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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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shaking the feathers there. >> of course! >> love it. >> thanks for watching "kpix 5 news this morning." our next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. have you heard it's the day before thanksgiving, wednesday, november 21, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's time to hit the roads, more than 50 million americans will do this thanksgiving week. we'll take you inside one of the nation's busiest airports where workers are preparing for the holiday surge. a dramatic warning from the cdc, romaine lettuce, they say don't eat any. throw it out. the latest on an e. coli outbreak. police are investigating the mysterious deaths of a tech ceo and his family at a new jersey mansion that went up in flames. why a fire at another home just miles away may be connected.
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and we sit down with "black panthers" star michael b. jordan who said he had to live like a fighter to play adonis creed. we begin this thanksgiving eve with a look at today's eye open opener. your world in 90 seconds. president trump stands with saudi arabia after an investigation concluded that the crown prince was responsible for murdering journalist khashoggi. the president sides with the saudis. >> i'm not going to destroy the world's economy by being foolish about saudi arabia, it's america first. the thanksgiving holiday travel rush is on. >> we're traveling the most busiest time of year. christmas, we're going to be staying home. california fire victims are bracing for even more possible destruction from rain. the fear is, mudslides. a couple and their two children were found dead at a burning mansion in an apparent quadruple homicide. >> the owner, a tech ceo, was
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found shot outside. >> pretty shocking stuff. the cdc is warning to i void eating all romaine lettuce, it could be contaminated with e. coli. >> it could make you very sick. all that and a massive water spout in the port city of palermo. phil mickelson betting tiger $100,000 -- >> i know i'm going to make that. >> double it. >> and all that matters. "time" magazine is asking americans to weigh in on who should be person of the year. >> asked president trump what his choice is. >> i can't imagine anybody other than trump? huh? on cbs this morning. that kurky is so lucky. i've never seen such a beautiful turkey. >> president trump pardoning the lucky turkey. >> life, crowds and music. they started so young. chronicled in the series, "turkeys in tiaras."
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come on, honey, let them hear you gobble, get out there, okay? this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. that was one lucky turkey, right, there's always one every year. >> i like the name peas and carrots. >> i thought that was cute. >> happy thanksgiving eve. >> to all of you and everybody watching. >> and to you at home. welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. it is the day before thanksgiving when millions of us leave home for the holidays, expecting the worst. people are on the move now in dallas, atlanta and in the northeast. some of them in new york are already stuck in traffic. that's only going to get worse. aaa predicts more than 54 million americans will travel this week. >> 4.3 million of us are expected to fly for thanksgiving, so get ready, be patient. that's an increase of more than 5% from last year. chris van cleeve is at chicago's
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o'hare international to see how one of the nation's busiest airports is handling it. chris, we saw you heading to the airport. glad you made it. good to see you. >> good morning, chicago o'hare is expecting more than two million flyers to pass through the terminals this thanksgiving holiday weekend. that means a whole lot of packed flights. this one is going to san juan, puerto rico. when you're down on the tarmac, the ramp, it's all about beating the clock. beating the clock to get the bags loaded. get the passengers on board, and to get everything ready so this flight can push off on time and beat the clock. >> i'm really excited for thanksgiving, because i kind of like turkey. >> patrick and the rest of the mccain clan are flying from chicago to denver for thanksgiving at grandpa's. >> we wanted to avoid the craziness of tomorrow. traveling with children is a challenge. anything we can do to minimize the disruptions is what we want to do. >> but to get them and the rest
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of the 2.2 million who will fly united over the next few days to their destinations on time, takes a small army. >> i always run from gate to gate. and between calls on the radio. people calling me. >> he's a flight fixer of sort. the customer service supervisor races through o'hare taking care of everything from computer issues to getting the right people on board. >> i remember one time two years ago, it was actually the first thing around thanksgiving, i walked 12 miles during my shift. >> sunday, united will operate a record 679 flights out of chicago, enough to fly 71,000 people home. the flights will be monitored here, in their airport operations center. >> is the thanksgiving holiday kind of your super bowl in. >> it is, it's one of the busiest times of year, an opportunity for us to connect people to unite the world. >> getting the 50,000 or so bags a day transferred and loaded will be a family affair this
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thanksgiving. >> we're helping out people to get them where they want to go. >> karen and her sons chris and jeff will be working the ramp together. >> i remember saying to my mother, you're not the boss of me. and i feel like this actually worked out, literally she gets to be the boss, at home, at work. >> i'm still the boss. even though when they are the boss. >> we're all about behind-the-scenes access here at o'hare. i want to show you this time lapse video, over in the american airlines terminal. crews there have been working the overnight hours decking the halls, hanging these hand-made holiday decorations with the goal of having them up and ready today, ahead of the big holiday rush. now back out here on the tarmac, it is still all about beating the clock. this flight is going to push off shortly. tsa is expecting sunday to be the busiest day, they could set a record by screening more than three million flyers. john? >> kris, if you were any more
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behind the scenes they would ask you to load bags and clear the wheel chucks. thanks, kris van cleave. ten times as many americans are expected to drive to their thanksgiving destination. aaa estimates 48.5 million will travel by car. and the highest travel volume since 2005. even though gas prices are at a four-year high. aaa says the best days to travel by car will be on thanksgiving day and then friday or saturday. sunday is likely to be the worst. because people all over the country will be driving, home. >> a lot of driving over the next few days. clear skies in much of the country are helping people get where they're going. the cold temperatures in the east and rain in the west will affect thanksgiving plans for millions of americans. meteorologist megan glearos has the holiday forecast. a lot of chicago this morning, we love it. >> concern turns to the west to rounds of rainfall expected to
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fall across california, moving in with pacific storm systems and bringing the potential for valley rain and mountain snow to parts of california. we could be looking at some relatively high rainfall totals in places like paradise, over one inch of rain and around three-quarters of an inch around los angeles. concern for mudslides and debris flows will be pref nent through the next few days and into the weekend. and from the concern in the west to temperatures. what are we going to find across the country on thanksgiving? we're looking at 67 in los angeles. chicago, 37. but look how cold it will be in new york city at just 26 degrees. and an arctic high pressure system settling in the northeast, could mean temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal in the northeast for thanksgiving. could be the coldest high temperatures regardless of the date, that thanksgiving is celebrated in records. in many cities. >> we know the damage mudslides can cause, thank you very much megan.
