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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 22, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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individual, and so we are saddened for the family." now at five: a missing college student with ties to the bay area is found dead. a susp she was a phenomenal individual and so we are saddened for the family. >> a missing college student with ties to the bay area is found dead, a suspect under arrest. now the case is igniting the debate over immigration. >> a bay area fire chief makes a shocking claim about verizon! he says the company slowed down his crew's wireless data in the middle of battling the state's largest wildfire. >> and president trump's former personal attorney pleads guilty to crimes. what michael cohen says mr. trump told him to do. it is wednesday, august 22nd. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> it's 5:00. let's start with a live look outside as we look at sfo on the right. on the left "salesforce tower."
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foggy to start but clearer than yesterday. >> yesterday was a gray day. . >> not quite that shade. >> a whiter shade of pale. >> you can watch any of those things or listen to that to distract you from your relatively gray weather. you can see that some low clouds out there as opposed to fog. that's keeping the current temperatures mild for this time of day. mostly in the 60s. i don't see any 50s out here right now. concord 63. 61 in livermore as well as in san francisco. the coolest in santa rosa 60 degrees where we have the lightest cloud coverage at this hour. our visibility currently not as bad as the days we have seen prior because it is mostly a low cloud situation as opposed to a fog situation. pretty good in mountain view in the south bay.
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we have issues in concord. 6 miles visibility in oakland, 7 at the airport. 8 miles in petaluma. 6 miles in santa rosa but nothing too terribly vexing when it comes to being out there on the roads. your headlines for today a cloudy start. we might see a patchy drizzle here or there depending, especially in the higher elevations. it will clear in the afternoon especially inland. not necessarily at the coast. you may be even a little bit in some places around the bay. we'll stay cool. that's not going to change through the weekend. i'll tell you how warm we'll get later. we are going to gin tracy. this is 205 if you are not familiar with it. it's a slow ride in the westbound direction which is those headlights. our "super commuters" dealing with those delays already. no roadwork in the there's stil some eastbound just about a 24-
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minute ride out of lathrop from 5 to 80 through the altamont pass and then tapping on the brakes and then things start to pick up and you're back in the green into livermore. travel time in the yellow 28 minutes towards 680. the dublin-pleasanton interchange. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are looking pretty good. i wouldn't mind heading through this stretch. this is not a bad ride. no metering lights or backup. we are in the green for our "bay area majors." of course, it is still early. not too many cars on the roads. but that is a good start to our wednesday morning ride. back to you. >> thank you. an illegal immigrant is charged with murdering mollie tibbetts. the 20-year-old's body was found in iowa yesterday. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live with new details on the investigation. reporter: police say the suspect christian bahena- rivera led police to her body. they believe she was killed the day she went missing on
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july 18th. rivera is a 24-year-old man from mexico illegally in the states for years. he had worked on an iowa farm owned by a prominent republican who had previously served as president of iowa farm bureau. the company says he had passed the government's vetting process and was an employee in good standing. police say rivera has confessed to killing mollie tibbetts telling investigators he got out of his car and stalked her during her run. investigators say at one point mollie told him she was going to call police. he chased her down and then apparently he blacked out. the next thing he claims to remember is mollie bloody in her trunk. she went to school in piedmont until the third grade. her principal says she is praying for mollie's family. [ pause ] >> president trump mentioned mollie's murder at a rally in west virginia last night saying her death should have never happened calling angethe
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that a broken system allowed a predator like this to live in their community. he will be in court today. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. now to hawaii this morning as powerful hurricane lane begins churning closer to the island. it is now a category 5 hurricane with winds up to 160 miles an hour. the storm forced a hurricane warning for the big island of hawaii and now residents are being urged to stock up before it makes landfall. >> we do see impacts to this state beginning late wednesday evening and into thursday g.ncy >> hawaii's governor says fema is already helping assisting residents. a man suspected of stabbing a woman to death at a
