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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 5, 2018 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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live look at the uss bonhomme richard. "cbs this morning" is next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, october 5th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination. his opponents protested all night outside the high court. we'll talk with the senate's number two democrat, durbin, and dan senor. >> the candidates in the highly charged texas senate race talk with us. democratic congressman betto o'rourke's progressive campaign in a red state brings him within striking distance of republican senator ted cruz. >> also, only on "cbs this morning," a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted on a delta flight tells her story. she's sue, ainhe airne
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let the other passenger walk away but delta disputes her account. and nobel peace prize recipients. we'll show you how these two activists are working to make the world a safe place for women. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> this is what the left does. this is the tolerance. >> tensions boil over as judge kavanaugh moves closer to confirmation. >> this investigation was a complete cover-up. >> the investigation -- >> my friend bob, what ya'll have done is [ bleep ]. >> the vice president doubling down on president trump's accusation that china is trying to interfere in the midterm election. >> to put it bluntly, china wants a different american president. >> the suspect who killed a south carolina police officer brags online about his marksmanship and his love for the smell of gun powd >> the jury deliberates the fate
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of a chicago police officer charged with murdering 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. >> this is not the wild west out here. >> it is a race against time in indonesia as crews search for survivors. >> the death toll passed 1,500. >> piling up milestones. >> touchdown 500. >> and all that matters. >> an explosive new report shows china may have used a tiny chip to infiltrate u.s. companies through hardware devices. >> china has gone too far. first, they hide little notes in my cookies and now this? >> on "cbs this morning." >> the fbi has concluded its report. republicans say they found no evidence of wrong doing from brett kavanaugh. >> each senator had to take turns viewing it in one-hour increments. that's less time than contestants have to make a lemon drizzle cake on "the great british bakeoff."
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welcome to "cbs this morning." lots of stuff in that eye opener. you know what stood out to me, tom brady, 500. 500 passes. why is that a big deal? >> that's only the third quarterback in nfl history. >> that's a lot. >> he's unstoppable. >> he's had a night loce long c we start with this. drama and controversy over the future of the supreme court is set to end in the next 36 hours. the senate will decide this morning whether to send the president's nomination of brett kavanaugh to a final vote. expected early tomorrow night. republicans, as you know, controlled the senate 51-49. so the gop can only afford to have one of its senators vote no. >> three republican senators are considered undecided. senator susan collins, jeff flake and lisa murkowski. sources tell cbs news vice president pence will be in
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washington this weekend in case he has to vote to break a tie. in ove a fbi probe of sexual misconduct against kavanaugh. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today is the day we should know once and for all whether kavanaugh has the support he needs to get confirmed. that's because the way this small number of undecided senators votes to end debate could indicate how they plan to vote on final confirmation tomorrow. as forces on both sides pile on the pressure all the way to the end. >> is that justice? >> no. >> reporter: in a final bid before the vote, anti-kavanaugh protesters spent night on capitol hill grounds, egged on by democrats. >> the fbi investigation was a sham. >> reporter: kavanaugh's confirmation hinges now on one democrat and three republicans. a cording to a summary released overnight by the judiciary committee, the fbi interviewed ten people who might have had
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firsthand knowledge of the sexual assault allegations by dr. christine blasey ford and deborah ramirez. for ford, the fbi spoke with three people she claimed were at the party in question, mark judge, p.j. smyth and leyland keyser. they also spoke with timothy gaudette and christopher garrett, kavanaugh's classmates who were referenced on his calendars. the fbi interviewed deborah ramirez, along with two eyewitnesses named by ramirez, and a close friend from college. according to the republican summary, the fbi found no corroboration of the allegations made by dr. ford and ms. ramirez. >> neither the judiciary committee, nor the fbi, could locate any third parties who can attest to any of these allegations. >> reporter: still, north dakota democrat heidi heitkamp announced she's a no. >> i can't get up in the morning and look at the life experience hat i've had and say yes to
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judge kavanaugh. >> this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. >> reporter: in an op-ed released thursday night, kavanaugh admitted he might have been too emotional at times last week. i know that my tone wasrp and i said a fewha s things i sd not have said. wrote, it reflected my overwhelming frustration at being wrongly accused. blasey ford's lawyers called the investigation a stain on the process, because the fbi declined to interview friends and others who could have backed her up. >> the report ignores some of the absolutely crucial witnesses. >> reporter: cbs news has confirmed that the fbi limited its scope at the direction of republicans and the white house. >> why not have the fbi interview people in whom christine blasey ford confided in? >> our request was to the white house. the white house then made the request of the fbi to conduct a supplemental investigation into
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current credible accusations of sexual misconduct. they did that. >> reporter: in response, a sense of just how vague the white house and republicans have been about their marching orders to the fbi. to give you a sense how intense the last-minute lobbying is up here, john, we know the white house, former president george w. bush and other heavy hitters have all been working the phones trying to ensure that kavanaugh gets confirmed. >> and they will until the last vote is taken. nancy, republican senator steve dane has his daughter's wedding on saturday. >> reporter: he is hoping he doesn't have to fly back to washington to vote. phe's hoping his party has the votes it needs without him. but he says he did call kavanaugh and reassure him that he will fly back to d.c. if needed. no word on whether he would fly back before he walks his daughter down the aisle or afterwards. >> all right, nancy, one more
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piece of drama. thanks. >> republican senator ted cruz of texas, who sits on the senate judiciary committee, says he believes judge kavanaugh will be confirmed. senator cruz is in the middle of a tough re-election fight. we spoke to him at a campaign stop outside dallas about kavanaugh and president trump's reaction to ford's testimony. >> how did you get there? i don't remember. where is the place? i don't remember. >> the president mocked her, made fun of her. that received condemnation from people within your own party, other senators. do you condone the comments? >> the president speaks for himself. i can tell you from my perspective, it was incredibly important the judiciary committee provide a safe forum for her to give her testimony. now, that being said, the fact that dr. ford was dragged into the public by senate democrats i think was really, really
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unethical. >> you are a legal scholar. so given your background, do you think that judge kavanaugh has the temperament to be a supreme court justice, from what you saw last week specifically? >> absolutely. that has been demonstrated because for over a decade he has been one of the most respected federal appellate judges in the country. >> did you think the way he treated c eed chloe ba is her? >> they had these allegations since july. they didn't ask him about it when they met him privately. they didn't ask him about it in the confidential hearing. they waited until the eve of the confirmation vote and leaked it to the press. simultaneously hurting judge kavanaugh and his family and dr. ford and her family. that's not the right way. our system of government should respect people and treat them with dignity, and that's not what we saw last week.
