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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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rhetoric especially in the town of sonoma. >> this is completely unprecedented. we've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: it is a recent anonymous attack launched against rachel huntley and this is the video she launched in response. >> but instead of debating me on the important issues facing sonoma today -- >> reporter: huntley is running for election to city council. someone created a website blasting her lifestyle and morals and posting photos of the candidate at burning man. they threatened to take it live if she didn't drop out of the race saying she isn't fit to run for office. the website has been taken down. that hasn't stopped huntley from firing back. >> instead of challenging me on this votes, this website relies solely on unfounded accusations and shaming. its purpose is to make me afraid, to silence another strong female voice by scaring me out of this election and denying you the right to make a choice. >> reporter: but the attack
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has ripple effects beyond hundley. since this story broke the vice mayor said two people planning to run for office have chosen not to. >> chilling other people from participating in public life is really serious. it's really going to scare people into not running and not participating if the consequences are that people try to ruin you personally by doing what they think will humiliate you. >> reporter: hundley did not get back to us in time for this story to do an interview on camera. however, though the website has been pulled down, we do have photographs in our story. it's important to note those are photographs we pulled off of her facebook page which she says in her own video she proudly posted there, which is why we felt comfortable using them. live in sonoma, emily turner, kpix5. more destructive fires, brutal heat spells and rising sea levels, those are some of the effects the governor's office is warning about in a new climate change assessment. california has already warmed 1 to 2 degrees since the beginning of the 20th century. the new study says numbers
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could rise by 8.8 degrees by the year 2100. up to 11,000 heat-heated deaths are projected and climate change could -- heat-related deaths are projected and climate change could cost the economy $50 billion a year. >> this new report shows specifically where the bay area is headed if climate change continues at the current rate and it is not a pretty picture and officials hope local governments will use these findings to regulate future development. >> we do seem like every year to be in a competition for the worst fire. >> it's a competition where we all lose. polls show californians believe that something is wrong and the vast majority view climate change as a serious problem. >> it's not a situation that we don't have options, but we really need to get serious. >> robert wisenmiller chairs the california commission and is part of the team that put
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forth the assessment today. there's a tool called cal adapt where anyone can see environmental projections. for example, if greenhouse gases continue at the current rate, this is a simulation of our fiery future. >> we can direct, teach, provide seed money, but it's really up to the locals in many ways to deal with the impacts of climate change. >> john laird is the california secretary of natural resources. he says the report and cal adapt website was created for local governments so they can zone and build in ways that take future changes into account, changes like rising sea levels. according to the report, by the year 2100 sea levels in the bay area will rise between 2.4 feet and 4.5 feet. although if there is extensive arctic ice melt, it could be up to 9.8 feet. >> there will be many ideas that are coming out of this. for example, on sea level rise there will be people talking about what you do in the face of a rising sea if you live in a coastal community. >> now this year the global
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climate action summit will be in california, san francisco to be exact starting september 12th and california governor jerry brown will be there. >> so changing liability for wildfires, the governor and pg&e are working to do that. how does this report affect that debate? >> it certainly doesn't hurt pg&e's case for sure. a big part of pg&e's push for less liability is the argument that it just can't control these fires. they're just happening because of climate change and this new report does seem to support the theory that wildfires are just going to be more frequent, but where pg&e has forcibly put up equipment on people's property that makes these fires worse, it's unclear lawmakers will let them completely off the hook. is that that's going to be the gray area. >> that's what they'll -- >> that's going to be the gray area. >> that's what they'll be fighting about, either you can put something there and be responsible or not. the feds are helping b.a.r.t. with a pressing need by providing new money to beef up security. fema just awarded b.a.r.t. a grant of nearly $7 million. the money will help fund
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patrols on trains, better radio communications and upgrades to security cameras at stations. b.a.r.t. is trying to get all of its surveillance cameras converted from analog to digital. trans are once again going through the peak -- trains are once again going through the peak tunnels in san francisco. walls and drainage systems have been repaired. during the renovation system about two weeks ago a falling steel beam hit and killed a construction worker. he worked for a contractor with a history of safety violations that muni wasn't even aware of. now the head of sfmta, riskin, is coming under fire from san francisco mayor london breed after complaints from riders on citywide muni slowdowns and its driver shortage. >> what do you say to those who may have lost some confidence in your leadership? >> well, it's understandable, right? it was a very difficult time. >> reporter: you've admitted to making several mistakes, but do you have plans to step down?
