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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of the mta. "i am seriously concerned about the lack of background checks performed on major construction contractors and opaque process to select scooter pilot permit recipients," and wrote, "muni must be more dependable. the budget grew by $60 million last year. so i expect that conditions will improve in the very near term future." >> we appreciate the focus on the sfmta and we're going to redouble our efforts to insure we're improving service for thousands of riders every single day on muni. >> reporter: paul rose is the spokesman for the sfmta. >> we look forward to continuing to work with the mayor's office. she has been a great champion as a supervisor for transportation and transit issues over the years. >> reporter: the recipient of the letter, ed reesekin reports to the mta board and in a statement today the chairwoman of the board, sheryl brinkmann, wrote in part, "i am confident that the sfmta can get back to track after a difficult summer.
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mr. reesekin and his leadership team have made great gains in efficiency and safety in the past years." >> this is something that we're committed to focusing on. >> reporter: now the mayor of san francisco does appoint all of the members to that sfmta board of directors. they serve in these four year staggered terms. so that's one way the mayor could put pressure on the organization. the other, of course, is through the budget process which begins again in the spring of 2019. melissa caen, kpix5. you don't have to look hard to find fare cheats on b.a.r.t. in fact, people jumping the gates cost b.a.r.t. millions each year. kpix5's phil matier is live at the embarcadero station with one possible solution. phil? >> reporter: that's right. b.a.r.t. needs to come up with some solutions because not only do they have a fare gate problem, they've got a problem with what happens after they jump the fare gate and that's what b.a.r.t. has to deal with as well. let's take a look. sometimes they climb over the
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fare gates. sometimes they just walk on through without a care. and as the b.a.r.t. director showed us today, all it takes is a little push. while an alarm went off, the nearest b.a.r.t. agent was on the other side of the station and didn't even notice he got the push. >> this is a station with six entrances and two station agents. >> reporter: that's why b.a.r.t. is looking at installing new tougher fare gates, something new york has already done. >> it's absolutely what we need to do. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. hopping is costing the cash strapped system upwards of $25 million a year in lost revenue, but the blatant fare evasion and the people it brings into the stations is also taking a bill toll on the system's safety image -- big toll on the system's safety image. concerns rose to a new level in the wake of the fatal slashing of 18-year-old nia williamslowh caught fare jumping a few days earlier, a tragedy williams' family's lawyers say could have
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been prevented with stricter enforcement. >> you have to nip it in the bud at the turnstiles. if b.a.r.t. had stopped the criminal fare evaders, nia would be alive. >> there's a public perception there's increased crime. so we need to really address this in multiple ways, get more officers out there, fix the b.a.r.t. hopping problem, clean up the stations, find somewhere for the homeless to be, not on our trains and that's what we're doing. >> reporter: but the new gates will cost upwards of 150 to $200 million. >> that's just an estimate. it's extremely expensive. >> reporter: the computer line is also looking into hi-tech weapon scanners, putting more cops on patrol and installing higher barriers around the turnstiles. >> it used to come to here. we're making it taller. >> reporter: even with the barriers people find a way around them or through them whether it's b.a.r.t. or muni or any other system, which is what we saw repeatedly today. >> that unfortunately doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: here's another example of what b.a.r.t.'s doing in the interim. this barrier used to go up to
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here. they've added on this sort of fencing wire so that you can't jump over as easily, but as we've seen, where there's a will there's usually a way. >> phil, the obvious question is what's the next step here in this process? >> reporter: well, the next step will be more of these around and they're going to take a study to see exactly how much it's cost and they want to take a survey of the board, but i got to tell you i've talked to a couple board members and they're all on board with this idea, the idea being if you can keep the trouble out, there's less trouble you have to deal with once you're in. in san francisco, phil matier. back to you guys. a new debate over whether private shut oulod in bus only san francisco. the issue is whether to allow private buses in special lanes proposed for gary boulevard between market and stanyon street. the issue will be voted on tomorrow. the project was originally proposed to speed up muni service along crowded gary
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boulevard. private shuttles are allowed on other bus only lanes in the city already. a number of top prosecutors in the state will gather tomorrow to announce an update in the golden state killer case. contra costa county district attorney diana becton will be there, also. she's the only d.a. attending who did not have a homicide linked to the golden state killer. it's speculated tomorrow's developments could include the filing of additional charges against suspect joseph deangelo. he currently faces 13 murder counts in multiple counties. we are learning more about how a utah firefighter died in california's massive mendocino complex fire. matt burchett was killed a week ago today. a preliminary report says he died from falling tree debris after a large air tanker completed a retardant drop. the report calls for an immediate corrective action saying firefighters must stay clear of areas with overhead hazards during those drops. l in utah.
