax machines that are also printers and photocopiers and often have a kerks to internal network.
8:32 am
researchers able to fax code disguised as an image file. 17 million could be at risk because of protocols established in the 1980s. scary stuff. "the wall street journal" reporting bosses are wasting their employees' time. a stanford study determines some employers give orders without realizing how much work is involved. a lot of people can relate to that. it also says bosses make offhand comments that are misinterpreted as demands, or they solicit opinions without realize employees will bend over backwards to tell them what they want to hear. >> bosses, we're taking you seriously. >> news flash, right. >> not our boss. never our boss. >> never wastes our time, ever, ever, ever. >> the best bosses. >> researchers suggest they tell employees when they are thinking out loud and when they are giving an order. >> bosses are listening. "usa today" reports black
8:33 am
women will be on the cover of every single fashion magazine come september, the fashion industry's biggest and most important issue of the year. tracee ellis ross, beyonce, rihanna, tiffany haddish, lupita nyong'o are just some of the 12 black women featured on covers. in her "vogue" cover story beyonce said when she first started out, she was told black people did not sell magazines. she added, clearly that's proven a myth. >> beyonce once again making history. the school year is about to begin. advertisers are reaching chin in powerful and potentially dangerous new ways. back to school spending expected to reach $27.6 billion this year, that's an average of $510 per household, an increase of $9 from last year. children will likely influence their parents in more than $21 billion of those purchases. wow. from clothes and electronics for school supplies.
8:34 am
kids are a lucrative target, you think, for advertisers and social media platforms hoping to reach them detectively through their phones. le gallagher, senior editor-at-large for "fortune." i saw this story over the weekend and thought, boy, am i in a lot of trouble. i have a six-year-old and two-year-old that already know how to use a phone. advertisers aren't necessarily going the conventional route through television. >> it mirrors. they are going for your wallet. it's a thing called pester power kids have to their parents that i'm sure everybody knows about. the thing is our viewing habits have changed dramatically over the past decade. and kids and advertising has always been a hot topic as long as there's been advertising. but in television, the rules are very clear. the s.e.c. stepped in long ago and regulated how many minutes and all sorts of things. on the internet, things are
8:35 am
still -- it's just different. >> the wild west. >> the wild west. there are rules but not enforced. as we know viewership is changing every day. the ways advertisers are reaching everyone, including kids, but especially kids are very different. they are much more blurry. lines are blurred. in tv, a commercial for 30 seconds, then you come back to your programming. on the internet, on social media, on your phones, it's all blurred. flour marketing, product unboxing videos, products everywhere. it's sponsored content. the content itself is really filled with these messages and influence from advertisers in ways that children do not -- are not able to perceive. >> you can see sometimes movie stars and social media stars hawking goods and services, wares on social media without realizing it's the advertisers paying them to do that. >> that's true. that goes back to the first character-based rkt making. i remember transformers when i was growing up or strawberry
8:36 am
shortcake. that is marketing. those shows are marketing, too. what's different about the way we're using these devices, number one, they are sort of around all the time. you talk about young children, i don't have kids but everyone knows you sort of put the screen in front -- put the ipad, even if it's your ipad, they are not signed up for that. it's your ipad. they are watching it whether in the supermarket shopping cart, in the home, in the car, in the back seat. they are spending much more time on the content than in the past. >> the solution here seems to be keep your child away from internet and screens. the vigilence required to do that is extraordinary. >> it's extraordinary. one of the things is knowing, knowing how it's not just the ad that plays before or after the content. i think it's being aware as it seeps into our lives. you know, especially for teenagers it's a whole different story. the amount of time we're spending. there's all sorts of data we know about being more sedentary. the tech industry is under a lot of fire right now, as we know.
8:37 am
i think knowledge and just being aware is the beginning. you can set controls on some of these platforms and sites and do that. the minimum age required for instagram, facebook, snap is 13. as we know, many, many millions of people under 13 are using it. >> a lot easier to press a button. >> that's true. >> drag them out to play stickball. old timey. come out and play some stickball. sound like 1,000-year-old. stickball. >> no, there's no targeted marketing on stickball. leigh gallagher, always good to see you, the words of warning. the international phenomenon fiona the hippo became an international phenomenon after she was born six months premature. zoo keepers nursed her back to help and she became the smallest hippo ever to survive. her remarkable story inspired a children's book called, what
8:38 am
else, fiona the hippo. we replily visited the children's zoo to of came up with that animal. >> i would absolutely say fiona is a celebrity. people come from all over the world to see her. it seems as though everyone loves fiona. >> i just think her little ears and face is soo cu cute. >> i like when she opens her eyes. >> i wanted to swim with her and give her a hug. >> fiona was born january 24th of 2017. at that point we had no idea she would survive. no one in the world has ever hand reared a premature hippo that we know of. it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. thankfully now she's about 1 1/2 years old and she's thriving. >> i got to meet and talk with the trainer and the various people at the zoo. some of the words that they used
8:39 am
to describe her were diva and character and sassy. she really is all of the above. >> now with something as cute and vibrant and fiona and her story being so popular, hopefully it draws attention to hippos where people didn't think they were cute before. now that they pay attention to fiona, they see how amazing hippos are. >> the saying is true, life is better with a hippo of a adorable. the book "iffiona the hippo" isn sale now. proceeds will benefit the zoo. sassy. >> fiona, i think of shrek. whatever it takes, buy the book. >> actor chris o'dowd played a police officer in bridesmaids. now he plays a hitman in "get shorty." he's in the greenroom.
