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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 29, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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now at five: a landmark step towards reform. as california becomes the first state in the u-s to get rid of cash bail. this bill will put over 10,000 people out of business the way it's written. >> now at 5:00 a landmark step towards reform as california becomes the first state in the united states to get rid of cash bail. but not everyone is buying into it. >> plus, state lawmakers push ahead with a wildfire liability and prevention plan. what happens if it doesn't pass and who might foot the bill if it does? >> and a magnitude 4.4 earthquake jolts southern california. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, august 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. good morning. time now is 5:00. let's kick off the top of the hour by looking outside. right on the right we have a shot of the golden gate bridge not much traffic coming in from the north. and on the left, live look from our "salesforce tower" camera. looking towards golden gate bridge, finally you can see it this morning. >> mm-hm! >> it's clear. it's patchy clouds. that's all we have. so a few areas, the north bay
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that's definitely getting thick but the rest of us, nice and clear. it's rare when all of our cameras are actually working. the clouds are not blocking them. so this view would be of course the "salesforce tower" camera. and you can see that you can actually see the top. so that means our cameras at the very top of the tower are nice and crisp, as well. so no obstruction of our views this morning. patchy clouds and below average temperatures this afternoon. friday numbers rising about 10 degrees for friday. we are going to stay warm through the weekend so for now, you can enjoy the last few days of august with our normal foggy conditions in the north bay. that's where it's slow going. take your time. jaclyn will say the same basissibility is down to a third mile, a half mile in santa rosa but the rest 10- mile visibility so that's been
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pretty good. satellite/radar shows no clouds north of the golden gate bridge bridge. through concord it's to the east in fairfield. how is the roads are the roads? westbound 4 looking fantastic. you, you can't say that too often. westbound direction at the limit heading towards i-80. now, we are tracking a new accident and this is along the carquinez bridge there. it's midspan. it looks like it's just getting over to the shoulder and it's not causing any delays. so hopefully it will continue to stay in the green. we'll keep an eye on that for you. here's a live look at 80 at san pablo dam road. wednesday morning community definitely getting busy out there but we are still moving at the limit heading over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. that's traffic. it is touted as a program that will curb drug abuse and get filthy hypodermic needles off the sidewalks of san francisco. but opponents say it won't
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work. anne makovec is live in san francisco with new hurdles for the safe injection sites. anne. reporter: yeah. the idea is still illegal under state and federal law. there's going to be a demonstration of the idea though this morning, and san francisco's mayor is set to tour it. that's going on in the tenderloin. this pilot program would allow drug addicts to shoot up under supervision of trained staff equipped with life-saving equipment and antidotes in case someone overdoses. it would be a clean safe environment as opposed to a back alley with clean needles to reduce risks. addicts would also have access to programs to get clean when and if they decide to do so but the feds could be on the verge of cracking down on this idea. in a "new york times" op. ed. the federal deputy attorney general said they need treatment not a taxpayered sponsored haven to shoot up.
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state senator scott weiner defends the bill he sponsored. >> they have a very high success rate of getting people into treatment. they reduce infection rates around hiv and hepatitis. they're very successful. and for this man to say basically just the opposite of the truth, i mean, it's horrible. >> reporter: the state legislature approved the pilot program specifically for san francisco and now it is up to governor brown to decide whether or not to approve it. injection sites, though, would still be illegal under federal law. so that could set up anotdete b across the world do allow we'ltalk a little bit more about the precedent coming up in the next half-hour. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. oakland police are putting more officers on the streets after four killings happened in just 48 hours.
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here's a map showing the string of deadly shootings. the first three happened on sunday. the most recent one happened on monday afternoon on 72nd avenue. police are still investigating the cases. they say that some involve drugs but none appear to be gang-related. in just a few hours, we expect to learn more about a break in a 9-year-old cold case in menlo park. police yesterday announced the arrest of shannon fox of palo alto. they say in 2009, he ran a red light and crashed into a car. 6-year-old lisa xavier was killed and her mother was injured. police say surveillance video showed two cars racing before the crash. investigators believe fox left the country and they eventually found his car. police are holding a news conference later today on the case. in a controversial move toward criminal justice reform, california is now the first state to get rid of cash bail for people awaiting trial. kpix 5's sandra osborne reports. it looks like opponents are gearing up for a big fight.
