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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  November 2, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday: before the midterms. it is 45 and 44 and the fight for votes as two presidents go all out on the trail. and steve hartman with a story of love more powerful than a hurricane.hartman with a story but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the very scary afternoon in the tampa and st. pete metro areas. >> heavy storms moving through central florida. >> and they are ongoing, tornado warnings. >> holy sugar beans. >> we are entering the final stretch before midterm election day. >> and some heavy hitters are hitting the campaign trail. >> don't hashtag, vote! >> we are going to win, win, win. >> punishing u.s. sanctions will be reimposed on iran, starting next week, as part of president
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trump's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. >> the president tweeted, "sanctions are coming." >> newly released video of a bus crash in china shows that a fight is what caused the crash that killed 15 people last weekend. >> u.s. economy added 250,000 jobs added in october. that number stronger than expected. >> 3.1% was the wage growth. that is the fastest in almost a decade. >> yes, this is real life. this is really happening. >> alec baldwin was arrested today, after allegedly getting into a fight over a parking spot. >> i wish him luck. >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. and this is our western edition we have a lot to get to tonight in the final push to midterms, full midterm coverage in just a moment. but we are going to begin here tonight with a frightening situation in florida late this afternoon. severe storms, including multiple tornadoes, tore through the tampa area this afternoon. plenty of damage left behind. roofs were ripped off homes, and manuel bojorquez is there.
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>> holy sugar beans. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the late-afternoon tornado as it ripped through seminole, florida. at least three tornadoes touched down in the tampa area. this one crossed the street in spring hill. the line of heavy rain and wind uprooted trees, knocked down power lines, and caused major damage to several homes and businesses. >> this storm really hit us pretty quick. >> reporter: seminole fire chief william morelli: >> there are no injuries. everyone's safe. we have cleared all the buildings that have damage. >> reporter: for several hours, at least five counties were under a tornado warning. after the storm, road crews started clearing streets blocked by fallen trees. some neighbors were shocked by the damage. >> my wife called and she said, "come home now. tornado." that's all she said. >> reporter: chuck dimarco says he was at the supermarket during the storm. he received a panicked call from his wife. >> i was praying that i would find... my house. so, we were spared.
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>> reporter: and you can see emergency crews are still out surveying damage right now. tonight, more than 50,000 people are without power. but, jeff, some good news. the national weather service has given this area the all-clear from more potential storms tonight. >> glor: okay, manuel bojorquez in pinellas park, florida. manuel, thank you. four days now before the critical midterm elections, with control of congress at stake, two presidents from different parties hit the campaign trail today. president trump was armed with a labor department report that shows the economy added a quarter of a million jobs. but that was not the top issue on his campaign agenda. here's ed o'keefe. >> number one, we want to have strong borders. >> reporter: just four days before election day, president trump is keeping focused on his signature issue: immigration. >> caravan after caravan is forming. unvetted, illegal aliens trying to flood into our country on your dollar.
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>> reporter: campaigning in florida, former president obama, the most high-profile democratic surrogate on the trail, blasted what he calls his successor's fear tactics. >> what we have not seen the way we're seeing right now is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lying! >> reporter: this week, the president has threatened to restrict asylum seekers on the southern border, unilaterally end birthright citizenship enshrined in the constitution, and deploy up to 15,000 u.s. troops to the mexican border to stop thousands of migrants still weeks away from crossing over. waiting for him in indiana, supporters proved that mr. trump may be onto something. what is the most important issue for you this year when you go to vote? >> immigration. >> immigration. >> immigration is a big deal. >> they all say, "speak about the economy. speak about the economy."
