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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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who can't care for themselves to be on their own, to be left on our streets because they have rights, and i know that's a harsh thing to say, but the fact is what we're doing is not humane. it's not compassion. and we can do better. >> reporter: the mayor was testifying at the state capitol in favor of sb-1045. a bill sponsored by scott wiener. >> it's fundamentally about creating a narrow tool to care for the most vulnerable members of our community. >> reporter: this new law would only apply to san francisco and los angeles counties. it's essentially a five-year pilot program for the two places. it allows for a new kind of conservatorship for homeless people who can't take care of themselves. it allows those counties to place them into housing and treatment even if they don't want to go. >> conservatorships are a
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serious things. it takes away people's civil liberties fore a period of time, so we take it very seriously. under california law there are significant due process protections around conservatorships. >> no issue is more frustrating for my constituents and no public policy failure is more obvious, painful, and embarrassing for our city than our inability to provide care to so many obviously sick people on our streets. >> i know from personal experience there are people who are unable to care for themselves, and it is unreasonable to expect those people to voluntarily access services, and yet that is precisely what we do. >> reporter: so far nearly every vote on this bill has been unanimous, and it doesn't have far to go to the finish line. senator wiener says he is cautiously optimistic that it will become law. >> officials say 40 to 50
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people would be subject to the new law. that may be a small number but the city says they consume a large portion of the resources. officers on both sides of the bay have been very busy all day busting illegal side shows. this one happening around 10:45 this morning on the upper deck of the bay bridge. you can see the drivers brought san francisco-bound traffic to a standstill as they spun doughnuts in the middle of the span. chp provided us with this video. they tell us it was sent to them by a passerby. people also got out of their cars to record them. officers arrested the driver of this white mustang on the spot and impounded his car. several other drivers were also pulled over as they tried to leave the bridge. that wasn't the only side show in san francisco, this snapchat video showing a a car doing doughnuts in a parking lot near pier 30. no word on whether there's any connection to the incident on
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the bay bridge. there was also side show activity going on in oakland. video posted on snapchat again showing vehicles doing stunts while dozens of people stand around watching. and the owner of this red corvette had his wheels pulled out from under him after being pulled over for reckless driving. officers say was racing another car on 580 at 100 miles per hour. both drivers were arrested. an air quality advisory will be in effect for the bay area through tuesday as winds continue blowing wildfire smoke our way. local air quality managers are just as exasperated as the rest of us. >> reporter: any time you can actually see the air that you are breathing, it is not a good day. normally you would be able to see mount hamilton's 3,000-foot peak from downtown san jose, but today nothing but brown haze. >> you say mountains. i don't see anything. >> reporter: it was not much
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better in milpitas. from alameda the downtown oakland skyline was a smoggy mess. forget about seeing san francisco. throughout the bay area hazy conditions in the sky all the way to the ground. it turns out the smoke is from the massive wildfires in oregon and british columbia and they are blowing out over the pacific ocean, then the jet stream blows it back into california. that smoke, mixed with our own car exhaust, combined with just the right weather conditions adds up to the eighth spare the air alert of the year. >> but the real challenge is we are putting too much pollution in the air every day. there's too many cars with just one person. >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district says not only do we need to start car pooling and take public transportation but also limit outdoor exercise to the early morning hours when ozone levels are lower. the summer heat actually cooks the ozone gases all day long, making it more unhealthy to be outdoors, especially in the afternoon. >> that is when we would ask people to knock down their
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outdoor activities, their outdoor sports. don't do any of the lawn mowing in the late afternoon hours, things like that. >> andruw was skateboarding around downtown san jose, and this couple is expecting a baby. >> i think you have plans, so you kind of keep going with the plans. maybe you don't go out and go for a marathon, but you can do other stuff. >> the man who won a massive judgment against monsanto will tell his story tomorrow exclusively to cbs news. a cairn francisco jury -- a san francisco jury awarded him $289 million after he argued the key chemical in the weed killer roundup contributed to his terminal cancer. but the lawsuit was never about the money, he says. >> it makes you really understand that i have a responsibility now to not just sit on this, to really be a part of the whole struggle and the whole situation that's
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going on out there. no matter what, we have people thinking already about what am i eating? what am i drinking? what am i doing? thinking twice. and hopefully that's what will happen, is that the conversation will continue and that people will become smarter. it gives you that extra push. we can't just die for nothing. >> monsanto denies any link between its products and cancer. the company plans to appeal the verdict. you can see lee johnson's entire interview tomorrow on cbs this morning. the kiln at a brickyard apparently got a little too hot. fire erupted this morning in san rafael. crews had to bring in two water tankers to battle that blaze which broke out where a kiln and brick making machine were located. >> part of the problem is this is way out outside of the brickyard. there's no water here. so we had water supply issues. so we a sealar out six engines. but really the fire went out
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pretty quick once we got water on it. >> crews are still investigating how the fire started. no injuries. police in antioch are looking for the shooter who opened fire on two men, killing one of them. it happened around 3:30 this morning at an apartment complex just off highway 4. officers found the victims in the parking lot after one of the wounded men called 911. that man is in the hospital tonight. the other victim, a 19-year-old man, died at the scene. so far no description of the person who shot them. over to berkeley now where police are still looking for suspects in a drive-by shooting that left three people injured at a busy public park. it happened around 5:30 yesterday afternoon at san pablo park which was packed with families and kids at the time. police say the suspects opened fire on a group of mention and the group returned fire. a 25-year-old man in the park was hit, and he is in critical condition. police are not sure if he was an intended target or no. two bystanders were also hit by stray bullets. they will be all right, though.
