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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 14, 2018 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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for this story blend in a little shakespeare who once said, what's in a name? the name here is replica, as in replicas of famous wines, made to taste the same, but easier on the wallet. allis ari is the maker of replica wines. what would the replica version of a $50 wine cost? >> $20. >> reporter: wouldn't i know it when i taste it? >> no, you wouldn't know it when you taste it. >> reporter: traditional wine making begins with the grapes. but replica begins in this denver laboratory. here famous name wines they want to replicate are analyzed down to parts per billion overseen by the director of operations and quality. >> there are a lot of chemicals in wine and they can tell us a lot of different things. >> reporter: and these chemicals tell us things like what? >> well, things like -- >> reporter: taste? >> both taste and aroma. your brain will tell you smell a
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certain way or they taste a certain way. we're able to map it out and say this wine is this buttery, this oaky, has notes of green apples in it, has a certain amount of dryness to it. the heat from the amount of alcohol. >> reporter: he and the team have created a chemical map of the distinctive flavors and happened last month. aromas. surveillance video shows mclauk then replica mixes the grapes tin pushing him to the ground. and analysis and has the chief after he confronted the girlfriend brittany jacobs over wine officer check out the a handicapped parking space. result the old-fashioned way. by tasting it. that's when he pulled out a gun. according to the charging so you're not involved in the chemistry. document, mclauk tin immediately you're involved in assessing. backed up when he saw the weapon and turned towards the store. >> i finalize the flavor as he turns away from michael profile. if we're analyzing stuff in the draka, he fires one shot. lab and the wine making team is really close and they say, hey, mclauk tin was hit in the chest we've got three or four and ran into the store, different blends we think are collapsing in front of his really, really close, i'm the 5-year-old son. he did not have a weapon. final say as to did the wine taste great. the county sheriff had initially >> reporter: zimmerman invited me for a blind taste test, which said the shooting was justified was the replica, which was the as self-defense due to florida's original. it was a wine-talk moment. so in terms of the real stand your ground law. family attorney called him a versus the replica, would it cold blooded murderer. have all of those things you
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how do you account for the just described, the tannin sheriff's initial response to this and what the attorney is now saying? taste, the dry taste, the taste >> i can't speculate on the of flowers and fruit and things like that? state of mind. >> all of the wines have those the attorney who do this day in elements. >> reporter: i could tell one and day out and apply the law to wine was different from the the facts decided that stand other, but i wrongly picked the your ground was not applicable. replica as the original. >> reporter: there is a memorial >> what i can tell you is we've for mclauk tin here at the spoken with thousands of consumers around the country parking spot. our attempts to reach michael about our wines and the reaction after the shooting have gone is just overwhelmingly positive. unanswered. he could be arraigned tomorrow >> reporter: the truth is in the on a manslaughter charge that tasting. carries a maximum sentence of 30 so, to find out, we invited some friends and neighbors to our years in prison. home here in denver, colorado to jeff? >> manuel bojorquez tonight on tell us if they like the replica the scene of where this or the real. happened. we matched the original to its many thanks. there are new details tonight about the fate of one of replica counterpart using our the children found at a new mexico desert compound raided by cost for the real wine and police ten days ago. replica's suggested prices for this came today at a court hearing for five adults arrested theirs. the first chardonnay, versus the on 11 counts of child abuse. replica called per semper. mark strassmann is there. >> this is an extraordinary our taster's tally, five for the case. >> reporter: at the bond hearing real, only two for replica. which one do you like?
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>> i like the real one. prosecutors presented a the replica doesn't have much disturbing update about his son, taste. 3-year-old abdul whose body was >> reporter: ron bauer's charlottesville don nay against found buried on this apocalyptic the retrofit, six preferred the looking compound authorities real, only one the replica. raided last week. other children found there told >> i thought it was a lot better. investigators the boy died during a religious ritual. went down a lot smoother than the replica. >> some of the children have >> reporter: then naomi pi stated these rituals were intend today cast out demonic spirits pino noir, a clear victory for from his body. replica winning 4-2 with one all five defendants knew about these rituals. tie. >> the closest so far. >> reporter: the children also said they were instructed how to >> reporter: finally, the use firearms and how to clear prisoner against replica's pick rooms in case police came to the pocket. 6 to 1 for the real thing. compound. one child was armed when police the replica just didn't match arrived. up. >> i feel like this is not a smooth. this was their ram shackle home, a trailer buried almost to the it didn't come all together for roof in the desert. in all this filth and behind me. >> reporter: but some of our tasteers said they would still this 6 foot wall of tires, buy the replica because it costs or less. sings, gunmanials, and books and that is the point says written in arabic. zimmerman. so you're not aiming to make >> he couldn't pay me enough the rolls royce of wines. you're really much more in like monday toy spend one night this the subaru, ford of wines that there. >> reporter: he said he told most of us would buy and take
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home at night for our friends. authorities back in april a missing boy was living on his >> it's a perfect analogy. property. >> i mean, what other probable >> reporter: a woman author once wrote, in wine there is truth, cause could you possibly need? >> reporter: authorities insist but it's wine buyers who will they investigated but lacked finally decide if truth really evidence. and public defenders say can be had at half the price prosecutors are overhyping the case. prosecutors say police recovered not only weapons here, but a cd detailing how to build an untraceable assault rifle and a manual on weapons training. jeff, remember those explosive allegations about kids being rained how to become school shooters? well, authorities have yet to detail any of that. >> such a crazy case. all right, mark strassmann on the scene in new mexico tonight. mark, thank you. still ahead, baltimore officer seen in this viral video is an officer no more. but up next, is google searching for you?
