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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 21, 2018 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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news of mollie tibbetts, her body found according to authorities. thank you for joining us. have a good day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, august 21st, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." sources tell cbs news mollie tibbetts, the university of iowa student missing for more than a month, has been found dead. we're covering that and all the major news stories this morning. a priest reveals his years of warnings that a cardinal was allegedly abusing children. the pope's most trusted adviser is now apologizing. a new report suggests buying travel insurance from airline and travel websites does not pay off. hear from a woman who says she was stiffed on her claim when she couldn't travel because of her pregnancy. and one man takes a home dna test and learns about the family he never knew. we'll show you the meeting 40
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years in the making. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> mollie tibbetts has been fod de. the 20-year-old sophomore at the university of iowa vanished july 19th. >> a massive search in iowa comes to an end. >> this transformed this tiny town. it has confounded people. >> residents were warned to stay inside after heavy flooding. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> the colorado father accused of murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters now says his wife killed their kids. >> this is a horrible -- tha absolutely did not happen. >> two men wanted for questioning in connection with a string of shootingings inings e in custody. >> president trump told reuters he stayed out of the special counsel's russia investigation but if he wanted to, he could run it. >> he expected not to be
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questioned, he expects to be worshiped. >> topping the statute at the university of north carolina chapel hill. >> all that. >> the nose of an airliner scrapes the runway during an emergency landing. no one was injured. >> and all that matters. >> vmas, make some noise! >> the 2018 mtv video music awards took over in new york city. >> jennifer lopez unleashed a medley of her hit songs. >> on "cbs this morning." >> oh, my god! >> you asked me to come, i'm here. what's up? >> the story of a dream come true. music super star drake visited 11-year-old sophia sanchez. she is waiting for a new heart and a visit from drake was her number one wish. >> i love the lookn her face. >> her reaction, priceless there. >> is that precious or what? can't get enough of that. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. bianna golodryga is with us. as you wake up in the west, we have breaking news on a missing woman in iowa. the search for 20-year-old mollie ttt tibbetts who disappe apparently has led to her body. >> last seen alive on july 18th. sources tell cbs news tibbetts has been found dead, but very few details are available at this time. adriana diaz has covered this story since it began and is talking with her sources in iowa. she's with us from chicago. a very tough morning for her family. >> very tough morning, indeed, norah. this is a heartbreaking end to this saga surrounding the missing person's case of mollie tibbetts. she disappeared over just over a month ago when she went on her daily jog in her hometown of brooklyn, iowa. this is a tiny town in a very rural area. the landscape is difficult. that's something that investigators told us was a real
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challenge in their search for her. because they had to go through corn fields. they had to use drones to try to take a peek at this farmland that's very hard to get through. mollie was a light and every one we spoke to in her hometown and even beyond her hometown people were talking about her. they said that she would brighten anyone's day. that she had no enemy. she was a friend to everyone. and there were photos of her all around this town. brooklyn, iowa, was wallpapered with photos of mollie tibbetts because everyone was searching for her. this was a cause her community took on, the nation took on. this story has really captivated the country and the fact that we know now that she has been found. we know now that she's found dead is going to be heartbreaking for people across the country, in addition to her family. >> i know yoeekingheramily for they were holding out hope that this wouldn't be the outcome.
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>> that's right. we spoke to her mother, her father. her father told us that he believed at the time that she went willingly with someone that perhaps she met online, that she and this person had left their hometown and that she and that person were then in over their heads that they had no way to return, especially now that -- then, when the story had become so huge. so he was really just begging her to come back, that it's okay, that, you know, that they love her no matter what. because he was holding out hope that she was alive. there were so many mysteries surrounding this story. investigators really weren't able to give much information on what they were finding. but there were no real updates about evidence that they found or anything like that. so it was so mysterious that her family believed she must have gone willingly because there were no signs of a struggle. she was staying at her boyfriend's house, dalton, she was dog sitting that night. there was no break-in. there were no signs she left under duress.
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she was wearing her fit bit. she had her cell phone. they used that information to try to track her location. >> what about a suspect? >> we will find out from authorities i'm sure later today about a suspect, about who might be involved who they may or may not have in custody. but it's unclear right now at this point whether she was taken, whether she left and something happened to her, but we will be hearing from authorities later today. >> the police are expected to hold a news conference at 6:00 p.m. eastern time later tonight. obviously not the outcome anybody had been hoping for. our thoughts are with her family. adria adriana, thank you. there's been a dramatic new twist in the high-profile murder case in california. the man accused of murdering his family claims he killed his wife after she strangleled their daughters. prosecutors filed nine felony charges against christopher watts yesterday. those charges include five counts of first degree murder. omar villafranca is outside the
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courthouse in greely, colorado with reaction to the defendant's story. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. according to an arrest affidavit, christopher watts was having an affair with a co-worker. he admits he killed his wife, but says he did not kill his girls. >> i have two beautiful girls. that i'm truly blessed with every day. >> reporter: after initially denying involvement in his family's disappearance, christopher watts allegedly told investigators his pregnant wife shann shanann killed their two daughters. according to an unsealed arrest affidavit, watts claimed moments after he told her he wanted a separation, he be an serobserve strangling their daughter, while their older daughter was sprawled out on their bed in blue. he claims he then went into a rage and ultimately strangled
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shanann to death. neighbor kelley trippy is furious watts claimed shanann killed her children. >> it is so wrong, it is so not true. that is the last thing she would have done. >> if somebody has her, just please bring her back. i need to see everybody. >> reporter: just days after watts went on tv pleading for his family's safe return, he allegedly told investigators where to find their bodies on a property owned by the company he worked for. >> my office filed formal charges against christopher lee watts fl watts. >> reporter: in addition to the five murder charges, watts was charged with one count of unawful termination of a pregnancy in the first degree. at any point did you consider the death penalty? >> way too early to have that conversation. >> reporter: shanann's father was emotional monday as he thanked everyone for their support and prayers. >> they're greatly appreciated.
