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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in mountain viewer leer this year, he told the thousands that the company had been reflecting on the company. >> we know the path ahead needs to be navigated carefully and deliberately. and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to get this right. >> reporter: months later his own workers would hold them to his ideals. google had been working on a secret project, code name dragon fly. it was a search engine for china. the "new york times" broke the news. they wanted to raise urgent morale and ethical issues. we urgently need more transparent sea, a tate -- transparency, a seat at the table. google employees need to know what we're building. anne calls him activist employees. >> there is plenty of research
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that supports the companies whose actually stock values does the best over time are those that manage their human resources effectively. so this kind of engagement in listening to employees is certainly part of that. >> reporter: for years silicon valley companies have had a frustrating relationship with china trying to gain a foothold there. government sensor, in 2010 google pulled out its search engine after the company said it discovered evidence of government cyber attacks. who can forget the late congressman, tom lantos who publicly scolded yahoo executives about cooperating with chinese police. >> there are important activity in china are a disgrace. i simply do not understand how your corporate leadership sleeps at night.
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>> reporter: it's understandable why tech companies keep coming back to china. the largest base of internet users in the world. now with this protest letter, it's complicated. >> china represents a great opportunity for them to grow their business. so it's natural that they would consider that but they have to balance out that desire for growth with the expressions of concern that they're coming from their own work force. >> reporter: so a couple of months ago google got some complaints from its employees about a government contract with the pentagon to develop artificial intelligence. they listened to their employees and promised to not renew that contract with the pentagon. so the company does have a track record of listening to these complaints. by the way, we want to apologize for some of these profanities that were shouted at the introduction to this story. we're live in mountain view. any day a federal judge in los angeles could pave the way for a big change to presidential elections. a lawsuit aims to
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make california award electoral college votes. melissa caen joins us. melissa. >> so for decades there have been calls to change the electoral college system. and after the 2016 election the calls got louder. while the constitutional amendment would be one way to make a change, one group is trying to do it through the courts. >> we need a better way to elect the president. >> reporter: josh says the current system of electing a president is not equal. and the problem is the states. >> for many years essentialy every state including california has awarded all of the electoral vosohene t state's popular vote. >> it's called a winner take all system. votes in california. that's why a nonprofit called equal citizens are suing. >> the votes were tossed out.
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the republican candidate donald trump got zero votes from california. >> reporter: he wants his electoral votes to be awarded proportionally. california has 55 electoral college votes. in 2016 they all went to hillary clinton. if the votes were distributed proportionally that year, she would have gotten 35, donald trump would have gotten 17. and for those who don't like the prospect of so many california votes going to a republican, consider texas where the opposite would happen. in that state there are 38 electoral college votes and a winner take all system. a distributed proportionally in 2016 trump would have gotten 21 votes, clinton 16 votes and dpaery johnson one vote. equal citizens is using courts to try to get rid of winner take all. >> our lawsuits say equality means equality. and so that's the legal theory that we're operating under.
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>> reporter: the group filed lawsuits in california, massachusetts, texas and south carolina. state attorney general javier becera is defending california law system. the majority rule, that's a cornerstone of american elections. >> the state of california has moved to dismiss the lawsuit and we're expecting a decision on that any day. but even if they lose, they will appeal and they're prepared to go all the way to the u.s. supreme court. melissa caen, kpix 5. police officers fighting a proposed change to the police use of force policy. just yesterday police invited politicians to use a shooting simulate or at the state capital. they wanted lawmakers to see what it's like to face life or death situations. the legislation aimed to change the standard for police use of force from reasonable to necessary. well now the senate referred the measure back to the senate rules committee. the driver accused in a
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distracted driving crash that killed a c.h.p. officer is out on bail. 36-year-old man was using his cell phone in solano county last week when he plowed into officer griess. they tried to catch distracted drivers on the road. >> reporter: eating and talking on the phone all while driving on westbound i-80 in berkeley. she's not alone. there are plenty of distracted drivers on the road. that's why the c.h.p. is reminding people driving is not a privilege. >> a lot of times we'll have a traffic collision, a common cause of it will be someone who's looking at their cell phone, looking down, not seeing traffic coming to a stop in front of them. >> we're going to send out a few flares just as a visual deterrent to keep people off the shoulder. >> reporter: got to see some of
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the hazards officers face. and the unsafe behavior they often see on the phrase, like this man that abruptly crossed over four lanes of traffic >> you have to be patient. everyone is trying to get to a location. i think it's that impatience that some break the rules. >> reporter: last week a driver killed officer kirk griess and another officer in fairfield. the driver was arrested for reportedly speeding and using the phone. >> trying to always be alert. never having my back to traffic. i want to always keep my eyes on the vehicles that are approaching me. >> reporter: they say it's an old message but it's worth repeating. don't drive distracted. in the east bay, i'm da lin kpix 5. tomorrow is the procession for c.h.p. officer kirk griess.
