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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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instead of filling the full two pack prescription as approved by the fda. >> our reaction was that it's unconscionable. >> the food allergy advocates at fair point out the emergency medication is prescribed in a two pack for a reason. the first pen may fail and many need more than one dose to survive. >> i of only allowed to have one -- i was only allowed to have one epipen. >> but we heard from dozens of patients who said kaiser pharmacists are only filling half their child's two pack epipen prescriptions. according to the fda a pharmacist could only reduce the prescription to one pen if that's specifically what was prescribed. the state pharmacy board is urging those affected to file a complaint and has now opened an investigation. one of the greatest concerns following our report last week? accusations that some like danielle were given a single pen without proper labeling. >> if there's no label, it's a violation of our law. >> while kaiser says it's rationing due to a shortage, many patients point out kaiser is making double the money charging the full co-pay for
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half the prescription. >> i did question if it was legal. they said it was fine because of the shortage. >> gomez says kaiser charged her two co-pays at the same time when she went in to get pens for each of her two kids opening one box, handing her two separate pens, then charging her twice the price she'd normally pay for what would otherwise be just one full prescription. >> generally speaking, you can only be charged one copayment for each prescription. >> the insurance commissioner says people who feel they've been charged unfairly should file additional complaints with the department of insurance. meanwhile while there is a shortage of the epipen brand and the generic that kaiser provides, there's no shortage of the oviq injector which kaiser said it would provide when there's a shortage of national brands, but when danielle asked for oviq, she was denied. kaiser patients generally don't have the option of shopping around. >> i don't know what my choices
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are at this point. >> we reached out to oviq which tells us tonight it will cover its version of the epipen at no cost for kaiser patients during the shortage. you'll find more information later tonight on our website. meanwhile we reached out to kaiser again today and they sent us the same statement they sent last week. they say while the fda approved this product to be on the market as a two-pen set, physicians have the discretion to prescribe this drug as clinically appropriate. our physician groups have endorsed the splitting of these packages to preserve supplies during the shortage." we should note many kaiser physicians are still prescribing two pens. it's the pharmacy that's only filling one. kaiser says once supplies return to normal, the limit will be removed and kaiser says they are working with other manufacturers concerning supplies. >> so when people get just the one version of kaiser's version of the epipen, they get one. can they go back and get that second one? >> yeah, they can go back. we're hearing different things from different people. in some cases they say it's one week. in some cases they have to wait
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a month, but they will have to pay a second co-pay for the other half of that prescription. >> thanks. we've got breaking news now, firefighters battling a fire right now near the tesla headquarters on fremont boulevard. this sparked within the last hour. the flames have apparently spread to some nearby power lines as well. you see the fire is burning some big bales of cardboard, also what appears to be a tent structure. i know they were using some tents for assembly of the latest model 3 car. chopper 5 overhead, you see all the smoke coming from that fire. that's not helping our air quality. this is burning on tesla's property, but so far no word on the exact cause. we'll keep monitoring this for you. you likely dealt with it today, our air th viewm chopper flying over the east bay. it's smoggy, very unhealthy to breathe and the worst air we've dealt with so far this year. the warning? stay inside.
