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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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critically injured.. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a bay area police officer trapped in his patrol car and critically injured after an early morning crash. good afternoon. i am melissa kane. this is the aftermath of an
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>> and i am michelle griego. officers are still on the scene piecing together what led to the crash. kpix 5's jackie ward is in oakland. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of an early morning crash that happened just before 3:00. a patrol officer was driving alone when he was responding to the call of suspicious persons in the area. department for too long." (:09) as this investigation develops .. police say there are several witnesses helping them try to piece together what happen. take sot: johnna watson / oakland police pio "it is typical for trucks to stage. we did have drivers waiting in their trucks, so we have witnesses. we also have the two drivers that s 're fully coopera >> he was traveling eastbound on middle harbor, about the 1900 block when he collided with a civilian vehicle. from there, the patrol car went into a parked semi. >> reporter: the police officer was knocked unconscious and responding officers couldn't get him out of the car. the jaws of life were needed. >> at this time, we are not sharing the name but he is a fairly new officer and hasn't been on the department for too long. >> reporter: as the investigation develops, police say several witnesses are helping them piece together what happened. >> it is typical for drivers to stage.
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we do have witnesses and we have the two drivers that stayed on the scene. they are fully cooperating with investigators. >> reporter: the investigator -- of the officer is in critical condition right now. officers responding to the suspicious persons diverted their attention to the officer. operating normally. c-h-p officers in west sacramento paused this morning to all traffic is being rerouted to the second gate, causing delays for truck drivers in that area. other than that, the port is operating normally. friends sat beside them.. as a memorial bell chimed in honor of officer kirk griess . the marine corps veteran was killed in a crash on interstate-80 in fairfield, friday. chp officers in the west sacramento paused this morning to remember one of their own lost in the line of duty. family and friends sat beside them as a memorial bell chimed in memory of officer kirk
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griess, after a driver veered off the road and hit him ll p ore than 700-billion dollars in funding for the military.. increase service members' salaries by nearly 3 percent.. , killing him. the president is expected to sign a defense bill named after arizona senator john mccain. the measure will provide more than $700 billion in funding for the military, increase servicemember salaries by nearly 3%, and authorize a military parade. meanwhile, former white house advisor omarosa manigault newman has released another conversation she secretly recorded of president donald trump. nicole killian shows us the president is firing back. >> there is a lot of very corrupt things happening in the white house. >> reporter: former advisor to the president omarosa manigault newman appeared on nbc's today show on monday, leased an audio conversation between her and president donald trump. g do trump? is he truly running this country. (tck #3) the recording comes ahead of her new memoir "unhinged"â and follows another secret recording she released, this one with chief of staff john kelly firing her in the super tuation room. (s >> what's going on? i just saw on the news you're
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thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly came to me and said you guys wanted me to leave. >> nobody even told me about it. they run a big operation but i didn't know it. i didn't know that. whit as of this afternoon - the white house has not i don't love you leaving at all. >> reporter: the former apprentice star, once one of the president's staunchest allies saying this brings up a major concern. >> who is running this country when president trump says "they run a big operation." is kelly truly running the company -- country? >> reporter: this follows another secret recording she released, the son with chief of staff john kelly -- this one with the chief of staff john kelly. >> let's not go down this road. this is non-negotiable. this has to do with some pretty serious integrity violations. >> reporter: the president is firing back for the former advisor, whom he has known for 15 years. >> she is a lowlife.
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>> reporter: he called her a lowlife and in a tweet called her wacky and said people in the white house hated her. she was vicious but not smart he said. manigault newman says she recorded the conversations to protect her credibility. nicole killian, cbs news, the white house. >> the white house has not commented on why john kelly held a personnel meeting inside one of the most sensitive rooms and the world. the biggest wildfire in california history... is we are looking at cooler conditions thanks to onshore flows. a live look with our roof cam and you can see clouds still out there hanging around for us. let's talk about how cool it's going to be compared to yesterday afternoon. we are talking anywhere from 3 degrees to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday and that is all thanks to that strong marine influence.
