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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  September 14, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it's friday. the favorite day of the week. good morning, everyone. >> i am emily turner in this morn were for kenny. >> yeah, sleeping in right now. >> yeah, we made toted the end of the week. >> yeah, it's great. >> temperatures are going to be too bad. >> yeah, it's a cool day across for us in the bay area. we're waking up to clouds in the arch land locations as well. we will have the clearing once again with if afternoon sunshine and the cooler weather continuing. let's talk about the low cloud and fog action. we're getting it again along the coast. parts of the bay and inland locations. check out napa. it's a dense fog there. the highs today are looking pretty nice. it's upper 60s in oakland and mid 70s for napa. >> right now we're tracking the
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ride along highway 37. we do have a fog advisory in place for drivers across the stretch. be careful from using high beams. it's a 20-minute ride from 80 to 101. we're tracking the slow downs from interstate 80. caltran has the road work going on there. we're going down and that should be wrapped up by 5:00 this morning. it's a 17-minute ride. well, the storm watch now and despite the weakening to a category 1, hurricane florence is packing a punch on the east coast. a live look at where florence is right now. on the right a look at the storm damage done overnight in the carolinas. you can see the roads under water and wind damage done to several buildings. officials are urging people to take shelter. >> to anyone still unwilling to take this storm seriously, let me be clear. you need to get
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yourself to a safe place now. >> south carolina governor henry mcmaster said that the state is bracing for historic rain, flooding and even landslides. >> this is still a very dangerous storm. not only on the coast, but also in the interior. >> evacuation orders are in affect in wilmington and other places up and down the eastern seaboard. more than a million and a half people were told to seek higher ground ahead of what could be a 13-foot storm surge. >> the only thing that really fears me is that if we get a flood. other than that, i'm okay. >> maybe lee is tracking florence as it closes in. >> yeah, that's right, michelle. it's very close to land fall. we have been watching it for some time. about 30 minutes ago wilmington was clocking wind speeds at 91 miles an hour. let's show you the enhanced imagery of hurricane florence here. it's close to making the land fall.
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you can see that this is wind particle s and just how tight the pressure gradiants are. check out the winds right now. wilmington at 83 miles per hour winds currently. let's show you the protected path here. it's likely going to stay a hurricane for today and even after it makes land fall. even by saturday morning it's still a category 1 hurricane and then down tropical storm on saturday afternoon. it's close to the coast, and because of that we're talking ability a lot of rain. life-threatening storm surge and damaging winds and as much as three feet of rain fame possible. michelle. >> mary, thank you. ahead in the next half hour, a live report from north carolina on current conditions there. you can also track hurricane florence and find up dates as the storm hits on the website president trump is accusing democrats of inflating the death
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toll from hurricane mama re yeah to attack him. the president treated 3 thousand people did not die in the two hurricanes that did puerto rico. this was done by the democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible. researchers found that the deaths came in the days, weeks and months after the hurricane struck last month. as the supplies dwindled. the san jose catholic diocese say that is they're going to release the names of priest that abused children. kpix 5 spoke to a victim on the significance and why he is skeptical. >> it's going to be painful. it's a tough thing. >> reporter: if the diocese releases the names of priest that sexually abuse children, john's prerp traitor is -- perpetrator is among them. >> to see the names out there,
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it's powerful. >> reporter: for john, believing the church saying that they're going to follow with the word is not easy. >> the church has failed over and over saying that they're going to do something and they do not carry it out. >> you have some doubt then? >> yeah, i have a good reason to have doubt. >> reporter: john is one of the 12 molested in st. martin in the 70s. he says when he reported it as an adult, they simply turned a blind eye. >> they were not writing anything down. they were not recording anything. they announced a need for the reform and that's the allegations of sexual abuse and that includes talking to clerical sexual abuse victims and releasing the names of the priests that abused the minors and using a former fbi executive's firm to do a search
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and how the church handled them. >> what took so long. i would have loved for something to come out back then. i would have prayed for it. >> reporter: although he stands by the religion, he cannot say the same for those leading the church. >> i have doubt that they will provide all of the information that they say that they have. as much as i am a practicing catholic, you have to allow them to come clean. >> reporter: the bishop says that they may release more names after investigation. we reached out to an oakland diocese, and they have not decided if they're going release any names. an urgent meeting at the vatican. calth lick leader from the u.s. meet with pope francis to discuss the sex abuse crisis. he said that -- they said that pope francis listened deeply but offered no details and the next
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step. a battle over bret cavuto's cav -- this is coming a week before the vote. >> the latest drama of bret cavuto -- that was deliver today the senator. i have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. they requested confidentiality and declined to come forbard, and i have honored that decision. i have referred the matter to federal investigative authorities. anybody can make a referral says jeff harp. a former assistant about in charge of the fbi field office.
