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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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that alleyway. homelessness and this drug issue is a huge aspect of this campaign. hopefully we'll be able to talk with someone with the campaign specifically about that and what the potential governor plans to do about it if he does win this office. >> absolutely. we want to hear his comments on that. emily turner, thanks so much. kpix5's joe vazquez is live in san diego for us where republican candidate john cox is watching returns tonight. cox did some last minute stumping this afternoon i understand. >> reporter: we caught up at the dmv office a little earlier today. then the next thing he's going to do here is take a little break and he will be right here in a couple hours at the u.s. grant hotel in san diego. john cox may be making a victory speech or a concession speech. he has given a lot of concession speeches in his career. late this afternoon at the san diego dmv office the republican who would be california
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governor -- >> is this your son? i'm doing it for him. >> reporter: -- is making one last appeal to the voters. >> there's basic things government should be doing to give us a better quality of life and it's kind of dumb for people to keep voting the same political class in. >> i'm not part of the political class. >> reporter: it's been a long road for the millionaire real estate investor john cox originally from the chicago suburbs with a successful career in the private sector. he's had a whopper of a losing record in the public sphere. he was a democrat as a young man, later a republican. he lost a litany of elections in illinois, congress, the u.s. senate. he ran for president in 2008. he moved to california, rancho santa fe in san diego county in 2011. since then cox has advocated for a string of initiatives for california voters including one that would have forced state legislators to wear the logo of their top 10 donor on their suits just like race car drivers. all five of those initiatives have failed. we will soon find out the fate of prop 6, the gas tax repeal,
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which cox is also backing. >> reporter: you've been compared to lincoln in that lincoln lost a lot of races. >> that's good company and he was from illinois. how about that? >> reporter: it also means you've lost a lot of races, too. >> you know what? each time i'm running against corrupt machine politics. >> reporter: depending on whose count you believe, he has lost either 10 or 13 races total. tonight we'll find out whether you can tack on a couple more to that tally. his staff and the candidate himself said they are cautiously optimistic watching the large turnout especially here in southern california and especially in inland polls where they believe they'll get a lot of help. >> correct me if i'm wrong. you're saying this is someone who has lost as many as 13 elections. why run agaireporterit's very interesting. he seems very sincere and just seeing him talk to voters, he's a man of the people.
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you got to call it like you see it. this is a man who has been shaking a lot of individual's hands talking to people who have been struggling. it's a bit topsyturvy from this reporter's perspective. usually you see the democrats talking about the struggling working person. john cox has adopted that message here. we've watched gavin newsom through the years. he tends to be rather lofty and talk about policy. he is an unabashed wonk. this man has talked to a lot of people and done better than expected and made it to the runoff. we'll see how it goes tonight. >> joe vazquez live there in san diego for us, thank you. before we get to the busy polling places let's check in live with juliette goodrich tracking senator dianne feinstein's reelection campaign for us tonight. juliette? >> reporter: hi, allen. we're here at the officers club at the presidio in san francisco. u.s. senator dianne feinstein is expected to be here any minute now. this is expected to be her
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one of hand yoday n her dointhat. she happens to be the oldest u.s. senator was elected back i the senate. now her challenger, senator kevin deleon, was busy this morning casting his ballot. you can see him there. he was at an elementary school in southern california at aldoma elementary school. the democratic party issued a surprise endorsement for deleon, although it's been said a deleon with win would be a come from behind upset. -- deleon win would be a come from behind upset. deleon said he offers a fresh voice, but senator feinstein said she's got the experience. she's been in this and her track record proves it. back out here live at the officers club where people are setting up now and senators are expected to be here this evening. we'll follow it all evening. this is expected to be her
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victory headquarters. we'll be watching closely. we'll have live reports throughout the evening. >> thanks. in the south bay we're seeing long lines of voters already and that is to be expected well into the night thanks to a new state law. people can register and vote up until the very last minute before polls close, but there's a catch. >> kpix5's kiet do is live at the santa clara registrar of voters to explain that for us. >> reporter: that whole process is called a conditional voter registration. the catch is you can only do it here at the registrar voters office in san jose. the wait right now to get through this line is two hours or more. the line is stretched out the door literally and around the corner. the problem is that they've got just 20 voting stations, which is a lot, but still folks had to take a number and wait like at the dmv. the registrar's office says yesterday they got 600 people coming in for conditional voter registrations. that number is easily expected to more than double today.