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bart station is due in an oakland courtroom this morning. john lee cowell of concord will enter a plea today. he is accused of stabbing and killing nia wilson and injuring one of her sisters. that attack happened last month at a bart station in oakland. cowell could face life in prison if convicted. during the largest wildfire in state history, verizon slowed the speed of santa clara county fire department's data plan. that's according to its chief. he said: he says verizon knew that the throttling impacted the firefighters' response but did nothing. brieat 22 n made this claim in state attorneys general filed in a lawsuit. it wants to overturn the repeal of net neutrality rules. >> our concern would be the public's ability to access the information that we are providing to them via the
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internet. we rely on the internet as a tool. if the it's throttled on blic eo download the information is impacted. >> verizon says that the fire department was subscribed to an unlimited data plan for government agencies that reduces speeds after a certain allotment. their statement reading in part: at least 5 people were hurt in a factory explosion in ohio. it happened about 10 last night.. this just in. at least 5 people were hurt in a factory explosion in ohio at 10 p.m. last night at an iron casting facility in the city the delaware. all five people had burns. no word on the cause of the explosion. this morning, a double dose of bad news for president trump. his former attorney and former campaign chairman now both convicted felons. the man who once ran the president's campaign paul manafort was convicted on eight of 18 counts of tax and bank fraud. the jurors were not able to
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reach a verdict on the other counts. this is the counsel robert mueller's investigation. and the president's ex-lawyer and so-called fixer michael cohen pleaded guilty to eight crimes. as laura podesta reports, the charges against cohen include campaign finance violations that could implicate the president. reporter: michael cohen told a federal judge yesterday that he helped arrange hush money payments in the runup to the 2016 election at the direction of then candidate donald trump. cohen pleaded guilty to eight crimes. >> what he did was he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the 2016 campaign and to the candidate and the campaign. >> reporter: cohen did not name the two women or even the president. but the detailed line-up with payments made to adult film stormy daniels and former playboy model karen mcdougal. both win claim to have had
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affairs with mr. trump which he denies. the former fixer for president trump is facing four to five years in prison. >> what about michael cohen! >> reporter: president trump didn't talk about it yesterday but at his rally in west virginia, he continued his attack on the special counsel's russia investigation. >> the russian witch hunt, we got a whole big combination. >> boo!! >> where is the collusion! >> reporter: cohen's plea deal did not involve the special counsel but his lawyer lani davis says that cohen has information for them. >> from this point on, you're going to see liberated, um, michael cohen speaking truth to power. >> reporter: in addition to campaign finance violations, cohen also pleaded guilty to tax evasion and bank fraud. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> as of now, president trump is not addressing the manafort developments. but his lawyer rudy giuliani said in a statement: there is
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no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president in the government's charges against mr. cohen. cohen is out of jail on a half million dollars bail. immigration activists say i. ees heat the facility in richmond have been transferred out of the state. according to the contra costa immigrants rights alliance, detainees have gone to colorado or washington due to the termination of i.c.e.'s contract with the contra costa county sheriff's office last month. in a statement, activists called the transfers a retaliatory move by the trump administration. the sheriff's office declined to comment on that claim. the suspect in the golden state killer case faces more charges including some in contra costa county. meanwhile, six district attorney's in six counties are combining their cases against deangelo into one large prosecution. nine rapes in the '70s are linked to the golden state killer in contra costa county but because of the statute of limitations it's too late to
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file rape charges in those cases. prosecutors are able to file kidnapping charges in four of those cases. >> the fact that we cannot charge some because of that statute of limitations does not mean that we will not seek to introduce that evidence at trial. >> thankfully, we can now hold someone accountable for these crimes and seek justice for our victims. >> deangelo will be arraigned in sacramento county tomorrow on this amended complaint. if convicted, 72-year-old deangelo faces a minimum of life in prison without parole or the death sentence. time is 5:11. a 7.3 earthquake shakes venezuela. we'll have the latest. >> our temperatures this morning are warmer than yesterday. how warm are we going to get this afternoon? i'll tell you coming up. >> and drivers heading across the bay bridge seeing red this morning. that is, red brake lights. this crash is as you enter the tunnel. we'll have the details and the backups with some travel times coming up. >> plus, facebook purges hundreds of russian accounts
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apparently trying to meddle in u.s. elections again!
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south america.
