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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 5, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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we are starting off with breaking news this morning. police looking for a shooter that fired at three people, one of those people has died. there is a heavy police presence at smith ranch road. we will have more details and a live report coming up in less than a half hour. hopefully you had a nice weekend, we will get a check of trafc than the forecast. welcome to the work week. it will be nice weather. if you liked the weekend, you will like today, actually, the next several days. a live look at the br, mainly clr skie teeratur in e 50s and 40s there, it will start to the day, 53 in oakland, 53 livermore, san jose it's 52, santa rosa at a olco
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ds adug afternn, mi and sunny, slightly cooler compared to yesterday but we are still talking about above average temperatures for this time of year and dry conditions continue, not jutostday t bu me weather conditions, a bit of an offshore component as we head for the week. we will talk about that coming up in just a bit. let's check in for a look at traffic. we jump right over to the 880 were they have a full lane closure, you can see the live shot here, at the top of the macarthur maze. you can use 580 as an alternate. the 580 is not open to large trucks this morning, just a head up, traffic is being diverted but thtimee er hopefully, things will be on time through there.
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so, the 580 if you want to use that instead is free-flowing at high street, jumping to the bay bridge, here's a peek at the upper deck, so far so good if you are heading into san francisco. oakland, no delays, some delays on the central freeway, that is about an 11 minute ride, if you are a fast track user, you are breezing through the toll pleasant right now. --w. to car burst into flames on the bay bridge, you can see a green dodge fully engulfed in a ball of flames. this is in the eastbound spend before the i-the eastbound area before the i-80. some and ca motorcyclist onshra into i-4 t off. 500 feet from the crash the subaru collide into another sedan. the suspect was arrested
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on felony dui charges, she is a 33-year-old woman from discovery bay, megan cabell. the motorcyclist is in critical condition this morning. all five people in the second vehicle were also taken to the hospital. ahead of tomorrow's midterm elections, phone banks in san francisco have set up shop with calls to remind people to vote tomorrow. nancy pelosi is running way ahead of her opponent and her congressional race, some converting their headquarters into a phone bank dedicated into winning back the house. >> reporter: at eight market street storefront, enthusiastic volunteers call and text voters inkects. >> we hanteers here today. yesterday we had over 500 volunteers. >> reporter: the strategy of the campaign could drive out voters for democratic candidates in house races, not
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just in california but all around the country, they target democratic voters but that is not always correct. >> i said we are trump supporter ãmy trump suppor hung uon me th's fin i st te rswaannt peop tohe vote. >> he is with the republican party. >> the call originated from san francisco california, probably one of the most areas of the united states at this point. unless you are a staunch leftist democrat socialist. uld language and hang up. >> reporter: callers from the phone banks don't usually say their calling from san francisco or california. they don't usually invoke nancy pelosi's name, they say their calling on behalf of an individual candidate. >> agent wants to vote our way, 're not sitting here at headquarters saying let's convince every trump photo to change your mind. we're here trying to say todemo
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help is on the way and for democrats, independents, and some republicans, are democratic congressional candidates are the answer. -- our democratic congressional candidates are the answer. president trump hitting the campaign trail today in missouri, ohio, and indiana. this weekend, he stopped in georgia to help elect brian kemp as the next governor, trump described what he believes is at state tomorrow. >> to protect your jobs, defend your voters, vote for your values and continue to make america great again. >> on the democratic side, former president obama was in indiana to try to provide a boost there, emphasizing the importance of voting. >> when you vote, you can be a check on bad behavior. when you vote, you can choose hope over fear.
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>> reporter: obama has been busy campaigning for democratic candidates in close races around the country. today's the last day to vote early, taking a live look now at san francisco city hall, the voting center there opens up this morning at 8:00 and. in san francisco, thousands have cast their ballots already, the city could shatter vote out -- voter turnout records for the midterm election. 60% of registered voters cast a ballot back in 1974. based on this year, the director of elections thinks this could be a record-breaking midterm. >> we have a good turnout so far in san francisco and the numbers, if they continue, we will have a surprising turnout by the end of voting election day. >> i came here with my husband to vote and dropped off my ballot in the past. i have not seen this many people and i was very pleased to see all the people here
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voting. >> at last check, more than 100,000 mail-in ballots have already been received and they expect to get another 100,000 by tomorrow. backers california's prop 6 realant ur wyo , they're giving away free gas today, several gas stations around the state will be registering drivers for a free philip in support of the campaign to repeal the gas tax. here in the bay area, it is the our station -- arco station. you can stay up-to-date on all state and local races, just go to and we will have you covered from all angles on election it tomorrow, we will bring live results and analysis starting at 8:00 with our special livestream at this weekend may have been the last time we change your
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clocks for daylight savings. if approved, there could be a national debate. >> reporter: if voters approve prop 7, lawmakers will still have to vote to abolish the time change for the two thirds majority. calirnia wld stevilnetheden, en ng apovpr? e itna getting congress i possible. >> reporter: he says the country is outgrowing the need for daylight savings time. earlier this year, the florida senator introduced a bill to switch to standard time for the entire country. they say california could jumpstart the national debate. >> it could go a long way, we tends to set the trend whether it is alternative energy, lgbtq writes, california has a huge impact on the nation. >> the problem is if we did that it would be dark in the morning itstart walking to school in the dark
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and commuters would drive to work before sunrise, increasing a risk of accidents. he says it would be chaotic. >> electric schools would probably have winter hours so kids do not have to walk to school in the dark and we would have to see workplaces change their hours, and everybody would be changing their hours, not in a corded way the way we do now, on a specific day, but in and on corded way. >> to be downsides and i think the professor you mentioned should be -- there could be downsides i think the professor you mentioned, at least allows for the debate to take place. the time is 4:39, wait until you try it in berkeley, the upper twoãthe uproar to ro be right back.
