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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs 5 bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. a high-speed chase involving any ditch involving a stolen u-haul in setting nasty crash. >> devin fehely has held two men finally landed behind bars. >> reporter: the suspects led the police on a chase from cupertino to san jose. speeds often topping 100 miles per hour. >> reporter: according to the sherriff's department, deputies first spotted the suspects in the stolen u-haul van. they tried to pull the van
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over. the suspects pulled off. >> reporter:, for the next half hour, they chased them onto city streets. the roads were pretty much clear until they weren't. the suspects collided with this car and the 65-year-old man behind the wheel. he will be okay. one of the suspect for us climbed out of the window of the smashed u-haul and was taken into custody. the other had to be pried free of the wreckage, first. in cupertino, devin fehely, kpix 5. a plane crash near reno has now started a wildfire. this is the name mount rose wilderness. the reno-type -- the reno-tahoe gazette says firefighters are
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on scene to put out the fire. the international airport says the crush area near bowers mansion is popular for gliders and small recreational aircraft. no word yet on injuries. the father of murdered college student mollie tibbetts once -- wants people to stop using her death to push their clinical agenda. -- their politica agenda. and undocumented immigrant has confessed to kidnapping and killing her. prominent republicans say the case demonstrates that aggression enforcement is not tough enough. donald trump junior wrote, despite what some democrats may wish in the depths of their hearts, molly was murdered by an illegal alien and her murder would never have happened if police -- if we policed our
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borders appropriately. her father rights, do not appropriate her soul in advancing news. please leave us out of your debate and allow us to grieve in privacy and with gne dignity -- show some decency. this evening, protesters are demanding and embattled catholic archbishop to step down in the wake of the child abuse scandal. >> kim hutcherson reports on the growing calls for his resignation. >> where do we go in the light of so much that has bruised and hurt? >> reporter: washta's catholic bruises left clergy g the members. >> each time, it always comes
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out right. >> reporter: cardinal donald report -- per -- apologized for judgment errors. >> if this is his statement, it does not cover what was unveiled in the pennsylvania investigation. >> reporter: that pennsylvania investigation uncovered more than 300 predator priests. they are credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1000 child victims since 1947. the grand jury's report alleges he failed to deal with the priests while he was bishop. on sunday morning, the cardinal called for transparency and renewed accountability. parishioners are calling for him to step down. >> he should be resigned. just because you do not need to do something does not mean there were not terrible consequences for lots of
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people. we are learning more about a stabbing attack in the netherlands that hurt to americans -- hurt two americans. the department of state extends concern and support for two u.s. citizens injured in an attack on friday in allsopp -- amsterdam. dutch authorities have announced investigations are focused -- the local authorities say the suspect walked into a group of people and stabbed the two americans. police shot and then arrested a 19-year-old afghan man in the stabbing. they say his initial statements to the police appointed to an extremist motive. two american victims are recovering and expected to be okay. passengers on a flight to hawaii started gasping for air when an illegal can of pepper spray discharged during the flight. we talked to passengers on the flight about their experience. truck when flight 23 landed, firefighters checked on the
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passengers who needed medical attention. >> anybody who is affected by whatever may or may not be in the air, we are going to have you disembark. >> reporter: in midflight, passengers and those immediately behind them started coughing. >> people started picking up sweaters and covering their faces with shirts. people started shouting, dropped the masks! >> reporter: 43 people were ordered to the back of the plane and later allowed into their seats. >> they were trying to make announcements, but the flight attendant's eyes were tearing up. >> reporter: the odor came from a can of pepper spray brought on board illegally a passenger. authorities were questioning a passenger and investigating what appears to have been an accidental canister discharge. adding to the drama, the flight was delayed because some passengers were frightened by this disturbing image moments
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before takeoff. the airline says, a teenage passenger inadvertently sent a photo of a fig crime scene for a school project featuring a child size mannequin to cell phones of nearby passengers. and officer escorted the teen and her family off the plane for an investigation. they were later rebooked. hawaiian air says the two incidents are unrelated. the haze around the bay area will not be lifting for labor day. they have ordered a spare the air day for tomorrow. the spare the error conditions actually show most of the -- spare the air conditions actually show unhelpful levels of pollutants for tomorrow. this seemingly nonstop fire season is taking its toll on firefighters. they have been tracking sleep
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levels. firefighters have been going longer and longer without a break and it took them longer to recover every time. a job training program will now be working on the warrior's new arena. 36 new people enrolled. it is designed to reach the city's most disadvantaged residents. the five weeks of training cost $155,000. it was founded by the j.p. morgan chase foundation. so far, more than 15% of the projects work hours have been locked by local labor. a final farewell to an american hero. top political leaders said their final goodbye to senator john mccain. also, it was a family reunion at sfo between a sister and brother separated at birth in postwar germany. the story of how they found each other decades later. that is next. that, and the all-important
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labor day forecast. it is all coming up after a break.