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and keep the prayers coming for our family. >> reporter: it's also worth noting that watts' attorney was granted a request to get dna samples from the necks of the girls. he's expected to be in court behind me today to finally face his charges. we reached out to his public defender for comment but did not hear back. >> omar, thank you. microsoft says russian hackers are now targeting republican-leaning political groups that have criticized russia and president trump. the tech giant reported overnight it has uncovered fake websites created to infiltrate conservative think tanks and u.s. senators. the hacking attempts are similar to others from the 2016 election where political officials were lured into exposing passwords and personal information. microsoft has launched a new initiative to provide cybersecurity to political groups that are being targeted. it's unclear what the hackers were trying to accomplish. but this morning, the russian government denied the
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allegations. >> white house counsel don mcgahn reportedly does not believe his testimony. the special counsel robert mueller implicated trump in any illegal wrongdoing. saying he's, quote, worried about falling into a perjury trap if he talks to mueller. >> reporter: also in that interview with reuters, the president said that the ongoing special counsel investigation, quote, played right into the russian's hands. also here in washington, republicans again expressed their concern about the president's unrelenting attacks on special counsel robert mueller. have you briefed the white house on everything you told the special counsel? >> reporter: white house counsel don mcgahn dodged questions about his role. president trump called the probe a, quote, national disgrace. mr. trump made this claim about the special counsel's investigation. i can go in and i could do whatever. i could run it if i wanted, the president told reuters.
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but i decided to stay out. the president's suggestion he could run an inquiry into his own conduct raised more questions about his understanding of obstruction of justice. an area of interest to mueller. mr. trump also said he was reluctant to give an interview to mueller because it could be potentially a perjury trap. expressing fears investigators could compare his version of the firing of jim comey against the notes and recollections against the former director. he's best friends with mueller so mueller might say, well, i believe comey. even if i'm telling the truth, that makes me a liar. that's no good. as he has before, arizona republican jeff flake said mr. trump was out of line. >> this is unseamly frankly to go after, you know, a career officer over at justice, and to he's gone after him. >> reporter: the president also told reuters he might lift sanctions on russia if there's
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cooperation from moscow on syria and ukraine. both seem highly unlikely.ressc along with any sanctions. one of last known nazi crime suspects in the u.s. was deported to germany overnight. he immigrated to new york city after world war ii. he told the justice department many years later he lied about serving as a guard in a concentration camp to get into the u.s. he denied any wartime activity. he stayed because no other country was willing to admit him. cbs news has learned u.s. officials believe al qaeda's chief bombmaker was killed. officials are confident ibrahim al asiri was killed last year in an american drone strike in yemen. according to reports, he was hit with his associates in the governant of marib. al asiri was involved in a
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series of attacks including the failed underwear bomber attack in 2009. he was believed to be behind recent efforts to hide bombs within laptops and mobile devices. that prompted tsa bans for those devices on some flights. the vatican announced pope francis will meet priest sectx n abuse victims during a weekend visit to ireland. he apologized for allegationings that disgraced cardinal theo dotheodor mccarrick. tells how he repeatedly complained to senior church officials about the retired archbishop of washington. nikki battiste is covering the scandal. >> reporter: cardinal o'malley's admission is more startling because he is perhaps the pope's most trusted adviser on stopping sex abuse. o'malley said he had no idea someone had complained about mccarrick and that he never saw that letter. >> i had the impression that
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virtually everybody knew about it. >> reporter: father ramsey says he first heard about cardinal mccarrick's disturbing behavior as early as 1986. >> archbishop mccarrick was inviting seminarians to his beach house. there were five beds and there were six people. archbishop mccarrick arranged it in such a way that somebody would join him in his bed. >> reporter: ramsey, now a pastor in new york city, wrote a letter in june 2015 to cardinal sean o'malley who had just been appointed by pope francis to lead a commission to protect children from sex abuse. ramsey wrote, some of these stories were not presented to me as mere rumors but were told to me by persons directlyinvolved. >> the response i got was from his secretary. under our jurisd. >> reporter: cardinal o'malley said that was a mistake. in retrospect, he said, i should have seen that letter, precisely because it made assertions about
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the behavior of an archbishop in the church. o'malley told norah o'donnell in 2014 the church took sex abuse complaints seriously. >> certainly the holy father is very, very aware of that and very committed to zero tolerance and responding in a proper way. >> reporter: yesterday, the pope, once again, apologized to survivors. the heart-wrenching pain of these victims, which cries out to heaven, was long ignored, he said. but their outside wcry was more powerful than all the measures meant to silence it. >> pope francis says greater accountability is needed urgently, not only for those who committed these crimes but also for those who covered them up, which in many cases means ops. >> reporter: fathese told us he broughtoncern about cardinal mccarrick to vatica a2000,5years before heto o'malley.icrespondeenoe.
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te, ask p when he was bishop of pittsburgh. >> constant, every day, new shocking allegations. we know the pope will be meeting with some of these victims this weekend in ireland. >> many questions about what the church is going to do. rather than just voice outrage and concern about it, what steps they'll take. >> survivors want concrete steps laid out. >> this is the latest chapter. they wanted concrete steps long before too and they weren't taken. >> nikki, thank you. an alligator dragged and killed a woman after she tried to rescue her dog from the reptile at a private south carolina resort. 45-year-old cassandra cline was walking at her vacation home when the deadly attack happened.