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we are following breaking news this morning, three people shot, idone the detox center. police are looking for the shooter right now on smith ranch road, we are heading to the scene right now and we will have a live update in just a few minutes. the city of sausalito has had it with bad behavior on the bay, this morning they are planning to reel in the anchor out for decades. people in small boats have stated richardson bay for free. the numbers have grown to 250 over the past year. sausalito police say complaints have also spiked over problems like excessive garbage. some of the so-called anchor outs have told us they're not a threat to anyone. >>yesomebody who has nothing better to do gets upset because there are people anchored out here.
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>> in the past few days, police have placed wathe boats may be evicted. for now, police are concentrated on removing vessels that are unoccupied they say they may soon target the boaters themselves. the oldest living things in berkeley has died. neighbors are sad and some are angry. we tell john ramose it did not have to happen. >> reporter: no one really knows of a tree falling in the forest makes a sound, but it does if it is in berkeley. >> if you walk in the neighborhood with any regularity, you know the trees. >> reporter: no one is sure how long this italian stone pine tree has been on russell street in berkeley, some say more than 125 years. it was hear one streetcars began taking people up the road to the then new claremont hotel. these days, sadness. the owner say the tree is dead and will have to be removed. >> it was pretty quick. was about four or five months ago we noticed needles returning brown.
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>> reporter: last week, the homeowners posted signs letting the neighborhood know and encouraging them to write their thoughts even helped -- held a small gathering to markets gathering. >> the tree has been here longer than i have. and unfortunately it will not be here as long as i will. >> reporter: mixed in with the sadness is anger. some would accuse the homeowners who moved here four years ago of killing the tree by severing its roots to create this retaining wall and abusing it during a home renovation. >> a bunch of junk entered on the tree for a long time, at least about. that was enough, some are saying, to do it. >> reporter: the homeowners say the tree was just at the end of its lifespan. >> it is tough for people who have grown up in the neighborhood. is like a neighbor for them. you know, for us, it's sad. but still so new. >> reporter: that is true, the tree is probably more valued by people who grew up sitting in
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the shade or swinging from its branches is kids. that may be hard for some newcomers to understand. >> some people are upset, it is understandable. but, you know, try not to take it personally i guess. >> reporter: the homeowners says they will replant, probably not another italian stone pine, maybsome >> the homeowners say they plan to remove the tree early this month. >> italian stone pine? a real cool looking tree. like a cypress. >> right, really cool. >> you are an arborist, cool. >> i just know cypress is my favorite tree. >> i like junipers. >> okay. we were talking about how dry it is. the wind howling, a dry stretch, we continue to see dry weather in the next several days, we are hoping for rain,
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maybe this weekend. that is not the case anymore with the long-range weather models indicating unfortunately drier weather as you go through the next several days. unfortunately,inchs anso a ve look at the san jose camera looking toward the south bay this morning, we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. from concord, 53, oakland, 55, livermore, 49, san francisco 54, san jose 52 a santa rosa cool 47 this morning. ndhere is what you can expect, taking you through the day. actually for the weekend -- week here. cool conditions, mainly clear, ouds o ere and sp as yoad to justthe aclfe afternoon, sunshine with mild temperatures. dry all week. unfortunately, everything is still really dry with the vegetation and unfortunately with light offshore wind, looking at fire danger as we go through the week as well. high-pressure in control forest, you see light onshore flow to the, slightly cooler compared
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to yesterday. still talking about temperatures above average for this time of year. futurecast taking you through the day, we are looking at sunshine throughout the bay area, that continues tuesday as well. futurecast, and the next 10 days, last week, this is bringing rain down to the bay area. now, it is a little bit towards the north. still staying dry, the rain chances stay to the north, unfortunately over the next 10 days. looking out that far. high temperatures today, 66 and francisco -- 66 in san francisco , re is heth looking at the sunshine, slightly cooler as we head to at least the middle part of the week. than warming right back up as we head for the weekend with a lot of sunshine. let's check in for a look at traffic. >> reporter: -- first reports of an accident in the south bay, 237 e
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th a vehicle tangled up, in fact the second car is numbers actually stuck in the bumper in the back. it could take a few minutes for this to clear out. again, on the 237, that is where you will find the trouble spot. keep that in mind, we are seeing a lot of green onthe roadways, looks like we're not having too many problems as you go through there. all right come elsewhere, it's been a look at the overview, you can see northbound 11 doing okay as you work your way out of san jose, a good start to the morning drive, 20 drive to san antonio avenue -- a 20 minute drive to san antonio avenue. they did have early-morning roadwork on the connector to the 580, it looks likeit should wrap up by 4:00, there now singing has been extended, so we will see extra is he additions coming off the 205 over 2580. once you're on the 580, you are cruising, 22 minutes from the
