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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  August 15, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this wednesday, why the white house says it is revoking g e security clearance of former c.i.a. director john brennan. and, a mass overdose in one new england city puts the focus on the growing danger of a spreading synthetic drug. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> reporter: the white house is taking on the former head of the c.i.a. >> mr. brennan has a history that calls into question his objectivity and credibility. >> if mr. trump believes that this is going to lead me to go away and be quiet, he is very badly mistaken. >> reporter: the death toll rising after a bridge collapse in italy. ta italy's prime minister has announced a 12-month state of emergency. >> reporter: more fallout from the report on child sex abuse by priests. >> reporter: the catholic church
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used what amounted to a playbook for concealing the truth. >> reporter: victims filed a se.suit saying you were conspiring to cover up the abuse. >> totally false. >> reporter: a new report found that popular breakfast foods and foreals contain a chemical that uln be linked to cancer. >> researchers found trace caounts of a chemical used to kill weeds, in oats. >> students return to class this morning at marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> and school leaders are unveiling major upgrades to the security system. >> it doesn't make me feel safer, no, not at all. >> about 80 cars were torched overnight in sweden by masked n.ndals. >> police saying these were arson attacks that were coordinated on line by youth gangs. >> a close call at the springfield branson national airport. >> officials say that people are driving through runways to get to a company picnic. >> wow! that was not a wise decision. >> glor: this is our western edition. good evening, i'm jeff glor, and we're going to begin tonight with the president and the former head of the c.i.a. in a surprise announcement
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today, the white house said that john brennan would be stripped of his security clearance. these two men do not like each other. the white house says brennan has made unfounded, irresponsible claims and has indicated he made money off his access, this after brennan said "it's astounding how often you fail to live up to minimum standards of decency, civility, and probity. seems like you will never understand what it means to be president." major garrett has more on all this. >> reporter: at the white house lriefing today, press secretary sarah sanders read a statement from the president: >> "i've decided to revoke the security clearance of john brennan, former director of the central intelligence agency. th. brennan's lying and recent conduct characterized by tecreasing frenzied commentary e wholly inconsistent with the access to the nation's most closely held secrets, and thcilities." >> reporter: brennan reacted shortly afterwards on msnbc.
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>> reporter: brennan served as c.i.a. director under president obama, and was part of the team that briefed president-elect trump on russian interference in the 2016 election. >> president putin was extremely owrong and powerful in his denial today. >> reporter: after the president's press conference with russian president vladimir putin last month, brennan steeted, "it was nothing short of treasonous." this was brennan last night: >> i think donald trump has d dly sullied the reputation of the office of the presidency. er reporter: in an interview with jeff glor in mid-july, mr. trump made his disdain for brennan clear. br oh, i have no confidence in a guy like brennan. i think he's a total low-life. >> reporter: former government r:ficials often retain security searances so they can advise their successors. sanders said the administration was reviewing the clearances of several other former obama administration officials, and
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bruce orr, a justice department attorney, who was in contact tath the former british spy claiming to have dirt on mr. trump. >> glor: so, major, so this has been talked about for a while. r y-- why the announcement, then, this afternoon? >> reporter: well, the white house may have been looking to inange the subject from allegations of racism and corruption leveled by top presidential aide-- former top presidential aide-- omarosa manigault newman, and the ongoing fraud trial of former campaign general chairman paul manafort. and there's evidence, jeff, today's move was exactly that-- an effort to change the subject. when the white house first released the president's statement, it carried the date of july 26, strong evidence this decision had long since been made. white house aides then released endifferent statement that was ementical in every respect, except for adding today's date. >> glor: okay, major garrett at the white house. major, thanks. we do have more tonight on the hatholic church sex abuse icandal.