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old husband meanwhile some 2,000 turned out today for burchett's funeral in utah. the 42-year-old husband and father was remembered by colleagues for his wit devoti t his brother who was also a firefighter talked about how they were inseparable as kids. >> as kids we always made pacts, i'll trade you this for that. i'll do this for that. my favorite pact was all right, if we get caught, you take the blame if the cops get us. i'll take the blame if mom and dad get us. year old son griffin. >> burchett was a 20 year veteran of firefighting. he leaves behind his wife heather and 7-year-old son griffin. new at 6:00 a big name developer wants to expand his popular sushi restaurant in the south bay, but one woman is trying to block that plan. the existing nobu restaurant is inside a hotel on hamilton avenue in downtown palo alto.
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the proposed expansion would happen in an adjacent building. kpix5's maria medina on a fight that goes before city council tonight. maria? >> reporter: well, if you've ever been to downtown palo alto, you know parking is a problem and that's why one woman has an issue with this project, but some wonder if there's more to it than that. it's a battle between one developer and another. >> the primary issue is parking. >> reporter: at the center of the debate, three parking spaces inside this garage, but let's back up a bit. last year the pricey popular sushi restaurant nobu inside the epiphany hotel owned by tech titan larry ellison submitted plans to the city to expand taking over a shuttered floral shop next-door. they got the okay from the city including getting rid of those three parking spaces as long as they paid $71,000 a space into a city fund to put into a future parking garage. >> she doesn't agree with the
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findings. >> reporter: but another developer elizabeth wong is trying to stop the project saying getting rid of those parking spaces sets a dangerous precedent for the elimination of much needed parking spaces throughout the downtown. >> she calls it special treatment. is it special treatment? >> there's no special treatment. >> reporter: in fact, city leaders say anyone who takes over the property would be required to do the same because the parking spaces aren't up to code and would need to be expanded, but the alley next to the spaces makes it a challenge. >> any redevelopment of that building whether it was owned by anybody would have some challenges with providing parking on that location. >> reporter: but some wonder if this is more than just about parking. elizabeth wong tried to buy the property several years ago, but the deal fell through and it was sold to ellison. wong is now suing for breach of contract and the city is now in the middle. and wong says she's not the only how one peoples this way.
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she's hoping that city council actually delays their decision tonight so that the public can weigh in. live in palo alto, maria medina, kpix5 news. a battle over a peninsula beer house now spilling over into legal action. the owner of the mountain view business on castro street is taking his landlord to court accusing her of trying to force him out to open her own restaurant. the landlord denies that saying she plans a four-story office and retail building on the site. the beer house owner is demanding he be allowed to stay while the new project is in the works. a fight over stadium lights, bay area high school teams want them, why some neighbors say no thanks. >> does this sound strange? plans for a new bay area park include chopping down some old trees. we'll explain. >> surfing has always had a special place in california's heart. now the sport is part of california law.
