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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 5, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PST

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che it's monday, november 5th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." countdown to the midterms, contl ofongrs ist ste as president trump and former president barack obama fight for their party's candidates. on the eve of the election. also, he served his city and died for his country. the remains of a utah mayor will return today from afghanistan. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.
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now just one day left before the midterm elections. president trump holds get out the vote rallies today in ohio, indiana, and missouri. yesterday president trump and former president barack obama valleyed for votes. president trump warned about immigrants make eir way to the u.s. border. also in georgia, attempted hacking of the state voting system by democrats. nikole killion is on capitol hill with more of that. good morning, >> reporter: good morning to you. just to give you a sense of how exhaustive this is, president trump will be on the road all day today in back to back campaign rallies and he won't make it back here to washington until early tomorrow morning. president trump spent the last weekend before election day crisscrossing the country on
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behalf of republican candidates. rr:ru fat't hear so much aboute lu - fo bcused on immigraigtion in e e the lastwa few days. >> we want these people to come in, but they have to come in legally. they have to come in. al lly by former president obama have countered by making healthcare their key message. >> when i was president, republicans voted more than a dozen times to get rid of protections for preexisting conditions. last year the vote short and if they win on tuesday they might finally suconceedl . >> reporter:ey the bat ftle for control of congress has dominated headlines for months, but local elections are being fought over just as hard. >> one of the most bitterly contested is the race for governor in georgia. polss show the republican nominee georgia secreta of state brian kemp in a tight race with the democratic nominee stacey abrams who's hoping to become the first female african-american governor in u.s. history.
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on sunday, kemp's office opened an investigation into the georgia democratic party over what it called a failed attempt to hack the voter registration system. democrats are calling the move a desperate attempt to reflect allegations that kemp is trying to suppress the minority vote. and on this sunday it shows abrams echoed democrats concern. she accused kemp of trying to turn away from his own failures and predicted her campaign will outvote him. anne-marie. >> thanks a lot, nicole. 35 senate seats are in play tomorrow and all 435 house seats. polls suggest democrats have a chance to retake the house. on face the nation yesterday, cbs news director of elections and surveys told john dickerson, nothing is written in stone. >> you've done a survey of the house races, what does it show? >> we have been tracking race by in the com. the democrats go into tuesday td position to take control, even
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if narrowly. so right now they would get to 2 twenty 5. that's just a few seats over win. there's a margin of error and that leaves a scenario in which republicans retain the house.e . it's what happens if the democrats don't get the turnout that they need and they don't get enough crossover voting. >> let's go to those two scenarios. first one is the one where the democratic hopes are dashed. they don't take the 23 seats away from republicans. what has happened if that is the outcome on tuesday? >> the democrats are relying on this kind of cocktail which a heavy amount of turnout, new voters, people who haven't shown up in midterms before. with a dash of persuasion. and that's a few, it's less than one in ten, people who voted fo and voting for a democrat for the house this year. if most of them come back to the republican party, the republicans hold the house, the
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democrats fall short. >> and if republicans hold the house, democrats will need a cocktail. let's go to the outcome where democrats have a big night. what's happened for that to happen? >> well, they've gotten that turnout and some of the early voting indicates that they might. and then they've gotten more independents to swing over towards them. remember, they're aiming at some of that crossover and persuading some more independents. if that happens then they get up into the 230s, 232 in our best estimate on that big night for the democrats. but in either case it will probably be a late night, john, before we know. >> that's probably accurate. they said the democrats have to flip 24 seats and retain control of the 194 seats they currently have to take control. of the house. more than half of the 24 are in the midwest. dean reynolds looks at one illinois race. choo cheri bustos is something of a rare bird in politics.
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she's the only americaner awome represents a house that was won by donald trump. >> first of all, you show up to places where unfortunately democrats have had a recent track record of not showing up. >> reporter: showing up at places like the small towns that dot her 7,000 square-mile district south and west of chicago. >> and i typically just say i'm cheri bustos, i'll be flying back out to washington, what do you want me to know. >> reporter: she hears a lot about medical insurance and prescription drugs and stalemate in washington. >> are the people you talk to exuberant about the stock market? >> i never hear anybody talk about the stock market. >> reporter: she's running ahead of herschel lengther bill fawell and other people have taken notice. >> she's made the house focus on where we come from.
