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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 4, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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online. cbs weekend is next and as she said we'll be back at 6:00. now here's a look at the finish beautiful sunday. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the final push before election day. we are just two days away from the midterms, and the balance of power is up for grabs. candidates across the country are rallying support, with president trump and former president obama helping out. also tonight, some of the u.s. troops president trurump sent to the border have arrived. they're helping protect against a migrant caravan that's nearly 700 miles away. a history of arrests and rants: new details about the gunman who killed two people at a yoga studio. in iran, thousands of protesters fill the streets, as a new round of tough sanctions are set to take affect tomorrow. catfishing scams target the lonely, and are being called "emotional terrorism."
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now one victim is speaking out. how do you feel? >> disgusted, and mad, and hurt. >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. the stakes couldn't be higher for tuesday's midterm elections. a new cbs battleground tracker poll has the democrats in position to take control of the house. they could win 225 seats, which is just over the 218 they need to win. in the senate, republicans currently hold the edge-- 51 seats to 49. but with 39 seats up for grabs, things could dramatically change. president trump and former president obama were out on the campaign trail today doing their best to make sure their party wins. here's errol barnett. >> reporter: continuing a nationwide blitz of rallies, president trump has made immigration his closing argument for the g.o.p. >> so if you want more caravans and you want more crime, vote democrat. it's very simple. ( booing )
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if you want strong borders and safe communities, vote republican. ( cheers ) >> reporter: on sunday, with rallies in tennessee and here in georgia, where he is supporting the republican nominee for governor, brian kemp. polls show the secretary of state is in a tight race with the democratic nominee, stacey abrams, who could become the first african-american female governor in american history. today, kemp's state office announced a failed attempt to hack georgia's voter registration system. and an investigation of the state's democratic party for "possible cyber crimes." democrats deny the charge, and abrams says it's a last-ditch effort. >> this is a desperate attempt on the part of my opponent to distract people. >> reporter: there is deep intensity surrounding many midterm races, which are effectively seen as a referendum on president trump. republicans are claiming credit for a steadily improving economy, with low unemployment. while democrats have made health care a central issue, placing former president barack obama center stage.
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>> when i was president, republicans voted more than a dozen times to get rid of protections for pre-existing conditions. democrats are going to protect your care, period. >> reporter: now, the key for democratic and republican wins come tuesday will be voter turnout. and polls show this could be a record-setting midterm election. for example, by friday, more early votes had been cast than all early voters in 2014 in some 27 states. elaine. >> quijano: errol, thanks. the balance of power in both the house and the senate is on the line. we have cbs news elections and surveys director anthony salvanto here. so anthony, what would it take for the democrats to take control of the house? >> they need strong turnout. and they need to continue to get the people, who in the polls say they are crossing over from having voted for then-candidate trump in 2016 to voting for a democrat for the house now. frankly, there are not many of those folks.
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our latest estimates have it such that the democrats would get 225 seats if the election were held today. but there is a margin of error on that, and i don't mean just as the statistics go, i mean as the politics go. if turnout does not merge, if a lot of young voters do not come out, people who haven't voted in midterms before, if they stay home, the republicans hold the house. >> quijano: what about on the senate side specifically? you don't really necessarily hear the democrats talking about that-- in particularly optimistic turns-- how much of an uphill climb do they have there? >> it is going to be hard for the democrats. the republicans are in position to hold on to the senate, maybe even add to their majority. the reason for that is the partisanship that we have seen in this election. we see very few people-- i mentioned crossover voters, there are very few in number. and especially in a lot of these states, where you get from indiana to missouri to montana to north dakota. i just named a string of seats across the midwest that donald trump won by wide margins.
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and so, when you get partisan voting like that, it is much harder for the opposing party to come in and draw a lot of different voters. >> quijano: all right, anthony salvanto. thanks so much, anthony. >> thanks. >> quijano: democrats hope to regain control of the house from the republicans. to do that, they need to fill 24 seats. more than half of them are in the midwest. here's dean reynolds. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: cheri bustos is something of a rare bird in politics. she is the only mid-westerner and the only democrat in the house leadership who represents a district carried by donald trump. her secret? >> first of all, you show up to places where, unfortunately, democrats have had a recent track record of not showing up. >> i love dogs. >> reporter: showing up at places like the small towns that dot her 7,000 square mile district south and west of chicago. >> and i typically just say, "i'm cheri bustos. i'll be flying back out to washington. and what do you want me to know?"