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of "friday night lights". they're fighting a proposal to add stadium lights to the some neighbors near mountain view high school don't want any part of friday night lights. they're fighting a proposal to add stadium lights to the football field. kpix5's kiet do on why they want to keep that field in the dark. >> reporter: yeah. we're live here at mountain view high school. this campus along with los
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altos high school, these are the only two schools in the entire south bay that still do not have stadium lights. so last week the school board voted to move forward to study the issue making it the first time that they have actually taken up this issue and the furthest they have ever gotten and getting close to installing these lights. right now sports teams practice as long as there's daylight. it's workable in the spring and fall, but come wintertime football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, track and yes, the band literally get left in the dark. what's more, student population has boomed the past few years. so the president of the local booster club brett chiller said they've been pushing for years and it's no longer a want but a need. >> there's more sports and activities going on and we've run out of space. there's nowhere to go and so being able to get more access and use of the stadium even for a few hours a day is a big deal now. >> reporter: superintendent jeff harding says there was a three hour school board meeting last week to kick off the issue. the thing is the schools are
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nestled right inside the neighborhoods where homes butt up against the fields. it's early in the process, but they're looking at directional l.e.d. style lights similar to these that would reduce light spillage into the surrounding neighborhood and there was also discussion of limiting use of the p.a. system. by law the school district does not have to get permission from anyone to add lights. why bother being a good neighbor? >> well, this is a tight knit community. we're in this together with our neighbors. we want to maintain that relationship. it's a symbiotic kind of relationship that we have with our neighbors. we want to keep it that way. >> but things have changed a great deal. >> reporter: rosemary wattam has lived at her home 200 yards away from los altos high the past 38 years. she's had to deal with students speeding and parking in her neighborhood, but she said living with the sound from the p.a. has been a nightmare. >> it started getting oppressive. it was no longer pleasant
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background noise. it was noxious noise. >> reporter: so last week's meeting of the first one in a year's long process. we are very early in the process right now. the next step is to form a task force, get members from the community to try to find some middle ground in all this as they try to decide whether or not they're going to bring stadium lights here to the two high schools. in mountain view, kiet do, kpix5. a san bruno neighborhood is happy to hear a new park is coming to their block, but they're puzzled, even angry over one part of the city's redevelopment plan. kpix5's john ramos explains. >> reporter: for as long as anyone can remember, this lot at florida and taylor avenues in san bruno had a large, old abandoned house on it. neighbors say it got to be an eyesore. >> it was very prehistoric looking and it was graffitid on. junk was thrown in there. >> reporter: the city took possession of the property and plans to build a new park. so far the only thing that looks parklike here are the two trees at the back of the lot.
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that's ironic because one landscaping plan calls for the two trees to be chopped down. >> i didn't understand why they would have to knock down some heritage trees to build a park when you typically go to parks to enjoy the shade of a tree. >> yeah. that was funny because the park needs a tree and those are beautiful trees. >> reporter: it's unclear how old the trees actually are. some say 70. some say 100 years old. no one at city hall was available to speak with us, but neighbors have reportedly gotten e-mails explaining the trees are in an area where a children's play structure is planned, but neighbor maureen deonkida said the trees are landmarks to the area and the plans ought to be adjusted. >> if they were like in the middle of it, maybe i could see a point, you know, but i can't imagine that they can't work around that. >> reporter: thomas gerrola grew? a house across the street and
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remembers watch -- grew up in a house across the street and remembers watching the crows fly in and out of the branches. he believes the trees are as much of the heritage as any of the historic homes that have been preserved. >> the trees are definitely older than i am. i hope it will outlive me so my kids can enjoy that same tree. >> reporter: in november a sign was posted saying the project was delayed to the end of 2018. neighbors are hoping that will give the city time to reconsider whether having large shade trees in a park is a good thing or not. in san bruno, john ramos, kpix5. >> san bruno hired a new city manager in june and neighbors have taken their appeal to him. up and down the peninsula steps are working to improve conditions for bicycling include -- cities are working to improve conditions for bicycling. a path would connect redwood city to mountain view including