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treatment. >> reporter: treatment for cancer. >> there is a new lesion. >> reporter: jennifer is her doctvethe hoital and goe to dan. >> reporter: ava was diagnosed take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. with cancer in both kidneys when so you don't have to stash antacids here... she was 3. her left kidney was removed here... along with part of her right. or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. after treatment, she was declared cancer free back in one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. 2012. but then in january the cancer a women's natural lubrication varies throughout her cycle. returned. this can effect how pleasurable sex can be. two operations followed, plus this current round of chemo, and to supplement your lubrication for even better sex yet she's not letting a little try ky natural feeling. thing like cancer slow her down. the lubrication you want, nothing you don't. how can you possibly do ky natural feeling this? >> i don't know. i just kind of like push myself. get what you want >> reporter: she won a dance competition three weeks after surgery, a second with her sister emma in may. she had chemo yesterday, but said she'd be dancing on saturday, and heading to hollywood for an awards show if you do a google search next week. for a location tracking, you will likely find an associated is that remarkable to
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press report that says google y inocatio evenyohe cny >> reporter: her doctors think to emma's cancer is curable and her this could affect more than 2 family is hopeful. billion android users and angie blazer is ava's mother. hundreds of millions of iphone users who use google maps and >> i expect the best outcome, its search engine. nicolas thompson is editor in but i have to let her live her life. chief of wired magazine and a cbs news contributor. >> reporter: for now she wants he joins us from las vegas to live it doing what she loves. tonight. nick, very interesting here. you would think that turning i asked ava about this gesture your location history off would stop google from tracking you. at the end of her routine. but according to this report, >> it's supposed to be me, like that is not true. kind of like taking the cancer >> you would think so, but away from me and fighting it you're right, it isn't true. away. and that's because their apps, like google maps or some weather updates that take snapshots of ♪ >> reporter: astonishing, your location even when you've amazing ava. turned location services off. and that's because there is dean reynold chicago. another thing that google has called web and app activity that ♪ is turned on by default that ♪ ese your location. we have here a map created by a >> wow. researcher working with the a.p. if you even thought about that shows how google was able complaining today, think of ava. and that's the overnight news to track him even after he for this tuesday. turned off location services. for some of you, the new zealand >> nick, you've done a lot of continues. for others check back with us a
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little later for the morning reporting on the social giants news and, of course, cbs this and privacy. this is concerning for you, no? morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jurika duncan. >> yeah, it's concerning. i'm surprised and a little disappointed because google does take privacy seriously. and you can see why they want this location data. it helps give you better services and better ads, but when you turn off location services, you should turn this captioning funded by cbs off. >> it really does sound ridiculous when you put it that way. but that said, there is, nick, a very easy solution here, right? >> yeah, you can go to my it's tuesday, august 14th, and go to a 2018. little thing called activity this is the "cbs morning news." controls, and then web and >> oh, my god! >> flash flooding turns creeks activity, you toggle that off and this will be turned off. into raging rivers, catching >> all right. people by surprise in the northeast. so, again, it's my you open that in a browser and >> everything is damaged, all my click on the top left. nick thompson, thanks very much. computers, furniture, my bed. look at this. >> thank you so much, jeff. the water's up to here. >> okay, still ahead here secret recordings and a tonight, a pilot crashes a plane into his own home. tell-all book. president trump's former aide has a lot to say, now that she's
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officer repeatedly hitting deshaun mcguire. cbs news confirmed they had a run-in earlier this year. administrative leave. authorities in utah say a man intentionally flew a small plane into his house today t. happened south of salt lake. the pilot died. he had been arrested hours before on suspicion of assaulting his wife. she and i a boy were inside the house at the time of the crash. they were not hurt. relatives and friends of aretha franklin, the queen of soul, say she is gravely ill tonight. the 18-time grammy winner is now 76 years old. last year aretha franklin announced plans to retire. up next, a wedding that proves love can conquer all.
