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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 19, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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full hour of news. >> see you in 30 minutes. captioning spons s ♪ >> quijano: on the defensive: inesident trump insists he has nothing to hide in the russia probe. but rudy giuliani says the president's testimony could be used against him. also tonight, it's the first sunday since a grand jury revealed shocking sex abuse allegations against catholic priests in pennsylvania. and now, church officials are asking for forgiveness. dramatic moments as ice agents arrest the husband of a pregnant woman while they were on the way to the hospital. parents of football players meeting with school officials, s, the university of maryland is ating investigated for reportedly having a toxic culture. >> this program is not toxic. >> quijano: and as millions of muslims gather in saudi arabia for the annual hajj pilgrimage, some canadian-muslims may not be able to return home. >>
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. we begin with president trump, who unleashed another series of angry tweets today, slamming the press and the special counsel's russia investigation, comparing robert mueller to joseph mccarthy, and once again calling the probe a "rigged witch-hunt." it comes as we learn that white house counsel don mcgahn reportedly voluntarily sat for interviews with the special lunsel. l rol barnett is traveling with l.e president in new jersey. et reporter: president trump appeared on the defensive all morning, insisting he allowed white house counsel don mcgahn j be interviewed by the special edunsel, because "i have nothing to hide." holling the russia probe "disgusting," and robert mueller "conflicted." >> they're down to desperation they have toto right a report ad they don't have a single piece of evidence. >> reporter: the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani is still negotiating terms of an
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interview between the president d.d special counsel. >> i'm not going to be rushed into having him testify so that repets trapped into perjury. en reporter: he fears the epesident's testimony could be s ed against him. >> truth isn't truth! donald trump says i didn't talk about flynn with comey. jumey says you did talk about it. so tell me what the truth is! now, who do you think mueller is going to select? one of his best friends, comey, or the president? >> reporter: president trump's dismissal of comey lead to the special counsel probe. sn't mr. trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former c.i.a. director john ndennan could also lead to legal problems. nt and if it means going to court, i will do that. >> reporter: brennan is exploring legal options, because he believes the president's intent is to silence critics. >> i think it was a clear signal to others, who still have their security clearances, if you iloss him, if you speak out elainst him, he will use whatever tools he might have at his disposal to punish you.
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>> reporter: former director of national intelligence, james clapper, is among more than 70 intel officials backing brennan. >> the common denominator among all of us that have been speaking up though, is genuine >>ncern about the jeopardy or threats to our institutions and values. >> reporter: now, clapper is among those whose security clearances may soon be revoked by president trump. john bolton today said that it was senator rand paul who suggested john brennan's clearance be revoked, and the president agreed. nd quijano: well, errol, looking ahead at the midterm elections, cbs news has a new battleground tracker out today. what's the headline there? >> reporter: well, that the midterm election math just got more ominous for president trump. and that's because our latest polling shows democrats have a slight edge in taking back the majority in the house. he m would, of course, give them authority to chair key committees, and compel trump officials to testify under oath. and fueling democratic
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enthusiasm is women, telling cbs news, president trump is a factor in their decisions of who to vote for. tt elaine, as you know, with 78 days to go until the midterms, anything can happen. >> quijano: all right, errol barnett reporting for us. errol, thank you. ere catholic church has been apologizing since a grand jury report on sexual abuse in six pennsylvania dioceses was released. , day is the first sunday since aren, and churches across the northeast are holding a mass of forgiveness. e marco morgan has the latest. >> in the name of our local church, i voice, again, my heartfelt sorrow and sincere apology to all survivors of clergy sexual abuse. >> reporter: bishop ronald gainer with the diocese of harrisburg now joins a list of roman catholic clergy praying and asking for forgiveness. this comes after a grand jury's report, last week, in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, alleged rampant sex abuse affecting more than 1,000
