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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  November 20, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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kind of watching them. >> thanks for we'll seyou at >> thanks for watching. we leave you with this gorgeous shot from chopper 5 of the sunset. y captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday, a rare warning. the c.d.c. says do not eat romaine lettuce of any kind, after a new e. coli outbreak. shy the president is sticking with saudi arabia following a ini.a. assessment that the crown prince ordered a killing. ne are in riyadh. and, cbs news confronts a top u.s. cardinal over his handling if church sex abuse allegations. all that, starting with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> two days before thanksgiving, ahe feds are warning romaine lettuce is not safe to eat in any form. >> it can lead to e. coli infections. an don't eat, don't serve, don't sell, don't buy romaine lettuce. on it's a mean, nasty world out there.
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>> president trump standing with saudi arabia after the murder of "washington post" columnist ngmal khashoggi. "> i'm about america first. f talk about cold turkey. record low temperatures expected for parts of the country on thanksgiving. >> and the rush to get out of >>wn is already under way. >> roads and airports already packed. >> president trump has submitted written answers to special ed.nsel robert mueller in the russia investigation. >> this is after a year of rugotiations. >> surveying the damage above the camp fire reveals stripped terrain vulnerable to mudslides, and this area could get up to four inches of rain in the coming days. >> massachusetts now the first state on the east coast to allow recreational marijuana sales. >> anybody heading to massachusetts today? something for the holidays? >> i hereby grant you a full pardon. >> the traditional turkey pardoning at the white house. >> i can't guarantee that your pardons won't be enjoined by the ninth circuit. happy thanksgiving. >> glor: and this is our western edition.
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good evening. i'm jeff glor. and we are going to begin tonight with a remarkable warning from the c.d.c. just two days before americans sit down icanthanksgiving dinner. the government says, do not eat romaine lettuce. if you have any, throw it out. this follows a new e. coli outbreak that started in october. dr. jon lapook begins this tonight. >> reporter: the c.d.c. alert went out late this afternoon. ae warning to throw away any romaine lettuce was to leave no waom for error. in addition, retailers and restaurants should not sell or eerve it. today, stores began pulling product. since october 8, the latest e. coli outbreak has sent 13 to the hospital, but no deaths have been reported. symptoms include painful stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea, and in some cases, kidney failure. laura gieraltowski is with the c.d.c. >> f.d.a. is working on determining the source of the romaine lettuce, but at this time, they haven't been able to identify a single grower or
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supplier or brand of romaine lettuce. >> reporter: this is the second romaine lettuce e. coli outbreak this year. the first one was traced back to a watering system in arizona's yuma region, where most winter domestic romaine lettuce is grown. that outbreak caused five deaths and sickened more than 200 before it was declared over at the end of june. >> we really want people to know before we're about to eat a large dinner at the holiday, to not buy it and serve something else. >> reporter: all of this comes e the heels of a multi-state outbreak of salmonella infections linked to raw turkey products. the c.d.c. has posted four c.mple tips on how to safely prepare a thanksgiving meal. just go to and click on "holiday turkey." >> glor: good to know in the turkey preparation, jon. but of the romaine lettuce, there's no recall here because buey're just basically telling eteryone to throw it out, stores e'd people. >> reporter: exactly. you can't get sick from something you don't eat. >> glor: okay, thanks jon. just ahead a mix of snow and nin hit the northeast today.