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the service begins at 11:00 a.m. a driver is accused of assaulting an intoxicated woman. he was employed by uber but was not working for uber at the time of the incident. investigators believe that he picked up the victim in san francisco on july 14 and sexually assaulted her while driving to union city. the suspect was arrested tuesday. san mateo police are looking for a man who they say posed as a rideshare driver and sexually sauld a woman. -- assaulted a woman. police say the victim was eventually able to escape and flag down a passerby on fashion island parkway. detective are searching security and traffic cameras for video of the suspect's car. >> share it with friends if you see someone matching the description or you know the identity of that suspect, please relay it to us. >> officers are offering safety advice for anyone who uses those rideshare services. first make sure your driver knows your
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name. a legitimate driver will be provided that information through the rideshare app. double-check that the car and license plate matches the information that you've been provided. most importantly they say trust your gut. in santa cruz county a 19-hour police standoff is over. police say the suspect broke into a neighbor's home after a dispute at around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. police say he shot at two women inside the home then returned to his house on santa cruz avenue and barricaded himself inside. he surrendered, both women are recovering from their injuries. swarmed by dozens of bikers banging on windows, the chaos on the san jose roadway. scammers blackmailing bay area restaurants. the threat to pose terrible reviews if they don't pay up. a tree goes up in flames. a home owner tries to protect his property. the fire that quickly moved up the bay area hillside. this is not a bed.
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. caught on camera, a group f cell phone videor a sadwa shows them popping wheelies, knocking down windows. kpix 5 len ramirez spoke to a driver
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who got caught in the middle of the pack. >> reporter: for janet smith and her husband, it wasn't a typical sunday drive. >> motorcycles passed us and we thought well, there it goes. another one and then another one and then my husband said there were between 30 and 50. >> reporter: she says they seemed to swarm around everywhere doing stunts and wheelies, and even knocked on the car window. >> they said you're in our way. slow down. and he said i was here first. you know, i don't know where else to go. they were to the right, they were to the left, they were behind us. >> reporter: she recorded this cell phone video all the while fearing that someone was going to get hurt. the motorcycle stunt riders were more interested in showing off to their friends and youtube followers than anything else and the dangers that they pose are to themselves. but their antics can trigger emotions and other drivers, such as road rage.
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four years ago bikers in new york city, the terrifying driver plowed through several bikes injuring a rider. the bikers chased down the rider took him out and beat him. >> you just don't know. >> reporter: what should people do in that situation? >> the first thing to do is to call 911. >> reporter: reports of similar biker incidents have been on the increase. he says drivers should never speed or try to outrun the bikes but call in license plates and descriptions of the bikes. >> reporter: easier for you to relay that to us. >> reporter: he says stunt rider is illegal and dangerous. they can get a few which can lead to other arrests. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> here's the thing, c.h.p. says popping wheelies without using your hands is considered reckless driving. that means you can get a ticket. scammers are threatening restaurants in san francisco to
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pay up or get negative online reviews. the city's d.a. says a number of eateries have received scams. san francisco's water bar received one this week from someone claiming to be a former employee. >> she had been hired by a competitor restaurant to write a damaging review of the restaurant and take photos of our food with hair and bugs in it. >> they wanted to help alert other restaurants to the scheme. in one case the scammers even manufactured a phony press release as part of the extortion plot. bart is back on track this evening after a string of issues through the early morning commute in the chaos. that included a cracked rail on the fremont line, a faulty sensors along the tracks through downtown oakland and a train that ran into debris in downtown
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san francisco. nobody hurt in all of that, but there were a system-wide delays until 7:00 a.m. as bart crews document with all those problems. a bill that would fast track housing, proposal by san francisco would require the transit agency to establish new zoning standards on bart owned lands that are used for parking lots at the moment. lawmakers decided to accepted it to the senate floor for debate. a close call for some homeowners in healdsburg. a fire broke out around 2:00 this afternoon in a neighborhood surrounded by wineries. and the madrona manor hotel. >> reporter: they believe it was down there at the bottom of that hill. you can see following the burnt grass that it burnt up the hill all the way up into the trees where you can see cal fire -- other firefighters