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children by 300 priests in six pennsylvania dioceses over the past seven decades. isiner, who is named in the report, is accused of reaching out to the vatican to protect two of the priests accused of abuse. the harrisburg diocese has taken some responsibility for their zetions. n t the implications of dozens more priests in past decades has stctims like shaun dougherty speaking out against the church. >> fool me once, you know, fool me twice. it's not-- no, i'm not getting fooled again. you know, i'm not-- statutes of limitation, legislative fight, that's it for me. i'm not looking to regain the church. >> i'm very sad and disheartened by the whole scandal. >> reporter: maria warner from inshington d.c., who attended a mass of forgiveness at st. patrick's cathedral on fifth avenue in manhattan says more healing is needed. th now that this has come to light, the church can take the necessary steps to have this
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never, ever happen again. >> reporter: monsignor robert ritchie delivered today's sermon at st. patrick's. >> i hope we're able to confront eme problems and see what has to us done to change them. and give justice to the people that have been hurt. >> reporter: even new york's top priest, archbishop timothy dolan, expressed his concern, stating in a newspaper op-ed that he felt "disgusted, hurt, and betrayed by the report." elaine, now the focus shifts to the vatican and pope francis, d mewhat he plans to say at the world meeting of families next week in ireland. >> quijano: demarco morgan, a,ank you. in california, a 36-year-old undocumented worker could be deported just days after his cofe gave birth. the couple has five children. the youngest was born a few days ago. but the child's father wasn't there, because he had been a arrested by ice agents. brter evans has the story. or reporter: surveillance video shows maria del carmen-venegas,
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nine months pregnant and histerical on the phone, ice agents just arrested her husband, surrounding their car at a gas station while they were on the way to the hospital to give birth by a scheduled c- section. "they asked if i could show some i.d.," she says. e.en they asked for her husband's i.d., which she says was at home. that's when ice agents asked joel arrona-lara to step out of the vehicle and took him into custody. venegas had to drive herself to the hospital. "he's never even had a ticket," pe says. "the police have never stopped hm." venegas says her husband has been in the u.s. for 12 years. immigration and customs enforcement initially said, in a statement, that lara was "illegally residing in the united states," but after video of the arrest was widely viewed, re agency released a second statement saying, "mr. arrona- lara was brought to ice's attention due to an outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in mexico on homicide charges." sere you able to confirm any homicide charges?
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nt no, so far we haven't been sule to verify anything. >> reporter: the couple's attorney, emilio amaya, admits veth lara and venegas are in the u.s. without the proper documents. >> for us, the issue isn't so much with the arrest, but that fact that ice acted with total disregard for the health and adll-being of the mother. >> reporter: the family's attorney says he is not aware of any mexican extradition orders tr the father currently, he's being held in custody, pending a removal order. elaine? >> quijano: carter evans, thank meu. at the university of maryland, parents of current football players met with school officials this weekend. they were looking for answers in nte death of a player three months ago, and whether the football team has a "toxic culture." tony dokoupil reports. >> reporter: have you ever seen or experienced a coach verbally belittling a player? erbaeah, i mean-- that happens. >> reporter: two university ofpr speaking out about their
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yoperience on the team. would you describe the program as being "toxic"? >> not at all. >> you know, we're working hard, hd it if it is a little too hot out or whatever it is, i've seen someone just straight-up fall down. >> reporter: as players continue parents met with university officials on saturday. >> it was nice for the first time, for me, being there as a e rent. they were kind of a little emotional, parents asked questions with some tears. >> reporter: their meeting comes on the heels of the governing board of the maryland public university taking control of onth investigations into the university's football program. onvestigators are looking into the death of 19-year-old orfensive lineman, jordan mcnair, who died of a heat stroke at a team workout in june. they're also looking at whether the program fostered an abusive culture. as a result, head coach d.j. durkin was placed on leave, but his players are coming to his defense. >> these accusations are false. e.really hope that coach durkin does come back and coaches, because he deserves to. he has lead the foundation and
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has done the hard work to get us to where we are. on reporter: tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> quijano: ohio state says the investigation into head football coach urban meyer is over. baficials are looking into how he handled domestic abuse folegations against a former thsistant coach back in 2015. meyer was suspended without pay on august 1st. the report on the investigation is expected to be delivered to university leaders sometime this week. ld people were hurt at an oklahoma casino, when wild weather hit the concert venue, reere the backstreet boys and 98 degrees were scheduled to perform. winstar world casino & resort says it began evacuating fans gaom the concert site when lightning was reported in the area saturday afternoon. but about 150 concertgoers didn't leave. when the storm hit, 80 mile-an- hour winds and heavy rains knocked over the trusses and the entrance collapsed on the n maining fans. >> they were trapped under