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slick roads caused spinouts in many spots including here near htrie, pennsylvania. ayavy snow tonight in maine and frigid air moves in maine, and frigid air moves in by thursday. that could make this panksgiving the coldest on record in many parts of the northeast. high winds in new york could grce them to ground the oolloons at the macy's parade. .nd, the getaway has begun. more than 54 million americans plan to travel at least 50 miles tor the thanksgiving holiday. kris van cleave is right in the middle of it, in chicago. kris. >> reporter: jeff, 49 million-- nearly 49 million of those travelers are going to be doing av by car. nou can see it's not exactly a record-setting pace here on the roads outside chicago, but take h look at this video. t are seeing very slow going in the new york area and in maryland tonight. in fact, aaa expects the worst of the great-escape traffic to be tonight in many cities in the tast-- new york, boston, d.c., and atlanta, as well as detroit and seattle. wednesday night here in chicago,
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l.a., and san francisco, we'll now, the 5% surge in drivers is coming, even though gas prices are the highest they've been in four years. aaa believes that's because of a strong economy and high consumer sentiment-- consumer confidence, i should say. now, folks flying out of seattle-- take a look at this video. they ran into long lines and delays because of fog at sea-tac airport. airlines expect 2.5 million fliers a day to pass through airports, and sunday could set a record as three million or so people could pass through t.s.a. checkpoints. now, as bad as the traffic may be today or tomorrow, sunday is going to be the absolute worst for drivers, as basically everyone is coming home. if you're looking to beat the traffic, your best bet at this point is early thursday morning. fiff. is glor: and be patient. all right, kris van cleave, thank you very much. nresident trump said today he is sticking by saudi arabia, even bter the c.i.a. concluded the saudi crown prince ordered thef
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s.eia jian. >> it's a very complex wtuation. it's a shame. at it's-- it is what it is. >> reporter: that's how 'sesident trump described the tlling of "washington post" contributor jamal khashoggi just moments before taking off to opend thanksgiving at his florida resort. >> $3 billion. $533 million. >> reporter: the president said he will not scrap an arms deal with the saudis, or punish its auown prince, mohammed bin salman. u.s. officials tell cbs news the c.i.a. concluded bin salman ordered the murder, but mr. muump suggested today they were not certain. >> the c.i.a. has looked at it. they've studied it a lot. they have nothing definitive. >> reporter: earlier, president trump said in a statement, "it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event. maybe he did, and maybe he didn't." adding, "in any case, our relationship is with the kingdom
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of saudi arabia." khashoggi entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october 2 and was never seen again. se saudis have since admitted he was killed while inside. despite the kingdom's role in the murder, the president eefended his decision to maintain strong economic ties to caudi arabia. >> because it's america first to .e. it's all about america first. we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars o orders and let russia, china, and everybody else have them. >> it's a mean, nasty world out there. the middle east in particular. e reporter: today, secretary of state mike pompeo echoed the message. >> this is a long, historic commitment, and one that is absolutely vital to america's national security. >> reporter: congressional criticism of the administration was swift, with republican rand paul saying the president's statement was saudi arabia first, not america first. and democrat mark warner called it "a retreat from american
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leadership on issues like human rights." today republican and democrats leaders of the foreign relations committee sent a letter to president trump demanding he address whether bin salman is responsible for khashoggi's death. jeff? >> glor: weijia, thank you very much. holly williams is in the saudi capital, riyadh, tonight. holly, what's the reaction there? >> reporter: jeff, there's been no official reaction from saudi arabia yet. but the saudis will be very, very relieved, because they are desperate to go back to business as usual. it's as if they want the world simply to forget about this. we were at a press conference here on thursday where the saudi foreign minister was adamant that crown prince mohammed bin salman has been exonerated of any involvement in the killing of jamal khashoggi. but there will be many people here, both in the middle east and elsewhere, who continue to believe that the crown prince ordered the killing. firstly because of those reports about a c.i.a. assessment, and
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secondly, because some of the people involved apparently had links to the crown prince. 11 people here have been indicted, five could face the death penalty. and the fear is that there they'll be put to death without the chance to tell the outside world what they know about the killing of jamal khashoggi. jeff. >> glor: holly continues her great reporting in riyadh. holly, thank you very much. a cbs news investigation tonight raises new questions about the leadership of one of the top catholic officials in this country, cardinal daniel dinardo. cardinal daniel diyardo head of the u.s. conference of partnerships, also one of the most he is also one of the most vocal critics of the church's handling of the sex abuse scandal. but earlier this year, a priest he had promoted was arrested for allegedly abusing two children. a look at dinardo's actions. gere's nikki battiste. >> reporter: we must begin the healing process by eliminating
