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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 12, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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unhealthy air quality conditions, and again, monday, november 12th. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we start with the devastating fire in butte county, and the official death toll now at 29 after authorities found six more bodies yesterday, and the fire has scorched 173 square miles since breaking out on thursday, and more than 6400 homes have been destroyed. cal fire says it's now 25% contained, but winds are fierce. >> the national weather service expects the air quality to get worse today, and it tweeted this side-by-side comparison. the left from yesterday, and you could see the right side is worse, and that's what they expect for today. >> just getting worse out there and even though it's so far away, it's really affecting the bay area. >> that's right. yesterday, some improvements, but we will see the winds take the shift out of the northeast, and bringing in all of the smoke from the butte county
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camp fire, and i just checked the air quality, unhealthy air quality this morning, and we are going to see really bad air quality through the day, and live sales force tower camera, live look at the bay bridge, and temperatures in the 30s, 40s, and even in the low 50s this morning. hazy, smoky skies, and air healthy air quality, and winter spare the air alert for today, and likely as we go through the middle part of the week, and not a lot of improvements here with the air quality, and smoky air will continue for us, likely by thursday, and we will show you the futurecast as we take you through, not just this week,, but next week, with the chance of rain, and i will have details coming up in a bit. >> mary, thank you. new evacuates in the camp fire were ordered overnight. people in cherokee were ordered to pack up and leave. it's in danger of being
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swallowed up by the camp fire. the area between paradise and oroville has about 70 people. >> my house is gone in paradise. came up to cherokee, been here 3 or 4 days, and we are getting burned out of there. >> to add to the heart ache, many are still reported missing. 228 people are unaccounted for. >> i don't want to say their names on the air, but two of my friends, right now, are missing. one out of paradise, and i'm hoping it ain't one of the body counts. >> cal fire is monitoring an expended arm of the fire saying it's a 500-acre spot fire south of the current fire, across the river, headed to oroville. people in oroville have been told to be prepared to evacuate at any moment. the butte county fire crews are looking for bodies in the
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rubble, and it's the long, daunting task as the coroner teams are looking for bones or bone fragments in the ashes, and yesterday they were trying to identify bedrooms or even a bathroom or fireplace, anywhere that someone may hide as they tried to escape the flames. recovery efforts turned into rescue as they found a cat hiding near a burned home. >> in some cases, the only remains we can cover are bones or bone fragments. >> we are going door-to-door looking for loved ones who are missing. >> the cat was taken to a local shelter where it's being treated for burns to its paws, and the sheriff's office says they do expect the death toll to rise. in the meantime a new look at what is happening overnight. cal fire is getting a real time bird's eye view of the fire thanks to the airmen of the national guard. the crews spent the day yesterday trying to find the origin point of the camp fire,
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believed to be here the poe power dam where the first reports of the fire came on thursday morning. >> it's the west side of the river, underneath the transmission lines, and it will be difficult to access. security guards hired by cal fire are blocking the camp creek road. a team from pg&e were checking the transition lines. they have no answers yet, but the probe into exactly what happened is well underway. morning governor brown is asking president trump to declare a major disaster, and the request is just one day after the president threatened to cut funding over what he called the gross mismanagement of our forests, and the governor responded with this. >> we have to take care of the whole range of threats and conditions, and actions, that are part of our living with fire, living with fire threats,
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and while we do more forest management, both the federal government, which has more land than the state government, by private people in the state, we all have to do more. and if you want to help fire victims call 1-800-red- cross for a monetary donation or text butte fire to 91999 to donate to the united way relief fund. the salvation army has its own hot line number. 1-800-sal-army. airbnb is asking users to list any properties available for evacuees. let's go to traffic with gianna. >> we have road work on 880 and highway 17. no accidents. that's the good news. southbound 880 at 23rd avenue, full freeway closure, and they are hoping to have everything wrapped up about 5:00 this morning, and we are seeing delays behind it. in the meantime, hop on 580 as an alternate. traffic looking good in both
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directions of 580. westbound 238 to 94 connector, only taking 13 minutes this morning. the south bay, full closure newfect here as well. shut down at at lark avenue. delays behind it also, and you use saratoga road for an alternate. spare the air alert. b.a.r.t. on time, and cal tran off to a good start this morning, as is the bay bridge. a live look at conditions here, an easy ride from the mccarter maze in. 285, still in the green. 24 minutes if you plan to take the pass this morning, traffic is clear. westbound, east shore freeway, no troubles, and highway 4, looking good leverage down to 680. >> giana, thank you. live look in florida where
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election officials are recounting hundreds of thousands of ballots in races for senate and governor, where the republicans in both races are holding narrow leads, and florida is one of four major midterm races that have yet to be called. tom hanson with the latest. >> reporter: nearly a week after midterm election day, officials across several states are still counting votes. >> that's going to take us approximately about 35 hours to sort. >> reporter: in arizona, where mailin ballots are rolling in. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: democrat krysten sinema's lead over martha mcsally has increased. provisional ballots are still being counted, and stacey abrams is refusing to concede, which may result in a runoff in december. >> even if it takes you into the middle of next week, you better count every vote. >> reporter: the main spotlight was on florida where razor thin
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margins triggered a recount. ron desantis has a slim margin of a lead over andrew gillum. >> they came up with 93,000 votes afterwards, how do they do that? >> reporter: the white house is backing him up. >> boxes of votes are just appearing out of nowhere. >> reporter: state election officials are reassuring voters while ordering recounts of the races. >> as for florida, if the machine recount finds one or both of the races within one quarter of a percentage point, a manual recount is held. grant woods jumps from the g.o.p., and the long-time republican officially switched to the democratic party saying the divisiveness of the trump party led to the move.
