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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 14, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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straight day because of the fires burning. good morning, it is wednesday, november 14th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the death toll from the "camp fire" in butte county is now 48. six more bodies were discovered. nearly 9,000 structures have been destroyed. butte county sheriff's say they have arrested six people for looting in the evacuated zone. the fire has consumed 203 square miles and is now 35% contained. sonoma county schools will make the call in 30 minutes whether they will be open today. most of them were closed yesterday because of the unhealthy air. and other districts have canceled outdoor activities until further notice. doctors warning that breathing in this air puts you at risk for lung, heart, neurological and immune system problems. and because the tiny particles enthone ofing in>> it's better
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you can still try it. but now is not the time to pursue outdoor activities at all. >> yeah. you want to really take that seriously. >> right. >> yeah. >> no running out there. just stay indoors because it will be a lot healthier for everybody. how's everyone doing this morning. >> good. good morning. >> you can definitely feel it in your lungs, right? all of that smoke. we have until friday with that smoke until we begin to see some changes and some improvement by the weekend. but air quality now unhealthy for the bay area. the red dot showing even worse air quality out there this morning. we're looking 30s to 50s. . sa san jose 42. freezing this morning in santa rosa at 32. today high clouds will trap in the smoke. this is the 7th day in a row
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we have the "spare the air" alert and air quality advisory. through friday, that "spare the air" alert will be in effect. but better air quality likely this weekend. i'll show you futurecast to take you out to the next 10 days and when we'll see a much better improvement of air quality as well as rain chances in the forecast coming up. a busy start to your morning drive. we have a traffic alert already in effect for an overturned semi northbound 101 past petaluma boulevard north so that petaluma ride into cotati. traffic being diverted at west railroad avenue. all lanes shut down. this big rig went on fire so there's a lot of activity in ale rud redwood highway north or stony point road to get around the delays. elsewhere, the eastshore freeway off to a good start. no delays. here's a live look near carlson. r your tilear from hig minu
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els at tidgeyo sers in the landnto san ancisc ok at conditions on the lower deck ro right now traffic is okay as you work your way out of san francisco over towards oakland. traffic clear there. no delays on 101. and our hot spots looking okay. altamont pass so far, so good west 80 and highway 4. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk following a new fire that has broken out in southern california late last night. this is in san bernardino county. it is burning right along i-15 in the areas of rialto and fontana. it's called the sierra fire. it burned 20 acres. these crazy santa ana winds, we have been
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warning about them. p.m., th this at 30 origal at acs. r it upto 20 acres. they were able to hold those lines overnight. but again the difficulty is the winds. no evacuations yet in san bernardino county. but people in the area are self-evacuating because we have seen time and time again how quickly these flames move. >> thank you. meanwhile, flare-ups are a major concern for crews battling the woolsey fire wells of los angeles. the burn zone covers 97,000 acres. that's an area about the size of denver. but crews are making progress. the fire is 40% contained. and some evacuation orders have been lifted. this morning, president trump is sending his interior secretary and fema administrator to california. they will tour the butte
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county fire zone with governor jerry brown. >> we the lives of those lost and we pray for the victims and there are more victims than anybody would ever even think possible. i want to thank the firefighters and fema and first responders for their incredible courage in the face of very grave danger. >> president trump made those remarks yesterday at the white house. over the weekend, he threatened to cut funding to california saying that state leaders have grocery mismanaged our forests. some survivors of the butte county wildfire are calling on the mayor of paradise to resign. >> paradise is not several thousand acres of charcoal. paradise is about people. i have already said that. we have a certain spirit in the people of the town of paradise that yeah, we should love paradise. >> the paradise town council held its first post-fire meeting in the city of chico last night. each council member lost his
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home and their focus is now on rebuilding. they said it will be an uphill battle and an impossible task to accomplish alone. >> as the town of paradise has the infrastructure, the -- does the town of paradise have the infrastructure and the bank account to sustain that and move forward? >> no. we're going to need help from the feds and help from the state. >> both cal-oes an fema pledged their support and others called on the mayor tree sign due to the chaotic -- to resign due to the chaotic evacuation and the growing death toll. >> reporter: do you feel like dot grfec i n't know that we could have had a better plan. the reason we couldn't get everyone out is you can't fit 26,000 people on the roads all at the same time. >> mayor jody jones says she will not resign. there are reports paradise residents did not receive cell