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good to see you. as you prepare to sit down with family and friends for thanksgiving dinners, americans are being warned, to stay away from all romaine lettuce everywhere over new health concerns. the cdc says the leafy vegetable is connected to an outbreak of e. coli that's made 32 people sick in 11 states, 13 people have been hospitalized. we're at a new york supermarket where the lettuce has been removed. dana, good morning. >> good morning, gayle. and you can see these shelves that used to hold romaine lettuce are now empty. because investigators looking into this e. coli outbreak want stores to stop selling it, and they want consumers to avoid eating it. entirely. workers at new york's mercedes house market waste nod time pulling all the romaine lettuce off store shelves tuesday and putting it into a refrigerator so customers could not buy it. >> it's very strange for it to be this type of an outbreak of this size right around thanksgiving. >> alotvora is the store's
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owner. >> the cdc says 32 people have gotten sick from a a potentially lethal strain of e. coli since opt. apparently from romaine lettuce. until the source of the tainted lettuce is tracked down, consumers should avoid all forms of romaine, since cdc epidemiologist laura tarakowski. >> don't buy romaine lettuce, including salads that could include it. >> related illnesses have been reported in california, the midwest and northeast. 18 cases have also cropped up in canada. health officials say this recent outbreak is not related to one this past april. which killed five people and was traced to romaine grown in yuma, arizona. instead of bacteria appears similar to the e. coli strains that caused another outbreak last year. food safety expert sandra eskin worries there may be a systemic problem with the way romaine
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lettuce is grown or harvested. >> is it coming from the soil? is it the water that's used to irrigate? there are any number of potential sources for contamination. >> now if you have romaine lettuce, it is not good enough to just wash it. because the e. coli can be inside the lettuce. and in fact, they'll tell you, health authorities, if you have any romaine lettuce, throw it out. get rid of it. do not eat it. and they recommend that you also afterwards, disinfect your refrigerator. it's not something to play around with. >> this is serious, throw it out if it's in your fridge. anna, thank you. just a day before thanksgiving, police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two adults and two children at a new jersey mansion. a fire broke out yesterday at the property in coldsmith where first responders found four bodies. the victims' names have not been released, but records show the mansion was owned by a technology industry ceo. don taylor is near the scene in
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colt's neck. >> this small safe community outside of new york city is home to the wealthy. bruce springsteen lives here, jon stewart has property here. now authorities say the fire that happened at that mansion that you can barely see through those trees back there is being investigated as possible arson. >> all units operating 15 willow brook road. >> early tuesday, firefighters raced to put out flames ripping through a 5,000 square-foot mansion in the wealthy new jersey suburb of colt's neck. monmouth county property records show the mansion built in 2003 is owned by keith kannero and his wife, jennifer. records show two years ago they paid off a more than $1.8 million mortgage on the home. >> one body found out front of the home, the other three were recovered from inside the home. >> a source told it was caneiro's body found outside the mansion.
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he suffered a gunshot wound that did not appear to be self-inflicted. a source told the website that the badly burned bodies found inside the home were jennifer and the couple's two young children. >> we have no reason to believe that the community is in any danger at this point in time. >> according to his online profiles, caneiro is a graduate of columbia university and the ceo of the tech company square one and operates a pest control company and is a realtor. >> very nice, very friendly, anybody that you would want to be living next door to, basically. >> earlier tuesday, there was a fire at another home in ocean township, about ten miles from the colt's neck mansion. no one was hurt. property records show the home was owned by paul caneiro. reports that he is keith's brother. >> is it related to the one that's ongoing right now? that remains to be seen. it's an option, an angle we continue to pursue. >> we reached out to the prosecutor's office, but they have not gotten back to us. had a few more details. paul caneiro was at the site of
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the fire at his house, and was reportedly distraught. they also report that the brothers grew up in brooklyn, and that keith caneiro was the best man at his brother's wedding. we reached out to paul caneiro and have not heard back from him. >> fascinating mystery. thank you, don. heavy rain moving towards northern california is expected to complicate the search for victims in the state's worst-ever wildfire. 870 people in the affected area north of sacramento are still considered missing. the camp fire is now blamed for at least 81 deaths. meg oliver is just outside paradise, california, where she spent the day with a woman searching for a lost family friend. meg, good morning. >> good morning. paradise is built on a mountainside, which raises concerns for mudslides. rain is expected any minute, strengthening throughout the day. crews are racing against time to search for human remains before anything washes away.