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reporter: opponents like those who work for bail bonds companies or those who own companies that are afraid of losing jobs and what this means for criminals back on the street. under the new law which was signed by governor jerry brown yesterday, california will now let people leave jail before trial without having to post bail. that leaves release decisions up to local judges. now, they would only hold a criminal suspect if they pose a significant risk to public safety or risk missing their court date. if not, most suspects of nonviolent misdemeanorses would be released within 12 hours. and it would be up to the counties to set up risk assessment systems. >> we don't know, a, what these risk assessment tools are going to be, so the judicial council is going to have a list of the ones that are acceptable. but there aren't -- the legislation does not say, here are the standards. >> reporter: now, the goal is to make the criminal justice the same for the rich and poor. fair for all, according to the
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governor. but skeptics including the american civil liberties union of california an original cosponsor of the bill pulled their support afraid this leaves too much judicial discretion. this law goes into effect in october of 2019. but some owners of bail bonds companies say they are looking at what sort of legal action they cab take to fight this new legislation. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. after weeks of meetings, lawmakers have submitted a bill on wildfire liability in california. it would allow utility ratepayers to be charged even if the utilities were found to be negligent or unreasonable in operating their equipment in last year's deadly wildfires. now ratepayer advocates call it a bailout but lawmakers say they need to ensure utilities don't go bankrupt. it now has to be passed by the assembly and the senate by friday. nature is senator bill dodd said: senator ain will lie in state at arizona's state capital in phoenix today. the six term senator died over
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the weekend from brain cancer. cain will li senator john mccain will lie in state at arizona state capital in phoenix today. the six-term senator died over the weekend from brain cancer. mccain will lie in state at the nation's capital later this week. just two months after president trump declared there was no longer a nuclear threat from north korea, that country's leader kim jong-un seems to be contradicting that claim now. sources telling cnn that the north korean regime warned in a secret letter to the trump administration just last week that talks to denuclearize may fall apart. that apparently prompted the president to postpone secretary of state mike pompeo's planned visit to north korea. >> the declaration that was achieved back when the president and chairman kim met was probably more vague than one would have hoped. denuclearization doesn't mean the same thing to us that it means to them. >> north korea is pressing for a full peace treaty something the u.s. is not yet ready to grant. a california bill that
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would allow school employees to request guns to be temporarily taken from potentially dangerous speak now headed to the governor's desk. lawmakers approved the bill in response to the parkland school shooting. on february 14th of this year, a gunman opened fire at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. 17 people were killed. critics say that california's gun seizure bill is well intentioned but is an obstruction of civil rights. a magnitude 4.4 earthquake jolted southern california. it struck around 7:30 last night three miles north of laverne. the quake was felt in downtown l.a. and northern parts of san diego county. rachel kim reports there was a 3.4 aftershock a minute later. reporter: this seismologist says the early warning system here in their lab worked giving them a three-second warning that strong shaking was coming in. she said the 4.4 quake was felt over a large part of the
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l.a. area from oxnard to san bernardino, and from the san fernando valley to orange county. basically, the people near it felt strong shaking, strong enough to throw things off shelves. as you got further away, people felt weaker shaking, a rolling motion. dr. jones says this is the largest earthquake to happen in the l.a. metropolitan area in three years and in the big picture, she said this was a very ordinary quake for california in terms of its size. >> we have had about a dozen aftershocks so far, the largest a 3.4 just one minute after the first one. we're continuing to have magnitude ones and twos. it would not be at all a surprise to have another "felt" event with this one and, in fact, like any earthquake in california, this has about a 5% chance of being a 4 shock to something bigger. >> reporter: we also spoke with the urbanism editor and is testing an early warning system for the city of l.a. on
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phone worked. it gave her a 12-second warning. >> i looked down and it said i had 12 seconds and then swipe through and it gives you all the information about the event. it tells you on a map where it is for the epicenter and gives you a countdown clock until shaking and it said tonight expect weak shaking, 12 seconds, that's enough to get under a table or to alert people in your house, which is what i did. >> reporter: rachel kim for kpix 5. time now 5:11. prices at the pumps spike how much to pay for gas in the bay area. >> storms in the midwest leave some states under water. >> we're talking about clouds across our area this morning. also, temperatures are going to be below average today but we do have a warmup ahead of the holiday. ndlow r dr throcast. we are tracking an accident. we'll have details coming up. well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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puget sound. new video shows the explosion. the mine was found yesterday afternoon.... a few miles south of naval base kitsap. crews eventually moved it out to detonating the coast guard and navy detonated a mine in the puget