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phone alerts which led to last-minute evacuations. mayor jones told us residents were notified by a reverse 911 call, but you have to have a land line for that and by a cell phone alert but you have to sign up for that. the mayor says they have encouraged residents to apply. the sheriff of butte county says that he has requested 100 members of the national guard to help search for human remains. in butte county there are currently a half dozen search and recovery crews in the fire zone with more than 200 people still unaccounted for and it's a painstaking process. someone has not seen their mother or their father or someone then they will figure out where that person was most likely to be at the time of the fire and they will go to that place and search. >> cadaver dogs are also working in areas affected by the fire. the hope is to find all human remains as quickly as possible so that evacuees can be allowed back to what's left of their neighborhoods. this morning, pg&e is
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facing its first lawsuit over the deadly fire. a group of attorneys has filed suit in san francisco on behalf of about two dozen victims. they are accusing pg&e of failing to properly maintain its power lines, although the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the utility told state regulators last week it had a problem anission line in the area just before the fire started. >> enough is enough! pg&e at this point has started fires, started explosions in the last 10 years and killed numerous people and it has to stop. >> the plaintiffs are demanding a jury trial. they are seeking unspecified damages for property loss, temporary housing costs, loss of income and emotional trauma. in a statement, pg&e says it is aware of the lawsuits but its primary focus is on the communities and supporting first responders as they work to contain the fire. meanwhile, the utility e
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got an email last week telling her crews would be on her property in pulga to deal with a sparking transmission line. pg&e told us last night the email was about future work on a different line and made no mention of sparks. developing overnight, out of the north bay, crews are investigating a deadly accident near healdsburg. chthu-ha hit a car on 101 at honda creek and took off. cal fire crews saw it pp the dr they say that the suspect got out of the u-haul at 101 and was hit and killed by another car. chp shut down northbound 101 to clear that scene. it reopened overnight. a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. millions of people pay cash tolls to pass through every year. but that could soon end. today the bay area toll authority will go over options to help ease congestion at bay area bridges. the two options include replacing cash tolls with an
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all-electronic system or getting rid of toll plazas altogether. analysts say this could save commuters at least 7 minutes. time now is 4:40. >> it is one of the most highly anticipated books in years. coming up, former first lady michelle obama is giving americans a candid look at life inside the white house. plus, what she really thinks about president trump. >> and looking live outside at coit tower in san francisco, right now it is 52 degrees. we'll be right back. internet. but not just any internet. it's "gaming with america's best internet provider" internet. it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet. it's "i can get up to one-two-three-four-five mobile lines included" internet. it's internet from xfinity that makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get a special offer on xfinity internet and tv for $35 each a month for 12 months
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the first of the central american migrants... who formed a so-called caravan last month... have now reached the u-s mexico border. more now, from reporter john developing news, the first of the central american migrants who formed a caravan last monhave reached the u.s./mexico border. more now from reporter john lawrence. reporter: about 100 migrants are now in tijuana
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where they wait at a shelter r ture. they athfirst u.s. go re boer. >> ithey can give their kids an education that they can actually be free from violence and rape and murder and it sounds extreme but that's exactly what's going on here. >> reporter: some of the people traveled more than 2,000 miles. but the trump administration hasn't budged assigning 5900 troops to the border region according to one defense official. >> no nation can allow its borders to be overrun and that's an invasion. >> reporter: two members of the administration will visit parts of the texas border wednesday. homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen will tour with the northern command. defense secretary james mattis will be in mcallen taking note of expenses. >> we'll update you on costs as they become known. obviously, the units executing thrd ing the costs. >> reporter: critics of the