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working to put hot spots out. it started about 1:30 this afternoon and spread quickly to about 5 to 10 acres. they have stopped progress which is excellent because it was threatening about a dozen homes. they brought in three aircraft to fight this fire because it was tricky terrain. emily turner, kpix 5. there's an air quality advih this sunday because wind could blow in smoke from the fires burning to the north. the warning, be careful outside until smoke levels subside. >> good advice. paul deanno is live where football powerhouse is live for the so-called game of the decade. what a title. >> reporter: well, here in concy home football game is a big deal. but tomorrow night is an especially big deal because it's going to
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be no. 1 versus no. 2 in all of northern california and potentially an early playoff game in august. we're standing out here in the 38-yard line. let me show you the video. how could we talk about a playoff game in august and why? it's not only the two top teams, the powerhouse from the sacramento area, only one norcal team gets a chance to play in the california open division championship. for the past nine years that's been de la salle. but tomorrow of the loser's game will not be that team. so it's basically a playoff game. coaches say they know how much is at stake. >> there's some screws we have to tie in coming in the first game. so we have to come in well at the beginning of the game. >> watching the stands, every one cheering. >> reporter: 7:30 tomorrow night. this has only been here,
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this new astroturf for a week and a half. it's the second football stadium in america to get it. there's special padding under the turf. it's supposed to help out with concussions. so a safer football field for both teams and anybody who plays on the field like this. the astroturf ceo is going to be here tomorrow to talk about it. it's quite the technology here in concord. the forecast for tomorrow is going to be hot and hazy. 93 degrees tomorrow. 95 in concord on saturday. higs today, concord hit 91, san jose, 78. san francisco, 66. a lot of big events coming this weekend. the pope street blues festival this weekend in san francisco, 65 with sunshine in the afternoon. high pressure is returning that's why it will get a little more hazy tomorrow. that's why it's trending upward when it comes to temperature. fog will be in the water overnight tonight, but not inland. we're going to warm up
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friday and saturday and plan on hazy sunshine. i have to note 2 different governmental groups here, the bay area air quality management system issued the advisory. tomorrow is going to be moderate air quality, but two different agencies can get two different types of warnings. air quality is expected to be in the moderate range tomorrow. livermore tomorrow, 94 degrees. vallejo 86, but only 66 in san francisco. 61 in pacifica. your extended forecast calling t test day inland to be saturday with a high of 98 degrees. look at the difference from the coastline. only one day above 60. near the bay we'll stay near the 60s and 70s into next week. back out here live in concord, we are talking about a big football game kickoff at 7:30 tomorrow central valley powerhouse full some taking on de la salle which has not lost to a northern california fleam in 27 years. that's your kpix 5 forecast. back to you.
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a raging fire tornado in northern california. we're learning it claimed the life of a firefighter. the science behind this phenomenon. the fight at dodgers stadium and the 49er rookie would stop at nothing to play football. not even a funeral. we're up next. right now, you can get my munchie mash-ups for just three bucks! crispy hash browns and tasty white cheese. mashed up with your choice of savory egg and bacon, buffalo chicken and ranch,
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dodgers...but it's all l.a. outfieder yasiel puig who got punch from ma the fallout from the ball at the hall continues for the giants and dodgers, but it's l.a. outfielder yasiel puig. the two exchanged words after puig fouled off a pitch. he took a couple swings at the giant catcher. hundley who said something that got the party started. he was fine for his
6:24 pm
role. pebble beach, players having to play through a deer delay. south san francisco isaiah salinda set up his first birdie of the day to square his match with stewart hagerstad. breaking news, it's over, i'll tell you what happened. if your boss canceled work, how quick would you be in your car headed home? that was the case for the raiders today when jon gruden gave everybody the day off. no sooner did he make that audible, the players were running for the exits and back to alameda. been quite a week for the raiders tackle. penn agreed to take a pay cut and has been liningat r. hey, grudin just appreciates that pen is on the field and not drinking cherry juice. >> you know, i think he'll tell
6:25 pm
you that he's a little rusty and that's one thing to condition over here in an air-condition tent drinking cherry juice. they get sponged down, they get cherry juice to recover. >> it's different when you get to block justin and all these character. so he needs a lot of cherry juice i'm sure today. >> you notice those little sudden digs that grudin takes at his players? and houston 49ers round pick mike got some good work in against j.j. watt. he's been practicing all his life against a family full of football players that never missed a chance to tackle each other, including at his grandmother's wake. >> my grandmother was a very popular woman, and the wake, the night before the funeral was a long, long line of people waiting to see my family. and so i was six or seven at the time and there was about ten of us the same age.
