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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  September 28, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday, the president agrees to an f.b.i. investigation of his supreme court nominee after a dramatic day on capitol hill. and an unprecedented security breach at facebook, affecting nearly 50 million accounts. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote in order to let the f.b.i. do an investigation. >> this is unprecedented. it's historic. >> senator chris coons was a central player in this drama. >> even though he and i are from different parties, we respect each other and we can work together. >> combine that with flake getting accosted from a couple of women in the hallways. >> you're telling all women that they don't matter! >> somebody's got to explain
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this to trump, so, i guess that will be my job. >> breaking news-- the president has ordered the f.b.i. investigation into judge brett kavanaugh. >> they have to do what they think is right. >> hackers exploited a security weakness on facebook, compromising 50 million accounts. >> we don't know if they were able to exploit personal data. >> you're home, maddox. we love you. >> last night in north carolina, the body of a six-year-old with autism. two weeks after hurricane florence made landfall, still a lot of cleanup on the coast. >> a man died yesterday after getting an infection while cleaning storm debris. >> terrifying moments in a plane over the south pacific. it crashed into the ocean. >> everybody on board survived. >> i looked over and saw a hole in the side of the plane and water was coming in. and i thought well, this is not the way it's supposed to happen. .>> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. and this is our western edition. we are going to begin here with more fast-moving developments on
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. president trump is now asking for an f.b.i. investigation, but one limited in time and scope. an investigation leading to a week-long delay and a full- senate vote was first proposed in public by arizona senator jeff flake, as a condition. it was quickly endorsed by a few other senators yet to make a decision on his nomination. today's high drama came during and after the judiciary committee voted along party lines to send the nomination to the full senate floor. it is a lot to sort out tonight, and we're going to begin with nancy cordes. nancy? >> reporter: well, jeff, flake had just decided this morning to go ahead and vote for judge kavanaugh, but then he told a democratic colleague, "i'm really having trouble with this." republicans tried to talk him out of this idea of a week-long delay. he even had a last-minute phone call with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein before making up his mind. >> that's my position. >> reporter: his power play caught the senate by surprise. arizona republican jeff flake said he would not vote to
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confirm judge kavanaugh without a week-long f.b.i. probe first. >> this country is being ripped apart here, and we've got to make sure that we do due diligence. i think this committee has done a good job, but i do think that we can have a short pause and make sure that the f.b.i. can investigate. >> reporter: flake had announced this morning that absent corroborating evidence of a crime, he would vote for kavanaugh. >> she's telling the truth! >> reporter: he was confronted shortly thereafter by two sexual assault victims, who blocked the door of his elevator for four straight minutes. >> what are you doing, sir? >> i was sexually assaulted and nobody believed me! i didn't tell anyone. and you're telling all women that they don't matter. that they should just stay quiet. >> reporter: his change of heart quickly drew support from two of his undecided colleagues, alaska's lisa murkowski... >> it was a good step today. >> reporter: ...and susan
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collins of maine, which left the rest of their party with no choice. >> last time i looked, you need 50 votes. >> reporter: republicans had been hoping to confirm kavanaugh by the start of the supreme court's new term next week and before anything else could go wrong. >> and somebody's got to explain this to trump, so, i guess that will be my job. ( laughter ) >> reporter: flake had sat through all eight hours of yesterday's wrenching hearing. >> i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth. >> i've never sexually assaulted anyone. >> reporter: late last night, he said he was torn. >> he's right, she's wrong. she's right, he's wrong. i mean, you just-- you are never certain. >> reporter: today he listened as democrats on the judiciary committee listed all the evidence they said had not been examined. >> here's judge. and here's p.j. here are all those three named boys, and others, at a house together just as she said.
