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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a vote on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is on hold until we hear from the bay area woman accusing him of sexual assault. a deputy in sacramento county is killed in a shootout at an auto parts store. of the deadly confrontation unfolded. and one bay area school district is getting a lifeline from the state in the midst of a serious funding crisis. good morning, it is tuesday, september 18, i am michelle griego. and i am kenny choi. let's have a look at the weather and traffic first. let's look to mary lee. >> it is a really pleasant day. if you like the weather yesterday, very similar conditions for today. we will warm things up beginning tomorrow. here is a live look with the
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san jose cam starting off the day with the clouds. they are currently in the 50s for many spots. concord, oakland, san francisco , 52 in livermore and san jose and santa rosa. the weather headlights. after low clouds and fog, we will have the clearing and sunshine. some mild conditions once again. breezy onshore flow. cool conditions. we're looking at daytime highs running from 7 to 11 degrees below average. warming up by tomorrow and especially by thursday. if you want the warmer weather, you have got it. you get a the middle part of the week. highs today 63. 76 in santa rosa. we're looking at 69 in fremont. 17 mountain view and 72 in san jose. we will talk about the big warm up and how warm the temps will be getting for us, coming up. we're deftly seeing the slowdowns build along interstate 80. here is a live look. this is near highway for 4. the
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westbound side is getting heavy. we are tracking an accident in the westbound direction. it is at san pablo dam road. this speeds are approaching 20 miles per hour. we're heading over to the bay bridge told plaza. we're still in the yellow . it is a 16 minute ride heading into san francisco. the backup has finally reached the maze. and 880 dealing with a lot of brake lights in that direction. an 18 minute ride down to dakota road. it is right near tennyson. it is no longer blocking any lanes, but it is not helping in the morning commute. this morning, police are investigating a heist at a t- mobile store after thieves midway with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. kpix 5's anne makovec's of the other businesses say that similar robberies are two common.
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>> reporter: so far, these guys have gotten away with it as they have in those other robberies. this case, it happened in the busy shopping center here in concord on a busy road. three robbers stormed into the t-mobile store yesterday. this was during business hours, they grabbed tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including almost all of the cell phones and tablets on display. threatening customers and employees as they gathered the goods. concord police dusted for fingerprints, but so far, the robbers are still on the loose. this is, as kenny mentioned, a slew of similar robberies around northern california. check out how quickly thieves rob the apple store a santa rosa earlier this month. making off with about $35,000 in electronics. no word on if any of the robberies are connected. it does have those in the cell phone industry concerned and taking precautions. >> we have devices in place that keep our products , so
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, unlike some of the corporate stores, it's a little bit harder for a thief to actually grab some of our items. >> reporter: is for is what we know about the robbers in this case, we know that they were wearing hoodies and got away in a green honda. it looks like in early 2000's model. if you know anything about the robbers, please call the police. that was anne makovec with the very latest in concord. thank you back an unbelievable scene in virginia were 12 tornadoes have been reported as the remnants of florence push into the area. one of the tornadoes turned deadly. a worker at a flooring warehouse was killed when the building collapsed. florence is responsible for at least 32 deaths. the rain has moved out of the carolinas and a massive relief effort is underway. workers will begin handing out supplies in wilmington, north carolina.
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the city 120,000 residents has been cut off from the rest of the state. that is due to the flood waters. chris have you had to use military trucks and helicopters to deliver food and water to the city. a vote on brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination is on hold. the area woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her back in high school is preparing to tell her story to congress now. >> reporter: in a publicly televised hearing on monday, supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh and psychology fester christine blasey ford will face off. she said that cavanaugh -- kavanaugh pinned her on her back and covered her mouth. >> he was trying to attack me remove my clothing, he said. i thought he might inadvertently kill me.