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mccain was buried after a private ceremony at the u-s naval academy in maryland. cbs reporter demarco morgan... on the final goodbye... to america's maverick. (track) ell to senator john mccain was laid to rest today. he was buried after a private ceremony at the u.s. naval academy in maryland. dimarco morgan on the final goodbye to america's mager -- maverick. >> reporter: on sunday, the arizona republican was laid to rest and applauded at his home on motter. his burial follows a week of national mourning for the presidential candidate. the private affair was attended only by his family and a close handful of friends. >> when you bury somebody, it
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is their body, but their soul is gone on to the next world. i will shed a tear and yet i will thank god that i knew him -- that i knew a man like john mccain. >> reporter: the grief for mccain underscored his nation's love for the leader. john kasich said president trump could learn something from mccain's record of service. >> john mccain, no matter what position he took, always figure out a way to build a bridge. now we have a leader who is either unable or unwilling to unite the country. >> reporter: as a final honor, a navy flight squadron conducted a flyover of the gravesite. one of the planes broke off from the others, forming the traditional missing man formation. flags of the white house were still flying at half staff when president trump departed
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this morning for a round of golf. at his club in virginia. meanwhile, the presents this approval rating is at an all- time high. abc news pulled and found 60% of americans are not happy with the job he is doing. researchers found just 36% approved and nearly half of those surveyed say congress should start impeachment proceedings. the president touted a different survey saying the rasmussen poll just came out at 48 percent approval rating. higher than election day and higher than president obama..poll found a 50% disapproval rate for the president among likely voters. and, from goodbyes to a long-awaited hello, a virginia man flew into sfo to meet his long-lost sister. >> both were adopted as infants. now, in their 60s, they managed to reunite. >> reporter: most people arrive
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at the airport to change their location. she came here to change her life. >> i am still pinching myself because it feels unreal. >> reporter: it all started last month when esther's best friend gave her and search is a gift. born in germany in 1956 and adopted by a california couple, esther grew up as an only child in the central valley. she was not prepared for the phone call she got from a man in virginia. >> this is hard for me, but he says you are one of nine brothers and sisters. honestly, i thought i was going to pass out. >> reporter: that man was also an adoptee and also born in germany to the same mother, a woman named ursula horn. this morning, she was waiting for the plane to arrive carrying the brother who found her. the brother she never knew
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i had to ask do you have your 's name? then, she said her mother's name. i said, while your mother is my mother. >> reporter: in fact, six of the nine siblings, all from different fathers, had been adopted out without knowledge of each other. r germany was a place for a young, single girl. ursula probably did what she had to to survive. >> i am not here to judge her in any way. i am just grateful she gave me the opportunity to live. >> reporter: now, these two are on a new quest, traveling the world to meet each and every member of their newfound family. >> i am 62 years old. i want to make sure i meet them all before anything happens. >> i am in the fourth quarter of life. why now? i don't know. but, i am loving every minute of it. that is for sure. >> reporter: at sfo john ramos, kpix 5. three weeks ago, esther meant one sister who has been
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living in mill valley. later this year she will travel to connecticut to meet another brother living there. two new movies made the top five this weekend but could not top the film that has owned the late summer box office. it is a three peat for crazy rich agents. -- asians. it topped the box office for three straight weekends. the mag was runner-up followed by mission impossible fallout. searching comes in fifth. we have more numbers for you. they are of the meteorological variety. sports is also coming up. first things first, we have got sutro buried and fog. you can see a little of the haze over the salesforce tower.