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we talked with one woman who refuses to give up hope her loved one made it out of paradise alive. diana sauer spent the day tuesday handing out flyers. >> i was told there's a board down here by the cafeteria that i can post. >> she visited seven different northern california shelters, hoping to find 70-year-old russell anderson. >> he was my father's best friend when i was a child. >> it's been a difficult challenge. sauer says anderson lived a her mitt's life. he had no phone and she has just a couple of photos that are decades old. >> how emotional is this for you? >> oh, goodness, i cry a lot. i pray a lot. it feels like i'm searching for a needing in a haystack. >> hers is a search multiplied hndreds of times over with so many still missing after the camp fire devastated an area bigger than 115,000 football fields. we surveyed the damage with cal fire operations chief josh
7:16 am
bischoff. >> when you think about how many people were trapped, what puts it into perspective? >> any area that has dense vegetation. the fire was moving very fast and so for people to get out of its way was difficult. >> sauer knew the odds were against finding the man she called uncle russ. >> just kind of hoping that it's a miracle and i find him before i head home today. >> three hours later, sauer stopped her car to share some very good news. >> what did you find exactly? >> i went to the evacuation centers and i found his name and his truck on a registration card. just to know that he got out safely it means everything. >> she was so happy to find that. however, a shelter worker didn't know where anderson had gone. diana eventually had to make the three-hour drive home to be with her kids. she is hoping she will receive a call from anderson soon. meantime, anderson remains on the unaccounted for list,
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because officials tell us you have to make direct contact before you are removed. >> but at least she got some encouraging news, thank you very much, meg. president trump is declaring his support for saudi arabia, despite evidence from his own intelligence community that saudi leaders, in fact authorized the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. in a statement yesterday, he said saudi arabia is in his words, a great ally and he refused to condemn the killing. mr. trump explained the financial considerations behind his position. >> it's america first to me. it's all about america first. we're not going to give up hundreds of millions of dollars in orders. >> in the past, the president has been at odds with intelligence assessments on russia and north korea. our reporters were traveling with the president in florida with more. >> president trump is facing increasing pressure to take tougher measures against saudi
7:18 am
arabia. but as we heard, he's prioritizing the united states' economic ties. in that statement yesterday, the president wrote we may never know all the facts surrounding the murder of mr. jamal khashoggi. in any case, our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia. and president trump told reporters yesterday, oil prices would quote go through the roof if the u.s. broke with saudi. senate foreign relations committee chair bob corker mockingly said the white house is acting as a public relations firm for the saudi crown prince. gop senator and trump ally, lindsey graham says it's not in the u.s.'s national interest to look the other way when it comes to khashoggi. and another republican senator, rand paul, called the president's statement, saudi arabia first, not america first. bianna in. >> and we will continue this conversation with michael morrell in our next hour. thank you. wall street is trading higher this morning after yesterday's heavy losses. erased this year's gains.
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the dow jones industrial averages lost more than 550 points, and the nasdaq fell 119 over fears of an economic slowdown. apple shares dropped 4.8%. microsoft was down 2.8%. analysts say investors are playing it safe, turning away from tech stocks. crude oil prices also fell by more than 6%. they're down about 30% since early october. massachusetts made recreational marijuana legal two years ago, but now users can finally buy it. we showed you the long lines yesterday. ahead, how the first registered pot shops could lead to a market worth
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we have much more news ahead. a powerful catholic cardinal is accused of failing to take action on several sex abuse claims. nikki batiste tracked him down. we spoke with victims that uncovered court records that detail allegations against priests and cardinal daniel denardo's diocese. what he told us when we asked him why he allowed those priests to stay in active ministry. (kevin) i have head lice. (kevin) now the couch has lice! (grandma) i'll mail your gifts. seaonly abreva cany to help sget rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately
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good morning. i'm michelle griego. the bad air is clearing out after two weeks. you can see the bay bridge and not hazy skies. some relief for crews in butte county, as well. the rain is finally moving in. the "camp fire" has burned nearly 238 square miles since it broke out nearly two weeks ago. that's more than three times the size of oakland. this morning, it is 80% contained. airports across the country are gearing up for a big travel day today, the day before thanksgiving. this holiday weekend will be the busiest for thanksgiving travel in 13 years.
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ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website, kpix.c om
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southbound 101 at spencer avenue, a lane closed for an accident. traffic nice on the golden gate bridge into san francisco. westbound 580 to westbound 980 connector car fire with lanes blocked. tracking better air quality and also the rain. widespread rain through the morning into the afternoon with brief heavy downpours and then tracking our second system for more rain on friday. but flash flooding concerns due to recent wildfires. catching a break for thanksgiving. and then more rain late thursday into friday.