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mid-60s in san francisco today, upper 60s oakland, 80 san jose and in concord, 86 degrees. that is just how much cooler it's going to be. the air-quality is looking good thanks to that onshore flow. all look -- all locations except may be the east bay with moderate air-quality could see hazy skies. let's talk about the mendocino complex fire. thankfully, the feather -- fire weather conditions are getting better. evacuations near relative humidity about 10% to 20%. still hot, but thankfully not as gusty as we saw last week. the biggest wildfire in california history is history... but... the ranch fire... has now broken that record on its own. crews don't expect to have it completely under control... until september. forcing evacuations near lake pillsbury. the mendocino complex fire now covers more than 344,000 acres. that's an area the size of phoenix. the ranch and river fires make up the largest blaze in state history but the ranch fire has not broken that record on its
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own and crews do not expect to have it completely under control until september. interior secretary rines and king and agriculture secretary sonny perdue are in redding, california to discuss the devastating wildfire season and recovery efforts. they will meet with fire crews and california leaders to get a better idea of the challenges they are facing. last month, he was at the ferguson fire and talked about the need to clear out did brush and trees to prevent the fire from spreading. >> everyone agrees that active fire management starts by removing the dead timber and vegetation management. >> reporter: the carr fire has burned more than 200,000 acres and killed eight people including a firefighter who died last thursday. an 18-year-old woman was under the influence when she drove off a freeway in ws o to free the driver -- 18-year-old ramya ramey -- and some of the walnut creek, killing two passengers on the connection to eastbound 24 and interstate 680 yesterday. firefighters and paramedics used the jaws of life to free the driver. the 18-year-old and some of the passengers, as well. two mail passengers also died. -- male patrol "it unfortu
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passengers also died. another milestone at san 's new salesforce the driver and two female passengers were seriously injured. >> it unfortunately involves underage drinking and driving, which is the worst part. another milestone in san francisco's new sales force transit center. for the first time, work commuters disembarked at the new facility this morning. we spoke to some of the first riders. eople cheering .. the first ac transit commuter bus pulled in to the new salesforce transit center just before 6 this morning. it started at the fruitvale bart station .. and only got a lit at the bay bridge to >> this is a moment where we can actually exhale. this has been eight years in the making. anyone who has been here. anyone who will come here today, this is a phenomenal transit center. >> reporter: alerting -- lured by balloons and cheering, the first transit commuter bus pulled into the transit bus center at 6 am at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. it got only a little tied up at
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the bay bridge toll plaza. >> it was different. i worked here when it first started. it's great seeing it finished now. it's comfortable. it's a change compared to the old building. i just hope they can stay clean. >> reporter: commuters have a special appreciation for the building. >> it's amazing. i am part of the electric company that worked on it so it's pretty cool because i put in a lot of these speakers and sensors, and stuff. to see it in real life is cool. >> reporter: of the 37 bus bays in the terminal, a c transit has three of them -- ac transit has three of them. they will able to serve 24,000 people per hour and up to an additional 300 trips per day. >> we think it will reduce emissions, congestion, and most importantly stress.
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you can get out of your car and just ride. >> reporter: in addition, the bus terminal has a lot of features people are eager to check out like the outdoor space that will soon have a restaurant and amphitheater. >> i can't wait to get to the roof. that looks amazing. i have seen it on instagram. >> the transit center also includes 100,000 square feet of retail space. the two-year battle overwritten stadium is over but it is now a political battle within the city of santa clara. officials recovered the flight data information from a plane stolen in seattle. investigators want to know more about the ground worker who took it for a joyride.
