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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 20, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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confessed the church did a bad job responding to the sex abuse crisis. >> we tried to protect the institution, tried to protect the priests instead of thinking about the children and the pope is very angry about that. the pope expressed deep sorrow for what happened to these children. >> reporter: and reese agrees the church should open up its records. >> in other words, we have to do our own grand jury reports on ourselves and get that information out. if we don't do it, if the dioceses don't do it, somebody will come in and do it for us. >> reporter: parishioners say the pope must get rid of the bad priests and/or the bishops who protected them. >> he's got to clean house and i think -- i don't know why he hasn't done it before. he has done some but not enough. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> the archbishop of san francisco is reacting to the child abuse revelations. he said he will designate a day when people can come together and make an act of reparation.
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he has not announced what that will entail. on the day of his funeral we learned utah firefighter matt burchett was killed by tree debris, knocked down when 1,000 gallons of retardant was dropped from an air tanker overhead. the 42-year-old firefighter was killed a week ago assisting on the mendocino complex fire lines. makovec has the tearful tributes. >> reporter: a solemn procession began this morning's services for battalion chief matthew burchett in a small town near salt lake city, draper, utah, where he served as a firefighter for 20 years. >> the firefighting profession is said to be a noble profession and i believe that 100%, but it takes an even nobler man to fill that role. there was none in my mind more noble than matt. >> reporter: burchett was 42 years old and he leaves behind a wife and a son.
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he was one of five firefighter sent from draper to help battle the largest wildfire in california history, the mendocino complex fire. burchett was hit by a tree in the fire zone one week ago today. he was taken to the hospital where he died. his body was flown back to utah last week to a hero's welcome. local firefighters have kept watch over his body around the clock at the funeral home. his family wrote his eulogy and delivered it today. >> you had a way of helping us see what was possible, what we might be capable of even if we had to suffer a little pain to get there, especially today. >> reporter: governor jerry brown sent out a statement saying in part, "our hearts ache for his wife and young son." in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix5. meanwhile the mendocino complex fire grew overnight forcing new evacuations on the north side. right now the ranch fire, part
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of the mendocino complex, is almost 75% contained. combined the river and ranch fires have scorched just under 400,000 acres and destroyed more than 150 homes. those fires continue to create hazy skies and unhealthy air in the bay area and an air quality advisory for smoke is extended through tomorrow for the entire bay area, not a spare the air day, but you can see the haze sitting over the hills in san rafael in spite of the winds blowing those flags around. people with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors if possible. the remains of a bay area hiker who went missing weeks ago in yosemite have been found. the man was planning an extensive backpacking trim. his body was found over the weekend in the northeast region of the park. the cause of his death is under investigation. vallejo police are investigating a grisly incident, a man hit by a car and drug to death.
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the driver reported the incident to police on borgess lane near agnes court. she says she thought that she may have run over some clothes on the road, but then called police when she got home. >> she didn't seem that she heard a thump or thud and continued on her way for a little bit. she didn't feel like there was anything out of the ordinary. so she continued to drive home, which is about 3/4 of a mile from where we can piece together that the collision occurred. >> the man hasn't been identified. as for the driver, no charges yet as police continue their investigation. san francisco mayor london breed isn't happy with the leadership at the sfmta. she made that clear today in a letter to the head of the transportation agency. mayor breed cited the service reductions linked to the closure of the twin peaks tunnel. she mentions the lack of background checks performed on major construction contractors and she says she's expecting improved results in the very near future following a $60 million increase in the agency's budget.
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in response to that letter, sheryl brinkman, chairwoman of the sfmta board of directors says she is confident muni can get back on track after a difficult summer and that it will overcome the recent challenges. muni is also under fire for driver shortages that among other headaches can make students late for school. this was the first day back for many kids in san francisco. kpix5's jackie ward on muni's day one report card. >> reporter: about 29,000 school kids rely on muni to get them to class. that means there was the potential for a lot of kids to be late today because of an ongoing muni operator shortage. >> happy to report there was no major gaps in service delays. >> reporter: to help gear up for today, 72 farther-time operators were transferred to full-time -- part-time operators were transferred to full-time positions. >> that will have an immediate and significant impact on service. >> reporter: delays have been a problem throughout the summer for a few reasons.