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a pennsylvania grand jury says more than 300 priests sexually abused more than 1,000 children, and likely thousands more, over seven decades. nikki battiste explains how church leaders protected the priests, putting children at risk. >> reporter: a trove of documents containing allegations and admissions of sexual abuse was kept locked up in what the church calls its "secret archives," with the only key in the bishop's hands. >> the cover-up made it impossible to achieve justice for the victims. >> reporter: pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro laid out a pattern of atnsistent, decades-long cover- up across the six dioceses. the files contained strategies that were practically a playbook for concealing the truth. among the tactics for church record-keeping, "use euphemisms. never say 'rape '. r y 'inappropriate contact or roundary issues.' even if a priest is raping children, keep providing housing and living expenses. above all, don't tell the
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police. handle it like a personnel matter, in house." as church officials protected predator priests, careers continued to rise. >> many have been promoted. bishop wuerl is now cardinal wuerl. .> reporter: washington, d.c. archbishop cardinal donal wuerl hiesided over 32 accused priests during his 18 years at the pittsburgh diocese. he sat down with us the night before the report's release. >> during my tenure, we acted very appropriately, with, many times, removal from ministry, .otally and completely. >> reporter: but according to the grand jury, in 1991, wuerl reassigned an accused priest, prnest payon, to the reno diocese. in 1995, he returned george zirwas, a member of a pedophile ring, to ministry. victims filed a lawsuit against and you a few others, saying you were conspiring to cover up the abuse. ery truth to that, during your
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w me in pennsylvania? ut i would have to say that's-- that's just totally-- totally false. >> reporter: we reached out to cardinal wuerl's representatives after the report's release, and they say he stands by his interview with us. sd, jeff, so far, the vatican has not commented. o glor: is it possible at this point, nikki, that any of the atergy involved in the alleged cover-up could face criminal charges? >> reporter: yes. if they failed to report child sex abuse allegations, they could be prosecuted. >> glor: okay, nikki battiste, thank you for your work on this story. after 11 days of testimony, the first case prosecuted by special counsel robert mueller is now in the hands of a federal jury in alexandria, virginia. six men and six women heard closing arguments today in the bank fraud and tax-evasion trial of paul manafort, the one-time trump campaign chairman. deliberations will begin tomorrow morning. if he is convicted, prosecutors are recommending manafort get as arch as ten years in prison. it was the first day of school today at marjory stoneman
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douglas high school in parkland, florida. six months after 17 students and staff members were killed, another 17 were wounded, new security measures are now in place. but, as adriana diaz reports from parkland, some still don't ndel safe. >> bye, mickey. >> reporter: carlos rodriguez greeted the day with both excitement and dread. >> this is my first time driving myself to school. i'm kind of excited because it's my senior year. and it's also six months and one day after the anniversary of what happened at my school. as the day gets closer, i've become more nervous. there's a helicopter. that's a trigger for some of my friends. there's a code red going on. >> reporter: it reminds them of february's rampage. rodriguez recorded himself hiding that day with his friend, then-junior alec lisarraga. >> this year, it's like a different feeling. i really don't want to go back.
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>> reporter: why not? >> it's-- i-- i just don't want to be there anymore. >> in the back of my mind, there's still the thought of a ngooter coming into campus. >> reporter: but officials say the school is now safer than ever. reere are more cameras, 18 security staff, and doors that anck automatically. >> parkland is the heart of this movement. >> reporter: senior jaclyn corin pushed for gun reform this clmmer with her classmates and teens touched by urban gun violence. >> i think we all don't want parkland to be a dirty word anymore. we want parkland to be a word that people feel inspired by. >> reporter: it's that positivity that helped rodriguez get through day one. >> i tried to keep a smile as much as i could, and i think that's what i'm going to have to do for the rest of year. >> reporter: some students are g t returning this year, like 15-year-old anthony borges, who was shot five times and told us he's afraid to go back. o t, overall, enrollment this buar is steady.