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>> reporter: some republicans fear that mr. trump isn't talking enough about the economy. just minutes after today's release of the monthly employment reports showed the economy adding 250,000 jobs in october, with unemployment at a 49-year low, a senior aide to house speaker paul ryan tweeted, "we're going to spend all day and weekend talking about the strong economy, right?" cbs contributor dan senor, who served in the george w. bush administration, said focusing on the birthright citizenship issue could backfire. >> i think the biggest risk to the republicans heading into these midterms is not the president's policy agenda, but it's conveying chaos. and the way he's been handling some of the immigration issue reinforces chaos. >> reporter: now, a short time ago at a rally in west virginia, the president acknowledged that republicans could lose control of the house of representatives on tuesday night. that's the most explicit he's been about their chances so far. but, he told the crowd, "don't worry about it. i'll just figure it out." jeff.
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>> glor: all right, ed o'keefe, thanks very much, with elton john playing in the background there at that rally. ed, we're going to have a fascinating "eye on america" report from you coming up in just a few minutes. but first here, the republicans do have a 45-seat advantage in the current house, but a disadvantage in the battle to keep control. they are defending 60 of the 66 most hotly-contested seats. republicans have a much better chance of holding the senate, where they currently have a two- seat majority. democrats are defending 26 of the 35 seats up for grabs. republicans only nine. we have two reports on this, beginning with jamie yuccas. >> if we get out and vote, what happens? >> we win! ( applause ) >> reporter: california is a pivotal state democrats will have a hard time winning control of the house without. >> working people have lost faith in the democratic party. >> reporter: nearly one-third of the seats democrats need are voters nonstop, while others are preparing to go door knocking. here at the headquarters for
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harley rouda. he's the democrat who's trying to unseat 15-term republican congressman dana rohrbacher. this district in coastal orange county has never elected a democrat. but this year, it could turn blue. the race here is tight, similar to what republicans are facing nationally. this race is considered one of the 19 races that are a toss-up, and the big issues for voters here are the same ones reflected across the country: the economy, health care, gun laws, and immigration. regardless of which party wins control, the likely contenders for house speaker, nancy pelosi and kevin mccarthy, are both from california. never before have the two leading contenders been from the same state. >> reporter: i'm omar villafranca in texas, where republican senator ted cruz is fighting for his reliably red seat. >> build that wall! build that wall! >> reporter: in fort worth, cruz is focusing on immigration and
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jobs to hang on to a slim lead in the polls. republicans have dominated texas politics for more than 20 years. democrats have not won a u.s. senate seat in texas since 1988. but beto o'rourke is hoping to change that by appealing to young and suburban voters. and when it comes to campaign cash, he's already out-raised ted cruz by a margin of two to one. while democrats are hoping that o'rourke can pick up a seat in this republican stronghold, they're defending seats in five red states that went heavily for trump in 2016, making the democrats' uphill climb to retake the senate even steeper. it is nonstop campaigning for the candidates. in fact, o'rourke is about to have his sixth campaign event of the day here behind me shortly. the early voting totals in texas are up significantly. in fact, data that was compiled by the "texas tribune" shows in the biggest 30 counties, early voting this year has already
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surpassed the total from the last midterm. jeff. >> glor: wow, as we wait to see who that helps the most. omar, thanks very much. wisconsin was a battleground state in the 2016 election, helping deliver the presidency to donald trump. it is a battleground this year as well with close races for governor and senator. cbs news spent four days in wisconsin checking out how both the republican and democratic operations work on the ground level. here again is ed o'keefe with tonight's "eye on america." >> president trump today... >> the next couple minutes, we're going to be letting in staff and volunteers. >> are you excited? ( cheers ) >> that's why i'm here today. don't wait. vote early for scott walker. >> it's great to have donald here with bringing out this huge crowd, you know. more people than i've ever seen at a rally ever before. >> reporter: josh zdroik is