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there were more than 100 people in the park at the time. so far police don't after clear description of the suspects or of the vehicle they were driving. a fund-raiser will be held tomorrow for the family of fallen chp officer kurt griff. he was killed when a pickup truck struck him during a traffic stop. investigators say the truckdriver was using his cell phone at the time. well, tomorrow dutch brothers coffee will donate $1 from every drink sold at its napa, fairfield, and vac couldville locations to the officer's family. >> it really hit close to home because the officer was a customer at our vac couldville stands. when we heard about it, we asked, what can we do to help? >> the company will give customers an opportunity to contribute. police are looking for the
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owner of some unusual items left behind at a bay area intersection that include two urns of ashes. and tonight a rancher says he can't afford not to hang up his hat. >> we show you the forecast. if only we could seat through the fog. changes are coming. we'll document them in the forecast after a break.
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found abandoned in boxes at a busy intersection. kpix 5's hely tells us wh police in heyward are trying to find the owner of some unusual items found abandoned in boxes at a busy intersection. devin fehely tells us what was inside. >> reporter: the two urns with ashes inside were found just outside downtown heyward. so far investigators have not been able to figure out who the items belong to. >> that's the remains of whoever that person was, a father, daughter, so on and so on. >> reporter: right now heyward police say they are stumped. there's no identifying information on the urns that would help connect them with their owners.
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but the officers are determined to find the owner. >> going this extra mile to try and resolve this issue for somebody, it's great for the community to see the police are doing something. >> reporter: heyward police are urging anyone who may recognize the urns to contact them and help reunite them with their rightful owners. we have a traffic alert for drivers in solano county. the rio vista bridge will be closed through at least 3:00 in the morning tomorrow for emergency repairs. there have been ongoing problems with that mechanism that raises and lowers the drawbridge that allows ships to pass underneath. a damaged motor gearbox has been sent off for repairs. it should be reinstalled in time for the morning commute, but if you drive through the area, have an alternate route in mind just in case. it is a bargain by bay area
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standards. a 75-acre spread in moran can be yours for just $5 million. the owner tells kpix 5 in this market he cannot afford not to sell it. >> reporter: 100 years ago the value of most land in marin county was based on how much food could be produced on it. >> to be able to meet the people who are raising the animals and growing the produce that we grow is really important. it puts a face and a name to the food that we are eating. >> one of those names is mark -- mark pasternack. he bought his ranch in 1971. he has been raising pigs, sheep, rabbit, and poultry ever since. he loves his life, and has become a bit of a celebrity to
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local foodies. so the news was a bit shocking. >> we have announced that the ranch is for sale. >> reporter: mark is selling not because he wants to but because it simply doesn't make sense not to. the land around his has already been snapped up by wealthy people for private ranches with large homes. the property mark paid less than $40,000 for is now worth about $5 million. >> things did change, things that you just couldn't expect. you couldn't plan for. >> reporter: like $5 million. >> yeah. >> again, mark op raning, but h like to afford retirement some day. so he is hoping to find someone who will purchase the land but still allow him to work part of it. the honest truth is, for all the talk about the value of locally grown food, buying land here to build a farm simply doesn't work nowadays. >> it is unlikely the ranch, that any of these properties will ever generate enough money
