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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 4, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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a single copy from the f-b-i is now being shown to senators... but some say it's incomplete. live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the supreme court nominee justice brett kavanaugh cavanaugh -- report has been unveiled.
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kie capi rs ating t the investio against cavanaugh. the iowa senator was just that the podium. in just the past minutes republicans defended cavanaugh and lashed out at democrats. >> this started downhill very quickly. that was about july 10 when schumer said that we are going to do everything we can to stop this nomination. you can go back 87 days and you can see that everything but whether he is qualified to serve have been brought up. >> we are taking a live look from the senate floor. there are senators at the podium getting ready to speak. a procedural vote is set for tomorrow. as we take another live look, our reporter has the very latest. >> reporter: senators are
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reviewing the fbi's report of about sneett naug >> they interviewed 10 witnesses. they followed leads from interviews that made sense to me. i am confident the fbi did a good job. they were not hindered in any way. >> reporter: the fbi did not interview doctor ford that -- who testified that she was pinned down and grabbed by supreme court nominee justice brett kavanaugh. deborah ramirez who alleges cavanaugh exposed himself to her was interviewed by the fbi. she told the new yorker that people who were key to cooperating my story have not been contacted. i feel like i have been silence. >> democrats agreed that the investigation should be limited. we do not agree that the white house should tie the fbi's hands.
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>> reporter: with a investigation complete republicans are pushing ahead for a final vote on the confirmation. >> we are confident, after reviewing this information that he will be -- we will be voting yes. there was a limited scope of the investigation. >> i don't think you have done that much to give them much political cover. it is not been that widespread. >> reporter: there will be a procedural vote tomorrow with the final vote likely coming saturday. do you. right now, a live look in washington dc were protesters are marching through the streets in opposition to judge cavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court. today is a national day of action. marches are planned throughout the country. a bay area man who was cavanaugh's former roommate is
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casting doubt on his credibility. he said cavanaugh committed perjury when it comes to alcohol consumption. >> i knew that he was not telling the truth and he knew that he wasn't telling the truth.jamie h is ftwalikes beer but denied drinking so much that he blacked out. >> he would come home and he was incoherent, stumbling. he would sometimes be singing. he would wear this old leather football helmet. he would throw up. >> cavanaugh has denied all claims of says -- sexual misconduct brought by doctor ford when they were both in high school. >> time magazine has an
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illustration of doctor ford on its cover. it is made up of words and phrases from her testimony last week. survivors of sexual assault and abuse are protesting. they say theypay which has been hostile to women survivors. they protested by duct taping their mouth and they held signs. >> charles schwab has given $2 million this year to the republican party. we hope that he uses his influence to speak out and not continue to fund a parting -- party that is disrespecting women. charles schwab says we respect every american's right to have their opinions. i -- our contributions are vea ck
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t are happening we std by syy right now.>> reporter: marriott employees like this woman who has been a housekeeper for 12 years are angry. >> my family is offended. i don't have any benefits. >> reporter: these workers have been without a contract since august 15 after two months of negotiation. they want a livable wage, job security and safer working conditions. talks have gone nowhere. we are asking for significant raises. we want people to be able to work full-time and still be
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able to be able -- still be able to provide for their families. >> this worker from the hilton came over to show his support. >> we put a couple things on the table. we have to resort to this. we have to be heard. >> reporter: a spokesperson had this to say. >> we are disappointed that they are striking at this time. our hotels are open and we are ready to provide excellent service to our guest. we respect our associates right to a work stoppage we welcomed associates who continue to work. >> strikes like this are happening in san jose and boston as well. we will continued to follow this strike. other cities are ready to go on strike at any time. in south carolina they are
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trying to find out why a man decided to open fire on police. he is been identified as a 74- year-old, fred hopkins. investigator c -- said he ambushed officers while they were serving a search warrant. he barricaded himself inside with children and sprayed bullets across his neighborhood. a 30 year veteran officer died in the gunfire. -- >> bullets were being shot all over. the suspect had a good view of fire, several hundred yards. the officers could not get to the ones that were down. a 20-year-old inside the house is alive after having been shot. the warrant being served at the home was part of a child sexual assault investigation.
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a bay area man is under arrest accused of killing a coworker. he was arrested on tuesday. police say the 30-year-old suspect killed a 27-year-old, curtis stapleton back in july. stapleton was discovered on responsible -- unresponsive and then pronounced dead. investigators say that state -- stapleton was involved in an altercation before he was killed. there is a conservative -- conservatorship bill that has curren and out of the hospitals and in and out of the jail system. been signed into law by the they are not getting healthy.>> reporter: the health department governor. >> reporter: the board of supervisors will have to pass a has identified 100 people who would qualify for this law to enact the conserver to ship -- conservatorship. >> reporter: on -- or guardian conservatorship. they would first have to go on could be appointed for those a psychiatric hold eight times who are mentally ill and i'm per year. >> these are the people that capable are sleeping in their own feces, yelling at cars in traffic.>> reporter: there was opposition. >> it criminalizes people who are mentally ill.