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yesterday's quake was a magnitude 7-point- 3... and was felt the strongest on the northeastern coast of venezuela there are no reports of major injuries after a powerful earthquake in venezuela. it was a 7.3 yesterday and was felt the strongest on the northeastern coast of venezuela and parts of the caribbean. it didn't cause much damage. it caused some power outages. the quake's depth spared the region from major problems. the usgs says in terms of magnitude, it was the strongest quake to hit venezuela since 1900. i mean, a 7.3! without major injuries? that's -- that's a blessing. >> definitely a scary situation out there. >> there is. there's another scary situation in hawaii which i'll get to in a moment. there is a hurricane off the coast a cat-5. here, though, locally, we are looking pretty still and calm. this is at&t park from the "salesforce tower" camera
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where you're breaking down the set from the concert last night. low clouds keeping things mild for this time of the morning. 60s in the area at this time. this low pressure center is firmly in place keeping the clouds and onshore flow keeping our temperatures cool. that's going to stick around into the end of the week. weather headlines today, once the clouds clear inland, it will be hazy and sunny behind that in the inland areas. clouds are going to stay there along the coast, lingering fog at the bay especially the golden gate. highs though are going to remain below average so we are going to be cool. that's moving through towards the end of the week. talking about hurricane lane, all right, you can see it right here. right now, category 5 sustained winds of 160 miles per hour gusts of 195 miles an
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hour. the reason this is concerning is that the top right hand quadrant of the storm of any hurricane is usually the strongest. that's the one that's set to brush right along the coast of hawaii where you can see all of this red right here. that's a hurricane warning in effect. this is a hurricane watch. hopefully by the time the storm gets closer to the islands, it will start to dissipate and weaken especially you can see here starting to get into a cat-4, 3, 2, but there's still nothing to sneeze at. this is a reason to be getting ready on the island right now. so our high temperatures here locally today certainly below average. 70s and 80s in the area. here's the seven-day forecast. steady temperatures through the weekend and beyond. cool and cloudy and that cool and cloudy weather is going to continue into the afternoon hours all along the coast keeping it in the upper 50s. right around the bay, though,
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the fog will retreat. we might see some lingering fog around the golden gate especially giving it a mix of the 60s around the bay and inland areas once the clouds clear, we'll be in the low 80s. jaclyn. those bay bridge metering lights were activated earlier this morning right around 5:12 all due to a problem we are tracking on the upper deck of the bay bridge. so there's an early backup beyond the 880 overcrossing not quite to the foot of the maze yet. but we are in the yellow and our travel times are quickly climbing, 22 minutes into san francisco. a four-car accident heading into the tunnel. a couple of lanes are blocked and cars are funneling over to the remaining lanes that are open. it looks like 2 or 3 lanes are blocked at this time so
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definitely going to cause some delays for people out of oakland into san francisco. they are clearing it. it will cost you time. give yourself some extra time. use bart. that's on time. facebook says it has thwarted several plots in the disruption of the midterm elections in november. the company says it purged more than 650 accounts linked to russia and iran. facebook also says that the russian and iranian campaigns are similar but there's no indication of a connection. twitter also based in san francisco announced tuesday it suspended 284 accounts many from iran. uber has a new chief financial officer. the company says nelson chai will take over the position which has been left vacant since the year 2015. some caregivers may
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develop some health issues of their own. it's a tough job. . reporter: caretakers are likely to develop mental or physical health problems. 83% of caregivers suffer significant issues compared to 15% of the general population. the survey measures the health of 1500 people who took care of loved ones in their final three months of life. pain is the main reason patients with osteoarthritis seek medical care. a report samples the opinions of 3,000 patients. it finds insomnia and depression lead to frequent trips to the doctor's office. and if you drink alcohol from time to time, you may be at a higher risk of heart disease compared to those who drink consistently. a study published in bmc medicine examines the health over10years. erate in it concludes unstadgher risk
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coronary heart disease partly because consistent drinking may have a cardio protective effect. those are some of the day's top health stories. john schiumo, cbs news, new york. coming up in sports, the giants take the loss on the field but it looks like they will also lose their all star catcher buster posey for the season in the near future. and the a's now tied with the astros for first in the a.l. west. khris davis once again provides the power as he joins the elite list of a's to reach a huge milestone. sports is coming up.