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stops in menlo park, palo alto. the bike route would cover 16 miles. supporters say the goal is to design a bikeway that is safe, efficient and connected for riders along the peninsula. a launch event scheduled next month will celebrate the opening of an interim bikeway and begin planning for a future permanent bikeway. did you know that surfing is now the official state sport? governor brown made it official today. the law claims califo is tht of building industry and that surf forecasting and the neopreme wetsuit were both invented here. the bill does acknowledge surfing originated with the polynesian people and was imported into california from hawaii, state sport, surfing. if you're surfing, i strongly suggest a wetsuit because the ocean is still running chilly and the air above it is not that much warmer. look at the bottom of your temperatures here for the highs
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today, 59 degrees at ocean beach, 72 in hayward and a lot of 80s today, only brentwood and a few other spots making it to 90 degrees, dublin 82, santa clara 80. we're still counting the days without a drop of rain in san jose. it's been now four months, longer than four months, 127 days since the last measurable rainfall in san jose. we'll keep counting until it rains which may be into september. once we hit 150 days that's the top 10 streak all time in the santa clara valley. no rain in the forecast for fremont, but a lot of clouds the next couple mornings and cooler, 73 tomorrow, 74 coming up on wednesday with morning cloud cover and afternoon sunshine, so a pretty pronounced change in our weather pattern away from the water. inland, you've been in the 90s almost every day all summer, not now. low pressure will hang to our north. the counterclockwise around it promotes a stronger onshore flow and with less pushing down in the atmosphere the marine layer can get thicker and go inland.
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we'll see that happen over the next couple days with the ocean influence pushing inland as well. a cloudy start everywhere, a cooler trend for a while and 90s nowhere close, forget about the 90s we've had almost every afternoon. now it will be more 70s and 80s even inland. vallejo 75 tomorrow, napa 81, san jose 79 degrees and the 60s for oakland and san francisco and just 59 in pacifica tomorrow. we level off in the low to mid- 80s inland, 70s near the bay, 60 at the beach and early next week maybe a little cooler. still ahead he took an . agricultural giant to court and won. now this bay area pest control manager is speaking out for the first time. >> and coming up in sports we are live at the coliseum where the oakland a's are about to take the field against the texas rangers. now this team tried to capitalize on its success by selling tickets earlier today
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and bob melvin was involved in that. we'll show you how. >> former giant and a's third base coach matt williams talks about what makes matt chapman a star in this league for years to come. we'll be right back. this is not a bed.
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and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. we are live at the coliseum where the oakland a's are supposed to get started with a three game set against the texas rangers tonight. it's another chance for this team to gain some ground in the american league west. the a's took two of three from the astros over the weekend. the a's are a game back in the standings from houston and 3 1/2 back on seattle in the wildcard. this is how you capitalize on success. a's pitcher sean manaea and manager bob melvin were at their corporate offices today making sales calls for season tickets. sounds like bo mel has got the pitch down. >> oscar, it's bob melvin with the oakland a's.
6:24 pm
how are you today. really rely on you guys to inspire us and our team. >> i did get to bang the gong or whatever they have over there. i did make a sale. so i'm expecting a little bit of a commission for that. >> reporter: the tickets should start selling themselves thanks to players like matt chapman. the a's third baseman is up to 17 home runs and should be the leading candidate to win the gold glove. a's third base coach and former giants all-star matt williams has taken chapman under his wing and said the 25-year-old doesn't have many weaknesses. >> the only thing he's missing is a little patience and he'll learn that over time as he gets more into his career. we have to remember he's just over a year in the big leagues. so he's got a long way to go. that patience will come over time and he'll get better and better. >> reporter: how do you tell a guy like that to have some patience? >> it's hard to do. it's like he's the young colt that just wants to run.
