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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  September 3, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> and i am anne makovec, in for michelle this morning. we have not too much traffic today. >> in the meantime, our weather is looking good. >> it's going to be nice. the only thing we have would be a little bit of smoky skies. unfortunately, that is what we will be dealing with if you have outdoor plans today. you might want to have the option of taking it inside because the smoke in the sky may bother a few people. here's a look at the highlights for the weather today. inland communities, your stay warm. upper 80s for a lot of you. and entre brisa the coast will keep things pretty cool. the 60s of the beaches. we will see temperatures inland start to cool on wednesday. even thursday before the rise again. hli dip ming up he soon. let's go over to the golden gate bridge. traffic is very light. there
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are no delays reported at all out of the north bay. we're clear all the way to san francisco. looking at the bridge, the drive times are very light. minutes from marina bay parkway. an easy right there. there should not be any trouble getting out into san francisco right now. give yourself 11 minutes you from the macarthur maze through the central freeway. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. not too bad. we will take a look at the past, coming up. developing now in san bernardino, at least 10 people have been shot at the apartment complex. three of the people are in extremely critical pinned -- addition. handgun and rifles appear to be involved in the shooting. so far, no arrests have been made. one state senator wants to file money into cities to help with the overwhelming homeless problem. but they say that the former mayor thinks that the money
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will only make the problem worse. >> reporter: the taxpayers of san francisco are about to throw a lot more money i'd homelessness. lester, the city spent $380 million, a ballot measure in november will add nearly double that amount. the city's former mayor made reference to the money. >> if you want to add another $40 million to the homeless problem, i think the problem will get much worse. i said it. forgive me. it will. or mac he is not saying that many will not help. he is suggesting that it is not the entire solution. until you have cooperation from surrounding governments. >> the only way to address the issue is systemically regionalized the solutions. san francisco will do its part, but the rest of the region has to do their part as well. as governor, i want to establish that framework of engagement. >> we don't want to do is to start throwing money around without having a very clear strategy. >> reporter: state senator is sponsoring three bills
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regarding homelessness the just passed both houses and are now awaiting the governor's signature. that includes sb 1045, which would allow them to take conservatorship of mentally ill homeless folks. >> we want to make sure that there is a certain base level of services in all of our counties so that we do not have a situation where you are homeless and you are living in one county and you feel like you have to move to the county next-door to get the help that you need. >> reporter: former mayor willie brown says a regional solution might keep people from flooding to symphysis go. >> they should be mandated to be part of the solution. a day out on the water this holiday weekend. took a tragic turn when two bites collided head-on on the colorado river. that happened on saturday at sunset the california and arizona border. the boats were traveling about 50 miles per hour when they collided. they knocked 60
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people into the water. parts of the river are still closed as dive teams are searching for missing people. >> there's a heavy debris field. it is scattered on various vessels. >> investigators say no one was wearing life jackets in the ad that speed and the lack of daylight both were factors in the crash. this morning, still no containment on a wildfire sparked by a plane that crashed near lake tahoe. it happened in the mount rose wilderness area near the washoe valley. it is called the slide fire. 20 acres are burned. the crews fought the flames from the ground and the air all afternoon yesterday. >> i cannot say to anybody to relax at this point. remain vigilant in the event that we do get a strong downslope wind. the fires creeping toward the mount rose ski resort.
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as for the plane, does not clear how many people were on board or if anyone survived. a moderate earthquake rattled the south bay. lots of people tweeted that they felt a. it was amended to 3.4 earthquake that struck shortly after 7:00 last night. was in the calaveras reservoir. that is a same spot where work is going on to replace a dam from the 1920s. engineers say that the dam is at risk if a larger quake hit the area. another apple store targeted by thieves. it happened yesterday morning. the suspects ran into the store and grabbed iphones and ipads and then took off in a getaway car that was waiting for them down the street. this is the latest in a string of apple store robberies across the state. last week, three men in hoodies stormed a location in santa rosa and took off with more than $35,000 worth of merchandise. 40s before that, a group of thieves rush into a store here in walnut creek. another attack in oakland.
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station agent was punched in the face. this happened just before midnight saturday night. two women told the agent that a man was harassing him and when the agent came to help, the suspect attacked. the victim should be okay, but violence at that bart station is nothing new. there have been three stabbings there, one of them deadly in the last two months. it is 4:36. we will have a check on the forecast with neda. it will be hazy today. i want to let everyone know. alert has been issued. the wind direction is changing a bit, so it will cause gray skies and not just in the form of cloud cover. let's have a look at the sales force tower camera. the rrent widespread. this is the camera that shows a layer of the clouds. we can't quite see now. 57 degrees in emphasis go. livermore's 54. we're going back to the cloud cover job there . it is not extended towards concorde and livermore. you will see more of the sky once we get the daylight.