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>> reporter: she hears a lot about health insurance, prescription drug prices, and stalemate in washington. are the people you talk to exuberant about the stock market? >> they don't-- i never hear anybody talk about the stock market. >> reporter: are they happy about the tax cut that the republicans passed? >> they don't talk a whole lot about that either. >> reporter: she's currently running well ahead of her republican challenger, bill fawell, and other democrats have taken notice. >> she's changed the focus. we used to be all about working class people. we used to be about the people we're raised with. she has made the house focus on where we come from. >> reporter: while she campaigns for herself, bustos is busy assisting other democratic hopefuls, such as lauren underwood. she's running in a surprisingly close race against republican congressman randy hultgren. >> we're honored to be joined tonight by congressman randy hultgren. >> reporter: who won an important shoutout of his own last weekend. a first time candidate, underwood told us bustos has been a big help in how to address trump supporters.
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>> can i relate to them? yes, they're my next-door neighbors! >> reporter: cheri has been a mentor throughout the campaign. she encouraged us to do things like post-up at supermarkets, talk to people about what is going on in their lives. >> reporter: while listening to voters may not seem like such a novel concept, for democrats trying to resurrect their fortunes in the land of trump, cheri bustos is showing them how it's done. you think democrats will win the house? >> i think we will. >> reporter: dean reynolds, cbs news, sycamore, illinois. >> quijano: some u.s. troops are now on the u.s. border with mexico. their job is to help defend against the migrant caravan that's heading north. it's been one of trump's main focuses at his rallies. in the latest cbs battleground tracker poll, 47% of republicans said, "yes"-- that the caravan posed a threat to the u.s. while 77% of democrats said, "no." mireya villarreal has more from the border. >> reporter: just above me is
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one of the busiest ports of entry in the united states. now traditionally, the rio grande river right here is what separates these two countries, but now there's a new added barrier. barred wire fencing just like this has gone up in several spots along the riverbed. the department of defense is expected to deploy 7,000 troops to the southern border-- a plan the president continues to boast about at rallies around the country. >> and i noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today. it was a-- barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight. >> reporter: the plan to reinforce the border was born, in part, because of a migrant caravan that's nearly 700 miles away. border patrol sector, chief manny padilla, welcomes the help. >> they have shown some violence in southern mexico into guatemala, so that these are the preparations for that. >> reporter: these troops are not expected to go out and look they are sseimmigrants.
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supporting role, like putting up barbed wire fencing just like this. we did speak to a number of people who live along the border here, who say this feels like a midterm election distraction. elaine. >> quijano: mireya, thank you. on tuesday night, cbs news election coverage begins at 5:00 eastern on cbsn, and 8:00 eastern on cbs. the mayor of a utah city has been killed in afghanistan. 39-year-old brent taylor was a member of the utah national guard and father of seven. the state department says he was killed by a member of the afghan security forces in kabul. one other service member was wounded. this is the second insider attack in less than a month. new details about the gunman who opened fire in a florida yoga studio, killing two people. scott paul beierle was known to tallahassee police, and had a history of violence towards young women. here's manuel bojorquez.
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>> reporter: another sanctuary pierced by gunfire, when a man stormed into a tallahassee florida yoga studio friday night killing two women. 21-year-old maura binkley was a florida state university student. 61-year-old nancy van vessem was a professor at the school's college of medicine. police say 40-year-old scott paul beierle shot six people and pistol-whipped another man in the attack at hot yoga tallahassee. the army veteran died after he turned the gun on himself. >> several people inside fought back, and tried to not only save themselves but other people. >> the gentleman who came in apparently tried to fight off the attacker. and he had quite a few wounds on his face. >> reporter: beierle was known to tallahassee police. in 2016, after he allegedly slapped and grabbed a woman at a pool, he was charged with battery. two years earlier, he was charged with trespassing at florida state university. in 2012, another battery charge for grabbing a woman in a campus dining hall.