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>> no, i don't. >> riskin vows to reduce delays in bus and train service in three months. he said the next big challenge is finishing the van ness improvement project. construction costs for new housing are going through the roof you might say in san francisco and as developers feel the pinch, they're having trouble getting their projects finished or even started. kpix5's phil matier on the latest twist in the persistent housing crunch. phil? >> reporter: that's right. if you look behind us, you see some of the high rises that have become so common in downtown san francisco. they call it luxury high rises and the people there can pretty much afford to pay whatever the price is and so can the developers, but that's not the same when it comes to affordable housing as we found out. let's take a look. it's a building boom the likes of which the city has not seen since the days of the gold rush, but a closer look shows that sights like this one in the mission where 117 units of housing was to be built or here
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near city hall where 300 apartments were to be built with a 1/4 of them being affordable housing are hitting a financial wall that is quickly becoming the new barrier to more badly needed housing. >> we had a project that made sense. >> reporter: that is, it made sense three years ago when city hall first approved the permits and before the bay area construction boom sent the cost of building these things through the roof. as developer eric tao explains -- >> we were predicting 3 to 5% increases per year per anum for construction costs. instead it was 10 to 15%, something we've never seen in all our 15 to 20 years of construction and development. >> shortage of labor and the inflated cost of material. icpresidenjim as lazarus explains, we are seeing it all across the bay area. >> we went from 50% unemployment in the depths of the recession eight years ago to not enough people. they're bringing in workers for construction from all over the west. >> reporter: according to a survey by the san francisco chronicle, there are currently
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6,700 units of housing under construction in the city. that's 1,000 more than there were a year ago and there's another 15,000 approved for building. it's a goldmine for the construction business, but financial quick sand for housing developers who have to cover the increases. >> this is a normal curve. the construction costs started going higher and faster than values are going up. so projects get stalled. >> rental housing is tougher to build. >> land plus construction plus profit, that's it. >> reporter: now a developer tells us he will be sticking in there and will try to redo this package and get his affordable housing up and running, but other developers tell us that no, it's just getting too expensive and they're starting to sell the projects as is. in downtown san francisco, phil matier, kpix5. back to you guys. with no legal limits it's hard to police stoned driving and the consequences can be deadly, the plan to target
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impaired drivers. >> no lyft drivers on this busy bay area street, why the ride share company is calling it off limits. >> a bay area couple's perfect day goes up in flames, how firefighters managed to turn this wedding disaster around. this is not a bed.
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pedal to the metal. and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. for the catholic bishop. th was all in san jose backlash to a retirement plan for the catholic bishop. bishop patrick mcgrath was set to move into a five-bedroom $2.3 million home, that is,
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until late this afternoon. kpix5's john ramos has a look at the house and the late change of heart. >> reporter: willow glen is one of the most desirable communities san jose has to offer. its tree lined streets and older custom homes right next to silicon valley have created the predictable effect. >> it does become extremely expensive now. >> reporter: modest homes here sell for well over $1 million. so it requires a pretty healthy income to move here, but bishop patrick mcgrath, leader of the catholic diocese of san jose, is close to retirement and reportedly selected a home here to live out his days. the price? $2.3million which created another predictable reaction. >> it's a little excessive. i mean have they ran this by their church members? >> the whole point of staying that route in life is a humble life and i understand you put in a lot of work and such like that, but, you know, it's
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supposed to be humble. $2.3million, that's -- >> reporter: the mls listing describings a 3,200 square foot tuscan estate with soaring ceilings, lush lawns and a spalike marble bathroom in the largest of its five bedrooms. >> one person, right? one person. he doesn't need a great big house, 2.3 million? >> reporter: but to be fair the 73-year-old bishop does lead a diocese of 640,000 parishioners and the church allows him to choose a place to retire to. he just happened to pick a spot where a fixer-upper costs $1 million. >> it's not extravagant. that's about the value of houses here. >> it seems like it's a lot, but who knows? if you put your whole life into something, maybe that's the way the company rewards you, a little better than a gold pocket watch. >> reporter: in san jose, john ramos, kpix5. >> just a moment ago bishop
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patrick mcgrath released a statement saying, "i failed to consider adequately the housing crisis in this valley and the struggles of so many families and communities in light of that crisis. i have heard from many on this topic and i decided i will not move house." the house will be sold and profits will go to charities housing. the bishop now plans to live in a parish rectory when he retires. one serious issue working out recreational marijuana, impaired drivers continue to present a challenge for law enforcement. kpix5's juliette goodrich on the group trying to tackle that issue. >> reporter: this was a first of its kind in the bay area, a marijuana traffic safety summit here in dublin with law enforcement, cannabis advocates and people in the legal system coming together to decide what is the best way to get impaired and stoned drivers off the road.