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to compete with somebody with a lot of money who just wants to bay it to have a big piece of property. >> reporter: so mark doesn't really know if he will be able to stay on his beloved ranch or not, but he understands what it signals about the future of agriculture in the area. >> is this something that's dying out? >> in the bay area, probably. in areas with the really high property values, the high cost of living, probably. >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5. >> marin and other rural counties are trying to help by establishing land trusts but owners must agree to it and be willing to forgo the increased value of the development. joanne update on air quality. there is a spare the air alert through tonight, then it goes to moderate levels unhelpful pollutants for tomorrow. but it is in effect through tonight. what are we looking at? that's a little bit of blue sky
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with some low clouds down below. ordinarily we will be seeing the embarcadero and the waterfront, but it's all object secured by the fog you see floating in the background. that's why san francisco was only up to 64 degrees today, but concord was up at 90. warm in the east bay. why? because it looked like this out there. plenty of sunshine for most of the day, but see the low clouds are snaking out there as well. concord is still at 91 degrees. oakland has 61 by comparison, and in livermore 86. and here is how it looks on the satellite. look at that fog just tearing through the golden gate bridge across angel island and the east bay. we've got a strong on shore push that will keep highs only in the 80s inland this week. that's a change from what we have seen for a long time, which is 90s inland. we will be back down to the 80s as low pressure dives out of the gulf. and the time-lapse here poor tomorrow shows a big blanket of
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low clouds offshore. high pressure is firmly affixed in parts of southern california and offshore, but as that low pressure dives south into california it will keep temperatures down with the warmest spots inland being in the upper 80s, low 90s tomorrow, and then cooler after. that milder inland through at least midweek. here is how we look. fog and drizzle along the shoreline tonight. it won't be as warm inland. and a milder trend continues all week long through next weekend. if you are going to go to the game tomorrow, a's and texas, first pitch 7:05 p.m. it will be breezy and on the cool side. overnight lows tonight will be as low as 52 in santa rosa and as mild as 58 in san jose. sunup on your monday morning at 6:30 a.m., and the forecast highs very close to average. san francisco will be at 64, and concord only at 87. but there are some relatively warm spots. morgan hill subpoena to 88, los gatos 87. still warm in brentwood, mid to high 90s, but 88 at antioch and
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89 for pittsburgh. in the north bay mild, 78 at the marin civic center. as we get up towards ukiah and lake port it will be warm for monday. looking for the usual, low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon, but temperatures only in the 80s this week. it wasn't just the animals putting on a show at the san francisco zoo today. [ music ] >> that was a flash mob of kids showing off their dance moves to a beyonce song. the san francisco firefighters teamed up with the zoo for an event aimed at raising self- esteem. more than 100 kids joined in the fun. activities included a scavenger hunt and free food. coming up in sports, maybe a new select help the giants as they struggle offensively in
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cincinnati. and the a's trying to take over sole possession of first place, but it wasn't easy as justin verlander took the mound in the series finale. we'll be right back.
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going viral this evening.. after delivering a divine first pitch
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at last night' a catholic nunn from chicago is going viral after delivering a devine first pitch at last night's white sox game. that wasn't the only trick sister mary jo had up her sleeve. she showed off a slick arm bounce. oh, yeah, before sending a bullet to home plate. the sox may actually be scouting sister mary jo. the team tweeted, one of the most impressive first pitches of all-time. >> it may not be an exaggeration. that's pretty good. >> not bad. >> have you ever done a first pitch? >> i have not. >> have you? >> no. >> why not? >> anyway -- >> the a's made up 12 games in the division since june 16th. today the champs would take sole possession of first place as they looked to sweep the houston astros. before they played any baseball, justin verlander, second bater of the game. matt chapman blasted his 17th home run of the game.