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>> i see dreadlocks as the black man's mullet. the pants below the butt. you realize that's a gay thing? you don't have to be a degenerate. you don't have to be-- you don't have to be disgusting. >> reporter: the former high school teacher posted condescending and racist youtube videos. youtube took the channel down on saturday afternoon. there has been an outpouring of support for the victims, two who remain in the hospital. deputies in volusia county have been searching the gunman's home and have been reviewing his electronic devices and social media profiles. >> quijano: manny, thank you. in iran, a new round of tough sanctions begin tomorrow. the trump administration put them in place after the president withdrew from the iran nuclear deal in may. on "face the nation," secretary of state mike pompeo defended the sanctions. >> the whole world understands that these sanctions are real. that they are important, that they drive the iranian people's opportunity to make the changes in iran that they so desperately want.
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and stop iran from having the wealth and money that they need to continue to foment terror around the world. >> quijano: elizabeth palmer has been in tehran all week, as iranians prepare for this new round of sanctions. >> reporter: charter buses brought crowds to central tehran today for an anti-sanctions protest. this group's signs may have been on message. the boys themselves, not so much. there were plenty of hostile banners, but the atmosphere was far from threatening. even for an american tv crew. ( laughs ) in spite of a couple of flag- burnings, and, of course, the ritual chants of "death to america." what is your message for mr. trump? >> okay. mr. trump, mr. donald trump, what you are doing to us is nothing. we don't care. >> reporter: that bravado was echoed on stage by the head of
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iran's revolutionary guards, mohammad ali jafari. he warned that the u.s. was in decline, and that america threatened iran's powerful military at its peril. behind this show of defiance, though, iran's leaders are realistic. they may fantasize about getting rid of the administration by force, but they know full-well this is a waiting game. everyone is resigned: from politicians and the people in the crowd, to the millions of iranians who are just trying to get on with their lives. everyone's preparing to hunker down and survive under sanction, until president trump either leaves the white house, or an unexpected political shift somehow allows iran in from the cold. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, tehran. >> quijano: coming up next: a victim of a heart-wrenching catfishing scam speaks out. and later, the music teacher caught on video repeatedly punching a student. student.
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>> quijano: catfishing is a scam that targets people looking for love online. victims in the u.s. and canada say they lost nearly a billion dollars over the last three years. meg oliver tracked down victims on both sides of the scam. >> reporter: 65-year-old roxanne reed fell for someone on facebook who called themselves scott humpal. although they never met, she sent the scammer more than $50,000 for medical bills. when she ran out of cash, she allegedly plotted to kill her 88-year-old mother for insurance money. have you ever been in a relationship with roxanne reed? >> no. >> reporter: the real scott humpal lives over 1200 miles away in corpus christi, texas. seven years ago, humpal's wife died in a plane crash, soon after he started receiving suspicious messages on facebook. >> it just seemed odd, because i didn't know them.
5:48 pm
so i sent a message back and say, "do i know you?" and then they would say, "yes." >> reporter: humpal discovered scammers had created multiple profiles under his name. identity theft expert adam levin says humpal checked off all the boxes for a catfisher: a handsome well-to-do widower. how would you describe these catfishing fraudsters? >> they're emotional terrorists. >> reporter: emotional terrorists? >> they don't care who they destroy, how they destroy them, whatever. all they want is they want money. >> reporter: for catfishing victims, like retired nursing assistant beverly franzke, red flags are often missed. why did you go on >> just maybe to find somebody to talk to. >> reporter: she fell for a man claiming to be a serviceman stationed in afghanistan. beverly sent the stranger more than $30,000 for his sick child's medical bills. why did you send him money? this is a person you had never met in person. >> i don't know, i'm a caregiver. i've always taken care of people. >> reporter: are you embarrassed that this happened?