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jim brea just moved here from san mateo county a week ago and forgot to register. >> i think it's a great law. it gives people flexibility. people's lives are busy. sometimes things happen and things change and giving people the option to vote is always better than restricting people's ability to vote. >> reporter: you can still get in line right up until 8 p.m. when the polls close, but at the cut off time a poll worker will turn away any stragglers and that's when the real work begins when the ballots are counted throughout the night. our kpix5 political reporter melissa caen joins us next with a closer look at voter turnout. >> plus young voters flocking to the polls, you'll hear from a first few timers. >> plus a live look at capitol hill. we are tracking the races that could put one prominent bay area politician back in charge of the house. >> there's a big strong ridge
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of high pressure which has been with us the entire month of november giving us warm and dry weather. when will it move? the answer next.
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red, white and blue san francisco city hall there. results are now coming in from several key races around the country. >> ken bastida joins us with the latest numbers. ken? >> let's look at what we got. we have returns from the closely watched contest in georgia, florida and texas. a live look now from georgia and this is stacey abrams campaign headquarters. she is running against brian kemp in the governors race there. if she is elected, she would become the first african american woman to be governor in that state. so far kemp has a lead 26 points over abrams and that is with about 13% of the precincts reporting, still a long way to go there. in the race for florida governor republican ron desantis has pulled ahead of the democrat andrew gillum. right now the margin between them is a single percentage point. this one will be watched closely, very close right there. here is a look at the senate
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race in florida. current republican governor rick scott is now in front leading the incumbent senator bill nelson by less than a single point. again that is with 85% of the precincts reporting and a very, very close race there. meanwhile in texas all eyes on the hard fought battle for u.s. senate. it's still early, but democrat beto o'rourke has a slight lead on the republican ted cruz. one more to note, in new jersey democratic senator bob menendez has been reelected and we'll keep watching these races and bring them back to you. this election day we are seeing a surge of first time voters. kpix5's john ramos caught up with some of them. >> reporter: at the contra costa elections office in martinez today there were a lot of new faces, first time a voters flocking to the polls like never before. >> i attribute it almost entirely to the national conversation, the national
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debate and the whole trump issue. >> reporter: election officials say however you may feel about president trump, he has energized the electorate in a way no one could have imagined. as a group teenagers and 20 somethings were seen as politically apathetic but not this year. >> they're starting to notice that if you don't take initiative and responsibility, bad things will happen. >> everyone is on their phones all the time and there's a lot of stuff now that's like hey, this is why you need to go vote like this is why it's actually important. >> reporter: and not all first time voters are in their teens. willy woods says he believes calls to make america great again are ignoring what the past was like for people of color. so he cast the first ballot of his life today. >> just to make sure it doesn't get back to the way it used to be because things are better. they're not perfect, but they are better. >> reporter: in the past voting was the way americans came together to guide the country. today it's happening because we're so far apart.
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in martinez, john ramos, kpix5. voters have less than two hours now to cast their ballots this midterm election. >> we could see a record turnout tonight. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen joins us now with a breakdown of these numbers. >> in california we have a record number of people registered to vote, nearly 20 million people. we're still waiting to see if that means a record turnout. we're seeing big numbers of early voters. it's not clear whether these are regular voters voting earlier, so there are fewer voters at the polls and it evens out or if the early ballots do signal a huge surge in voting. so far alameda county has counted 220,000 ballots from early voters. according to the chronicle, if that level continues today, that county could see a 70% turnout. san francisco has counted more than 130,000 early ballots and they could see a record turnout of 60% or more. santa clara county is already having a record setting election, more than a quarter
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million ballots returned as of monday. if that continues, they project a 60 to 70% turnout. statewide turnout for midterm elections is usually between 50 to 60%. when the dust settles on this election, we'll see whether the final numbers show historic highs or the same number of people voting, just earlier. as a reference point, in 2016 that presidential election year 75% of registered california voters cast a ballot. so election projections this election could get close to that because as i said, if there is a big surge. the polls close at8:00 tonight. even if you're standing in line at 8:00, you have a right to cast your ballot. >> they give you a place holder card or something you can show. >> i think they'll have a person stationed there to signify and wave off anyone else who comes. >> it's still not too late to register as well. >> that's right. same day registration and that's new this year. one thing we'll look at is how