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construction on the twin peaks tunnel has shifted operators off normal routes to provide shuttle service. plus operators recently had training for specific modes of transportation whether that be streetcars, cable cars, electric trolleys, buses or light rail vehicles. >> we've expanded the amount of people we train in each class. we are increasing the training we're doing for the new vehicles. >> reporter: sfusd made sure parents and guardians were aware of the potential delay prior to this morning by writing on its website and notifying the principals. the communications office also told us, "given that we cannot anticipate which lines will be affected, we will evaluate any potential impact after school begins and work with the schools and students that may be impacted." the sfmta said they don't have a recruiting problem. this is a constantly shifting puzzle. once construction on the tunnel is complete, kids should be able to get to school faster because those people will be back to their normal routes. in san francisco, jackie ward,
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kpix5. mountain view high school's football community is trying to add stadium lights for night games, but some community members are pushing back. kpix5 reporter kiet do explains why some people want to keep the field dark. >> reporter: we're coming to you live here from mountain view high school. this campus along with los altos high school down the street are the only two schools in the entire south bay that still do not have stadium lights. so the debate going on right now to bring stadium lights to these campuses is the furthest they have gotten so far. right now sports teams practice as long as there's daylight. it's workable in the spring and fall, but come wintertime football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, track and yes, the band literally get left in the dark. what's more, student population has boomed the past few years. so the president of the local booster club brett chiller says they've been pushing for years and it's no longer a want, but a need. >> there's more sports and activities going on and we've
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run out of space. there's nowhere to go. being able to get more use of the stadium even for a few hours a day is a big deal now. >> reporter: superintendent jeff harding says there was a three hour school board meeting last week to kick off the issue. the thing is the schools are nestled inside the neighborhoods where homes butt up against the fields. they're looking at directional l.e.d. style lights that would reduce light spill age into the neighborhoods and there was discussion of limiting use of the p.a. system. by law the school district does not have to get permission from anyone to add lights. why bother being a good neighbor? >> well, this is a tight knit community. we're in this together with our neighbors. we want to maintain that relationship. it's a symbiotic kind of relationship that we have with our neighbors. we want to keep it that way. >> but things have changed a great deal. >> reporter: rosemary waddam has lived 200 yards away from last altos high the past 38
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years and has had to deal with students speeding and parking in her neighborhood but said living with the sounds of the p.a. is a living nightmare. >> it started getting oppressive. it was no longer pleasant background noise. it was noxious noise. >> reporter: last week's meeting was the first one in the beginning of a year's long process. the next step now is to form a task force, get some community members to study this issue and then try to figure something out, try to find some middle ground from there. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix5. president trump is again lashing out at special counsel robert mueller. the president tweeted mueller is disgraced and discredited. he also confirmed that mueller "spent over 30 hours with the white house counsel only with my approval for purposes of transparency." mr. trump was referring to chief white house lawyer donald mcgahn who met with mueller's team three times. the president's lawyers say they are not worried about what
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mcgahn may have said, particularly on the issue of obstruction of justice. separately president trump took time today to thank immigration enforcement workers. >> we love you. we support you. >> he praised 150 i.c.e. officers, border agents and law enforcement officials at a white house event the the trump administration and i.c.e. have faced backlash for a policy now revoked that separated migrant children f parents. some democrats say i.c.e. should be disband. the president said that will not happen. >> we will not stand for the vile smears and vicious attacks on the courageous men and women of i.c.e. >> a judge set a july 26th deadline nearly a month ago for authorities to return more than 2,000 kids to their families, memoreth500 are th still in u.s. custody. coming up a leader in the me too movement is now accused of sexual assault, the stunning
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report against actress asia argento. >> it is san francisco's first cashierless store, the company that beat amazon go to the punch. >> plus it's the latest video game craze, fort night, why some parents are paying coaches to teach their kids how to play.