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>> we encourage all individuals who see or smell smoke to take steps to protect their health, to stay inside with windows and doors closed, to avoid any outdoor activities. >> paul deanno live on the kpix5 rooftop with what is pushing this bad air our way. paul? >> it's interesting, guys, because we have an ocean breeze, but we have bad air. usually it's one or the other, but as i step out of the way, what you're looking at this evening over the bay bridge in san francisco bay is not fog. that is smoke. even though you may not smell much, the air quality is some of the worst air quality so far in summer. here's our aqi map. notice the orange and red sitting over the bay area. that's unhealthy air quality that we will have the next 24 hours. a live camera from the sales force tower once again shows not fog, but smoke. let's talk about why this is happening because a very unique setup. we know about all the fires burning in northern california, oregon and even washington and british columbia. well, some of that smoke is being pushed over the pacific ocean and then we get the ocean
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breeze which usually is refreshing, but this time the ocean breeze is not dragging in clean air. it's dragging in smoky air. it will continue to do so tomorrow. plan on poor air quality once again for your friday. we'll talk about your weekend and beyond and how long this smoky pattern will stick around coming up in a few minutes in my full forecast. back to you. >> thanks, paul. you are looking live at the hawaiian islands where in the past hour hurricane lane was downgraded to a category 3 storm. it is still very powerful and very dangerous. a rate of up to two inch >> this is the scene in hilo on the big island where the rain has been falling at a rate up to 2 inches per hour. mudslides, flooding already washing out several roads. asugh this captured video as a street. >> it is the biggest storm to hit the island in more than a quarter century and kpix5's mary lee joins us now with the
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latest. >> hundreds of people have been bussed to shelters. public schools are closed. state employees have been told to stay home as hawaii braces for the worst. heavy rain is flooding roadways on hawaii's big island as hurricane lane closes in. >> right now this system is really setting up to be a significant rain event, torrential rains forecasters predicting over 30 inches in some parts. >> it's nasty. it's scary. >> this woman captured the rushing waters and it's only going to get worse. >> batten down the hatches. the event has just started. >> this slow moving system is expected to bring catastrophic flooding, huge waves and powerful winds to hawaii. >> we urge the people in hawaii right now to heed all the warnings, stay off the beach right now. stay out of the water. >> satellite images taken from space show the massive storm churning in the pacific ocean. >> i think it's going to be bad
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to an effect that us locals never experienced before. >> this is not just going to be over in the next 24 hours. this system will be with us the next four or five days. >> president trump issued a disaster declaration to provide support for hawaii and tweeted, "our teams are closely coordinating with the state and local authorities. you are in our thoughts." if the storm makes landfall, it would be the first to do so in 26 years. to hawaii were still rom s-f-o toda plenty of people are still scrambling to leave the islands, but despite the storm flights to hawaii were still taking off from sfo today. we found one man trying to make it to a wedding in maui. >> i mean i'm a little worried, but also at the same time if my flight gets canceled, you know, it's weather and you can't really control it. >> at last check flights from sfo were still taking on. , but a lot of planes are leave -- off, but a lot of planes are leaving half full. many airlines including united, alaska and hawaiian are waiving
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rebooking fees for travelers trying to avoid the storm. new at 6:00 a debate over an abandoned city building in san jose some say could serve as a much needed homeless shelter. the old city hall annex is situated north of downtown. santa clara county has plans to tear that building down, but homeless advocates and the san jose mayor are pushing to save it. kpix5's len ramirez on what the opposing sides are arguing about. len? >> reporter: well, they're arguing about a lot and this is shaping up to be a good old- fashioned fight between the city of san jose and the county of santa clara all over that building which has been vacant now the past 13 years. the old city hall annex building has been practically unused since the city of san jose moved out in 2005. it was bought a few years later by the county of santa clara which plans to demolish it to build a parking lot as part of its master plan, but now with the homeless crisis gripping the city san jose wants to save the building and repurpose it
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for a shelter. >> i'm hoping that they consider this as an option to provide housing for the homeless. >> reporter: 10 days ago sam liccardo sent a letter to the supervisors department asking if there was any reinterest in reusing the building for low income housing and pledged city support to make it happen. it's close to light rail and county services. homeless advocates call it a no brainer. >> people are dying in record numbers. the numbers are way up. everybody agrees, the county and city and all the nonprofits. so anything that can be converted quickly to housing needs to be done. >> reporter: now an ad hoc group of developers and foard led bym silatto eced 0 mi for the project and people in t building, but the can. says it's not that easy. >> back in -- the county says it's not that easy. >> back in 2015 we had a consultant do an assessment.