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>> the doj and the arm of justice for the united states government has an i g. they certainly can look in to that. >> reporter: the white house shot back calling it an 11th hour attempt to delay the confirmation. a referral does not mean that kavanaugh is under investigation. they say that any investigation that maybe opened would not move at the speed that democrats may not like to block the domination from reaching the full senate. >> in my opinion, whoever conducts this investigation, it will take some time. it will not happen tonight. it will not happen tomorrow. they're going make sure that they have the facts right because of the nature of the person that the allegations are made against. >> in fact, harp says that kavanaugh's position may make it that much trickier. >> this is a supreme court nominee whose reputation is at stake. that's not taken
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lightly. >> the senate judiciary says to move the vote to september 20th. the first step in the confirmation is highly expected to pass out of committee on a straight party line vote. president trump's former campaign chairman chairman paul manafort has reached a deal. he was convicted last month on 8 counts of crimes. now he is trying to avoid a separate charge of witness tampering and money laundering and acting as an unregistered russian agent. details will be revealed at a court hearing this morning. now, going to the morning commute. >> yeah, jacqueline is tracking it and it's live for us. >> yeah, so far and so good. it's a live look at interstate 4. we're seeing the delays and there's road work scheduled to wrap up by 5:00.
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looks like they scheduled early. they're making the way in the westbound direction and we're seeing the slow downs on the maps here. it looks like this is a different stretch of the road wor this is going to powell and we do have it closer to emoryville there. things should be wrapping up by 5:00. it's an 18-minute ride and you're under 20 minutes over and at the toll plaza, no lights and just a few cars backing up in the lanes. >> thank you, jacqueline. police say that a love triangle could be a motive behind a deadly rampage that left six people dead. current authorities say that 54-year-old hah yahr gunned down his wife before taking his own life. video camera here shows the confrontation of a shooter and deputies. officers can be heard ordering him to put the gun down
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before he shoots himself. the sheriff called the killings a case of targeted domestic violence. he say that is him and his wife were going through a divorce, and he accused his wife of cheating on him. among the victims was a mother of four that police say may have been killed in front of her four children while trying to protect her father. the fbi and other investigators are looking in to dozens of natural gas related explosions and fire in three massachusetts cities. as many as 80 fire s erupted yesterday afternoon in the lawrence -- fires erupted yesterday afternoon in the lawrence area. thousands of homes were evacuated and although some oflo return. a man in lawrence was reportedly killed when a which i am any fell on to the car. schools and all three cities are closed today and exact cause is
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still unknown, but authorities believe that the gas fines were over pressurized. the time is 4:41. ordering the tower to fix the safety issues or get yellow tagged. why they're backing off that threat. plus, they have had it with jiber and lyft. why the cities idea of a fix will not cut it.