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that impacted the elections this time around. >> thank you. time for a look at the weather and included in the weather forecast which has been sunny and dry and very pleasant, that fire danger returns tomorrow night through friday morning which includes the entire day of thursday. it's going to get windy in the hills. this is not for you in the urban core. it's for the north bay and east bay hills above 1,000 feet in elevation. gusty winds once again mount diablo, mount st. helena and also mount hamilton up to 50 or 60 miles per hour and it's an offshore wind which is a dry wind dropping the humidity to single digits. that takes our high fire danger and send it into the critical category. so yet another red flag warning beginning tomorrow night. it was warm today. concord, were you sweating waiting in line voting? 82 for a high. santa rosa 81, san jose 80,
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fremont and san francisco in the 80s. we have a ridge of high pressure which i showed you going into the commercial break. this ridge of high pressure has been within about 200 miles of where it is now for the past week. i'm here to tell you for the next seven days it will be within about 200 miles of where it is right now. since it's off to the west we're getting more of a northerly wind, clear chilly nights but warm afternoons. the storm track goes up and over this ridge of high pressure. it will remain to our north. if anything, it will go farther away. so storms will be here, but they won't be close to us. they will hit the west coast and other locations. clear skies, cool night tonight. watch the overnight lows in the 40s and wouldn't be surprised in mendocino county, lake county, north sonoma county in a couple nights likely mid- to upper 30s. the oakland tonight 49, vallejo 47, san jose 47 degrees. we're sunny, mild again on wednesday. as we look at the highs tomorrow, a lot of 70s throughout the bay area including oakland at 72, vallejo 77, san jose 75, napa
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78. the warm spot will be fairfield at 81. the cool spot is pacifica, 64 degrees, breezy in the hills thursday, thus the high fire danger. extended forecast, not much change. we're looking at mid-70s to low 80s inland, staying in the 60s at the coast for each of the next seven days. that's your forecast. >> thanks, paul. coming up much more kpix5 election day coverage. >> we are looking at some high profile mayoral races. >> we can now tell you who the starting quarterback will be monday night. in news comes after a brief caucus of 49ers coaches. it was the quarterback that made the announcement next.
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while the rest of the bay area races are too close to call, we can project nick mullens will win the starting quarterback job for the 49ers. >> when we won against the cowboys, we came in this locker room and i said it's only preseason, but that's why we play the game. there isn't preseason and that's why we play the game. >> mullens has unseated incumbent c.j. beathard for the job. it was mullens who broke the news to the media he will start monday night against the new york giants. last thursday in his first career start mullens threw for three touchdowns in san francisco's 34-3 win over the raiders. prior to that he had never taken a snap in a regular season game. >> now that they've got a game tape on him and all that, what's going to be different this time around? >> i think they're going to be
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like oh, crap this, guy's good. >> i'm a believer in the more reps you get, the more efficient you'll be and i think that will definitely help. you know, last week it was a lot of cramming for this team. we had walk-through practices and just trying to get our bodies right before you could even get your mind right almost. >> tell you what. as strong as the early returns are for mullens, he's not even the biggest dark horse candidate of the year in the bay area. that would be warriors newcomer alfonzo mckinnie. he scored 14 points off the bench. he's now averaging nearly seven points a game, not bad for a player who played in mexico and luxembourg before reaching the nba. steven a. smith tweeted it's bad enough the warriors are the warriors, but now they got this dude, alfonzo mckinnie.
6:22 pm
remember this dude. he misspelled his name. mckinnie's response was remember the name. denver's murray who scored a career high 48 points was looking for 50 when he took a long three when denver was running out the clock. kyrie irving thought it was pork barrel shooting and took the ball from murray's career game, chucked it into the stands and after the game he didn't exactly filibuster around his feelings. >> he made us pay in certain instances of making some tough shots and some tough layups, but the ball deserves to go into the crowd after [ bleep ] like that, so threw it in the crowd. >> the nba's response this afternoon? kyrie irving was fined $25,000 for that stunt. both guys were actually wrong, but i still think the mckinnie to the warriors and mullens as the starting quarterback for
6:23 pm
the 49ers are the two greatest stories in bay area sports because nobody, nobody knew their names before this season began and now -- >> now take a poll, see what happens. and spell it right. thanks, dennis. coming up in our next half hour the races that could change the shape of washington. >> will democrats succeed in taking over the house pushing nancy pelosi back to leadership? a live report straight ahead. >> plus there was no shortage of voter excitement in the east bay, a look at the long lines at the polls today. >> also the investigation into this recycling yard fire that not only made a mess of traffic, but messed up the air quality as well.
