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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 17, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> it makes it seem like you don't like the job. >> i love my job but i love my weekends. >> what do you like more? >> um -- ha ha! >> no comment. >> take the fifth at 4:30 a.m.! kenny is off today. he will be back on monday. but we have 4:30, neda and jaclyn. but because neda and i know that weather is more important -- >> oh!! > we're going to start with weather. >> fighting words already. at 4:30 a.m., get the coffee! let's talk about the weather. san jose waking to ouds. but this is going to burn off quickly this morning similar to yesterday. early-morning sunshine is always good. the heat is upon us for inland communities today. today will be warm. the temperature difference between the coast and inland,
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about 40 degrees. so quite a wide range there. hot through next week. overall, it's going to be warm. jaclyn? you know, traffic is not important until you get in the car and on the road and that's when it becomes really important. okay! so right now, we are taking a live look at 205 at 580 and we are starting to see those delays really pick up in that westbound direction. we're looking at about 27 minutes between 5 and 580. once you get on 580, sluggish. 26 minutes to the dublin- pleasanton interchange. we are still tracking an earlier crash that's no longer blocking lanes along the altamont pass road and greenville road. it was a rollover crash. you may see some activity out there. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are starting to back up in the cash lanes. back to you. today the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire are due back in court and a plea deal is off the table. derick almena and max harris are now facing trial on 36 counts apiece of involuntary manslaughter after district
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attorney nancy o'malley wrote a letter to the judge saying she was withdrawing all offers. she wrote, the grief of the families, the pain and shock of the community, is as strong and deep today as it was in december 2016. these lives were lost at the hands of the two defendants. judge kramer rejected a joint plea bargain last week saying almena failed to express sufficient remorse. defense attorneys will seek a change of venue. they say they won't get a fair trial here. a bay area uber driver is accused of sexually assaulting a woman. the alleged attack happened in union city. it comes as police are still searching for man who posed as a rideshare driver and sexually assaulted a woman in san mateo. kpix 5's maria medina spoke to union city police, who say their suspect was a legitimate uber employee but was off duty when he targeted his victim. >> it's a pretty brazen crime.
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>> reporter: union city police say this man kevin barillas- saballas kidnapped, threatened and sexually assaulted a woman last month but finding him would take weeks. >> this guy is an uber driver, working. >> reporter: police say the victim and her friends were drinking in san francisco before they ordered an uber for the victim. that's when police say barillas-saballas came across the group. he wasn't working but he was driving around with his uber signs displayed. >> and she was picked up by our suspect in san francisco, and she was brought home here to union city, where the sexual assault occurred. >> reporter: but lieutenant mendez says because barillas- saballas wasn't working at the time, they had very few leads to figure out his identity. >> and we got an arrest warrant for him and he was subsequently arrested in south san francisco at his place of business. >> reporter: union city police isn't the only agency right now warning rideshare customers to be vigilant. in san mateo, police released this sketch of a man who they say posed as a rideshare driver and took a woman to a
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secluded area and sexually assaulted her on tuesday. >> i get angry at the fact that that occurs because, you know, my wife and i and my family and my daughter uses uber a lot. >> reporter: the lieutenant says they took this case seriously with detectives working around the clock until they tracked down their suspect. now they hope to get justice for the victim. >> they are doing the right thing. they're trying to get home. they're not trying to, you know, go out and cause any problems for anybody. and then you have these suspects who perpetrate sexual crimes against the victims. >> reporter: uber released a statement saying, quote, what police describe is disturbing. we took immediate action and removed this driver from the app as soon as we learned about the incident and will continue to work with police. and police really want the community to take a close look at the mugshot because they want to know if there are any more victims. in union city, maria medina, kpix 5. all evacuations have been
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lifted after a fire started behind some homes in healdsburg. chopper 5 was overhead as a tree burst into flames last night beyond the back fence of a house. we also saw what appeared to be the homeowner taking aim at the flames with a garden hose. for a while, the flames were threatening about a dozen homes on the western edge of town. winds were light, allowing for a full-scale air attack on the hilly wooded area. >> no wind is definitely a benefit in our direction. a lot of, you know, fire doesn't do good with winds especially when it's warmer and low relative humidity. so other than that, we got crews on the ground quick and got it with air resources. >> the fire burned about 13 acres. no word yet on how it started. researchers discovered new details about the deadly funnel cloud of flames that killed a redding firefighter on the front lines of the carr fire. the fire inspector jeremy stoke died last month when he was overcome by flames in