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the a's lead 1-0. two batters later, chris davis connects for his 35th home run of the year. oakland had the lead tethe 1st. top 3rd, now 2-1. yuri guriel. but then the a's answer back. davis' fifth multihomer game of the year. the home run derby continues. evan gattis skies one just out of the reach of nick martinez. and next, this ball ricochets into left. martin maldonado scores to make it 6-4 stros. 7-4, maldonado who entered the day hitting just .143 was three for four. houston hit fire home run, and
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they win the game 9-4 to avoid the sweep. so astros retake sole possession of the lead in the a.l. west. in the wild-card race seattle also lost today. so the a's remain three and a half games ahead of the mariners. the giants began the week winning two straight against the dodgers in los angeles, but that seems like a distant memory now after what happened in cincinnati to end the week. the giants could have used the real jeff kent at great american ball park, which is typically hitter friendly. just a nightmare, though, the 3rd inning for andy a suarez. scooter gennett turns on the curveball. 4-1 ?ea. a batter later, suarez against suarez. a two-run shot. andy suarez got an early shower. luis castillo had only given up a run and should have been out on the hernandez grounder but the ball pops out of tucker
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barnhart's glove. it actually goes through the webbing of the glove which makes for a rough error. it was 11-4 reds tin the 8th inning. infielder chase d'arnaud was asked to mop up. fly ball out to right. fly ball to center, and that's two outs. and then the third fly ball out to right again. d'arnaud allowed a hit but that was it. the giants are swept out of cincinnati after scoring just six runs in the entire series. they are three games under .500, and boy are they fading fast. in the nfl, jimmy garafolo played in houston. the first was a thing of beauty. he found goodwin for a 40-yard pass, converted a 4th down, and then found trent taylor for a touchdown and a 7-0 san francisco lead. jimmy g had an interception in the second drive, so his evaluation was so- so. >> how do you feel about the offense tonight? >> i thought it was pretty
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good. some things to clean up. you never feel good about the interception, but i thought overall it was a pretty good night. the final of the u.s. amateur at pebble beach. i don't think this dog was very interested in the golf part. on the fourth hole, victor hoffland sticks his chip shot. that gave him a lead. the 19th hole, a little easier shot from the stands to give him a birdie putt and a five up lead. he plays at oklahoma state and went on to win the u.s. amateur title. to the pga. the final round of the wyndham championship, the final tournament before the fed ex cup playoffs on 18. tied for the lead with net kerr, but the tee shot goes right and out of bounds. he double bogeyed and finishes tied for second. he finishes off the women's
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style with a birdie putt, and snedeker led wire to wire after shooting a first round of 59. his first victory since february 2016. >> thank you. >> thanks, andrea. coming up, move over alternative facts, because tonight the president's lawyer insists truth isn't truth in the russia probe. >> truth isn't truth. mr. mayor, do you realize -- >> don't do this to me. also, kpix is celebrating a major milestone. we'll look back on 70 years of stories. >> that was true al day that altered our times, because on that day, kpix went on the air. >> the beatles are just minutes away from the bay area tonight.
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>> we must escalate our protest against the wall. >> but to come here with a purpose of enjoying themselves. >> i am a soldier in the people's army. >> in the end zone, and he caught it! >> in the bay area, change has always been part of the story. but all this time we've had changes, too. kpix 5, proud to be northern california's first television station. for 70 years we've been trusted to tell your story. and whatever comes next -- >> the latest in this original report. >> that's one thing that will never change. kpix 5 news. expect more.
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turning heads.. our top story at 6:30, president trump's personal attorney turns a phrase that is turning heads and a raising eyebrows. tonight rudy giuliani says truth isn't truth when it comes to the russia investigation. >> meanwhile his boss is blasting the "new york times" over what he calls a fake piece on the topic. cbs reporter demarco morgan has more. >> reporter: president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, coined a new phrase
6:30 pm
sunday. >> truth is truth. >> i don't mean to go like -- >> no, it isn't truth. truth isn't truth. >> reporter: he tried to make the case that having president trump sit down with an interview with robert mueller would only provide another version of the truth. giuliani also denied using delay tactics. >> i'm not going to be rushed into having him testify so that he gets trapped into perjury. >> reporter: according to the "new york times," robert mcgahn has already given 30 hours of enter views. giuliani said the president is secure in mcgahn's testimony and accused muller of leaking the story. >> they're down to desperation time. they have to write a report and they don't have a single bit of evidence.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: president trump's ouster of james comey helped inspire the probe. comey tweeted writing truth exists and truth matters. demarco morgan, cbs news. >> this isn't the first time mr. giuliani has suggested there is some elasticity in the definition of truth. in may he told the washington post that the mueller investigation, quote, may have a different version of the truth than we do. meanwhile president trump is now comparing the russia investigation to the mccarthy hearings. in one of the series of early morning tweets on the subject mr. trump wrote, studied the late joseph mccarthy because we're now in a period with mueller and his gang that make joseph mccarthy look like a baby. rigged witch-hunt. mccarthy led an inquisition into an alleged communist infiltration into the u.s. government. they were later to be found a
6:32 pm
fraud and hoax. john brennan is now threatening to sue president trump for stripping him of his security clearance. >> these are frightening times. he's drunk on power. he really. >> brennan told "meet the press" he's already spoken to several lawyers about his options. >> if my clearances and my reputation as i'm being pulled through the mud now, if that's the price we are going to pay to prevent donald trump from doing this to other people it's a small price to pay. so i am going to do whatever i can personally to try top prevent these abuses in the future. and if the means going to court, i will do that. >> at the present time revoked brennan's clearance last week and threatened a long list of others including critics and those connected to the russia probe. dozens of former intelligence officials blasted the move as an attempt to stifle free speech. but not everyone disagrees. the president's supporters say brennan abused his privilege. >> when you are an ex cia
6:33 pm
director going on all the cable news shows and acting as partisan as he is in accusing the president of the united states of treasonist behavior, last time i checked treason is punishable by death. you have just crossed the line. >> tonight the president says he is reviewing the clearances of nine other people. still to come, why the white house insists it's no longer necessary for americans to con -- to conserve oil. and wild we thundershower that canceled a show but why some fans refused to leave.