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sound. the mine was found yesterday afternoon a few miles north of naval base kit s.a.p. on storm watch extreme weather is causing problems across the country. john schiumo reports dangerous storms and rising temperatures are affecting several states. reporter: mother nature is at it again. >> every time it floods, you know, it's like wish i had my fishing pole. i could fish right off my back deck. >> reporter: in wisconsin, a state of emergency in several counties as riverbanks are overwhelmed by heavy rains. >> i lived here for 20-some years and never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: rescue workers in ellroy, wisconsin, evacuated dozens from their homes. dangerous storms wreaked havoc across the midwest from strong thunderstorms in northern illinois to michigan, where crews worked through the night to clear downed trees and power lines as temperatures soar in the northeast. the national weather service
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issued a heat advisory on wednesday night frome mity breaks because that will be a little bit of welcomed relief. >> reporter: relief from a summer of wild weather from coast to coast. john schiumo, cbs news. that heat in the northeast, how long is that going to stick around? >> they have heat advisories and warnings through tonight. they have had a couple of days of heat and it's not just hot. it's humid. temperatures in the area up to 104 degrees. a lot of rain is extending
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further to the south and it's winding down. the midwest is having rain and thunderstorms and then across the west coast, here's what we felt our visibility just low in the north bay. for the rest of us, not bad. 10-mile visibility. 0-mile visibility in petaluma. this is where it will be dangerous for drivers in this location and santa rosa. the north bay valleys, no wind to speak of and that's why that fog is just hunkering down. not so much in the south bay. the east bay doing fine. the breeze is really not significant at all this morning. very calm conditions. here's a live look from our kpix 5 roof camera. and the beautiful bay bridge. lights on the water, as well. definitely showing that we have clearing going on this morning. your afternoon highs today
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will be very similar to yesterday. we are looking at temperatures impacted by this draw that will bring us to below average conditions. some of the hottest spots may hit low 80s. by friday 87. upper 80s through the holiday weekend. right now we are tracking a few new hot spots. could slow you down as you get ready to hit the roads for your wednesday morning ride. here's a look at one of the accidents we're tracking along eastbound 84 on that connector ramp to southbound 680. so as you head through the sunol area, right now we aren't seeing any delays on our sensors. we'll keep an eye on that and let you know if it's blocking lanes. 205 our "super commuters" dealing with some slowdowns as you make your way between lathrop and heading over towards the altamont pass. tracy triangle definitely seeing the crowds this morning
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and that westbound direction continuing to be sluggish along 580. by the time you get to livermore, you're back in the green but you have about 26 minutes over towards 680. and as you head further into castro valley, you will be tapping the brakes. we are tracking a crash and this is along northbound 238 right near hesperian. so you can see that backup that is forming. it's definitely blocking one of those lanes. and it's going to cause some delays for some drivers so do give yourself some extra time. that traffic is not moving too fast. hat's a check of your traffic; over to yo u. it is no pesu fo drivers.expect to pay more at t over the labor day weekend. gas prices in the bay area are up by at least 60 cents compared to last year. this morning gas in san jose cost $3.64. oakland is at $3.66. but san francisco prices are nearly $3.80. the good news, aaa says relief is on the way. >> the good news for consumers
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gas prices are going to be cheap they are fall. typically in fall we do see gas prices drop and that's because we see demand going down. people are done taking their summer road trips. >> an economic crisis in oil- providing venezuela and sanctions on iran could hurt future supply and trigger a jump in prices but right now, experts believe driving is about to get cheaper. a new study says that you should take a vacation if you want to live longer. researchers from finland looked at more than 1200 men over a 40-year period and found in one group men who took less vacation time had a higher chance of dying. don't count out the giants yet. we have highlights. and the a's have the arms last night. did they have the bats to close in on the american league west leaders? we're up next.
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texas. check out this double play!. the as' brent anderson has joined sean menaea on the dl. my my yeah has rotator cuff tendinitis. it's unclear whether he will pitch again this season. but good news, astros make it and sure the a's champs.