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>> we also spoke with senator cruz about his surprisingly close senate race in texas. we'll hear from him and his challenger beto o'rourke in the next hour. >> dan senor knows kavanaugh and they both served in george w. bush's administration. dan, good morning. is kavanaugh going to be confirmed? >> i think he will be. i have never seen more -- since trump really has been elected, i've never seen more unity among republicans and conservatives then right now. so there's a segment of the republican electorate that's either anti-trump or ambivalent about trump and those folks, particularly in suburban districts, suburban congressional districts and certain states, there's always been this sense of lack of enthusiasm among those republicans. they couldn't distinguish between trump and the republican party. the whole thing was frustrating to them and they didn't want anything to do with it. for the first time in the last ten days, i think the kavanaugh
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dynamic has transformed that. >> the news cycle barely lives now. does that sustain what you're talking about? >> we've got four weeks. if you look at -- around june, the ballot in june, democrats had a considerable advantage over republicans. republicans have tightened up with democrats. then over the summer, you had two big things happen. the child separation policy implemented and trump meeting with putin in helsinki. then you saw the generic ballot get wide open. now it's narrowed again. three polls, we've seen the enthusiasm gap shrink. it's four weeks, it's trump. he could inadvertently change the subject and it would set back republicans. if the subject is kavanaugh, i think it is unifying and energizing for republicans. there are eight states. eight states that will
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determine. six of those states, there are more republican voters than democratic voters in those states. if people are amped up in the next four weeks, those states will probably go red. >> as somebody who knows brett kavanaugh, dan, were you surprised the way he was in the committee? because now temperament could become an issue. are you surprised the way he behaved -- >> it should be considered in context. did he get a little hot? yes. everyone who raises that charge, i say to them, if you had a senior u.s. senator, dianne feinstein, basically citing charges that were orchestrated by michael avenatti that you led a gang rape, charges that were unverified, uncorroborated, i say to everyone, how would you respo respond? he did get a little hot. other supreme court justices have been intempered at times. i think you have to look at the totality of his career. 12 years on the d.c. circuit.
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even the ada, which the president called for an extended fbi investigation, the ada still stood by the recommendation. >> you have a supreme court justice saying because of his temperament -- >> right, and you had -- in 2016, you had ruth bader ginsburg openly campaigning against donald trump and saying she was going to move toll new zealand if he were elected. at times, you know, supreme court justices are human. and sometimes they say things that are inappropriate or political. i just think given all that was going on, the -- that brett kavanaugh did, i think he'll be confirmed. the vice president said in a speech yesterday that china wants a different american president. penn said a senior u.s. intelligence official told him, quote, what the russians are doing pales in comparison to
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what china is doing. china denies it interferes in any country's domestic affairs. the u.s. unemployment rate is now at its lowest rate in 49 years. it reached 3.7% in september according to the labor department monthly job report that came out this morning. the report also shows u.s. employers added only 134,000 jobs last month. that's the smallest gain in a year. analysts say hurricane florence had an impact on job creation. the suspect accused of a deadly ambush on police in south carolina bragged about his shooting skills online. but we still don't know why three sheriff deputies and four police officers were shot on wednesday while they were attempting to serve a search warrant at the suspect's home. sergeant terrence caraway was killed. david pegues has more on this story. >> reporter: you know something that's interesting, the alleged shooter still hasn't been charged with a crime.
7:15 am
he's in custody and officials assure us there's no threat to the public but he hasn't been pthe crime scene is still activ. the three deepties who were the first to be shot were all women. they're still in the hospital. last night, a vigil to honor the male officer who died responding to a call for backup. friends and colleagues say sergeant terrence carraway dedicated himself to the community. he was honored for more t years of service to the city's a police30 department. >> he was a giant of a man but he was the proverbial gentle giant. and i loved him. >> reporter: according to a senior law enforcement official, the shooter is frederick hopkins. he's a 74-year-old vietnam veteran and disbarred attorney who described himself on social media as a competitive marksman. shots were fired at 4:00 p.m.
7:16 am
sheriffs deputies were attempting to enter with a search warrant because a 27-year-old man inside is the subject of a investigation. the news that hopkins was per perched on the second story with a high-powered rifle that gave him a direct line of sight down the street as backup officers approached the home. some of the officers who were shot were 15 yards away. sergeant carraway, that's his vehicle, down the street, probably 15 or so yards from the suspect's house. sergeant carraway was shot right near his vehicle. the police chief estimates it took about 30 minutes to be able to get in to rescue the wounded officers using an armored truck. >> it's my understanding right now they didn't know the level of firepower they were going into. >> reporter: the crimes happened in florence county but the richland county sheriff about an hour down the road has been asked to investigate. that sheriff was asked yesterday whether or not the family where
7:17 am
the shooting took place was given a head's up that the deputies were coming. here's what the sheriff said. it's under investigation. he didn't want to talk about it. and not all of the facts are known yet. we're going to keep pushing for an answer to that question. >> you'll be right back telling us, thank you, david. two major sponsors for one of the world's highest paid athletes say they're watching a lawsuit in las vegas that accuses him of raping a woman. cameras caught soccer star christiano ronaldo leaving his italian club team's training center yesterday. ronaldo denies the allegation and his club is supporting him but he will sit out two games with his portugal team next week. nike said the allegations are disturbing and promised to closely monitor the situation. the video game giant ea sports, which has ronaldo on the cover of its fifa franchise, said it will do the same. the company says, quote, we expect cover athletes to conduct themselvesings in a manner that is consistent with ea's values. this year's nobel peace
7:18 am
prize is recognizing efforts to end sexual violence during war time. it was awarded to dr. denis mukwege and nadia murad. forces kidnapped and raped murad in 2014. she escaped and began telling the world how she and her people were treated. mu kwege talks about them with anderson cooper back in 2008. >> translator: you know they're in deep pain but it's not just physical pain, it's psychological pain you can see. here at the hospital, we've seen women who have stopped living. >> are all the people you treat -- >> the prize committee said murad and mukwege put themselves at risk to show how women are used as a weapon of war. >> they both really opened the world's eyes to major crises. first lady melania trump is in kenya this morning on the
7:19 am
largest stage of her africa tour. how she's pro this national weather report sponsored by pfizer.