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the evil of sexual abuse. >> reporter: cardinal daniel dinardo has been the archbishop of galveston-houston since 2006, and he's vowed by january to jlease a list of all the priests in houston who have been-- in the church's judgment-- credibly accused of ofxually abusing a child. >> it's not going to be a t'mplete list. >> reporter: john labonte, who is speaking out for the first time, says cardinal dinardo has allowed this priest, father john john keller, to continue presiding over one of the largest catholic churches in fuston. labonte said keller molested him when he was 16 years old. >> i shrank. i was like i'm not here. i left my body. keu know they say, "there's the flight and fright." well, i was like in the frozen. >> reporter: you have never shared your story publicly before. why did you decide to speak out? >> it's my duty as a catholic. not that i want to do it, but i oave to. >> reporter: labonte brought his allegations to the archdiocese. in 2002, he says he told them sat father keller plied him with alcohol and fondled him in
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his bed on an overnight trip. >> well, i mean, you know, right here, when it says, "acted very inappropriate." a> reporter: a letter from the archdiocese says father keller leknowledged "holding labonte in labonte in a manner oldipropriate for a priest," but deny there was any sexual intent. ultimately, the church could not conclude that what happened wnstituted sexual abuse. the church promised to put father keller into therapy, and cardinal dinardo has kept him in active ministry... h peace be with you. >> reporter: prince of peace church, where our cbs news cameras captured cardinal dinardo visiting recently. eust last week, we saw cardinal dinardo in father john keller's church. rat does that tell you? ti if he knows, then he's a liar and it makes me angry. and if he doesn't know, then he's a bad administrator and 'seds to know. >> reporter: we pored over court records and uncovered nelegations of a second active
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priest in houston. of a sworn affidavit, a victim accused father terence brinkman f "wearing his priest collar as he sodomized me as a 12-year-old in the 1970s." attorneys for cardinal dinardo's archdiocese argued that the statue of limitations had passed and the case of thrown out of court. today, father brinkman is a priest at st. john the evangelist. in a statement, father brinkman denied any involvement. the archdiocese says the victim provided a physical description that does not match father brinkman. i'm nikki battiste with cbs news. how are you? >> i'm doing fine. hot i'm going to a meeting. f reporter: we spent three months asking for a formal interview with cardinal dinardo. he never made himself available, so we caught up with him in the hallway during the conference of has. bishops in baltimore last week. are you aware that you have two hiests with credible sexual
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abuse allegations currently in active ministry in your diocese? >> um... it depends what names you're talking about? >> reporter: father john keller and reverend terence brinkman-- >> he's not a credible one. and terry was never credible. c reporter: are those the two armes going to be on your list of credibly accused priests that you release in january? >> we're working on the list. >> reporter: does the name john g bonte sound familiar? st yes. i would prefer to do this at another time. >> reporter: we've been requesting, we'd love to sit down. >> at another time, yeah. >> reporter: do you have anything to say to the survivors and victims? >> reporter: cbs news has spoken with more than 20 people with knowledge of allegations made against priests in the archdiocese of galveston- houston. not one has been contacted by church authorities or investigators. when cardinal dinardo releases his list of credibly accused priests in january... >> as they say, see you in shurch. o> reporter: ...john labonte chll be watching for one name in
5:44 pm
particular. do you think father john keller's name will be on that list? >> i don't think so. wi reporter: what would you say to father keller today? >> come clean. you step up. >> reporter: what would you say to cardinal dinardo? >> don't leave any stones 'tturned. put effort into it. fix the problem. >> reporter: the department of ntstice recently requested cardinal dinardo, and every one of the nearly 200 catholic yooceses across the country, preserve their private internal documents, as a wide-ranging federal investigation appears to be getting under way. gn his statement to cbs news, cardinal dinardo said that the church will cooperate fully with any investigation, jeff. >> glor: nikki battiste, thank you. ttming up next here on the "cbs evening news," huge lines for the first legal marijuana sale in the east. the east. etty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need.
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tony dokoupil is there. >> reporter: the land of the auritans went to pot on tuesday. ( cheers ) thousands got in line and stayed ineline for up to five hours, all for a piece of the first rsgal recreational cannabis here nnabore than a century. how does it feel to know that what you buy today and you walk out of here with will not put you in jail? >> it's-- it's absolute freedom. >> reporter: massachusetts is the seventh state to open retail marijuana shops, but the first to open them east of the mississippi, and it comes as the cannabis industry celebrates a series of new highs, including more than $1 billion in retail sales this year, and an estimated $700 million more next year in massachusetts alone. but as more states see green, some critics see the potential for regret. >> next! >> you know, i hope it's not the case but it's possible in 20 utars or 30 years we really look back and say, "wow, can you
5:48 pm
believe back in 2018, we just allowed people to sell this stuff? >> reporter: dr. sharon levy stns the adolescent substance use and addiction program at boston children's hospital. >> we have these rates be svailable. >> reporter: she worries legalization could send kids the kong message. is there a conflict between the profit you make here and the wider public health? >> the state has spent years making sure that businesses like ours can't, you know, be pushing ct marketing material. >> reporter: sam barber is riesident of cultivate, one of the pot shops that opened today, putting an end to what he and his customers seem to agree is the most dangerous part of marijuana-- its prohibition. all these people still in line here tonight can buy up to an ounce of marijuana or 100 milligrams of edible marijuana. that is now the law here in massachusetts. of course, if your family happens to find your new stash this thanksgiving, well, the law can't help you there.