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baseball... cleveland at and red sox from fenway park.. on june 19th the a's trailed the astros by 12 games in the division. that lead has been wiped away as the a's are now tied with houston for first place. khris davis and the a's are looking to keep the offense rolling against the rangers. bottom of the fifth, the a's up a run. he hits a line drive to center. chapman scores. that's davis's third consecutive season of 100 plus rbis. davis again crushes his 38th home run of the year as the a's win 6-0. chris stratton pitched six
5:25 am
innings of shutout ball against the mets and in the 7th with the giants with a 2-1 lead, jackson with a ground ball that gets past evan longoria. a run scores to tie the game. bottom of the 8th, mets up 3- 2. michael conforto with the dagger. a three-run home run off tony watson and the giants lose 6- 3. buster posey may have season ending hip surgery. that's according to the "san francisco chronicle." this is the same hip issue that's been bothering him all season. bochy says the giants are confident he can't do further damage to the hip and will play for now. he had the day off yesterday but is expected to be back in the line-up today. and another score to pass along. the astros beat the mariners. that means the astros and the oakland a's are still tied for first in the a.l. west. andrea nakano, kpix 5. here's the play of the day from major league baseball. indians and red sox from fenway park. >> fly to center field.
5:26 am
backing up on the track, backing up, leaps up and makes the play and goes into the wall. >> nice grab. the indians' greg allen with the leaping catch, hits the wall. cleveland beats the red sox 6- 3. time now 5:26. a southern california congressman is indicted. the corruption charges he is facing this morning. >> plus, a man from mexico confesses to killing iowa college student mollie tibbetts. police say he has been living in the u.s. illegally for years.
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he is pointing fingers now at president trump. >> plus, an illegal immigrant is in jail in connection with the murder of a woman with bay area ties. what he told police about his encounter with mollie tibbetts. >> hawaii bracing for impact as a cat-5 hurricane takes aim right at the islands. good morning, it is wednesday, august 22nd. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> it is 5:30. let's get a live look outside. look at the bay bridge clear conditions. jacksonville dunn has a situation on the bay bridge but -- jaclyn dunn has a situation on the bay bridge but first the forecast. if you take a look at a picture we have from the "stower," you can see those low clouds and that's affecting our weather. that's keeping your nol eratures mild. this time of the morning.
5:31 am
santa rosa 60. we aren't seeing the issues we have seen this week. the most affected area is at the coast five miles of visibility at half moon bay. north bay good with the exception of santa rosa only five miles of visibility impacted there. here's the traffic alert with jaclyn. right now we are tracking the four-car crash at the entrance of the tunnel heading into -- treasure island, of e bawestbound upper deck . lanes ked. they mpea but emergency crews are on the scene and this quickly has
5:32 am
backed up traffic. they activated the metering lights much earlier this morning right around 5:12 and so this is defitely causing delays for drivers trying to get out of oakland heading into san francisco. right now we are in the red with our travel times, 22 minutes likely to rise more. here's a bird's-eye view of westbound traffic to treasure island. that backup is quickly stretching into the foot of the maze. we are still seeing delays into san francisco sluggish across the bridge and approaching fremont street. so it's slow this morning. we are in the yellow along 580 and the eastshore freeway that's still in the green. that's likely to be the next one that jumps up into the yellow due to this accident that we're tracking again. three lanes blocked westbound 80 at treasure island. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thanks. thatoi morning. we'll keep you posted. meantime, double legal blows
5:33 am
for president trump's circle. his former attorney and former campaign chairman are now both convicted felons. the man who once ran the president's campaign paul manafort was convicted on eight of 18 counts of tax and bank fraud. the jurors were not able to reach a verdict on the other counts. it is the first conviction in special counsel robert mueller investigation. >> michael cohen told he arranged hush money payments in the runup to the 2016 election at the direction of then candidate trump. cohen pleaded guilty to eight crimes. >> these are very serious charges and reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty over an extended period of time. they are significant in their own right. they are particularly significant when done by a lawyer. >> cohen's plea deal did not involve the special counsel. but his lawyer says that cohen has information for them. >> this is theou law to the classic watergate question, what did the president know
5:34 am
and when did he know it? these are things that the president knew and according to michael cohen directed. >> and in addition to campaign finance violations, cohen also pleaded guilty to tax evasion and bank fraud. as of now, president trump is not addressing this. but he is talking about the russia investigation. >> where is the collusion!! >> boo!!! >> they are still looking for collusion! find some collusion. >> boo!! >> we want to find the collusion. >> nancy pelosi said: circle." cbs this morning is looking ahead at what's next for paul manafort and the special counsel's case. you can watch the report coming up at 7 a-m.. right after our broadcast. hurricane lane has turned into a >> "cbs this morning" has a report th at 7 a.teour brast. hurricane lane has turned into a monster this morning. it is now a cat-5 hurricane with winds up to 160 miles per