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people are on the way. you're looking at pictures of thanksgiving travel rush gets underway on this thanksgiving day eve. there is already gridlock in many parts of the country. aaa estimates 4.5 million people will hit the roads this holiday to see folks they love. >> we just want you to get there safely. get there safely. welcome back to c brk"cbs this mornin morning". gift cards, can you believe this, are the most popular items on the consumer's favorites list for the sixth year. i hate gift cards. there is also growing focus for
7:31 am
scan artists. target r target, walmart and best buy are cracking down on limits such as how many cards can be purchased per transaction and the limits on each card. victims were tricked into paying with gift cards. anyone who calls and demands payment by gift cards is always, always, always -- that's three always -- a scammer. >> i apologize in advance for getting you a gift card this year, gayle. >> me, too, gayle. the president says deployment of troops to the border will be $210 million. that includes 72 million for the active duty troops and $138 million for the 2,100 national guard troops who have been there since april. the general overseeing the deployment initially told the president the group would be back tofor christmas.
7:32 am
but now they're backpedaling, saying there is no official timeline. one in four adults in a recent study said they sit for more than eight hours a day. 45% said they are inactive. researchers warn that being s sedentary increases the risk of heart disease or death. experts recommend walking 150 to 300 minutes a week. one of the most powerful catholic church leaders in handling assault claims. cardinal dinardo has been confronting the clergy abuse. nikki battiste tracked him down in baltimore to ask him about
7:33 am
the claims. boy, did she ever. >> reporter: cardinal dinardo was arrested for abusing two children in the late 1990s. he denounced a list of all the priests who had been, in the church's judgment, accused of abusing a child. but dinardo says he still has their abusers in active ministry. >> i shrank. i was not here. i left my body. >> john labonte says the cardinal has allowed priests to continue in the largest archdiocese in houston. he said he was abused when he was six years old. >> how were you feeling? >> i didn't want to beat it around. >> reporter: in 2002, he told them father keller plied him
7:34 am
with alcohol and fondled him in his bed on an overnight trip. >> right here where it says acted very inappropriate. >> reporter: a letter from the archdiocese says father keller acknowledged holding labonte in a manner inappropriate for a priest but denies any sexual intent. the church could not conclude what happened stud sexual abuse. the church promised to put father keller in therapy, and cardinal dinardo has kept him in active ministry. >> just last week we saw cardinal dinardo in father's church. what does that tell you? >> if he knows, he did nothing. and that worries me. >> reporter: in a sworn affidavit, a victim accused
7:35 am
father terence brinkman of wearing his priest collar as he sod sodomized me in the 1970s. they argued that the statute of limitations had passed and the case was thrown out of court. today father brinkman is a priest at the church of theie evangelist. he said, i cannot tell you these events did not take place, but i was not the one that did it to him. the archdiocese provided a physical description that did not match father brinkman. >> all i wanted was for him to say yes, i did it, and i believe you. >> along with her siblings monica and raymond were all arrested by another priest in england, father bigerro, who died in 1997. >> we were invited to meet with him and our attorney felt this
7:36 am
would be maybe closure, an opportunity to receive an apology. >> reporter: how would you describe his demeanor, raymond? >> he didn't care. >> reporter: carlo did i nadina said he apologized during a meeting. >> reporter: did either of you get an apology from cardinal dinardo? >> no. >> reporter: we spent three months asking for a formal interview with cardinal dinardo. he never made himself available so we caught up with him in the hallway during the conference of the u.s. bishops in baltimore last week. >> reporter: are you aware you have two priests with credible sexual abuse allegations currently in your diocese? >> it depends what names you're talking about. >> reporter: father john keller and reverend terence. >> that's not a credible one and terry was never credible. >> reporter: are those two names that will be on your list in
7:37 am
january? >> we're working on the list. >> reporter: does the name john labonte sound familiar? >> yes. i would prefer to do this at another time. >> reporter: we've been requesting. we would love to do this, yes. >> at another time. >> reporter: what would you say to father keller today? >> come clean. step up. >> reporter: what would you say to cardinal dinardo? >> don't leave any stones unturned. put effort into it but fix the problem. >> reporter: cbs news has spoken with more than 20 people with knowledge of allegations made against priests in the archdiocese of galveston-houston. not one has been contacted by church authorities or investigators. in a statement to cbs news, cardinal dinardo has said the church has made important strides in addressing this evil. but he went on to say we can and will do better. >> he seemed surprised to see you even though you've been reaching out for an interview and sit-down with him.