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very first murder.. based on information that detectives were able to gather,
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we have identified joseph james deangelo as the sole suspect in the visalia ransacker crime series and the murder of claude snelling. police say 72- year-ol the accused golden state killer has been charged with what investigators believe was his very first murder. >> based on information detectives were able to gather, we have identified joseph deangelo as the sole suspect in the visalia ransacker crime series and a member of claude snelling. >> 72-year-old joseph -- onth. federal investigators are trying d an joseph deangelo is accused of shooting and killing claude snelling in 1975. investigators believe smelling was his first murder victim. russell flew a 76-seat aircraft above the seattle area for over an hour before crashing on friday evening. reporter jamie yuccas has the latest. he is due back in court next month. federal investigators are trying to figure out what prompted an airline ground worker to steal a passenger plane from a major u.s. airport. 29-year-old richard russell flew a 76 seat aircraft above seattle for about an hour before crashing on friday evening. reporter jamie yuccas has the latest. handle baggage and cargo - ier turboprop airb >> reporter: witnesses on the ground didn't know what to think when i saw two f-15 fighter jets pursuing an air horizon passenger plane.
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>> all of a sudden, the plane was gone, the island shook, and i thought we had been bombed. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine how and why richard russell, a nearly 4 year employee assigned to handle cargo managed to get the prop plane airborne. his conversation with air traffic control was captured on tape. >> just a broken guy who's got a few screws loose i guess. never really know it until now. >> reporter: the plane was parked at a seatac maintenance area, when investigators say russell used a towing tractor to tow the aircraft 180 degrees for the runways. russell then got behind the controls and positioned the plane for takeoff. during the roughly 75 minute flight, air traffic control tried persuading russell to land safely, including at a nearby air force base. russell conducted dangerous maneuvers before crashing into a small island. >> he just needs help controlling his aircraft.
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>> i don't need that much help. i have played some video games before. >> reporter: family and friends are shocked and heartbroken. >> he was a faithful husband, a loving son and a good friend -- friend. this is a shock to us. >> reporter: the port of seattle which oversees operations here, is meeting with airlines today to discuss security and the latest incident. jamie yuccas, seatac washington. happening today: t to appear at p the fbi announced it has recovered the flight data recorder and parts of the cockpit voice recorder from that crash. ity rent reduction of more than 4 million dollars. a clause in the contract allowed the cut if financial performance was better happening today, the mayor of santa clara is set to appear it asap -- at a press conference to discuss rent arbitration between the city and the 49ers. two years ago, the teen asked the city for a rent reduction of more than $4 million. a clause in the contract allowed the cut if financial performance was better than expected, but the city fought
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back and went to arbitration. in the arbitrator, the arbitrator raised the team rent by 22%. >> they want them to pay their fair share and that's what i believe. and also the city should play fair and not create a political theater. >> in a statement, mayor lisa gillmor said unfortunately, the 49ers have a record of we accept the arbitrator's decision to increase our annual rent payment by one- percent. it's decietful of the mayor to say otherwise." withholding payments and statements from the stadium authority. a spokesman for the 49ers says it's this deceptive approach, lack of transparency and fuzzy math that make mayor gillmor difficult to trush. -- trust. reporter maria medina will have more details on today's press conerence, at 5 and 6. "adlib big board" "adlib big board" time for a check of our weather with mar over the course of the 40-year lease, a 1% increase at the to more than $10 million. kpix 5 reporter maria medina will have more reports on the press conference today at 5:00 and 6:00. let's look at the big board and see how the stock market is doing. the dow is down about 63 points. let's check in with mary lee in
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the weather center. the temperatures have gone down. >> that's right. 3 degrees to 80 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. if it was too hot over the weekend, we are cooling down for the start of the work week. a live look with the dublin camera. you can see the hazy sunshine out there. it's really hard to make out mount diablo in the distance but currently, you can see 79 concord, 64 oakland, livermore 77, san francisco 87, san jose 73 and 70 for santa rosa at this hour. we are tracking two areas of low pressure. this is what's left of hurricane john and we have high pressure across the pacific northwest. both lows combined pushback this ridge of high pressure. that's why we have stronger onshore flows over the next couple of days. the weather headlines, hazy sunshine inland. low clouds and fog, especially along the coast.