7:17 am
mark strassmann. >> reporter: good morning. alligator attacks here in south carolina are rare. 20 attacks since 1976. frightening, but generally not fatal. but this most recent attack is the second deadly one in the last two years. >> rare occurrence. sad situation. >> reporter: investigators say 45-year-old cassandra cline was taking her dog for a routine morning walk when the alligator a tacked. when they got to this lagoon, authorities say a nine-foot alligator came out and lunged for the dog. cline tried to protect her pet and the alligator attacked her instead. >> it appears the alligator grabbed the leash instead of the dog and it was some sort of a basic tug-of-war with her trying to get the dog back via the leash. and in turn the alligator drug her and the dog into the water. >> reporter: cline's body was recovered in the lagoon. the dog was not harmed. people inside this gated resort community were stunned by the
7:18 am
attack. >> this is just going to be heartbreaking for everybody. >> reporter: cline was an elementary school teacher in upstate new york. she and her husband did not have any children. and reportedly split their time between new york and south carolina. in a statement, cline's sister called her a special and beautiful person, adding, we are all heart broken. and not sure how to get through this. nationwide, deadly alligator attacks are statistically rare. about two months ago in south florida, a 47-year-old woman was killed bile wa eed while walkin a nature preserve. her rear mamains were found insn alligator. 2-year-old boy was killed when he was attacked by an alligator near a lake in a disney resort property. >> there's water here. there's going to be an alligator in it. >> reporter: neighbors say this resort has had to remove alligators in the past. wildlife officials were able to find the al gait they're it all
7:19 am
attacked cline and have it euthanized. critics blasting madonna for her tribute to aretha franklin. ahead, why the queen of pop and i'm michelle griego. time is 6-- good morning. a little bit of a foggy start for us but the clouds will retreat back to the coast, making for warmer temperatures inland. 82 in fairfield, 83 livermore, 79 in san josi. the seven-day forecast keeps temperatures relatively cool for this time of year, 80s inland and 60s around the bay and 50s along the coast.
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only on cbs news, harvey weinstein's attorney how the movie mogul reacted to word one of his accusers faces her own
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reporting: the body of missing iowa student mollie tibbetts ha good morning, 7:26. i'm michelle griego. breaking news, cbs news is reporting the body of missing iowa student mollie tibbetts has been found. it's been nearly five weeks since the 20-year-old went missing after going for a jog. new charges could be filed today against the suspected golden state killer, joseph deangelo. contra costa county district attorney diana becton is expected to join today's announcement. the mendocino complex fire has now burned more than 400,000 acres, about 13,000 times the size of san
7:27 am
francisco. that fire is nearly 80% contained. more updates throughout the day at
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time now 7:27. highway 17 northbound, we have a crash just as you're approaching idlewild. expect delays there with a cruising speed under 40 miles an hour. slow along 101 heading through the south bay in the red, and continues to be slow as you get up the peninsula near san mateo. earlier crash is cleared off the connector ramp from 101 to 80. not very clear out there this morning but that will change inland. highs today only 83 for oakld, 75 in santa rosa and 79 josi, 50s along the coast. rinse and repeat this whole week, starting foggy and cloudy and then clearing in the inland areas.
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♪ >> never missing a beat. that's jennifer lopez. performing a medley of her hit, last night at the mtv video music awards. accepted the michael jackson vann guard award. the show also featured a tribute to the queen of soul, aretha franklin from the queen of pop, madonna. >> aretha louis franklin changed the course of my life and i want to thank you, aretha, for empowering all of us.
7:31 am
r-e-s-p-c e-t. >>adonna said singing franklin's natural woman launched her career. called the speech self-centered and disrespected and a lot of madonna's own rise to stardom. not necessarily that's the route she should have taken in the speech and not sure what she was wearing either. >> that's not my favorite madonna look. the speech was sort of me, me, me, me, me. >> welcome back to cbs this morning. three things you should know. the epa is expected to roll back obama era rules that restrict greenhouse gas emissions from coal and fire power plants. the plan would allow states to set their own emissions standards for the plants and relax pollution rules in a move to revive the coal industry. environmental groups are likely to oppose it. a new survey shows nearly 2
7:32 am
in 5 american teens ages 14 and up text while driving, increasing the risk of dangerous car crashes. where is this happening? well, more than half of the teens reported texting in states with a lower age for learners permit. teens who drink and drive and don't regularly wear seat belts more likely to text. the amount of teen phone use is probably even higher if making calls and using apps are also taken into account. the events barnum animal crackers can roam free. now wild animals walking together in the grassland, no longer behind bars at the circus. i like that. and 2016, the animal rights organization called onnabisco. they've protested circuses for
7:33 am
decades. harvey weinstein, asia argento, one of the first women to accuse weinstein of sexual misconduct. she's become a prominent figure in the me too movement. the attorney spoke on cbs news. good morning. >> so many layers here. claims he didn't leak any documents for the story about asia, but he believes this is a win for him in the court of public opinion but nothing to do with the criminal charges weinstein is currently facing including predatory sexual assault. do you remember the first words that harvey weinstein uttered when you called him and told him about this "new york times" article? >> i remember the tenor of conversation almost relief. >> harveystei att said his client was not surprised by "the new york times" report that asia argento
7:34 am
was accused of sexual assault. >> forced on her after making the accusations, she arranged a $380,000 payment to 22-year-old actor jimmy bennett. after bennett accused her of sexually assaulting him in 2013. at the time, bennett was 17, a year younger than california's age of consent. in 2004, bennett, then 7 years old, played argento's son in "the heart is deceitful above all things." >> do you think the developments in argento's case call in the validity of other weinstein's accusers? >> i know for certain other weinstein accusers will be
7:35 am