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>> reporter: the report showed the annex was too run down and not suitable for reuse and it would need at least $50 million in rehab work just to make it inhabitable again. >> while the county is very supportive and a leader with respect to supportive housing and helping folks who are homeless, using the annex itself given the condition of the building, which is very, very, very poor, it's not from the county's view the right vehicle. >> reporter: staff will be recommending the building be demolished, but san jose still says not so fast. >> i think it's important for us because we're in a housing crisis that we need to look at what the developers are saying and get their point of view, get their take. >> reporter: why is it important to go that extra step? >> because this building is already standing. >> reporter: county officials say the master plan does include plans for permanent low income housing on this site, this general area here in san jose near the civic center. this particular issue will be developed or discussed at the board of supervisors meeting,
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which is scheduled for next tuesday. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. a schoolyard fight on the peninsula, the problem? solar panels, the neighbors angry they were left out of negotiations. >> a bay area apple store robbed twice in two weeks, it has security guards. so why aren't they stopping thieves? >> it's very loud and one community has had enough. the demands that caltrain lay off the horn.
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fed up with train horns... san mateo is trying to establish quiet zones for caltrain. ther fed up with train horns, san mateo is trying to establish quiet zones for caltrain. there are nine rail crossings that run through the city and train engineers are required to sound their horns. now the exception to that rule involves upgrading rail crossings with very specific safety features. the city is now studying the idea. meanwhile the state senate approved a bill that would allow b.a.r.t. to fast track housing projects on its property. supporters say it would ease the bay area's severe housing crunch. opponents say it gives b.a.r.t. a blank check to design housing projects that don't fit with city building codes. the revised bill now goes back to the state assembly. new at 6:00 the school district drawing heat for installing new solar panels on
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school campuses, kpix5's devin fehely explains why trying to help the environment has neighbors so upset. >> reporter: yeah. those solar panels are in the back of the school along the fence line they share with neighbors and neighbors say those panels are big, unsightly, intrusive and overshadow their yards. the solar panels are massive, seen from sky drone 5 spanning part or all of three homes along the backside of nixon elementary school in palo alto where neighbors say they didn't know they were being added to the schoolyard until construction began in mid-june. >> the big objection is the fact that that the school board did not notify people affected by this program. >> reporter: palo alto unified school districts new superintendent don austin didn't want to talk on camera about the solar panels, but acknowledged the efforts to
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notify neighbors was inadequate. the district has installed solar panels at five schools with plans for a sixth. so far only neighbors at nixon and nearby escondido elementary schools voiced concerns. >> what they prefer is to haveu suitable location. they were never given the opportunity to make suggestions about what locations within the schoolyard would be acceptable. >> reporter: the superintendent says the district is committed to working with homeowners to find a solution. short of pulling the plug on a program, estimated to save the school system more than a half million dollars over its lifetime. now the neighbors that we spoke to, as you heard, said they want those solar panels moved someplace else. what's not clear is if that would simply shift the problem to someone else's backyard. in palo alto, devin fehely, kpix5. apple stores keep getting hit by rockers who rush into the crowded stores and grab the electronics. the latest heist happened yesterday in the north bay.
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kpix5's da lin on why store security guards are powerless to stop the thieves. >> reporter: the police departments released three photos of the alleged thieves grabbing up and running off with apple products at this corte madera apple store. it's not the action of the thieves running away, but the inaction of the security guard that's got shoppers talking. he's standing by the door watching the bad guys get away. some people on facebook suggest at least stick a foot out to trip the suspects. that same guard tells me off camera company policy prohibits them from confronting thieves. they serve only as visual deterrents and their job is to call 911. police say thieves have hit up this corte madera store at least three times in recent months. >> essentially walk out or run out with the product so easily has unfortunately become i think the main target that brings them back.