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a new lawsuit blames delta airlines for alleged sexual assault during a flight. >> ahead, only on "cbs this morning," the woman opens up about what she says happened but how delta is raising questions about her account. >> you're watching "cbs this
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procedural vote this morning... on whether to confirm supreme court nominee br good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. the u.s. senate is expected to hold a procedural vote this morning on whether to confirm supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. if republicans get a majority of votes in favor of kavanaugh, it will clear the way for a final roll call tomorrow. a stretch of southbound highway 17 in the los gatos area is now open once again. it has been closed since yesterday afternoon when a tractor-trailer hauling an excavator slammed into the overpass at blossom hill road. the u.s. navy's blue angels are back in the bay area. the flight demonstration squadron is set to perform from noon to 4 p.m. today at san francisco's fleet week events. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
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good morning. 7:27. a traffic messremain shut down big rig flipped over on its side and spilled 27 tons of dirt in the roadway. we are tracking a travel time of over one hour for drivers making their way between 580 and 84. traffic allowed to use the center divide but a very slow commute. we timed it out just right with our weather. we have had much-needed rain earlier in the week and now we have sunshine for the weekend.
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♪ part of the magic is watching your characters fall in love, intertwine with artistic collaboration. >> yes. >> how much of that story, of what it means to write songs, what it means to take a risk by sharing yourself, is your story? >> man, it's, if i didn't have the ability to share my songs, i don't know who i would be. it's part of who i am. it's part of what made me happy my whole life. if i wasn't sitting here with you right now, i'd still be in a bar downtown banging on a piano somewhere with my high heel on the keys. singing my brains off.
7:31 am
but, you know -- >> there she is, the one and on >> such an honest moment. she had several on colbert last night. music clearly sustains her and fuels her. this movie "a star is born" is so good. with gaga making her big screen debut. bradley cooper directing. it's very, very, very well done. when you think, how can they make it better, how can they make it good, they do. >> he directs it. >> directorial debut. i see oscar for both of them. >> not only helped her but it helped so many other people, so many fans, right? welcome back, everybody, to "cbs this morning." that was of course lady gaga on colbert. nice interview. one year ago today, explosive allegations against harvey weinstein led to a cultural reckoning and the me too movement. women around the world spoke up about experiencing sexual harassment and assault. a "usa today" analysis finds no
7:32 am
workplace sexual harassment laws have been passed by congress and state laws remain limited. 6 1/2 million pounds of beef are being recalled due to salmonella concerns. 57 people have become sick in 16 states. 14 have been hospitalized. the ground beef and patty products likely came from arizona meat backing plant jbs. the fda previously complained about egregious and inhumane wfs on shipped to her retailers nationwide including relmart. ksest 267. >> a new study of college students suggest a 15-minute jog is better for your mind than 15 minutes of calm relaxation. what? students who went for a brisk jog outside showed arper mentapeedfi snd igni atlytention cacontrolnt than tho relaxed. they
7:33 am
studentsfees er whondaxed r ioowould sayrs the p eople meditate would >> i thit's the bes w rdicine? >> jogging. >> exercising. >> for me. for me it's definitely jogging. >> if it's only 15 minutes, you can do both, gayle. >> you really don't have time. d ake .no kw >> a good compromise. >> don't forget the stretch though. >> delta airlines says it will vigorously oppose a federal lawsuit fsehoed bily a alleges she was sexually assaulted during her flight. delayny luh says she was assaulted by another passenger as she slept. jamie yuccas spoke with luh in an interview you'll only see on "cbs this morning."
7:34 am
>> i'm, like, get up, get up, i'm like, what are you doing, touching me, what is your problem? like, oh, my god, somebody help me. >> reporter: luh had just fallen asleep when she says the man sitting next to her placed his hand down her pants and exposed himself. >> it's very violating. that's how i felt. just a piece of meat. >> reporter: luh, a 23-year-old clothing design, said she ran crying to the flight attendants in the back of the cabin. >> i was shaking, i'm like, this guy just had his hand in my pants. i don't know him. he's a stranger. can you please help me? she said, we're going to make a report. don't worry, we got you, you're going to be safe. straight words from her mouth. >> reporter: luh was moved to another seat. she says she was the first passenger allowed off the plane when it landed at los angeles. where she was met by delta customer service representatives. they said, where's the plaolice? you still haven't called the
7:35 am
police whwrwith y g fr vantage alked p and away? >> yes. >> reporter: luh says he was visibly drunk when he boarded in minneapolis but flight attendants still served him alcohol. >> i'm like, dang, he already smells like so much alcohol. >> reporter: how many drinks do you think he had? >> about six to eight. >> reporter: luh filed a federal lawsuit claiming delta was negligent by overserving the passenger. delta knew or should have known its actions could lead to harm to a passenger including a sexual a salssault. do you feel the flight attendants didn't believe you? >> to be honest that didn't even run dn't dtheir job. >> reporter: "el athistaorning"r safety is its top priority. and it does not tolerate the harassment or assault of passengers. but the airline disputes luh's version of events. after deplaning, ms. luh first
7:36 am
informed a delta agent that she had been improperly touched on the leg by another passenger. delta immediately reported the incident to local law enforcement for their handling and our understanding is the matter was not pursued. according to the police report, luh said she woke up with the man's hand on her right outer thigh above the knee. it does not mention he sexually assaulted her or exposed himself. you talked to the police and then the fbi opened up an investigation and foundhe t story and they closed it. >> i know it sounds weird, but having to explain what happened to me to another man was just -- i couldn't do it. >> reporter: luh claims she was too embarrassed at the time to go into the details with the male police officer. she received a $200 travel voucher for her ordeal. luh is suing delta for $6
7:37 am
million in damages. there are a lot of people who can come out and say, oh, she just wants money from delta. >> yes, no, that's not the case. i'm very well off myself. it's not about the money. it's about doing the right thing. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jamie yuccas, california. >> delta airlines also told us its employees are trained to monitor passenger drinking and behavior and take specific steps when handling things like intoxication. that includes separating passengers and alerting law enforcement before the plane lands. first lady melania trump is promoting children's education and conservation initiatives on the latest stage of her fo four-nation tour in kenya. this morning, the first lady visited ed aed an orphanage in. earlier, she fed baby elephants and went on a safari.