outed, if you will, as not having told the truth based on the investigation we have done today. mr. weinstein, i think, will acknowledge that there are times in the course of his life when he may have acted inappropriately, but there is a huge difference between acting inappropriately and engaging in intentional criminal conduct. >> more than 80 women have come forward to accuse weinstein of sexual harassment, assault and rape. >> there are those that still have to be held accountable for their conduct against women. argento one of the most vocal supporters of the me too movement. >> do you think this hurts the me too movement at all? >> it certainly complicates it. >> "new york times" investigates it and broke the weinstein story. >> no way this woman the leading voice has this very complicated story in her past makes everybody think of her as a
7:36 am
character. >> me too has inspired women around the world to publicly speak out about their mistreatment by powerful men. >> all the women who have come out to tell the stories, there is a pattern there that transcended race or nationality or different places on the economic spectrum. even if the asia argento story very complicated, that's one tiny fraction of the me too stories out there. >> the los angeles county sheriff's department said that although no report of the alleged incident, reaching out to bennett and his attorney for an interview. representatives for argento and bennet have not replied to our request. and denied sexual assault. this is something separate from what he's dealing with in court right now and one of those pred leonagain,isseparate,
7:37 am
i think ws int o re going same way they did in bill cosby. so here you have someone obviously out there and a lot to say about what happened to her allegedly and a lot of women around her who supported her at one point. >> we'll speak with jody cantor in the next hour on what this means for the me too movement going forward. j thank you. a blunt new warning about travel insurance policy sold with airline tickets. why one senator said travelers are being tipped upside down and money is shaken out of their pockets. and if you're on the go, subscribe to the cbs this morning podcast available on apple podcast app or where you'd like to download your podcast. here's what's happening in less than 30 minutes. you're watching cbs this morning. (gasp)
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swer theravel markey ofse i
7:42 am
raindu thiing. a report in his office warns that consumers might not get the protection they think they've paid for. consumers spent nearly $3 billion on travel insurance in 2016. it's more than doubled since 2006. kris van cleave is at reagan national airport outside washington with the warnings about the fine print. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. senator markey is sending these letters to two insurers today, this as new research from aaa finds as many as 40% of americans are likely to buy travel insurance for an international trip. the number one reason is cancellation protection. now, travel insurance can cover the cost of a trip if you're suddenly too sick to fly, if you lose your job, if you get injured
7:43 am
>> i just had a feeling that this time we'd need it and it wasn't that expensive. >> you booked the trip. you got this great plan. what happens? >> so about a month after we booked the trip, i find out that i'm pregnant with my daughter. and she's due october 21st. and our flight to come back from europe was october 19th, so naturally, you can't fly when you're that pregnant. >> the insurance covered illness but not pregnancy. her claim was denied. >> a review by senator ed mark y markey's office said all booking web sites sell travel insurance and typically require yes or no before being allowed to book a trip and the report found what it calls questionable travel insurance marketing practices for policies that offer minimal coverage and often erect hurdles
7:44 am
to the payment of claims. >> consumers are being tipped upside down, money shaken out of their pockets and split between the airlines and the insurance companies and it's just plain wrong. >> just two companies underwrite all those policies. in a statement, the u.s. travel insurance association said the industry was not contacted by senator markey adding, travel insurance is a valuable product that protects consumer's financial investment. the group recommends travelers fully understand the coverage options they're purchasing to make sure it fits their needs. it's voluntary. the better business bureau said complaints on the rise to exceed 700 this year, more than double the 342 in 2015. >> you don't even know what you're getting sometimes. >> chris elliot runs a site that tracks the travel industry. >> the solution is better disclosure by the travel insurance companies, by the airlines and online travel agencies who are selling these
7:45 am
products, and the solution ultimately is a more informed consumer. by which, i mean, people actually reading the fine print. >> for laura and matt, they refunded the taxes on the cancelled trip but out more than $700. >> when you come up to that travel insurance box, what do you do? >> ignore it. >> click no. >> no thank you. i'll be out the money anyway. >> the report found that often similarly priced travel insurance plans not offered by the airlines or those third party booking sites provided better coverage, we reached out to norwegian, the airline that laura was flying and the airline believes its cancellation and trip protection policies are clear and were properly followed in this case but going to offer a one-time courtesy refund to laura for the remainder of her airfare. >> that's good news for laura. we've been talking about thisa t you kn lker,odeance mp
7:46 am
th experience. >> yep. >> getting pregnant? >> that's a different segment. >> having a tough travel experience. up in the next hour, john will discuss getting pregnant. >> yes, i'm insuring against that. >> this morning's other headlines including which type of exercise helps mental health the most and we're in south korea following the emotional reunions of families separated during the korean war. how they got to hug each other for the it's a cloudy start to the day and our highs are only 75 in santa rosa, only 82 in olest alg the coast with 59 , degrees. everything shoulclear out, back
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7:51 am
questions in bill clinton. a memorandum said he pushed to talk about phone sex with monica lewinsky in the oval office. kavanaugh worked on the report to vote to impeach mr. clinton. a detroit news said ordered health and welfare chief to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter in the flint water scandal. highest to face trial in the contaminated water investigation. the deaths of two people from legionnaire's disease. accused of failing to issue a timely alert. 12 people died during the outbreak in 2014 and 2015. "the wall street journal" reports on the exercise that helps mental health the most. a study in the journal found team sports have the best benefit. people playing sports like soccer and basketball had about 22% fewer poor mental health
7:52 am
days, running and jogging led to 19% fewer bad days. researchers found those who exercise for 30 to 60 minutes three to five days a week had the best mental health. >> i agree. cofounder of twitter said it's good to get away from the smartphone. ed williams why he believes it's up to us to fight off tech companies who want to grab our attention. our attention. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges...