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>> reporter: this is surveillance video of another grab and run. investigators say the thieves know about the policy and that's why they keep hitting apple stores up and down the state. on sunday shoppers tackled and sustained two suspected thieves at an apple store, the third suspect later arrested, all three from antioch. >> the store needs to change their practice and place armed guards in some of these facilities. >> reporter: former oakland police chief howard jordan says it's a huge dilemma for apple. armed security guards could lead to shootouts, injuries and lawsuits. >> having unarmed security guards really is not a good way to try to deter criminals from stealing your product. >> reporter: police say the thieves got away with about $19,000 worth of products. police are checking with apple and other police departments to see if this case might be connected to other cases. in corte madera, i'm da lin, kpix5.
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a brushfire broke out late this afternoon on mount diablo burning about 5 acres. a view from chopper 5 shows the smoky scene on the walnut creek side of the mountain near summit road. crews on the ground and in the air are trying to protect several radio towers. cal fair is using two helicopters and -- fire is using two helicopters and four air tankers as part of the effort. an update on the air quality. one hour ago we talked how spare the air only had moderate air quality tomorrow which seemed strange given the fact the weather isn't changing and it's unhealthy today. spare the air revised their forecast and here it is. top to bottom it is likely to be unhealthy tomorrow. so the smoke and haze outside today, if that's forcing you to cancel outdoor plans, cancel them for tomorrow. smoke, we can't see mount diablo. of course, we have the fire burning on the mountain, but the antecedent conditions keeping things smoky throughout the bay area, 70s morgan hill,
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concord 77, san jose and napa 75, fremont 71, san francisco 66. air quality is better this weekend for chinatown street fest in oakland saturday and sunday but still somewhat hazy. you'll get the afternoon sunshine, should be a pleasant weekend in oakland, better air quality saturday and sunday,68 degrees. we have an active pattern to our north, the pacific northwest. seattle had horrible air quality. they don't know because of this low pressure system swinging through. this low up here off the british columbia coastline will maintain a fall-like position and drop our temperatures down even more next week where we won't even have highs in the 80s. we lost the 90s this week. we're losing the 80s early next week trending even cooler. low cloud cover is a guarantee overnight tonight with the haze. we'll check your overnight lows in the 50s, cool weather again on friday, hazy sunshine tomorrow as the air quality will stay unhealthy. your extended forecast, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine
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across the board. look at next week, even cooler, 60s near the bay and 70s inland. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> got the sweatshirt. thanks, paul. still ahead, an nfl coach tells players stop stretching. why he says it's a waste of time. >> and the nfl, of course, tells their players to stop kneeling and check it out. the last of these three 49ers is gone. please remain standing for our sportscast next.
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giants mediocre season has been their offense..they don't have one....san francisco ranks 25th in t the biggest reason for the giants mediocre season has been their offense. they don't have one. san francisco ranks 25th in the big leagues at 3.95 runs per game. that's not a good sign when you're facing cy young candidate jacob degrom. he's got a 1.71 e.r.a., almost half a run less than anybody else and this wasn't his fault.
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that's a fastball. giants have a 1-0 lead. never blink on a fastball, right? 4th inning, here's the only earned run degrom gave up and it was to madison bumgarner. austin slater scores, 2-0. here's the thing about bumgarner at citi field. a 0.59 lifetime e.r.a. in new york and double plays help especially with two runners on base. so tying run atthird. look at bumgarner paint the inside part of the plate like a picasso. he's 7-0 against the mets in his career of giants escape new york with a 3-1 win, but still nine games out of first place. a shocker out at raider hq today cutting defensive back
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melwe, melafanwu. 49ers shipped out a semi high back pick, harrell a third round selection from virginia in 2015 with five sacks in three seasons. harrell with colin kaepernick and eric reid were the first three players to kneel for the anthem and now all three are gone. kyle shanahan expects jimmy garoppolo to play about a half saturday against the colts which means a lot of facetime for the italian stallion. >> there's a lot of news for him. i get a question from every female that i meet, s jimmy. proficnt jim ison 3rd ow down conversions. garoppolo picked up five of them in two series again the texans. the offense i thought looked pretty unstoppable when jimmy was in there. despite that shanahan was not very happy about it when i asked him at halftime. >> reporter: how pleased were you with the offense? >> so-so.