5:35 am
hour. the big concern right now is hawaii the big island. the storm is expected to move close to or over the islands from tomorrow through saturday. and in honolulu, residents are getting ready. shoppers are stocking up on water and other last-minute supplies like batteries of course, flashlights and emergency kits. some say that with hurricane lane churning towards the islands, they are taking no chances. the illegal immigrant accused of kidnapping and killing 20-year-old mollie tibbetts is due in court today. jackie ward tells us the suspect is charged with first- degree murder. jackie. reporter: police say christian bahena-rivera a man who had been living illegally in the u.s. for years confessed to killing mollie tibbetts. 24-year-old rivera had worked on a farm in iowa owned by a man who served as president of the iowa farm bureau. the company says he had passed the government's vetting process and s an eyee in good standing. police say the mexican told investigators that he stalked mollie during her jog on july
5:36 am
18th, the day she was reported missing. he followed her as she ran but doesn't remember how he killed her. he told police he blacked out and woke up to find her blood and body in his trunk. her body was found by police yesterday buried in a field under corn stalks. security surveillance video and rivera's car helped police make an arrest. president trump talked about mollie's murder at a rally in west virginia last night and blamed bad immigration laws on her death. >> you heard about today with the illegal alien coming in, very sadly, from mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible beautiful young woman. [ yelling ] >> should have never happened, illegally in our country. >> reporter: rivera is being held on a $1 million cash-only bond. an autopsy is being done to learn the cause of death.
5:37 am
>> thank you. a new study suggests that the oakland police department's cease-fire program is helping reduce violent crime in the city. the strategy fully implemented in 2013 brings together law enforcement, social services and the community. together they reach out to people most likely to commit crimes. the program has three major goals. >> one, reducing shootings and homicides. two, reducing recidivism. three, repairing our damaged relationship and building relationships in the community. >> shootings and homicides have dropped sharply. there were 114 murders in 2012 compared with 63 last year. that's a 52% decline. the study suggests that 32% of that reduction is linked to the cease-fire strategy. other bay area headlines this morning. san francisco is one step closer to allowing safe injection sites for drug users. yesterday a bill moved forward in the state senate. it allows mayor london breed to move forward with a three-
5:38 am
year pilot program for the site. but it's not a done deal. the legislation still need pass through the assembly before it hits governor brown's desk. the director of san francisco's transportation agency is defending the hiring of a company connected with a fatal accident on a tunnel project. a worker was killed by a steel beam this month. municipal transportation agency director ed riskin has been criticized for not verifying the safety record of shimmick construction, which was cited by cal/osha in 2011. riskin said that yesterday that may not have been enough to disqualify the company. a donation fund is set up for an oakland police officer critically injured in the line of duty. officer jordan wingate was on his way to investigate a suspicious persons report on august 13th when his patrol suv collided with a car at the port of oakland and then hit a parked big rig. he cause is under investigation. the oakland police said officer wingate is still in critical condition in the
5:39 am
intensive care unit. governor brown may support a bill to end bail in california. the governor called the legislature's passage of the bill yesterday an important step in making the criminal justice system fair. the bill would replace bail for suspects awaiting trial with a system that jails people based on their risk level. the bill requires governor brown's signature to become law. opponents argue that the bill will make communities less safe and will not create a fair system. 5:39. and this morning, we have learned that republican congressman duncan hunter and his wife have been indicted on corruption charges. federal prosecutors say the san diego county couple used campaign funds buy trips to italy and hawaii, pay for dental work and children's private school $250,000! >> it in fact could mean the death knell of his career and a perfect store for his
5:40 am
opponent. >> hunter and his wife are set to be arraigned tomorrow morning in san diego. president trump is talking tariffs once again. wendy gillette from "cbsmoneywatch" with that story and more business news from new york city. >> reporter: good morning. if stocks don't drop significantly today, the bull run here on wall street which started in 2009 will become the longest in history! yesterday, the dow finished 63 points up, the nasdaq up 38. at a rally in west virginia last night, president trump said the u.s. will put a 25% tariff on every car from the european union. the announcement came just hours after the "wall street journal" reported that the president's commerce secretary wilbur ross signaled that tarries on auto imports will be delayed. ross said he needs to complete his study on whether car imports could be seen as a threat to national security. american airlines is cutting international flights as it faces rising fuel costs.