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students told us they want to be tth people who can empathize emth them, not sympathize. heff. >> glor: yeah, adriana, i liked what jaclyn said there-- "she doesn't want parkland to be a dirty word. she wants people to be inspired by it." diat's pretty well said. byriana, thanks. more bodies were recovered today from that highway bridge collapse in the italian port city of genoa. the death toll is now up to 39. the prime minister declared a state of emergency as the search alr victims continues tonight. here is charlie d'agata in genoa. >> reporter: valentina galbusera arows how very close she came to plunging over that bridge. e. i would have died. >> reporter: you would have died? y yeah. >> reporter: the mother of two said the bridge started shaking violently, then the giant a- frame tower in front of her collapsed like flour. >> the column, yes, fall down, like flour. or reporter: like flour. >> like flour, and it was like, thso, the twin towers. >> reporter: just dust. >> yes. >> reporter: she abandoned her
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car and ran for her life. british tourists nicola and lisa henton mitchell were a bit further back. >> people started shouting, waving their arms to reverse. >> we couldn't go anywhere. tod the car in front hit the front of our car, and then people were running, screaming in italian, "run! out!" an reporter: today, new fears that more of the 3,900-foot bridge might plummet prompted authorities to evacuate hundreds more residents. and new photos have emerged, appearing to show just how badly the bridge had deteriorated before collapsing. when galbusera got home last night, she hugged her two young daughters like she had never done before. >> all my family and my friends, yes. >> reporter: as the rescue mission enters its second night, the fire chief in charge told us today, there is still reason to hope those huge concrete slabs afford more air space than, say, e attened buildings. jeff. >> glor: we certainly hope so.
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charlie d'agata in genoa again, atanks. isis is blamed for a deadly attack today in the afghanistan capital of kabul. a suicide bomber targeted teenagers preparing for university entrance exams. nearly 50 were killed, dozens wounded. there are now about 14,000 u.s. service members in afghanistan in america's longest war, helping in the fight against isis and the taliban. the economic and diplomatic disputes between the u.s. and turkey escalated today. turkey imposed about half a billion dollars in tariffs on u.s. goods. the two countries remain at odds over an american pastor who is o w under house arrest in turkey, facing terrorism charges. gelower turkish court today rejected his appeal for release, while the white house said it will consider lifting some sanctions if the pastor is set free. here's holly williams. or reporter: this is an economic war, according to turkey, and the enemy is america, its nato ally.
5:43 pm
the turkish lira has been falling in value for months, but last week, it plummeted 20% because of a dispute with washington over this man, andrew geunson, an evangelical pastor orom north carolina who has lived in turkey for more than 20 acars and is accused by the turkish government of terrorism and spying. pastor brunson has been detained edre in turkey for nearly two y ars. the u.s. says it's seen no credible evidence against him. >> i have a message, on behalf of the president of the united states of america. release pastor andrew brunson now, or be prepared to face the consequences. >> reporter: those consequences are u.s. sanctions, and a doubling of tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum, announced by president trump on friday. in retaliation, turkey's doubled tariffs on u.s. passenger cars, coal, and other goods, and
5:44 pm
announced a boycott of u.s. electronic goods. these angry turks tore up fake s llar bills in protest. many people here believe this crisis is all the fault of the u.s., even though experts have oen warning of danger signs for turke, some blaming turkey's orthoritarian president, recep tayyip erdogan. a defiant president erdogan said, "they have their dollars, we have our god," last week. but though the turkish lira rallied somewhat today, the odrkets do not share his faith in the turkish economy. .eff. >> glor: a dispute that seems to have no end right now. holly williams in istanbul, thanks. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," dozens are treated after a mass overdose on a drug that seems to be s erywhere now. ted later, the search for a pregnant mother and her little rcrls. pregnant mother and her little girls.