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millennium tower in san francisco... after the city threatened to yellow-tag the building. the latest trouble -- began with a cracked window. kpix five's christin ayers... on the tower's temporary reprieve. ((pkg)) natsot building workers scrambling to put up
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and that's something that could be yellow tagged. >> we're hopeful and that's the residence and management at the tower reporting and just received the confirmation that no corrective action will be taking at this time. many are building here or not yellow tagged. all 416 units for the problems. >> san francisco kpix 5. that's making the change and that took place of the ferry and
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that's designed and that's the charging stations and that's going to be in the truck stops. -- & that's the health issue and that's the level and that's taking place and that's on the electric ferry. all right. we are going to get a check on weather right now. what's going on outside. >> we have the fog and the clouds that are back. we're going to see that sun. it's
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starting off today cloudy. >> and that's in san jose and mid to upper 40s in the north bay and santa rosa there. this is what you can expect again. we're starting off the day with the low clouds and fog for the on shore flow. that's really kicking in for us. we have that once again, and we will have that clearing through the afternoon, and we will stay below average for this time of the year. it's 5 to 10 degrees below average. it's because of the chilly northwest and bridging the rain for washington state. they have had a lot of activity. there's thunderstorms for the week and still dealing with the rain. for us, you can
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see the jet stream really taking the dip and ushering the cool air once again. this cool air is going to continue not just for today but through the weekend and in to early next week. staying cool and a lot of sunshine. that's the trend as we go through the next several days. it's a lot of weekend events going on. it does look fantastic for the event. we have the dragon boat festival and looking at the temperature in the upper 60s for the event, and then bark in the park this saturday. that's tomorrow in san jose. it's mid 70s and looking great if you're heading out there. this is what you can expect for the high temperatures today. we're looking at the mid 60s in san francisco and upper 70s in santa rosa and then as well for low 70s and then redwood city and mountain view and for fremont and san jose. the inland locations looking in the mid 70s and some spots
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topp at 80 degrees. it's very pleasant weather for sure across the region. this is what you can expect for the 6-day forecast. it's cooler and upper 70s inland tomorrow. we're looking at mid 60s for the bay and then upper 60s along the coast and then that's 80s for sunday and then staying cool throw next week as well. jacqueline, how is it looking out there? well, we're tracking the slow down for the drivers making the way in tracey. they're seeing the red and yellow maps. this is a map of 205 approaching 580 and that's a slow and stop. that's in the direction and dipping:then you start to pick up the speed by the time you gea 23-minute ride over to the interchange. heading out of problem westbound 24, you're looking
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fantastic. cannot say that too often. over along 680 and 242, things are speeding up. no delays as you go alongs the 580 approach. we're tracking the westbound and this is near gillman & keep a close eye on that for the next 23 minutes. that's over at the bay bridge plaza and that's the street that's shut down between third and fourth and that's the rest of september. i was downtown yesterday and it took me 46 minutes to go two miles. if you can avoid downtown, i would encourage you do so. that's a look at the traffic.
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and they do not have to deal with it. yesterday the cab drivers had a chance to comment on the reforms designed to help the struggling drivers. among the proposals is the limits on which holders pick up the fares at the airport. >> we have a problem that the taxi drivers cannot find passengers. >> many cab drivers consider the airport business the most lucrative in town. dozens of restaurants are pledging to go low carbon. we have the summit and having a zero food >> the fight against the climate change is not found in the
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kitchen. as the provisions and the sister restaurant, the progress, chief stewart is serving climate dishes. >> i app hoping that people will realize more and more the affect on the choices that they make by the food that they're eating. >> it's why he built the restaurants around the state blt and why he is one of the 60 top area restaurants participating in zero food print week in partnership with the golden restoration. >> what is fascinating is that according to the quality management. when they look at the greatest sources of the carbon, transportation by no surprise is the number one sector and then number two was in the process of the production of the food. >> each footprint is measured by
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the zero food print organization. it receives an and that's the delivering. and that's going to be under water for a roof and that's the carbon and using all parts of the animal and for example and this is made from all of the trend from portioning the center cuts and no parts. and that's the coffee shop and not producing the food waste. there's a lot of little things that people can do.
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>> in san francisco, belty with kpix 5. music star riana takes on fashion week. the mission to make it about body positivity.
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rihanna shows off her new lingerie line...and a star lingerie line...and a star tribute for actor eric mccormack. hilary lane has those stories and more in today's eye on entertainment.
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ric mcco well, riahanna showing off her new line of link harrah. >> we have those stories and more on today's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: hollywood celebrated with a star on the walk of fame. the will and grace actor joked about leaving it the tinsel town. >> i will probably die in canada and deborah on thursday's ceremony. that's been dropped against gretchen wilson against the flight last month. in return and that's arrested out of connecticut airport and accused of responding statement and riannha released the spring link harrah line. this singer
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showcased pieces for a wide range and diverse group of models. >> i want them to hear the body types and different woman. and and that's cbs news. 4:58 right now. hurricane florence makes land fall overnight and pushing up winds and slamming the coast with rain. a live report with the damage and evacuation next. plus, a radio active found at a shipyard site after they say that the location is safe. the battle that the homeowners are fighting next.
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hurricane florence weakes to a category 1 as it slowly makes live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 studios. >> this is still a dangerous storm in


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