5:41 am
the company will drop 11 routes including its high- profile chicago-to-shanghai flight and is reducing chicago- to-tokyo schedule. american will drop two destinations, glasgow, scotland, and pueblo, mexico. the airline is adding flights to berlin, london, bologna and others. amazon will name the site for its second headquarters by the end of the year. they launched the search in january narrowing the list to 20 finalists including atlanta, chicago, columbus, raleigh and washington, dc. the company says it need up to eight million square feet of office space. they estimate the project will generate 50,000 jobs. and it's the american divide. a recent study found america's wealthier packing up and moving to the coasts while poorer families are relocating inland. the allure of coastal areas, university access and more high-tech jobs. this income sorting across the country means the wealthier have the means to move to expensive cities with less
5:42 am
affordable housing pushing out the poor in the process. for instance, those who moved to san francisco make nearly $13,000 more than those moving out. >> you make more but then it all goes to rent and that mortgage. wendy, we understand that starbucks is bringing something back just in time for the fall season. >> reporter: yes. starbucks says its pumpkin spice latte will be available starting tuesday. this is the 15th year starbucks will serve the drink which has become a customer favorite. here's the bad news. a 16-ounce is 380 calories and 50 grams of sugar. >> need to jog after that. wendy gillette, thank you. this morning, the "mercury news" reporting that orchard supply hardware will close it ory the end of the year. founded in san jose in 1931, the chain was sold to sears in
5:43 am
we's orchard has nearly 100 stores employing about 4,000 people. liquidation sales will begin this week. it is 5:43. up in flames, the search for a suspect caught on camera setting a car on fire. camera's capture a florida family's vehicle go up in flames. >> a northern california uber driver sunday arrest accused of kidnapping.
5:44 am
5:45 am
catching the arsonist who torched that acura. it all happened in the early morning can see the cameras capturing a florida family's car in flames. miramar police need help catching the arsonist. it happened in the early- morning hours sunday august 12th. you can see the guy with the white shoes and long hair walking up to the car in the a. in liidom a ignites and then flees. the family of four was not hurt. a sacramento uber driver is under arrest this morning after three women say he
5:46 am
kidnapped them and threatened to kill them. >> it was all completely unreal. the whole experience just seemed like it was out of a movie. reporter: three friends recount the terror the night they left a house warming and book club party in june and used uber to get a ride home. >> katie said, we're just three women that want to go home. and she said, no. that's not it. you're all going to die now. and then he took off again. >> reporter: the ride started in the arcade area and the destination was oak park. the drive is identified as 36- year-old mark filinnoff was quiet and drove erratically on capital city highway keeping to the left lane. not listening to them to pull over and had no intention in stopping. >> i could see this app, his navigation app, was flashing like warning, going over 85 miles an hour. >> we just want to get out of the car and he would not stop. once he got past the exit, i thought oh, my god this is not
5:47 am
a joke and i was so afraid. i was crying. my hands were shaking. he had tried to swipe out her phone when she tried to call 911. >> he swiped at my phone and my hand, swiped at my hand, i was like okay, okay, i put my hands where he could see them. i started crying. >> reporter: angela the only passenger out of the reach of the driver called 911 and told the dispatcher they had been abducted. >> i thought we would die. >> reporter: the driver finally exited at 47th avenue and stopped. the women jumped out. they couldn't believe they had escaped. the driver allegedly showed up at theodora's house the next day but drove off according to neighbors. now these women are desperate to get their lives back. >> i'm just happy that he is behind bars and i'm happy that, um, we are all together. >> he needs to be held accountable. >> terrifying story. that he was shah reinforce ra. >> he reporting.