7:38 am
what comes next for cardinal dinardo? >> the justice department seems to have a federal investigation underway and cardinal dinardo says the church will fully cooperate. >> him saying it depends on which names are on that list. that's not credible. that's not the answer we were hoping for. >> and nikki, when he said he preferred to do this another time, you said, we've been asking. >> we've been asking for three months. that ask is still out there. recreational marijuana is now moving east. tony dokoupil is in a first of its kind store in new england. >> reporter: massachusetts is now open to recreational pot stores and two more nearby states could soon follow. ahead on "cbs this morning," why some critics say an expansion built on relief could end up causing some pain. podcast available on apple pold podcast app or wherever you
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two more new england states are moving to join massachusetts in allowing the legal sale of
7:43 am
marijuana. lawmakers in vermont and maine are working on regulations so people can buy pot from licensed vendors. the use of recreational marijuana is legal in both states. recreational sales began in massachusetts yesterday. tony dokoupil is at a store where you can buy it in lester, massachusetts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning and welcome to cultivate where more than a thousand people came through here yesterday for day one marijuana purchases. the most popular item, a strain called chocolate og. if you're thinking that looks a lot stronger than the stuff i remember, you're probably right. and sales are booming. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the first two licensed pot shops in massachusetts opened on tuesday with high excitement. and long lines. thousands waited as much as five
7:44 am
hours. >> i'm 64 years old and i used to have to run from the cops when i bought pot in the past, so i figured i wanted to do it legally for the first time. >> reporter: inside cultivate, customers were presented with a daily menu selection with varieties including tropicana cookies and purple punch. but it's not cheap. one ounce of raw bud at cultivate costs $420. >> got a couple good things, way too many edibles. >> i'm going home and i'm going to be enjoying them with my grandmother. >> it's like your coffee in the morning. >> reporter: and not like your wine at night? >> it can be both. >> sam basher is cultivate's president and owner. >> there's a lot of wrong information going out there about this product and, again, it is about doing it like anything in a safe, balanced way that's healthy. >> people think this has actually gone through some kind of safety and efficacy that we even know what it is. it hasn't. >> reporter: kevin is a former white house drug policy adviser
7:45 am
and president of smart approaches to marijuana. >> you're relying on a state that is being heavily influenced by the marijuana industry themselves to basically tell you that your product is safe. colorado has seen hundreds of thousands of individual products recalled because of additives and other kinds of bacteria and molds that are in these marijuana products. so it's really buyer beware. >> reporter: but that's not scaring away consumers. the number of people consuming daily jumped to a little over 3 million. >> this is about a green light to an industry that's taking all of their plays from big tobacco that lied to the american people for almost a century. why would we get fooled again? >> reporter: and speaking of sales, here in massachusetts by one estimate sales could reach $1.5 billion. of course no telling and when federal legalization could come through, but americans already
7:46 am
consume about three times as much kana businecannabis as the average. >> i get they like it in america. good to see you. coming up next, a look at this morning's other headlines, including the end of an era for an iconic ♪ you are so beautiful
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♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating. ♪t's on. morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. as president trump calls saudi arabia a great ally yesterday, the guardian reported that 85,000 children under age 5 have died of starvation from the saudi h-led war in yemen. the group say the children says this figure is a conservative effort of the toll of the war
7:51 am
that started in 2015. about 14 million people, about half of yemen's population, are at risk of starvation. a saudi border blockade has limited access to food, fuel, and medical aid. saudi arabia has stepped up military operations. "the washington post" says the coast guard has now ordered the cleanup of a massive oil spill that has been going on for 14 years. according to government estimates, a site owned by taylor energy has leaked more than a million barrels of oil since hurricane ivan destroyed the platform in 2004. last month, a day after the "washington post" reported on the spill, the federal government ordered taylor to clean the oil sheen for face a fine of $40,000 a day. taylor says if there were anything it could do to stop the sheen it would have done so already. variety reports a woman's magazine glamour will end its monthly print edition. oh, no. the magazine launched nearly 80
7:52 am
years ago. glamour is shifting to a digital only operation. it's january, 2019 issue will be the last traditionally published edition. it will hit the news stands next week. i know this is a sign of the times, i see this, i get it, but i still like the feel of a magazine in your hand where you can open it and feel it. president trump says he won't blame -- hold that thought, won't blame saudi arabia's crown prince for the killing of a "washington post" contributor. ahead, forming acting cia director michael morrell talks about disagreeing with his own cia analysts.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning, it's 7:56. relief finally here. you can see it in this picture. a lot clearer today than it has been for the past two weeks. the smoke has nearly dissipated from the bay area as rain moves in today. unhealthy air lingered for nearly two weeks. mary will have more in your forecast coming up. and with the air clearing out, some popular bay area tourist attractions are re- opening today including alcatraz, muir woods and san francisco's cable cars. santa clara county supervisors have approved a new program that will allow people to safely turn in unwanted firearms 24/7 at the
7:57 am
sheriff's office. people will be able to bring in guns and other firearms anonymously. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
7:58 am
welcome back. time to get a check of traffic in the bay area overall looking good out there. but we have a bit of a situation in the east bay and oakland. on the 580 westbound side, a car fire has some lanes blocked off backed up all the way to high street. speeds slowing down a bit. but at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks good. and as we take a look at san mateo bridge, things are moving along. that's a look at traffic. let's go to mary. >> tracking the rain, kenny, on hi-def doppler, great to see this. we have a cold front pushing through and that means better air quality as well as that much-needed rainfall. so we are getting the rain from san francisco daly city, san bruno, and san mateo through half moon bay.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, november 21, the day before thanksgiving. welcome back to cbs "this morning." ahead, that thanksgiving travel rush is under way right now. we're behind the scenes at one of america's busiest airports to see how it handles the biggest crowds of the year. plus, our interview with actor michael b. jordan of "creed ii" why he still doubts himself even though he's a big star. how is that possible? first, here's the big eye opener. >> it's the big day before thanksgiving when millions of us leave home expecting the worse.