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you're watching kpix5 news. the polls have closed in dozens of states. election results from the east coast are trickling in. in washington d.c. the fate of congress is hanging in the balance. >> 35 senate seats, in all 435 house seats up for grabs
6:27 pm
tonight. the democrats need to add two senate seats to take control. in the house they need a total net gain of 23 seats. >> in washington d.c. the democratic congressional campaign committee closely monitoring the results. cbs correspondent angelica alvarez is live for us there now. >> reporter: hi. yes. we are here at the watch party for the democratic party. the house is the focus of this party here tonight. the mood in here is still positive. you hear the music behind me. the crowd is positive, jubilant even. we heard from house minority leader nancy pelosi earlier. she was revving up the crowd saying that she is still confident that they will be winning back the house. we know that the polls have shown that early on the democrats were favored to take a majority in the house with a narrow win here tonight. we've been watching the returns
6:28 pm
come down and we've seen them so far flip at least two seats, two seats from red to blue. however, democrats do need 23 seats to win. >> angelica, i know going into this democrats were feeling pretty confident. at this point were you still hearing that confidence? >> reporter: yeah. i don't know if you heard the crowd just swell right there, but yeah. the music is playing. they were confident. nancy pelosi speaking earlier saying she is confident they will win in the house. we know that they wanted to attract certain voters that they thought would up their chances of winning back the house. we're talking women and minorities and there's a lot of focus to bring in young voters this time. however, there was also a lot of talk young voters are not always reliable. so again it is early. it is almost 9:00, 9:30. sorry, it is 9:30 here eastern
6:29 pm
time. there's still time and they're still pretty confident democrats could take the house tonight. >> thank you. we are watching the crucial national races in states where the polls have closed. >> ken bastida has some updated numbers for us now. >> let's be honest. nothing is for sure. a lot of people are doing this right now. boy, i hope it works out for my side. the returns have been coming in from georgia, florida and texas. let's look at some of those. in georgia the governors race republican brian kemp continues to hold the lead over the democrat stacey abrams. some of this was predicted. this is with about 25% of the precincts reporting. he's got about a 26 point lead. in florida the governors race there, republican ron desantis has now pulled ahead of the democrat andrew gillum. this one was really close and still remains within the margin of error. right now a single percentage point between the two. here's a look at the senate race out of florida.
6:30 pm
current republican governor rick scott is now in front but not by much. he is leading the incumbent senator bill nelson by less than a single point as well. that's with 91% of the precincts reporting in. that one is winding down. we also have some results coming in from texas where all eyes are on that hard fought battle for the u.s. senate. it's still early, but democrat beto o'rourke has a lead on republican ted cruz, well, make 1,000 points, 1,000 votes or so. that one is very close as well. one more note. in new jersey democratic senator bob menendez has been reelected and we'll keep watching these races. some of them are coming down to the wire, very, very tight. >> ken, thanks. a live look right now in san jose. tons of people there are lining up at the santa clara county registrar of voters ready to cast their votes. part of this may be because of a new state law that allows people to register and vote up
6:31 pm
until the last minute before polls close. over in the east bay now more and more people also turning out tonight to cast their votes as the clock winds down. kpix5's susie steimle is live for us in berkeley with more on this final push. susie? >> reporter: well, i wouldn't call it a line out the door here at rosa parks elementary school, but i will invoke the phrase you've been hearing all evening and that's a steady stream. i have yet to see any booths empty as people come in to cast their vote. there's been a big turnout. i talked with a couple people who worked at the polls here at this elementary school as volunteers for the past 20 years and they say this is the largest voter turnout that they have ever seen. as we stopped people on their way out the door after casting their votes today, it wasn't necessarily one topic they came out to vote for. most people say they just wanted to have their voice heard and for many people here in berkeley in particular, they say this is a referendum on the president.
6:32 pm
>> if you feel like something is not okay, speak out. >> definitely need to voice my opinion, yes. we need to go in a different direction. >> it's a soap opera. it's not a government. it's all it is a soap opera. >> we're living in a time that has been unprecedented as far as somebody in the white house. >> reporter: still an hour and a half left for people to cast their votes. a lot of people say it's busiest at these polling locations in the morning and evening hours. that's proven to be true here at this location today. i'll also say as a millennial and hold your jokes about my generation for one second, i've been watching my social feeds today and it does seem like ail lot more people are talking about -- a lot more people are talking about the energy of the midterms in a very different way. it will be interesting to see if there was an impact in the higher voter turnout in the younger generations.