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the chp says since january 1st when recreational cannabis use became legal injuries related to people driving under the influence of marijuana has increased 102% and driving impaired arrests are also up. the sad reality hit home. >> recently we lost somebody else to distracted driving. we can't afford to lose anybody else, officer or just a motorist. >> reporter: that's one of the reasons the chp held a marijuana traffic safety summit bringing together people from law enforcement, the department of justice and members of the cannabis industry. >> the take-aways are training and education, not only for law enforcement officials, but for our judges, prosecutors and our community at large. >> it's complicated. >> reporter: jennifer newton is a traffic safety resource prosecutor with the da's office in colorado, a state that legalized recreational pot four years before california did. she spoke at the summit today. >> we talked a bit about the
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dangers of driving after using marijuana, what officers can look for in their investigations, how to tie that together with any toxicology results and then ultimately about the use in the courtroom. >> reporter: unlike alcohol, there is no legal limit for pot under california and field tests are oftentimes inadmissible in court. >> what we do not want to see it these chemical tests that try to put fixed numbers on whether people are impaired because it's more than a fixed number. >> reporter: all would agree today there needs to be more training and public awareness when it comes to cannabis impaired driving. >> our officers are trained to be drug recognition experts as well as more aware of people that are driving under the influence of drugs, but we're also learning that society still believes that you can smoke marijuana and drive and be perfectly fine. >> reporter: there was about 200 people at this summit today. it went from 8 a.m.
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to 5 p.m. the general public was also invited and they say this conversation will continue. there will be other summits. there's even a task force set up that meets quarterly. the next one will meet in sacramento in september. they say they'll continue this to make the roads safer and keep in mind it is against the law to have cannabis in your car just like an open container. in dublin, juliette goodrich, kpix5. one of san francisco's busiest streets will be a little less crowded thanks to a major change by one ride share company. kpix5's susie steimle on the stretch of street that's off limits to lyft drivers. susie? >> reporter: i'm on valencia street right near the intersection of 16th and 17th and if i open up my lyft app now, you'll see it's unable to pick me up. this little purple fence pops up. e when i try to pinpoint where i'm stand -- whenever i try to pinpoint where i'm standing, it sends me to one of the corners. the purple box is called a
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geofence and it means you might have to walk to get your ride. you've seen it a dozen times, uber and lyft drivers pulled over on the side of the roadblocking the bike lane. this is exactly the situation the san francisco bike coalition wants to prevent. >> the fewer illegal pickups and dropoffs that occur on a busy bike route, the safer people biking will be. >> reporter: after two years of requests lyft is changing its ways. the ride share company will start geofencing or creating a virtual perimeter around valencia street between 16th and 17th. if you click on the app, you'll notice you cannot get lyft to pick you up here. you have to walk to a side street. >> within the app they can see where you are on the map and tell you to go around the corner to pick up your ride instead. >> reporter: lyft launched this pilot in january. brian weedenmeyer, executive director of the san francisco bike coalition, pushed for the change and said it's already made valencia street safer. a lyft spokesperson tells kpix5
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in addition to the geofencing on valencia street between 16th and 17th , they're also geofencing and diverting pickups on chestnut street in the marina between fillmore and scott streets. lyft also diverts pickups around busy events like concerts and sporting events. brian says this is a great first step. next he wants to see drivers off their phones. >> currently uber and lyft's platform and apps encourage drivers to do just that. the next step we're looking for is limiting access to using apps while the cars are in motion. >> reporter: this is a dangerous area for cyclists. there have been 268 bike crashes on this section of valencia street over a four year period. also worth noting, uber is playing around with the idea of geofencing. it's in a pilot phase now. you can expect to see more boxes limiting where you can get picked up around the city