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>> reporter: switching gears now to football, the raiders returned to alameda today. they broke camp in napa last week before traveling to los angeles. jon gruden must be a little bit puzzled and feels like he's treading on some water after the game against the rams. almost none of his starters played because the raiders face the rams in week one which means there hasn't been much opportunity for them to gel. the head coach isn't sure what to make of his stat sheet right now. >> if you'd have told me chris warren would be my leading rusher and paul butler would be our leading receiver at this time, i would say that's crazy. that's unbelievable. >> reporter: how about 20-year- old victor hoffman who won the u.s. amateur championship yesterday at pebble beach. he joins an impressive list of former champions. what does it mean to you to add your name to the trophy along with names like tiger woods d
6:26 pm
jack nicklaus? >> tiger who? no. >> reporter: from the best amateur to maybe the worst, raiders running back marshawn lynch went to klay thompson's benefit golf tournament yesterday and the results weren't pretty. the first attempt was a flat out whiff. he made contact on the second attempt but didn't clear the box. that looks like my kind of golf. anyway tonight here at the coliseum, we are expected to see the oakland a's and texas rangers. for texas we're supposed to see bartolo colon take the mound. mike fiers goes for the athletic. live from the coliseum, andrea nakano, kpix5 live sports. coming up in our next half hour pope francis condemns the latest sex abuse scandal to hit the catholic church. one bay area priest says it's too little too late. >> the tables turned on this me too accuser, the sex abuse allegations leveled against this actress. >> and a bay area man who won a landmark lawsuit against agricultural giant monsanto
6:27 pm
speaks out for the first time.
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starting an "unprecedented" effort to confront the clergy sex abuse scandal. pope y admitted the you're watching kpix5 news. our top story, the catholic church says it's starting an
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unprecedented effort to confront the church abuse scandal. the pope said the church showed no care for young victims. bay area catholics are still coming to terms with the extent of the scandal. kpix5 reporter len ramirez on a south bay priest who said it is time to open sealed church records. >> reporter: in a strongly worded open letter to the world's 1.2 billion catholics, pope francis said his church showed no care for the little ones saying, "we abandoned them. the heartwrenching pain of these victims was long ignored, kept quiet or silenced." >> the words are very appreciated. i think all the victims will tell you they appreciate it. it's actions we're looking for. >> reporter: john salberg was 6 years old when he was sexually abused by his pastor in san jose. he sued the church and won a settlement. now he and many other victims want an outside investigation of the church. >> it would just be nice if the church would expose their documentations and documentations of pedophile priests and other acts of
6:31 pm
clergy abuse, stuff they've kept shut behind closed doors. >> reporter: father tom reese says what was good is that the pope confessed that the church did a bad job responding to the sex abuse crisis. >> we tried to protect the institution, tried to protect the priests instead of thinking about the children and the pope is very angry about that. >> reporter: and reese agrees that the church should open up its records. >> i think that every diocese has to issue a list of the priests who have been accused of abuse. >> reporter: parishioners say the pope must get rid of the bad priests and/or the bishops who protected them. >> he's got to clean house and i don't hasnne re. he has dsome but not enough. >> i believe our bishop, i consider him a friend and i respect him. i believe they implemented poci effective. >> reporter: john saling about
6:32 pm
said he thinks -- salberg said he thinks most of the church's problems are in the past and said he has faith the church will do the right thing in the future. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> the archbishop of san francisco is reacting to the child abuse revelations saying he will designate a day people can come together and make an act of reparation. he has not announced when that will be and what that will entail. l.a. county sheriff's detectives are now investigating one of the most prominent faces of the me too movement. cbs reporter lisa segal looked into allegations made against actress asia argento. >> reporter: italian actress asia argento, a leader in the me too movement and one of the first accusers in the harvey weinstein scandal has one of her own. she quietly paid $380,000 to actor and musician jimmy bennett who said argento sexually assaulted him when he was 17 and she was 37.
