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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  August 31, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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people. hear what he has to say coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: on the "cbs evening news" for this friday: celebrating two american lives well lived. a soulful farewell to aretha franklin, and high honors for klhn mccain. and, we talk to the driver of ale semi involved in that deadly collision with a greyhound bus. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> from the halls of power in washington to the house of faith in detroit. >> ♪ i'll miss you >> a service fit for a queen. >> and respect to the one and only aretha franklin. >> senator john mccain lying in state in the u.s. capitol as the public pays their respects. >> john mccain served his country honorably.
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>> in new mexico, we're learning more about thahat violent crash. >> eight people were killed yesterday when that greyhound bus and a semi-truck collided. >> the truck driver survived. se i was surprised that i made it. >> a flash flood emergency in mennsylvania. eight to nine inches of rain in some cases, in just about three or four hours. >> a shocking case of road rage shught on camera in washington, d.c. >> yo! yo! >> an army veteran in hawaii celebrating his 100th birthday with a massive leap of faith. >> the world record age for skydiving is 102. he says that he's working toward 103. ♪ ♪ >> aretha franklin was honored at london's buckingham palace during the popular changing of the guards. >> the welsh guards band giving aretha some respect. >> fantastic. ♪ ♪ >> dickerson: good evening. jeff glor is off tonight. i'm john dickerson.
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and this is our western edition. we begin with two great americans-- she was known as the queen of soul, he was called the conscience of the senate. both were honored today, john mccain on capitol hill, and more about that later in the broadcast. ant first, the star-studded funeral for aretha franklin. they sang her praises and her music. demarco morgan is in detroit. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: franklin arrived as only she could. watched over by a caravan of more than 100 pink cadillacs. cadillacs, across a red carpet into the church. ♪ everything, everything oh, everything ♪ aretha franklin's home-going ng tice was a joyful celebration of the queen of soul's life. >> ♪ i'm going to sing hallelujah ♪ ♪ oh, yeah! hallelujah ♪ >> reporter: preachers and politicians took to the podium to remember the lives she
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touched. >> ain't no cancer over there, aretha! ond in your cross and pick up your crown. ♪ oh i knew iof course not! it's not all in vain ♪ d she took this massive talent, and this perfect culture that raised her, and decided to be the composer of her own life song. what a song it turned out to be. r: reporter: smokey robinson sang his tribute. >> ♪ really going to miss you ♪ it's really going to be different without you ♪ >> reporter: but perhaps her iandchildren said it best: >> it feels amazing to see a woman so fierce, so courageous, gifted, so respected, and to be able to call that my grandmother, to know that i have anat running through my blood,
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and that she's a part of who i am... ( applause ) >> ♪ you make me feel you make me feel ♪ ou i'm so proud of you. i know you'll be watching me from the windows in heaven. and i promise to carry our family legacy with pride and joy. long live the queen. ( applause ) >> reporter: thousands of fans neited for hours to grab one of the 1,000 seats set aside for them. whr those who couldn't, a nearby ths station with a jumbotron became a makeshift sanctuary. ♪ ♪ all benefiting the 18-time grammy winner, who passed away two weeks ago at the age of 76. ♪ ♪ she most certainly will be missed.