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to decide whether to allow a rapid transit project to move forward. the proposal would 7:56, i'm kenny choi. today the sfmta is expected to decide whether to allow a project to move forward to create dedicated lanes for buses. critics worry the lanes could get clogged by private transit shuttles. an air quality alert for the bay area today again due to the smoke from the mendocino complex fires. they have burned 400,000 acres so far and about 80% contained. the blessing of the grapes gets underway this morning. clergy will honor the grapes
7:57 am
and people who harvest them. updates throughout the day at traffic and weather after the break. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
7:58 am
good morning. we have a traffic alert for drivers along 880. we have three lanes blocked in the southbound direction on the left side of the screen there, in the red. looks like a big rig and other vehicles got into it there. there was an oil spill there and they are waiting for crews to clean that up. on the right side, you have the normal delays heading northbound. 44 minutes northbound, 32 minutes southbound, so give yourself extra time. emily? not particularly clear with the weather. you can see the pyramid, a little bit of clearing in the last couple minutes. 59 in livermore, 60 in san josi aneawel reach the 80s, 70s in the north bay and 50s at the coast.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, august 21 stt, 2018. welcome back. ahead a mixed message from the white house about social media. the president blasts a contradict on twitter after the first lady condemned cyber bully. new evidence that a woman's birth place has a long lasting impact on her job prospects and pay and personal life. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> the search for 20-year-old mollie tibbetts has led to her body. >> she disappeared when she went on her daily jog in her hometown. >> christopher watts was having an affair but admits he killed his wife but says he did not
8:01 am
kill her girls. >> the president said the ongoing special counsel investigation played right into the russian's hands. >> brought his concerns about cardinal to the vatican's attention in 2000, 15 years before he went to -- mccarric responding say he maintains his innocence. >> the little boy steals the show at the new england game. now going viral for his spiri d ed rendition of the national anthem. ♪ and the home of the brave [ applause ] >> good job! >> got a great voice there. i'm norah o'donnell. gayle is off. we're following breaking news from iowa on the search for
8:02 am
mollie tibbets sources tell cbs news the missing iowa student has been found dead. she was last seen on july 18th going for a jog in her hometown of brooklyn, iowa, east of des in her disappearance led to a nearly five-week search that drew national attention. >> hundreds of volunteers worked with local, state and federal agencies to search for tibbetts, authorities received they received 1400 tips in the case. her father had just left iowa to return home to california saying the investigation had reached -- officials have not released information about a suspect or where the body was found. they plan to hold a news conference this afternoon. protesters knocked down a controversial confederate statue at the university of north carolina, calling it a symbol of racism. hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the chapel hill campus last night near the silent sam statue erected in 1913. students and faculty previously
8:03 am
called for the removal but university said state law prohibits that. unc police shut down several streets as protesters marched through campus after toppling the statue. at least one person was arrested. first lady melania trump's office is dismissing criticism that she and the president have conflicting messages about cyber bullying. she spoke to social media educators yesterday in an event for her be best initiative and urged them to take more steps to fight cyber bullying. >> in today's global society, social media is an part of our children's daily lives and can be used in many positive ways but also can be disinstructisti tractive and harmful when used incorrectly. >> 15 minutes later while the first lady was still at that event, president trump tweeted a series of person attacks. >> called john brennan the worst cia director in our country's
8:04 am
history then questioned why justice department official bruce orr hasn't been fired. earlier in the morning the president said robert mueller's investigation was led by quote, angry democrat thugs. mrs. trump's spokeswoman said in a statement, she is well aware of the criticism but that will not deter her from doing what she feels is right. the spokeswoman said the first lady only has the best interest of children at heart. mrs. trump's office also announced yesterday she will take her first solo foreign trip this fall visiting countries in africa. >> dozens of south koreans are in north korea this week reuniting with family members they've been separated from since the korean war. the emotional and time limited reunion is being held at the mountain resort north of the border between the two countries. ben tracy joins us from the south korean capital seoul on this rare and happy event. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is now been three years since the last round of of the
8:05 am
reunions of separated families took place and time is running out for a lot of koreans now in their 80s and 90s. this small group is now meeting their long lost relatives for the first time in decades but sadly they also know it will be the last time they meet. this is what it looks like when a 92-year-old woman gets to hug her son for first time in 68 years. he is now 71 and like everyone in this room, they were separated during the bloody korean war which split the peninsula in two in 1953. this brother and sister could not contain their emotion as they embrace for the first time in decades. said this north korean woman. this week of reunions was within of main agreements made by moon jae-in and north korean leader kim jong-un at their april summit. it's been a moment of relative
8:06 am
stability on the korean peninsula even though there are no signs that north korea has actually decided to abandon its nuclear weapons program. but for the people in this room, none of that matters. they are here to make up for lost time. learning how their relatives have spent their lives just a few hundred miles away. this 82-year-old from south korea was reunited with her two sisters. i expected my sisters to be dead but they are alive and well she said. many brought photographs of their extended families. even if it was sometimes difficult to recognize each other. even if he had gotten old and has wrinkles on his face, there's still something of him left in his appearance, after reuniting with his north korean brother. >> reporter: there are thousands of other koreans not been picked to participate in one of these reunions. in the south they are chosen b a lottery but in north korea it's believed they are chosen for their loyalty to the a
8:07 am
authoritarian regime there. >> thanks. the images of them holding hands after separation and not wanting to let go again. >> mother seeing her baby even though he's 70-something years old. that will always be your baby. >> i saw you crying. >> i know, tears -- i remind you how important your family is. >> what we take for granted here. >> yeah. a technical glitch at britain's second busiest airports forced them to revert to low tech methods of communication. they used white boards for much of yesterday to tell passengers about flights after an internet problem disrupted electronic monitors. travelers crowded around the boards to see the latest information and puzzle out the penmanship. some say they missed flights but the airport says no aircraft were delayed. the problem was eventually fixed. comedian jon stewart doesn't joke around when it comes to the safety ofd,e t the rescu of some goats found on subway
8:08 am
and i'm michelle griego. time is 6--
8:09 am
8:10 am
♪ well, ♪ >> you might jon stewart ushering goats into a van. he was -- i like the sound effect 67b8 effect. he was part of a rescue mission
8:11 am
ach they were found roaming on a subway. new york city transit officials tried to wrangle them and authorities tranquilized the goats beforehanding them over to the farm sanctuary animal shelter. >> subway maps are confuse gsing. >> hard to follow, right. >> took me a second. gayle has visited the sanctuary. big pet lover here. much more news ahead, one of twitter's co-founders says it's good to be bored in our pay attention series. he talks to john about personal tech and why it's so important to get away from it all sometimes. a happy first time meeting of a dad and grown up daughter he found after taking a home dna test. why a 35-year-old chart buster is a surprise hit of the summer thanks to a band from the 1990s.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
♪ in our series "pay attention" we explore ways to sharpen our focus and recapture our attention from distracting technology. we recently spoke with twitter co-founder ed williams who "forbes" called the lebron j of online publishing. he stepped down in 2010 and later continued the platform medium. williams regularly steps away from technology through meditation, yoga and walks through the woods. are you intentional about how you spend your attention with
8:17 am
respect to technology? >> yes, very much so. everything from what notifications are on. to what apps are on your home screen. for instance, if i'm on vacation, i'll move my e-mail off my home screen. and i won't check my e-mails as much when i'm on vacation. little things like that. or even having a watch. i know a lot of people are like, i don't need a watch, i just look at my phone. if you look at your phone, you're in a whole other world. if i look at my watch, i know what time it is. >> it's a discrete thing? >> exactly. what i like to do in the morning, i don't check e-mail or wsr mornings are iet. nouiet withhe kids. in terms of technolog and information. once i leave the house, i'll often turn on a podcast or audio book. and sometimes, i'll keep it off. and say, okay, what's going on. maybe look and maybe focus in on a project.
