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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> been killed by a coyote. >> reporter: frustrated they spoke out at the board of supervisors meeting calling supervisors to curb the coyote population. >> it was the same weekend that my mother died. >> reporter: she says coyotes are out of control in her neighborhood and she wants the problem to be stopped. >> every day in marin county there are pets being attacked and eating by coyotes. why is that the government allowing this to happen? >> reporter: people say they are seeing the population get even worse. they fear for pat's and their small children. >> we want to see them eliminated from the neighborhoods. they can easily be tranquilized and relocated. >> reporter: his supervisor says she wants to see more data. >> i feel like we don't really have good information. >> there is a sense there is an
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overpopulation when in fact coyotes have a real adaptable way of monitoring their own members based on food and other factors. >> reporter: this captain, the director of animal services says the coyote population is actually normal for the area. even though the humane society does not track the number of coyotes in marin county they say, they look at other factors to determine coyote overpopulation. >> we would see coyotes that were starving, not able to feed on their own. we would see an increase in diseases in coyotes. just because we are seeing them is not a signal there are too many. >> reporter: the marin humane society advocating coexistence with coyotes. they say it is important to keep pets inside or to watch them when they are outside. meanwhile, people are suggesting starting a database to report coyote sightings.
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the director of the san francisco transit agency responding to criticism from the mayor. it is what the mayor did not say today that makes it clear his job may be on the line. here is melissa kane. >> i want people to love this area. it is going to take a lot of work to get there. >> reporter: this is a letter from the mayor to the director of the. she wrote "they must be more dependable, the budget grew by $60 million last year so i expect the conditions will improve in the very near term tu>> s very clear. >> reporter: he is the executive director, he is a personal letter was ad he said the mayor is right to be concerned. his agency should have seen some of these issues coming. like tnew equipment.
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>> we could have done much better. i take responsibility for that. >> reporter: the mayor says muni trent frix problems without involving the public. >> we have got to anticipate challenges and breakdowns and other things so the public does not even know about it. >> reporter: he says the timing is unfortunate, problems piled up just as london breed became mayor. >> we have had a rough couple of weeks since she has been in office. >> reporter: while he is confident they can turn things around he could not say if the letter was a signal that the mayor wants him out. >> i don't want to try to guess on her motives. >> i will not answer that question at this time. >> reporter: as luck would have been today is the day the executive director got his annual performance evaluation by the board of directors. that meeting was private. >> the mayor also called out
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the company about this accident. what did the chief have to say about that? >> reporter: the contractor and after a worker's death the examiner revealed that company had two major safety violations including a worker's death in 2016. they did not tell them about that. the mayor says the mta should have sun -- should have done their own homework. he said he agrees but he also told us he is still on the job and even if the mda had known about the safety record they may have gotten the contract anyway. san francisco the city leaders approved a project commenced to speed up muni services. it will add a public transit lane. part of the project also clarifies rules already in place. it allows private buses to use the transit only lanes.
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a big push to preserve california's new gas tax. opponents say the bay area stands to lose billions in funding if the initiative succeeds. >> the safety of our citizens and 50,000 state highway miles, 15,000 state bridges, local streets and roads, it is too important for politics? >> we have got to defeat proposition 6. >> leaders, first responders and transportation officials held a event in san jose for a no vote today. the no vote would keep the fees in place while allowing lawmakers to increase or extend them in the future without voter approval. critics say that is amounting to an attack on people who can least afford to pay. >> i expect fear mongering from
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isis terrorist, what you are seeing right now by threatening public safety is shameful, they are trying to con working families into higher costs with higher gas taxes. >> a yes vote would repeal the fuel tax hikes and require voter approval for any future increases. chp said distracted driving is suspected in another crash along the same stretch of road where a highway patrol officer died. today a white pickup truck slammed into a parked van along interstate 80 in fairfield. as a crew of workers picked up litter on the road side. three workers were hurt, one seriously. no word on possible charges. the alameda county da is thrown out a case against a juvenile after learning the sheriffs deputies recorded at least one confidential conversation between him and his lawyer. susie steimle is live in oakland, more cases could be in jeopardy now?
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>> reporter: that is right, the public defender released a video to the press today and it shows a sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's office admitting that he illegally recorded privilege conversations between an attorney and a client and that is a felony in california. he also admits on the video that he has done this before. those cases are at risk of also being thrown out. >> interview room. >> how is that not privileged information? >> it is but it does not get admissible. >> reporter: you can actually see the lieutenant scratching his head as he hears the sergeant admit to recording a privileged conversation between an attorney and a juvenile accused of robbery. the recording happened just after the arrest at the substation. >> did you record that? >> i did recorded.