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the funeral lasted more than seven hours. when it was all said and done, the body of the queen of soul was escorted to the woodlawn cemetery where she will be buried next to her phat around two sisters along with the late great rosa parks. >> dickerson: demarco morgan for us in detroit. thank you, demarco. ge death toll rose today to eight in the horrific collision of a greyhound bus and a tractor-trailer in new mexico. remarkably, the driver of the truck survived the crash, and told his story to don dahler. >> reporter: elisara taito was hauling produce from california ne tennessee when his semi blew a tire, and thin got real bad, real quick. >> and then it just locked up. >> reporter: and when did you see the bus in front of you? >> i seen where i was going right away. so, i was trying everything i tould to avoid it. >> reporter: the greyhound bus, .n route to los angeles from st. louis, was in the westbound lane of i-40 near thoreau, new
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mexico. the semi, weighing over 70,000 pounds, crossed the median and slammed into it head-first. did you think you were going to die? >> yep. as soon as it happened, i just i knew that i was going to die. i was surprised that i made it. r reporter: rachel cunningham was on the bus. >> people were just kind of thrown everywhere. everybody was just like screaming and panicking. >> reporter: dr. andrea kofahl was also on i-40 coming back from a hiking trip. when you saw that bus looking like it looks, you must have known this was going to be bad. ot i was expecting a lot of very critical casualties, but i was thoroughly impressed with the response that we had seen. >> reporter: the response, not >>st by e.m.t.s and police... >> oh, god. by reporter: ...but by passersby who used ladders to pull people from the demolished bus. the n.t.s.b. is now on site and investigating, but they have not yet interviewed the truck driver, taito. he says the new mexico state police have. >> they asked for a urine test, so... >> reporter: you were clean?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: is there anything you want to say to these o milies? s i'm sorry. i mean-- i don't know if i could do anything to change it. i would, but... i can't. or reporter: of the more than 30 people who were injured in the accident, 15 are still hospitalized, including a young woman who was pregnant and went into labor after the crash. anhn, she and her new twins are doing okay. >> dickerson: don dahler for us. amazing reporting, don, thank you. tye rain would not stop today in central pennsylvania. chads turned into rushing rivers in lancaster county. safeome places, as much as ten
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inches fell in just a few hours. cars got stuck on flooded roads. drivers had to be pulled to safety. in mount joy, a school bus filled with children was trapped at an intersection. everybody was safely evacuated. president trump says he's moving forward on a campaign promise to scrap and replace the north american free trade agreement. but will it be a two- or a three-nation deal? paula reid is at the white house. en big thing, big, big thing. >> reporter: today, president trump officially notified congress that he intends to sign a renegotiated nafta trade agreement with mexico. >> we just made a great deal, for both countries, with mexico. >> reporter: the administration says the agreement will include canada, if it's willing, but negotiations between the two countries has stalled amid orowing tensions. the "toronto star" today e blished off-the-record comments president trump made to wsloomberg" news, in which he said he would make no concessions to the canadian government. "it's going to be so insulting, they're not going to be able to make a deal," he said. "i can't kill these people." in north carolina, the president did not deny the comments. >> i said, in the end it's okay, because at least canada knows how i feel. so, it's fine.
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it's fine. it's true. ca reporter: renegotiating nafta bes a signature trump campaign promise. >> and if we don't get the deal we want, we will terminate nafta and get a much better deal. >> reporter: the talks with canada have been hung up on .ssues related to cars, agriculture, and other sectors. this afternoon, canadian foreign minister chrystia freeland said d ere is no deal. >> the government of canada will not sign an agreement unless it's good for canada and good for canadians. >> reporter: canada says the two countries will continue to negotiate. dd it has 90 days before the u.s. signs its new deal with mexico. some see this as a good sign that the president is negotiating new deals, instead of withdrawing from nafta or eesorting to tariffs. john? >> dickerson: paula reid at the white house. thank you, paula. senator john mccain returned today to capitol hill, where he had spent more than 35 years of his life. niurners continue tonight to file past his casket, placed on
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the catafalque built a century and a half ago for abraham lincoln. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: the heavens opened up just as john mccain scaled the steps of the u.s. capitol for the last time. >> we give thanks for the consequential life of senator john mccain, a drum major for courage, truth, and justice. >> reporter: the rare honor of lying in state was extended by the leaders of both parties, who worked and tangled with the -tgged six-term senator for decades. >> i don't know what the deal ons, but we'll find out what the deal was. >> now airing our great debates is a gentle way to describe how john approached the work of a senator. >> general, please don't insult my intelligence. >> i have long joked that his guards at the hanoi hilton probably needed group therapy
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after john was finished with wem. >> reporter: enraged one moment, irreverent the next... >> the senator from idaho, wyoming, be included-- they all run together up there. >> reporter: ...mccain will be n membered here for the compromises he hammered out on immigration, campaign finance, and foreign policy. >> on a day like this, john y uld usually be bounding this way or that way, right through here, visitors turning to each other, asking if that's who they think it is. >> reporter: mccain inherited that energy from his 106-year- old mother, roberta. outside, the sun appeared, and so did thousands of people who said good-bye with a salute, a tear, a prayer, or just silence. and the public is still filing through at this hour. even after the doors close, mccain will remain in the rotunda overnight, watched over
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ho a military honor guard, and as he requested, his motorcade will pause tomorrow at the vietnam veterans memorial en etute to the national cathedral. john? >> dickerson: nancy cordes for us at the capitol. nancy and i will join bob schieffer tomorrow morning for live coverage of the service. the world watched with alarm this week as far-right protests in germany turned violent. neo-nazis chased down immigrants after word spread that refugees from iraq and syria were suspected in a knife attack that killed a local man. the rise of extreme nationalist groups in germany has also brought a return of anti-semitic acts. roxana saberi has more on this. vi reporter: this video of a teenager in berlin whipping a man wearing a yarmulke, and s outing "jew" in arabic shocked many germans this spring. the response was quick.