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dozen people were hurt and an outdoor concert was canceled.. when a powerful storm ripped nue in oklahom more than a dozen pe were hurt and an outdoor concert canceled when a powerful storm ripped through the venue in oklahoma. some eager fans may have made the bad situation worse. >> reporter: a chaotic scene at an oklahoma outdoor concert. the back street boys and 98 degrees were scheduled to take the stage when a sudden storm blew through the area. heavy rain and winds as strong as 80 miles per hour knocked over the entrance tent. authorities say 14 people were injured. witnesses say some were treated at the scene and then rushed to the hospital. >> the rain was still coming
6:36 pm
down pretty hard, and we looked over, and the metal entrance pavilion was right above us and falling down. >> reporter: officials at the win star casino and resort say they became aware of the storm moving in 30 minutes before the incident. >> they notified patrons standing outside of the venue waiting in line for it to open that they needed to seek shelter. >> reporter: however, some eager fans decided to stay despite the danger. >> many of those patrons did not heed those warnings because they were excited about the concert and wanted to keep their place in line. >> reporter: before the concert, kevin richardson had tweeted that the bands were expecting a sold-out crowd with about 12,000 people. in a later tweet, the band said they would attempt to reschedule at a later date. the saturday night show was to be the back street boys' final performance before beginning a residency at planet hollywood in las vegas in october.
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tonight the trump administration is declaring the u.s. no longer needs to conserve oil. the policy shift is outlined in a memo released last month in support of the administration's push to relax vehicle mileage standards. in it the energy department says growth of natural gas and other petroleum alternatives has reduced the need for imported oil which in turn reduces the need to conserve it. and still to come, we're taking a look back at 70 years of stories. >> we will show you how far kpix has come and where we're going as we celebrate 70 years of bringing the news home to the bay area. >> here is a familiar sight. low clouds along the shoreline. and more of that to come. we'll have the forecast after a break.
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♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. "crazy rich asians" made a big pile of money in its opening weekend. the gilded romance -- directed by bay area native john crazy rich asians made a big pile of money in its opening weekend. the romance directed by a bay area native dazzled the box office since opening wednesday. the shark movie is down to the second spot. the mark wahlberg action thriller opened in third place followed by mission impossible
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fallout and the ice age drama alpha. in the weather department there is a certain amount of drama between the shore and inland areas where temperatures as per usual after fairly dramatic difference. only in the upper 50s along the shoreline with drizzle and fog, and that's going to set the stage for the rest of the week as you are looking towards the golden gate bridge obscured in fog tonight. that's why san francisco add high of only 6 4, but livermore was up to 93, and concord had 90 as well because they had plenty of blue skies, although low clouds are beginning to affect the east bay as well and pick up the winds. right now concord still is at 81, oakland 6 1. livermore is in the mid-80s, san francisco just 55, santa rosa 75 as well. here's how it looks as the low clouds are being pulled through the gate. and out along the east bay shoreline with a robust flow of marine air.