8:18 am
but that start of the day, i carve out. >> do you think there's a value in being bored? >> hmm -- yes, i do think there's a value in being bored. i was tremendously bored as a kid. and i think it forces you to use your imagination. and when my kids are bored, which is rare, i always say, that's great. that's so exciting, you're bored. what are you going to do? what are you going to think about? >> what is their response when you say it's great to be bored? >> roll their eyes and complain, of course, just like any kid and i'm sure what i did as a kid. >> is one of the dangers of this moment we're in, there's always something to keep us from being bored? >> yeah, i think there's a danger of not having boredom. and not having silence in our minds. i think that's why meditation, having a formal way to actually just quiet the mind and that's so important is because it's constantly inundated. >> do you think twitter is responsible, or is part of that
8:19 am
inundation period or feeling? >> i think people can get swept up in twitter or any social media, for sure. and people need to be conscious of how they use it. >> there's any way to be an antidote in twitter that we become so focused on the now and the twitch that we need to be pulled into something deeper? >> yeah. the way i think about it is like an information diet. and that you can't live on social media alone. often it's that hamster wheel of what's happening right now. what we try to do, medium is to provide a space that aren't necessarily of the moment. >> whose responsibility is it to solve this challenge that we all feel, which is the shredding of attention. >> i think, first of all, the responsibility is on ourselves. for ourselves, and for our children, we're in charge of what we put in our mind. and to blame anyone else for that i think would be not fair. and not wise.
8:20 am
>> what about with technology companies that are playing on our attention? >> well, i think there's some responsibility there, certainly. and i think there's a new awareness in the companies that i'm familiar with, that it's not all good, necessarily. it can be too much. and any one building technologyg responsible, their goal is to actually serve people. and if that's not the goal, then i think that they should rethink it. >> you have kids. >> yeah. >> you talk about kids? >> yeah. what are the rules for devices with them? >> we have rules. they're 6 and 8. they don't have any social media accounts. they have ipads. we let them use them on the weekends for a limited amount of time, an hour or so. we're figuring it out as we go and we're trying to set good examples but we don't always do that. my little one the other day. i was on my phone and he was waiting for me and he said, ah,
8:21 am
why are adults are always on their phones? yes, yes, thank you for that reminder. >> jack dorsey who was a >> jack dorsey spoke out recently about the company saying it had a toxic content problem. our interview took place before dorsey's remarks but he wrote media companies should have responsibility but ultimately the responsibility lies on all of us as individuals and parents to be critical thinkers and open to ideas that don't conform to a narrow view of the world. >> it was reassuring to hear that even he troubles with how much social media and screen time their kids should have, right? it's something that all parents are experiencing. >> and managing attention is a practice. >> and discipline. >> yeah. >> i like the watch idea. stick your phone away and look at your watch. >> something you have to take responsibility for. >> up next, a huge surprise at the baseball field. ahead this played by the oakland
8:22 am
athletics after a young fan signed his jersey. you're watching cbs this morning. signs his jersey. you're watching "cbs this morning." ll well ll a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
8:23 am
8:24 am
high, and you can absolutely forget about this. >> oakland's chris davis had something extra with him when he hit his 37th home run last night. he was wearing a jersey signed by a sixth grader recovering from cancer. he went to the aas with the mak the wish foundation. i wanted to rock the jersey. i wanted him to know i was thinking about him. >> nice though. >> follow up on that. >> that's great. >> new research womas birth place can effect her salary later in life. the new york times jodi canter is with us here in the toyota
8:25 am
this morning, cbs news is reporting: the body of missing iowa student mollie tibbetts has been found. it's been nearly 5-weeks since the 8:25, i'm kenny choi. this morning cbs news is reporting the body of missing iowa student mollie tibbetts has been found. it's been nearly five weeks since the 20-year-old went missing after going out for a jog. bart is considering a new solution to crack down on fare jumpers, looking at swapping the 600 fare gates for sturdier versions like those used in new york city. criminal charges have been dropped for a bay area bicycling activist. najari smith was riding with a book box when he was stopped by police and jailed for two days. news throughout the day at, traffic and weather after the break. back to hoes for less.yoas a
8:26 am
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. good morning. we have a traffic alert for drivers heading along southbound 880. this is due to two accidents, both blocking at least one lane. take a look at the delays here. we have northbound and southbound directions here, southbound on the right side of the screen. we have a big gap that you can see developing because of those two separate crashes in the southbound direction. 34 minutes from the maze down to 238, and northbound side 43 minutes. give yourself plenty of extra time as you're hitting the roadways this morning. 580 near high street, you can
8:28 am
use this as your alternate but it's also getting heavy westbound, 36 minutes from 238 up towards highway 24. emily? we have a little rain out there, just a few sprinkles on the camera here. temperatures in san francisco right now, 57 degrees and concord 61, santa rosa 54. you can see where it's starting to clear, and temperatures getting warmer. highs today won't be very warm. take a look, 75 in santa rosa and napa, 83 in livermore and 79 san josi, a mix of 60s around the bay and 50s along the coast. rinse and repeat all week with foggy cloudy weather to start and clearing in the afternoon hours. maybe some lingering fog around the bay but we're cloudy and cool along the coast.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we could have had it all ♪ rolling in the deep take a look at this video. two elephants surprised guests at a south african game resort. they unexpectedly joined them at the hotel swimming pool last month. when the tourists were taking a dip at the lodge, they were joined by the huge animals. why not? elephants walked up. they see beautiful, pristine water. and you know, someone was filming. tourists just said, hey, come and join us. in all seriousness, we spent time, we honeymooned in south africa at a game reserve, and they tell you, like, you're not supposed to mess with nature there or the animals. got to let them do what they're going to do, so, if they >> a thenhey ordered and lcome o "cbis morning." some of this morning's
8:31 am
headlines. "the new york times" reports google is accused of tracking the movements of millions of cell phone users, regardless of their privacy settings. a lawsuit filed friday claims google monitors and stores users' movements, even when the location history on their phones is turned off. the plaintiff is seeking class-action status on behalf of the u.s. android and iphone users who turned the tracking feature off. googl did not respond to a request for comment. "newsweek" reports frozen water was confirmed on the moon's surface for the first time. the ice was found in dark polar regions, mostly in the shadows of lunar craters, where temperatures never get above negative 250 degrees fahrenheit. researchers say this could have a huge impact on future missions to the moon. it could possibly let astronauts stay on the moon longer and even clear the way for human colonies. the "wall street journal" reports video game developers are makin playing gas. people 13 and older spent about