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>> reporter: this from his friend chris coons of delaware, appeared to be the tipping point: >> dr. ford told her now-husband in 2002. she told therapists in 2012 and 2013. she told friends in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018. >> reporter: flake asked coons to speak privately, and then others joined him before he came back in to share his stance. most republicans still insist an investigation at this point would yield nothing new. >> the longer this nomination is unresolved, there are going to be more and more people come out of the woodwork and make accusations that are uncorroborated and unprovable. but you can imagine what this does to judge kavanaugh and his family, as he's left hanging like a pinata. >> reporter: flake is retiring at the end of this year, citing the intense partisanship here on
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capitol hill. late this afternoon, those two women who held open his elevator for four minutes, posted a picture of their gratitude. they are two of the thousands of protesters who have filled the halls of congress this week, jeff. >> glor: okay, nancy cordes, thank you very much. we're going to move now to the white house, where the president is trying to save his supreme court nominee. weijia jiang is there. >> i will be totally reliant on what senator grassley and the group decides to do. >> reporter: the president's decision to order the f.b.i. investigation made good on his promise to listen to republican senators. "as the senate has requested," he said in a statement, "this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week." >> i would be happy to cooperate with the f.b.i., yes. >> reporter: democrats and christine blasey ford have repeatedly demanded an investigation. today, fors e welcomes this step in the process. judge kavanaugh said today, "i've done everything they have
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requested, and will continue to cooperate." but during the hearing yesterday, he would not answer if he wanted an f.b.i. probe. >> i want to know what you want to do, judge. >> i'm innocent! i'm innocent of this charge. >> and you're prepared for an f.b.i. investigation? >> they don't reach conclusions. you reach the conclusions, senator. >> no! >> reporter: today, for the first time, mr. trump spoke about ford's testimony. >> i thought her testimony was very compelling. and she looks like a very fine woman to me, very fine woman. and i thought that brett's testimony, likewise, was really something that i haven't seen before. it was incredible. >> reporter: the white house will set parameters for the investigation, including whether n cusing kavanaugh of misconduct. also unclear is whether agents will talk to mark judge, an alleged witness to the ford assault who says he is willing
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to cooperate. fran townsend is a former homeland security adviser and cbs news contributor. >> you have the three interviews, you may have two or three others, if there is some allegation that others might have some memory of it. this is a couple of days. this is not weeks or months. >> glor: all right, so if you are, then, talking about a couple of days, weijia, what would happen after the investigation wraps up? >> reporter: so, the f.b.i. will put its findings in writing for the white house counsel, and then he will have to relay that report to senators. law enforcement officials say, if its scope is limited to ford's case, seven days should be plenty of time. but a broader investigation would be tricky. and, jeff, because this is not a criminal probe, nobody can be forced to cooperate. >> glor: weijia, thanks very much. we're going to bring in jan crawford now, who covers the supreme court for us, and also ed o'keefe, our political correspondent, both of whom were so helpful yesterday as these hearings took place. ed, first, to you. so now that we have the f.b.i. investigation, what happens in
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the senate? >> reporter: well, the senate began a formal debate on the nomination tonight, even before the f.b.i. investigation began. if all goes as planned at this point, there really are just five senators to keep an eye on: republicans jeff flake, susan collins, and lisa murkowski; and democrats joe manchin and heidi heitkamp. those five are making it mathematically impossible for the senate to proceed to a final confirmation vote until the f.b.i. completes its work. >> glor: jan, what are you hearing from sources close to judge kavanaugh? >> reporter: well, i mean, kavanaugh's position has been if the committee or the white house wanted an f.b.i. investigation, i mean, he was on board with that. his point and their point is he answered questions under oath, and he and the other potential witnesses have already given statements that are subject to felony prosecutions. now the f.b.i. will interview those and maybe other people are connected to these allegations, including on ford's side, potentially her therapist, who, remember, ford has said helped her understand this was a trauma that had impacted her life, and ford had refused to
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provide those therapists' notes to the judiciary committee. the f.b.i. may contend that because she shared them with "the washington post," she's no longer entitled to keep them confidential. >> glor: so, ed, as you know, senator flake was just elected in 2012. now he is retiring. he has been an outspoken critic of president trump. what are we to make of his about-face there on capitol hill? >> sure. he's been critical of the president really for the last three years. there won't be any christmas cards exchanged between them. but the one thing that the senator really likes about president trump is the people he has been nominating to federal courts. and yet, today, he made clear, he's very concerned that the country is just tearing itself apart. and for whatever reason, righttl use of his powers as a senator, to say no, and to slow things down. but there's something else at work here, jeff. he is retiring from the senate, but he's still openly considering a run for president in 2020. and guess where he happens to be
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going on monday? new hampshire. as of tonight, he is still scheduled to speak there on monday. >> glor: okay, ed. and, jan, finally, to you, we talked about the parallels to the clarence thomas case in 1991. there was an f.b.i. investigation there, too, right? >> reporter: well, yeah. and it took the f.b.i. three days to do that investigation, and it was before clarence thomas had his initial hearing. now, just before the full senate was voting on the thomas nomination, someone leaked that f.b.i. report to the press, and that is what triggered that second explosive hearing. and in that hearing, anita hill did add a lot of graphic details about porn star characters and that pubic hair on a coke can, if you remember that, that she hadn't told the f.b.i. in her interview. so the f.b.i. here may not get any more details than what we've already heard. >> glor: great details from nancy, ed, weijia, and nancy. thanks to all of you tonight. and, jan, also now tonight, a military jet crashed today, not far from its base in south carolina. smoke could be seen rising from the crash site in the woods. the marine pilot did eject safely.