6:26 pm
and we kind of, you know, were getting fed up with waiting around, so we played football out front on the lawn and played some tackle football in our suits and stuff. and blew off some steam. i think she probably would have wanted it that way. >> grandma in the coffin at the wake. you know, typical irish men, right? i can say that. you can see the 49ers/texas ans. texans. >> go get some cherry juice. >> indeed. i need it. >> cherry juice ? our next half-hour, incredible video of a fire tornado in northern california. it trapped and killed a firefighter. using kids to do the dirty work, the baby formula heist all caught on camera. gray whale cove, the plan to make this tough pedestrian an
6:27 pm
crossing much safer. and paying respect to the queen of soul. we look back at aretha franklin's incredible legacy.
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new video of the most intense tornado ever recorded in california. the flaming vortex was generated . our top story at 6:30. new video of the most intense tornado ever recorded in california. the flaming vortex was generated by the car fire in shasta county. and we learned today it was responsible for the death of jeremy stoke last month. he was overcome in seconds as 165 miles per hour winds pushed the flames right over him. kpix 5 reporter julie watts has more on the science behind the frightening phenomenon. >> the actual vortex is right here even though the whole region is rotating. >> reporter: it's an incredible sight. >> you can clearly see the winds going like this in the circulation. >> reporter: this video released by cal fire clearly shows the car fire winds and flames moving
6:31 pm
in opposite directions forming a massive vortex. the base of the tornado, 1,000 feet. with winds ranging from 136 to 165 miles per hour, some of the worst in california history. and peak temperatures 2700 degrees. the aftermath captured by kpix cameras. >> this is not the first time it's happened and it's not the last. >> yeah, a fire tornado or fire whirl is a phenomenon. >> reporter: climate change may be contributed to fire brush. which men low fire's -- we can go in and mitigate the problem. >> reporter: he says there's a need for offseason control burns and vegetation management to help prevent extreme fire events that are becoming more common and deadly. >> predictability of what we can see is a norm before is completely out the window.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: but as fire seasons worsen, technology is improving and may some day help save lives detecting fire tornadoes in their early stages. >> you can monitor fires with remote sensing technology. >> reporter: he says similar to a doppler radar which traps water particles, they have a radar that can detect the early formation of a vortex. he sees a future could end up on every fire truck in the field. in menlo park, julie watts. there will be no deal for the defendants in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. instead they will each face trial on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter after district attorney nancy o'malley told the presiding judge a deal is now off the table. judge james kramer rejected a joint
6:33 pm
deal last week saying he didn't express remorse. we are learning new details about how an iraqi refuge accused of having ties to isis made it to sacramento. federal authorities are prepared to extradite him. and they explain why they're calling this a breakdown in the immigration system. >> an alleged member of the islamic state and al-qaeda arrested in sacramento. 45-year-old settled here as a refuge until court documents revealed his home country wanted him back in connection with a killing. as a result, the u.s. citizenship and immigration services granted him refuge status. federal immigration hasn't made a request for our
6:34 pm
story. this case appears to be relatively nature failure. >> reporter: david is with the new america foundation. the foundation tracks the number of terrorist related refugees or asylum seekers charged in the u.s. it's counted 19 in the u.s. since 9/11. that includes this iraqi refuge accused of fighting syria. >> this is a serious case. >> reporter: he was approved through a system president trump has promised to overhaul. even seeking a temporary ban on international refugees. so how are refugees screened and approved? the council on foreign relations says it's thorough. but doesn't say what it's looking for. u.s. officials conduct interviews and background checks qualifying applicants with no criminal
6:35 pm
history are then cleared to enter the u.s. as for omar, he'll be back in federal court on monday. in sacramento. police released new video of the baby formula theft and the suspects used children to help pull off the crime. it looks like a regular shopping trip at target. but security cameras caught these moms and kids stealing the baby formula. police say this isn't the first time these women and children were captured on cameras taking formula. >> the kids obviously by looking at the video, they know what they're doing and they've been -- it doesn't appear to be the first time they've done it. >> using your kids is dirty. it's wrong. it's not fair to them. makes it even worse.>> thae wrod ing your kids unfortunately. but it does happen. how sad. >> on august 11, police say the women and children were caught at the same target twice in the
6:36 pm