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-- i did record it. >> it is one of the most basic rights that we have. you can talk to your attorney. you can trust your attorney. when people listen your rights disappear. >> reporter: this public defender filed a motion against the alameda county sheriff's office yesterday but would require them to simply follow the law. he says he thinks this is a statewide epidemic of law enforcement officers knowingly breaking this law. >> it happened in la. it happened in orange county with over 1000 phone calls from clients to their attorneys in jail. they are all being recorded. that is illegal. >> reporter: the case involving this juvenile and two others accused of robbery has been dropped due to the sheriff's department misconduct. the recording indicates other cases may have been recorded in a similar fashion.
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>> we have had these recordings. we have not listened to any of them. >> this conduct has stopped. it will not happen again. >> reporter: the sergeant came out this morning to say they have taken corrective action and this won't happen again. >> any time you have a violation of that trust, it will erode the public's confidence in you. we are here to say we are going to hold ourselves accountable. >> reporter: we don't know exactly what holding themselves accountable will look like. we asked the sergeant and he said there is an investigation going on but it is something he can't comment on. it is unclear what kind of action that lieutenant and sergeant might be facing. back to you. a former inmate is suing alameda county claiming she was forced to give birth alone in a concrete, isolation cell. she was homeless and pregnant when she was arrested last
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summer on a charge of endangering her other child. her lawsuit accuses the county of "barbaric treatment." the sheriff's office as her pains were initially misdiagnosed as false labor but guards did step in to help after the birth. coming up, the first bay area charges linked to the suspected golden state killer. travel, tuition, tickets, even dental work? a lawmaker accused of misusing campaign funds. the tables turned on his #metoo activist. her fierce response today.
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to become the biggest trial in state history. the district attorneys from six california counties.. announced today.. they are combining the cases against joseph deangelo the case against the golden state killer is destined to become the biggest trial in state history. the da from six counties announced today they are combining the cases against joseph james deangelo. today they filed 13 counts of murder and 13 more counts related to sexual assault in sacramento superior court. among them the first bay area charges. four counts of kidnapping in concert -- in construct county -- in constant koester county. >> he devastated communities across california. due to the severity of these crimes these victims often face tremendous trauma after so much time has passed. >> the charges against joseph
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james deangelo date back to the late 70s. one of the challenges for prosecutors is finding a jury to hear a murder case. lemor abrams has out part of the story. >> it is very fitting that this journey for justice that has been sought for over 40 years ends in sacramento. >> reporter: to 72-year old has not yet entered a plea. however prosecutors announced he will stand trial in sacramento. a city where investigators say he began his murder spree 40 years ago. >> sacramento really has the weight of the victims. >> reporter: but finding jurors is a process legal experts say will be especially difficult. >> to find a group of individuals who have not already formed an opinion about
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the case, at least about certain parts of the case. >> reporter: she teaches a course on jury selection, she said the defense can appeal for a change of venue but they may also see a benefit to holding the trial here. >> if the case relies on jurors that are knowledgeable about things that happen in sacramento. >> reporter: in may his public -- in may his joseph james deangelo -- in may joseph james deangelo's public defender asked the judge to not make the process public. >> everything about the enable be an issue at the trial. >> reporter: in sacramento, lemor abrams, kpix5. a congressman and his wife accused of misusing campaign funds for personal expenses. congressman duncan hunter and
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his wife are accused of using $250,000 for big ticket expenses like family vacations to italy and hawaii, school tuition, theater tickets, even dental work. his attorney called the indictment "politically motivated." a california nurses association log is filed a complaint against state senator joel anderson, the diplomat steakhouse as a man was escorted out last week for threatening to strike a woman. anderson said he is -- anderson says he directs his choice of words but none eyes directing them at the lobbyist. there is a plot twist for one of the leaders of the #metoo movement. one of the accusers of harvey weinstein is in trouble after being accused of sexual assault. lisa siegel on how she is responding. >> this is one where we have to be very careful because we are dealing with someone who is not
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only a victim but is also accused of doing some of these things. >> reporter: actress asia argento is speaking out denying she sexually assaulted actor and former costar jimmy bennett when he was a minor, saying she is deeply shocked and hurt by having read news that is absolutely false. the "new york times" reports in months after she accused harvey weinstein she paid $380,000 to bennett to keep quiet about a alleged assault he says happened when he was 17 and she was 37. the two met on a film in 2004 when bennett was a child and asia argento played his mother. today asia argento denied any sexual relationship but not the payoff saying, the late anthony bourdain, her then boyfriend, urged her to settle to end the persecution of her. adding, he insisted the matter be handled privately, fate of the never gave publicity that such a person, who he considered dangerous, could