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white house say having troops on the border because of the migrants is a mistake. >> using our troops as political pawns for his political interests, um, is wrong. >> i'm not interested in the politics. i'm interested in how we as people can learn to embrace the immigrant. >> reporter: i am john lawrence reporting. >> aid groups say the rest of the caravan are on the way, about 1,000 miles away. this is the white house where the first lady's dispute with a top aide is public. in an extraordinary move, melania trump publicly called for the firing of top national security aide mirra. the first lady's spokesman said: it is the position of the office of the first lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. this comes after drama on the first lady's recent trip to africa. there are reports that the two were at odds arguing over such things as seating on the plan
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co resources. st yterdaydeputy national security adviser was standing just a few feet behind the president at a lighting ceremony. >> i give him my honest advice and honest opinions and then he does what he wants to do. >> it was on that trip where mrs. trump said she didn't trust all of the president's advisers. >> has he had people that you didn't trust working for him? >> yes. >> there are conflicting reports on whether the woman has been fired. the "wall street journal" reported she was escorted off the grounds but white house aides say she is still employed. michelle obama's new book is at the top of the amazon best-seller list this morning. reporter tom hanson has more on the former first lady's memoir and what she is revealing about her time in the white house. reporter: oprah interviewed michelle obama in
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front of a full house at chicago's united center the release of the former first lady's highly anticipated book, becoming. >> people ask do i miss the white house and it's like, no, i don't miss the house. you know, it was an honor to live there. but the people in it make it what it is. >> reporter: the memoir, which covers topics from a miscarriage to mrs. obama's time in the white house, holds the on amazon's best- sellers list. most notely she makes no secret of her feelings president trump. she wrote, donald trump with his loud and reckless inwindows was putting my family's safety at risk and for this i'd never forgive him. >> it seems that whatever the obama administration has done, it seems the current administration wants to undo. how do you handle that when you look at the work that you all have done? >> you know, the is, is that the presidency isn't ours to own. you know? it's the people's. >> reporter: in an interview
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with gayle king today on "cbs this morning," obama reflects on the 2018 midterm with a clear message. >> voting matters. and the people who go to the polls determine how the country is going to be led. the notion that voting doesn't work that it's fixed, no! it's not. >> reporter: obama is now on a 12-stop nationwide book tour. tom hanson, cbs news, new york. it is 4:47. let's check the forecast. still hazy and smoky. >> yes. i know everyone is asking when will this let up? likely by the weekend. so we have a few more days of smoky skies and unhealthy air quality. so we are looking at current air quality readings in the unhealthy category. and as we go through the day, we are going to continue to see hazy smoky skies with an air quality advisory and "spare the air" alert for the 7th day in a row. so unhealthy air that does continue at least through the
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workweek here. live look at our "salesforce tower" camera and this is looking at coit tower with hazy skies. temperatures this morning 30s, 40s and 50s. concord at 38. oakland 48. livermore 37. san francisco 52. san jose 42. santa rosa 32. so as we go through the day, we'll see a bit more sunshicoes filtered sun, we'll see temperatures on the cool side. could see some high clouds as well and that's going to trap in the smoke once again for today. 7th day in a row again that "spare the air" day and smoke continues through friday before we see some changes here so that ridge slowly losing strength. it will continue to push off to the east and the area of low pressure will move in. so for the weekend, we'll see a return of chges ead weekend
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do have the chance to see some tein around lit ra likelar a better idea o the timing of hazy sunshine through friday. then for the weekend we'll have that return of onshore flow and that means better air quality so saturday we are looking at from unhealthy air quality today, thursday, friday, to moderate air quality on saturday. and then rain chances howe travel to the north bay this morning. it is northbound 101 out of petaluma into cotati. big rig accident that overturned. it caught on fire and started
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a small brush fire on the right shoulder north 101 past petaluma boulevard north. all lanes are closed. the fire may be out. but there is a lot of activity including tow crews trying up to right the big rig. chp working on opening the right shoulder. there's a large right shoulder to hopefully let traffic get through there. in the meantime, you're being diverted off at west railroad avenue. your alternates old redwood highway north or stony point road. full freeway closure from lark avenue to los gatos saratoga road due to overnight roadwork. that should wrap up at 5 a.m. no major delays, still early down there. westbound 580 we are seeing some okay conditions to the altamont pass not too bad as wa4 so far, so good 21 s.