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i thought we had a chance with the one's to finish our second drive well, but thought we had a stupid penalty that ruined it and then we had an interception next play. >> it wasn't just me being johnny coach. i was very disappointed. i believed that we were good enough to score those and we didn't. if i didn't believe we were good enough to do it, i wouldn't have been as upset. >> i'm going to indy tomorrow. i probably won't order salmon while i'm there. they don't have the good stuff like this. >> good night! >> that is a huge fish! >> that's my man walter muller of santa rosa, drove out to bodega bay with his buddy dean engles, landed a 22-pound salmon and this is what it became. in a small boat he wednesday out there. he's got some smoked salmon as a result. that is good stuff. >> love that. >> cash in today, if you want to submit your fish
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pictures. coming up the president's so-called fixer and the nasty war of words between president trump and his attorney general. >> hurricane lane closing in on hawaii, water rising, roads and yards flooded and it's just the beginning, a live report from the big island. >> and an nfl coach goes on a rant, dennis, about stretching, why he says it's a waste of time. >> he should try a few. many people living with diabetes
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monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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s to play do you're watching kpix5 news. . from the convictions of two our top story at 6:30, president trump tries to downplay the implications from the convictions of two of his former associates. the president says hush money for women who claim they had affairs with him did not violate campaign finance laws. at the same time mr. trump is suggesting that plea bargains should be illegal. cbs reporter angelica alvarez has more from the white house. >> reporter: president trump former lawyer michael cohen was out and about on the streets of manhattan two days after his guilty plea. >> where we going? >> for a long walk. >> reporter: in his plea deal co len claimed under oath -- cohen claimed under oath mr. trump directed him to implement
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payments in the 2016 election. >> campaign violations are not considered a big deal, quite frankly. >> reporter: in a news conference the president accused cohen of making things up to reduce his sentence. >> it's called flipping and should be illegal. >> reporter: in the interview the president expressed support for paul manafort who was convicted of eight counts of bank and tax fraud. lawmakers said pardoning manafort would be a mistake. >> a pardon in this case i think would be viewed by a lot of people as self-serving the president. >> a pardon would ignite a constitutional conflagration. >> reporter: president trump is all getting pushback for his renewed criticism of attorney general jeff sessions who recused himself from the russia investigation. >> i put in an attorney general that never took control of the justice department. >> he serves at the president's pleasure. so the president can fire him. i sincerely hope that he
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doesn't. people worry about the dominoes if jeff sessions goes. who is next? jeff sessions did the right thing to recuse himself and for the president to say otherwise is simply wrong. >> reporter: sessions shot back in a statement thursday saying, "i took control of the department of justice the day i was sworn in which is why we have had unprecedented success in effectuating the president's agenda." angelica alvarez, cbs news, the white house. >> some republican lawmakers say firing sessions would be a mistake. others say it may happen after midterm elections. education secretary betsy devos is reportedly considering a plan that would reverse a longstanding government policy and use federal funds to arm teachers. now devos is said to be looking at a law that provides grant money to state education systems. it does not prohibit weapons purchases. however, congress passed a school safety bill in march allocating $50 million a year to districts, but that money cannot be used to buy guns.