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there, and they actually had to use a forklift to get people out. it was very gut-wrenching to see all of the structures being wheeled out. >> quijano: the injured fans were taken to local hospitals. at least two have been released. afterwards, the backstreet boys d eeted that "they never want to put their fans in harm's away and that they "will try to reschedule the show." in india, the state of kerala ens been devastated by the worst flooding in a century. more than 350 people have been nolled and around 800,000 are tew homeless. the intense downpours started gomost two weeks ago, and have triggered raging floods and landslides. officials say the weather is pproving, and they hope to rescue nearly 10,000 people by inday. the annual hajj pilgrimage in saudi arabia is under way. able-bodied muslims are required to make the trip once in their life. but, for some muslims from canada, their trip is in
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ngopardy, because of an escalating diplomatic dispute. abora patta explains. >> reporter: as the two million pilgrims begin to retrace their prophet muhammad's steps, they eyll notice something very different this year. women are behind the wheel for the first time after the ban on female drivers was lifted, but some of the women who advocated for the right to drive are in atil. it is their immediate release stat the canadian foreign minister demanded in a tweet earlier this month. f leashing a torrent of fury acom saudi arabia who accused canada of interfering in its internal affairs. and as diplomatic tensions escalated, the saudi kingdom canceled all flights to canada. ofr many canadian-muslims, the journey of a lifetime has become mired in uncertainty. fachrizal halim decided to risk it anyway. >> no, we have no idea how we are going to get back to canada.
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p reporter: muslims are obliged a make the hajj pilgrimage to mecca at least once in their lives, but now canadians are canceling a trip they have been saving for for years. and those who are already there are struggling to find return flights on other routes. deborah patta, cbs news, london. .> quijano: when we return, scientists fear california could face another natural disaster. and later, something moviegoers haven't seen in 25 years.
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but here in california, hurricanes are virtually unheard of. >> what do you do in the case of a hurricane? i don't know. i can't imagine that kind of devastation hitting the shores ofe. >> reporter: hurricanes that rirm in the eastern pacific ocean usually don't make it past baja, california. only one managed to reach as far as san diego in 1858. however, there is now the potential, this rare event, could strike the san diego area again. gaeanographer, art miller. >> it could happen, especially em the ocean temperatures continue to stay in this anamolously warm state. >> reporter: it's very simple. scientists at the scripps pier have been recording historic tmperatures in the pacific ocean, as high as 79.5 degrees. that's about 10 degrees above egreal. what has the temperature gauge showed you over the last week or so? >> it has shown that we have been right at, or outside, the record temperatures that were already set back in the '30s. so we know we are experiencing a very extreme temperature event.
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>> that potentially increases the likelihood that a hurricane haght track a little further north than it would have. >> reporter: even though california has been battle- udsted by fires, mud slides and earthquakes, the widespread impact of a hurricane on lives and properties is still unknown. >> the risks associated with those high wind events might be surprising, because we haven't been tested for that type of natural phenomenon. p reporter: the national weather service has found even hgher temperatures in other parts of the pacific. that is because the ocean absorbs more heat than it does on the land. also, the normal southern california winds have not been picking up, which would allow cooler waters to mix in. scientists believe the warming wend will continue. along the southern california coast, jamie yuccas, cbs news. >> quijano: up next, how a romantic comedy could break the mold in hollywood.
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>> quijano: the romantic comedy "crazy rich asians" opened this week, and is expected to have a big impact at the box office, raking in more than $25 million. but there's a lot more riding on
5:52 pm
it than just ticket sales. lee cowan spoke with the movie's director. >> these people aren't just 'tch, okay, they're crazy rich. >> reporter: in a better world, a wouldn't be talking about the nihnicity of the cast in "crazy rich asians," we would be ichking about whether or not nsey give a good performance. overall, most critics agree they do. but, it's still the oddity of an all-asian cast that's still drawing headlines, and for nirector jon m. chu that's just fine... for now. en i hope that in ten years we acok back at this moment and we forget about it, like, that was a thing? an all asian cast was a thing? >> reporter: it is a "thing" given that this is the first studio film since "the joy luck club" way back in 1993 to feature an asian-american ensemble. chu, an asian american whose s rents owned a chinese restaurant, loved movies as a kid. that's him dressed as yoda. odt he rarely saw anyone who looked or sounded like him on the big screen.
