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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 15, 2018 1:37am-2:13am PST

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they have a sore throat and it's uncomfortable. >> now at 11:00, air quality so unhealthy it's almost hazardous in one part of the bay area. why it's going to take longer to get relief. >> well, the staggering death
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toll in butte county rises again. the race to track down the missing and the last resort for fire survivors with no place to . and this bay area man took on the maker of roundup and won. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. we are live in the fire zone but we begin with what's an unprecedented streak for the bay area. tomorrow will mark the eighth straight day of unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality. you'd normally be able to see sales force tower in this live shot but tonight it's obscured by smoke. >> this is what it looked like earlier around the bay area. in some places tonight the air is worse. live mor still in the very -- live more still in the very -- livermore still in the very unhealthy category. the air quality is so bad, it's not safe to be outdoors.
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>> reporter: the east bay hills look like they don't exist. blotted out by a thick layer of smoke from the camp fire. the air seemingly thick enough to chew. inside classes, masks are worn indoors. >> i get headaches or short of breath. >> reporter: smoke is difficult to capture on camera at night, but here on 1st street you the see the haze, the light filtering through that smoke. in livermore it hit nearly hazardous. we found folks on the patio. >> i feel okay. a slight cough. >> i have a sore throat and it's uncomfortable. >> reporter: that throat tickle is your body's way of telling you to get inside says university of california pum nolg dr. jim baums. >> going from your house to the car, you may not have to wear it. but if you're outdoors for more than a few minutes, i would wear
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an n-95 mask. >> reporter: he says the one-two punch of smoky air with particulate matter combined with flu and cold season is going to put many people in the sxrair california at serious -- in the bay area and california at serious risk of an infection. >> you're exposed to bacterial pneumonia and air pollution predisposes you. >> reporter: and staying indoors may not be enough to protect you if you live in an older, drafty home. >> it all depends on how your house is constructed and ventilated and how your car is. >> reporter: in livermore, andria borba, kpix 5. >> our sister station sent us this video. much of the region in the very unhealthy range. some parts have hit hazardous levels. the air quality having impacts on event this is weekend. the berkeley half marathon and the northface endurance championships in the north bay have been canceled. san francisco state has also canceled classes and closed
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campus for the rest of the week. >> now, paul, we thought that we'd be getting some relief by this weekend, but that has changed. >> it has. >> and the golden gate where our bay goes into the ocean is part of the reason. >> that's the spot where fog likes to come in first. it's the biggest opening to the pacific, if you will. it's also the spot where the smoke wants to leave. but there's a problem. once that smoke's trying to leave and go back out over the ocean, there's an onshore flow the other direction right off the coastline. so it's hitting a wall and backing up like traffic will back up if there's an accident. that backing up of the smoke has led to this, the air quality that the smoke won't go anywhere so we're stuck with it. the smoke can't exit, we have more of the bad stuff, and the air quality is 238 in livermore, well into the very unhealthy range. very unhealthy air quality in the forecast once again for tomorrow. what we thought would happen this weekend would be this low
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pressure area close enough to the coast that all the winds, all the way up to 15,000 feet, would go west to east and take the smoke the other direction. now latest computer model information says it's going to stay too far away, so the winds will not flip and we won't get the smoke out of here. in essence it's stuck over the bay area. near hazardous levels throughout the day today. thursday, tomorrow, will be the eighth straight day with unhealthy air. last year we had about two or three with the wine country wildfires. eight, we're going on 11 through the weekend. and little change is expected through sunday even early next week we're waiting for that westerly surge of the wind to shove the smoke out of here. >> we're going have to wait until it happens. >> it's cumulative. my voice, your voice. >> more and more people are complaining because the stuff, once it gets in your lungs, it doesn't leave. >> we have a special section on our website on all this bad air. you can check the latest air quality index in your area where
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you live. we'll have health tips on how to protect sxrours the latest on canceled -- protect yourself and the latest on xans elled e-- on xans elled events -- canceled events. >> the death toll is 56 after eight more bodies were found today. flames have destroyed more than 10,000 structures and it has burned 2515 square miles. containment is -- 215 square miles. containment is at 35%. the shelter is so packed, some people are camping in a walmart parking lot. kpix 5's emily turner is live in chico with the camp that's growing bigger by the day, emily? >> it's growing bigger by the day and colder by the minute which is concerning for these folks camped out overnight. as you said, their numbers continue to grow. local officials are worried this is going turn into a real humanitarian crisis.