6:33 pm
>> thanks. it will be interesting to see if they vote or just registered to vote. two mayoral races in the bay area, mayor lisa gilmore wants to be voted in after being appointed to the seat in 2016. in oakland nine challengers are looking to unseat incumbent libby schaaf. we have team coverage tonight of the races beginning with kpix5's christin ayers who is live in oakland for us. >> reporter: we are live at oakland mayor libby schaaf's campaign headquarters. it's quiet at the moment, a few streamers up, some signs up and a couple bottles of wine over here coming in as we get ready for this party to kick off around 8:00. that's when the polls close and the results start streaming in. campaign workers spent the better part of today hitting the streets, making calls, waving signs urging people to vote. schaaf is considered the favorite. her signs are emblazoned with the words oakland tough. that's because of her willingness to take on thorny
6:34 pm
issues like immigration and homelessness and her willingness to take on donald trump. sham has high profile endorsements from -- schaaf has high profile endorsements from kamala harris and dianne feinstein. >> we don't take anything for granted. >> reporter: schaaf is up against nine candidates as we mentioned including outspoken activist cat brooks and also against civil rights attorney kamala price. both candidates cast themselves as a more progressive alternative to libby schaaf. the mayor has been out pounding the pavement trying to drum up votes at the very last minute. she is expected to make an appearance and to be here at the party at 8:00 when it kicks off once those polls close. >> thank you. another race we're watching closely tonight, the race for santa clara mayor. kpix5's len ramirez is live at
6:35 pm
an event that just got underway there. len? >> reporter: we're watching two key races in santa clara county here in the city of santa clara awaiting mayor lisa gilmore. she is looking for the first election. she was appointed mayor in then went 16 after then mayor jamie matthews stepped down -- in 2016 after then mayor jamie matthews stepped down. she has gained headlines for taking on the 49ers organization over stadium financials. she faces a challenger in video producer anthony becker who has nowhere near the name recognition of gilmore, but he has put up a lot of videos on his youtube channel. the other key race is the santa clara county sheriff's race. for the first time in two decades we have a very competitive race. long time five time incumbent sheriff lori smith is facing a
6:36 pm
strong challenge from undersheriff john hirakawa. this has been a very rough and tumble campaign. jail reform is among the key issues for santa clara county sheriff. we'll watch those two races closely as they develop throughout the night. obviously here the party has yet to begin. reporting live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix5. >> thank you. don't forget to stay with us tonight as the results roll in. we'll bring you live results and analysis all evening. it starts at 8:00 with our special election night live stream on our website we learned a smoldering fire at a bay area recycling center won't be completely out for hours. it's already taken all day for the smoke to clear out. it started about 1:00 this morning at the recology plant in brisbane. apparently construction debris was ignited. fire crews quickly were on scene putting water on it for hours, but the smoke kept billowing out of the building. >> and it's really a smoke
6:37 pm
event and now the smoke turned white a good while ago, so it's really steam. >> reporter: what neighborhood are we in here? >> little hollywood, i believe. it's coming right this way. >> reporter: yeah, i know. >> the department of emergency chil were home a an advisory t small preschool nearby. by mid-afternoon the winds picked up and started blowing the smoke away. the near won't be out completely till later tonight. two abandoned homes went up in flames today. two nearby rvs also caught fire. a funnellike black cloud of smoke could be seen for miles. residents in the neighborhood watched as crews tried to douse the flames this afternoon. the fire was reported just before noon. no injuries were reported, but one person living in one of the rvs was displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a pleasanton firefighter suffered minor injuries today while responding to an apartment fire in livermore. we're told he's expected to be
6:38 pm
okay. no one else was hurt. chopper 5 flew over the scene after 11 a.m. this morning. multiple fire engines responded to the scene and the damage was pretty extensive, no word what sparked this fire. bay area police officers out of the hospital -- a bay area police officer is out of the hospital this evening after he was shot in the head during a confrontatth a who in custody. it started as a dispute between neighbors last night at deerfield drive near fawn hill way. police say a 32-year-old man pulled out a gun and shot an officer in the head. the injured officer was released from the hospital with minor injuries. the suspect surrendered to police about 2 a.m. after barricading himself inside a home. an investigation is underway. two san francisco homeowners are now slapped with hefty fines after they were caught illegally renting out their properties through airbnb. the city announced today both will have to pay over $2 million in penalties. they were caught in 2014
6:39 pm
evicting tenants from one property. the owners then unlawfully converted that unit and 13 others into short term rentals. they cashed in over a half million dollars. the two are banned from renting out any of their 17 sf properties for short term use until 2025. coming up it will be harder to get flavored tobacco in one bay area county, the new decision that came down today. >> the government on high alert this election, a reminder of what we don't want repeated from the last one. internet. but not just any internet.