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seconds. julie watts got some insight from a fire weather researcher at san jose state. >> the vortex is here. even though the whole region is rotating. >> reporter: it's an incredible sight, even for fire researchers like craig who has seen fire whorls before. >> you can see the winds going like this the circulation right here. >> reporter: the video released by cal fire clearly shows the carr fire winds and flames moving in opposite directions forming a massive vortex. the base of the fire tornado, 1,000 feet, the size of three football fields, with winds ranging from 136 to 165 miles an hour. some of the worst in california history. and peak temperatures of 2700 degrees. the aftermath captured by kpix 5 cameras. >> this is not the first time this happened and it's not the last. >> yeah. this is -- a fire tornado or fire whorl is a meteorological phenomenon. >> reporter: he stresses the tornadoes themselves are not caused by climate change, although climate change may be
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contributing to more dry brush and fire fuel resulting in more extreme fire conditions. but as fire seasons worsen, technology is improving and may save lives detecting fire tornadoes in their earliest stages. >> we can't predict it. but you could potentially monitor fires with remote sensing technology. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. all right. on this early friday morning, it's going to be warming up eventually -- it's going to be warming up this weekend. >> it's starting today. the heat is upon us! >> yeah. >> it will get here, of course, once we get a little more sunshine, which will happen early this morning. the cloud coverage will burn off quickly here. right now, we're looking at the golden gate bridge and it's not bad. it's looking like a fairly smooth drive. a little bit of morning fog out there. 60 degrees in san jose. 57 in san francisco. livermore, 57. oakland, 58. so if you are inland, get outside early this morning before that heat really starts to pick up, because later on you will be in the 90s.
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that ridge of high pressure is actually hunkered down now over california. so here's a look at our satellite/radar. our usual cloud coverage out there. it's not quite as vast or widespread. but you are going to notice just a few areas with a little break in the clouds. but mainly gray skies, and then by early today, like very similar to yesterday, a lot of that will burn off and we'll have a lot of sunshine. so half moon bay right now visibility is okay at 7. same at livermore, 7 miles. santa rosa was two miles, now improved to four. but still, just keep that in mind if you are heading towards the north bay, a little bit of fog out there. onshore breeze is still out there. but it's not going to be as strong today. lighter than yesterday. in fact, downtown san francisco getting a little breeze right now at 12 miles per hour. but three to six-mile-per-hour winds in the south bay and san jose. fremont just about six. fairfield is where it's a little gusty as the hills usually provide that area of wind. but very, very calm across the north bay which is why that fog is se infor now.
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so again, sunshine today, temperatures warming up, especially inland communities. and right now, we are taking a live look at your ride over at the benicia bridge, where all is calm and quiet. we are tracking an earlier closure, the rio vista bridge. caltrans shut it down overnight but it's reopened at 3:49 this morning ahead of schedule. so on 160 and 12, you should be good to go. in antioch, westbound 4 moving at the limit towards 680. and here's a quick check of some of your "bay area majors," all in the green this time around, "friday light." the man arrested in connection with a deadly crash that killed a chp officer and another driver is now out on bail. officers believe shawn walker of rocklin was speeding and on his cell phone at the time of the crash in fairfield. he faces two felony counts of
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gross vehicular manslaughter. the crash happened a week ago today. officer kirk griess had pulled over jaime manuel on interstate 80 when walker allegedly slammed into them both. yesterday, a chp officer in oakland took kpix 5 on a ride- along and our crew got to see firsthand the kind of unsafe behavior officers often face on the freeway. they saw one man quickly cross over five lanes of traffic. a couple of other drivers were using their phones. >> a lot of times we'll have a traffic collision, a common cause for it someone who is looking at a cell phone, looking down, not seeing traffic coming to a stop in front of him. >> officers say it is especially dangerous for them when they are conducting traffic stops as in the case of officer griess. a memorial service will be this morning 11:00 at a church in vacaville. tributes to the "queen of soul" are pouring in as music lovers celebrate the light of
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aretha franklin. >> reporter john schiumo shows us. reporter: from hollywood's walk of fame to harlem's famed apollo theater, an outpouring of love and respect for an icon. >> her spirit, her soul, everything about her, everything that we did was based on aretha franklin. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: aretha franklin's songs about women, strength and heartbreak transcended generations. over the course of more than five decades, she performed at inaugural events for three presidents, sang for the pope when he visited the u.s., and at the kennedy center honors. thursday the rock and roll hall of fame honored its first female inductee saying she defined soul music. diana ross spoke of her golden spirit. paul mccartney called her the "queen of soul" who inspired ll. sam moor the original soul man and her friend of 60 years of, remembered the first time
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he heard her sing. >> and she got -- she sang precious lord. a 15-year-old, and i went oh, my god! >> feel like a natural woman ♪ >> reporter: frankly won 18 grammy awards -- franklin won 18 grammys and had 20 number one hits on the r&b charts. her 30 greatest hits album just soared to the top of the itunes charts keeping her memory alive. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: john schiumo, cbs news. >> a true legend. what is your favorite aretha franklin song? >> i like natural woman because, you know, it's a great song. of course, you know, "r-e-s-p- e-c-t" -- >> that's a good one, too. >> and chain of fools is a really good one. i have so many. even on the waiting to exhale sound track she had a couple of songs there. she was just awesome. >> she did freeway of love, too, didn't she? >> i will have to look that up. okay.