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>> reporter: it's not set up by fema, the city, or the state, but this makeshift shelt ner the walmart parking lot is a temporary home to about 100 people or more, one of them is 81-year-old donald harden. >> what's it like to sleep in your car in the cold? >> rough. i got arthritis like you wouldn't believe. i have to take pills to survive i should say. >> reporter: he doesn't want to go to a shelter because he has three dogs so he's been sleeping in the parking lot. he's just one of many evacuated in the camp fire who doesn't know where to go now. volunteers bring food and supplies. there are palettes of water and racks and racks of clothes, but the state knows the tent city isn't sustainable for long. >> we're working with organizations like airbnb and other kinds of organizations such as that to be able to get space for individuals over a longer period of time. and quite frankly, we're also looking now at the possibility of bringing in some sort of travel trailer or some sort of a
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mobile home. >> reporter: as temperatures dip below freezing overnight and rain returns to the forecast, the deadline to make something happen for permanent shelter is looming. but hotels are booked for miles and many have become restless. evacuees, volunteers, and officials alike know the clock is ticking, but the fix still isn't clear. >> i just, all i can say is god bless you. i don't know what to say, you know? i'm just out here trying to do what i can do. >> and organizers say the vast majority, about 85% of the folks who are here, are evacuees of the fire. there is a bit of a transient population, but they say for the most part things have remained safe. they've been quite positive as far as the atmosphere and a few moments ago i saw paradise police officers patrolling this parking lot, making sure that everything remains so, liz? >> all right, emily, thank you. as if losing their homes wasn't hard enough norovirus at a
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shelter in chico. officials are waiting for test results to confirm it. healthcare workers set up four isolation rooms for people who have gotten sick. >> governor jerry brown and interior secretary ryan zinke surveyed the damage today. zinke says it's the worse that he has ever seen. >> each trip i say this is the worst fire i've seen, and now we're here today and this is the worst fire i have seen. this is level of devastation. >> it looks like a war zone. it is. it's the devation that only fires of this -- devastation that only fires of this kind can bring about. >> the butte county sheriff's department trying to track down 130 people who are still unaccounted for. of the 56 people known dead, 47 have been tentatively identified but have not been positively
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confirmed. crews and cadaver dogs are on the ground working to search for more victims. meantime, pg&e shares fell another 22% today, that's steepest single day plunge in a decade. the utility reported trouble with its lines before the camp fire. and today the company admitted if it's found liable, it does not have enough insurance to cover the damages. also tonight, the bay area man who won a landmark lawsuit against monsanto spoke before a packed house at uc berkeley. >> he hopes his legal victory against the chemical giant is just the beginning. >> reporter: tonight dwayne legionson, the bay area man who -- dwayne lee johnson, the bay area man who took on roundup and won -- dwayne johnson walked into a cal conference room fittingly dressed in a fatigue
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jacket, weeks after his legal war with the company monsanto ended. johnson is the groundskeeper who won a $39 million settlement after claiming that monsanto's weed killer, roundup, gave him cancer. before a standing room only crowd, johnson talked about how he was exposed and what led to the lawsuit. >> when i brought it to my supervisor he told me, i think it takes years for you guys to get cancer from that stuff. so. >> reporter: johnson is considered a rock star in environmental circles, the first person to beat monsanto in a legal battle. >> he is courageous, he is kind. i feel grateful to call him an advisor. >> reporter: still in litigation, johnson is working with herbicide free cal. mckenzie feldman slipped him a note at trial telling him of
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their goal. with his help. >> we benefit from three of the biggest green spaces on campus. >> reporter: they're not finished yet. the cofounders say their ultimate goal is to eliminate pesticides from every campus in the country. in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. the attorney for porn star stormy daniels is defending himself against allegations of domestic violence. michael avenatti was released on a $50,000 bond in los angeles after he was booked on a felony domestic violence charge. police say the incident happened yesterday. avenatti claims the allegations are completely bogus and that he has been an advocate for women's rights his entire career. tonight a california republican is moving up as the leader of the house gop members remittive kevin mccarthy was elected as minority lead ner the next congress. itch -- leader in the next congress. if nancy pelosi is elected late ter this month, two californians
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will be holding the top house leadership roles. tonight it's a legal battle brewing between fishermen and fossil fuel companies. kpix 5's maria medina is in half-moon bay with the lawsuit involving crabs and climate change. >> local fishermen will never forget the 2015 crab season when an estimated $110 million was lost in revenue because of demullic acid. >> reporter: mark remembers seeing the blooms that caused the acid. >> you could see it coming. you don't really know the concentration of it either. >> reporter: he didn't fish at all that season. the acid too high, making crabs dangerous, even deadly, to eat. the 2016 season delayed for the same reason. >> some fishermen had to sell out. they had to lose their livelihoods. >> reporter: now a group of west coast fishermen wants fossil