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for now, it looks like the north bay and along the coast is where the clouds are hanging around.'s ability wise, it is not a problem right now. a thank you. we're looking at the roadways right now. we're off to a great start. if you're working like the rest of us, you're in luck. will not see any major delays on the freeways right now. it looks nice. very easy conditions. a little's luggage as you pass to a five. nothing to be concerned about. enjoy the what slow traffic what you can. like conditions as well. both directions looking pretty good also. if you're working your way along highway 4. an easy right. it is clear all the way toward the east shore freeway. the body of late senator john mccain is in its final resting place. the man known as america's maverick was buried at apply at his alma mater, the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland.
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the service was a private affahandful of close friends. among them senator joe lieberman. >> when you bury someone, you bury his body, but the soul is living on. i will shed a tear and yet i will think of the fact that i knew a man like john mccain. as a final honor, lit navy flight squadron conducted a flyover with one of the plans breaking off to the others, that is the traditional missing information. lawmakers are bracing for an all-out battle for the supreme court nominee. the nomination discussions the department of justice has determined that the 100,000 pages of documents are protected by constitutional privilege. nonee and that had n
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things to say about him were democrats who'd already announced beforehand that they were going to oppose him. >> senators, harris and diane find -- dianne feinstein will be on the senate committee who will be grilling finds -- to 25. a high-speed chase regarding a u-haul. a mural finishes overnight.
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mount tam when she fell. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. two men are in jail after pleading deputies in a while chase in the south bay in a stolen u-haul van. more on the high-speed pursuit that ended in the nasty crash. >> reporter: the suspects led police on a winding chase in saratoga to san jose with speeds often topping 100 miles per hour. it then crashed here at stevens creek and wolf road. according to the sheriff's department, deputies first spotted the suspects and the stolen u-haul van when they responded to a security alarm a few blocks away. they tried to pull the van over, but the suspects sped off. for the next half hour, deputies chase the suspects on the interstate and on the city
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streets. in the predawn hours, the roads were empty and deserted. until they weren't. the suspects collided with this car in the 65-year-old man kind the wheel. he is going to be okay. one of the suspects climbed out of the window of this u-haul and was taken into custody. the other had to be pried free of the records -- wreckage. a south bay muralist is fighting to fight back after part of his mural was a race during the night. last week, the tribute was painted over with gray paint. we have more in the push to restore it. the 69-year-old returned to the wall at e san jose where he created and iconic mural 33 years ago. it was possibly unlawfully
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erased when it was painted over. graffiti tigers took apart -- took advantage of the space. what did you think when you thought about this? >> i am angry. >> reporter: it was known as the mural de la raza. it was created in 1985 with the help of area teens to bring peace to the streets. >> they can fight. >> he was joined by about 100 supporters, many of them are just themselves. >> these walls have been painted for many many years now. with historical murals that relate to our culture and history. it is being to face. or mac the building has been vacant since the payless shoe store one of the business. >> we do have the property and owner's name.
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it was just closed x growth this week. the next day, she had her crew come out and paint over the wall. unfortunately,ate law. >> reporter: he says he wants to follow case. >> i want the people who destroyed my mural to pay. >> reporter: although they are interested in somehow trying to restore the mural, does not end there. there is talk of the meal -- movement being fueled to protect other cultural icons in san jose. >> we can move this in a positive way so that we can make sure that this does not continue to happen. in san jose, len ramirez. kpix 5. diesel exhaust emissions have hit a record low. they have reduced emissions by
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81% over the past decade and expects to hit the 85% mark by the year 2020. a spokesperson says that cleaner trucks are helping and more importantly, the port is handling larger vessels, which means there are fewer ships with more volume. >> reporter: we are looking ships in. >> eight out of every 10 of them are connected with the land side power grid by big cables. that allows the ship to turn off diesel engines that eliminates exhaust. >> long time resident say that air pollution in west oakland has always been bad. they are praising the courts project but want zero diesel admissions within 15 or 20 years. air-quality managers have called the spare the air alert today for the nomination of smog, warmer temperatures, and smoke from the wildfires move burning from the north. that is something you been keeping an eye on.
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the air quality is not good. if you have outdoor plans, you might notice that it may burn your eyes a little bit. always limit your time outdoors, special if you started to feel the smoke. it is a good day to carpool if that is an option for you today. if you're going from barbecue to barbecue. here's a look right now. this is salesforce tower looking towards these pay. you can see the bay bridge nice and clear this morning. we are not dealing with low- lying fog out there. we do some clouds, but once they are not, you will still look a little gray out there. we're looking at unhealthy for sensitive groups across the state and further up north, the air-quality will be in the monster -- moderate range. the mendocino complex fire is still burning and that will still send smoke into the area. now, we are seeing cloud coverage along the coastline. redwood city, santa rosa, then to the north bay. the inland communities and livermore, it has not extended
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toward you. the winds are not strong enough to push across these pay. we are not waking up to a morning day like that. sustained winds are calm in oakland. through fairfield, that is where it is breezing. the southwest wind coming in at 25 miles per hour. an onshore breeze, which is what temperatures around the bay and the beaches will stay cool. right now, 59 degrees. oakland is 59. livermore city four in san francisco is 57 at this hour. a ridge of high pressure it still to the south of us. it has moved a little bit, but now it is off the coast of california and this is committing to keeping things warm inland. a bit of a north wind coming through. usually we see the west wind coming in and that is what is sending smoke towards us. that will also try things out a little bit. in the east bay hills, you'll notice that will feel a little dry and humidity levels will drop. 80 degrees expected today.