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>> he said in a statement, i categorically and unequivocally denied the allegation. i did not do this back in high school or at any time. >> never even had a little blemish on his record. >> reporter: democrats say that in addition to the public hearing, and a ei investigation is needed before the senate votes on the nomination. this morning, senator kamala harris is addressing the allegations. you can hear her on "cbs this morning" that starts at 7 am. the leaders of north and south korea are hoping to resolve the disagreements that have stalled the nuclear disarmament talks. the south korean president arrived in pyongyang. he intends to push for a permanent peace solution with north korea. flags of the state capital are flying at half staff in honor of a sheriff's deputy killed in a shootout. started when employees at a pep boys store in rancho cordova
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called 911 after some sort of disturbance. they arrived, the suspect fired in their direction. after an exchange of gunfire, two deputies were hit. one of them was hit fatally. witnesses say that he was just a retaining wall away from the barrage of bullets. >> an employee said "down there. down there. and then i kept hearing the pops. and then it stopped for a few seconds. the last time was rapidfire. >> the second deputy hit by gunfire is expected to survive. the suspect is recovering in the hospital. the 27-year-old deputy is a four year veteran and he was killed in the shootout. he and his wife got married earlier this year. so far, the motive in the shooting. school ches, t theybe getting some financial help from the state. the school district estimates that it will be more than $30 million in the red starting next school year.
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the bill recently signed by the governor will cover up to 75% of the shortfall. that might not be enough as it deals with the fallout from a teacher shortage. the district said they may need to consolidate some schools and make other budget cuts. california could be on the verge of having the strongest net neutrality standards of any state. we're here now to explain why the feds could intervene. there are some roadblocks that could prevent it from happening. the purpose of the bill is to restore the net neutrality protections, meaning that there would be no more so-called fast lanes on the internet. the approved a bill that would prevent internet providers, including cell phone carriers, from blocking or slowing certain websites. is that will allow big telecom companies to thrive by allowing them to roll out pay to play plans and block certain websites. the chairman of the fcc says that california's anticipated new law is illegal and he will
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fight back against the. at an event last week in portland, maine, he called it radical for anti-consumers. the state allows consumers to stream video, music, and the like, exempt from data limits. there are par -- popular in the marketplace, especially among lower income americans., it but he said that apparently they want to ban the institutes from having that choice. does being challenged in court. they will be in separate -- sacramento this afternoon to sign the bill. if he signs a bill into law, the fcc still has to approve it. >> this is because the fcc says individual states cannot make up their own net neutrality laws. they say would be to infusing for companies like verizon to follow different laws in different states. >> that is an ongoing battle. the time now is 6:09. a new lawsuit says the catholic church is continuing to put dissipate in a cover-up to protect abusive priests.
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and tessa could have some serious competition in the electric car market. the bay area company that just got a powerful new backer. if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance. is set to appear in court for sentencing. 60-year-old debra ann windholz pleaded no contest to ts of arson. she happening day, a n chwith spking fis. e is set to urt for sentencing.
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she pleaded no contest to three counts of arson. she faces up to six months in jail and 4 years probation. the fires sparked in 2015 and 2017, prosecutor said that she admitted to throwing away lint cigarettes and matches were several of the fires were sparked. abuse victims are suing the catholic church on the heels of a shocking grand jury report. the catholic church in pennsylvania protected 301 predator priests and work to silence more than 1000 victims. about 20 names of suspected abusers were redacted. according to lawsuit filed yesterday the church is been fighting to protect their anonymity. they claim that that amounts to a cover-up that is continuing to this day. >> the days of concealment need to be over and that is with the lawsuit says. the release of the important information so that today's children, today's catholic children and other children are safer.