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it's a brand-new f-35-b. that model flew its first combat mission yesterday in afghanistan. the state department said today it is closing the u.s. consulate in basra in southern iraq and evacuating diplomats stationed there. there has been plenty of unrest in basra, including rocket attacks that came close to the consulate. the state department says there are credible threats against the u.s. from iran and militias backed by iran. facebook today reported a major security breach that exposed the personal information of nearly 50 million users. nick thompson is here with more on this. nick, we have been talking about this all day. how big a deal is this? >> reporter: this is a big deal, and it is a big black eye for facebook. they've had a lot of bad news in the last year. but least they've been able to say, "we were not hacked." now they've been hacked, and it looks like a serious one. >> glor: and so what-- how did it happen and what do folks do if they're affected by it? >> it happened through the interplay of three slightly
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obscure bugs. whoever did this had to be extremely sophisticated and looking extremely deeply. but the upshot was, by looking at these three bugs and how they interact, they were able to take over people's accounts. so, how do you know if you were hacked? the first clue is if you have to log back into facebook today, because they logged everybody out and reset them. secondly, facebook will put a little announcement at the top of the newsfeed saying, "important security update." >> glor: before facebook put up some of the news, the fake news that had made its way in, potentially affecting the election here, but they hadn't really been breached in ways like this. >> reporter: no, they haven't been breached. this is the most substantial breach facebook has ever had. the biggest question is, what did the hackers do when they had access to people's facebook accounts? they might have done nothing or they might have downloaded a ton of sensitive information. we'll know that some time down the road. >> glor: interesting to follow. all right, nick, thanks very much. coming up next here on the "cbs evening news," a crash landing in the water conjures up memories of the "miracle on the
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.>> glor: dramatic rescues today off a remote island in micronesia. a 737 missed the runway and wound up in the pacific. as in sully sullenberger's celebrated splash landing in new york, everyone survived. kris van cleave is following this. >> reporter: local fishermen were bringing in the day's catch when the 737 went down, a flotilla of small boats raced to help. pulling people from the water and bringing them to shore. >> i'm alive. that's-- that's an extremely good thing. >> reporter: american bill jaynes was among the 47 on board. >> it was just surreal. i thought we landed hard-- until i looked over and saw a hole in the side of the plane and water was coming wl,s- this is not the way it's supposed to happen. >> reporter: the air niugini flight was on approach thursday when the airline says it landed short of the runway at the chuuk airport by about a quarter of a
5:47 pm
surround the island. a map dot in the south pacific, known for its scuba diving of world war ii shipwrecks and home to about 50,000 people. u.s. sailors were working on improving a wharf nearby. one snapped this picture, as they helped shuttle survivors to shore. several passengers were injured, one critically, but everyone survived. the pictures of the plane resting in the water and boats rescuing passengers bring back memories of "the miracle on the hudson" in 2009, when u.s. airways pilot successfully landed on the river after bird strikes knocked out both engines. >> we were able to get out. the water was up to about here on me, inside the plane, and we went out the emergency exit doors. locals, whmeaty startedwith the coming out in boats. i mean, one would think that they might be afraid to approach a plane that's just crashed. >> reporter: the airline said the weather was poor at the time of the landing, with heavy rain and low visibility. divers are now working to recover the plane's black boxes, and the n.t.s.b. will assist with the investigation. jeff? >> glor: amazing. all right, kris, thanks.