5:49 pm
>> i'm not embarrassed, no. because nobody should be embarrassed for trying to help somebody. >> reporter: and scott humpal still receives messages each day from people around the world, who have fallen prey to scams. as for roxanne reed, the district attorney is determining how to proceed in a case where the accused is both a suspect and a victim. elaine. >> quijano: so important for people to be aware of these scams. meg oliver, thank you. up next: neck-and-neck for 26 miles. the winners of the new york city marathon. marathon. have no idea how we're going to get through this. marathon. follow me. choosing a plan can be super-complicated. but it doesn't have to be. unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans,
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5:52 pm >> quijano: a california music teacher was arrested and charged with child abuse, after a violent fistfight with a student at maywood academy high school-- just outside of los angeles. the teacher, identified as 64-year-old marston riley, appeared on cell phone video punching the student in the face, and then continued to pummel the boy to the ground. witnesses say the fight started after riley asked the student to leave the classroom for not wearing the proper school uniform. the student allegedly responded with a tirade of racial slurs. >> it was just back and forth, back and forth, and that is when the teacher decided to throw a punch, and that's when everything happened. >> quijano: the 14-year-old student was taken to a hospital
5:53 pm
and treated. a gofundme page was started by the teacher's supporters to raise money for his legal fees. they say he's been attacked physically or verbally in the past. riley posted bail yesterday. a dramatic finish at the new york city marathon. lelisa desisa of ethiopia, and fellow countryman shura kitata ran practically step-for-step the last mile. but desisa crossed the finish line first, winning by less than two seconds. and for the women, mary keitany of kenya won for the fourth time, she missed setting a course record by 17 seconds. still ahead, the injured jockey beating the odds and determined to get back on the track. track. attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. the kind of skills, that work for you.
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5:57 pm
and it was here at the iconic del mar race track, that a routine july run went horribly wrong. >> there was no warning, nothing. i was on the horse working, and then the next thing i know, just disappear out of my legs. >> reporter: that horse, bobby abu dhabi, suddenly collapsed, throwing espinoza to the ground. this t.m.z. video shows him lying motionless, his neck broken. >> i try to move as hard as i can. my legs-- but nothing. >> reporter: among those who raced to his bedside was friend and fellow hall of fame jockey gary stevens. >> we sat for a couple of hours. and he was scared. >> reporter: the vertebrae fracture nearly paralyzed him, but within two weeks, espinoza regained movement, working through enormous pain. he's not only back on his feet, but dreams of being back in the saddle. do you think you'll race again? >> i hope so. >> reporter: stevens understands.
5:58 pm
he fractured his neck during this horrifying spill in 2003. at age 55, he's still riding. >> i know he's hoping, and we all hope that he can ride again, but i-- i hope he doesn't. >> reporter: you hope he doesn't ride again? >> yeah. >> reporter: was it more exciting to you to win the triple crown, or to feel your legs? >> wow, that's a tough question. i know it was fun winning the triple crown, but having my legs back, there's nothing like it. that was the best thing ever happens to me. >> reporter: and for what happens next, espinoza says don't bet against him.jamie , n, california. >> quijano: incredible determination. that is the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. for more news any time, go to cbsn at, or download the cbs news app. i'm elaine quijano in new york. thanks for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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don't like the change or what you see? well you'll have the chance to change the future of daylight saving time at ballot box this week. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney with the view from the top of the salesforce tower cam, showing you the sun sinking slowly to the west at 5:07 this evening. if voters approve prop 7, lawmakers will have to change
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to abolish the time change with two-thirds majority. even then it will not be a done deal. california, which still needs congressional approval. >> do you see it getting congressional approval? >> i think it is possible. >> congressman rocanas says the country is outgrowing the need. and earlier this year, marco rubio introduced a bill to switch to standard time for the whole country. he says california, they could jump start the national debate. >> i think california, passing a bat lot initiative would go a long way as we tend to set that trend, whether it will be alternative energy or lgbtq rights. california, they really have a huge impact on the nation. >> the problem is if we did that, it will be dark quite late in the morning and until after 8:00. doing away with the time change would mean kids would walk to school in the dark, increasing their risk for accident. it would be chaotic. >> the elementary schools ul


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