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of san francisco. the high temperatures today, only one location made it into the 80s, that would be you in brentwood, upper 70s, mid-70s for san ramon. 68 for san francisco and richmond 63, the cool spot. rainfall this summer, a measly total of 0.01-inch, but that's not that far from average. add june, july and august together, we average about 1/4 inch of rainfall. we certainly had less than that, but it's not that far from normal. we've gone now almost seven straight weeks since getting above 72 degrees in san francisco. i don't think we'll do that any time soon. we're dry, but we're chilly. almost to our north. it's not dry in montana. some high elevation snowfall above 8,000 feet there. a fall-like weather pattern d uroufr the ocean. that will keep us kind of chilly in the afternoon even when we get sunshine. the cool pattern continues, widespread inland chilly the next couple
6:21 pm
days. we'll be milder and closer to normal by the end of this week. highs tomorrow 70s, about 12 degrees below average for you in concord and fairfield, 74 in santa rosa, 72 fremont, morning clouds, sunshine in the afternoon for oakland, 69 degrees san francisco, 65. extended forecast, we stay cool through thursday. it will transition warmer friday through the weekend, widespread low to mid-80s inland and low 70s likely near the bay. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. 13 million pounds of dirt moved and $5 million spent for salmon, how all that work and cash could help an endangered species. >> it appears the favorites of the u.s. open are an endangered species as well, the shocker not seen since 1968 when we come back.
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u.s. open, on a brand new court, ..the tournament's top seed is out.. the fastest exit at that
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since lb man, quite an opening match at the 50th u.s. open, a brand- new court indeed. the tournament's top seed is out. the fastest exit at that tournament since lbj was in the oval office, brand-new stadium in flushing meadows, part of a $600 million renovation project and no. 1 seed so mr. somola -- somola halep bested, the first top seed to lose in the u.s. open in the open era, a more even match for 38-year-old against williams. if all goes right, she will face her sister in the 3rd round. khalil mack will lose over $800,000 if he's not at the
6:25 pm
game tonight, mack slated to make almost 14 million this year and will be a free agent in 2019. i get it. business is business. you sign a contract. you should abide by the terms, right? you signed it. bottom line is the raiders are without their best defensive player and jon gruden is battered. >> i don't want to put any timetable on it. this has obviously been a long process that's been grueling for both parties and fans and me personally. we're just hoping we can get him in here. the 49ers were able to get running back alfred morris in their building a couple week ago and it's paid off. he's found success working with kyle shanahan in d.c. saturday against the colts he rushed for 84 yards and 17 carries and is far from being washed up. >> i definitely have plenty left in the tax. that's why when i was in free agency, i wasn't in a rush to jump on a team because of
6:26 pm
desperation or you may think i'm old. i just need the right opportunity. >> reporter: you made the team tonight, right? >> i hope, so but hope so, but if -- i hope, so but if not, i'll do my best next week. the rivalry for this week's pga tournament still seems high. listen to what the fans say and then phil's response after he shot. >> i got to be better than tiger. oh, it is. >> oh, that a boy, phil. >> oh, it is. fans said it's got to be better than tiger's and phil said it was before it landed on the green. those guys will play in pay purview in november, great idea about five years ago. now they're both past their prime. >> i just like the fans are talking smack now. >> three months before, pretty good. good time. coming up in our next half
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hour total disrespect, vandals target a vietnam memorial in san jose, the search for suspects. >> the response from the white house after dodging questions about the late senator john mccain. >> standing in line at the dmv is a nightmare. so why not pay someone to do it for you? the business cashing in on your frustration. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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ndalized. you're watching kpix5 news. the monument to those who served our top story at 6:30, a san jose war memorial vandalized, the monument to those who served and sacrificed defaced over the weekend. the granite wall was meant as a tribute to those who served and died in vietnam. kpix5 reporter maria medina on the emotional response from veterans of that war. >> i was in the 82nd infantry. >> reporter: dennis fernandez survived 12 months in the vietnam war, but some of his friends never made it back home. >> so i did my time there and obviously lost a few close friends. >> reporter: the names of those eight killed in action who dennis went to high school with are sketched on this monument on santa clara street along with dozens jose who serv war, a monument knowns on the sons of san jose that was