7:38 am
she is working to promote the work of the united states agency for international development. president trump has tried to slash the agency's fund buying nearly a third but congress said no. her next and final stop is egypt before she returns to the u.s. she always has quite a fashion sense too with the hat and the boots and everything. the toxic red algae tide, red tide algae i should say, is making a rare appearance on florida's atlantic coast. ahead, we take you to one of south florida's most popular beaches to show why the toxin is so hard to contain. you're watching "cbs this morning." so hard to contain. you're watching "cbs this morning." iately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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♪ a toxic algae that's harmful to humans is spreading from florida's gulf coast to atlantic beaches for the first time in more than a decade. the phenomenon known as red tide can kill fish and cause respiratory issues in people. state officials say the gulf coast bloom now stretches along 135 miles of florida coastline.
7:43 am
manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: this is haulover beach. it's empty now but it's typically one of the most popular spots in south florida. it was shut down as officials were trying to keep people away from the water as they wait for the slow-moving menace to pass. >> we don't want anybody out here today and be exposed to these toxins. >> reporter: miles of pristine beach were deserted, shut down after officials described a toxic red tide bloom offshore. >> i can't even really get close to it without my throat tickle so bad that i'm constantly -- >> reporter: red tides are caused by a natural occurring toxic algae that is normally seen on the gulf coast. it spread to the atlantic coast. believed to be partially caused by agriculturally development
7:44 am
around florida's farmlands. feeding the microscopic menace. >> this pollution makes the bloom even worse? >> so nutrient pollution, things like fertilizer runoff from people's lawns, discharged from septic systems and waste water treatment plants, those can exer bait t exacerbate the problem. >> reporter: turning thriving waterways into death traps for entire schools of fish and other animals like sea turtles, manatees and dolphins. humans and their pets can become seriously ill from breathing the poisonous fumes released when the blooms find their way to the beach. >> you feel like you can't breathe. >> reporter: the east coast bloom is already impacting busi. matt greenberg's restaurant sat empty as soon as red tide came ashore. >> the last time i feel like it
7:45 am
was this empty was, like, during the hurricane when we came and the whole island was shut down. so very weird. >> reporter: bio chemist is an authority on the waterway. he recommends steering clear of the beach as the red tide runs its course. >> as water gets cooler, these will go away. the big question is how long this is going to take. >> reporter: the fumes can be so bad out here that you might be able to make out in that shot that our crew has to wear masks out here. it is the first time since 1957 red tide has been detected along the east coast of florida. the state will allocate $3 million in grants to help affected counties. miami and palm beach county beaches are expected to reopen today, even though red tide still threatens part of the coastline. >> oh, manuel, put on your mask too.
7:46 am
i'm glad the crew is wearing the masks. happened on the gulf and now miami's affected as well. i hope they find a solution. >> i hope so too. all right, up next, a look at this morning's other headlines, including quarterback tom brady's historic career milestone that puts him in a very exclusive club. this portion of "cbs this
7:47 am
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7:51 am
leadership. the post editorial board is calling on the crown prince to ensure he is free. saudi officials say he l the property. >> britain's guardian reports on a major study that suggests taking vitamin d supplements does not help bone health. the biggest ever review published in lancet, diabetes and endocrine ology juournal. it says there's no evidence taking vitamin d in the winter months. patients should talk to their doctor. the patriots beat colts and quarterback tom brady reached a milestone, 500 touchdown passes. it went to newcomer josh gordon. puts brady third on the career list behind manning and brett favre. new england beat the colts 38-24. you know what he said? a quarterback does not do it alone, it's a team, somebody has to catch that ball.
7:52 am
it's a good sign of what a great team. >> gisele says that too, somebody has to catch that ball. they lost the first two. remember that. off to a rocky start but it was only temporary at the time. >> well done. >> the final decision on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh comes down to a few undecided senators. ahead, senate democratic whip dick durbin talks to us about the vote count and the gop claim that democrats are just stalling. and if you're on the go, be sure to describe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms,
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along with 26 essential and minerals your body needs. alwith guaraeed grt taste. the upside- i'm just getting started. boost® high protein be up for life boost® high protein but mania, such as unusualrder can rchanges in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. this is a cbs news special report. i'm norah o'donnell with john dickerson, gayle king and bianna golodryga in new york. republican leaders are on track to hold a final confirmation vote early tomorrow evening. the procedure vote ended 51-49
7:55 am
with one republican voting no. that's lisa murkowski of alaska and one democrat voting yes, joe manchin of west virginia. >> the nominating process has been delayed for a week because of the fbi inquiry into allegations that kavanaugh sexually assaulted one woman in high school and exposed himself to another in college. the public service leader said the interview failed to pull up anyone to file charges. they have a list of other potential witnesses. >> the interesting thing is, those four senators we were watching have moved forward. the only republican who voted notice was murkowski. that suggests she might vote no in this final vote and we're sure not sure how senator flake or senator collins will vote to
7:56 am
see if he ultimately will advance. >> there will still be discussion and conversation before that early vote tomorrow, and those three other senators other than murkowski, could always vote no on the final vote of kavanaugh. this is just the vote to keep the process going. so we have a no vote on murkowski, but we don't know about the others. >> it reminds us of that picture last week of dianne feinstein and lisa murkowski where she had her hand up against the wall because she ended up voting no. and i'm curious about susan collins and jeff flake because they were clearly on the fence. i wonder if something tipped them over. >> susan collins said after reading the fbi inquiry, there was no excuse for the incident that dr. ford described. >> they said there was no questioning and this was an insufficient report of the republicans for the most away from it.sfing
7:57 am
also have to take into account whether brett kavanaugh's op-ed in the "wall street journal" made any sort of impact or difference where he didn't say i'm sorry, but he said, listen, i got a little bit too emotional and that's not in my character. >> and in that final, final vote, it's still possible for the senator to say, yes, i want the conversation to continue, i didn't want to stop the senate from going forward, but in the end here's my final evaluation. >> i'm curious about joe manchin. he was literally hunted by reporters yesterday, and every time they caught up to him he said, i don't know, i don't know, i'm still thinking, i have to go back and read it again. what do you think was the final -- >> he is a democrat in the state of west virginia, a state that voted for trump by more than 20 points. he's up for reelection, he's former governor of that state, he knows the politics of the state. he is one who says i have to represent the people who voted me into office. i think he voted in terms of the
7:58 am