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top oakland 1. top of the ninted 3 hit a one hopper over the right center field fence. that's a ground-rule double scores the go-ahead run. a's win 4-3 now 1 1/2 games behind the astros in the west. madison bumgarner shut out the diamondbacks over 7 innings last night. 7th inning, austin slater dropped a routine flyball and kicked it allowing john jay to reach third base but bumgarner got out of the inning and hugs all around. bottom of the 9th, base hit left heeled hernandez. game winning run, the d-backs have not scored a run in the series. giants are six-game back in the national league west puts me in the mood for a little music. ♪[ music ] that was joe staley and mike singing backstreet boys at a foundation dinner last
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night. mike has been practicing all his life with his family that never missed a chance to tackle each other including at his grandmother's wake. >> so i was, like, six or seven at the time and there's about 10 of us all the same age and we kind of, you know, were getting fed up with waiting around so we all just played football out front on the lawn and played some tackle football in our suits and stuff and blew off some steam and i think she probably would have wanted it that way. >> 49ers and chargers, the final preseason game tomorrow on the "big 5". i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day from major league baseball, los angeles and texas. >> he is going to give janson every opportunity to get it done himself. up the middle, janson with the backhand! an unbelievable double play. >>
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a pitcher had to avoid that flying bat that was heading towards him. nice double play for the dodgers. that locked up l.a.'s 8-4 win over texas. a step toward criminal justice reform. california is scrapping its cash bail system. straight ahead a look at the new bill signed by the governor yesterday. >> we are about to get our first look inside what could be the first of its kind in the nation safe injection site. this comes as there is mounting pressure from the federal government about it. we'll explain next. this is not a bed.
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still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- a headless body found floating in his fish tank.
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plus: a showdown over safe injection sites. the san francisco city leaders the plbay area man reported missing and weeks later a gruesome discovery. a headless body found floating in his fish tank. >> and a safe injection site, threats from the feds. >> the results are coming in, in arizona and florida. how the elections may change the political landscape in november. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, august 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's head outside for a live look. it is 5:30 right now as we look at at&t park a nice clear shot from "salesforce tower" camera this morning and the lights are even on. >> so pretty. the lights and the water and -- >> awesome. >> it's nice when we have all of our views from "salesforce tower" camera because the clouds usually like to sit at the top. so i want to get to the game day forecast. i know it's not often 5:30 a.m. when we think about what we're doing tonight but why not. here's a great idea. go to at&t park. it will be cool as many of you
5:31 am
are used to if you go to the pa cloudy, 61. here's a look from our roof camera towards daybreak in san francisco. 59 degrees. livermore 55. 56 in oakland. so early-morning lows very similar to what you'll experience once that sun sets, cool later on. half moon bay 10-mile visibility. usually at the coast we are always talking about the low clouds but it's 0 visibility in petaluma right now. north bay foggy this morning but the rest of the bay area, fine. >> and we are still tracking delays in castro valley all due to an earlier crash northbound 238 just before hesperian. chp just cleared the lanes but that that crash was blocking and then reports of a new crash involving a motorcycle down. it doesn't appear to be blocking lanes but it's certainly going to keep delays. right now we are tracking
5:32 am
travel times that's in the red for drivers heading al northbound 238 just to go from 580 over to 880. that's about 16 minutes about 14-minute delay so yes, definitely seeing those slowdowns here. 238 near lewelling and slow traffic northbound. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. san francisco police say they found a headless body in a fish tank inside the home of a missing man. officers made the gruesome discovery at the man's home on clara street. kpix 5's joe vazquez talked to neighbors who have been worried about the missing man for weeks. reporter: san francisco police are still trying to understand what happened inside this apartment on clara street. this is where they found a dismembered body with no head or hands so badly decomposed, it's not clear who it is or even what gender. the human remains were found inside a fish tank. for weeks, neighbors have insisted something weird was going on. 65-year-old brian egg has been
5:33 am