6:31 pm
marred over the weekend with white paint. >> there should be more respect for monuments such as this and these men sacrificed their life and they deserve all the respect. >> reporter: the monument took a half a decade and nearly a half million dollars in donations to build. finally in 2013 the granite memorial was unveiled by the san jose memorial foundation, a foundation led by dennis and sandra fernandez. >> we were so elated and for families who had loved ones on the wall, for them to go up and touch the wall. they didn't have to go to washington d.c. to have that happen. >> reporter: the couple says it will cost about $1,000 to repair the monument that was targeted by a vandal on the weekend vietnam war veteran john mccain passed away. do you have a message for the person who did this? >> respect yourself a little bit more and honor those people who made the ultimate sacrifice for you. >> reporter: this isn't the
6:32 pm
first time vandals have targeted this monument. a few years ago someone used red spray paint on the other side of the memorial. that person was never caught. in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. in san jose the police officers association agreed today to accept expanded oversight by the police auditor. the mayor's office has been pushing to expand the role of the police auditor for greater oversight of use of force and misconduct investigations. the agreement comes days after aaron zisser resigned amid mounting pressure. the san jose police officers association issued a statement saying, "following the former ipa quitting his post on friday, the spjoa believes now is the time to implement the sweeping changes and continue down path of transapparently and trust with the residents of san jose." >> with mr. zisser in the position not having that umpire in there, if you will, that's calling balls and strikes, not
6:33 pm
having that trust and in that position there is no way we can move forward with this expansion of oversight. now that he's gone we'd like to move as fast as we can with mayor and counsel to get this done." >> in his resignation letter mr. zisser cited attacks on his position and work. a new wave of chp cadets is ready to see if they have what it takes. this morning the highway patrol posted these photos to twitter and announced 100 cadets reported to the west sacramento academy. there they'll spend 28 weeks of intense training and clock in more than 1,300 hours of instruction. a flip-flop at the white house, the flag there is again at half staff to honor the late senator john mccain. earlier the flag had been raised to full staff. president trump is not expected to attend john mccain's
6:34 pm
funeral, but flags were called for flags on federal buildings to be at half staff in a proclamation until the burial. the senate floor had first day back in session since the senate's death. >> we can try, as he did, to put country before party. we can try, as he always did, to speak truth to power. >> this week mccain's body will lie instate at both the arizona and u.s. capitol buildings. former vice president joe biden and former presidents obama and george w. bush will deliver eulogies in his honor at memorial services. president trump announced a preliminary trade deal with mexico that would replace nafta. the president said the new agreement would be called the united states mexico trade agreement. so far canada is the odd country out. president trump says negotiations will begin soon and threatened to hit canadian cars with tariffs if a deal is
6:35 pm
not reached. >> this is something that's very special for our manufacturers and for our farmers from both countries for all of the people that work for jobs. we'll give them a chance to have a separate deal. we could have a separate deal and put it into this deal. >> canada released a statement saying the country would only sign a deal that is good for canada and good for the middle class. we're learning more about the gunman who opened fire at a video gaming tournament in florida. 24-year-old david katz of baltimore killed two people and wounded nine yesterday in jacksonville. he then took his own life. police say he used a handgun. according to the baltimore sun, his parents struggled for years to get him into effective mental health treatment. katz was a student at university of maryland. one of the people killed was from southern california. eli clayton was a former high school football player from
6:36 pm
woodland hills. he excelled at madden nfl video games and won $51,000 at tournaments. >> elijah's family wants you to know he was a good man. he did not believe in violence. he never even had a fistfight. >> clayton was 24 years old. he has six brothers and three sisters. who wants to stand in line? why not just pay somebody to do it for you? the new business making bank thanks to the dmv. >> and the hefty costs of saving the coho salmon population.