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>> the lawsuit aims to force pennsylvania dioceses to release the names redacted from the grand jury report. abuse victims from california held a rally at the state capital yesterday to call for similar investigations into the church. demonstrators say the police and local prosecutors have not been aggressive enough in following up on abuse cases. governor brown has signed a new bill requiring inspections on apartment balconies and decks. the proposal was in response to the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley back in 2015. six people died in the tragedy. afterwards, investigators found the balcony was poorly sealed and infested with dry rot. the new bill will require periodic inspections on complexes with three or more units. a company that rivals tesla. they are backing the bay area's other electric car maker. they have investors from saudi arabia -- saudi arabia the want to invest $12 billion. they want to corner the luxury
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car market. their plans to break ground on a factory in arizona. they hope to bring the car to market by 2019. delivery has been rescheduled for 2020. we consider the model us to be a premium price technology car, but we don't converts it -- considered to be a full luxury experience. owning a lucid car does not come cheap. it will be $60,000 and you put down a refundable deposit of $2500. i would if there's a time where there are nice luxury cars under $25,000. >> probably not. it's always going up. >> that's only way i could do it. >> i would even own cars. >> could we just call. >> we could have self driving cars. >> then we would have to deal with parking. >> we have a traffic alerts. this is not looking good for drivers on the east shore freeway. this is westbound 80 at san
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pablo dam road. it has the two left lames gust lanes locked. distressed well along highway 4. this beazer dropping below 10 miles per hour. it will be a 30 minute ride from highway 4 over to the maze. depends on how long the lanes are blocked. it could be much longer. if you travel this route, you had better leave the house now. if not, and you know someone who does, get them a call. you may want to use an alternate route. the parkways getting slows before using the area as a alternate route. but the speeds are reduced along westbound 80. we are tracking a little bit above backup over the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been hit or miss. it is fluctuating there. right now, looks like it is flowing freely, approaching the maze. then things start to slow down heading into san francisco. we have an earlier accident. it is in the clearing stages are no longer blocking any lanes.
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take a look at this. there's a backup that it has created. there's a 20 minute ride on the 238 down to highway 84. let's check in with mary lee for the forecast. we are taking a live outside. this is a salesforce tower camera. you can see that what tower is lit up in green there for constitution day and citizenship day today. we have to get those words out. we're starting off the day with cloudy skies and even some areas of low clouds and fog in spots. currently concord and oakland are 58. livermore, san jose, and santa rosa in 52. as we go through the day, we're going have clearing. afternoon sunshine and another mild day in store for us. very similar to yesterday. the time highs running 7 to 11 degrees below average once again today. warmer weather arrives for tomorrow. let's get ready for that. here's a satellite and radar view. just to show you the upper level low it remains in place for one more day and that is today. changes for tomorrow is the ridge of high pressure builds
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in for us. we are looking at much warmer weather getting wednesday and especially for thursday. this is futurecast to show you the ridge of high pressure. there is less ocean influence . we will have the northerly dry winds and temperatures will be heating up, especially by thursday. daytime highs today running about 7 to 11 degrees below average. for the south bay, we're looking at 73. 71 and san jose. for inland locations, 78 in brentwood. 74 for a high in antioch. looking at 76 in fairfield. the high temperatures across the north bay will be 76 for you and santas a -- san jose. we're looking at nice comfortable days at 63 in sausalito as well as for san francisco. across the east bay, berkeley a 65 at alameda at 66. as we head farther north, you
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can see a kia at 83. 82 for clearlake. here's the 7-day forecast. and what you can expect. check out tomorrow as we begin to warm things up. we're looking at mid 80s inland on wednesday there. upper 60s low 70s for the bay. low 60s along the coast. there we go with the heat for thursday. some of the warmer spot inland will be in the low 90s for thursday inland. mid-70s for the bay. low to mid 60s for the coast. still warm to end out the work week. we will slowly cool things down for the weekend and into early next week. that is look at weather, let's check in with sports with dennis. and you remember the last time the giants actually won a game on the road? and the raiders coach is going to have more nightmares, more than he did last night. courtesy of number 52. 's latest primetime performance is next.
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it takes about two seconds on twitter defined media.
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they are ripping gordon for trading khalil mack. if you didn't feel bad enough, check out khalil mack last night. seattle recovered the football. zach wilson got a six times. wilson was picked off and returned 49 not yards for a pick six. chicago is a 24-17 winner. now, and sundays 2019 loss at denver, the raiders had an extra point block. they had a critical drop in the fourth and one in the 4th quarter. he didn't have to get in-depth with the film to know that missed opportunities like that cost them their first win of the year. >> i try to stay in shallow water not get to deep and philosophical. h4td we have to t
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convert that play. we missed a couple plays that we should make. we are work in progress. we have a long way to go. we're going to get there. i'm going to remain confident in the. the giants in san diego for some rock paper scissors and a little baseball. top of the fifth. giants leading to -1. evan longoria connecting for a home run. the 16th of the year. that is a first road win sense august 23. in the nfl, traded from the browns to the new england patriots. there were some thinking that the 49ers might make a stab at him, but it didn't happen. gordon is going to the patriots. we will see you tonight. thank you. we had across the pond for the play of the day. soccer. english premier league action. >> what a goal!