6:33 pm
he says it happened five years ago at this ritz carlton in marina del rey. the two first worked together on a 2004 film when bennett was a child. argento played his prostitute mother. >> you will not trash this house. >> reporter: the report says argento settled with the actor who claimed among other things the encounter traumatized him. the paper says they have selfies of argento and bennett, some in bed, from an anonymous source and on the day in question argento posted on instagram pictures calling bennett my son, my love. the founder of the me too movement tweeted, "i've said repeatedly that the movement is for all of us including these brave young men who are now coming forward." actress rose mccowan who is by argento's side after his partner anthony bourdain died tweeted that her heart was broken but added, "none of us know the truth of the situation and i'm sure more will be revealed. be gentle," and harvey weinstein's attorney issued a
6:34 pm
blistering statement. "this development reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy by asia argento, one of the most vocal catalysts who sought to destroy harvey weinstein." the sheriff's department tells me they have no actual report of this alleged incident but are investigating reaching out to bennett and his attorney. in marina del rey, i'm lisa segal, kpix5. an isis suspect accused of murder in iraq appeared in court today in sacramento. a judge said he must stay in jail. the feds arrested 45-year-old omamin last week. he led an isis convoy that killed an iraqi police officer, got into the u.s. as a refugee and took a job at an auto body shop, but now iraq wants him extradited and today a judge called amin a flight risk and danger to the public and said he should remain detained. the remains of an experienced backpacker from san jose have been found.
6:35 pm
48-year-old scott tenzar was last seen july 25th at the bridgeport rangers station in yosemite. the former u.s. army ranger was planning a 40-mile hike out of the twin lakes area. his body was found over the weekend. the cause of death is under investigation. a bay area man who won a landmark lawsuit against the agricultural giant monsanto is speaking out for the first time. cbs reporter anna werner says the man was thinking of his sons when he took his case to court. >> reporter: to put it bluntly, you're dying. >> yes. >> reporter: but you say it's not about you. >> no. dying is something that everybody has to do, right? so if you know you're dying, it gives you that extra push. it's like okay, you can't just die for nothing. >> reporter: lee johnson's ordeal began when he took a job as pest control manager for a bay area school district starting in 2012.
6:36 pm
part of his job? spraying glyphosate-based weed killers made by monsanto, chemicals he said trainers told him were safe. >> one of the things that stuck out to me the worst was when they told me they were safe enough to drink. >> reporter: safe enough to drink? >> safe enough to drink. it became a joke almost like hey, man, did you drink your -- it was like what? it was really a shock. >> reporter: despite that johnson says he always wore his protective gear while spraying some 20 to 30 times a year, sometimes two to five hours a day. >> you're going to get it on you. you're going to get it on your skin. it was never like oh, i didn't even get any on me today. it was always like man, i'm glad i had this on. >> reporter: especially he says after a hose came loose spraying chemicals inside his suit. it was a few months after that he developed a rash that spread over his body. >> it never went away and it got worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed him with non-hodgkin's lymphoma, cancer. later that year he called monsanto. what did you want to ask them?
6:37 pm
>> what i wanted to ask them, you know, is it possible that maybe that someone got this on their skin, would they get sick? would they get rashes? would they get lymphoma? >> reporter: what did they say to you? >> she definitely said mr. johnson, somebody will give you a call about this. it won't be me, but somebody will call you and talk to you about it. >> reporter: did they ever call you back? >> no. >> reporter: an e-mail introduced at trial shows an executive was notified and wrote he would call johnson back. in a later deposition the executive said he didn't recall whether he'd ever spoken to johnson. so a little over a year later in 2016 with his health declining johnson sued. earlier this month after an eight week trial and nearly three days of deliberations the jury stunned the world with a $289 million verdict against monsanto finding the company failed to warn johnson and other consumers of the cancer risks. what did that verdict mean to you? >> the verdict really meant to
6:38 pm
me that this thing was not done in vain. i remember standing there saying to myself if i lose this case, this company will be able to get away and say see, told you our stuff didn't do that. >> reporter: monsanto still says its products did not cause johnson's cancer. after the verdict executive vice president scott partridge said -- >> we all have tremendous sympathy for mr. johnson and his family, what they've gone through with his disease is terrible. >> reporter: but of the verdict he said -- >> it doesn't change the overwhelming scientific evidence and the 40 years of safe use of glyphosate around the world. >> reporter: what do you make of the fact that monsanto is not backing down? >> they have to not back down is what i think. you know what i mean? it's like if they just come out and say okay, you got us,
6:39 pm
that's the end of them. >> reporter: monsanto promises to appeal. johnson may not live to see the final outcome of his lawsuit, but he says knowing the end is near has allowed him to pass on the lessons of his life to his two sons. >> i want my sons to know to go for it and to always do what they're supposed to do and never be weak and be strong all the way. >> reporter: but you got to have pain. >> oh, yeah, but pain makes you stronger. pains like that happen, but i think it happens for a reason. i'm still here. i was supposed to be gone a long time ago. hard times always come. up and downs always come, so you deal with that accordingly. you move forward. >> monsanto denies any link between the active ingredient in roundup and cancer. the company plans to appeal the verdict. apple store customers jump into action and tackle suspected crooks, the citizen arrest caught on camera. >> they beat amazon to the punch, the first cashierless store to open in san francisco.