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when you include xfinity mobile click, call or visit a store today. we're going live to richmond, virginia, where senator tim kaine is speaking. >> it's always been about serving other people. we think about others and our city and our commonwealth and
6:42 pm
our country. i guess ann in particular grew up in a virginia that didn't value everybody, that put people in categories. you know, men could go to these schools and women couldn't. whites could go to these schools and african americans couldn't. if you were here a long time, you could do these things and new americans couldn't. that was the virginia that ann grew up in and experienced it and when i moved here and married her in 1984, both of us, our mission, we just want to make virginia more welcoming, more inclusive, more dynamic, more politically competitive. let's just live the equality value. let's just live like a commonwealth, a community. let's just live like virginia is for lovers rather than virginia is for judgers or doubters or haters. and on that score you guys sent a powerful message tonight
6:43 pm
again about who we are as a commonwealth and who we are not. >> now you've been listening to tim kaine there who has been projected to win in richmond, virginia. moving to marin county, another ban on flavored tobacco. the board of supervisors voted unanimously to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and vaping products in unincorporated areas, but cities like novato and sausalito have already taken similar steps. some of the supporters of the ban were teens the ban is designed to protect. >> i've seen people doing their vape pens in class and vaping around campus and i really don't want this to affect the next generation including my little brother. so i'm here to make sure that i have a say in this. >> layla got her wish. the ordinance takes effect july, 2019. except for tobacco stores. they have until 2020 to sell off their inventory. in the wake of russian meddling in the 2016 election,
6:44 pm
the government is on high alert for any new signs of interference. cbs news correspondent meg oliver on how homeland security is keeping election security as tight as possible. >> reporter: this is the first nationwide voting since russia targeted the last u.s. presidential election and millions of americans are making their voices heard. >> i'm hoping that even my little vote can help make some change. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says it's been working behind the scenes to protect this midterm election from foreign interference. >> i have a simple message for any foreign adversary who seeks to interfere or impact our elections. do not try. >> reporter: in addition to blocking foreign influence, the homeland security office is responsible for election security closer to home. that includes protecting voter registration files, election results and polling places. there's a steady flow of voters here in new york city. new york is one of 19 states where the justice department
6:45 pm
deployed monitors from the civil rights division to make sure voting laws are upheld. throughout those states 35 precincts are under watch to make sure all citizens have access to the ballots. monitors are looking for signs of discrimination or intimidation. >> at this time we have no indication of compromise to our nation's election infrastructure that would affect voting, change vote counts or the ability to tally votes. >> reporter: security officials point out they've had two years to get ready for this day. they are hoping problems are limited to long lines and isolated technical glitches. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. coming up voters are coming out in full force to cast their votes, but did you know weather can play a big part this midterms? >> it absolutely should not have around here. you had no weather excuse to not vote today. as we look forward, will it stay warm? it will stay completely dry.
6:46 pm
the forecast is next.
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in parts of the country severe weather could certainly impact voter turnout. >> the election outcome in some key midterm races this evening. parts of virginia, maryland, delaware, new jersey and new york are under weather advisories. this video is from new york city today. you can see that voters out there were stuck in the rain as they waited to cast their ballot. according to accuweather, 20% of change in voter turnout is based on weather. the study also found democrats are more weather sensitive and republican candidates tend to have a slight advantage when it rains. paul, we didn't have any of that here. >> certainly around here where it's clear and pleasant and mild you had no excuse. put on your sunscreen, go vote. mid-60s concord and livermore, 65 in san jose, san francisco 62 degrees. you hit 76 today in san francisco and santa rosa 61.
