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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 7, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's say good morning to mary and gianna. of course, we have all of your election results this morning. so don't worry. but first, we need to get to traffic and weather. >> it's beautiful. yeah. so we are looking at plenty of sunshine as we head through the day. and we're looking at temperatures very similar to what we saw yesterday. a live look at the "salesforce tower" camera. we are waking up to clear skies. temperatures in the 40s and 50s to started off the day. 48 in concord. 353 oakland. livermore 44. san francisco 53. 50 in san jose and santa rosa in the low 40s. cool to chilly start to the day. clear skies. sunshine continues as we go through the day today with above average temperatures. extreme fire danger with red flag warning for the north bay
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and east bay hills tonight through friday morning. gusty winds above 1,000 feet up to 60 miles per hour beginning tonight. we'll have more coming up. good morning. wednesday drive, starting off in santa clara with a crash south 880 at great mall parkway. one vehicle involved in this accident but injuries reported. you have fire crews on scene there. the on-ramp is blocked. still early for the morning drive. but as it progresses, las will be shut down we'll see some delays build behind it. traffic okay south 880 to 280. northbound 680 just past highway 4, reports of a vehicle fire looks like it is in flames all lanes stopped
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right now momentarily. we are seeing red on our sensors which indicates traffic is really stacked up behind there. the car fire north 680 past 4 definitely could cause problems. business as usual through the altamont pass westbound 580 to 680 a crash at grant line. there are plenty of election -- sorry, there's plenty of election news this morning. democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsom will replace the termed out jerry brown as governor. he defeated republican businessman john cox 59-41%. he spoke to supporters last night at a post-election event in los angeles. >> you stood for courage. courage for a change. will have the incredible privilege of serving as your next governor. >> cox took the stage in san diego to concede and then
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congratulate newsom. >> we gave it a run. we got the message out. we got the issues out. thank you all. thank you all. >> newsom's victory is the first time since 1887 that a democratic governor has been succeeded by another democrat in california. let's take a live look now at the u.s. capitol where for the first time in eight years, the democrats have won control of the u.s. house. this morning, the democrats hold 219 seats to the republicans'193. voters flipped more than 2 dozen seats that were held by republicans during yesterday's midterm elections. house minority leader nancy pelosi who represents cruised to victory. she celebrated democratic wins across the country. >> thanks to you, we owned the ground. thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in america.
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remember this feeling. not power to win. >> and in just the past half- hour the white house said that president trump will hold a post-election news conference this morning. it is scheduled to start at 8:30. and now despite some big wins for democrats, reporter nikole killion tells us that republicans were able to extend their majority in the u.s. senate. >> that change came tonight. reporter: in a sign of what was to come, virginia democrat jennifer wexton defeated republican congresswoman barbara comstock in one of the first races called. it's one of more than two dozen seats flipped in yesterday's midterms that helped democrats take back the house. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution checks and balance to the trump administration. >> reporter: moderate suburban districts helped push democrats over the edge like
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in the texas senate. >> we have the power to change the direction of our country and that is what we are doing right now with this election with this race and i am so, so excited. >> reporter: republicans diminished the blue wave by increasing their majority in the senate. many like mike braun in indiana credited president trump. >> we as conservatives being led by president trump, we've got to prove why our way of thinking, why what works in the state of indiana, is going to work for the rest of america. >> reporter: the gop also took back senate seats in north dakota and missouri. >> congratulations, this is your victory tonight! it's your victory. you've earned it. >> reporter: despite the loss of the house, president trump tweeted, tremendous success tonight! nikole killion, cbs news, it'sa win infor e democrats