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a group of shoppers stopped thieves at an apple store. three men walked into a in southern california a group of shoppers stopped thieves at an apple store. three men walked into a thousand oaks mall and started snatching products, but customers tackled two of them. deputies arrested the third suspect and two women in a get- away car. the suspects police believe are part of a group that has been stealing from apple stores across california. your netflix binge is about to get interrupted. the streaming servtested out ads for its original content in between episodes. netflix is telling bingers not to worry. the recommendations are skippable. the service says it hopes testing these personalized previews will help members quickly discover other content they'll enjoy.
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in san francisco the city's first cashierless store is opening its doors this week. the store called zippin is locked near sales force tower. customers scan a qr code when they come into the store and take the items without standing in line to pay. amazon plans to open a cashierless convenience store in the city later this year. $35 an hour for a video game coach? why bay area parents are willing to pay to help their kids master the game fortnite. >> it's like you're driving to nowhere on the san mateo bridge now. the cars are heading into the mist, fog and mays. we've got low cloud cover even -- haze. we've got low cloud cover even around dublin. moderate air quality today. we'll talk about air quality and if we warm up again next. many people living with diabetes
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norman mineta... the man whose name is on the airport. an america a new display at san jose international airport honors norman mineta, the man whose name is on the airport. an american flag flew over the u.s. ti fr congress was dedicated today. mineta served as commerce and transportation secretary in the bill clinton and george w. bush administrations and was a congressman for 20 years. the woman who dedicated the
6:47 pm
flag today met mineta while they were both in a japanese internment camp during world war ii. >> norman mineta's brilliant career in public service to our country is etched forever in united states history and this flag is a testament to his service. >> norman mineta certainly there at today's event. the flag is on display at terminal b. parents do just about anything to give their kids the edge from music lessons to after school tutors, but now some are actually hiring coaches to hone their children's video gaming skills, specifically the game fortnite. we met one young player whose friends' parents are planning for his future. rs an hour. >> they thought that he's good enough to play in e sports or to compete and to join a exeat it i team and win money. so they decide -- a competitive team and win money. so they decided to build on his strength. >> fortnite coaches make as much as $35 an hour.