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deputy political director for wisconsin's republican party. the republican governor scott walker is in the race of his career, facing democrat tony evers. zdroik is focused on finding loyal republicans to vote for the governor. >> tomorrow is a new day, go out, talk to some voters, get them to the polls. so this is our waukesha field office. this is the main entryway. >> now you have all the groups calling, and you have all the fund-raising calls. so a lot of people have gotten rid of their phones. >> so where are we going? that's why zdroik still has to go looking for voters in person. what's the sales pitch? >> jobs are coming back, wages are coming back. the state's running a surplus. >> reporter: but it can be hard to find someone at home during the week. >> no luck there. >> reporter: knocking on door after door, and getting no response is normal. >> hey, ma'am, my name is josh. i'm a local volunteer. >> reporter: he's got one. he found somebody at home. >> we're very excited that you
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kept on going with us. it's really up to us to go to these doors and find out are you tuned in? what issues matter to you? how have republican policies helped you out? and that's the reason why you should go vote. >> doors will open at 12:30. >> reporter: democrats remember what happened two years ago. >> i'll get some volunteers to work with me. >> reporter: hillary clinton was supposed to win here, but she ended up losing by nearly 23,000 votes. >> we must get out and vote. that's the only way that we're going turn this thing around. >> reporter: so if they want to defeat governor walker and re- elect senator tammy baldwin, democrats need to convince tens of thousands more voters to show up. >> i am here to ask you to vote in what might be the most important election of our lifetimes. >> reporter: angel montes recruits volunteers and tracks down votes for wisconsin democrats. what's the pitch? >> that we have amazing
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progressive candidates that we need to elect here in the state of wisconsin, who will fight for people, regardless of who they are. >> this is amy, and i'm calling with the democratic party of wisconsin. >> so people are coming in to canvas. they're coming in to phone bank. ( knocking ) ( speaking spanish ) tammy baldwin. >> si. >> reporter: in some part of milwaukee, the outreach to voters is in spanish. tens of thousands of latino voters sat out the 2016 elections. democrats desperately need them. does a visit from a democrat asking for your vote actually make a difference? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: why? >> because it's more personal and you get more insight. >> hello, milwaukee! >> reporter: with billions of dollars spent and millions of campaign calls made across the country, it's really just one person face to face that both sides agree will win you over on tuesday. ed o'keefe, cbs news, milwaukee. >> glor: that's right. and cbs news election coverage begins tuesday at 8:00 eastern and pacific, 7:00 central. one of the president's tweets today evoked "game of thrones,"
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announcing he is reimposing all sanctions on iran, that had been lifted under the nuclear deal. that is to punish iranians for supporting terrorism. eight countries will be allowed to continue buying iran's oil, but iran does stand to lose billions. more on this now from elizabeth palmer in tehran. >> reporter: reza eidiyuon uses his family car as his taxi. seat belt on. as we set off for a ride, he like everyone else in this city, is worried about the u.s. sanctions. >> people are still waiting for what's happening for sunday. >> reporter: the government is telling you not to worry. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: do you believe them? >> no. >> reporter: the government's made sure basic services, like trash collection, are working, and it's kept gas prices low-- but in general, prices have skyrocketed. >> for cheese, for butter, for jam, for meat, for chicken-- everything. >> reporter: wow. he takes us shopping to prove his point.