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90 in livermore. 82 degrees in san jose, which is a break from the heat you got yesterday. 66 for the high in san francisco. san francisco is below average conditions. 70 is normal around the bay. here's what we can expect tomorrow. a slight increase as wednesday's temperatures dip on thursday. they will stay normal and then they rise again friday, saturday, and into the weekend. let's look at the roadways now. so far so good. traffic will be nicely in the east bay . we will have one snack for you in just a moment a long one-on-one. if you plan and taking muni, caltrain, or bart, they are running on sunday schedules. no trains running today. there is no ace train service today did the holiday. some of the track closures will be happening. there are bus bridges in place. 19th street station is the transfer point.
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that is in effect throughout the day aswell. everything is hopelly on time. take a look at the roadways. 880 is not too bad. everything is pretty clear here as you work your way along the nimitz freeway. no delays. taking a look at the drive along 518 oakland. if you're headed toward the bay bridge, traffic will be light here as well. will see the bulk of the delays here as everyone comes home over the holiday weekend. no delays. if you're heading into san francisco, the traffic is quiet. we do have a report in accidents near 101. there is some debris on the roadway. keep that in mind. thank you. a pair of long-lost siblings with each other for the first time in the area. the reunion was six decades in the making. >> we see what tour them apart the gift that brought them back together. most people arrive at the airport to change the location. esther sousa came here to change your life.
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>> i'm still pinching myself because it feels unreal. >> reporter: it started last month when her best friend melissa gave her an search for a gift. board in germany in 1956 and adopted by california couple, esther grew up as an only child in the central valley. so she was not prepared for the phone call she got from a man in virginia. >> this is hard for me. he says a you're one of my brothers and sisters. honestly, i thought it was going to pass out. >> reporter: that man was also an adoptive. he was also born in germany to the same mother. a woman named -- they are waiting for the plane to arrive carrying the brother who found her. the brother she never knew she had. >> i finally had to ask her, do have your mother's name? and when she said her mother's name, i said your mother is my
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mother. >> reporter: six of the nine siblings are all from different fathers, had been adopted out without knowledge of each other. postwar germany was a difficult place for young single girl and ursula will be did what she had to. >> i'm not here to judge her in any way. i am just grateful that she gave me the opportunity to live. >> i am 62 years old. want to make sure that i meet them all before anything happens. >> i'm in the fourth quarter. why now? i don't know. i am loving every minute of it, that is for sure. >> they have an amazing new chapter to start off by now. three weeks ago, esther met one sister who had been living in mill valley. with another brother meet -- ec
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good morning, everyone. oakland is below average by a few degrees. temperature-wise in the south bay, mid-eighties for santa clara. 86 in milpitas. in the east bay, we will feel warm today. smoky as smoky skies under the sunshine. you might want to limit time outdoors. that is where the cool air is. it will continue into lake
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county. > there's a vehicle that rolled over. there is debris in the roadway. this is southbound 101 just before 92. it looks like the traffic is still very light as you work your way through their. and jim carrey is back in a new tv series. we have more on today's ion entertainment. that is unusual in. harry potter fans can head back to hogwarts and in the film the "crimes of grindenwold" which is that decades before ers albus dumbledoreies. . it hit serious -- theaters
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soon. there's the latest major film festival promising to close the gender gap and increase inclusion in a veme 50-50 by 2020. it is been criticized by having only one film by woman in this year's competition. the groups top management signed a pledge to provide transparency in the selection process. >> help me welcome mr jeff pickles. >> jim carrey starts in a new comedy drama. it follows mr pickles as his family life crumbles behind the happy fagade. it will premiere on showtime on sunday. that is the ion entertainment. it is 4:57. a pair of boats collide. >> the frantic search to find the missing. an overnight gunbattle at an apartment complex since 10 people to the hospital in
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southern california . we will have the latest on the investigation right after this.
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now at five: at least ten people shot at live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. it is a very chaotic scene. the crowd was uncooperative. at least 10 people shot of the southern california apartment complex. the investigation unfolding and a search for suspects. a plane crash near lake tahoe sparks a growing wildfire. senate democrats are questioning the record of president trump's second nominee to the u.s. supreme court. what those lawmakers want released before brett kavanaugh is confirmed to the higher court. good morning, it is monday, september 3. i am kenny choi. >> and i am anne makovec.


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