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adis . you'll ask... with advil. >> glor: president trump's lawyers said today they turned over to the special counsel's office written responses to questions on russian election interference. the questions were limited to whether there was collusion between the trump 2016 campaign and russia. in northern california, cbs news today got a new look from the lr at the vast damage from the camp fire that killed at least 79 people. tonight, nearly 700 remain ynaccounted for. heavy rains are expected by tomorrow, which could lead to ctdslides. the president and first lady oook part in a white house tradition today, the turkey pardon. tforty-pounder named peas won an online vote and will not on anyone's thanksgiving table. and in the spirit of the holiday, a second turkey named carrots was also pardoned.
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emphasis on "giving." >> off you go. see that? you can hear the dirt going right up in there. >> reporter: scott mccauley hates eating alone. so when this vacuum cleaner repairman was faced with spending thanksgiving by himself one year, he came up with a plan. >> i put an ad in the local newspaper, called the "melrose free press," and said i would cook thanksgiving dinner for up to 12 people. and that's what i did. and i've been doing it ever since. >> glor: that was 33 years ago, and he's still hosting-- about 50 people this year. >> this is not about food. this is about people having a place to go. i had a gentleman, him and his wife never had children, and she died, and so he came to the dinner. and what he would do after the dinner was over was put on her old apron, to remember his wife and help me do the dishes. so that's-- that's how it works. >> glor: mccauley doesn't have a computer, or a cell phone, so he asked people to call him at his office to make a reservation.
5:58 pm
h the first reservation this year came from a lady who doesn't have a phone, so she lyysically came here in august to make sure she was on the list. >> glor: he hosts the meal at sts n street baptist church in melrose, massachusetts, just north of boston. >> all right, so here's thanksgiving dinner in a whole, laid out order. rou've got your mixed nuts... >> glor: besides the spread, he brings other touches, like art, rugs, even fireplaces. but most importantly, he brings everyone together. >> i think each of us are called to brighten a corner where we are, and if everybody took care of their neighbor in their own neighborhood, we'd have a much better world. and maybe some day nobody will call me up and say they're coming for thanksgiving dinner and i'll be really happy everybody has a place to go. >> glor: that is great. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm jeff glor. i'm see you again on monday. i'm going to go have some turkey, but no peas and carrots.
5:59 pm
good night. have a wonderful thanksgiving. see you again soon. captioning sponsored by cbs now at 6:00 smoky skies, starting to clear. >> unhealthy air is moving out and rain moving in, when to expect a change in your neighborhood. >> an arsonist caught in the act setting store shelves on fire, the surveillance video that could lead police to their suspect. >> silicon valley teens come up with a way to prevent wildfires that even caught the eye of a tech giant google. >> kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with rain moving our way. >> and a first chance for the bay area to breathe a bit easier for the first time in 13 days, some improvement in air quality. this has been our normal for more than a week. our salesforce tower camera showing smoky skies getting worse by the day, but we're seeing a great improvement. there was the view yesterday, the bay bridge starting to come
6:00 pm
back into view and this is today. yes, the sun is actually shining. >> beautiful. our weather coverage starts with chief meteorologist paul deanno. he's been watching our air quality and tracking the rainfall coming in, paul? >> finally, guys, two weeks, finally some good news. we have air quality numbers that are dropping. we want these numbers to be lower. the lower they are, the better our air quality, called the aqi, air quality index. santa rosa and san francisco almost back to moderate. that would be below 100. that's kind of normal for the bay area. we're almost there, so much better than even yesterday. livermore and san jose still in the unhealthy range, but those numbers are dropping as well. throughout the entire bay area moderate air quality has returned to san leandro, oakland, san rafael , napa and vacaville. you're back to normal. concord, livermore, san jose still unhealthy with everybody else in the middle. let's talk about that rainfall which will finish the job the wind began today. 6 a.m. light showers hit the north bay. otherwise we're still dry but cloudy. it's around 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tomorrow before the lunch hour
6:01 pm
where everybody gets a soaking rainfall. that will clear out the


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