way people want him to. >> for his constituents. >> and if you ultimately vote no, you have to make it look like it was close. you can't even be saying i don't want to talk about it, which is what this vote was signalling for those three. if you're on the fence, you still want to have the conversation. >> it's important to take a step back and see what transpired this week. jeff flake said let's put the brakes on this, we need an fbi investigation. many people were startled to hear that from him, many republicans. that having been said, they're saying he may very well have saved the party because they now at least have cover when it comes to saying, we had an fbi investigation. >> that political cover. one still outstanding thing this final vote, and also senator susan collins, the key republican vote, will announce at 3:00 today how she plans to vote on the final vote, which will come, as john mentioned, tomorrow. coverage will continue today on your local news and this cbs station. we also have more on our
7:59 am
streaming network, cbsn. they have a lot of news and analysis there. what >> what an emotional debate this has been. you see the senators needing security, they're getting death threats. you see a lot of emotion on both sides of the argument. >> on both sides i think it's been very draining and frightening on both sides. it's been very heated and it's been very, very tense. >> we're going to see more heat on the senate floor as they talk between now and the ultimate vote. i think we'll see people say things that will be at the upper end of the register that we're used to expecting from the senate and senators. >> what do you think it will be like for joe manchin as a democrat? >> tough. no matter which way he goes, it will be tough from this very minute until election day. >> what does he say to his colleagues? >> he's working on those remarks now. >> that's right. this has been a cbs news special report. i'm norah o'donnell with bianna
8:00 am
golodryga, john dickerson and gayle king. >> announcer: for news 24 hours a day, go to to welcome back to cbs this morning. following breaking news from capitol hill as brett kavanaugh's supreme court bid takes a crucial step forward. we talk with nancy court he is about what this means for confirmation and number two senate democrat dick durbin. but here is the eye opener at 8:00. >> the future of in supreme court is the froefrs is set to end in the next 3 as che time has come to vote. >> the yeas are 51, the noes are 49. the motion is agreed to. >> do you condone the comments the president used? >> the president speaks for
8:01 am
himself. it was incredibly important the udiciaryy committee provide a for her to give her testimony. >> were you surprised at how he played at the senate judiciary committee hearing? issue.mperament has become an issue. >> in 2016 you had ruth bader ginsburg openly campaigning against donald trump and saying against going to move to new zealand. supreme court justices are human. hooter know something that's interesting. e i alleged shooter hasn't been charged with a crime. he's in custody and officials blic.e us there's no threat but he hasn't been formally charged yet. the "washington post" report "washthan 250 people have died while taking selfies in the last six years. the leading cause was drowning. >> they underwater trying to get a selfie? and then, like dying because to g they can't get the perfect hillary clinton? like is it just people underwater? ause ]hter ]
8:02 am
>> some pictures aren't worth it. i'm bianna golodryga with gayle ave brearah o'donnell and john dickerson. we have breaking news from capitol hill to bring you. the senate voted 51-49 to advance brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination to a toal vote tomorrow. oments ago, the white house said it's confident kavanaugh will get the votes. s.rlier the nominee lobbied one last time for his confirmation with an op-ed article in the "wall street journal." he answered critics of his forceful tone writing this "i moreery emotional last thursday, more so than i've ever eeen, i hope everyone can andrstand i was there as a son, a husband and a dad." >> republicans hold a 51-49 senate majority so they can only afford to lose one republican vote to confirm kavanaugh tomorrow. if all democrats vote no. nancy corps december is on capitol hill and we've been following those four undecided senators, flake, collins,
8:03 am
murkowski and manchin. interesting how they voted. >> three out of the four of them, norah, voted to advance this nomination. the only one who voted no was lisa murkowski of alaska who spent the day yesterday, interestingly, meeting with sexual assault survivors from alaska, more than 100 who traveled to washington to urge her to vote no. the other three senators vote ye yes. it's an indication they want this process to go forward. everyone assumes murkowski's no vote today means she will be a no tomorrow which means that republicans can only afford to lose one more vote if they want to keep this confirmation alive. that's why these three remaining senators manchin, collins and flake are being watched so
8:04 am
closely.ed before, though, so never say never. what impact did the kavanaugh op-ed have on undecided senators. >> well, those senators never said his temperament was the biggest concern looming for them. they talked about the fbi investigation and the sexual assault allegations. but we haven't heard them say they were concerned about his judicial temperament but clearly he saw there was some damage control that needed to be done from his testimony last week. you even heard former justice john paul stevens say he supported kavanaugh until he heard the way kavanaugh spoke in the hearing then he changed his needed
8:05 am
to do this not just to shore up republican support but that he would be a different kind of justice than the perso last wee >> are these senators alone or getting whipped by the pressure of their parties? >> joe manchin is the only democrat who might vote yet. he is not getting a lot of pressure from democratic leaders. they learned a long time ago that when it comes to joe manchin of west virginia that can backfire. they are letting him make up his mind. he went and looked at the fbi documents again today. lisa murkowski after she voted no several republican leaders came up and shook her hand so that shows the way they're treating their republicans who are still on the fence. >> nancy, thank you. earlier this morning we spoke with senator dick durbin of illinois, he is the number-two senate democrat and a member of the judiciary committee. we asked him about the fbi report and how his party want od inquiry to be handled.
8:06 am
>> let me tell you, what a disappointment. i sat in that room yesterday and went through this scant survey they made of 10 witnesses, maybe nine at most. the fbi was clearly under orders to limit this investigation and as a result there were many witnesses, eight of them suggested by dr. ford, 20 by ms. ramirez who were never even contacted by the fbi. it was very disappointing. >> is there anything that democrats could have done this differently to make this a less painful process? >> i think we went out of her way to bend to her wishes. when she first came forward she branded her letter confidential and made it clear she didn't want her identity disclosed. senator feinstein respected that request, didn't want to victimize her another time so time passed and that's been used against senator feinstein
8:07 am
unfairly. >> >> but there is no one that corroborates dr. ford's account and there's some testimony by lee la lay la leland keyser that she felt pressured to say what she said. >> well, there could have been at least eight people that were suggested that could have been interviewed. i think mark judge should have been brought in and asked questions. there were elements of his statement that i can't disclose but they certainly raise questions that should have been pursued? >> what is your feeling about his op-ed? he admit he is got too emotional but he says he can return to being in his words even-keeled, open minded and independent. were you moved by what he had to say. >> no, i'm not. i understand his emotion and anger. this has to be a terrible ordeal
8:08 am
for him and his family and i understand that part. but the fire in his eyes when he turned into this partisan scree is something i'mcannot imagine t justice who would be so partisan, make such wild claims and then ask to be put on a bench and trusted. i agree with justice john paul stevens. now look at clarence thomas, he spent 10 years in sullen silence. if we go through and put brett kavanaugh on the court, i don't know what he'll do at that point but i don't trust his temperament at this point, his demeano demeanor. >> senator, thanks for being with us. >> you bet.