6:42 pm
highs only in the 80s inland for much of the upcoming week. that's a switch from the mid to upper 90s that we've seen lately. futurecast shows low clouds. drizzle around on the morning drive close to the shoreline and around the bay. it will give way to sunshine later in the day. and here's what's happening. low pressure is on the way from the gulf. that will depress that high and that's going to reinforce the marine layer and the onshore flow. things will only warm in the hottest spots to 90 tomorrow. so milder inland right through midweek to. sument up, tonight there's going to be drizzle and clouds and fog at the shoreline. that milder trend lasts all the way through next weekend. the numbers do no better than the 80s. if you are going to go to the game tomorrow night, first pitch 7:05, a game tame temperature of only 63. overnight lows in the 50s tonight. sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. forecast tomorrow, 64 in san
6:43 pm
francisco, and 87 still at concord but all this is close to average. in the south bay, 70, low 80s for the most part. warmer up by brentwood which hits 92, but only 80s tomorrow in the 680 corridor. up in the north bay fog and clouds and bo day ga bay -- bodega bay, still warm up at ukiah and lake port and clear lake. in the extended forecast, we will be looking for numbers mostly in the 80s inland and only the 50s along the shoreline. and we will be back with more of our own history after a break. this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
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this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity fe... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity delivers the fastest, most reliable internet
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learn more, or get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. and this year -- we are celebrating a major milestone: kpix was the first
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television broadcasting station in northern california. this year we are celebrating a major milestone. >> channel 5 went on the air 70 years ago on december 22nd, 1948. and with you we have shared a lot of history and memories. kpix 5 anchor ken bastida takes us back to the beginning. >> reporter: our story begins where the cable cars climb, at mason and california streets on hill. the enter continent cal mark hopkins. one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. 300 feet up, no matter where you look, the view is breathtaking. 70 years ago, this was the highest point in downtown san francisco. why don't you come on inside. we'll go back and take a look at 1948. it all started right here. this is where it began in this great old hotel attic. kpix threw a switch, and we
6:47 pm
went on the air live. and in black and white. the date, december 22nd, 1948. on the roof, kpix installed the bay area's first tv broadcast antenna. in the attic, master control, where engineers kept a close eye on transmissions. >> to make sure that it has the proper quality, and so that the viewers will enjoy the best possible picture. >> reporter: on the ground floor, the studios hummed with talent. the station gained a reputation for tackling ambitious live remotes. >> doing a television remote was a big affair regardless of who was in front of the camera. >> reporter: ten days after our first broadcast on new year's, kpix broadcast the first televised east-west shrine game. in 1951 the first live coast-to-
6:48 pm
coast broadcast of major news event. from the san fransco opera house president harry truman officially ends world war ii. >> i'm glad to welcome to you this conference for the signing of the treaty of peace with japan. >> reporter: kpix originated the coverage for cbs news. >> may we have the pacific coast, please. >> reporter: kpix cameras also helped legendary journalist edward r. murrow with his first episode of "seat now." >> this is what you call a zoom lens. could you close in on the bridge. >> do you think you are going to know your daddy when you see him again? >> i think so. >> reporter: at the end of the korean war kpix showed these a shape came down the gangsconsin and into the armed of loves ones.