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ha ha! >> as you know, she died yesterday at her home in detroit after a battle with pancreatic cancer. aretha franklin was 76. time now 18 minutes before 5:00. a couple relives a frightening encounter on the road. coming up.
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at 4:43, the most critical forecast of the week. >> is it? >> it is. >> everyone is so worried about it. >> as long as it's the weekend, i think people will be okay. but it's going to be warm. so if you have outdoor plans, try to limit your time outdoors especially on saturday. that's going to be the hottest day of the week. we are trying to get to the water. that's where it's going to be more comfortable. here's a live look. looking at the bay bridge, a great view of the sparkling lights for you. it's not as foggy out there
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today. we have early-morning cloud coverage. it's not affecting visibility. hopefully flights will be okay. we'll keep an eye on that. temperatures 57 in san cirmore.58 in oakland. concord at 60. cooler in santa rosa at 54. and our wind speeds today will be calm. they still have a little bit of that west wind influence. so that does mean we could see a little bit of cooling going on. but mainly at the beaches and around the bay. and then inland communities you will notice about a 30 to 40-degree difference where the heat will continue. also today, we have moderate air quality. clouds burn off early. so that ridge of high pressure that we have been keeping an eye on is now back upon california. it was going to texas. we were hoping it would stay there and move out a little more to the east, but it is back. so yes, it moved on back towards california so the heat is on for the state today. it's going to last through the
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weekend through next week. tomorrow will feel warmer. today's temperatures in the 60s to 90s. the futurecast shows the ridge. sunday we'll see a cooldown. it's going to be east but then comes back. so by tuesday, it's going to be hot again. cooling through tuesday and then back to the 90s. tomorrow near triple digits. that could be what our second half of next week looks like, as well. today for the a's game, 67 degrees, clear skies in oakland today as they take on
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the astros. also burlingame on the avenue is happening this weekend. sunny, warm, temperatures in the 60s. polk street blues festival 65 degrees and early-morning cloud coverage and then mainly sunshine for your weekend. so that's going to be comfortable anywhere in the city or the coastline. but yes, look at that. temperatures in the 90s into next week inland. go, a's! so right now, we are going to take a live look at your ride on 101. sfo so far the ride is in the green. both on 101 and280. problem-free in the south bay on 101, 280, 85, 87, looking good. we are dealing with slowdowns
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on northbound 680 due to some roadwork that caltrans has going on. it should be wrapped up. it's between scott creek road and auto mall parkway a couple of alternating lane closures. 205, through tracy, you can see those headlights. it's a solid stream of traffic. they just released the traffic from 120 to i-5 from overnight roadwork. a lot of "super commuters" through lathrop, heads up there. your ride sluggish into livermore then things pick up back in the green 26 minutes between 205 and 680. bay bridge toll plaza seeing backups in the cash lanes. if you have fastrak, good to go, 11 minutes into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. it was a disturbing scene on almaden expressway in san jose. a marrd couple was caught in the middlelastweekenkntheir win
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kpix 5's len ramirez has more on the frightening encounter. >> i was hoping that nothing was going to happen that was bad. >> reporter: for janet smith and her husband, it wasn't a typical sunday drive on almaden expressway. >> a motorcycle passed us and then another one and another one and another one, and my husband said there were between 30 and 50. >> reporter: she says the seemed to swarm around everywhere doing stunts and wheelies and knocked on her husband's car window. >> he rolled his window down, which i wouldn't have done, and they said, you're in our way. slow down. and he said, i was here first. you know? i don't know where else to go. they were to the right, they were to the left. they were behind us. >> reporter: she recorded this cell phone video all the while fearing that someone was going to get hurt. no one did, but -- >> it was scary for a couple of old people. >> reporter: the stunt riders are usually more interested in showing off to their friends and youtube followers than anything else and the dangers that they pose are mostly to