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>> it was just time. on the one side, you saw the republican party become the trump party, and i really want no part of that. for a wide variety of reasons, the politics never stops. the campaigning never so stops, the negativity, the casting your opponents as evil, and the enemy, never stops, and that is not right. at the end of the day, whether you're a conservative republican or liberal democrat, we are all americans. >> as for 2020, woods says he doesn't know if he will run for a seat in the senate. he said it depends on the current election, and if krysten sinema falls short, he thinks she should have the first opportunity to run again. new information on the migrants coming to the border. they said they are fleeing poverty, gang violence, and
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instability from honduras, guatemala, and nicaragua. they are 1600 miles from tijuana. a look at the damage done and the celebrities who lost their homes as the woosley fire races through malibu. a live look at china basin at at&t park in the distance. and it's 45 degrees in san francisco.
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anne, thank you. the city of malibu... is left in i'm ann mackavac at the news desk, and i'm following the threat to thousands of homes this morning. let's take a live look at one of the homes that has been destroyed. you see the burned out vehicles there, and it was the scene replaying all around the area right now, and this is in l.a. and ventura counties, and 85,000 acres have been burned so far in the woosley fire, and
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it started overnight last thursday, and that's 130 square miles, 15% contained as of this morning, and 150,000 people still under mandatory evacuation orders for parts of malibu and hidden hills, and the santa ana winds are expected to pick up today, so the threat is far from over down there and almost 200 structures have been damaged, and many of them are homes, and two people, so far, have been found dead. we are going to continue to follow the latest on the containment with updates as the sun comes up later this morning. kenny and michelle? >> ann, thank you. the city of malibu is left in devastation this morning, and the video of the aftermath showing dozens of multimillion dollar homes reduced to ashes, some belonging to big-name stars. >> welcome to my home in malibu. >> gerard butler posting this
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video to snapchat, showing what is left of his home. he returned home after evacuating and found his home had burned, but he said he's inspired by the courage and sacrifice of the firefighters and asked them to support them. >> check out this new video out of malibu. you can see a chopper swooping down to grab water from a pool, and firefighters are using any help they can to fight the flames. back north to butte county, two suspected looters were seen in paradise on saturday, wearing jackets similar to u.s. forest personnel. it's believed they were looking to vandalize the homes that were abandoned by their owners. it's another day of hazy skies from the smoke. >> unfortunately looking to be
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worse for today, and get ready for that. we are talking about unhealthy air quality for all of the bay area. yesterday a northerly wind component, and it helped a little bit with the air, and we are going to see north easterly winds headed through today, and that will bring in more of the smoke from the butte county campfire, and a live look from the sales force camera, and the temperatures this morning in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and big temperature spreads once again. oakland, 47, livermore at 37 degrees, and chilly for you. san jose, 44, and santa rosa, close to freezing at 33 there, and here's what you can expect, your weather headlines, looking at hazy, smoky skies, and unhealthy air quality, once again for today, and we have an air quality advisory, spare the air alert likely continuing through the middle part of the week as the smoke continues by at least wednesday and into thursday. the air quality forecast,
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unhealthy air quality for all of the bay area today, and looking at a spare the air alert, likely continuing into tuesday, wednesday, and for thursday, and hopefully some improvement by the end of the week, and likely by next week, and offshore winds will continue for more smoke, and that's for our air here, and i want to show you this, and this is our high resolution rapid refresh smoke forecast model, and you can see the butte county there, and bringing all the smoke down into the bay area as we head through the day, and it's about our 36-hour smoke forecast, and that's why we are looking at more smoke as we go through today and likely over the next few days here, and so, let's show you what you can expect on futurecast, and we are hoping for rain, and it's our longer-range weather model, taking you out by 10 days. we could see rain next week, hopefully so. tuesday, wednesday, or thursday, by thanksgiving, and that's our next chance for some
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rain there, and let's show you the temperatures out there, looking at mid-60s in san francisco. upper 60s into oakland, and smoke-filtered sunshine on the coolside here. low 70s for fremont, san jose, and livermore, and low 70s for napa and fairfield. the 7-day forecast, continuing with the hazy skies and smoke, going through tuesday, wednesday, and likely by thursday, and hopefully some improvement as we head through the end of the week, and we will check in with giana for traffic this morning. . we are doing good overall as far as accidents in the south bay, but we do have road work on highway 17, and keep it in mind this morning as you work your way to 17, near lark avenue. all lanes shut down until this morning. they should have it wrapped up in the next 15 minutes..