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ep for herself, bustos is busy assisting other democratic hopefuls such as lauren underwood. she's running in a close race against republican congressman randy hultgren who won an important shoutout of his own la weekend. a first-time candidate, underwood told us buce toe has been a big help in how to address trump supporters. >> cheri has been great helping out. she's encouraged us to post up at supermarkets, talk to people about what's going on in their lives. >> reporter: and while listening to voters may not seem like such a novel concept, for those trying to resurrect in the land of trump, cheri bustos is showing them how it's done.
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as we reported, president trump has warned repeatedly about the caravans of immigrants moving thr u.s. bder,hat he callsn invasi.ough t mico tohe immigrants from the first and largest caravan reached mexico city yesterday. they're still about 500 miles from the border crossing in texas. we're on the border. >> reporter: just above me is one of the busiest ports of entry in the united states. it connects mexico to hidalgo, texas. now, traditionally the rio grand river is what states these two countries, but now there's a new added barrier. barb wire fencing has gone up in several spots along the riverbed. the department of defense is expected to deploy 7,000 troops, to the southern border, a plan the president continues to boast about at rallies around the country. >> i notice all that beautiful barbed wire going up today. barb wire used properly can be a beautiful sight.
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>> reporter: the plan to reinforce the border was born in part because of a caravan that's nearly 700 miles away. the chief welcomes the help. >> they have seen violence, southern mexico and guatemala, so these are the preparations for that. >> reporter: these troops are not expected to go out and look for illegal immigrants, they are supposed to be in a supporting role which includes putting up barbed wire fencing just like this. we did speak to a number of people who say this feels like a midterm election distraction. cbs news' live coverage begins on cbsn tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., 4:00 central. the morning team will be here for a prime time election night special right here on cbs at 8:00 p.m. and we will have election results right here on the "cbs
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morning news" starting wednesday morning at 4 a.m. today, the united states will reimpose sanctions against iran that were 2015 nuclear deal. the deal saw l most economic in sa tnctions lifted if iran woul curb its nuclear activities. president trump called it the worst ever agreement. this morning iran' said iran will continue to sell oil to break the sanctios ns.prs coenming up t on "the morni news" now, heartbreaking tragedy, a wisconsin community remembers three girl scouts and a parent killed in a hit-and-run. and edging out the competition, the winners of this year's new york city marathon. this is the "cbs morning news." makeup now optional. new aveeno® maxglow™ infusion drops with kiwi to lock moisture. and soy to even skin tone.
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highland park yesterday for a polar plunge. witnesses say about a dozen swimmers got caught up in the waves. everyone else made it back to emergency responders searched for the woman but the waves were too high to send out a rescue boat. a utah mayor is killed in afghanistan and tragedy in western wisconsin. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the minneapolis star tribune reports on an emotional vigil was tatdel remember three girl scouts and a parent who were killed by a hit-and-run truck -- who were killed by a hit-and-run truck. hundreds of people gathered in the rain last night out-of-of an elementary school. poe truck veered cef of a road saturday andth hi vihactims as tayhe ty were coll trash.pef but later surrendered. they say he will be charged with four counts of homicide.t is killed whileer in afghistan s
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tonight. he was training commandos in afghanistan. officials say he was shot saturday by an afghan soldier he was training. the attacker was killed by afghan forces. taylor is a father of seand ve had taken a year-long leave of absence of mayor for his deployment. he was expected to return to his mayor's job in january. "the new york times" reports the winners of the new york city maonn am fh the men's side, the ethiopian won by less than two seconds over another runner from ethiopia. he finished for his first new york win. a woman from kenya won for the so. she finished in two:42:28 missing a course record by 17
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underground tunnel and freddie ur a ce box office. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, this morning, chinese president xi jinping promised to lower import tariffs speaking at a trade expo in chain shayne shanghai. he said it would broaden market analysis and property rights infractions. it's been a major bone of contention between china and the trump administration. the chinese president says china expects to import $30 trillion worth of goods and $10 trillion worth of services in the next 15 years. now, concerns that a u.s./chinese trade deal may not be struck soon lowered prices on friday. and the federal reserve will raise interest rates three more times between now and the end of next year. in the end, the dow fell 109 points, friday, s&p last 17 and the nasdaq dropped 77 to end the week. amazon has reportedly narrowed
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its choices of where to put its jonal" rare handful of cities remain in the running including crystal city, virginia, dallas. and new york city. "the washington post" says a major developer has pulled some of its buildings off the leasing market to make way for the ecommerce giant. amazon said it will make a decision by the end of the year. elon musk tweeted a video of the underground tunnel. the first two mile section of the he hopes to build a series of tunnels under los angeles for the transportation system. they say it will be used for autonomous electric skates that casp 16 peoe of up tod bohean rhapsody was top t the weekend box office.