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that shocking colorado murder case. a man now admits he killed his wife. but he claims... that was only after she a late development in that shocking colorado murder case, a man admits now he killed his wife but claims that was only after she culled their two young daughters. now those details are part -- killed their two young daughters. now those details are part of the report. he said he asked his wife for a divorce and that is when she strangled her two daughters. watts said he went into a rage and strangled her. their bodies were found at watts' work site. they were charged today with first degree murder. one of the most prominent faces of the me too movement is accused of sexually assaulting one of her young co-stars. the new york times reports actress asia argento had sex
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with actor jimmy bennett in a california hotel room in 2013. he was 17 years old at the time. she allegedly paid him $380,000 to keep quiet. argento was one of the first accusers of movie mogul harvey weinstein. a civil jury has found clear and convincing evidence of gross negligence by toyota. the verdict stems from a 2016 crash where two parents slammed into their young children in the back seat. as kris van cleave reports, internal documents show the cost to fix the problem would be around $1 per seat. >> our children are hurt forever. we can't imagine this happening to any other families. >> reporter: ben and christy revis were stopped in traffic on a dallas area expressway on the way home from church in september of 2016. their two kids, 3-year-old owen and 5-year-old emily, were in the back seat in their car seats when an suv slammed into the back of their 2002 lexus
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sedan at 45 miles an hour. as this crash test simulating the collision and used during the trial shows, the front seats collapsed sending ben and christy head first into their own children. both kids suffered lasting traumatic brain injuries. >> traumatic brain injury is devastating. we have no idea what's coming. >> reporter: in a statement toyota says it respects the jury's more than $242 million verdict but remains confident that the injuries sustained were the result of factors specific to this very severe collision, not a defect in the design or manufacturing. >> the jury understood that the only way you were going to get any movement here was to get toyota's attention and the other carmakers. toyota testified in this matter that they had known since the '80s. >> reporter: attorney frank branson showed the jury parts of our cbs news investigation including this 2016 report where a jury awarded the rivera family more than $124 million for a similar crash that left their son with brain damage.
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>> i'm angry that i feel like we were never given a chance to make the decision for ourselves. i wish i had seen that piece six months before our accident happened because i would have started asking questions about my own car. >> reporter: our investigation identified more than 100 cases where seat back collapses resulted in serious injuries or death, mostly to children in the back seat, but seats in cars meet or exceed federal standards for seat strength that date back to 1967, standards even a banquet chair could pass. carmakers have known about the collapses for decades. >> it's time to step up, make a decision. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: because of our investigation several members of congress have called on nhtsa to change the seat back strength standard. the agency consistently maintained it lacks sufficient evidence to take action, but has also acknowledged seat back collapse is likely underreported. still nhtsa recommends the back seat is the safest place for
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kids. toyota tells cbs news it is still considering its next step in this case. we were not able to reach nhtsa over the weekend. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. officials at san jose international airport honored the man the airport is named after, former transportation secretary norman manetta. manetta served as commerce and transportation secretary in the bill clinton and george w. bush administrations and was a congressman for 20 years. at the ceremony manetta reflected on his political career, love of aviation and the important role the airport plays in san jose. san francisco is getting its first quasherless store and it's beating amazon --
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cashierless store and it's beaten amazon to the punch. shoppers scan a qr code when they enter the store and can pick up items without needing to stand in line to pay. amazon is expecting to open a cashierless convenience store later this year in the city. you got your music lessons, tennis lessons, soccer lessons. >> but private video game instruction? kpix5's mary lee explains what's behind this trend. >> don't go. oh, gosh, i got stuck. >> reporter: some of this boy's friends are taking playing fortnite to the next level. >> there's coaches that guarantee a win or to build on your building skills. >> reporter: one of his friends has his parents' support. they hired a fortnite tutor for him. >> they oden to ay ine sports o to compete and to join a competitive team and win money. so they decided to build on his strengths and he really wanted
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it. he's been pushing for it for a long time. >> reporter: it's not just his friends. now parents around the world are hiring fortnite coaches paying them as much as $35 an hour to make their kid the next big e sports star. >> i introduced myself as the fortnite god. i go and i say i only drop tilted, which is a section of the map in fortnite. >> reporter: jillian torres is an instructor at id tech camps here on the stanford campus. he not only shows student how to win at fortnite, but he also teaches them how to build a battle style royal game and program levels inspired by fortnite. this is the only official fortnite camp partnering with the video game maker epic games. >> we played fortnite with them and in general kids have a blast because it's such a fun game, but they take that and we say all right, now you guys can make something like this, too. >> reporter: id tech tech