8:01 am
>> chicago o'hare is bexpecting two million flyers. >> mudslides and debris flows will be prevalent flu the next few days and into the weekend. >> investigators want stores to stop sell rogue main lettuce and consumers to stop eating it. >> this is very strange. authorities say the fire that happened at that mansion is being investigated as possible arson. >> one body was found in front of the home. the other three were found inside the home. president trump wrote "we may never know all the facts surrounding the murder of mr. jamal khashoggi, in any case, our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia. >> in colorado, two police officers were finishing up after a routine assignment when a wild turkey began chasing them back to their car. i can't possibly imagine why turkeys would be so aggressive this time of year, can you? [ laughter ] the turkey is still on the loose
8:02 am
i should warn you and if you're in colorado for thanksgiving, authorities say you should be on the lookout. here's a police sketch of the subject. >> revenge of the turkeys. >> we can do that police sketch. >> i wonder if turkeys have a calendar that shows them which day they're approaching. >> they call it black thursday on the turkey calendar. i'm john dickerson with bianna golodryga and gayle king. norah is off. the thanksgiving rush is off meaning highways and airports will be packed. aaa expects 54 million americans to travel 50 miles over the long weekend. that would be the busiest thanksgiving travel season since 2005. >> more than 48 million of us are expected to drive. the number of people flying is expected to climb 5%. we're already seeing long lines at airports in atlanta, boston, pittsburgh and dallas. kris van cleave is at chicago o'hare international airport.
8:03 am
kris, what are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: good morning, we have moved inside. a lot of activity is in the terminal and it will get busier as the day goes on. chicago o'hare is expecting more than two million people to travel through the airport over the thanksgiving holiday. we went to united's airport command center where 600 flights were being monitored. o'hare is one of the nation's busiest airports so you want things running smoothly here. looks like good flying today though and while there is an increase in the number of travelers, it's mainly experienced on the road. chicago, san francisco and los angeles are expected to see their busiest drive time this is afternoon. for drivers in los angeles, here's a peek at your not so happy future. this is what traffic looked like on the 405 near l.a.x. last night. huge backups. you may want to think about leaving tomorrow early morning if you can. if you're flying today and sunday are expected to be the
8:04 am
busiest so leave yourself extra time ar you'll be the crazed flyer that has been in terminal for an hour. it's expected to rain very hard in california the next few days. that could bring mudslides and further mystery. the butte county sheriff's office says 81 people died in that fire. 870 others are unaccounted for. meg oliver flew over burned out paradise, california, with cal fire operations chief josh bishoff. >> when you look out here, how does this compare to other fires you've covered? we are looking at the complete destruction for miles. >> this is certainly one of the worst fires in california history and the most destruction i've ever seen in my career. >> surveying the damage reveals stripped rain vulnerable to
8:05 am
mudslides and this area could get up to four inches of rain. there's such a sharm contrast between the level of homes and trees still standing. >> amazing how winds pushed the fire through. some items burned and other items didn't. >> this campfire has destroyed more than 12,000 homes. president trump told hillary clinton two years ago she should be in jail. now the "new york times" claims he tried to make it happen. sources tell the paper that earlier this year, mr. trump told white house counsel don mcgahn that he wanted to order the justice department to prosecute clinton and fired fbi director james comey. mcgahn reportedly told the president he didn't have the authority to do so and warned that he could face consequences. >> don mcgahn will not discuss his legal advice to the president but his attorney says, quote, mr. mcgahn would point out that the president never to his knowledge ordered that anyone prosecute hillary clinton
8:06 am
or james comey. during the second presidential debate back in 2016, mr. trump suggested he would prosecute hillary clinton. >> if i win i'm going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> it's not clear what the president wanted prosecutors to investigate. president trump is facing criticism for backing saudi arabia despite intelligence that reportedly shows the saudi crown prince may have directed the murder of jamal khashoggi. mr. trump stated, quote, it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event, maybe he did, maybe he didn't. in any case, our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi
8:07 am
arabia. cbs news contributor michael morrell is former deputy and acting director of the cia. what do you make of the president's decision and the fact he put in the a press release. >> there's a long history of u.s. presidents putting priority on national security and strategic relationships over human rights and democratic freedoms. president obama did that with a coup in egypt where he refused to call it a coupe so he didn't have to cut off more aid. he did it more elegantly than president trump just did it and this is an important relationship with the saudis but what i would have suggested is that you need to put some sanctions on saudi arabia so you find the right balance, the president didn't do that here. >> what message duds this send
8:08 am
to folks inside the cia and that the cia is trying to recruit when the president seems to distance himself from their findings. this isn't the first time. >> the unfort nunate thing is tt this is public. somebody leaked the cia judgment and it became a public discussion. usually these things aren't discussed publicly. there are times when presidents disagree with the analysis presented to them. when i was briefing president bush every morning he would frequently say "michael, i disagree with this" and then we would discuss it. so it's usually not public. so what's important is that the cia continue to put its view forward. one of the important things to me here is not the judgment about whether mbs was involved but what did the cia tell the president about implications of no sanctions of letting him get away with it versus the implications of putting some sort of sanctions on to send a message? that's the analysis i would
8:09 am
like. >> what message does it send? i think people are struggling with this, that a person can be lured to the embassy, that you can be hacked up, slaughtered, that the ally can lie about it and we will still stand by that ally. what message does that send to the world and what is to prevent this from happening again? >> i think it sends the wrong message. what the president did sends the wrong message and i'm fully in support of some sort of sanctions that sends a message to mbs. and behind the scenes, back channel, i would say to him this is strike one and in this game of baseball there are two strikes so if you do this again we'll be in a different place. it's important to send a message people can't get away with this. that's why i would have done sanctions. >> but implicit in the president's remarks is that strike two or three you'll still get away with it because -- here's what i want to focus on -- iran. the president is saying iran is the big game and yes this is bad but let's keep our eye on the most national security ball.