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>> if they're not willing to get help and are a danger to other people, what can we do? >> that is against the law. then the law should take over. >> san francisco needs this because people are dying on our streets. >> reporter: the governor signed a bill allowing three counties to try this. san francisco, la and san diego. the law goes into effect on january 1. back to you. coming up next, a fleet of floating classrooms. we'll be right back with more news, weather and sports. you're watching kpix. for most kids.. getting to school m
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foot. but in flood- ravaged bangladesh.. children are by boat..and studyin for most kids getting to school means by going by bus -- bus, bike or foot. elementary school kids learn their abcs inside of floating classroom. one 3rd of the country goes underwater during the monsoon season. many parents are unwilling to send their children to school. an architect came up with this novel solution. >> the children can't go to school. the school then should go to them. >> the wooden boats use solar power and cell technology to provide internet access. there are also equipped with playsets giving students a chance to take a break from school work. today, we are in the middle
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of a fleet week. very will have a fleet week softball competition. the winner gets a trophy and bragging ssn e hour te womous bluaniltakefrom kland international airport for the first practice anen the perfor ben we invite you to use our exclusive sales force cameras for all of the action. we will be streaming the waterfront this afternoon. check this out as it runs friday through sunday. it will be streamed on facebook, and youtube sites. they will start practicing here in 45 minutes. >> the countdown is on for sure. we're looking at the skies and taking a little bit longer to
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clear. for the weekend it looks a lot better. we will see the skies eventually clear later on today. high definition doppler. you can see that spotty activity and hidden valley near clearlake , some isolated lingering showers for us. here's a live look with our transamerica camera. mostly cloudy skies over the bay. a really nice view of the tower. here's a look at the san jose camera. catching some sunshine out there. looking at temperatures in the low 70s. mid 60s in oakland and santa rosa. upper 60s in san francisco. here is the satellite view.
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this brought the first significant rainfall of the season. it will continue to move out of here with rain chances going up as well. let's show you futurecast here is the clearing. this is 6 pm. all of us will see the clearing as we head through tonight. sunshine, we will warm up slowly. sunset tonight at 6:47. let's show you the daytime high for today. below average for this time of the year. mid 60s. oakland, fremont, san jose, you're all at about the same, mid 60s. daytime highs on fridays in the 70s and in looking at the 60s to 70 for the bay and 60 for the coast. for the weekend, sunny and breezy. low 80s inland. we are looking at still warm for monday. of course, talking about fleet week, this weekend, mainly sunny.
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temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. great weather to watch the blue angels. >> that is good. >> everyone will be craning their neck. >> yes. it's lyle -- loud. >> the dow is down more than 200 points. >> coming up, south bay, a pastor opens his arms to former inmates. we'll be right back with more news, weather and sports. you're watching kpix. you could generate your own energy,
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but as sharon chin reports, that does not begin to describe the breadth and scope of the volunteer work he and his congregation have the jefferson award winner is a pastor of a church. >> that does not begin to decide the breadth and scope of the volunteer work he and his congregation have been doing focades.e pastor opens the door to the christian center to help clothe anybody who comes by. >> they can get anything in here for free. he opens his arms to former inmates having a hard time transitioning back into the community. >> we wanted to be a different kind of church. we wanted to help people who
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were broken or hurting. >> there is a re-entry program. in the last five years it has helped more than 600 men and women get a fresh shark from finding housing and jobs to reuniting with their families. the pastor himself was once in their am a former heroin addic from san francisco. >> he kicked his habit at age 23. >> jesus christ turned my life around. i have been giving back since. >> reporter: giving back to jane marin. she served time for child endangerment. for people to be in a position to help guide you down the right path. you are not doing it alone. it really made a difference for me in my life. it saved my life.>> reporter: today she works for mission possible. she is inspired by the volunteer work. >> he is amazing.>> reporter: he leaves church services at san quentin. he goes on mission trips and he is taught at the drug and alcohol rehab program for 20
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years. at the outreach center there is free computer access for adults and kids and more, twice a week. volunteers have picked up underserved kids from their homes for free tutoring, dinner and arrived back home. -- >> reporter: in the summer they can learn algebra. he leads by example. >> he teeth -- treats people with dignity and respect. >> reporter: for his extensive volunteer service to the broken and underserved, this week's award goes to pastor tony williams.
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salesforce cameras... to watch all the action this fleet week. ngels take o a reminder, it out e ca thai run friday through sunday. we will stream it live on and facebook. check that out if you can't make it in person. >> right. this is a higher perspective.>> right. >> don't forget the earplugs. >> all right. that does it for us. >> the bold and beautiful is next. it looks like the skies are clearing up.
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>> ridge: mmm... >> brooke: mm-hmm. mm. i'd like to think i put you in this mood. but the fact is, you've been smiling ever since we left the courthouse the other day. >> ridge: katie won. bill lost. it makes me happy. >> brooke: yeah, but i don't take pleasure in bill's pain. >> ridge: i know you don't. i do. it's the icing on the cake. >> brooke: that's a terrible
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thing to say. >> ridge: no, it's not. he deserves it. after all the misery he's caused other people. i mean, you'd think it would have been enough for me to just know the judge ruled against him. but to actually be there... mmm. what a sweet day.


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