6:50 pm
we'll cool off quickly and race through the 50s. by tomorrow morning with the early sunrise down to 43 in santa rosa, down to 44 in fairfield, 47 in san jose and also 47 for redwood city. one more look at that red flag warning. it's not tonight, but winds will increase in the mountains. north bay mountains, east bay hills above 1,000 feet in elevation, same spot as the past couple red flag warnings. gusty winds, low humidity, critical fire conditions beginning tomorrow night. san ramon the next couple days that's not bad for november, sunshine, mild, 75 on wednesday, a little breezy in the hills in and around san ramon, 75 degrees also on thursday. satellite and radar review, big ridge of high pressure off to our west. if it moves to the south, the moisture will sag in our direction. right now we'll watch storm goes up and over.
6:51 pm
this storm will drop into nevada about 36 hours from now and the difference between this ridge and this low is the catalyst for strong winds we'll see thursday into friday morning. the rainfall prediction, not that much for the midwest, but there's some, a decent amount of rainfall back east. that lack of color is a lack of any rainfall for the entire state of california over the next five days. we'll just stay dry with the ridge not moving, so chilly nights, little, if any, cloud cover, warmer than average days through the weekend and gusty offshore wind in our mountains starting tomorrow night will give us extreme fire danger. highs in the 70s tomorrow. the average high is in the mid- to upper 60s. we're looking at the mid- to upper 70s, concord 77 degrees, san jose 75, palo alto 75, union city 72. your highs tomorrow in the east bay antioch 80, livermore 78, venetia, concord, 77 degrees, san rafael 75, alameda 70,
6:52 pm
novato 76, napa 78, pleasant, sunshine in lakeport76 degrees, rohnert park 75. we stay sunny, chilly nights, mild afternoons, mid- to upper 60s near the bay and mid- to upper 70s inland. that is your forecast. we will be right back.
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another check now of some crucial national races in states where the polls have closed. >> our ken bastida has been tracking that for us. what's the latest? >> getting very exciting, allen and veronica. returns have been coming in from georgia, florida and texas, of course. in the georgia governors race republican brian kemp continues to hold that lead over the democrat stacey abrams despite oprah and former president obama stepping in to her campaign. right now temp is ahead by about 12 points with 35% of the precincts reporting in. let's look at florida, the governors race there. republican ron desantis is pulling ahead of the democrat andrew gillum and right now the margin between them is a single percentage point. here is a look at the senate race in florida. a little more separation there, current republican governor
6:56 pm
rick scott now in front leading the incumbent senator bill nelson by less than a single point and that's with 96% of the precincts reporting in. let's take another look at texas. republican senator ted cruz has the slightest of leads over democrat beto o'rourke. this is with 12 percentage points reporting in. so that one is too close to call. one more note in new jersey democratic senator bob menendez has been reelected and we'll have to keep watching these races. many are still too close to call, could take well into the evening and all the absentee ballots. >> but as far as the house is going, it looks like there are more democrats in the lead than they need to flip. >> over 30 house races right now are in control by democrats and they only need i think about 20 now to take control. so that's looking better for democrats tonight. i don't know if i'd call it a blue wave, but it's definitely starting to hue a little bit to the bluer color. >> california is still in play, polls are still open. >> another hour before people
6:57 pm
have to call it quits. >> ken, thanks. >> we'll be following all the state and local election returns tonight. >> we've got reporters covering all the races here in the bay area and around the state watching the governors race tonight. emily turner is with the newsom camp in l.a. joe vazquez is with john cox in san diego. >> juliette goodrich covers the race for u.s. senate. andria borba tracks the pricey race for school superintendent and christin ayers is watching to see if libby schaaf can keep her spot as open mayor. >> santa clara another race for mayor, len maria medina with incumbent lori smith and kiet do with her challenger john hirakawa. >> polls are still open another hour. our live stream coverage starts at 8:00. you can find that at we will be live kpix every half hour. up next cbs news coverage of election night 2018. >> good night. >> good night. sfx: squeak
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6:59 pm
sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
7:00 pm
once again. >> the working man is tired. we don't want to be taxed anymore. >> immigration is a big deal. we have too many homeless people in this country. >> i want to be the change that i wish to see in the world. >> i want to be a proud american again. >> welcome back to cbs news election night coverage, and we are following the battle for control of the house and senate. president trump will have to deal with for the next two years. polls are closed now in all but six states in our country. the headlines of the hour, cbs news estimates the democrats are on track to take back the house for the first time in eight


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