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have brought upon us. >> the sad thing is anthony bourdain is not here to clarify his involvement and if he did pay off this person. >> reporter: he says while some have spoken out others in hollywood are showing restraint he really sees waiting for more facts, he says, there is simply a lot at stake. >> it is really disappointing to a lot of people. including people in the #metoo movement to feel like some of their hard work will be questioned. >> reporter: in los angeles, lisa siegel, kpix5. san francisco showing off its commitment to affordable housing. nancy pelosi touring the freshly renovated manner. the public housing project for seniors and the disabled has undergone a multi- year renovation. >> it really matters that people have the dignity of a
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home. the respect we give them is a sign of how much we connect with them and their aspirations. >> the renovations began three years ago. mother natures air- conditioning was fired up today. >> it is the 21st of august right now in san francisco. the fog is everywhere throughout the area. even with the sunshine it is as warm as we got today. in the valley normal is about mid- 80s, mid-70s today. livermore your average high is 88, today 73. san rafael did not even hit 70. one of the hottest spots around will only hit 84 tomorrow in vacaville. 86 on thursday.
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low pressure passing through southern idaho right now. even when it leaves in its wake the strong onshore flow and high pressure coming in. we will stay in the holding pattern which will keep us near or below average for a while. fog and low cover coming in tonight. not as chilly tomorrow. i think today we bottomed out. this cooler pattern may take us all the way to september. we may finish august cool. the valley back to the 80s tomorrow. napa 78. valeo 74. oakland is 70. low 70s in fremont. a couple degrees warmer but not much of a difference thursday through sunday. a little more sunshine inland but we will stay below average. still ahead, facebook
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ending hip surgery... that's according to the san francisco chronicle. it seems like it's not a question of if... but when the 6 time all star will have the surgery. this is the same hip issue that's been buster posey may have season engine -- season ending surgery. it seems like it is not a question of if but when the all- star will have the surgery. this is the same issue that has been bothering him all season. the coach said nothing has been deteto be ready for next season. buster is out of the lineup tonight after catching all 13 innings last night but is expected to start tomorrow. he is batting .286 the season but has not hit a home run since june 19th.
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we have more than one month of baseball to go and oakland got there 75th win last night. that matches a total number of wins from last year and put them in a tie for first place. before the game last night khris davis met kids from the make a wish foundation and asked a 10-year old, who is in remission from cancer, to sign his jersey. khris davis then hit a home run off of the luxury suites wass in center field. >> i asked him if he could sign my jersey so he could know what it feels like to get in on the graph. i thought about him when i was running around the bases. there is not a better feeling than hitting a home run. if he got some excitement and joy from watching that, i hope he saw it.
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>> safety eric reid who knelt during the national anthem remains unsigned. there was a report that san francisco was interested in bringing him back but the coach says that is not something he would be interested in. >> to have a good player to be a backup would be unbelievable. but i don't believe that is what eric wants. he would be a backup if he came here but i like eric, he is a good player, a good person. it would be great if we could have him in that role but i don't think he is interested. >> in college football stanford running back bryce moore was named first-team all-american by the associated press. last season he rushed for over 2100 yards and finished runner- up in the heisman trophy race. he surprised many when he
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retired -- he surprised many when he decided to return to school for his senior year. it is amazing what he can do. >> it is going to be fun. a wild hour for the trump administration. paul manafort found guilty. michael cole in pleads guilty. what it all means for the presidency. an undocumented immigrant charged with the murder of a college student. what he told police about the night he met mollie tibbetts. the brothers in blue joining the police department. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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former trump associates. a former trump campaign chairman found guilty of tax our top story tonight, court cases against two former trump associates, a former chairman found guilty of tax charges. the president's personal attorney striking a deal with prosecutors. we begin with michael cohen, today admitted he paid money to two women who claimed they had affairs with the president. he admits he did it at the direction of then candidate donald trump. angelical alvarez has the details. >> reporter: michael cohen reached a plea deal with the department of justice. >> these are very serious
6:30 pm
charges. >> reporter: michael cohen pled guilty to eight counts. five counts of tax evasion, one count of making false statements, one count of willfully causing unlawful corporate contribution, one count of making excessive campaign contributions at the request of a candidate. michael cohen deranged hush money to two women who claimed they had affairs with the president before the election. the president did not answer questions from reporters. they were speculation that michael cohen would tell special counsel robert mueller that then candidate donald trump was aware of that 2016 trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer. >> we recently reengaged michael cohen following press reports that suggested he had advanced knowledge of the meeting.