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.>> glor: cbs disclosed today the corporation is being investigated by a number of government agencies in new york state, including the manhattan district attorney's office. this is in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct against former chairman and c.e.o. leslie moonves and other alleged harassment in the workplace. in a filings with the securities and exchange commission, cbs says it is cooperating. a tsunami brought ten-foot waves to parts of indonesia today. this followed a magnitude 7.5 earthquake. houses were swept away in at least two cities. the death toll is not known tonight. communication and power is out severely hampering that rescue effort. two weeks after hurricane florence landed in the carolinas, a neighborhood in leland, north carolina is a massive debris field. look at this drone video that shows piles of trash outside homes that were flooded.
5:52 pm
much of the heavy lifting and hauling to clean it up was done by volunteers. up next here, steve hartman with a special deliveryman. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma.
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pavement. the brutal assault, caught on camera -- next. now at six: a man mistakes a c .>> glor: we end the week here in the pacific northwest, with a story about a man who's willing to do anything for others.
5:56 pm
now, his neighbors have done something for him. here's steve hartman, "on the road." >> reporter: the most prominent citizen of gresham, oregon is also the most unlikely businessman. and what is your business? >> it's delivery guy. >> reporter: 45-year-old todd kirnan is autistic. although a more fitting label would be "workaholic." 12 hours a day, seven days a week, for almost 20 years... >> yeah, i'm going there. >> reporter: ...todd has been making deliveries and doing other odd jobs for virtually every business in downtown gresham. >> two for the dress lady. >> reporter: whether it's a coffee run or a run to the post office... >> okay, i'm coming! >> reporter: ...he does whatever he's asked, or not asked. he emptied this waste basket at the hair salon simply because it was full. >> i like helping people. making people happy, making people smile. >> reporter: in return, people tip him, of course. >> that's for you. >> reporter: but this is so not about the money. the smiles grow far too broad--
5:57 pm
>> how you doing, friend? >> reporter: and the hugs last far too long for this to be a purely business arrangement. >> love you. >> i love you. >> reporter: no, todd is treasured. so much so, people in gresham have often joked that he should have his own statue. >> he is one of the kindest, nicest people you'll meet. >> he's always smiling. >> he's just a big part of this community. >> he is the town, basically. >> can't imagine downtown gresham without todd. >> reporter: unfortunately, barring a parade in his honor, there's only so much a community can do to show its appreciation, which is why they threw a parade in his honor. ( cheers ) last week, hundreds of people lined the streets of gresham to pay tribute to their delivery guy. todd loves old tv shows, so they borrowed a batmobile to drive him into the center of town, where they had another surprise waiting. >> five, four, three... >> reporter: remember those jokes about the statue? >> two, one... >> reporter: well, those jokes are now solid bronze real.
5:58 pm
( applause ) this is a $54,000 likeness. paid for solely with cash and in-kind donations. >> how cool is that? >> thank you for everyone being here for me in gresham, and i love you guys. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: in most cities, statues are reserved for founders and war heroes. but here in gresham, they believe a simple passion, done with unconditional love, belongs on a pedestal, too. >> that is great work! >> reporter: steve hartman, "on the road," in gresham, oregon. >> glor: i think we needed that story tonight. thank you, steve. that is the "cbs evening news" for this week. i'm jeff glor in new york. have a great weekend. we'll see you again on monday. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the pavement. the brutal assault, caught on now at 6:00 a man mistakes a car for his ride share. he gets sucker punched and hits the pavement. the brutal assault caught on camera. police released the video late this afternoon. >> kpix5's andria borba walks us through what happened. >> reporter: well, the attack happened on september 8th around 11:30 at night. the victim was waiting for a ride share to pull up at the corner of first and howard. he thought that the car he ordered did pull up and that his white four door sedan was his. that's when the suspect got out and attacked him. this is a police sketch of that suspect. he is described as an asian man approximately 6 feet tall with a buzz cut in his early 30s. >> so it appears that the suspect punches the victim in the face and then you subsequently see the


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