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idea to take the company private. today the share price lost as s four percent tesla stock dropped after ceo elon musk backed out of his idea to take the company private. the share price lost as much as 4% in the early going, then partly recovered as trading continued. the stock closed down about $3 or a little more than 1%. musk said in a blog post late friday that taking tesla private was too complicated and distracting and that it was
6:39 pm
better off as a public company. he tweeted an opposite view three weeks earlier. a san francisco-based tech company is expanding in the south bay. splunk has leased 301,000 square feet at an office building under construction at san jose's santana row, the new location a short walk from its current office also at san tan a row. the -- santana row. the company produces software for analyzing and monitoring machine data. most people know by now the lines at the dmv are longer than ever. the dmv blames the federally required real id which all americans will need to board a plane by 2020. cbs reporter lemor abrams found out how much people are paying to avoid the long waits. >> is your time worth paying someone? >> reporter: if your time -- >> it's something you can't get back. >> reporter: -- is valuable to
6:40 pm
you -- >> if you want to spend two or three homes at home in the morning or stay at work -- hours at home in the morning or stay at work because you can't really take off the whole day -- >> reporter: here's what you need to avoid the wait at the dmv. >> we will wait for you. >> reporter: that's the driving force behind his startup, yoga short for your government. >> you can choose the reason you need such as real id. >> reporter: your personal line concierge for $25 an hour. they wait for you and then swap with you when it's time to provide documents. would you pay somebody to wait in line? >> depending if i had any major events, possibly. >> seems kind of steep for $25. like if i had a job interview, sure, but 25 seems a little bit high. 20 seems about right. >> reporter: that's where other dmv services come in. >> we're not working for the state. we're a private company. so we want to deliver the best
6:41 pm
experience possible. >> reporter: eric gutierrez won't wait for you, but for 30 bucks to start wedge pros does some of d mv as he -- reg pros does some of dmv's dirtiest work from registering your car to getting your license. his company may only be a year old, but the dmv says there are more than 5,000 like it, third- party services fully licensed by the dmv. the problem is as the dmv director testified this month at the state capitol, when the dmv's system is down, everyone's system is down, everyone but yogov. they've got their own system and the only service that promises to save you a lot of time if you're willing to spend the money. >> government services have had issues for thousands of years and so we're just a piece of the puzzle to try to make them easier for people to access. >> the dmv hopes new self- services terminals will help
6:42 pm
soalready set up in cities like tracy and fairfield. people on a tour van in wine country stepped in after their driver showed signs of being drunk. now he's under arrest. passengers called 911 friday saying their driver was weaving on 101 and had just missed hitting a big rig. after several frightening minutes they got him to stop on an off ramp in healdsburg. chp officers showed up and gave eugene cremen a breath test. it showed a blood alcohol level three time the legal limit for a driver for hire. cremen was booked into sonoma county on suspicion of dui. the chp does credit those passengers for taking action saying they may have very well prevented a disaster. coming up when is the best time to book your thanksgiving flight? google knows. the new research to help you find the best deals. >> a bay area couple's picture perfect day goes up in flames, how firefighters managed to save a small but very important piece of their big day. >> one of the sunniest and
6:43 pm
mildest spots in all the bay area is the santa clara valley, the ever expanding san jose skyline. we look at dublin with the low clouds about ready to move back in. how long do we stay chilly? the forecast is next. this is not a bed.