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there was a wedding of note over the weekend. when the groom said he took his bride in sickness and in health, some of the guests giggled. so did the happy couple because he had kept that vow before he ever made it. here's tony dokoupil with the love story. >> reporter: it sure seems like it was love at first sight for a lan -- amanda flores and frank. >> she's hot. let me see if i can talk to her. >> immediately, i said i want that. >> reporter: they met in a restaurant in alexandria, virginia in 2013 and by the following christmas they were living together. >> we were happy, finding our
3:28 am
flow, and then i got a cold. >> reporter: it wasn't a cold. she ended up in a coma for two months fighting septic shock tied to an infection. when she woke up, the doctors told her the news. >> that in order to save your life, we had to amputate your hands and your legs. i said, okay, i'm going back to sleep. i'm not dealing with that right now. i don't even know how to wrap my head around that. >> reporter: did you fear or worry that frank maybe didn't sign up for all that? >> yeah, definitely. oddly, i tried to push him away. i tried to get him to leave. >> reporter: instead, frank proposed and amanda said yes. on one condition. >> hi. >> how are you doing? >> doing great. >> reporter: she wanted to walk down the aisle. quadruple amputees are rare and amanda is only one of a small number of women in the world to have lost all four limbs. >> the likelihood of me truly
3:29 am
walking independently again was pretty slim because very few people have what it takes. >> reporter: but this past saturday, amanda was ready. what was the best part of the wedding? >> not tripping on the way. i told you, i'm pretty stubborn. let me have a floor-length gown. >> reporter: she and frank to be the vows they had long been living including the one about in sickness and in health. >> i will. >> you better. >> reporter: and, of course, amanda being amanda, she also wanted to dance. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: turns out you don't need legs to stand if you've got the heart. tony dokoupil, cbs news, potomac, maryland. >> that is the overnight news authorize this tuesd for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues on the morning news
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fr troadca cter, i'm jeff glor. >> announcer: this is the cbs overnight news. >> welcome to the overnight news. i'm jareka duncan. the latest tell-all book from an insider hits the shelves later today and it's already sending political ripples across washington. it's called "unhinged" by omarosa manigault newman. the former reality tv actress apparently walked around the white house with a tape recorder and she's been playing clips to reporters. president trump who brought her to washington now calls her a lowlife. major garret former white house aide omarosa manigault newman revealed she recorded white house conversations, including this one with president trump in december. >> omarosa, omarosa, what's
3:31 am
going on? i just saw on the news that you're thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly -- general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave. >> no, nobody even told me about it. nobody, you know they run a big operation, but i didn't know it. i didn't know that. god dim it. i don't love you leaving at all. >> reporter: over the weekend omarosa released a tape of the meeting in the situation room where chief of staff john kelly fired her. >> it's come to my attention over the last few months that there's been some pretty, in my opinion, significant integrity issues. >> reporter: in her white house communications job, omarosa had direct access to the president, owing to a friendship forged with mr. trump on his hit tv show, the apprentice. >> you know i've always been a big omarosa fan, but omarosa, you're fired. >> reporter: on saturday the president cast aside his former protege. >> low life, she's a low life. >> reporter: and continued on
3:32 am
twitter today, calling omarosa wacky and vicious, but not smart. but this is what he said in mid december just after omarosa left the white house. >> i like omarosa. omarosa is a good person. >> reporter: in her book unhinged published by a division of cbs, omarosa claimed he is unfit for office and a racist. but the last claim contradicts what she said shortly after being fired. >> do you think this president is racist? >> absolutely not. i would never sit nor work for someone who i believed to be a racist. >> reporter: during their taped conversation, chief of staff kelly said there were, quote, some serious legal issues that have been violated. whatever those were, omarosa could face other legal action for secretly recording white house conversations. >> a senior intelligence agent who was caught disparaging president trump and tweets to his girlfriend during the campaign has been fired by the fbi. paula reid reports.