8:40 am
>> hello. >> you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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8:44 am
have you tried turning it off and on again? >> actor chris o'dowd scored his first big role playing roy in the british sitcom "crowd." he's known for his hit movie "bridesmaid," and featured in "molly's game." and he's in "get shorty." it's inspired by the movie with the same name. he's trying to launch a movie career and connect with his daughter nicknamed shorty. >> i asked you to talk about it. >> you pulled out of my movie and now it's coming out and i don't want to hear about it all day. >> you think i made a mistake. >> no, i'm not. >> i'm here about it, but i'm
8:45 am
not asking about the movie. what happened the guy who shot you? >> you know what's going on with me? "the admiral's mistress." that's it. if that's not what you want to talk about, i'm sorry. >> chris o'dowd joins us once again at table. welcome back. >> thanks so much for having me. >> look. i told you this last time. i loved "the i.t." it was a great series. but this is good. a hitman who's a mauve producer pyou're a good with hitman but struggling with -- >> yes. i have a daughter who's about to reach teenagehood and going through all the absurdities that that brings. i'm breaking up with my wife in the start of season 2. it sort of turns into something like a cramer versus cramer
8:46 am
situation where shorty is part of a custody battle and trying to battle with a movie he likes. there's a lot of work versus commerce talking points. >> very sexy sell here, work versus commerce. but, chris, we know you as a charming affable good guy love interest and here, pardon my phrasing, you're kind of a violent jerk in this series, in the beginning of this season especially. do you like playing that character? >> is this the real you? >> yes. >> finally we see the real chris o'dowd. >> i have been faking the charm for all of these years. it's kind of nice to tune in. he's a little violent, a put-on, he's in a situation of a crime family par of this glamorous psych oh pathic matriarch and
8:47 am
trying to find a way to love his family and go on and keep them safe. he thinks going to l.a. and making a movie would do that. >> you describe the season as darker one. >> yes. >> how do your scenes with the miles character get out of control? >> he ends up with something that's not good. more annoyingly than being bad, it's decidedlymediocre. he has to turn into into something that's palatable for the public. he ends up taking too much adderall, binge too much, crashing his car, ends up in a relationship with a woman who's into crystal meth therapy. >> as one does. >> an average week. >> you giev the movie coming out with ethan hawke and juliet.
8:48 am
tell us about it. >> yes. it's a nick horn by book. i'm obsessed with the ethan hawke character who's an ex-kind of singer/songwriter of the '80s and '90s. he's a recluse now, and i'm with ross vernon and i try and track him down and it doesn't end well for me. when we track him down. >> you play like a big fan of this singer. >> that's right. i'm a fanatic. he ends up in my house and goes through my bedroom. >> a little creepy? >> very creepy. >> yes. and she has never seen necessarily the attraction to his music, but in person findings him much more attractive. >> we love rose byrnes. she's an aussie. >> yes, she is. >> you're not from the continental united states.
8:49 am
>> that's a fact. >> when you auditioned for "bridesmaid," you never thought you were going to get the role. >> he's true. >>nd now you're a british star. are you surprised it's gone so well? >> not really. >> knew i'd be here. >> the truth is i never had very high expectations for myself. all of this is wonderful, but even if i had. been, doable know that it would have mattered so much. >> wow. low standards. >> expectations low and the gratitude high. >> will you go back to wearing the bunny suit? >> any time. >> former easter bunny. >> that sounds like a weird joke you and i have. >> oi, that time. >> sure. what a night. >> chris o'dowd. keep your standards low and your dreams big. thank you, my friend. "get shorty"
8:50 am
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transit center is officially open in san francisco. the first a-c transit buses carrying work commuters rolled good morning, i'm michelle griego. a new state-of-the-art salesforce transit center is officially open in san francisco. the first ac transit buses carrying commuters rolled in earlier this morning. the ranch fire is now the largest fire ever in state history. it's burned nearly 300,000 acres and crews hope to have it contained by september. today marks one week since the holy fire started. it's burned 22,000 acres and is
8:56 am
52% contained. crews hope for full containment by friday. more updates throughout the day at
8:57 am
time now 8:57. we have problems on the san mateo bridge in the eastbound direction. the traffic on the left side of the screen there, this is after a truck blocking two lanes near
8:58 am
the high-rise. if you're heading out of san mateo, expect delays. the westbound ride still yellow, just under 20 minutes. foggy if you're heading over the golden gate bridge, and throughout the north bay. we're heading back to the yellow, 20 minutes to cross richmond-san rafael bridge. mary? we have areas of low clouds and fog along the coast, the bay, and parts of inland locations as well. you can see the low clouds out there, currently temperatures in the 50s and 60s to start the day. we'll be cooler compared to yesterday afternoon, highs running 3 to 8 degrees cooler thanks to stronger onshore flow. 64 in san francisco, 86 concord as well as fairfield. seven-day forecast, we're cooler today and cooler tomorrow. the coolest of the seven-day
8:59 am
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