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20526 80 with no delays once you get the dublin interchange, just lots of volume working your way westbound to the 680. a quick look at the san mateo bridge, so far, so good, and easy ride for the peninsula -- an easy ride for a breakthrough last night. the star-studded event, the oscars of science. >> reporter: the seventh annual oscars of science at the research center, the best of mathematics, physics, and science. a big night for silicon valley big shots including an oscar award winning actor, directors, walking the carpet foce thwith >> the people being granted
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these big sums of money are thinking about everybody else, when i think about my art i stay true to my unique perspective. so that is why it is cool to be here. because they're really thinking on a global level. >> reporter: a total of $20 trillion goes to the world's top scientists, dedicated to expanding our knowledge and developing new technologies. each $3 million prize goes to researchers in the sciences, physics, and mathematics. it is sponsored by mark zuckerberg and a russian entrepreneur. >> different ways, literally looking up. >> reporter: the governor and a venture capitalist among the audience members. >> i think it is great to have this, so much of the world is altered with technology, i think scientists getting recognizes a great thing, it
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impacts the world and lots of ways. >> reporter: among the live performances, superstar lionel richie. they also honor young scientist, this year the top winner gets $250,000 for a college scholarship. $100,000 ds the students high school owarlab go $50,000 is awarded to his teacher. aaron wall one of the breakthrough in physics prize in research at the stanford institute for theoretical physics the time now is for:51. they are the champions of the box office. coming up, bohemian rhapsody rocks theaters this weekend. will have all of your headlines.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" nses the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. welcome to the work week, we start off with sunshine as we head into the afternoon with a high of 75. san jose, middle to upper 70s and santa rosa -- with a high of 75 in san jose, middle to upper 70s in the santa rosa. 76 for it is for your morning drive, we just check th caltrans, everything is now wi
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clear and open on the northbound side of the 580, there is some work that was post open at 5:00 and it is opening a little early, and easy 15 minutes on the maze this morning. coming up we take a look at the bay bridge. galileo, galileo, how is that? >> bohemian rhapsody is the champion of the box office, took the number one spot with an estimated $50 million hall in north america. in second place was disney's the nutcracker. $20 million over the weekend and tyler perry's latest film d three spot followed by a bonost is born and hollowing. we are gea first look at the upcomingtting tearjerke feet apart, several new netflix
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movies heading to the big screen, we have that story in more with the eye on entertainment. >> reporter: the first trailer is here for the upcomingteen romantic drama five feet apart, haley richardson stars as a inthe hospital falling in love. hospital rules require them to stay five feet apart at all times. five feet apart hits theaters in march. hbo is responding to a tweet from president trump showing an image of the president with a message reading sanctions are coming. a play on the popular game of slmi, ina atemen hbo saidog they preferred the trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes. hbo later tweeted trademark misuse of game of thrones language. the show turns -- returns for the final season next year.
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for the first time, netflix is giving three of its original films an exclusive run and theaters before making them available on its streaming service. several movies will play in theaters 41-3 weeks before premiering on netflix. the move could opportunity for oscar nominations for all boost e thr. that is your eye on entertainment, chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. a teacher takes a swing at a students. coming up, classmates say he did nothing wrong, rallying around their teacher attacks against prop c. here are the facts. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing,
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expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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breaking news overnight, shots fired at a bay area detox center, we are live on the scene. a fiery mess on the bay bridge after this car bursts into flames. one of the world's most notorious druglords faces a u.s. court this morning. good morning, it is monday, november 5. it is 5:00 right now, let's head outside and take a live look at one of the cameras. are photographer is out -- our photographer is out for us, you can see the tower on the left, things are moving along on the a dated, we will have a full update coming up in just a bit. here we are, monday morning, an extra hour of sleep, that was nice. feeling good. for sure. >> i wish it happened on monday is an you could turn back the clock monday morning, till sunday morning.


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