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waing rterme elted offices, it looks like the democrats remained in control of california. from governor-elect gavin newsom down the ballot, democrats were big winners. as a matter of fact, it was hard to even see much opposition mounting here. as far as a blue wave goes, it was a blue tide in a blue state. donald trump was the issue. whether it was gavin newsom's television ads who said he had a message for the president or dianne feinstein's or kamala harris' resistance to the trump administration or most notably nancy pelosi's. what we have in california is that president trump was the issue even though he never stepped foot in the state. other wins for republicans, mitt romney winning the open seat in utah. marsha blackburn winning in tennessee and ted cruz beat
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beto o'rourke in texas. arizona still too close to call. california senator dianne feinstein is celebrating a victory this morning. she defeated her opponent kevin de leon 54-46%. this will be her fifth full term in the senate. feinstein has represented california for 25 years. and in san jose, some last- minute voters got in line right at 8:00 to vote. they waited nearly 3 hours in line to cast their ballots. >> i think this is a very hard time to be in the american political arena. i think the country is very factionalized. they call it tribes. i grew up in political life and never heard of tribes. partworkarofingood
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this nation, to make people more efficient and productive in their lives. that was all the politics. >> just hearing from senator dianne feinstein as she celebrated her victory. this is the first regular election that allowed conditional voter registration. it allowed voters to register and vote on the same day. but the last-minute stragglers paid the price. all day long, the line went out the door and people waited hours to vote. >> it is 8:17 now. i'm hearing that it's at least a two-hour wait. did you know that? >> yes. i know. >> reporter: are you okay with that? >> um, well, you know, i have to be because i really want to vote. >> i have been here for three hours with a torn meniscus but i have been here. >> i was sitting at home at 7:15 and i felt i should vote so i called and said as long as i was in line by 8:00 i could get in. so -- >> reporter: talk about pushing it to the mite
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>> my ancestor'm afran- american, clearly, and they went through trying to get this right for me so it's important for me to vote every, single election because of all the they went through. >> now that word of conditional voter registration is out, it should be even busier for the 2020 election. and in san francisco, city hall saw a flood of voters who registered and cast their votes. this is the first time voters who missed the registration deadline could do so. >> you see there's a line, but it moves quickly. it was about 55 minutes at its longest point to get through. we have had hundreds of people in line. >> the san francisco department of elections says this will likely be the greatest turnout in a midterm election since 1974. now a look at some of the statewide ballot propositions. prop 10 would have repeated the state law that restricts local governments' use of rent control. that failed. supporters of prop 10 say they
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are not giving up on their efforts to make rental housing more affordable in california. >> a flame was started and we are nowhere near putting it out. so this is a rallying cry to everyone around the state of california that we still have work to do. >> opponents say that prop 10 would have been done more harm than good. they believe it would have reduced the number of rental units when demand continues to grow. >> by far the majority of owners of properties that tenants occupied are small business owners. there's this misconception that they are the ones that would be devastated by prop 10. >> and prop 10 opponents outspent supporters by 3:1. voters shot down the proposition 6 repeal of the gas tax. 55% voted no on the effort to pull back funding for bay area road improvements and transportation funding. bothesrdthe "yes on 6" campaign
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the decision came down to wording. leaders argued voters were intentionally tricked into voting no when they thought they were voting in favor of the tax repeal. >> they stuck a false and misleading title on the ballot that had no mention of gas tax repeal. in doing so, politicians lied to the voters. let me be clear. this ain't over. it ain't over by a long shot. >> and another ballot measure that had big money behind it, probably 8, seeking to regulate the profits of kidney dialysis centers, voters rejected that measure, 62% to 38%. and voters passed prop 7. it would allow california to consider staying on daylight saving time all year round. this morning prop c won by 60%. the san francisco biggest tech titans have been at war over
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prop c. this measure taxes big homeless crisis in san francisco. >> well, what i'm so passionate about is that our homeless get the services and the homes that they need. that's what every homeless person, family, child in our city needs is a home. >> and we'll be updating you on more races all morning long. you can also find a full list of results on>>time n >> fire danger in the north bay. coming up this morning, pg&e preparing for another possible power-down. >> let's take a live look outside and see what it is looking like this morning. this is san francisco. we'll be right back.