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fuel companies to pay up. they're suing exson, chevron, and shell to name a few. >> they knowingly sold this product for decades while while understanding full well that there would be literally catastrophe. that's their words. their scientists knew it and we're dealing with it now. >> reporter: noah is the executive director of the pacific coast federation of fishermen's associations which filed the lawsuit the day before the commercial crab season begins. he says it's only a matter of time before a devastating delay happens again. >> it's not a matter of if but when for us. >> reporter: luckily this past sumter ocean water was cold enough to keep the algae down, making crabs and fishermen's pockets healthy for this season. and in response to the law exxon told -- at half-moon bay,
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maria medina, kpix 5. >> now, the commercial crab season begins tomorrow, as we said, for most of california. the region north of bodega bay is closed to fishing because of concerns about that acid. an oakland police officer jumped into action to save the life of a newborn baby. >> when i showed up he was blue, not breathing. i cleared his airway and patted his back and cleared it all out. >> crying good. >> he's crying pretty good now. >> this bodycam footage is from officer gregory palomo when he responded to reports of a homeless woman screaming for help from inside of a car. turns out that she had just given birth and the baby was not breathing. officer palomo jumped into action, immediately performed cpr, and as you heard, the baby responded by beginning to cry and breathe. >> i'm a father of two myself. and i could just think that i
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really needed to get that baby breathing. couldn't imagine if a parent had to lose their child at birth. >> he did all the right things. paramedics arrived shortly after the officer revived the newborn. some bay area pet owners were stunned to hear the news their seemingly healthy dogs diagnosed with a potentially deadly heart disease. now there's growing concern that these cases may be possibly linked to certain ingredients found in a trendy type of dog food. >> reporter: home is where the heart is. and in this east bay home, baker is the heart. just ask sandy. >> he's my buddy is what he is. he's like my child. oh baker. >> reporter: last year it seemed baker could not catch his breath. worried, sandy took him to the er. she was shocked to hear he was in heart failure.
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>> he was only 5. how could a dog get heart failure? i told the vet, i said this isn't right. he can't have heart failure. there's no way. >> reporter: in the south bay, a similar situation for jamie warren and her three golden retrievers, suva, reef, and fiji. >> suva had trouble breathing. a trip to the vet revealed fluid in her lungs and belly as well as an enlarged heart. >> the vet said you need to go to morning now. >> reporter: 3-year-old suva had heart failure. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: then heart failure in fiji. reef seemed fine, but tests showed his heart was weakening. these dogs had no family history of heart disease. >> it was a mystery. >> reporter: finally a diagnosis. all four dogs had a condition called dilated cardio my yopthy or dcm. kit lead to heart fail -- it can lead to heart failure. certain breeds inherit it,
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typically not goldens. these four dogs had something else in common. >> pea, gar ban sow beans. >> lentils, green peas, and things like that. >> reporter: they all ate a grain-free diet with high levels of peas, lentils, other re jums, as well as -- legume, as well as potatoes. >> we need to take it seriously and think about what's going on with our pet food. >> reporter: joshua stern is a veterinary cardiologist and geneticist who's been tracking this trend for two years. also involved, veterinary nutritionist jennifer larson. >> it's important that owners know what our concerns are. >> reporter: stern headed up a study with 24 retrievers with dcm. all are low on the amino acid critical for heart health. >> it can be caused by
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nutritional deficient. >> reporter: stern changed their driets and treated them with -- diets and treated them with supplements. 23 of the 24 dogs got better. >> reporter: baker is off all of his prescription drugs. >> so he's not 100%, but maybe he will be someday. >> reporter: the fda is now investigating more than 150 reports of dcm in a variety of dogs that may be linked to grain-free diets. the cases involve a variety of dog food brands and formulas. there are lots of theories but no definitive answers. >> we don't really know with 100% certainty what it is about these diets that is the issue. >> reporter: this year alone americans are expected to spend nearly $30 billion on pet food. dr. larson has this advice. remember, marketing tugs at your heart, not your brain. and there's little medical reason to feed your pet a grain-free diet. >> diet that is have uncommon
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ingredients or are in the grain-free category don't provide a benefit. >> reporter: as for sandy and jamie? >> i have no doubt that it was the food. >> i think i spend $80 a bag for this healthy, great food that ended up almost killing my dog. >> well, if you're concerned about your pet's diet, consult with your vet first to decide if testing is needed and whether to change diets. dr. stern cautions not to supplement with taur rene without getting your -- or the rene without getting your -- taur rene wut getting your dog -- without getting your dog tested first. you can learn more about the studies, how to pick dog food, and why the heart condition is so dangerous. we are just getting word of more closures because of the poor air quality. cal state east bay will be closing its campuses tomorrow. >> san jose state will be closed tomorrow and friday and kin yat the community college in san mateo is canceling classes for