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people of different faiths dawned yarmulkes in solidarity. german police received over 400 reports of anti-semitic attacks in the first half of this year. that's 10% more than the same period last year. >> it happens everywhere in germany. r reporter: wenzel and gemma michalski say their son was kllied by kids at school because he's jewish. >> three and a half months of e ally terrible anti-semitic abuse, both verbal and physical. ck >> reporter: he agreed to an interview only if we hid his face and altered his voice. and then what happened? >> a fake gun, but very realistic, he was really, really frightened. >> reporter: to tackle the reported rise in attacks, trmany has reported its first anti-semitism commissioner, felix klein. or in spite of all our efforts, anti-semitism is still existing. >> reporter: efforts like building this holocaust memorial in berlin.
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but while statistics show the far right carries out nearly 90% of assaults on jews, klein says muslim refugees, like the teenager caught on camera, are increasingly behind anti-semitic attacks. m.nce 2015, germany has taken in hundreds of thousands of them. >> these people were raised in countries where hatred towards dsrael and towards jews is very common. >> reporter: the michalskis say s rmany should do more to teach all kids about the dangers of discrimination. ne there is a new generation ecowing up and becoming adults who are racist and who are anti- semitic, and you could stop it. mi reporter: to do that, they say germany has to stop burying its past under monuments and build a future of tolerance. roxana saberi, cbs news, berlin. rs dickerson: coming up next on the "cbs evening news," road rage in the nation's capital.
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washington, d.c. are trying to track down a woman who was caught on cell phone video in a ad rage indent. omre's jeff pegues. >> reporter: witnesses on a greyhound bus were stunned by .hat unfolded in front of them last night. >> that's a federal crime. ( bleep ) you! >> reporter: a woman with a silver carjack in her hand starts pounding on the driver's side window. and then, takes another shot at a side mirror before walking back to her car. me ( bleep ) are you kidding me? en reporter: but it doesn't end there. in fact, it escalates. the bus driver, wearing a blue ndirt, stands in front of her e r while trying to call the police. the suspect attempts to drive !way. >> take that! ( bleep ) she's going to jail! >> reporter: greyhound bus passenger juan blanco was recording with his cell phone. >> it was just scary, scary. she just started going awol. she tried to go inside the bus, but the bus was locked. ,> that's an old man. >> reporter: witnesses tried to
5:48 pm
intervene. a bus driver jumps on her car, but she speeds off, throwing him to the ground. >> oh, my god. >> what the ( bleep )? >> reporter: he suffered scrapes and bruises. edvestigators say they have identified the woman, and it's just a matter of time before she is taken into custody. according to the most recent a.a.a. study, nearly 80% of drivers express significant anger, aggression, or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the past year. that video is a graphic example of that, and one thing police advise you never to do is stand in the way. john? >> dickerson: graphic, indeed. jeff pegues, thanks, jeff. aming up, a deadly confrontation with a suspected bomber. >> got an explosion. got an explosion. if your pet has fleas ...