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magnificent strike! >> from way downtown. was a line drive kick and he bends it a little bit. look at the turn. he bends it like beckham. the beauty in the kick in the play of the day. the time is 6:26. the palo alto professor accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh receives a big show of support the bay area. another brazen robbery at a cell phone store. this time in the east bay. coming up, what police have to go on in the search for the robbers. next.
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♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. surveillance video could be the key to tracking down the
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men behind a disturbing attack outside of a bay area home. of florence is dumping rain in the mid-atlantic after spawning a destructive series of tornadoes in virginia. we have one more day of mild conditions with cooler than normal temperatures for this time of year. a big warm up is on the way. the forecast is coming up next. drivers are starting to see red out on the roadways. we're tracking not one, not two, but three separate traffickers. good morning, i am kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego. it is 6:30. thousands of dollars worth of electronics swiped from a bay area t-mobile store. what we know about this heist? >> reporter: we don't have a very good description of the robbers in this case. the whole operation was similar to what we have seen up and down california. already this year. this is in a very busy area of
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concord. it is a very busy shopping center. this happened during business hours. three robbers stormed into the t-mobile store yesterday grabbing tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including nearly all of the cell phones and tablets on display, threatening customers and employees as they gathered the goods. concord police dusted for fingerprints, but so far, the robbers are still on the loose. this is one of the slew of similar robberies this year around northern california. check out how quickly the thieves robbed this apple store in fresno. this was in july. they took $27,000 worth of goods . the happened again in broad daylight. it was 11:30 on a saturday morning. they took 30 seconds. the people the store described it as a takeover style robbery. no word on if either of the robberies are connected. it does have those in the cell phone industry concerned. >> it is worrisome to have this kind of crime and see not so
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much prosecution and apprehension of the criminals. >> reporter: the robbers took off in a green honda early 2000's model. again,e ow that it on,ifou y rmion, cal e co ve kpix 5. in san francisco, three-man caught on camera mugging a man in broad daylight. it happened in dolores park. video from a nest camera showing a victim walking down the street on sunday evening with the men got out of the parked car. one of them punched the victim while the other stole his cell phone. the suspects ran back to the getaway car and you can see that the victims pants were ripped. police are still looking for these suspects. that is disturbing video. what is not disturbing is
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looking outside. the skies are looking pretty beautiful right now. >> it is gorgeous out there. let's take a look at the camera here. beautiful skies with the colors. off the daheoof cam. can see the bay bridge and cloudy skies as we start off the day. this is around san francisco. in concord, we're looking at 58, as well as oakland and san francisco. livermore and san jose at 52 and 51 four santa rosa. in the weather headlines, we will have that clearing. the sunshine as we had through the day. mild conditions and breezy onshore flow keeping us on the cooler side. we're looking at daytime highs running about 7 to 11 degrees below average. very similar to what we saw yesterday. we will be warming up as we had through tomorrow and especially by thursday. the high temperatures are 63 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 73 for napa. let's go check in with jaclyn.
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thank you. right now, we're tracking a big backup. we had some earlier traffic alerts and it looks like it just got cleared. this is great news, but the damage is done, we're still seeing delays in the red. this is the first crash on westbound 80. it is no longer blocking lanes, but the backup still stretches well beyond highway 4. here's a live look at the slowdowns that the crash caused. you can see just under a 50 minute ride. you to give yourself an extra 30 or so minutes if you're headed out the door on interstate 80 as part of your commute. heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza, we're still the yellow. 70 minutes in san francisco. it is just getting there is going to be a struggle. south and 680 still dealing with delays from two earlier problems the southbound direction. it is no longer blocking any lanes.