8:09 am
we went to texas to interview both candidates in one of the country's most d political races. >> the reason that we have a competitive race is it is clear that the hard left, they're angry. >> i think at this moment it's not about democrats or republicans it's about this country coming together around the things that we care most about. >> ahead on cbs "this morning," hear from republican senator ted cruz and democratic grapnovel res in a
8:10 am
8:11 am
bizarre hollywood murder. >> i'm maureen maher of "48 hours." a wealthy hollywood producer is accused of murdering his girlfriend. was he following the plot of his frightening novel? that story coming up on cbs "this morning." your dunkin' doesn't make you, you... but it helps. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries.
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♪ >> the conservative state of texas is becoming a focal point. incumbent republican senator ted cruz won his seat by almost 16 percentage points in 2012 but recent polls show a rising democratic star, congressman beto o'rourke is within single digits. two spite the state's changing
8:16 am
demographics, o'rourke will need strong support from young people and latinos. we traveled to texas. >> you should be free to make the decisions o wn your life. >> for republican senator ted cruz, winning reelection in the deeply red state of texas should be easy. >> we are being outraised 3-1. >> reporter: but cruz finds himself in a tight race against democrat beto o'rourke who is trying to turn the state blue for the first time in two decades. >> the democrat hasn't won a state race since 1994. why now? >> i think it's not about democrats or republicans or party politics. it's about this country coming together with the things we work out with this moment of truth. we.
8:17 am
>> why is this race as close as it is? >> at the end of the dayll win this race. the reason we have a competitive race is it is clear the hard left, the extreme left in this country, that they're angry many filled with hatred for president trump and it colors everything else. >> reporter: the two couldn't be farther apart. beto o'rourke is trying to sell universal health care and abortion rights. cruz says he's more aligned with texans on multiple fronts including border security and strong second amendment rights. >> we want lower restrictions. those are the common sense values that bring texans together. >> whether it's freedoming dreamers from fear of deportation by making them u.s. citizens or bringing republicans and democrats together to ensure their immigration laws reflect our values and are written in our image, those are things texans of all walks of like want
8:18 am
s and this country beto o'rourke was a n a punk rock band. before being elected , his profile spiked last year when he live streamed an impromptu cross country road trip turned town hall with republican colleague will hurd. ♪ on the road again >> reporter: his campaign has broken all conventional rules. >> not only have we been in every one of the 254 counties of texas we expect nod help from political actions committees or special interests. >> reporter: senator cruz is an a conservative icon. he was the star of the failed 2013 government shutdown on obamacare. he came closest to beating lump
8:19 am
in the 2016 primaries. a fight that led cr, we know g . a lot ofe doesn't that bother you more than it would? >> i will say the media is obsessed with personality. is obsessed with trump derangement syndrome. we had a vigorous primary. >> you told people to vote their conscience. >> it was hard fought but it's over and when the president was wle elected i made a choice for the people of texas. i could choose to have hurt feelings and say it's all about me, i'm going to be be selfish and take my marbles and go home or doing my job and represent 28 million texans and work with the president, work cooperatively to get real solutions for real problems. >> for those people on the fence, they're concerned you may not work with him if you're elected senator. would you work with the president on any policy? >> absolutely.
8:20 am
i'll find every possible way to work with anyone. we have to advance this country's agenda and do better for people that i denying that o'rourke has energized the democratic base. there was a fund-raiser for him, 55,000 people turned out at a willie nelson concert on saturday, the largest for a campaign since 2016. on the other hand, when i was with ted cruz yesterday there were voters and supporters who said i heard them speaking amongst themselves saying i don't really like what the president has been sayings about kavanaugh or what have you, my business is doing very well and this economy is doing very well so we'll keep things as is and vote for ted cruz. so we'll see what ends up happening. >> the big day almost here. grammy winning artist common and hunger games actress amandla stenberg will be here in studio 57. we'll talk about their new movie and the message they hope it
8:21 am
sten sends. plus a message about leafing money around the house. this is a good one. ♪ [laughing] ♪ from the fist of a legend rises a new action star. a hero, who's there to save the day...and the night. so fearless, so rugged... he's tough as chuck. you replaced me with a truck? vroom, vroom. ♪ toyota. let's go places. ...heals extremely dry skin in just 5 days. new vaseline clinical care... ♪ it's amazing what healed skin can do. the healing power of vaseline. you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou?
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♪ it's tearing up my heart when a pile of shredded paper shows what can happen when a toddler gets his hand on more than a thousand dollars in cash. ben and jackie belknap saved for roughly a year to pay for season tickets to university of utah football games but their two-year-old son leo found the cash in an envelope and fed it into the shredder. the government office that deals with damaged money says that they may be able to replace it. >> what happened to the gold old days when kids color on the walls? how about that. >> they say kids are cute for a re. >> can'tme him aer seeing
8:25 am
hotel workers are in the second day of a strike against the marriott hotel chain. the st good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. hundreds of hotel workers are in the second day of a strike against a marriott hotel chain. the strike currently affects workers at 7 marriott affiliated hotels in san francisco as well as the marriott in downtown san jose. workers are also striking in boston and the union says the work stoppage could spread to other cities. campbell police are trying to find a man who stole thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise from a downtown retail store. investigators released this surveillance video which they say shows the man taking money and jewelry last friday at the celtic shop on east campbell avenue. crews ar fco more than a week since
8:26 am
cracks were discovered in steel beams. there is no estimated re- opening date for the transit center. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including o ur website,
8:27 am
time now 8:27. a traffic alert remains in effect fopleasanton. southbound 680 at bernal, all lanes remain closed after an earlier crash involving a couple of cars and s of dirt in the road. traffic is using the center divide to get past the scene of the crash.