6:31 pm
michael cohen had testified before the committee that he was not aware of any meeting prior to this disclosure in the press last summer. >> reporter: the sentencing is scheduled for december with bail set at $500,000. angelica alvarez, cbs news, washington. a jury in virginia found paul manafort guilty on some tax fraud charges. >> reporter: jurors came back with a partial verdict finding paul manafort guilty on 18 counts but unable to reach a decision on the other 10. >> paul manafort is disappointed of not getting acquittals all the way through or a complete hung jury on all counts. >> reporter: prosecutors argued paul manafort failed to pay taxes on tens of millions of dollars he earned from his lobbying work on behalf of ukrainian politicians between 2010 and 2016 and that he lied
6:32 pm
to keep himself flush with cash. his wife declined to speak to reporters following the trial but his attorney delivered this message. >> he is evaluating all of his options. >> reporter: his right hand man rick gates was the star witness after striking his own deal. its testified manafort asked him to help commit tax and bank fraud. manafort did not testify and his attorneys did not call any witnesses in his defense. he was the first trump associate to be prosecuted. >> this has nothing to do with what they started out looking for russians involved in the campaign. there were none. i feel very badly for paul manafort. >> reporter: manafort par because charges were not connected to the trump campaign but his trial was seen as the first public test of the special counsel's investigation. >> the president spoke at a rally in west virginia this
6:33 pm
evening he did not address it today's legal cases but he did call the rest the investigation a "witch hunt." >> where is the collusion? they are still looking for collusion. where is the collusion? >> our political reporter joining us now. i am sure people are wondering if the dominoes are going to fall. what does the plea mean to the presidency? >> the president is not having a great day today. it definitely not a perfect day for him. the michael cohen plea makes it clear that the president is the one who directed this payment to stormy daniels and is -- in addition is the person who did it for the purposes of influencing the election. that means it should have been reported. that is a violation of election law. the president won't face any
6:34 pm
charges for this while he is in office but when he is a civilian he could be charged, penalties go up to five years in jail. >> let's talk about paul manafort. can the president pardon him? >> yes, he can. you might be doing that right now actually. he was convicted of federal tax evasion and lying to banks to get money. he was not paying his federal taxes, that is probably the case that he was not paying his date back -- estate taxes either. the president cannot pardon state convictions. the state attorney general in virginia where he lives, who is a democrat, is still free to pursue similar charges. those would stay, those would not be pardonable. >> have not heard much about the state angle. that is interesting. >> they have been waiting for these cases to conclude. the state or old democrat-
6:35 pm
controlled. >> they are all out there waiting. the trump administration does want to roll back in obama era environmental initiative by allowing states to set their own regulations for coal-fired part of -- power plants. the rule would replace the clean power plan. the administration claims it would reduce emissions from the current level by 2030. the governor had this to say "this is a declaration of war against america and all of humanity. it will not stand." earlier today east bay elected officials called on the governor to phase out oil and gas drilling saying they are concerned that fossil fuel production threatens the health of people in their cities. >> as all of this area has been subjected to a huge
6:36 pm
disproportionate share of the air pollution and harms from the fossil fuel industry. >> the council member and the mayor urged the government to take the first step by halting permits for new fossil fuel projects and prohibit drilling. we have new details on the murder of a missing college student who once lived in the bay area. the man accused of killing mollie tibbetts has been living in the u.s. illegally for years. 24-year old christian rivera is now being held on an immigration detainer and a first degree murder charge. christian rivera admitted to confronting mollie tibbetts the day she vanished. >> reporter: crime scene investigators traveled to central iowa to examine a body found in a cornfield. investor greatest believe it is 20-year old mollie tibbetts. they say an undocumented immigrants, 24-year old
6:37 pm
christian rivera, admitted to stalking her while she was on a run. the last day she was seen. >> he ran next to her, behind her, at one point he tells us that mollie tibbetts grabbed her phone and said "i am going to call the police." she then took off running. he chased her down. he then tells us that at some point in time he blacks out. >> reporter: in the affidavit he admits to putting her in the trunk of his car. investigators found her body in a field buried under cornstalks. they got a break from cameras in the area that showed mollie tibbetts and christian rivera's car. >> we identified the vehicle belonging to christian rivera. subsequently he led us to this location. >> reporter: police say her feedback helps to retrace her -- police say her fitbit helped to retrace her path.