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that is trafficked . we will send it back over to you. new rules for electric scooters in oakland. the city council passed an ordinance to regulate them that requires a maintenance team in specific locations for the dockless scooters. the ordinance also includes a discounted membership plan for those who are low income. it also states that these scooters are to be distributed equally throughout the city of oakland. a bay area group makes the public show of support for the woman who says he she was sexually assaulted by supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. members of the group by any means necessary gathered to support the palo alto professor christine blasey ford. ford and kavanaugh will testify before the judiciary committee on thursday. >> we know the kind of backlash that women take. the kind of assassination on our character. the slanders. the blaming of the victim. we know this must not have been the decision that she took lightly at all. because the stakes could not be higher. >> the confirmation vote has been delayed until after monday's hearing.
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a trump administration official is taking aim at of net neutrality bill on governor brown's desk. jackie ward is here once again to explain what that could mean for internet speeds and -- in california. >> reporter: california versus the feds, no surprise. governor brown, if he signs the bill, california would have this dog is net neutrality standards in the nation. the net -- obama era rules and did last year. a new set of standards were approved, which many think will hurt consumers because it would allow some content to be blocked. it passed in sacramento last month and prevents internet providers from blocking, slowing, or favoring certain websites. the chairman of the fcc says a california cannot set its own rules and he calls them more burdensome than those adopted in 2015. on friday, he said that california's micromanagement poses a risk to the rest of the country. rock band is in interstate service.
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internet traffic does not recognize state lines. only the government can set regulatory policy in the country. it will directly impact citizens in other states. the fcc starts to approve the bill. if governor brown signs it into law, because it is responsible for overseeing internet providers. there will be a press conference in california this afternoon to urge governor brown to sign the bill. the trump administration meanwhile is slashing the number of refugees allowed into the united states by one third next year. the limit will now be 30,000 refugees. that is 15,000 fewer refugees than this year. florence is now responsible for at least 32 deaths, including one from a tornado that hit virginia. do shaping up to be one of the costliest storms ever hit the u.s. reporter lauren desta -- laura podesta shows is a many towns
6:38 am
are still underwater. >> reporter: a building and torrent -- tornadoes. one person died another was injured when this warehouse collapse. >> there were plenty of people in the warehouse. they were working and we didn't have any more injuries or deaths. >> reporter: a handful of possible tornadoes struck north carolina yesterday. >> we thought the florence was gone. we thought she was gone. >> reporter: residence throughout the core alanis -- residents throughout the carolinas are still recovering. >> they didn't pay attention to the evacuation thing yesterday because i wanted to stay. >> inside my house was five feet this morning. everything downstairs is ruined. >> reporter: economists estimate that fords could end up one of the top 10 costliest hurricane to hit the u.s. was $17-$22 billion in property damage. maybe more.
6:39 am
larry baldwin is with the north carolina environmental group. he flew over flooded areas to assess the farmland. >> the situation is not good, but it is likely to get much worse throughout the rest of the week. as the waters start to get to their flood levels. >> reporter: the city of wilmington is handing out 60,000 packaged meals this morning to residents still trapped by flooded roads. 18 counties in north carolina have qualified for federal disaster aid. the time now is 6:39. "game of thrones" is a huge hit at the end -- emmy awards again. and a comedy legend taking home his first award after more than four decades. y a mcdonald's workers across the country, including the bay area, are going on strike today.