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we are noticing that still across the bay. cooler this afternoon, near seasonal highs and onshore flows continuing through the middle part of the week. we are cheering on our oakland a's taking on the seattle mariners at first pitch 7:05 pm. breezy and cool with temperatures around 63 for the first pitch. high temperatures, we're looking at 79 in santa clara, and 89 in morgan help. 80 for san jose. some of our hotter locations further inland, brentwood 90, 86 for fairfield and then across the northbay, highs in the low 80s all the way to sonoma and about 76 for petaluma. for the mendocino complex fire, hot temperatures once again, in the mid-90s. our son sets at 8:04 pm. sunrise at 6:24 am tomorrow. a little cooler today. we are looking at cooler for tuesday with more clouds and
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the coolest day out of the 7- day forecast on wednesday. high pressure rebuilds for us as we go through the and of the work week into the weekend. we will be right back. the sunrise-sunset report brought to you by kelly moore paints. go where the pros go, kelly moore. the pros' paint store. panama --
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losing their eyesight to the disease. but now - researchers may have found an answer.. a way to help patients keep their vision longer. reporter c it's a scare for millions of people living with diabetes, losing their eyesight to the
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disease. >> but now researchers may have found an answer, a way to help them keep their vision longer. chris martinez shows us how it works. >> reporter: >> colin: watched diabetes take his aunt's vision and eventually her life. he is now on a mission to stop the disease from stealing the i said of others. >> on the inside our the phosphorous that emit a light. >> reporter: the caltech student designed lenses to r ers... ((colin cook/ contact developer @ 00:05.46)) "probably about a year and then get a new pair of lenses." ion could help mai treat neuropathy, which causes blindness in diabetics. >> they die off as a result of the diabetes, so the retina starves from lack of oxygen. >> reporter: diabetic retinopathy progresses the most overnight because our eyes burn more oxygen in the dark and in the light, so cook designed his lenses to wear while sleeping,
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emitting just enough of a glow for the retina to detect. >> to trick the eye into making it think it's daytime so it doesn't consume as much oxygen. >> reporter: preserving the cells and eyesight. >> these start to die way with the disease. >> reporter: he says they offer an alternative to painful existing treatments for retinopathy which includes injections in the eye. while the contacts can maintain their glow for up to 12 years, he foresees temporary use in the future. >> about a year and then a new pair of lenses. >> reporter: he believes it could help maintain a user's vision for years. >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs news.
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today's tip of the day is cherry tomatoes grown on the vine. it's august. it's tomato times. the varieties are crazy but one of my favorites are these cherry tomatoes on the vine because they are so sweet. selection and storage is very important. it's sold in bags like this because they will break apart from the stem. once they pull in all the nutrients from the stem, they fall off so it's nice to have the green stem. when you buy them, nice and red, nice and green stem. put them on the counter at home. let me tell you, don't store them in a refrigerator. never store tomatoes in the refrigerator. i like to cut these in half or eat them whole in a salad with a little bit of small mozzarella , the small mozzarella balls.
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it a little bit of mint, not basil. olive oil, salt, pepper, and caprese salad and a bowl. i am 2010 pillow, your fresh grocer. eat fresh, stay healthy. this is like eating a seedless grape but it's a tomato. it's small, crunchy, and sweet. ken and liz will see you at five. have a great afternoon. >> one of my favorite snacks. >> it's definitely time for lunch. >> we are all hungry. have a great day, everybody. i hope you get some lunch too. we will see you at 5:00.
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♪ >> hope: well, i hope you know i am never taking this off again. >> liam: oh, good. >> hope: [ chuckles ] >> liam: glad to hear it. >> hope: i mean, i appreciate what steffy was trying to do, but already, i mean, i'm a thousand times more comfortable with this. you know, wearing the ring that you picked out for me, instead of the one you picked out for her. >> liam: i know. i -- yeah, i get it. >> hope: this is really happening. >> liam: yeah. >> hope: a life with you. >> liam: you. me. and baby makes three.


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