8:28 am
it's an hour from 580 to 84. definitely avoid 680 if you 680. sunol boulevard will get you past the scene of the crash and at the limit again. let's check in with mary lee on the forecast. a beautiful start to the day much cooler, drier air in place. you can definitely feel that difference. beautiful live look from the "salesforce tower" says. those blue skies out there and a very thin shallow marine layer out there, as well. so let's show you our daytime highs today. we are going to be warmer than yesterday looking at 67 in san francisco. 72 in oakland. 73 san rafael as well as for santa rosa. 79 in fairfield. so we are looking at plenty of sunshine particular through the weekend. breezy conditions although some dry gusty north winds up in the north bay hills and east bay hills for the weekend. but looking great for all of those weekend events including fleet week. have a great weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ the hurt doesn't show, but the pain still grows ♪ ♪ so stranger to you and me ♪ i can feel it coming in the air tonight ♪ >> you can see that deer appears to nail the drum solo from the phil collins song when it tumbles through this backyard play set. someone on youtube put the stumble to the music. it made me laugh. i know it's silly but it's fawning and i keep fawning over this video. >> fawning over this video. we got it. it makes you laugh because it looks so silly and it works and the little fawn wasn't hurt. >> you're supposed to say "oh, deer!" >> norah, you got anything else? >> she's got a bunch written down. >> i was sliz ting these. >> i'm going go. >> see, it's called a doe.
8:31 am
>> deer totally plays it off afterwards. like oh this happens everyday. >> elizabeth has had enough. she says you have to keep going. welcome back to cbs "this morning." time to show you some headlines. bloomberg reports the trump administration is accusing china of trying to undermine u.s. national security. strategic competitors appear to be growing in strength, says the report. the report highlights risk. >> the globe reports on two studies suggesting aspirin may reduce the risk of liver and ovarian cancer as one study found taking two or more 325 milligram aspirin tablets a week for five years or more led to significantly reduced risk of developing liver cancer. another study found taking low dose aspirin daily had a 23% lower risk of developing oe inin
8:32 am
cancers. both studies were published in the journal jama oncologist. >> a grand rapids man has beeni. the previous owner told him the door stop was a meteorite from the 1930s. he had the geology professor examen the 22.5 pound chunk of iron. it turned out to be the sixth-largest ever found in michigan. >> what are the other five doing right now? a movie director who wrote a violent graphic novel became the center of a real life murder case he and his girlfriend lived together in a hollywood condo until police found the girlfriend murder. he said her death was linked to gambling debts but investigators turned to his book to search for clu clues. "48 hours" bhamaureen
8:33 am
maher takes us inside "48 hours." >> blake was born into a wealthy canadian real estate family but he moved to hollywood to make it big and it was his idea to write this graphic novel "syndrome" about a vicious murderer. he married a model and had two children with her. he had a girlfriend on the side and then fell in love with yet a third woman. she was an immigrant from ukraine and had a baby with blake. >> her biggest dream was to have children and raise a family here in the united states. >> reporter: her mother olga. >> jana was happy. she was very happy. and he, too. >> reporter: despite that happy picture, there was a time when blake worried he might lose everything because of his brother cody. >> he's a big man about town, loves fast cars. >> he's the flashy brother?ye
8:34 am
cy was a big gambler says scott johnson, a writer for the hollywood reporter and josays cody played in a high stakes poker circuit called molly's game which was depicted in a hollywood movie. >> they were going all in all the time. >> blake's fear, justified or not, was this the celebrity poker game had some dangerous characters, russian mobsters who might seek revenge on his own family because he believed cody owed them money. >> and he was expressing these fears in text messages to a close friend. >> in may, 2016, jana's seemingly charmed life dime a horrible end. >> police swarmed this building after a mother's intuition told her something was not right with hersas r like movp >> the injs sre him pointed
8:35 am
detectives in the right direction telling them -- >> science will tell you who did this. >> hand the science of the blood evidence would shock everyone. >> wow, yes. >> it's stunning. >> yes, it is. maureen maher joins us at the table. we noted the reference to molly's game and the family has a connection to that as well. what role does that play in the investigation? >> it plays no role. it's on the outer rim. his brother cody was involved with the game and because he had owed money we believe to the game there was a concern by blake, who is the defendant in this case, that somehow the russian mafia was after him. but in the a part of his scenao of what may or may not have happened inside this py one t gruesome stories.
8:36 am
>> why was the lack of blood or blood important in this case? >> what's responsibility they expected to see more evidence around the condo and they didn't and because of that they called in a luminol expert. it's that they wanted to know her story. >> every victim as the story and even if they can't tell the story they still deserve to have their story told. >> maureen maher, thank you. you can watch maureen's report on 48 hours at 10:00, 9:00 central here on cbs. >> hip-hop artist common and actress it's time for the ross fall dress event.
8:37 am
yeah? so you can find a party dress at a price yeah. that makes you want to celebrate. find the perfect dress for every occasion. it feels even better when you find it for less at the ross fall dress event. yes for less.
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8:41 am
of an officer. >> a lot goes through a cop's mind when they pull someone over, especially they have to get into a pissing contest with the driver about why they stopped them. it sets off an alarm. are they hiding? ? is the car stolen. >> but you don't know if they did anything wrong. >> that's why we search them. but if they open the door or reach through an open window, they're probably going for a weapon so if i think i see a gun i don't hesitate, i shoot. >> because you think you see a gun? you don't say something first? like put your hands up? >> common and amandla table. this is such a pivotal scene use how he answers that question changes a little bit their relationship. what i like is that the die slog so real in this movie. >> first of all, angie thomas who wrote the book wrote an incredible book, it's been on the "new york times" best-sellers list for 75 weeks.