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products. the country says it's in this just in, china is adding a tariff on $60 billion of u.s. products. as jason brooks explains, apple is emerging unscathed. . >> good morning. apple had expected that the air pods would be included in the $200 billion in chinese goods that are being hit with the 10% tariffs in the u.s. they are not. apple is not totally off the hook here. trying not to hit the u.s. with another $60 billion in tariffs, but also threatening to restrict component sales to the u.s. supply change. that can affect iphone production. this is important with the
6:44 am
iphones about to ship before the critical hollywood season. the round would affect all of apple's products made in china. the stock market fell yesterday in anticipation of these latest tariffs. let's see how they are to digesting the news as it has become real this morning. let's go to the big board see how we are doing as we look at to see the dow moving higher by 90 points. the nasdaq is gaining 40 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. thank you. meanwhile, mcdonald's employees around the country are walking off the job. striking workers say that fast food giant needs to review their procedures. according to a 2016 survey, 40% of female fast food workers
6:45 am
have experienced unwanted sexual harassment and behavior on the job. let's get another check on traffic. never eight dull day on the roadways. if you're getting ready to head out the door, there are traffic alerts. chp has canceled them, but we are still tracking pretty bad slowdowns . we will take it out to 680. slow stop go as you go down highway 84. it is a 60 minute ride. that is not the difficult part. we're tracking if you accident south of their. going down to the boulevard, it is a 22 minute commute. in the red, steve speeds dip below 20 miles per hour. looks like all lanes have cleared along the southbound of 680. we just confirmed that was chp. expect delays to continue. going to san jose, northbound 101 is in the red. is a 43 minute commute from
6:46 am
hillier to san antonio. if you can avoid that, i would strongly encourage you to find an alternate route this morning, depending on where you are heading out of. it is a 45 minute ride from highway 4 to the maze. once you get over the bay bridge toll plaza, we're not the red or the yellow. it is looking okay. 60 minutes, 80 minutes, if you're heading into san francisco, 101, highway 37, and highway 4 out of antioch. they are slammed. and they are definitely in the red. let's check in with mary lee on the forecast. let's take you live outside and the muni shot at the embarcadero. you can see the bay bridge in the background thanks to our amazing photographer rick. let's take you above the clouds. you can see beautiful mount diablo there. it is above the low clouds of for a gorgeous sunrise. currently, we're looking at 58 in concord. 58 as well in oakland.
6:47 am
livermore's 52. 56 in san francisco. 52 in santa say -- san jose. what to expect? areas of low clouds and fog along the coast. parts of the bay this morning. we will see clearing sunshine as we head through the afternoon . it is a mild day in store for us as we are looking at temperatures very similar to what we saw yesterday. another day below average by about 7:00 -- 7 to 11 degrees. another cool day in store for us, but very pleasant with the sunshine warming up, especially by thursday. the dry stretch continues. we go 154 days in san jose where we have not seen any measurable rain all. today will make day 155. isith e y april 16 was the last time san jose saw about 0.25 inches of rain. that puts us in the night position for the all-time driest streaks in san jose since record-keeping began. likely tying the eight spots of
6:48 am
159 back in 1993. -- 1893. with the week is over, we will go to the position and likely farther than that as we go through the next several days. it does not look like we will see rain anytime soon. we do need the rain, but here's an upper-level that we're tracking for quite some time that remains in control for one more day today. than some changes for tomorrow as high pressure builds in for us. this what you can expect as we go through wednesday and by thursday. high pressure is the dominant weather feature for us. we will see the northerly dry winds. that is less of an ocean influence and warmer temperatures for sure. highs today, we're looking at 63 in san francisco. 69 in redwood city and fremont. 68 in oakland. 76 for santa rosa as well as re's the 7-day forecaexpect mid 80s inland by tomorrow. there we go with the warmer
6:49 am
weather. 70 for the bay tomorrow. low 60s along the coast. check out thursday. some of our warmer spots inland will be in the low 90s by thursday. mid-70s for the bay. low to mid 60s for the coast. we will stay warm to end out the work week on friday. cooling down by the weekend and into early next week. history made and some romance as well at the 70th annual prime time emmys. but we find perhaps the biggest surprise of the night happen to someone who was not even nominated. >> "game of thrones"! >> reporter: "game of thrones" slade emmy night with nine total emmys for the final series, including best supporting actor for peter dinklage. >> this is not only a great to be should be part of, but an enormous family to be part of. "the marvelous mrs. maisel" 16 emmys. >> it's about a woman who is finding her voice a new.
6:50 am
it is something that is happening all over the country right now. one of the most important ways that we can find and use our voices is to vote. >> reporter: the shows writer and director one for emmys for herself. >> henry winkler. >> reporter: tv icon henry winkler won his first emmy in 42 years. >> i think that i have the longest drought between nominations of anyone in the academy. i was 27 when i started doing he fonz. >> don't ever let go of your sunshine. you wonder why don't like to call you my girlfriend? it is because i want to call you my wife. will you marry me? >> i had no suspicions whatsoever. i had no idea.
6:51 am
he is usually so eloquent in his yankees beaches. >> another big winner, darren criss one best lead actor in a limited series or movie for his role in the assassination of gianni versace. a japanese millionaire will be the first private citizen to take a trip around the moon in a space x rocket. elon musk made the announcement last night. he is a founder of japan's largest online fashion retailer. >> i would like to introduce the first paying customer of bfr. please come forward. >> i choose to go to the moon. >> finally, i can say that i am very glad to be here and i really am excited.