8:10 am
so is that right? does he have it right in terms of the primacy of the iranian threat that saudi arabia is helping the u.s.? >> i think there's two critical aspects to our strategic relationships with saudi arabia. one is iran. iran wants to be the hegemonic power in the middle east and we need to push back against this and we need the saudis to help us. the second is we need societal and religious reform in saudi arabia in order to dampen extremism for that continues to flood the world. >> it looks like mbs will be at the g20. we'll see if the two immediaters meet. michael, thank you so much. >> good to see you all. >> happy holidays, thank you. two of the biggest rivals in sports just made an expensive bet. >> i'm willing to risk $100,000 that says i birdy the first hole. so that's how good i feel heading into this match. >> the high stakes matchup between golf icons phil mick
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
tiger woods and phil tiger woods and phil mickelson are raising the stakes ahead of their highly-anticipated one-on-one pay-per-view match this week. the winner will take home $9 million. at a media event, mickelson says
8:14 am
he's confident by starting strong by offering woods a bet. >> i'm willing to risk $100,000 that says i birdie the first hole. so that's how good i feel heading into this match. you don't have to take it at all but i'm going to throw that apple out. >> so you think you can make birdie on the first hole? >> i know i'm going to make birdie on the first hole. >> double it. >> did you see how i baited him like that? yes. >> now it's up to $200,000. the side bets the players make are reportedly suppose to go to charity. woods joked he enjoys their long-time rivalry because he's often ended up on the winning side. this is his chance to get back at tiger. it's so odd to see trash talk in golf but there they go. >> just a lot of money. >> trash talk is free. that has dollar signs associated which will hopefully go to a
8:15 am
good cause. we have much more news ahead. the duchess of sussex is bringing thanksgiving spirit to families who survived a tragedy in london. ahead, how meghan markle is making a long-term impact on their lives. plus, hollywood star michael b. jordan opens up about his career as dual role as star and producer of "creed ii." and i'll go behind the scenes to find out what i'm grateful for. >> we're grateful for you. excedrin sees your intense, piercing headache even if no one else can. it's why we focus only on headaches. nothing works faster. we see your pain and what's possible without it. excedrin extra strength.
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. we open up in the forest.rcial, i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast. raccoon come up and says, "are those bigger patties?" i said, "yep, fits on a biscuit." ♪
8:18 am
8:19 am
♪ >> the duchess of sussex is helping to spread thanksgiving cheer this morning. meghan markle. best selling cookbook funds help
8:20 am
ed provide this kitchen. >> simply called the duchess meghan, an informality that comes from a nearly year-long bond formed through food. the american royal looked at ease as she rolled up her sleeves to help her fellow chefs prepare a salad this morning. >> i immediately felt connected to the community kitchen. like these women, i'm passionate about food and cooking as a way of strengthening communities. >> the hub community kitchen was started in the summer of 2017 after a massive fire gutted the apartment complex in west london, killing more than 70 people and leaving hundreds without a home. survivors brought together by tragedy began healing through cooking, using small donations to stay open twice a week to cook for victims. the duchess first visited the kitchen after moving into the
8:21 am
palace with then fiance prince harry. that led to an idea. >> a cookbook called "together," featuring all the women's family recipes, allowing the kitchen to be completely redesigned and refitted and will keep hub open seven days a week, making up to 200 meals a day for senior homes and homeless shelters. >> she give us our power because we feel her love. >> together is already an international best seller and has raised over $260,000 to help keep the stoves here hot around the clock. in the shadow of tragedy, this american duchess has helped bring the spirit of thanksgiving to the uk. for "cbs this morning," jonathan vigliotti, london. >> we sometimes forget the importance of this holiday. >> exactly. >> but meghan is a hit. i love what the woman said we gives us power because we feel
8:22 am
her love. >> representing the u.s. well, meghan. >> yes. unique family photo of state troopers has become an online sensation. why seven of kentucky's finest came together to document the baby boom in their agency? .