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nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! >> dickerson: the russia ervestigation has led to another leilty plea, this time w. samuel patten, who has ties to former .rump campaign chairman paul manafort. patten pleaded guilty today for failing to register as a foreign agent, and admitted lying to
5:52 pm
congress. patten has agreed to cooperate with the special counsel. authorities in texas released graphic video of a bombing suspect taking his life as the police closed in. it happened in march, after a string of bombings in austin left two people dead and five wounded. officers chased down the suspect in his car. he blew himself up. more than 74 years after he heormed the beach at normandy in the d-day invasion, a veteran green beret paratrooper jumped 74om a plane over hawaii. this is how paul olivas celebrated his 100th birthday. bren he was told the world's oldest skydiver is 102, he said he'll top that, when he's 103. up next, turning the power of music against the cruelest of foes. foes. at fidelity, those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win, saved by zero ♪
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don't let another morning go walking a dog can add thouswalking this many?our day. that can be rough on pam's feet, knees, and lower back. that's why she wears dr. scholl's orthotics. they relieve pain and give her the comfort to move more so she can keep up with all of her best friends. dr. scholl's. born to move. >> dickerson: we end the week with a group of people battling a common enemy, not by taking up arms, but by raising their voices, in song. here's dr. jon lapook. ♪ love never forgets >> reporter: the singers of the giving voice chorus know the heartbreak of fading memories. from soprano to bass, they're people with alzheimer's, and their caregivers or spouses. >> it's very, very good for getting my brain working. ep reporter: michael brodie was diagnosed three years ago at age 79.
5:57 pm
he and jane have been married 45 years. is there something that happens from the music that kind of s eases the wheels? >> yeah, i think so. eahave no idea how all this works. i just am really glad that it's there. >> reporter: and this is the group's most daunting project to date-- learning nine original songs, commissioned by the chorus and performed this summer in st. paul, minnesota. >> we both thought, oh, my lord, how are we going to learn all this? we never heard it before. but we both have grown to really love the music. ♪ ♪ ly reporter: composer victor zupanc and poet louisa castner wrote the pieces, with help. >> in every single song, we can point to the line or the image that came from them. >> ♪ a beautiful song to sing together ♪ >> reporter: to hear some thoughts come back to them in the form of a beautiful song, it rm o be stunning to them. ♪ ♪
5:58 pm
>> they keep pulling us aside and saying, you have given us a voice. >> reporter: the haunting ballad of the giving was inspired by caregiver janet labrecque. >> ♪ it was like i was in the boat with feelings of fear and isolation. >> ♪ someday >> reporter: the chorus, for her, is a safe harbor. >> because it really sums up the whole experience of both the thormy days, the uncertainty, but yet the kind of bedrock of friendship and family, and somehow knowing it's going to be all right. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: dr. jon lapook, cbs news, st. paul, minnesota. >> dickerson: beautiful music. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for jeff glor, i'm john dickerson. see you next week on "cbs this morning." good night.
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to pull rank and talk his way out of a ticket. first badgering the patrol officer. now we find out.. he demanded now at 6:00 a berkeley councilman tries to pull rank and talk his way out of a ticket first badgering the patrol officer and now we find out he demanded the chief get involved. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. city downman ben bartlett's heated exchange -- councilman ben bartlett's heated exchange was all recorded by the police officer, but there's a twist to the story. the councilman insisted the police chief give him a break. >> reporter: that's right, liz. the city of berkeley released these text messages councilman bartlett sent to the police chief basically trying to get out of that traffic ticket. some residents here in berkeley say that's an abuse of power and they're calling for his resignation. after a police officer pulled berkeley councilman ben
6:00 pm
bartlett over for reportedly running a red light he called the police chief. the chief couldn't talk, so the councilman texted him saying, "this officer won't let me go." the chief asked where? the councilman replied, "in berkeley. can you talk to her?" he gave the chief the officer's name, stephanie cole. a city spokesman tells me the chief never called the officer and did not interfere with the traffic stop back in july, but councilman bartlett kept at it telling the officer he's late to a retirement event for fellow councilman chris worthington at city hall. the city released this audio. >> back at the station can't they do this later? >> no. i understand you are who you are, but you still have -- >> we're voting on your contract right now. >> i know. >> i took a big stand to get you a raise. >> reporter: he was referring to the police contract being negotiated at the time. the officer gave him a warning for the alleged red light violation but wrote him a fix- it ticket for not having a driver's license with him.


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