missing. >> they are not officially saying that it is him. but i would be so turned t to b else. >> reporter: brian's friends and family say they repeatedly called police asking them to check on brian. police came to his house and conducted three welfare checks but never got past the front door because they insist nothing seemed out of the ordinary. >> we don't just break down doors every time someone reports that someone is missing. >> reporter: you have family and neighbors saying over and over at that time that they thought he was dead. >> i don't have information that said that they thought he was dead, just that there was people that were coming and going and they aren't seen him. >> reporter: then two weeks ago neighbors got suspicious when this cleaning company showed up. the kind of crew that cleans up after a crime scene. that's when officers got a search warrant and found the human remains. police arrested two suspects, 39-year-old lance silva and 52- year-old robert mccaffrey. among the original charges were suspicion of murder, fraud, theft and elder abuse
5:34 am
but charges nvonmccaffmeless ma back on the streets. silva caoland id they found wha to be a hiding place between two buildings with a large bag tucked inside. officers arrived and found hypodermic needles and trash inside. the hands and head are still missing. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> brian egg has been missing since late july. the federal government is opposing safe inject sites for california. anne makovec reports. reporter: if the safe injection sites are made legal here in san francisco, which is one step away from happening, that could happen
5:35 am
with a move of the governor's pen, it looks like there is a showdown looming with the federal government because the safe injection sites are still illegal under federal law. but in the meantime, here in san francisco, there's going to be a demonstration this morning about how these sites could work if they are allowed here in the city. the pilot program would allow drug addicts to shoot up under the supervision of trained staff equipped with life- saving equipment and antidotes in case someone overdoses. it would be a clean safe environment as opposed to a back alley with clean needles to reduce the risks of intravenous diseases. addicts would also have access to programs to get clean when and if they decide to do so. but, yeah, the feds are on the verge of cracking down on this idea and there's local opposition, as well. >> these places have become a magnet not only for the addicts themselves but the people, you know, byngnaotics
5:36 am
to them. >> they are already here. and we need to deal with it. >> reporter: that is mayor london breed who says she is ready for a showdown with the feds if that's the case. the state legislature approved the pilot program specifically for the city of san francisco. now it is up to governor brown to decide whether or not to approve it. he has not indicated where he is going on this, if this is a possibility. he has until the end of september to decide whether or not to allow this. just to give you some perspective, this would be the first of its kind in the nation injection site. these are allowed in about 12 countries in the world most in europe. there are 120 injection sites. there is one in vancouver, canada, as well. and in addition to san francisco, philadelphia and new york are also considering these pilot programs.
5:37 am
live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. in a sweeping move california is scrapping its cash bail system in a controversial step towards criminal justice reform. it is the first state in the country to do so. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live in san jose this morning. sandra, how will authorities decide who stays in jail until trial and then who is released. reporter: that's the big question. this bill signed by governor brown yesterday will replace the cash bail system with a new risk assessment system. details on that exactly yet to be determined. now, the governor saying that this is a way for the rich and the pour to be treated equally. local judges will soon decide who can leave jail before trial without posting bail. under the new law, they would only hold a criminal suspect if they pose a significant risk to the public safety or risk missing their court date. if not, most suspects of nonviolent misdemeanors would be released within 12 hours and it would be up to the counties to set up risk assessment systems. >> this bill the way it's
5:38 am
written would put over 10,000 people out of business. it's not a good bill. and it's going to put tens of thousands of criminals back d boy ds n at wefleent and own jose. he says relying on the honor system puts the public at risk. now, washington, d.c. actually already has a cashless bail system. several other states are considering adding changes to their systems, as well. this new bill goes into effect in california in october of next year. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. a texas company that makes 3d printed guns says it started selling blueprints in spite of a federal court order barring them from being posted online. the owner of the austin-based companies says he will sell them. he says selling them he is not breaking the court order instead of giving them away
5:39 am
free. primaries are showing the influence of donald trump. democrats are trying to make history. reporter: tallahassee mayor andrew gillum scored the the of the night when he w democratic nomination. >> reporter: gillum, a favor of the progressive wing of the party would become the first black governor of florida. he is facing ron desantis who credited trump for his victory last night. >> i did have support from someone in washington. if you walk down pennsylvania avenue, he lives in the white house with the pillars in front of it. >> i gave him a nice shot a nice little tweet,. >> reporter: the president's influence was seen in arizona where the three candidates aligned themselves with him rather than john mccain and