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a box of bullets at an oakland high school prompted a shelter in place alert this morning. the unexpected bullets were found at bishop o dowd high school leaving officials to issue a shelter in place warning. nobody was injured. there were no reports of shots fired. police searched the campus and determined there was no threat. indicted california congressman duncan hunter is defending the charges against him telling reporters, "there's nothing illegal about being poor." the san diego republican and his wife are accused of using campaign money to pay for everything from vacations to dentist bills and groceries. both pleaded not guilty today. hunter's attorney claims the investigation was politically motivated. >> it was started by prosecutors that attended a democratic fundraiser. they allegedly said that they were there because they were invited by the secret service. people in the department of justice have never heard of
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such an explanation. plan. >> hunter is seeking reelection this november. he says the indictment has not changed that plan. the man accused of being the infamous golden state killer was back in court this afternoon and this time he heard a revised list of charges against him. reporter steve large on the criminal cases spanning six counties. >> reporter: joseph deangelo made his way into this sacramento county courtroom standing inside a metal enclosure, his face noticeably thinner, his frame leaner compared to his earlier court appearances. >> count 7, santa barbara county. >> reporter: deangelo listened as a judge read a long list of heinous charges against him, decades of alleged violent crimes, murder, rape, kidnapping all now combined in a single sacramento court complaint by six separate california counties. prosecutors from five of the counties were inside the courtroom, then left
6:35 pm
orange county d.a. tony racaucus was among the prosecutors who came to sacramento for this court date. >> i thought it was very important to get this started right. this is a very solemn time to have all the charges read, have the defendant standing there. >> reporter: prosecutors also asked the judge for an inquiry into whether deangelo can afford to hire his own legal team. deangelo's current court- appointed public defenders did not answer any reporters' question as they left the courthouse. >> we're not making any comment at this time. >> reporter: deangelo isn't set to appear in court until december 6th. in sacramento, steve large, kpix5. a san francisco court is removing criminal justice fees for thousands of people, many of whom are still trying to get back on their feet. mayor london breed celebrated the move today. the san francisco superior court approved the elimination of more than $32 million in
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outstanding debt. it covers 21,000 people who were released from jail and then billed an average of $1,500 for administrative costs. >> but we know the reality. the fees pile up thousands of dollars in debt. they drive people into the underground economies and make it harder for them to reenter and be successful in their communities. >> when she was a city supervisor, breed helped enact legislation on the same issue. now the court order means the fee waiving is also retroactive. a bill to help expunge pot- related convictions is headed to the governor's desk. under current law californians with past convictions can petition the court to clear their records, but some argue that process is complicated and many don't know about it. the new bill would create a list of those who are eligible. then it would require the court to reduce or dismiss their convictions. other bay area headlines, alameda county sheriff's deputies have arrested these two men. they're accused of beating a restaurant owner during a
6:37 pm
robbery. she later died of injuries. surveillance video captured the brutal crime last april. the attack happened back in front of cindy le's vietnamese restaurant on webster street in alameda. prosecutors are seeking special circumstance charges of lying in wait that could make the suspects eligible for the death penalty. palo alto police looking for two thieves who fled on bicycles. they're accused of pulling a gun on a man on university avenue and demanding money. the victim told police the thieves were spooked by a car that drove by and then fled on their bikes. an arrow.. pierces the hood of a car! the biz sears taking the axe to more stores, we'll tell you where. >> an arrow pierces the hood of a car, the bizarre situation prompting a full investigation.
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sears is swinging the ax again. the struggling retailer announced today: it's closing another 46 stores. sears location sears is swinging the axe
6:40 pm
again. the struggling retailer announced today it's closing another 46 stores. that includes this sears location in santa cruz and four california k-marts including one in antioch. employees got the news today. the company says liquidation sales will start august 30th. the stores will close in november. in the aftermath of facebook's data sharing scandal, the social media network has banned one app and suspended more than 400 others. this comes after investigations into how developers handled user data. facebook said it suspended the apps due to concerns surrounding the developers or how information shared with these apps may have been used. however, facebook is saying so far there is no evidence of data misuse. a fast car with a huge price tag, the auction set to make history. hurricane lane is barreling >> category 3 hurricane lane likely the closest hurricane to hawaii in a generation. we will take you live to hawaii where the wind and rain still
6:41 pm
are picking up. then we'll have your local smoky forecast next.