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thanksgiving travel now. google's travel t the best time you might want to book your thanksgiving travel now. google's travel team said now is the best time to buy a plane ticket. passengers waiting until october may see a 95% increase in prices. last minute planners can expect another 30% hike in november. the hayward school district participated in a nationwide event today encouraging fathers and father figures to bring children to their first day of school. the million father march aims to help fathers be more involved in their child's education starting a commitment on the first day of school that will continue on for the rest of the year and beyond. your wedding day is supposed to be one you'll never
6:47 pm
forget and for a san francisco couple visiting colorado, they will never forget this because the day quickly went up in flames. reporter melissa garcia shows us about the fiery photos and the surprise ending. >> reporter: wedding photographer sarah christine martin snapped these photos as the smoke poured from the trolley engine. everyone made a run for the forest. the flowers made it out, but the rings did not and soon the bus was ablaze. the party piled into a pickup and played it to safety, but they feared the -- made it to safety, but they feared the rings had a different fate. >> these guys searched for quite a while. >> we were like do we walk away and let the trolley get pulled away and the rings are still in there. >> i said let's take one more look. >> we thought we were looking for maybe some diamonds, but we found the whole ring. >> reporter: the city of boulder fire crew who doused the burning bus found both bands buried in 4 feet of debris inside the obliterated vehicle. later at the reception firefighter showed up with the
6:48 pm
best wedding gift the couple could have asked for. >> very surprising to us they survived the fire. they were covered in black tar. we polished them up and got them somewhat back to normal. >> reporter: somewhat back to normal on a day that for these two was anything but. >> they were very grateful. >> that's fantastic. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> wow. what are the odds? see, he knew. go back in one more time. >> firefighters are heroes on so many different levels. 70s outside for some of you, san jose 74, showed you sunshine a minute ago. it is not sunny in san francisco, kind of mild, though, 67 degrees, upper 60s for santa rosa and oakland, mid- 50s tonight, san rafael 55, fremont 57, pacifica 55. sunrise is getting later and later losing about two minutes and 17 seconds of daylight every day. sunset tonight is 7:45, sunrise 6:36. air quality better this
6:49 pm
weekend. it was nasty thursday. it was bad friday morning. good to moderate. that's about as good as it will get because all the fires are still burning. they may get contained, but they're still burning pumping out a lot of smoke sitting over the entire west coast. foggy mornings continue. afternoons are 14 degrees cooler than average today continuing the next couple days. we will be milder and below average later this week. now to why this is happening. there's a low pressure area to our north giving us two things, a thicker marine layer and a strong onshore flow. both these will allow the flow from the ocean to continue to pile in not only into san francisco and the immediate shoreline, we're talking about inland locations because the marine layer is high enough to breach the hills blocking most inland locations from the bay. we will be cloudy in livermore, alamo, gilroy and north of santa rosa. it will burn back to the coast in the afternoon, but the marine influence is still there keeping temperatures 10 to 14 degrees cooler than average.
6:50 pm
as we look at wednesday, that looks similar, cloud cover spilling into the central valley. futurecast says a little warmer later on this week. the reason? we have a new ridge of high pressure, but down to our south 3, 4, 5 degrees of warming, but the warmest weather this week is the end of this week. 77 tomorrow in concord, oakland 5 degrees below average, milpitas 74, hayward 72. morning clouds up and down the 680 corridor. danville and pittsburg and fairfield 77. 70 in kentfield tomorrow. sonoma 72, napa 73, san leandro 70 degrees, 80s for a few spots, mendocino and lake county low 80s tomorrow. extended forecast calls for warmer weather beginning friday, but even when we get to that 87-degree mark inland, still below average. we'll stay sunnier and milder through the weekend with likely cooling once again next week. cooler than average after a
6:51 pm
summer of all warm stuff, now a cooler trend continuing all week. 13 million pounds of dirt moved for salmon, how all that hard work could save the endangered coho salmon.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
project is going on in marin county... to carve out a habitat for an endangered salmon species. 's don ford a big restoration project is going on in marin county to carve out a habitat for an endangered salmon species. >> reporter: moving 13 million pounds of dirt and debris all to help the endangered coho salmon comes at a price. >> all said and done, we'll be in 4 or $5 million on this. >> reporter: for how long?
6:55 pm
>> for a mile long stretch. >> reporter: a mile? that's a lot of money for a mile. >> it's actually not that much money for a mile. >> reporter: perhaps not considering the scale of the project and the importance of restoring this section of the laganits creek. in the 1920s a beautiful luxury home existed here complete with a concrete retaining wall descending to a private dock. bulldozers find old pipes, concrete patios and what may have been pieces of an old brick barbecue. >> this is just incredible. we are basically taking this land back into time 2, 300 years. >> reporter: some sections are almost done. these wide channels will soon fill with water just in time for this winter's fall run coho salmon. >> what we're trying to do here is create a nursery
6:56 pm
essentially. these are slow water nurseries for fish. it's a cafeteria, too. >> reporter: sculpting the land is a precise operation using lasers and gps to insure that the water flows exactly where they want it. looks like quite a mess here right now, but it is, after all, an active construction site and a turtle island restoration network says in six weeks this whole thing will be completed. in marin county, don ford, kpix5. >> funding for the project is coming from the department of fish and wildlife and other state agencies along with private donations. >> hope it works. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest always on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 kb 44 cable 12 and right back here at 11:00. >> have a good night!
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