same day. the next day they were reportedly seen at another target also stealing baby formula. in placer county police are looking for four men who stole thousands of dollars in products in the apple store. surveillance individual is yoe shows the men in action. they stole 20 iphones, two mack book pros and one ipad mini. a bus carried 45 passengers ended up in a ditch. it happened on southbound 101. the driver says a mechanical issue caused the bus to steer right. that's when it ended up in that ditch. we're told no one was injured. aretha franklin, the queen of soul known for respect hast f gendy
6:37 pm
>> we look back at her legacy. >> reporter: she sang and lived with soul and style. ♪ [music] ♪ >> reporter: daughter of a baptist preacher, she got her start in the church choir. she became a single mother in her teens, but she never stopped pursuing her dream. by the 1960s she was known as the queen of soul. her biggest hit, respect, became the anthem of the civil rights. franklin won two grammies of the song and honorary award from martin luther king jr. >> reporter: franklin recorded more than 40 top 40 singles. and collected 18 grammy awards for her signature mix of gospel,
6:38 pm
blues, rock and pop. >> just hopefully i touched someone in a positive way. >> reporter: in 1987 she became the first female artist inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. but she faced a lot of heartache in her personal life. her father was shot during a robbery and later died. her two maejs ended in divorce, but she raised four sons and she remained a presence on stage. in later years the honors rolled in. the presidential medal of freedom and featured role at president obama's inauguration. she stole the spotlight at the 2014 premier for the movie selma. but in 2017 she appeared frail singing for elton john's aids foundation. at that point she already announced it would
6:39 pm
be her final year performing in concert. as word spread that she was gravely ill, aretha's friends and family called to say a little prayer for the queen of soul. >> 47 years ago aretha franklin recorded a live album at filmore west in san francisco. she was just shy of her 29th birthday during this performance. rolling stone ended up naming aretha live one of the 50 greatest live albums of all time. >> aretha franklin is aretha franklin. god put her on the earth to sing. >> obama wrote and said when aretha opens her voice to sing, you can hear the entire history of our country. amen, bro.
6:40 pm
>> funeral announcements will be coming days. facebook's plan to plant a new footprint. one-day
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6:42 pm
gain since april today.. on word th . your eyes don't deceive you. those numbers are right. word, the u.s. in china are ready to resume trade talks. strong quarterlies reports from wal-mart and boeing also fuel the surge. jcpenney stock dropped a dismal earnings report. shares plummeted by 27% falling below $2for the first time ever. facebook is expanding i bay area of footprint into burlingame. a social media
6:43 pm
giant is in talks to lease a 767,000 square foot waterfront office campus. facebook says it will move its ok will yous -- ocolous division there. beach goers dodging oncoming traffic. the plan in the works to make this crossing much safer. lake merritt.. . mobile weather app is in concord standing on the de la salle standing on the football field for the football game of the decade. we'll have that and your weather forecast coming up.
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it's for the national u-s championshi . competitors from canada and across the u.s. are taking over laeshg merit. it's -- lake merit. more than 16 hundreds athletes are expected to compete. it's the first time they've landed a spot in oakland. more than 1,000 races are happening this weekend. some beach goers are playing a roll life version to get to a stretch of california scenic
6:47 pm
coastline. officials hope to change that. people are running from a dirt parking lot and they go across highway 1 to get to gray whale cove. kpix 5 mary lee explains how they hope to make beach trips safer. >> reporter: this is our sky drone 5 flying right over gray whale cove crossing. you can see how dangerous it is. in fact, this family with small kids were lucky to have cars stop for them as they crossed the highway. >> you can never see like the cars from that way or like that way. and then since they're going so fast they sneak up on you really fast and you can't see which way. >> i kind of take it a half road by half road pretty much. just like go across the street halfway and do it again. >> reporter: the only way to get to the beach is to park across the street and make a run for it. many times cars have to slam on the brakes as beach
6:48 pm
goers dart in front of them. for irene ah, it's her first time here. >> when i was about ten years old, i was almost hit as i was crossing the pedestrian light. for me i's been scared of crossing the street and being really cautious. i won't even cross the street if there's no friend with me. like i have to hold on to somebody. >> reporter: san mateo transportation authority solution is a stoplight. in this case the hybrid beacon that only prompts vehicles when a pedestrian activates the signal. but residents have signed a petition to stop construction on the traffic light. instead they think a pedestrian underpass is the best and safest solution. >> i think a tunnel might be a good idea or even a bridge. i think that stoplights -- it's hard for drivers because it's