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the first round of u.s. sanctions sent iran's currency into freefall, and last month, inflation topped 30%. now, mohammed the butcher, says his poorest customers can't afford his meat. do you give them a deal? >> yes. >> reporter: the white house may be betting that hardship will provoke the kind of antigovernment uprisings that erupted here in 2009. but right now, there seems little appetite for it. a few shops down, hossein tells us the harder the u.s. pushes, the more people will resist. >> everybody hand to hand for the people. >> reporter: there's solidarity among the people. >> yeah. >> reporter: back in the cab, we head for a richer area, where we meet the hosseins, disgusted with both the u.s. and iranian government. >> i want to escape from iran. >> reporter: you want to escape? >> yes, we want to leave to france. >> reporter: but very few get to leave. the majority are trapped by politicians and policies they
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in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. >> glor: actor alec baldwin was arrested today after getting into a fight in new york city, not his first brush with the law. here's jericka duncan. >> reporter: 60-year-old alec baldwin walked out of a new york city precinct today after being charged with assault and harassment. the emmy award-winning actor allegedly hit a 49-year-old man in manhattan in a dispute over a parking spot. reports say both men pushed each other, and baldwin hit the man on the left side of his face. >> you guys have to get out of the middle of the street. >> get the ( bleep ) out of here. >> reporter: baldwin is no stranger to controversy. in 2011, baldwin was kicked off a plane after refusing to turn off his phone. the actor said then he was playing "words with friends." in 2012, baldwin allegedly
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punched a "daily news" photographer. a year later, he was suspended from his msnbc talk show for using an antigay slur. since 2016, baldwin has had success on nbc's "saturday night live" with a recurring role impersonating the president. >> i've heard jail's fun. ( laughter ) >> fun? >> yeah, it's like camp. >> reporter: the president, who has fired back at the show and baldwin on twitter, commented today on the news that baldwin was arrested. >> i wish him luck. >> reporter: both the assault and harassment charges are misdemeanors. baldwin is due back in court at the end of the month. jericka duncan, cbs news new york. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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here's the latest. >> reporter: this is carter evans reporting. this shooting broke out if a strip mall where a pilates session was scheduled. >> we have one victim passed away. >> reporter: authorities say six others were wounded, one of whom is in critical condition, and the gunman is also dead, possibly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police have not yet determined a motive for the shooting or identified the gunman. >> until we know who he is, that's the baseline right now before we get started. >> reporter: carter evans, >> glor: steve hartman is next here: first responders getting a second chance. building a better bank starts with looking at something old,
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because i can't find a bladder leakage product that fits. everything was too loose. but depend® fit-flex feels tailored to me. with a range of sizes for all body types. depend® fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. >> glor: we end tonight with love more powerful than a hurricane. here's steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: when firefighter bryon hughes proposed to his police officer girlfriend cori clark, he kept it short, and not very sweet. >> yeah. >> he literally said, "here, will you?" i was like-- i thought he was pulling out nose spray. ( laughter ) >> reporter: hard to recover from a proposal like that. but you were going to make up for it with the wedding? >> yeah. >> so he called me and said, "i
5:57 pm
found where we're getting married. i need to bring you here, but this is going to be the spot." >> reporter: unfortunately, bryon's shot at redemption, the place he picked for their october wedding was the end of a jetty in mexico beach, florida, ground zero of hurricane michael. the house they rented for the wedding party used to be right here. no one knows where it is now. michael washed away everything but the ocean view. even the pavilion where they planned to hold the ceremony is now just a few crooked timbers. obviously, they had to call it off. >> yeah, we told all of our families not to come down here. >> reporter: especially, as first responders, in the wake of the storm, they barely had time to shower, let alone fashion table decorations. in fact, cori says the wedding was the last thing on her mind the day bryon came up with his crazy idea. >> i just got tired of losing and getting our teeth kicked in. you know, something good had to come out of it. >> so he told me, "hurricane michael has taken so much from
5:58 pm
us and from everybody, like, we can't let it take away our wedding day." >> reporter: and so, on the same day they had planned to get married originally, bride and groom walked down an aisle of rubble to an altar of broken concrete. the crowd, mostly coworkers. the dress, $90 on amazon. but the ceremony was everything cori dreamed of. >> we're almost in our own little bubble. everything about it just ended up being perfect. >> reporter: michael tried to spoil this moment, but turns out, even hurricanes are no match for the formidable force of nature we call love. steve hartman, "on the road," in mexico beach, florida. >> glor: that is awesome. and that is the "cbs evening news" for this week. i'm jeff glor. have a great weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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now at 6:00 rapid fire earthquakes felt in some parts of the south bay. >> what scientists say is the real signal from all the shaking. >> we're live with word that some striking marriott workers do vote on a new deal by tonight. >> and tariffs hit home literally, so get that to do list ready. the cost of home remodel projects is about to jump. we'll explain. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with a h


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