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i'm anne makovec with new information on that shooting at the veterans treatment center in yountville that happened in march. the napa county district attorney jasednerepo of tlwhat happened there. that is when the shooter in this case, albert wong, a 36- ld former patient of the facility, stormed into a going- away party and killed three clinicians after taking them hostage. he ended up killing himself. well, this new report says that he had made several previous threats, specifically toward these three clinicians, and that he came heavily armed. he had a gun, a semiautomatic rifle and was wearing ear and eye protection as this all happened. it was a hostage standoff that
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lasted several hours before deputies stormed in and were able to determine that the three women were dead and also that he had killed himself. we're still waiting for a report from the chp which will give a few more details on this. also learning a little bit more in the d.a.'s report on what happened beforehand. apparently he left a note for his landlord saying he is sorry but he would not be returning. michelle and kenny? >> thank you anne makovec. pg&e customers in parts of northern california could have their power shut off as a precaution later this week. the utility is notifying customers in parts of sonoma, napa and 7 other counties. their electricity service may be cut beginning on thursday because of high fire danger conditions. the national weather service has also issued a red flag warning for parts of the bay area with elevations above 1,000 feet. so let's check that. we know we have that hot, dry weather. >> yes. >> how about the winds? that's always a big factor in these fires. >> unfortunately, as we head through tonight, we're going to see the winds kick up.
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so dry offshore winds. that will start tonight and that will continue for thursday and then into friday morning. so this period that we're really watching with gusts up to 60 miles per hour for some of the highest peaks there. so let's first show you a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera r e 40s 50 illystto the day with clear skies and that sunshine continues with above average temperatures but in extreme fire danger beginning tonight especially through the north bay and east bay hills. again that's tonight through friday morning due to dry gusty offshore winds. so watching that for you very closely, red flag warning in effect from 10 p.m. tonight to 7 a.m. on friday north and east bay
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hills, northeast winds 15 to 30, gusts up to 60 miles per e. very low relative humidity values critical fire weather conditions. let's show you futurecast wind gusts, because that red flag warning kicks in at 10 p.m. watch this. here we are at 10 p.m. you can see the winds really getting going as we go through tonight into tomorrow. so watching especially as we head through thursday and then friday morning, as well. high pressure in control for us this ridge is still in place. we are looking at an upper level trough of low pressure just riding the top of that ridge and with that, we'll see those stronger offshore winds. this ridge will stay in place through next week. the rest of the country snow and rain. we are staying dry with the ridge of high pressure. we need it. we are still talking about that high fire danger.
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daytime highs today about 70 for san francisco. 72 in oakland. 78 livermore. cooler through thursday and friday and for saturday right now the coolest out of the week. veterans day observed on monday. great weather for all of our veterans day festivities. if you are in martinez, we have a trouble spot on the northbound side of 680 right at highway 4. it was a car fire. at one point that car was just covered in flames. they have opened all lanes so only one lane is blocked right now. you have a lot of fire crews and activity on scene while they mop up this mess. it is early and it is non- commute so we're not seeing any major delays. 16 minutes an easy ride so you're okay to use 680 this morning northbound from highway 4 to the eastshore freeway.
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taking a look at highway 4 itself, looking good. westbound no delays. you're moving up to speed through antioch into pittsburg and if you are heading to the eastshore freeway, you shouldn't have any troubles. right now from loveridge to 680, that's 12 minutes. the rest of 680 looks great. we are free-flowing both directions if you are commuting out of concord into walnut creek. here's a live look at 680 right at 242 where traffic is light this morning. quick look at highway 24. if you plan to take 680 to westbound 24, so far, so good. commuting all the way to the maze shouldn't be trouble. westbound 24 from 680 to 580 only an 11-minute drive so very easy ride through there. the eastshore freeway off to a great start. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze only 14 minutes. no delays at the bay bridge. 4:50. now back to our election coverage. flipped seats were apparent in some governor's races. illinois, michigan and new mexico were among those that turned blue. >> but as reporter laura podesta explains, the outcome of some contests like the gubernatorial race in georgia are still up in the air.