6:49 pm
turns and maybe they don't want to stop. >> it seems like a very nice idea as well. i just don't know how expensive it is of a treat to get for just, you know, access to the beach. but i think a sign would probably be definitely worth it. >> reporter: our time lapse shows just how treacherous it is to cross the highway. the gray whale cove project is still in the design phase. san mateo county officials anticipate being ready for construction of the middle of next year. >> it's a tiny beach that people don't really know about. so i don't think they anticipated that there would be that many pedestrians. but i think the secret is out. >> reporter: here drivers are turning the curb out here going at least 45 to 50 miles an hour. everyone we spoke to said something needs to be done to make it safer for them to cross the highway. along highway 1,
6:50 pm
i'm mary lee. time to look at the weather live in concord for us, hi, paul. >> reporter: this time tomorrow night big football game. the biggest regular season game. if you're into high school football, you'd say well, two best teams in northern california. they're playing each other for the first game of the season tomorrow night. no. 1 versus no. 2. i want to talk some weather as well. notice how crystal clear and blue the sky is? may not be the case tomorrow. a lot of elevated smoke will be moving in our direction. the air quality forecast is to be moderate. current temperatures outside, concord, 85. san jose, 73. santa rosa, 76. livermore, 79. oakland and san francisco exactly where you have been in the past several weeks in the 60s in the evening. oakland, 68. despite the increase in sunshine near the water.
6:51 pm
pacifica and napa, 53. vallejo and oakland, 56. san francisco, 55. there is a large ridge of high pressure that will work its way back over western arizona and southern california. it was gone for three or four days. and man do we feel the difference. guess what, it's coming back and it's going to park itself in the same spot which means warmer weather and hazy weather is in the forecast starting tomorrow. so your weather headlines, low clouds and fog will be prevalent only near the water tonight. the ocean breeze is decreasing. the warming will continue tomorrow. today was five degrees warmer than yesterday. as i mentioned, the air quality taking a step back officially it's not a spare of the air day. but that's only sampling the air that we breathe. but above us we're looking at hazy skis with moderate air quality at the service. i just checked the air now website, the air quality has already fallen into the moderate
6:52 pm
zone, everywhere throughout the bay area. that will continue tomorrow. highs tomorrow, running a little above average. fremont, 80 degrees. brentwood, 94. danville and vallejo with sunshine. 73 in oakland. 87 in sonoma. 89 your high in windsor. if you want to circle one day as the hottest day, don't circle your television, that would be od, but saturday, 98 degrees inland, 73 near the bay. then temperatures trail off but will stay a few degrees average and 60s and 70s live near the bay. it is so quiet, guys, out here right now. but 5,000 folks will be watching the northern california football game of the decade tomorrow night. folsom will be here tomorrow as well. the push for a more diverse freshman class. it's paying off. coming up, the women
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
class are women. that's a 7% jump from last year and much higher than the gradual increase the school has been seeing. officials are attributing the hike to out reach programs for girls at middle and high schools. the university is also working to create a place where women want to come. they're offering tutoring, student groups and other programs. >> our mission is to impact society to address important problems. and you need teams that represent society if you want to address those problems for everybody. >> cal hopes to get a student body that reflects the demographics of california and society. >> stem program's paying off. the latest always, >> join us at 10:00 and right back here at 11:00. >> have a good night. and i'm allen martin. this is
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: thank y'all. thank you very much. thank you, folks. i appreciate you. thank y'all now. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheers and applause] we got a good one today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from lagrange, georgia, it's the champs, it's the bray family. [cheers and applause] and from fort worth, texas, it's the latu family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself some cash. and somebody, somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause]
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give me brittney, give me uepi. top 7 answers on the board. here we go. name something your dog does better than you. uepi: run. steve: run. brittney: eat. steve: eat. woman: we're gonna play! we're gonna play! uepi: play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. uepi: yeah! [cheers and applause] come on, steve. steve: hey. uepi: what's going on, steve? steve: damn. uh. uepi: hey. steve: wepi. uepi: hey, close as it's been. nice. steve: uepi. what do you do, uepi? uepi: well, steve, i'm a former marine. so hoorah! steve: yeah. uepi: and i'm also a home educat


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