8:32 am
7.8 hours a week playing video games in 2017 in the united states. that's up 60% since 2011. many games are now free to play, available on multiple devices and offer players a social network. psychologists say limited-time events take advantage of people's fear of missing out. in june, the world health organization added gaming disorder to its disease classifications. and the "wall street journal" also reports that even in 2018, it's going to take a lot to drag listeners away from the song "africa." 35 years after becoming a number one hit for the band toto, it's burning up the summer charts. the '90s group weezer released a cover of the song in may. it followed a fan's social media campaign to get the band to record a new version. gitas chartnd it has n become one of the summer's most-played songs at top 40 radio stations. >> heard it in the car the other day. the band the eagles soared past the king of pop to take the
8:33 am
crown for best-selling album of all time. ♪ take it easy, take it easy >> the eagles' 1976 greatest hits album reached 38 million copies in sales and streams in the united states. that's according to new data from the recording industry association of america. the band got the news as it continues a nationwide tour. that bumps michael jackson's "thriller" album with 33 million copies to second place. b j is ♪ >> "thriller" was the best-selling album in 2009 after jackson's death. at the time, ites t eagles' "greatest hits" album, which held the top spot for almost a decade. a new study highlights how affect earnings and job prospects for women in the u.s. researchers analyzed responses to decades of statistics and
8:34 am
survey questions about women's roles in society. they found where a woman is born impacts how much she works and earns. sexist attitudes are most prevalent in the southeast and least prevalent on the west coast and in new england. women from states where sexism is more widespread also tend to get married and have children at a younger age than women in less sexist states. cbs news contributor jodi kantor is an investigative reporter for "the new york times" and has extensively covered sexism and the me too movement. jodi, good morning. >> good morning. >> even the researchers involved said they were surprised by the findings. >> well, i think the first piece of news is that you can even draw a map of sexism in the united states. the rrchers were prettyconfidt west coast is less sexist. they even did state-by-state comparisons. they said ohio is better and indiana is worse. >> i thought what was also interesting, it was not only how you are as a woman treated by others but how you internalize your self-attitudes about the role of women in the workplace
8:35 am
and society. >> the headline from the study is basically that sexism is in the water where you're born, it's in your blood. obviously, where you're born is not something you can control, so this is something you inherit that may determine part of the shape of your life, and that it's very hard to permanently overcome, even if, say, you grow up someplace more rural, supposedly more sexist, according to the study, and then you move to new york city. you can't totally shake the effects, the researchers say. >> what are those correlations between the status of where you're growing up, and does race play a role? >> they actually only focused on white women, because they essentially wanted to -- they knew that the effect of racism was so powerful that they wanted to put it aside and focus on gender in this particular survey. but what they're really saying is that the effects are quite deep and wide-ranging, everything from when you marry to when you go to work, how much you work, whether you stay in the workplace, and how much money you earn. >> well, the solution for women,
8:36 am
especially in 2018, shouldn't be snt so much time talking about how women should present themselves, what the questions they should be asking, how they ask for a raise. the workforce in general, where we still see income inequality? >> well, one thing i think we have to point out, to be fair, is this is about people who are probably our age, right, who were born generations ago, before the internet, grew up in a different era. and right now, i think little kids are growing up with more of an expectation of seeing two career marriages and women working. so, i'd be very curious about what the results of this study would look like in 30 or 40 years. but i think part of the takeaway is just about the way we think of the barriers. a few years ago, the kind of lean-in ideas were more popular, the idea that if you just worked hard enough and asserted yourself more and were really ambitious, you could overcome some of these things. and i think this study is very of the moment in that it's
8:37 am
really capturing a lot of current thinking, saying there are these gigantic structural barriers that are very difficult to overcome as an individual. there's another talking about why women find it so hard to work after they have babies that talks about things like the cost of child care. it's gone up 65% or 70% since the 1980s. that is a giant barrier that people find very difficult to overcome on an individual basis. >> let's ask you about the harvey weinstein story, because you broke that in "the new york times." and now we learn that one of harvey's accusers, asia argento, herself has paid out money to someone who accused her of sexual abuse and harassment. talk about whether that sourcing, meaning affects at all the larger story of the me too movement and abuse. >> sure. so, this is a really shocking story, not only because asia argento accused harvey weinstein
8:38 am
of sexual abuse, but because she was such a leading voice of the me too movement, and she went out there and said these things, even knowing there was this very disturbing settlement against her. so, the "times" reported this on sunday night and it's caused a huge stir, as you know. the thing that i think is important for context, though, is that argento is one woman in what's become a huge movement. and even -- she didn't come forward to us about harvey weinstein -- >> she was -- >> "the new yorker." but megan toomey and i spoke to so many women who had the same story about weinstein. we corroborated these stories very thoroughly. so, weinstein and their team, their strategy is really to focus on argento now, right? they're going to say, she's a hypocrite. this proves that the charges against weinstein are really exaggerated. but she's just one voice of very, very many. >> how do you hold that defense, though, when on the other hand, you say i understand that my behavior was bad? how can you say both those
8:39 am
things if you're harvey weinstein? i understand my behavior is bad, but this source is a bad source, so i shouldn't be held accountable? >> harvey weinstein is fighting two battles now. he's fighting to get the court -- he wants to beat the criminal charges, right? he doesn't want to go to jail. he doesn't want to be convicted of sexual abuse. he's also fighting to redeem his reputation, and those two things are linked. so, what i'm going to tell you to look out for in the next few months is him waging that war on both fronts. and so, he wants to beat the charges, but he also wants to change the way we think about this. >> the me too movement far from over. jodi kantor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. using dna websites to find your relatives can unleash powerful emotions. >> i started driving, and i felt joy. i was like, this is such a great gift at a perfect time. >> ahead and only on "cbs this morning," how one man