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livermore is at 90 in san francisco at 63. those numbers are just about exactly as forecast. who was that young man in here, yesterday? sunny skies and temperatures from the low 60s to the low 90s for tomorrow. high pressure is slowly amplifying. that is just off of the baja california. result, temperatures, but little bit, but milder weather is going to be coming in. after tuesday, temperatures are set to take a bit of a tumble back into the 80s. you can see the low clouds will form overnight tonight and they will pull back to the shoreline. windy near the coast and the usual clouds will be floating in over the marin headlands. as we are expecting, fog and drizzle. a little bit warmer inland tomorrow. milder weather returns by tuesday. at least the a's are taking on the new york yankees. will be mostly clear for the
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game tomorrow and 71 degrees. meanwhile, tonight, the numbers plunge into the mid-50s. fog comes into the shoreline and sneaks across over the east bay and will stay there until midmorning tomorrow. high temperatures for saturday, concord at 90 in san jose at 84 degrees. done in the south bay, the numbers will be in the mid-80s with morgan hill in the low 90s. it will be 70 7f alejo and santa rosa at 86. again, the usual low clouds around the shoreline. 96 at lakeport and 96 at clear lake. we will have a little bit of drizzle out there and then note what happens wednesday through saturday. we are back into the mid-80s inland. autumn begins to settle in over the bay area. boy, that happened fast, didn't it?
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5:22 pm former raider defensive star khalil mack will have his first practice monday a chica nfl up top. the season opens this thursday, are you ready? khalil mack will have his first practice monday morning as a chicago bear. did you hear? he was traded. saturday. what a 24+ hours it has been for him. is he ready? irly, i wa definitely shocked. t, ydo -- time to be shot for long. -- shocked for long. what time? the flight is tonight? all right, i guess i don't
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really have time to think about it. >> he was officially introduced at year's headquarters earlier today. he hopes to play next sunday in the opener against the packers. >> it was a long process, we talked about it daily. we made an offer, i do not believe we were anywhere close to where the bears were. the bears made us an offer that we thought was really unique. it was very tough to say goodbye to a great player, but here we are today. >> in baseball, i managed a minor-league team the other night. i fell in love immediately with smart, ever -- smart, aggressive baserunning. the a's showed us how. this fan is in the crowd. the mariners got on the board first things to nelson cruz. e the mariners countered with
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felix hernandez who normally kills it. but steve had himself a day! he went -- in the fifth. tied the game. 6th inning, a big one. marcus simeon off the glove. one of the baserunners completely ignored the third base coach. pender scored anyway. aggressive baserunning! love it! 5-2 a's. with two on and two out, you have kyle seager to pop out and end the threat. steven again. second homer of the game! this is a three run job and the a's won 8-2. they split the four game series. in the meantime, what? there's no crying in baseball! that's a tom hanks movie
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reference. >> if it is over the plate, it is going to get hit, hard. it was a two-run homer that opened the scoring. bottom of the third, alen hanson. look what happened. right by brandon. henson with his speed, laid out a triple. love the baserunning. he scored on a sacrifice fly. austin jackson drove one into the gap. he knew exactly how to play it. worthy of the replay. they allowed two runs over six innings. noah syndergaard was even better. 99 mile-per-hour cheese to get evan longoria to end it. syndergaard out -- syndergaard struck out the player. the giants finish the homestand with a record of 5-4. in the u.s. open fourth-round match.
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big serve. williams big old her. then, she took her foot off the gas. she responded with before hand. ditch with the forehand. she just had no chance, no answers. 6-0. she will play carolina plus scope in the quarterfinals on tuesday. six shots off the lead for tiger woods. third round in boston. here's what's. it goes for able to close around. oh, he tapped in for birdie. the leader is a fellow named abraham answer. asked me, what do i want for
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the next three days? >> what do you want the next three days? >> i want more green and gold in the coliseum when the yankees come in. then, that deep midnight blue and white. i don't want it to look like a yankee home game. >> come on fans! that is a good call. >> when they ran through matt williams signal- >> he was like holdup! >> it worked out.
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news updates are always on cbs-sf-dot-com. that is it for us. we will see you back here at 6
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pm for a full hour of news. 3 fog rolls into the bay tonight and we will see you in 30 minutes with the latest. thanks for watching. >> quijano: a high-stakes battle over the supreme court. nominee brett kavanaugh is set to face tough questions this week, as democrats blast the white house for refusing to release tens of thousands of documents related to the judge. >> if he is so proud of his conservative credentials, show us the record. stand before us. >> quijano: also tonight, the emotional editorial written by mollie tibbett's father. he calls on americans not to use his daughter's death to advance their political agenda. dozen others injured, after two recreational boats collide. five of the eight victims of the deadly bus crash have been identified. and, a mom gives birth to twins just hours after surviving the horrific collision.


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