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themselves. but their antics can trigger emotions in other drivers such as road rage. four years ago, bikers in new york city surrounded a range rover which stopped in the road. the terrified driver then plowed through several bikes injuring a rider. the bikers chased down the driver, took him out and beat him. smith said that flashed through her mind. >> it was exactly what i was thinking because you just don't know. >> reporter: what should people do in that situation? >> the first thing to do is to call 911. >> reporter: this chp officer says reports of similar biker incidents have been on the increase. he says drivers should never speed or try to outrun the bikes but call in license plates or descriptions of the bikes or the riders' helmets. >> it's easier to relate that to us initially while you're seeing it than to remember it later. >> reporter: he says stunt riding is illegal and dangerous. officers can't arrest the whole mob, but they can get a few which can lead to other arrests. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> you can get a reckless driving ticketed for popping wheelies or riding a
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two-alarm structure fire. the blaze started around 3- 30 on housand bloc breaking news this morning in pleasanton. fire crews are at the scene of a two-alarm structure fire that started about 90 minutes ago in the 3000 block of bush road. a twitter user posted this video. said he woke up to the sounds of explosions before he saw the flames. investigators are providing few details at this time. they say that metal building is a llthere's a new push to make a dangerous stretch of highway 1 safer for beach- goers. have you ever done what some
4:55 am
of us here have done, run across from a dirt parking lot across highway 1 to get to gray whale cove? cars going 70 miles an hour between pacifica and montara. "sky drone 5" got a bird's-eye view of the dangerous crossing. you can see people running across the road like a real- life game of frogger. whatever that is. in fact, this family with small kids were lucky to have cars stop for them as they came around the curve. the only way to get to the beach is to park across the street, though, then make a run for it. a lot of times cars have to slam on the brakes as beach- goers dart in front of them. >> you can never see the cars from both ways. since they are going fast they sneak up on your fast and you can't see which way. >> i kind of like, you know, just take it a half road by half road, just go across, halfway, then just look again and do it again. >> san mateo county transportation authority wants to add a traffic light that would be activated by pedestrians. there's a petition to stop
4:56 am
construction. critics say a pedestrian underpass is the safest solution. officials hope to start construction of the traffic light by the middle of next year. >> elon musk is opening up about what he talked about the most difficult painful year of his career. he told the "new york times" friends are worried about his health as he works 120 hours a week and uses ambien. this comes after musk announced he plans to take tesla private and had funding secured. he said it was an attempt at transparency. he was referring to a potential investment by saudi arabia's government that is not a done deal. the report also says tesla is looking for a second in command to take pressure off the ceo, but musk says there is no active search to the best of his knowledge. some scammers are targeting restaurants in san francisco telling them to pay up or risk getting negative reviews online. the district attorney's office says a number of eateries have
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recently received extortion emails. a restaurant called water bars a walk from the station in fact received one this week from somebody claiming to be a former employ. >> he she had been hired by a competitor -- claiming to be a former employee. >> she had been hired by a competitor restaurant to take photos of our food with hair and bugs in it. >> they did not pay anything. but they did want to help alert other restaurants to that scheme. district attorney's office says in another case, the scammers manufactured a phony press release as part of the extortion plot. it is 4:57 right now. today the community will remember a chp officer killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: plus, the two defendants in the ghost ship case are back in court this morning. today a judge may decide whether this goes to a jury trial.
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assaulting a woman while posing as a rideshare driver.
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officials advance an effort to change the a predator is on the loose accused of sexually assaulting a woman while posing as a rideshare driver. >> officials advance an effort to change the standard for police use of force. >> the "queen of soul" is remembered in the bay area. we sat down with one producer behind some of her hits. good morning, everyone. it is friday, august 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. kenny is off today. we are going to start with a live look outside with a view of coit tower on the left. thank you, lillian hitchcock coit. and on the right, as jaclyn would tell you, that is -- >> 880. >> of course. which used to be highway 17. highway 17 went from santa cruz to san rafael. >> learn something new every day with you, brian. >>anyo ha! >>he knows everything. except neda. now the weather. >> i know. he knows the weather. he can do at


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