8:42 am
>> 83 now. >> oh, 83, okay. [ laughter ] >> i got the facts. >> and our director and our writer who wrote the script i feel like they capture the way human beings talk. it was important for uncle carlos and starr to have the conversation about what it means to be a black police officer. >> i thought we know this story but we didn't know this particular story because your dad in the movie is a former gang member, you witness this, and your dad is encouraging you to tell the truth which is sort of unheard in the culture about snitching. >> i think what can be powerful about it is how the media tends to misconstrue blackness. hopefully we can postulate it in a way that's truthful and honest and we're allowed to be open and
8:43 am
and canned and multidimensional. >> common, you talk about the difficulty of portraying black police officers, what is the truth of that? >> the truth is they're human beings and we don't want to stereotype black people and we don't want to stereotype all police as bad but we have to recognize that it's something in the system that allowed the police officers to shoot unarmed black and brown people and we have to understand that that is a problem. at the same token we have to figure out solutions and the reason why it was important for me to play this character is i feel like understanding both sides is one of the ways to get to resolution. we have to listen to each other and figure out the best ways to get to a peaceful place. >> do you review the role that police officers play ? >> i do. i mean, there's still no excuse for unarmed people being named 16 times.
8:44 am
we can name so many people. >> the list is too long. >> but that's the beauty of acting, you get to understand people's positions even more so i respect and understand it. like i said, police officers are not all bad. that would be a bad thing to even think of. but what are we going to do to solve this? what are we doing as a community as politicians to make sure we appoint people who are looking to progress this movement. >> it's beautifully written. >> vote. >> beautifully written, beautifully acted and the reviews are incredible. "variety" says the film is entertaining, enraging and poised to be a hit and "rolling stone" described your performance amandla as, quote, a gathering storm that grows in ferocity and feeling with each scene. >> grows in ferocity. >> wild. >> you're trying to in some ways impart a message. >> absolutely. impart a message and hopefully
8:45 am
even empower voices, particularly those that have been disenfranchised, especially including young black women because we really made this film for them and angie wrote the book for them. >> but your character starr, you used to call her starr 2.0 because she lives in a black neighborhood and goes to a white school and that was how angie grew up, too. she said she would leave the house listening to tupac and get to school lock tistening to thes brothers. [ laughter ] >> code switching. talk about that. >> and she has a white boyfriend. so many interesting details. >> she's a nuanced black person living the contemporary black experience, it's something we have to do is code switch depending on the environment we here in because we understand that blackness is not necessarily accepted into all the spaces that we enter into and sometimes'secessary to be very intentional with how we present ourselves in order to achieve some sort of success.
8:46 am
because we understand that sometimes our blackness can be misconstrued as detrimental. >> the movie opens limited this week because you got stiff competition but you got a bigger release coming because word of mouth will sell this movie. >> we thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> congratulations. >> "the hate u give" opens today. former cisco systems chairman john chambers up next. all that mattered this week. john chamers up next. all that matters this week.
8:47 am
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this is what i should do. hat' >>. tkingo common. that will do it for us. be sure to tune into the evening news with jeff glor. >> how did you get there? i don't remember. how many years ago was it in? i don't know. president trump publicly
8:50 am
criticized a woman who claims kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. >> the white house did not want a new fbi investigation, the seventh if you're keeping track, into brett kavanaugh. >> if judge kavanaugh is shown to have lied to the committee, nomination is over? >> oh, yes. i would think so. >> the "new york times" said it found much of his wealth was acquired by participating in what the times called dubious tax schemes. >> the situation here in palu is desperate. the town is resorting to building a mass grave for the bodies they're finding. >> clerical sex abuse is not officially on the docket, but it most likely will loom large over these meetings. >> las vegas police have reopened a sexual assault investigation involving soccer superstar cristiano ronaldo. >> fake news. erllegations are ue, he's goingprison. >> cbs news investigation uncovers problems at woz u. >> i'm tony dokoupil with cbs news. how involved -- >> step away. step away.
8:51 am
>> reporter: no one has responded? >> step back. ♪ breakdown, give it to me >> what was it like going through that footage? >> it was emotional but it wasn't sad, it was beautiful. there were moments where people would find me in my pajamas crying listening to tracks. let's call him an american treasure because he was one. >> we're going make a little bit of news on our own. we were thrilled to bianna is j >> why does fly fishing mean to you? >> it's a coping mechanism. it may not have anything to do with getting a fish, basically. i think -- oh -- i'm hooked! i got a fish! [ laughter ] >> see, back when i played college ball this is how i used to explode through the lane. i'd like like huh!
8:52 am
>> damon used to use you and your siblings in a standup routine. do you use your kids? >> i don't. my dad did it without asking me. [ laughter ] >> after years of preparation, the alert went out nationwide. >> i think it's a good thing we can all get an alert if something goes down. [ laughter ] >> i'm john dickerson with nora o'donnell, gayle king and bianna golodry golodryga. >> good morning. i have goose bumps. >> it's a horse in a coffee shop. why is he putting on such a rampage? they misspelled his name on the cup. >> just a bunch of horsing around, right? >> why the long face? >> i've got one more. he was just bar hopping. ♪ i'm a rebel just for this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
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procedural vote this morning... on whe good morning. it's 8:5. the u.s. supreme court held a vote about a half-hour ago and have voted to go along with the confirmation vote. and that could be as soon as tomorrow. a stretch of southbound highway 17 in the los gatos area is now open once again. it had been closed since yesterday afternoon when the tractor-trailer hauling an excavator slammed into the overpass at blossom hill road. and the u.s. navy's blue angels are in the bay area. the flight demonstration squad will perform from noon to 4 p.m. today in san francisco for fleet week. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website, yone -hey, did i mention i can save
8:56 am
8:57 am
fochg to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? good morning. 8:57. a traffic alert remains in effect for drivers heading along southbound 680 at bernal avenue. a big rig overturned earlier this morning. it still has all lanes closed along southbound 680. and traffic backs up well beyond the 580 closer to al cost as to boulevard. taking drivers an hour just to get through that stretch. single file through the center divide. and it looks like chp does not plan on re-opening any of those lanes until at least 1 p.m. today. that is a sliding scale. you can see it's backing up
8:58 am
traffic on 580 as you approach 680 in both directions. give yourself some extra time if you are heading in that area. mary lee has the forecast. thanks, jaclyn. so great to have that sunshine out there, blue skies in our live "salesforce tower" camera. thin marine layer in place. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we head through the day. high pressure builds for us. we are looking at 67 in san francisco. 72 in oakland. 75 for your high in concord. so we're looking at plenty of sunshine as we continue through the weekend there. low 80s inland, saturday, sunday low 70s for the bay this week, mid-60s for the coast. breezy, dry gusty winds for the north bay and east bay hills.
8:59 am
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