5:53 pm
eau realized, as a director, he csn't casting asians, either. rtd he was part of the problem. hi i think for myself as an artist, i wanted to know that i was an artist. like, do i have the courage to push something through the system that i now have known so well for the last ten years? so that desire grew too much for me to hold inside, and it was nsme. >> reporter: rebecca sun is a senior reporter at "the hollywood reporter." movies are her life. and yet, this one felt decidedly different. >> to see one about a chinese american girl, like myself, who looks and dresses like me, was-- it was incredible. it felt really, really validating, and it felt like recognition. >> reporter: the stakes are high, and so are the expectations. maybe, impossibly high. >> we are on the beginning of a journey and i think this cracks the door. >> reporter: you'd be happy if it does just that? >> i would be happy if people go to the movie and have a great time. you can't take back what you me. >> i think i've just fallen in love with you all over again.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: and what you see is a romantic comedy about a boy and a girl, and the complexity of family, that could be almost anyone, almost anywhere... and that's the point. lee cowan, hollywood. >> quijano: well, still ahead, an urban legend that's absolutely true. rinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. ore-ida. win at mealtime. 3 toddlers won't stop him.. and neither will lower back pain. because at a dr. scholl's kiosk he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body
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>> quijano: we end tonight with a case of mistaken identity in new jersey that's inspiring people across the country to pay it forward. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: ruth reed never ugought a visit to her local convenience store would make her a celebrity. >> i want to drop off a couple cases of root beer to your house. >> reporter: she hates all the attention. >> stop it, stop it. >> reporter: that's what picking up a stranger's tab gets you these days. and he just walks up here and was standing here with you? >> yeah. >> reporter: and were you like, "oh, he looks a little familiar"? >> he looks familiar. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that man was multi- mulmy award-winning country music star, keith urban, reportedly worth $75 million. but ruth didn't believe him. >> why would keith urban be here? ou reporter: at a wawa. >> i know, in medford. i just felt that somebody was putting me on. and then he said, "ask my bodyguard," and a huge man that i hadn't noticed was behind us. and that's when i just fell apart. >> reporter: reed has made a habit of paying it forward in
5:58 pm
medford, new jersey. n i made a new year's e.solution that once a week to treat somebody at wawa. a makes me feel better. >> reporter: hoping to spread that positive attitude, she posted the experience on facebook, becoming a social media sensation that's even inspired a song. >> ♪ a middle age man in front of me ♪ short on money >> reporter: ruth says, don't think of her as a saint. >> i'm not mother teresa here. >> reporter: but as a retired >>ird grade teacher, still offering a lesson or two. >> if i can get a couple of people to say, okay, i will to what she does, this will have all been worth it. >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, medford, new jersey. >> quijano: what a great story. that's the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." for more news any time go to cbsn at i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us, and good captioning sponsored by cbs
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homeless problem. why the people who need the most help could soon be forced to new at 6:00 a bold new approach to taking charge of san francisco's homeless problem. why the people who need the most help could soon be forced to accept it. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> a bill that would make it mandatory to get mentally ill people in treatment will be in the house this week. but people may not like it. >> reporter: we can't ignore the heartbreaking scenes that we see every day. san francisco's mayor says she is frustrated. homeless people who are mentally ill need help but often refuse to accept it. >> i want to make sure that we're not just allowing people who can't care for themselves
6:00 pm
to be on their own, to be left on our streets because they have rights, and i know that's a harsh thing to say, but the fact is what we're doing is not humane. it's not compassion. and we can do better. >> reporter: the mayor was testifying at the state capitol in favor of sb-1045. a bill sponsored by scott wiener. >> it's fundamentally about creating a narrow tool to care for the most vulnerable members of our community. >> reporter: this new law would only apply to san francisco and los angeles counties. it's essentially a five-year pilot program for the two places. it allows for a new kind of conservatorship for homeless people who can't take care of themselves. it allows those counties to place them into housing and treatment even if they don't want to go. >> conservatorships


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