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loveridge to 680. 12 minutes so no delays. the golden state warriors have an unusual offer for fans a $100 monthly pass to get into the reason for games in oakland. but they never get to leave the concourse. they have to watch the game on the television sets in the arena lounge. so what do fans think? >> i'd rather be in there. why spend a fortune for one game for the yearnd see live. >> the point of going to a game in person is to see it in person, not just on another tv. >> you can see the highlights of last night's game and more sports here on kpix 5 in the next half-hour. i think it's a good idea. you get to experience "roar- acle." >> exactly. might be good. time now 4:51. the end is coming for "game of thrones." how hollywood stars are giving
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back in the wake of the southern california wildfires, your "eye on entertainment" next. >> and let's head outside once again as we take a live look. this time san jose, we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's 4:54. if you are going from petaluma to cotati, major delays. we have a traffic alert in effect northbound 101 right at petaluma boulevard north. all lanes are completely shut down for a big rig accident. at one point it was engulfed in flames as well as a small brush fire off to the right shoulder. now the fire is out. there is still a lot of activity on scene. in the meantime, use alternates old redwood highway
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north and stony point road. no word yet as to when lanes will re-open. ey areoping th get the oulder orone lane open to get traffic through in that area. so we'll keep you updated on that. 4:55 right now. winter is comiand right after that, the final season of "game of thrones." >> can't wait. >> gianna got my hooked on that. we are going to have more on that in our "eye on entertainment." >> reporter: firefighters battling blazes in calabasas have full bellies thanks to dave groll. he served his backbeat barbecue at fire station 68 telling them to dig in. miley cyrus and liam hemsworth donated $500,000 to the malibu foundation to help fire
4:56 am
victims and their community recover. and torun into the face of danger to protect people. >> reporter: the documentary the clinton affair premieres prident bi clinton and what happened when it was exposed. >> i felt terrible! i was scared and i just -- i was mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family. >> reporter: the documentary runs for three nights. hbo released a new video featuring all the violent highlights from the last 7 seasons of "game of thrones." the network announced the 8th and final season of the medieval mega hit will launch sometime in april. and donald trump is funny, according to the center for media and public affairs at george mason university. the think tank has studied the content of late night comedy for the past 26 years and says the president was the butt of more jokes in 2017 than any other public figure in a
4:57 am
single year. that's your "eye on entertainment." laura podesta, cbs news, new york. time check 4:57. >> a disgruntled worker opens fire at his job. coming up, we have learned a passed up promotion may have set off the gunman. new details next. >> reporter: a way to cut back on traffic? well, i certainly have my own attention. they may be getting rid of all toll plazas across the bay bridge in the bay area. we'll tell you more next. ands got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs. way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created theame, made with 100% ribeye beef,
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hundreds are missing this morning -- while the deadly camp fire burns in butte county. the progress made -- and the daunting task of rebuilding ahead. hundreds are missing this morning while the deadly "camp fire" burns in beauty county. tee progress made and the task of -- in butte county. the progress made and the task ahead. >> this morning, firefighters racing into action to stop the spread of another fire in southern california. >> and this morning a new report from federal investigators. it may explain what happened on that southwest flight that pulled a woman halfway out the
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window. good morning. it's wednesday, november 14th. another day of bad air could mean another day of school closures. sonoma county schools are expected to decide at any minute if schools will be closed today because of air quality. >> all that smoke is coming from the deadly "camp fire" in butte county. nasa created this montage showing the progression of the smoke from the fire. it was taken between november 7 and 12. >> we heard the doctors saying to stay inside. >> a lot of people are asking when will this improve? likely through the weekend we'll see a change in the wind direction with more of an onwi


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