5:40 am
jeff flake. congresswoman martha mcsally will face kyrsten sinema. >> reporter: the trump administration is looking into new regulations against online companies like google. search results are rigged against him, the president writing: information and news that is good. this is a very serious situation-- will be addressed!" "..(sot: president trump) "google and twit d facebook, they're really treading on very, very trouble territory and they to be carefu 's not fair to large portions of the lation."." google denies it's manipulating search results to keep conservative voices quiet.. >> google and twitter and facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful. it's not fair to large portions of the population. >> google denies it's manipulating search results to keep conservative voices not heard. it says: search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results toward any political ideology. >> reporter: some children's medicine is being --
5:41 am
some children's medicine is being recalled. laura podesta joins us with that around more from the world of business this morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. stocks on wall street finished slightly higher yesterday. the dow added 14. the nasdaq was up 12. some children's advil is being recalled over a labeling issue that could lead to an overdose. pfizer is voluntarily recalling its four fluid ounce bubblegum flavored children's advil distributed in may and june. the dosage cup is marked in teaspoons while the label instructions refer to milliliters. barnes & noble is being sued. one man was fired for multiple examples of significant misconduct, quote. he denies the allegations and blames the company for defamation. the company said
5:42 am
he engaged in serious sexual misconduct. sears is getting a lifeline from amazon. the struggling department store stock soared more than 12% yesterday after announcing it was expanding a deal with the online retail giant to provide ship-to-store tire installation nationwide at sears auto centers. kenny? >> convenient. alexys, schedule melooks like the legal marijuana industry is trying to change its image. >> reporter: yes. marijuana distributors are trying to get rid of that stoner stereotype associated with the drug. instead, cannabis shops line med men is trying to brand pot as the equivalent of a fine brandy used by everyone from athletes to grandparents. but not everybody is buying it. experts say the rebranding hides drug problems. >> laura podesta, thank you.
5:43 am
call it a "hail mary." d raiders are pitching in a quarter of a million dollars to save high school sports in oakland after the oakland unified school district announced plans to drop wrestling, tennis, golf, swimming and girls lacrosse to close a half million dollars budget deficit. meanwhile, the oakland-based hip-hop platform fizzler on the roof has raised money and urges other sports teams to do more. >> i would love to see that in the warriors and from the a's and i'd love to see that from all of oakland's newest residents. i think that anyone who can do something should do something. >> the district superintendent thanked the raiders for the donation and for being big brothers to oakland students. it is 5:43. a bay area woman reveals what happened during a frightening lyft ride. >> plus a kindergarten walks over two miles home alone. now his parents are demanding answers from a bay area school.
5:44 am
5:45 am
it happened within just the past hour.
5:46 am
police say the driver was street in los angeles, this lexus plowed into a fedex store in studio city within just the past hour. police say that the driver was street racing with a porsche down ventura boulevard when the lexus lost control. the fedex store was open at the time. a customer did have minor injuries. a bay area kindergartner walked more than two miles home alone instead of being escorted to an after-school program. the child's parents were demanding answers. it was his first day of kindergarten at fairview elementary school. after classes he was supposed to be escorted to a school youth enrichment program. his parents say the school forgot about him and their son walked 2.6 miles to their downtown hayward home. >> i felt like he would be safe at school. but he wasn't. >> the hayward unified school district said they are investigating and will determine what steps to be taken so this never happens again. a uc-berkeley alum says
5:47 am
that she was nearly kidnapped by a lyft driver. brittany sunquist said she used the ride hailing service to get home from an oakland bar friday morning. she says that the driver took her to a wooded area of the oakland hills and wouldn't let her out of the car. she says she eventually escaped and then ordered another ride. >> i'm thankful that the second director lyft driver who picked me up was a respectable individual. i told him what had happened to me and he very apologetically -- he made sure that i got home safely. >> oakland police have not yet responded to our calls about this case but investigators told the daily californian newspaper that they are investigating the woman's claims. a statement from lyft: atform." meanwhile, there's a new ride- hailing company that caters to wo o prefer female drivers. the company... called safr (safer)... plans to expand to san francisco this fall. onff and weather. a new company caters to
5:48 am