5:48 am
he faces kidnapping charges including terroristic threats. uber says he was suspended shortly after the incident. time now 5:47. let's check traffic. >> an accident on the bay bridge had three lanes blocked right at treasure island. as you can see, traffic is getting through fine now all lanes reopened. but the damage is done. the metering lights went on much earlier and the backup stretched into the foot of the maze. here's a live look at the toll plaza. 22 minutes heading into san francisco. look at that backup that continues to stretch on all approaches over towards the maze there. so your 580 approach and the eastshore freeway definitely seeing those cars back up around the berkeley curve there so just a heads up for drivers. it's going to be slow. here's a live look at your 580 approach past 24. st here that you g. will be on the brakes. eastshore travel times are in
5:49 am
the green a crash in san jose northbound one at 880 a backup developing. 45 miles per hour in that stretch. we'll have more coming up. a warmer start to the day than yesterday. that's thanks to all these high clouds. looking to the bay bridge from the transamerica pyramid, not so much fog as cloudy and those clouds are acting like a blanket. 61 degrees in san francisco right now. 63 in concord. 59 in santa rosa. the first time we have dipped down into the 50s this morning because it is more clear there. 64 degrees in san jose. this low pressure system right here is firmly in place and it's bringing with it some tucoas as cooler temperatures and an onshore flow. it's not going anywhere anytime soon so it's not going to change. today after the clouds in the inland areas start to clear
5:50 am
back towards the coast, it should be a sunny although hazy afternoon thanks to some of the smoke that's in place from the mendocino complex fires in lake county although it is better than we have seen as far as the air quality is concerned. the highs will be below average. we'll be lucky to see 80. just minor day-to-day changes over the next couple of days thanks to the low pressure center in place. your highs for the day again below average coolest at the coast 59 degrees in half moon bay. 83 in los gatos. that's about as warm as we'll see. palo alto 76. 65 degrees in hayward. those inland areas again the warmest temperatures, 84 brentwood, cooling off at the water, 76 vallejo, pleasanton 80, livermore 82. around the bay a mix of 60s and 70s.
5:51 am
in the far north bay, we are seeing cooler temperatures finally dipping out of the 90s into the 80s which in lake county where the mendocino complex fires are burning that's great news for firefighters there. they are going to be very happy to have a little bit of relief from the warmer temperatures. our seven-day forecast shows similar weather through the weekend. a mix of 60s at the bay maybe some lingering fog but after that noon clearing we should see clear skies beautiful sunshine and low 80s inland. the ranch fire near ukiah is 67% contained. it burned more than 357,000 acres in mendocino, lake and colusa counties. it's the larger of the two wildfires that comprise the mendocino comple
5:52 am
it is just about 8 minutes before 6:00. coming up, brothers in blue. we'll meet the two-family members signing up the two family members signing up to serve on the force. well well well, what have we here?
5:53 am
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ]
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at a commercial building fire, a commercial building fire, downtown, is shooting flames hundreds of feet into the air. firefighters say pallets and cardboard are helping to fuel the fire. live pictures out of los angeles. a commercial building fire that downtown l.a. shooting flames into the air. cardboard and pallets are fueling the fire. it's near the 10 freeway in los angeles. it could affect the morning commute for thousands there. he cause is under investigation. the director of san francisco's transit agency is responding to some harsh criticism from mayor london breed. she wrote him a letter about problems with safety and service. she says, muni must be more dependable. the agency's budget grew by $60 million last year so i expect that conditions will improve in the very near term future. the director says the mayor is right to be concerned. >> we could have done much
5:56 am
better and i take responsibility for that. she is right to point it out. >> we have to make sure that we anticipate challenges and delays and breakdowns and other things so that the public doesn't even know about it. >> riskin says he is not sure whether the letter is a sign that the mayor wants him out. mayor breed has no comment. this next story is giving us new meaning to the words family business. two brothers are now on their way to join the san jose police department. luis and hector vargas just graduated from the academy together. and before that, they were at fresno state. the brothers born just 11 months apart grew up working in the fields in dairy farms of visalia. their parents are immigrants from mexico. >> i think we can make a difference. having good mentors and applying myself, i think i can be of assistance to the community. >> what was it like growing one this guy? >> very competitive.
5:57 am
very competitive. my dad, that's something that my dad, he wanted us to compete. it's good because it pushed us. >> there is a younger brother coming up and he is now a san jose police cadet. it's 5:57. in the next half-hour, it turns out the man in custody for murdering 20-year-old mollie tibbetts was living in the u.s. illegally. her death is now being used to reignite the national immigration debate.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
this morning... presiden wyer implicate a man accused of randomly attacking and killing a teenager on a bart platform heads to court this morning. >> plus, president trump's long time lawyer implicates his former client while pleading guilty in federal court. >> and hurricane warnings are issued as a category 5 storm takes aim at hawaii. good morning, it is wednesday, august 22nd. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle. we are going to start off this


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