3:33 am
>> reporter: peter strzok was fired more than a year after he was removed as a top investigator on the russia probe for sending text messages disparaging of then candidate donald trump. strzok's attorney says he was dismissed on friday even though the fbi's office of professional responsibility had recommended a demotion and a 60-day suspension. strzok has denied that his text messages, including one that said, we'll stop it, about mr. trump's election as president, plunsinfluenced the a investigation. >> not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinions impact any official action i took. >> reporter: a department of justice inspector general's report released in june backed up that claim, but also said the texts were evidence of a biased state of mind. the president reacted to strzok's firing by tweeting, finally. strzok himself set up a twitter account today, writing he was deeply saddened by thission.>>
3:34 am
you to answer the question in response -- >> reporter: strzok was the subject of a contentious hearing last month as republicans questioned his impartiality. >> i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed. >> i don't give a dim what you appreciate, agent strzok. >> reporter: strzok also played a lead role in the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. he is a 21-year veteran of the fbi who could now lose his pension. >> there are still more questions this morning than answers about how a ground agent at the seattle airport managed to steal a plane and take it for a deadly joy ride jamie yuccas reports. >> reporter: for more than an hour the plane soared above the ground in seattle. they had no idea who they were dealing with. a possible terrorist, or this. >> just a broken guy. got a few screws loose, i guess. never really knew it till now. >> reporter: richard russell worked for horizon air as a baggage and cargo handler at
3:35 am
c-tack which has some of the nation's most stringent security procedures foreground personnel. authorities are still at a loss for why he suddenly seized control of an empty 76-seat commuter plane. he used a tow tractor to turn the turboprop aircraft 180 degrees toward the runway, then climbed aboard without pilot training, he got behind the controls, and positioned the plane for an unauthorized take off. >> right now he's just flying around, and he just needs some help controlling his aircraft. >> no, i don't need that much help. i played some video games before. >> reporter: last year congress passed a law mandating tougher screening standards for all airport ees. groundworkers in seattle undergo criminal background checks. go through metal detectors. have their bags screened. and their fingerprints scanned to ver screenings.
3:36 am
today cbs correspondent chris van cleave spoke with tsa administrator davidca scree for things like mental health in an effective way? >> with regard to mental health, we do do screening for background checking for all airport workers. one of the things we emphasize, if you see something say something, also applies for insider threats. >> reporter: people are calling this a one in a million chance that this would happen. did you ever plan for something like this? >> i've asked the question point blank, have we ever seen this experience, and i think this is really truly one in a million experience. that doesn't mean we can't learn from it. >> manslaughter charges have been leveled against a man in a deadly parking dispute in florida. the local sheriff originally said the suspect was protected by the state's stand your ground law. manuel bojorquez reports. >> reporter: today's arrest of michael drejka was what 28-year-old marqise mcglockton's family has been asking for
3:37 am
weeks. he was his father. >> it was something that should have been done weeks ago. i'm just finally glad it happened. >> reporter: the shooting happened last no. surveillance video shows mcglockton pushing drejka to the ground. after drejka don fronted his girlfriend brittany jacobs over a handicapped parking space. that's when drejka pulled out a gun. he backed up when he saw the weapon and turned towards the store. as he turned away from michael drejka, michael drejka fired one shot. mcglockton was hit in the chest, collapsing in front of his 5-year-old son. he did not have a weapon. the county sheriff had initially said the shooting was justified as self-defense due to florida's stand your ground law. family attorney michelle rainer calls him a cold blooded murderer. how do you account for the difference between the sheriff's initial response to this and what the state attorney is now saying? >> well, i can't, you know, speculate on what the sheriff's state of mind was. the state attorneys who do this
3:38 am
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>> announcer: this is the cbs overnight news. >> president trump was in upstate new york monday, stumping for gop candidates, at least one of whom faces an uphill battle to keep her 76-seat. the area is dairy country and has been hit hard by the president's trade war. but it's not only agriculture feeling the heat. the president called for a boycott of harley davidson, which says it will move some production overseas to avoid new tariffs. nancy cordes explains. >> reporter: some manufacturers here in the u.s. are getting hit twice. first when they import raw materials and when they export the final product. as we learned on a recent trip to south carolina where some lawmakers are now being urged to take action.