6:52 am
>> it pays to be a billionaire. his trip is tentatively planned for the year 2023. the time now is 6:51. bay area school district is getting a desperately needed infusion of cash from the state. a brazen daytime robbery. the culprits still on the loose this morning. the common thread this has with other bay area robberies. next. good morning, head here on cbs this morning . we will speak with senator kamala harris in -- ahead of monday's hearing with brett kavanaugh. in our interview with alyssa the smart. she tells us why she believes her kidnapper still poses a threat to the public and how heard objection shape to she is today. you could generate your own energy,
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san francisco police are on the i am anne makovec live in concord. this is where t-mobile store was robbed. this is a trend of similar robberies. this is happening during business hours. can imagine how scary it would be to be a customer when this happens? there could be tens of thousands of additional merchandise including almost all of the cell phones and tablets on display. threatening customers and employees as they gather the goods. concord police dusted for fingerprints. so far, the robbers are still on the loose. this is one of a slew of similar robberies this year around northern california. check out how quickly thieves robbed the apple store in santa rosa earlier this month making off with about $35,000. no word on if whether any of the robberies are connected, but it has those in the cell phone industry concerned and shoppers
6:57 am
as well. all we know about the get away this case is the three robbers took off in a green honda. live in concord, anne makovec, kpix 5. thank you. to 6:57. it is time now for your final five back. san francisco police on the hunt for three suspects involved in a vicious mugging. it was captured on a homeowner's desk a. it happened on 20th street near church sunday night. the suspects punched the victim and still his cell phone. flex of the state capital are flying at half staff in honor of sacramento counties sheriff's deputy. he died in a shootout yesterday in rancho cordova. the suspect is under arrest. the oakland unified school district estimates it will be more than $30 million in the red starting next school year. a bill recently signed by the governor will cover 75% of the shortfall. judge brett kavanaugh and the bay area woman accusing him of sexual assault decades ago
6:58 am
will both testify now publicly before senate panel next monday. the hearing delays a planned committee vote that was set for thursday. remnants of florence are being blamed for spotty tornadoes, one of them deadly virginia. the death toll from the storm is a 232. we are tracking a motorcycle accident. this is south bend 101. you can see speeds in the red at about 13 minutes ride from petaluma boulevard north down to dash back eastbound away still in the red. from highway 4 over to the bay bridge toll plaza. we will call it mellow yellow. 16 minutes heading into san francisco. 80 at 101. in the green, you had better leave the house now while you can arrive -- enjoy the easy ride in and out of the city. looking good. here's a lovely sunrise for you with the camera.
6:59 am
isn't as spectacular as we start off the day? we're looking at areas of low clouds and fog along the coast. parts of the bay this morning as we head through the afternoon. we will see sunshine once again. mild conditions. we're looking at temperatures around 63 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 72 for san jose. mid-70s in santa rosa as well as fairfield. high pressure builds and beginning tomorrow . we will warm-up. mid 80s inland tomorrow. 70 for the bay. low 60s along the coast. check out thursday . we will heat things up. some of the warmer locations inland. on thursday, we will top out in some areas higher. still warm by friday there. it will be one of the warmer spots. 90 on friday to and out the work week. low 60s for the coast and cooling things down as we start to the weekend into early next week. i think a lot of people are going to be heading to the coast. >> we start off clear, then all the fog just returned. >> that's okay.
7:00 am
>> have a perfect tuesday, everyone. here's a wonderful shot of the embarcadero in san francisco. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, september 18th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." a high-stakes hearing set for supreme court nominee kavanaugh and the woman who claims he assaulted her in high school. only on the "cbs this morning," senate judiciary member kamala harris talks to us about the testimony that could threaten kavanaugh's nomination. >> elizabeth smart give us her only tv interview since learning one of her kidnappers is getting out of prison after 15 years. why she believes wanda barzee is still a threat to others. space x reveals the identity of the first person who could travel to the moon in more than 50 years. why the billionaire says he's not afraid to take the trip on


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