8:40 am
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♪ millions of americans use home genetic tests aestry dna or 23 and me, to explore their roots and reconnect with distant relatives. john gonsalves took a test to learn about his european ancestors, but the results led to a meeting 40 years in the
8:44 am
making. elaine quijano has a story you'll see only on "cbs this morning." elaine, good morning. >> good morning. john gonsalves got the surprise of his life when he got an ancestry dna kit for his birthday from had i daughter, robin. he discovered he had another daughter from a relationship prior to robin's mother. the discovery led to a surprise meeting, and we were there to witness the joy. john gonsalves is an hour away from meeting his daughter for the first time. >> you have to forgive me. it's not every day that you become a father at 59. >> reporter: the twist? she's 40 years old. >> just exciting to me to have a daughter who's 40 years old. there's one that's only one month old. >> reporter: and he just found out about her in june. his other daughter, robin, is with him. >> i'm just nervous, excited, and curious to see what she's like. >> reporter: jeannie siciliano was born in 1977, the product of john's high school relationship, and was adopted two months
8:45 am
later. when she was 19, she looked for her biological parents. she found her birth mother, but not her father. >> i did some searching, but i didn't come up with any solid information, so i kind of put that all to the side. >> reporter: so, then fast-forward to this year. you decided to submit a dna test. why did you want to do that? >> my birth mother is italian and irish, and she's very fair. and so, i was curious where my, you know, physicality came from. and so, i wanted to know what my heritage was. when i first opened my ancestry dna results and john's name came up, and underneath it, it said "father," and i was like, holy cannoli. this guy's my biological father. oh, my gosh! >> reporter: soon after, she wrote him a letter. >> "good morning, john. how are you? so, it seems we have pretty similar dna, lol. you are listed as my biological
8:46 am
father and robin is listed as my close relative." i was stunned. i literally felt the world stop. and the second thought was, this is a scam. there's no way that i could have a child 40 years old. and then i started to cry. i started to cry because i felt joy. i was like, this is such a great gift. >> reporter: two months later, the big moment arrived. >> i'm about to meet my biological father for the first time. i'm pretty anxious. >> yes, that's her! that's her. she matches the picture. she matches the pictures. >> she's so light. >> daughter! >> oh, my god! how are you? >> hi!>>ar >> i love the balloons, like i'm a newborn! >> robin. >> reporter: a father finally
8:47 am
with both of his daughters. >> i get to say daughters. it's no longer singular. it's plural. >> reporter: in a way, robin was responsible for this moment. she gave her dad the dna kit as a birthday gift. >> i knew that he wanted and i never knew what to get him, and he kept talking about it, so i gave him the gift for his birthday. >> how do you see your relationship with robin developing here? >> when i found out that robin's mom passed away a few years ago, my heart kind of broke for her. here i am, 20 years older than her, you know. nobody can obviously replace your mother, but like, maybe i can be there for her. i'm also, like, super immature, so she'll probably make better, more mature decisions than i will. i'll be calling her, like, dude, there's this guy, and i don't know what to do. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> yeah, i mean, it's great.
8:48 am
i love guy advice. when i lost my mom, the thing that i was most concerned about was, like, how am i going to navigate my dating life, like without my mom? i don't have too many women figures in my life. but losing my mom was really hard to look up to. so, having someone like jeanie is really nice, and it does feel like a blessing, so, yeah. >> reporter: now that you have had the opportunity to talk and to meet each other, what has it been like, just knowing her for this brief period of time? >> it's cool. i feel like really . entering the fourth quarter of life, and that god has given me the opportunity, and -- and it's going to be an awesome fourth quarter! we're going to the super bowl and we're going to win, and in spite of some of the challenges that still exist out there, that
8:49 am
we'll conquer them. >> john and jeanie lived only three miles apart for 11 years of their lives and even shopped at the same grocery store. they think they must have crossed paths countless times but believe it was divine intervention that brought them all together now at a time when they needed it most. >> holy cannoli! >> holy cannoli! she's terrific. she's terrific. he's awesome. >> and i feel the reality show script has already , know, there are two seasons booked. >> yeah, well you know what's interesting, i asked also about her adoptive parents, how did they take the news. and she said that her dad, a former marine, cried, teaf joy, happiness thahis all came to such a happy conclusion. >> what a crackling story. >> i love that dad. i love it. great story, elaine. >> thank you. and a reminder, you can hear our podcast on apple's podcast app or wherever you like to download your podcast. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag?
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thbody of missing iowa student mollie tibbetts has been found. it's been nearly 5-weeks since the 20-year-old disappeared.. after going for a jog. la 8:55, i'm kenny choi. the bode of mollie tibbetts has been found. it's been nearly five weeks since the 20-year-old disappeared after going for a jog in iowa. later this morning, new charges against the golden state killer joseph deangelo could be filed. contra costa county district attorney diana becton is expected to join today's announcement. new numbers on the mendocino complex fire, now over 404,000 acres and is 74% contained. news updates throughout the hour and your favorite platforms including
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good morning, time now 8:57. we have a traffic aletter in effect for the drivers on southbound 101. a grass fire has completely shut down the connector ramp to guadeloupe parkway. so expect delays in both directions along 101 as well as 87. we are seeing the backup already developing there. this is a live look at 101 northbound through san josi. we found a couple crashes near hellier and san antonio, just under an hour commute, 53 minutes to go between that stretch.
8:58 am
expect delays to continue along 101. live look at the san mateo bridge, just under 30 minutes out of hayward into foster city. emily? lots of fog and low clouds out there. we have a few sprinkles out there this morning. i just walked out and there were sprinkles out there. take a look at the san francisco skyline, and you can't see the tip of the salesforce tower because of the fog. 57 in san francisco right now, 54 in santa rosa. those temperatures will climb later in the afternoon as this clears up. 83 in livermore, 79 in san josi, 60s around the bay and 50s along the coast. your seven-day forecast is going to be the same basically through the weekend, which is waking up with fog and clouds then clearing in the afternoon, making inland areas in the low 80s, mid-60s around alt.
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