6:49 pm
in the crush, sergeant dickson from san jose. >> if you look into the cameras, the folks can take a look at you. >> reporter: the demand for bigger and better broadcasts exploded. >> construction is rapidly underway. >> reporter: to fill the need we built the bay area's first modern broadcasting facility. the location, the corner of van ness and greenwich. >> we're constructing a new transmitter and antenna. >> reporter: the transmitter moved to mount soot trough -- mount soot trough -- mount sutro. >> there was rowdy the dog for kids. dick stewart's dance party for teeny boppers. >> 90 minutes a day, six days a
6:50 pm
week with teenagers dancing. >> reporter: dale courtney's live afternoon variety show, complete with in-studio car commercials. >> just $2988. >> reporter: and an old favorite, teletours, which brought the bay area into your living room. kpix was always pioneer in tv news. in 1959 we broadcast the first half-hour news show in northern california. the noon news featured john westin and girl on the beat, wanda rainey. she was the first female newscaster in the western united states. >> the big news. >> reporter: then in 1962, big news arrived. the bay area's first full hour of nightly news. >> i understand you have some w
6:51 pm
of the first african-american reporters in the country knee. loved looking into things. he loved investigating things. he loved understanding things. >> reporter: we then hired belva davis, the first black female journalist in the west. she came to tv with no training but would leave with seven emmys, becoming one of the most respected journalist in the nation. >> i worked with so many talented people at pirkz x, it was just amazing. >> reporter: during the '60 and '70s, kpix covered it all. the good, the bad, and the ugly. >> we're not gonna play by their rules! >> reporter: from the student protests. >> the kennedy headquarters when the shooting took place. >> reporter: robert kennedy's assassination. patty hurst, the black panthers, jones town, the milk
6:52 pm
moscone murders, the hip piece, the counterculture. remember the beatles at candlestick park? >> which one is your favorite? >> george. >> reporter: at the time everything was shot and developed on film. >> you had to give that film time to develop. >> reporter: wendy takuta was the first asian american to anchor a prime time newscast in the bay area. her co-anchor, oakland native dave. >> we had a a fast landing there, didn't we. good evening. i'm dave. >> reporter: mac, as we called him, was a radio broadcaster who took tv by storm. >> nightcast. >> reporter: along with wayne walk we are sports and joel bartlett with the weather. we soared to number one. >> it was a golden time. there's no question about it. it was a golden time for local
6:53 pm
television in this beautiful city. >> reporter: in 1976 the technology changed kpix forever when a new show hit the air. >> ow show was the very first show to use video out in the field. >> reporter: it was called -- >> evening magazine! >> we were not in a studio. we took the video everywhere. it was not film. >> three-quarter-inch tape. >> reporter: the newsroom soon switched over to videotape. the studios churned out even more shows which included "people are talking" with anne frasier and ross mcgowan. senate's good to be back. >> reporter: kpix would soon outgrow the van ness and greenwich location. >> the old tv station is gone. it was demolished back in 2006 to make way for this new condo complex. but by that time kpix had moved on to its new location back in
6:54 pm
1979. >> reporter: we picked pup our studios and headed to 855 battery street, an old warehouse for the american biscuit company, later known as the national bisque company, or nabisco for short. >> i'm wendy takuta a in our new studios. eyewitness news is next. >> reporter: where cookies and candy were once made, we now made the news. anchor kate kelly. >> when i first walked in the first thing that struck me was it was beautiful, clean, and there were so many people. >> reporter: for the next four decades, kpix covered the bay area. news, weather, sports, social unrest, technology, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, the environment, aids, big events, small events, human tragedies, fires, drought, major catastrophes, and, of course, breaking news. >> when a big breaker would happen you would hear it immediately. the whole newsroom, the
6:55 pm
decibels would go up. >> reporter: kpix brought you the news from near and far. the occupied territories, the fall of the berlin wall, even afri could. >> horrible, horrible thing had occurred there. >> reporter: anchor dana king traveled to rwanda to report on the horrific genocide. >> helping people understand what happened, why it happened who it happened to, and to also understand that it could happen anywhere. >> reporter: before our newsroom became digital, crews luged around big recorders and portable cameras in the field. then came the computers. >> and we had to have the typewriters. we kept the typewriters in case the computers crashed. in fact, one day they did. >> reporter: the technology improved. smaller, better, faster. >> we had to change our game. we had to change the way that we told the news. it was more -- it became more immediate. >> reporter: these days, just ask anchor and reporter hank plante. >> you can do a live shot in a
6:56 pm
newscast using an iphone, and you can put on a selfie stick, and you can do that from anywhere in the world. >> reporter: today we stream news updates all day long on nine digital platforms. exclusive cameras on top of the sales force tower. as well as sky drone 5 providing unparalleled views. whether breaking news, weather, sports, consumer or investigative reports -- >> it's been coming down like this -- >> reporter: we've got you covered. from the heights of hill to the flats near the barbary coast. here's to another 70 years. i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> ken's story is the first of many we will be doing to celebrate our anniversary as we look back on the events that changed the bay area. and you can visit our pix page for more. >> thanks for watching. "60 minutes" is next. >> the latest always on
6:57 pm and we will see you back here at 11:00.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> pelley: over seven years of civil war, the syrian government has repeatedly bombed its own civilians as we see here outside damascus. incredibly, it has also continued to use chemical weapons on civilians-- not just a few times, but reportedly 200 times. and tonight in our story you will see the awful truth. >> mulet: we have the big crater, sarin was released, more than 100 people were killed, more than 200 were affected, mostly women and children. >> pelley: who is using the sarin? >> mulet: only the syrian government. ( children playing ) >> whitaker: more than one


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