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reporter: democrats are leading when it comes to winning back the executive branch in several states. in illinois, businessman pritzker ousted bruce rauner. >> one of the first things we have to do is reverse the damage that bruce rauner has done. >> reporter: a democrat won in michigan defeating the republican. in wisconsin governor scott walker appears to have been denied a third term although he won't conceit yet to democrat tony evers. >> mr. president, i look forward to working with you. >> reporter: several races ended in red. in florida, republican ron desantis beat his challenger tallahassee's democratic mayor andrew gillum. >> even though i won't have the blessing of serving as the next governor of the state of florida, i still plan to be on the front lines. >> reporter: and in georgia,
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democrat stacey abrams still hopes to become the first black woman to be elected governor. >> georgia still has a decision to make. a decision between division and trickery. >> reporter: after a bitterly fought campaign, she trails brian kemp but refuses to concede until every, single vote is counted. laura podesta, cbs news. coming up, he first made his mark on the streets of san francisco. this morning, michael douglas is headed to the walk of fame. >> and let's take another live look outside this time giving some love to san jose where it is 50 degrees. we'll be right back. ood star who first made a mark on 'the streets of san francisco' takes a bow on the walk guess who's beefing up your morning with a steak & egg breakfast burrito? this guy. loaded with prime rib steak, scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, and melted cheese. because at jack in the box, whoops, we're all about beefing up breakfast. beefy, baby! try my new steak & egg breakfast burrito.
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of fame. and billboard news that's music a certain pop the hollywood star to first made a mark on the streets of san francisco takes a bow on the walk of fame. >> and billboard news that is music to the ears of a certain pop superstar. ileana diaz has more in today's "eye on entertainment." >> reporter: ariana grande 2018 woman of the year. they praised the 25-year-old for standing up for herself and her decisions. she had a public breakup with pete davidson, snl star. and just released her new single, thank you next, about women. she will be honored at a gala in december. melissa etheridge was among the
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voices against hate at a fundraiser honoring tom hanks and rita wilson. oprah winfrey asked for a moment of silence for the pittsburgh synagogue massacre victims. >> we ar hate triumph over love. >> reporter: after 50 years in show business, academy award winner michael douglas got his star on the hollywood walk of fame. he thanked his legendary father. >> it means so much to me, dad, that you're here today. and thank you for your advice, for your inspiration, and i'll say it simply with all my heart, i'm so proud to be your son. >> reporter: kirk douglas turns 102 next month. that's your "eye on entertainment." ileana diaz, cbs news, los angeles. time now 4:56. >> a shift in leadership in washington. coming up, the democrats taking over the house while the republicans hang on to the senate this morning. we're live at the capital. >> reporter: and the day after the election, usually means
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that there are lots of ballots to count still. that is the case here in santa clara county this morning. we'll bring you the latest numbers next.
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on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. republicans manage to hold onto the senate. this morning: how the president is responding. back here the so-called blue wave crashes the house while republicans manage to hold to the senate. this morning, how the president is responding. >> plus, back here in the bay area, most results are in except in the south bay this morning. they are still counting. >> and mayor schaaf snags a second term in oakland. reaction on her historic win. >> it is wednesday, november 7th. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we are going to get a look at weather and traffic right now. and how are all the ladies
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doing? >> good. >> great. >> kenny, you, too. >> you're a lucky guy, though. >> yes. >> we talk about a lot of lady things, hair and makeup. enjoy your sunshine. it's been a long time since we have seen the rain. we definitely need it. we'll talk about the high fire danger in just a moment. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and santa rosa down to 39. a chilly start to the day. weather headlines, cool to chilly this morning with clear skies. sunshine continues


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