6:38 pm
>> we will love the family as they go through this awful time. i can't even imagine what it is like. >> reporter: christian rivera now faces life in prison without parole. >> katy murphy, is the principle of corpus christi catholic school. mollie tibbetts was a student there before moving to iowa in the third grade. a scare for rapper post malone after his airplane plutarch two tires. the plane made in an emergency landing in new york this afternoon. it took off earlier this morning from new jersey headed for london. the airplane had been circling for hours to burn fuel before it was given the all clear to land. malone attended the mtv video music awards in new york city last night. he performed his hit song which also won song of the year. he said after the landing that he was happy.
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google the focus of a class action lawsuit that claimed google ignored user privacy settings. facebook goes after more accounts working to disrupt u.s. elections. this is not a bed.
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conservative groups... microsoft says.. they targeted two conservative think tanks. the hackers created fake internet domains that looked like u-s senate sites. russian hackers are targeting conservative groups, microsoft said they targeted two think tank. the hackers created fake domains not look like u.s. senate sites. the bogus websites were linked to the russian government and designed to steal passwords. according to microsoft there is no evidence of a successful attack. this comes as facebook to lease more than 650 pages, groups and accounts linked to russia. facebook says the pages were intended to disrupt the midterm elections. these are images of accounts deleted in the last facebook account purge. sources identified as russian
6:42 pm
military intelligence were taken down. facebook is now using a scoring system to predict the trustworthiness of its users. they call it a represent -- they call it a "reputation score." the company says it is not meant to be the only measurement of trustworthiness, just one of several factors. googles could be slapped with a lawsuit, it claims google monitors users movement even when the location history on their phone is turned off. if a judge grants status anyone who owns an iphone or android and has turned off location tracking will be eligible to join the lawsuit. insurance on an international flight? that is a good idea but you may not be covered for as much as you think. we will explain. cloudy and foggy in san francisco not that uncommon but, foggy conditions in vacaville, that is a little
6:43 pm
more rare. coming up how long the cool weather will stay around. we will have that for you next. bowls to serve teriyaki.
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see that right there? you can't say that. i can't tell people to try my bowls? no. check out my bowls? nope. what about my billboard? (sighs) what? try my teriyaki bowls. triple a says nearly 40 percent you can get a big discount on this fall and winter's southwest airline flights within california. but there's a catch. the deal is only for tue d2 right now you can get a
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discount on southwest airlines flights in california but there is a catch. the deal is only for tuesday's is on wednesdays. tickets cost just $39 during the super sale. the sale will end tomorrow at midnight. triple-a says 40% of americans are likely to buy travel insurance for an international flight. a new report is wanting the coverage might not give consumers the protection they were expecting. >> reporter: she spent $1100 on flights to europe for her and her husband, a marine veteran. with the trip 10 months away she bought travel insurance through the airline. you book the trip, you got a great plan, what happened? >> one month after he booked the trip i found out i was
6:47 pm
pregnant. she is due in october. the flight to come back from europe was october 19th. so, you can't fly when you are that pregnant. >> reporter: while the insurance covered illness it did not cover pregnancy. her claim was denied. >> the only thing skimpier than legroom is the coverage of these insurance policies. >> reporter: a review found all major airlines and online booking sites sell travel insurance, typically required covers. the report found what it calls "questionable travel insurance marketing practices for policies that offer minimal coverage and often a wreck turtles to the payment of claims." >> consumers are being tipped upside down. it is just plain wrong. >> reporter: two companies underwrite all of the policies. in a statement the travel
6:48 pm
insurance association said the industry was not contacted by the senator adding, travel insurance is a valuable product that protects consumers. the group recommends that travelers fully understand the coverage options they are purchasing to make sure it fits their needs. the purchase of insurance is voluntary. >> the solution is a more informed consumer. i mean, people actually reading the fine print. >> as for the couple the airline they were set to fly with will refund their money. a new york two goats are being blamed for disrupting subway service. they were spotted roaming the tracks in brooklyn monday afternoon. transportation authority had to shut down power to the tracks to catch the animals. after a chase animal control officers tranquilized them. this story does have a happy ending. yoprobably remember it d shter. when you were a kid, animal