3:41 am
>> do something about it. >> reporter: south carolina republican tom rice is home for august recess. >> these tariffs are taxes on the working people. >> reporter: at each of his town halls we attended, the same issue came up, trade. >> if it needs to be corrected, we all agree with that. >> reporter: south carolina is where farming meets manufacturing. bmw's spartan burg plant is the largest in the world. dozens of manufacturers have sprung up around t. >> this is the raw bar that has the 25% take on tfrmt >> reporter: this is in rock hill where they build forklift components using canadian steel. the president imposed tariffs on that steel in june, which drove up the price. >> we had to evaluate and actually pass on about a 15% increase to our customer base. >> reporter: so your customers are paying 15% more than they were before. >> correct. >> reporte.s
3:42 am
er u. >> reporter: recently south carolina's chamber of commerce sent a letter to lawmakers urging them to do whatever it takes to inform the administration about the jobs at risk due to rising tariffs. but currently five of south carolina's six gop congressmen are backing the president. rice is one of them. >> it's not free trade if you stand and let the other guy stick it to you. >> reporter: he argues that u.s. pressure will eventually force china and europe to drop high long-standing tariffs on u.s. goods. >> this is the classic example of short-term discomfort for long-term gain. >> reporter: in the meantime, msi has applied for a waiver from the tariffs on canadian steel. could you use u.s.-made steel? >> right now we can't because there is no u.s. supplier that gives us the kind of material that we use. >> reporter: and with the president considering more tariffs on chinese goods, china recently struck back increasings
3:43 am
to 40%, a move that is designed to hurt u.s. auto manufacturers like bmw right there in spartan burg, south carolina. >> a baltimore police officer resigned after disturbing video surfaced of him beating a man on the street. the officer has not been identified, but his partner has been reassigned. errol barnett has the story from baltimore police headquarters. >> yeah, that video difficult to watch, getting everyone's attention here. deshaun's attorney tells cbs news his client is in a lot of pain, suffering from a fractured jaw and fractured ribs. what is key is what led up to the incident. the beginning of the video shows them arguing before it turns violent. the punches seem to come without warning. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> reporter: deshaun mcgreer is continues to throw punches tackling mcgreer and pinning him
3:44 am
to the ground. interim baltimore police commissioner gary tug l suspended the officer immediately. saying in a statement he was deeply disturbed by the video, adding, officers have a responsibility and duty to control their emotions in the most stressful of situations. mcgreer's attorney warren brown says the officer who had been on the force just over a year tried to provoke his client. he claims the officer arrested mcgreer back in june for allegedly assaulting him. a charge mcgreer is fighting in court. >> people like that destroy the progress to reconcile the differences between the community and the police department. >> reporter: the baltimore police department has faced a number of allegations of police brutality and fabricating evidence in recent years. in january an officer was indicted after his body camera appeared to show him planting drugs at the scene of a bust. and in 2015, the city faced a series of protests following the death of freddie gray who was
3:45 am
injured in police custody and later died. brown says the policing problems cross racial lines. >> it's really not white or black. it's blue. it's the uniform that they wear and i think they take advantage of that uniform. they take advantage of the powers that have been given them. >> reporter: now, we have reached out to the baltimore police union for comment on behalf of the officers involved, and we have yet to hear back. >> the accused golden state killer joseph deangelo has been formally charged with a 13th murder and police believe this was the one that kicked off the decades-long crime spree. demarco morgan has details. >> reporter: police believe the killer began his killing spree in visalia where it escalated from sadistic burglar to serial killer. >> in my heart i believe he's the one and my father was his first victim. >> reporter: elizabeth apartments father gave up his life to save her from being
3:46 am
abducted from the so-called visalia ransacker. in september 1roo her bedroom in the middle of the night, threatened her and dragged her out to their carport. >> that's when i heard my dad yell and the man with the ski mask turned, shot my dad twice as he was coming to the back door. >> reporter: the killer fled, snelling died on the way to the hospital. she was 17 years old at the time. >> he's always been my hero. i would not be her'm sure of it. if it hadn't been for him. >> the crime started here in visalia. >> reporter: tulare county district attorney believes snelling was the first victim murdered by joseph deangelo, the suspected golden state killer. he we're filing first degree murder charges against mr. deangelo, along with an allegation that he used a firearm in the commission of that murder. >> reporter: during the 1907s and '80s deangelo committed at least 12 other murders and 50 rapes in ten california
3:47 am
counties. dna evidence led to his arrest in april deangelo is not dectly linked to snelling's murder by dna, jason salazar said he can prove he was the ransacker. >> we have witnesses that can identify mr. deangelo as the suspect in that time. they were tied directly to the murder of snelling. >> reporter: he worked as a police officer about 12 miles away in the town of exeter. he is also suspected of 1 #00 burglaries and attempted sex assaults in visalia. >> the only crime that we can attribute to mr. deangelo that has not passed the statute of limitations is the murder of mr. snelling. >> reporter: deangelo has not yet entered a plea in his criminal cases. >> i'm just happy he's caught. he's a very evil person. >> the your acceptance is guaranteed. it's hard to believe, but i've been talking about the colonial penn life insurance company for almost 25 years.
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she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. most times the knock off or replica is nowhere near as good as the real thing. think about louis vuitton hand bags or beatle mania. but what about wine? stn.y petersen sampled
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