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hurricane lane is barreling toward the hawaiian islands as a category-3 storm. it's already right now hurricane lane is barreling toward the hawaiian islands as a category 3 major storm. it has already brought torrential rain and widespread flooding and this is likely just the beginning. reporter natasha chen joins us live now from kona on the big island's west side. natasha? >> reporter: paul, this big crashing waves is what we're seeing all day, right now the more severe heavy rainfall is on the east side of the island. the storm itself is sitting more than 200 miles south of honolulu and in just about 15 minutes there will be a siren alert system on oahu to give people a final alert to seek shelter tonight. >> be prepared to shelter in place. 14 days of food and supplies and water. >> reporter: much of hawaii is under a hurricane warning as
6:45 pm
the first signs of the storm begin to move in. hurricane lane's outer bands have already dropped almost 20 inches of rain and could bring waves as high as 20 feet. >> we're extremely concerned about the potentials for inland flooding, land slides occurring. >> reporter: hundreds of people have been bussed to shelters. >> we're getting ready. we're prepared. >> reporter: forecasts show the storm is slowing down meaning more rain as the storm takes longer to pass by. >> hurricane lane is still a dangerous and powerful storm and so we are asking all of our residents statewide to pay attention. listen to the updates and the forecasts. >> reporter: officials are preparing for the worst but say they hope the eye of the storm won't make direct landfall. >> i think the biggest challenges that we face is the geographic isolation from resources that would come help support us after we have impacts from the storm. >> reporter: in the meantime residents are bracing for possible impact hoping the island will withstand hurricane lane. >> this is the big island.
6:46 pm
it's rain, yeah. i live in rain areas all my life. >> reporter: right now there are 300,000 tourists that remain in the state of hawaii, some of them on the big island saying they'll just enjoy this bigger surf while they still can and then hunker down and prepare for the worst to come tomorrow morning. live in kona, natasha chen. back to you. >> since you're right by the water there, is there concern about storm surge, that water level rise that happens as the hurricane passes by? >> reporter: absolutely. so there is supposed to be a few days of very heavy winds and rain that just ndpeopherear ry used to tsunami warning, for example. about a few years ago they had this area flood completely all the way up the street with buildings that had to be renovated. they're prepared for that possibility of shutting down these roads tonight.
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>> natasha chen live from kona, please stay safe. let's look at our weather maps and i'm going to show you the latest on the behind me it was downgraded to a category 3, but don't worry about category 1, 2, 3. if it's a hurricane, it's strong. right now it's a category 3, sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. the center of the storm is likely to stay offshore. the worst of the wind will not move over land. they'll still get storm surge and a lot of wind and rain as it passes by likely as a category 1 or category 2 hurricane tomorrow night. we have 24 to 36 more hours of rough weather and very heavy rainfall in the islands of hawaii where a hurricane warning is still up for a majority of the state of hawaii. our big story around here is the smoke, very smoky conditions moving in late this morning and likely continuing through tomorrow. it's coming in with the onshore breeze because all the fires burning to our north, all that
6:48 pm
smoke has been pushed out to the pacific. then the ocean breeze is dragging the smoke back in, 60s and 70s currently outside, san jose 70, your low tonight 59 degrees, vallejo 57, san francisco 56, cloudy in the morning, smoky in the afternoon. the spare the air folks updated their air quality forecast. they originally had it moderate. that's not happening because it's unhealthy outside now and likely will continue through tomorrow. the ocean breeze is dragging in smoke from the pacific. so tomorrow we go foggy, then cloudy, then hazy. when the sunshine comes out, it will be hazy, smoky sunshine, but the air quality is likely to improve this weekend. lots of low pressure areas all around northern california, no big blocking ridge. the marine layer is thick. the active pattern continues to our north. with all these lows the marine layer stays thick and pushes inland keeping temperatures down, perhaps cooler next week with nobody hitting 80 degrees. widespread cloud cover tomorrow morning, hazy sunshine in the afternoon the watch the change
6:49 pm
saturday, not going as far inland. we'll see less cloud cover and slightly warmer weather coming up saturday, but next week this overall cooler pattern, especially inland, will continue the next several days. san jose hazy sunshine, 77 degrees, union city 73, redwood city 73, 59 for pacifica. only the mid-70s with hazy sunshine in the afternoon for san ramon, dublin and walnut creek, pittsburgh 80, sausalito 63, hazy and smoky in the afternoon for novato, 75, lakeport 88, windsor 79 degrees. extended forecast, the warmest day will be saturday, better air quality this weekend and the change next week is continued cooldown, highs in the 70s inland starting monday. that's your forecast. >> like the improving air, thanks. imagine you're sitting in your car at a red light. you hear a thud and see an arrow that's pierced your hood. it happened in stockton. carlos correa has details on an unusual situation that prompted a chp investigation. >> reporter: yeah. check this out.