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101 out of the morgan hill commute. so good working your way into 10. no delays yet, and traffic is clear through there. the full freeway closure 880 at 23rd avenue, and it looks like it should open up in the next 10 minute as well, and traffic behind it, and definitely use 58 as an alternate. the rest of 580 looking good. south of there, reports of an accident, south 880 at washington avenue, blocking one lane, and if you're traveling through oakland, 580 is the alternate. 980 this morning, reports of a small brush fire on the shoulder, and fire crews are on the scene. through the pass, getting busy. 680, not too bad. the drive time, 25 minutes once you get to the top of the pass, traffic is clearing nicely to the dublin interchange. here's the 580, and not a lot of cars out there, and so pretty easy ride in both
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directions. we will look at the san mateo bridge in a few minutes. >> thank you. a touching veterans moment in the burned out town of paradise. look at this. social media. and another ve upport. our the clip of the flag-saving fire fighter is going viral this morning on social media. another veterans day show of support, bob horne captured this scene. one street was lined with flags for veterans day, and there were a number of ceremonies as well. >> chris maline captured many of the solemn sights and sounds. >> veterans day to me is coming
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home, returning from bat, war. >> world war ii, korea, panama, iraq, afghanistan. >> those who served raised their right hand for the country, and it's important we recognize the sacrifices. you may not have to know what they are, but just know by raising their right hand, there's a sacrifice. >> 100 years ago we signed the armistice for the war that ended all wars, and 100 years later, we are celebrating world war i ending and veterans in general. we honor that by playing "taps" to honor those who passed during the war and those coming home. >> veterans day is the celebration of life and all veterans. >> it's important we let them know how grateful we are for their service.
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walk up to them, shake their hand, and say thank you for your service and welcome home. >> it's nice because as you get older, you're in your 60s and 70s, and someone says thank you for your service. it's cool. i'm good with that. >> it's a feeling that just makes you feel full. it's awesome. >> that is awesome. as my dad would say, hug a vet today. there's a number of veterans day ceremonies happening today. martinez will have a flag- raising ceremony at 10:00 a.m. the korean war memorial foundation holding services at 11:00 this morning at presidio, and lafayette the vigil will begin at 5:00 p.m. it's 4:51. >> a masters jacket mystery. the jacket that was ripped off from the south bay. a look outside at san jose, 44 degrees right now, and if you're just waking up, good morning. stay with us. we will be right back. i am a family man.
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good monday morning to you. unfortunately we are talking about hazy, smoky skies, and an air quality advisory in effect today, likely continuing into the middle the part of the week, but the smoke-filtered sunshine today. cool temperatures, upper 60s in mountain view, and low 70s for san jose. upper 60s for walnut creek and pleasant hill, and we are headed across the rest of the east bay from berkeley, alameda at 67, and oakland, a high of 68, and for the north bay, upper 60s to low 70s, from 70 in napa, 71 for you in santa
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rosa. we will talk about when we could see the rain in the futurecast in a few minutes, and let's go to gianna for traffic. good morning from the traffic center. if you're headed out on 880, a couple of trouble spots. an accident south 880 at washington avenue. at least one lane blocked for the crash. if you're headed south of there to the san mateo bridge, no problems connecting on to 92. 880 to 101, southbound closed at 23rd avenue, and hoping to have it reopened in the next 5 minutes. use high street as your alternate. a rare green masters jacket, worn by a former president has been returned to the rightful owners in san jose. it was taken during a break-in on send night at the golf course. the priceless coat was once
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worn by president eisenhower. >> they felt violated, and i think they felt a deep loss for some of the historic materials they had in their museum. >> the suspect did not get very far, thanks to san jose's newly formed burglary prevention unit. the man was arrested the same night, right after he broke into another golf course. a star-studded good-bye for an angel and a big honor for sarah silverman. >> hillary has an eye on entertainment. >> reporter: sarah silverman received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. she's known for her political commentary on i love you america with sarah silverman, which airs on hulu, and she has a role in the upcoming movie "ralph breaks the internet." angelina lima is hanging up
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her wings. she strutted for the last time this weekend. lima made her victoria's secret fashion show debut in 1990. there was a celebrity auction at the hard rock in new york. the proceeds benefited the prince's trust. that's your eye on entertainment, hillary lane, cbs news, new york. it's 4:57. a north bay community is remembering a young life lost at the hands of gun violence. air quality is expected to grow worse today as we remain at unhealthy levels across the region.
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hundreds of people -- are still missing. plus:
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the camp fire in butte county rages on, and this morning hundreds of people are still missing. >> plus after a brief clearing of the smoke, the winds have shifted back, and this morning you're waking up to more haze across the bay. a mass shooting victim is remembered in the north bay. how the community is using a young woman's death to help stop the violence. good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. the camp fire death toll is now 29. 6400 homes have been destroyed, and cal fire now says the fire is 25% contained, but the winds are fierce, and it's bone dry. >> winds are picking up, and still they are a big factor in the fire fight up there. >> they are under a red flag warning for butte county, and dry, gusty offshore winds
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