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the rest of the week. this goes to the severity of this weather situation we're in. tremendous amounts of smoke being poured into the bay area with no means of escape. it can't go out over the ocean because at the lowest levels of the atmosphere the wind is going the other direction. we need the wind and smoke to go west-east. that may not happen until next week. downright bad in oakland and livermore with agis above 200 and between 150 and 200 for the remainder of the bay area. smoke's with us tonight and tomorrow. san jose 49 degrees. oakland 52. low is close to average for this time of year. we should be in the 30s, it's mid-november. redwood city 41 for a low. san jose, 42 degrees. even though the ridge of high pressure is south and west of los angeles, it's close enough to do this. the lower level of the atmosphere, the wind is almost
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calm which would have been fine a week ago when the fire was starting, but now that the smoke is here since the wind is calm, there's no means of exit. it's sitting over top of the bay area like a cloud that won't move. and it's not going to for a couple days. the first change we are likely to see will be early next week when storms begin to develop to our north and west. that'll turn the winds from west to east and that will take the smoke and push it in other directions. that's a problem for other folks but an improvement for the bay area. that will likely be next monday or next tuesday. no rain yet. computer models are suggesting that may happen at some point in time in and around thanksgiving, perhaps wednesday, prapz thursday, prapz -- perhaps thursday, perhaps friday. mid to end of next week is when we're looking at rain coming in helping the situation in butte county and our air quality as well. smoky now through the weekend. we've gone through seven days, may have four more to go. no rain for the bay area well into next week. that rain chance moves in on or
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around thanksgiving. your highs tomorrow in the upper 60s to low 70s. vallejo 68. livermore 71. and san francisco 67 degrees. another smoky kind of day. we'll stay smoky on friday, saturday, and sunday. mid-60s to low 70s next week. cooler weather, but no rain likely until next thursday, th
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a new cirque du soleil show is coming to san francisco. >> oui, vol the. theme -- volta. themed around motorbikes. it's also set to electronic dance music. it's 30th anniversary of cirque du soleil performing in san francisco. >> the people are going to be amazed because there's quite high acrobatic tricks. but not only and it's about also a very deep story that we are telling in this show. and that's what's beautiful in this show that we can share a message with the audience. >> people are flying all over the place. the show debuts tomorrow and runs through february. the airline's dirty little secret. a flawed design in almost all airplanes can cause poisonous fumes to enter the cabin. hundreds of flight attendants and pilots have been sickened, but passengers are left in the dark. >> i was shocked.
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i couldn't believe it. that there wasn't anything to prevent that. >> the inside story on toxic plane air, that's tomorrow night on kpix 5. the warriors change their plans upon arrival in houston today. and there is no shortage of opinions in a bay area wide debate about sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt
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sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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the warriors canceled practice today in houston. still no word if draymond green is on speaking terms with kevin durant, but everybody else is speaking about it. >> you asking me do i think dra monday will say -- draymond will say my bad? >> yeah. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: the air waves were dominated with the durant-draymond feud. >> draymond has been doing what
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he's been doing since he's been there. >> draymond should have given the ball to kd. >> reporter: there was no in-between. durant wanted the ball, draymond didn't pass. they sparred on the bench and in the locker room. warrior's brass wanted to leave the details in house. >> it's a private matter. >> reporter: while the warriors wouldn't divulge details, there were more locker room leaks than an oval office. calling him a name we can't say on tv, a report that said curry went to draymond's house to get his side. >> have you and draymond been able to hash anything out? >> no. >> reporter: is this the beginning of the end of camelot or just a speed bump? >> once we go on a win streak it will not matter and this will be in the past like a ponytail. >> steph curry traveled with the team on the road trip. likely he's a peace keeper, but
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he will be out at least ten more days as he continues to recover from a strained groin. number 8 has a wide open shot at the net because the goalie isn't there until the coach pushed him into the ball to make the save. >> that's a great save. >> actually that was draymond who pushed the kid but. >> his name was kevin. the other kid's name was kevin. >> okay. all right. >> so we'll find out. all quiet on the western
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> have a great
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