6:50 pm
this arrow of found by employees at this auto repair shop and it looks similar to the arrow found feet away near a busy intersection. a driver was in her car at a stoplight when she heard a bang. the driver looked and noticed someone had shot an arrow that penetrated the hood of her car on state route 26 and stokes road near franklin senior high school. this morning an employee at one of the nearby businesses found a similar arrow sitting right by the front door. archery experts in stockton say an arrow is just like a weapon. the standard size is about 32 inches. depending on the arrow, one can travel 500 yards using a crossbow. the arrow is used for hunting travel only 80 yards. regardless people in this area say whoever is shooting them should be more careful. >> well, i'd definitely be concerned. is there going to be another one coming tomorrow or the next day? do we have to wear hard hats around here? you know what i mean? i think it's pretty reckless. >> reporter: chp officers say it goes without saying how
6:51 pm
unsafe it is to discharge a weapon into the air, even arrows. san jose's newest public park bears the name of one of the city's pioneers. william manley park is located in the city's communications hill neighborhood. the former explorer best known for a heroic rescue in the mid- 1800's when he and fellow pioneer john rogers led their lost immigrant travel party to safety in death valley. manley was one of the san jose's earliest settlers. his family kept a close relationship with the did he for decades. the park is part -- in the city for decades. the park is part of a new city development program. this stunning 1962 250 gto will be auctioned at sotheby's in monterey for the big car weekend coming up.
6:52 pm
the car is billed quite simply as the most important ferrari ever offered publicly. up next a waste of time, the nfl coach telling players to quit stretching. bowls to serve teriyaki.
6:53 pm
see that right there? you can't say that. i can't tell people to try my bowls?
6:54 pm
no. check out my bowls? nope. what about my billboard? (sighs) what? try my teriyaki bowls. he's the n-f-l coach who says pregame stretching is a waste of time.
6:55 pm
et do on why are you ready for the latest social media sensation should i call it? he's the nfl coach who says the pregame stretching is a waste of time. >> i don't know about this. kpix5's kiet do on why he argues history is on his side. >> reporter: bob wylie, offensive line coach for the cleveland browns, is about as old school as they come. he's emerged as a crowd favorite on hard knocks, hbo's sports reality tv show, and now his comments about how the troops won both world wars has gone viral. wylie says they did it basically by not stretching and doing simple exercise movements. >> pushups, jumping jacks, situps, climb the wall and ran, but none of this fancy [ bleep ]. you think they were worried when they're running across normandy about [ bleep ] stretching? >> reporter: the clip has been viewed more than 2 million times on twitter with reactions like i wish he were right, but the army, navy and air force aren't exactly dominating college football. it turns out the army doesn't even test for those movements
6:56 pm
anymore, the jumping jacks and situps. they just recently announced a new set of physical fitness standards called the army combat fitness test. it includes dead lifts, power throws, a sprint, drag, carry, a leg tuck and 2-mile run all to simulate strength and movements you would need in combat. here at life works fitness and cross fit in san jose there's a mandatory 20 minute group stretch before every workout. marching danielle stinson says not stretching is a recipe for disaster. >> the body that you have is the only body that you have and if you want it to move in multiple ranges of motion, you have to explore those ranges of motion and stretching is a wonderful way to do that. we crave stretching as humans. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix5. >> stretching. >> tough with a suit. it is. >> it's definitely good for you. >> good for you. for news throughout the evening, the latest always >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 and back here at 11:00.
6:57 pm
>> stretch it out. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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