6:49 pm
crackers can now roam free after more than a century in cages. the new box design shows wild animals walking together. they are no longer behind bars at the circus. in animal rights organization called on the big so -- called on nabisco to redesign the packaging. >> as long as they taste as good. d cover even movin intohe santa clara valley. the one spot that has been cloud free this afternoon will see clouds moving pretty soon. san jose you are the warm spot at 71. only 68 would clouds moving into livermore and concord. santa rosa also 68. inland areas only 6 degrees warmer than san francisco right
6:50 pm
now. concord tonight is 56. oakland 57. morning cloud cover tomorrow and jacket weather for the kids. it has not warmed up in san francisco, 42 consecutive days san francisco has not gone above 72 degrees. you will not get any where close anytime soon. the good news is good air quality, better air-quality because of the ocean breeze. good to moderate air-quality expected tomorrow. low pressure moving through, that is exiting, as it does we will gain a few degrees back tomorrow. we are going to stay below average because of this low pressure stays far away. the ocean breeze is still there, it is not going to be strong but it will be there enough. low pressure developing to the west keeping the ocean feed going and the cool onshore
6:51 pm
breeze likely will be with us for the next 5-7 days. 5 degrees below average in san francisco tomorrow. the normal a 69, you will hit 64. 734 union city. 60 in pacifica. low 80s for walnut creek. only 64 in san francisco. only 68 in alameda. sunshine thursday through weekend but we are staying below average. that is still low to mid 80s inland. low to mid 60s at the beach. that ikpix5 forecast. policing is the new family business. up next meet the brothers in blue.
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on the streets of san jose. the two are new police officers. and our len ramirez tells us... law enforcement is quickly ss. a couple of brothers getting ready to make a difference on the streets of san jose. they are new police officers, law enforcement is quickly becoming a family business. >> reporter: they are two of the newest police officers, the brothers, they came up working
6:55 pm
the fields and dairy farms, soon to patrol the streets of san jose. do you think you can make a difference? >> i think i can. i think i can be of assistance to the community. >> reporter: whose idea was that? >> i would say it was my brothers idea. >> reporter: he was not sure he wanted to be a cop and was exploring other options. they both attended community college. what was it like growing up with this guy? >> very competitive. that is something that my dad -- he liked -- he wanted us to always compete. >> reporter: luis had already decided on law enforcement and helped convinced his brother he could do it too. last week they both graduated from the academy. their parents, immigrants from mexico, probably pinned on two badges that day.
6:56 pm
>> they know that this child can come with a price. as long as we do our work and we have each other backs, the fellow partners, i think we will be just fine. >> reporter: they come from a family of five boys and there is a younger brother, he also wants to become a police officer. he is now just finishing up his academy. >> we are basically making it a family business. >> congratulations to them. we are so grateful. join us at 10:00 and back here at 11:00. good night. you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less.
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[captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you. how you all doing? i appreciate you all. thank you all very much. how are you doing today? heh heh! i appreciate it, folks. thank you all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and, folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from tulsa, oklahoma, it's the champs. it's the reed family. and from minneapolis, minnesota, it's the nguyen family! everybody's here trying to win theyself a lotta cash, and somebody, somebody might drive outta here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the nguyen family. noah, how you doing? noah: good, good, good, good. steve: here, now, let me pull your tie up on your neck a little bit?
7:00 pm
noah. oh, yeah, sure, sure. all right. steve: 'cause your tie a little loose. noah: ha ha! audience: aww. noah: whoo! woman: the tie expert. ha ha! steve: yeah. here. here. see, it look a lot neater right there. noah: oh! steve: yeah. show your wife. noah: no, it--this is my sister. steve: oh, that's your sister? noah: yeah. mimi: he's single. he's single. noah: i'm single. i'm hoping you can help me. [cheering and applause] steve: oh, i can help you out, noah. what type of woman you looking for? give me an age range. noah: oh, ho ho ho! steve: yeah, let's go to work. give me a little age range. noah: i think age is just a number. steve: so give me some parameters. noah: oh, so i'm actually 42 this year. steve: you're 42? noah: yes, i am. steve: yeah, it's time to come on in. [laughter] noah: hopefully you'll give me some advices. steve: "somedv


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