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♪ bohemian rhapsody took in an estimated $50 million in u.s. and canadian ticket sales its debut weekend. based on disney's the nut cracker and the four realms finished second, that was followed by nobody's fool. anne-marie. >> i'm going to have to see that by myself because i'm going to be tempted to sing along and annoy everyone in the theater. >> i almost wanted to sing right now and i'm like, diane, don't do that. >> thank you so much. >> thaounk. still ahead, simone biles makes history at the gymnastics world championship. ahead, simone biles makes history at the gymnastics world championship. i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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roethlisberger, he shot. incomplete. caught by the fan in the front row off the ricochet. >> and nice catch by a fan during yesterday's game between the pittsburgh steelers and the baltimore ravens. while the pass to brown was incomplete, he did catch a ball for a touchdown earlier in the game. the steelers won 23-16. and american gymnast simone biles did something that hadn't been done in more than 30 years. she won a medal at all four individual events in qatar over the weekend. she got silver on the uneven bars, and bronze on the balance beams. a russian gymnast was the last to medal in all four events back in 1987. biles is the first american to ever do it and she also took home gold in the team final and the all around final.
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it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. our top stories this morning. with just one day to go before the midterm elections, both president trump and former president barack obama are presenting final arguments. mr. trump travels to indiana, ohio, and missouri today. he continues to make immigration a central issue. 35 senate seats are in play and all 435 house seats. polls indicate the democrats have a chance to retake control of the house. and u.s. troops are on the border with mexico. president trump sent them to defend against a migrant caravan making its way to the u.s. yesterday members of the larges border. the migrants say they are fleeing poverty, gang violence, and political instability. there are new details about
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the gunman who opened fire in the florida yoga studio. two people were killed in friday's shooting. >> reporter: another sanctuary pierced by gunfire when a man stormed ina tallahassee yoga studio friday night killing two women. one was a florida university student and one was a professor at the college of medicine. 40-year-old scott paul beierle shot six people and pistol whipped another man in the yoga studio. the army veteran died after he turned the gun on himself. >> several people inside fought back and tried not to only save themselves but other people. >> the gentleman that came in tried to fight off the attacker and he had quite a few wounds on his face. >> reporter: beierle was known to tallahassee police. in 2016 after he allegedly slapped and grabbed a woman at a pool, he was charged with battery.
4:27 am
two years earlier he was charged with trespassing at florida state university. in 2012 another battery charge for grabbing a woman in a campus dining hall. >> do you realize that's a gay thing? you don't have to be a degenerate. you don't have to be disgusting. >> reporter: the former high school teacher posted condescending and racist youtube videos. youtube took the channel down on saturdayan outpouring of support for the victims. two remain in the hospital. andutve b deeies epin searchings home and searching his electronic devices and profiles. coming up on "cbs this morning," a boy with acute flaccid militis was given the chance to walk again. through a first of its kind surgery. we'll meet the doctor who performed it. plus an army veteran with
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prosthetic legs who crossed the line at the marathon yesterday. and mira sorvino tells us about her guest-starring role in the drama series start-up. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching, i'm anne-marie green, have a great day. hing, i'm anne-marie green, have a great day.
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hello monday. as you take a live look outside, 53 degrees and cool to start in san francisco. it is monday november fifth.
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michelle has the morning off. we are starting off with breaking news this morning. police looking for a shooter that fired at three people, one of those people has died. there is a heavy police presence at smith ranch road. we will have more details and a live report coming up in less than a half hour. hopefully you had a nice weekend, we will get a check of trafc than the forecast. welcome to the work week. it will be nice weather. if you liked the weekend, you will like today, actually, the next several days. a live look at the br, mainly clr skie teeratur in e 50s and 40s there, it will start to the day, 53 in oakland, 53 livermore, san jose it's 52, santa rosa at a


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