women to prefer female drivers. "safer" will expand to san francisco this fall as a new ride hailing company. we have two separate accidents in the east bay on 238. and that's usually what happens when we have one crash and start to see a backup and have a crash in the backup. so both crashes are no longer blocking lanes. but definitely keeping your ride slow and in the red for drivers heading along 238 between 580 and 880. our travel times just went right back down. 4 minutes. usually it takes about a minute. so three-minute delays not as bad as 15-minute delays earlier. so keep that in mind. that's a problem spot this morning so be careful through castro valley this morning. we'll take it at 238 right near lewelling and you can see that northbound side definitely slow going as you head over towards 880. your 580 approach just past highway 24. we did have an earlier
5:49 am
accident and that was on the connector ramp to eastbound 80 but it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down. we are getting crowded. here's a live look at the foot of the the backup from the toll plaza is not quite there yet so that's good news. the metering lights are on into hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. it's looking good out there cameras showing nice views of the sutro tower. you see "salesforce tower" there and the bay bridge as well as. the fog is messing with us in the north bay. across the north bay, please keep that in mind. i'll show you visibility there in a moment. patchy clouds to start and below average temperatures this afternoon. friday you will see temperatures gr
5:50 am
so enjoy the last couple of days of august. here's the kpix 5 roof camera. barely any clouds out there just a few thin wispy ones. that of course is a rare sight to see in . 10-mile visibility all the way around. in petaluma it's a third mile, santa rosa a half mile visibility. so this is where it's going to be dangerous. no wind, so fog is staying put. you will see cloud coverage throughout the morning until 11 a.m. then by 3 p.m. this afternoon should be sunny for most you, may still linger in parts of the north bay at least according to this futurecast model. then look what comes back, the marine layer will turnt,in torr morning. so we'll up rage mowell
5:51 am
ds w per hour. that's about it through places like san francisco, berkeley, like i said north bay. very, very calm conditions. and then this afternoon, what you will see temperatures will feel comfortable. sunrise today 6:37. sunset tonight 7:43. let me get to the seven-day forecast: through labor day weekend the upper 80s. a bill that would power california with only renewable energy is trying to end the state of fossil fuels. if it passes it would require all retail electricity to be generated for solar, wind and other renewable energy sources by 2045. a bill to speed up housing and retail on bart parking lots is headed to the governor's desk. the measure would require the parkintsand vacant l it for ildi construction and
5:52 am
limit the city's ability to stop it. if approved, surface lots could be replaced with parking structures, new apartments and shops. it is 5:52. a bay area mall still looking for tenants. could this be a trend getting worse? why this place is failing to bring in businesses. >> and fisherman's wharf is working to reel in a new catch. locals. the incentives the popular tourist spot is adding to get you to visit. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] the "six by six mall" on market street opened its doors in 2016. a mall in downtown san francisco is empty a couple of years after opening. the mall on market street opened in 2016. officials with the union square business improvement district say it's empty because of the high cost of doing business in the city. homelessness and unsafe streets, as well. >> obviously you want to see the city filled with retailers and hoteliers and restaurants and have some of that vibrant light because that brings street activity. >> karen flood adds thpontialutl the owners to use their six- level shopping center as office space instead. other bay area headlines. the city council of palo alto
5:56 am
just approved an emergency ordinance that forces landlords to cosate income tenants with cash. now owners of buildings with 50 or more units must provide relocation payments of up to $17,000 to tenants who are evicted through no fault of their own. according to the "san francisco examiner," tech shuttle companies began training replacement bus drivers amid heated negotiations with the teamsters local 853 union without there being any upcoming strike. the two shuttle companies reportedly in question are we drive you and how con transport. a new transport shows fewer people from out of town are visiting fisherman's wharf in san francisco. a spokesman said officials propose enhancing transit and extending business hours hoping to lure more people to the area. time now 5:56. lawmakers hammer out a plan to deal with the skyrocketing
5:57 am
cost of wildfire damage. so will you end up paying the tab? >> reporter: safe injection sites for illegal drugs a single shored by the city. there's going to be a demonstration open to the public today. but still, a very heated debate over the legality of this when it comes to state and federal law. we'll explain next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
warning system to the test... california lawmakers are poised to pass new rules governing the use of police body cameras... an earthquake in southern california puts the state's early warning system to the test. >> california lawmakers are poised to pass new rules governing the use of police dyfina respects to john mccain on what would have been the late senator's 82nd birthday. >> good morning, it's wednesday, august 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny


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