6:48 pm
one of the stranger competitions you'll ever see took place this weekend in the uk. more than 200 people turned out for the british beard and moustache championships this weekend in england. they competed in -- whoa, that's crazy. they competed in 21 different categories including amish whaler beard, sideburn chops and freestyle. the fourth annual event, not restricted to men. women are welcome to participate in the fake beard category, of course. >> wayne fillippo, one of the our directors could finish top 10 if he wanted to hop across the pond. here we go with weather, not much of a view from the sales force tower cam. 60s, not a change for san francisco and oakland, but 70s are a change inland, concord, livermore, san jose 15 degrees cooler than yesterday, santa rosa down to 64 already. the marine air is pushing inland. mid-50s overnight tonight. vallejo and fremont 56, redwood
6:49 pm
city 55, san francisco 54. air quality moderate tomorrow. there will be haze. it is not a spare the air day tomorrow. i just saw the air quality for seattle. right now the aqi is over 300. that's grab to how nap is after last -- comparable to how napa was last year in october. the aqi for san francisco currently is olympic is. there's five times more stuff in the air -- is more stuff in the air in seattle right now. our weather has changed, 15 degrees cooler. it's an area of low pressure to the north giving us kind of cranking us the onshore flow turning the fan from medium to strong and also and perhaps more importantly lower pressure allows the marine layer to get thicker which means it can breach the east bay hills and get down into san jose. it can make it north to santa rosa. so a thicker marine layer with a stronger push, kind of a one- two punch to allow things to get cooler. once we are cool we'll stay cool a while with a lot of cloud cover. not only will the clouds make
6:50 pm
it into sonoma and santa clara county, it will push through the delta into the central valley. that's a pretty good push for this time of year. we will get sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures stay below average and a similar push comes up on wednesday, so this pattern holds. lots of kids are going back to school this week. it will be rather chilly in the morning with lows in the low 50s and cloud cover until lunchtime. widespread fog and low cloud cover everywhere tomorrow morning. it's a little cooler near the water, but it's significantly cooler inland. the 90s are gone at least for the next week. we're looking at highs below average by about 4 degrees in concord, 3 degrees in san jose, morning clouds in milpitas, afternoon sunshine 78, 59 pacifica. san ramon tomorrow 81 degrees, antioch 83, livermore 82, vallejo, benicia, martinez mid- 70s, san leandro 69 degrees and not 90 up toward lake county. that will be a boon for the
6:51 pm
firefighters dealing with the mendocino complex. 80s inland, 60s to low 70s near the bay, struggling to make it to 60 degrees still at the beach. that is your foggy kpix5 forecast. we'll be right back. when we come back, hard work and determination for this students rising above scholar, how he followed his dreams and got into college.
6:52 pm
i want to create more yes'. yes, you can. >> nicole is a great leader for tech ridge because she is so passionate about our girls. >> chevron and kpix5 teaming up to support stem education in the bay area.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
struggled to fit in but as christin ayers shares with us, carlos luna contreras has found his niche. during his childhood today's students rising above scholar struggled to fit in. >> he did, but as christin ayers shares with us, carlos luna contreras has found his niche. >> this is the chapel. >> reporter: zipping around on
6:55 pm
a golf cart on this campus tucked away in wine country, carlos luna contreras is quite literally at home. this is hannah boys center in santa rosa. carlos grew up here. >> it was definitely different, but i enjoyed it. >> reporter: when he came to hannah, carlos was an 8th grader with a troubled home life. his father worked seven days a week and his relationship with his mother was rocky. carlos came here not knowing what to expect. >> it is like a world within another world. >> reporter: a world where carlos could do things he'd never done before like take his first trip to alcatraz. >> and i hadn't ever really done stuff like that before. >> reporter: he made friends with staff like his dorm supervisor trisha goodwin. >> he was very quiet, very shy, but for whatever reason kind of just seemed to get me and i think our personalities matched. >> reporter: she got him one of his first jobs managing the basketball team. >> he didn't know what a rebound was. he didn't know anything, but he stuck it out. >> reporter: and he blossomed taking on more
6:56 pm
responsibilities. journal year carlos got nominated to be a students rising above scholar. >> both of my parents are undocumented. i was also born in mexico. so i always knew that i probably wouldn't have the opportunity to go to college or if i did, it would be very hard. >> reporter: it was hard, but carlos became a daca recipient and got into cal state los angeles where he studies television production. >> i don't think i would be where i am without hannah or sra. >> reporter: in his spare time he runs the occasional half marathon and during summers he still comes back to hannah where he works in bookkeeping and now calls trisha his co- worker. >> it's humbling. sorry, that always make me emotional, especially with this kid. you just feel blessed. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm christin ayers. >> you can catch up on all the individual alums and scholars. to learn more about sra, go to our website, great kids, love all of them. >> thanks so much for joining us! our next newscast is coming up
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00. >> have a good night! bowls to serve teriyaki.
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see that right there? you can't say that. i can't tell people to try my bowls? no. check out my bowls? nope. what about my billboard? (sighs) what? try my teriyaki bowls.
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