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responded to a mass overdose. utarly 50 people have been toeated after taking synthetic marijuana which can be 100 times more powerful than normal pot. as tony dokoupil reports, it is a growing national problem. >> reporter: calls began streaming in after 8:00 a.m. >> 911 responding to an e.m.s. alarm. >> reporter: dozens of people suffering from nausea, vomiting, some unconscious, suspecting of overdosing on a synthetic marijuana known as k2. >> and even while we were trying to return people to service, they were passing victims on the ssound. >> reporter: during this press conference on the new haven green, another apparent victim. >> we're getting another call of a person. >> reporter: emergency workers lsh in to respond.not ng! >>eporter: trug enforcement administration has tried to crack down on the distribution of k2, but it hasn't stopped the rise in use. across the country in the past three years, more than 13,000 people have reportedly been
5:48 pm
sickened by synthetic cannabinoids like k2-- over 1,200 in the first seven months of this year alone. in may, nearly 60 people overdosed on a batch of the drug in brooklyn, and officials in connecticut called today's scene part of a national epidemic. >> it's a nationwide problem that people are self-medicating for several different reasons. >> reporter: this afternoon, police arrested one man believed d be tied to the overdoses here. and just moments ago, we learned of a second arrest. now, jeff, no fatalities reported, but it's important to point out that synthetic marijuana is chemically different and much more eangerous than the legal egrijuana now available in many u.s. states. jeff. >> glor: and as we can see, still an active scene behind you. an alarming story. tony, thanks. coming up next here on the "cbs evening news," a race to a barbecue nearly ends in a runway disaster. (video-game dance music)
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5:52 pm
about four months pregnant. she was last seen with her daughters, ages four and three, on monday in frederick, colorado, north of denver. sudeo has surfaced of a close call at the airport in springfield, missouri. this is a van speeding across a runway seconds before a plane takes off. >> that was very close. lo glor: the jet, carrying 50 people, was headed to chicago. no one was hurt here. the van driver says ground control cleared him to cross the runway. he says he was racing to get to an employee barbecue. we do have an update now on ed o'keefe's story last night about ethan sonneborn, the 14-year-old candidate for the democratic nomination for governor in narmont. he finished fourth, with 8% of the vote. christine hallquist got 48%, becomes the first transgender candidate in the nation to win a major party nomination for governor. up next here, a young baseball fan puts on a clinic in class. fan puts on a clinic in class.
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5:57 pm
>> no, very important. >> now he wants another one. >> that's great. >> oh! how about that! how nice is that! when an adult catches a foul ball, you say, "give it to the kid." kit when a kid catches it and gives it to a younger kid, that will melt your heart. oh! >> how great is that? >> i'm not crying-- you're crying. >> and he shakes his hand. look at that. he when you sour on humanity, even for a moment, please, think of that. >> reporter: so your dad catches the ball. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: we caught up with 10-year-old travis blackwell and seven-year-old michael ogden at the park. >> i said, "can i give this ball to that kid down there, because it's his birthday today?" back a couple of years ago, i went to a lansing lugnuts game, and an adult gave me a ball, and it just made my day.
5:58 pm
so i wanted to make his day, ngst be a blessing to him. in i was kind of bummed, and then i saw him catch a ball, and he just came down and gave it to me. i think it was awesome. >> reporter: and so was this moment, today. >> and the ball came over the net, and the guy gave it to me, and then this little girl was sitting behind us, and i gave the ball to her, and it was her first baseball she has ever had. >> reporter: you got a ball a couple of years ago from a complete stranger. last night, you gave a ball to a complete stranger. and then today, you gave a ball to a complete stranger. >> line of awesomeness. >> reporter: yeah! a line of awesomeness. we should all get in that line to pay it forward. vladimir duthiers, cbs news, detroit. >> glor: absolutely great job, guys. that was amazing. that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm jeff glor. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. captioned by media access group at wgbh
5:59 pm killing him *and the man he'd pulled over.. . breaking news. the chp says a man who drove into a chp officer killing him and the man he pulled over was distracted by his phone and going way too fast. newsroom with details, ken good evening. in just the past half-hour, c- h-p announced: the suspect faces 2 counts of i'm allen martin. >> ken bastida is in the news room with new details. >> reporter: chp announcing the suspect faces two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter and one count of wreckless driving. this comes five days after the death of officer grist. this happened in fairfield of friday. a pickup truck veered over as griess was conducting a traffic stop with a valejo man and it struck and killed them both. >> we have made an arrest on
6:00 pm
shawn walker, he's 36 years old from rockland, california. mr. walker has been charged with two counts of felony manslaughter. one count of wreckless driving causing fatal injuries and also we have evidence that he was distracted by his phone at the time of the collision. jamie manuel o >> reporter: officer griess is survived by his wife and three children. the other man, jaime manuel's wife is flying in from the philippines. a first of its kind in la. a full body scan on the way to a train. >> we wanted to know if this kind of tech could bars. we spoke to one director who said yes. phil? >> reporter: liz, for years people have talked about what about being able to scan people as they go into bart? after all, 's


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