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cams is a camp to hopefully inspire tech leaders of the future. at stanford university, i'm mary lee, kpix5. >> warm these tutors when i was -- where were these tutors when i was trying to figure out the legend of zelda when i was a kid. take a look outside. we've got cloudy skies. there's a 15-degree change happening now. i'll explain where and how long coming up. cheats in their tracks. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight they cost b.a.r.t. millions a year. now a solution to stop fare cheats in their tracks. first the markets closing up today. here's a look at closing numbers from wall street. maybe you could save energy by
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the rock band, "the eagles" are flying high. their "greatest hits" album has ally become the rock band eagles are flying high. their greatest hit album has officially become history's
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best selling album of all time. kids, go ask your parents what an album is. it beat michael jackson's thriller according to the recording industry association of america. sales reached 38 million copies of the album before cds. >> times have changed. we have a change in the weather. it's pretty significant. this will be the longest stretch of kind of not hot weather that we've seen since june. it's about 15 degrees cooler away from the water. now that we are below average, that's where we'll stay the next several days. foggy in san francisco. that's par for the course this time of year. that's the view of the sales force tower cam. that is a boat at the bottom of your screen. we're getting a little view of the bay, but that's it, only 79 in concord and livermore, 74 in san jose, down to 70 in santa rosa, 15 degrees cooler today compared to yesterday. low to mid-50s overnight
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tonight, redwood city 55, concord 56, san jose 57. air quality, not great tomorrow, but not horrible. it was worse last week. moderate air quality is in the spare the air forecast for top to bottom on tuesday. we likely will stay in the moderate range the next couple days. let's talk about why we have this change. the ridge of high pressure which was centered over southern california has now slid back to the east over new mexico. we're watching an area of lower pressure move through the inland northwest heading to the east. even though you see rain over billings, montana, out toward glacier national park, its impact with the counterclockwise flow around it is dragging in a stronger ocean influence and the marine layer is much thicker today. it was able to make it inland. the cooler air made it over the hills down into the santa clara valley. temperatures are down and tomorrow morning you'll see another change, lots of cloud cover, not just for the bay area spilling into the central valley. that's how far the fog will go tomorrow. we get the afternoon sunshine, but with that ocean influence temperatures are kept down. then wednesday another surge of
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that marine air well past vacaville and fairfield down to san jose and out toward livermore. the clouds will be there in the morning. we will see cooler weather in the afternoon. widespread fog and low cloud cover tomorrow morning. it's only a little cooler near the water because you never warmed up. it's significantly cooler inland. we've had 90s almost all summer long, nowhere close for the next seven days. low 80s on average. santa rosa 81, livermore 82, fairfield 84. if you're tired of the warm weather, you get a week of this cooler stuff. fremont 73, oakland 68, san francisco 63 degrees tomorrow. extended forecast, low to mid- 80s inland, nowhere close to 90 degrees. we'll hang out in the upper 60s to low 70s near the bay, right around 60 degrees at the coast. so the coolest weather of the entire month of august is what we get for the next week. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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"hi allen and juliette. up next... tonight on the cbs evening number:550a] cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> hi. up next tonight on the cbs evening news jericka duncan interviews harvey weinstein's attorney as one of his accusers is now accused. >> we're on the scene of a rare and deadly alligator attack in south carolina. >> and firefighter even after risking their lives in california still finding other ways to help come thing up in just a few seconds -- coming up in just a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thanks for watching us at a stop fare cheats on b.a.r.t., but it won't come cheap.
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we'll see you at 6:00. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday: news just coming in out of colorado. a father has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder after his wife and children were found dead. and the pope issues an unprecedented letter on abuse as more questions swirl about a powerful cardinal. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> pope francis issuing a letter condemning crimes of sexual abuse by priests. >> in this letter, pope francis admits the catholic church has delayed implementing a zero- tolerance policy. >> it's coming nearly a week after a pennsylvania grand jury detailed decades of sexual abuse. >> two men wanted in connection
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for questioning for a series of crimes that


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