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ an adorable baby boom in central kentucky is getting nationwide attention. seven state troopers posed for pictures with their new babies, all 6 months old or younger. the photographer told us the shoot was a little chaotic at times, which is understandable. for instance when all seven babies cried at once, but was well worth the effort. the trooper says it's a good reminder of why they put on the badge every day, to protect the community they love. and our hats off to them and the community they serve. >> absolutely. would you like to get
8:25 am
through thanksgiving dinner without a family fight? i sure would. ahead we'll talk to "new york good morning. it's 8:25. the bad air is clearing out for the first time in nearly two weeks. taking a live look outside at the city of san jose, this is going to bring some relief for crews in butte county. the rainy weather is finally moving in this morning. the "camp fire" has burned nearly 238 square miles since is it started nearly two weeks abow. that's more than 3 times the size of oakland. this morning it is 80% contained. the city of san francisco announced a program to fix up storm drains. it's called "the drains in need program" and encourages residents to adopt a drain and
8:26 am
keep them free of debris. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website, say yes to big savings on thousands of gifts this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
8:27 am
and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. a couple of crashes on the roads. westbound 80 at central avenue. a two-car crash is slowing down some cars in the el cerrito area. also, on the peninsula there in san francisco. you can see northbound 280 there a two-car crash at alemany boulevard so you want to keep that in mind heading into that area. and taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where traffic is moving along nicely across the span. but you see that on the
8:28 am
roadways there, that is rain. it is falling down. mary? >> right, michelle. we are tracking better air quality and the rain on hi-def doppler. you can see widespread rain lighting up our radar screen this morning. we'll continue to see widespread rain as we go through the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. we are tracking a cold front that is bringing the rain for us. zooming in, you can see from san francisco, some heavy rain down through daly city, san bruno, san mateo, redwood city, half moon bay, getting that wet weather this morning. across the east bay, from hercules, richmond, oakland, getting that rain even right over the bay bridge this morning. we are tracking that rain that continues to move through. so we are looking at as we go through the afternoon could see some brief heavy downpours as the actual front pushes through. the high net front this evening looking at scattered showers and then a few morning showers for tomorrow for thanksgiving catching a bit of a break for the rest of the
8:29 am
day on thanksgiving. the next system arrives late thursday into friday. ♪[ music ]
8:30 am
♪ you're looking at ford field where the bears will visit the lions for tomorrow's thanksgiving game right here on cbs. we know somebody headed off to detroit, don't we? >> shout out to you. >> he's going to the game, too? >> so far, so good. welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it is time to show you this morning's headlines. lansing state journal reports former president of the michigan state university is charged with lying to police in the larry nassar investigation. louanna simon is the third person aside from larry nassar
8:31 am
in the case. she is accused of making false statements that she was unaware of the nature of the complaints. a lawyer for simon calls these charges completely baseless. scientists are trying to save the last of the endangered puerto rican parrots. more than half the population disappeared when hurricane maria hit last year, destroying their habitat and food sources. 2 of 56 survived in the tropical rain forest. scientists will meet next month to see how they can help bring back a species that numbered more than 1 million in the 1800s. "new york times" reports on a study that suggests breathing through the nose may offer brain benefits. it looked at the relationship between memory and how we breathe. based on the belief that recognizing odors is a key survival mechanism. testing on rodens shows that sniffing stimulates the part of
8:32 am
the brain involved with creating and storing memories. >> time for breathing right now. >> yes. wall street journal says your pumpkin pie has a dark secret. it's made from squash. libby's produces about 80% of the canned pumpkin filling sold in the u.s. it's made with the dickinson pumpkin, which some say is actually a squash. fda says it's okay with the label calling it pumpkin if it's prepared from, quote, golden flesh sweet squash or mixtures of such squash with field pumpkins. >> nothing is real anymore. >> no. >> i feel. >> gayle is disturbed too? >> i'm real. you're real. bianna's real. we've got all our body parts. we're real. speaking of thanksgiving, the holiday can leave you with anxiety when it comes to visiting family. a new cbs news poll found 40% of people try to avoid politics on thanksgiving.
8:33 am
"saturday night live," of course, found a creative way to handle the disagreement at the dinner table. ♪ hello from the other side i must have called a thousand times ♪ ♪ to tell you i'm sorry for everything that i've done but when i call you never seem to be home ♪ >> that was hilarious. since you cannot bring adele to thanksgiving, everybody loves her, though, we've got the next best thing. john tierney has written about behavior and communication and joins us at the table. hi, john. >> reporter: hi. >> what does it say that we need social psychology tips, the day before thanksgiving to help you out? what does that tell you about us? >> people take it so seriously. they always say don't talk
8:34 am
politics or religion at the dinner table. for a lot of people today, politics has become -- >> a lot of families have cut their dinner down by an hour because they really want to avoid this. you're here to say what to all of us? >> don't get into political arguments expecting to win them. >> easier said than done. >> don't expect to win them by facts and logic. these political opinions are based on gut feelings, on what social psychologists call moral intuitions and we have different concepts on what's fair, what's not fair, what's sacred and taboo. you're not going to change their feelings. >> and that's why people get so hurt so fast. you're going to the heart of who they are. >> right. it's who they are, what tribe they belong to, what group they're part of. just try to avoid -- try to be tactful. remember that not everyone at the table may share your opinion of donald trump or nancy pelosi. >> you expect some logic, though, what are you supposed to
8:35 am
use? >> don't try to win the argument. try to get something out of the discussion instead of telling people that they're wrong, ask them questions. you might learn something from even the weirdest member of your family. and if you ask the right questions -- if you ask them the right questions they might even rethink their position. you get more that way than coming right after them and telling them their wrong. >> what happens once things are heated? how do you defuse the situation? >> look for chon ground, some little thing that both sides can agree on and then quickly change the subject. these cranberries are great. where did you get them? >> that's so interesting. >> love your hair. >> you could store up some facts about interesting things that are happening elsewhere in the world for them to talk about. >> that's right. >> also get them to talk about themselves, right? >> exactly. that's people's favorite topic, is themselves. if you ask them enough and they talk enough, they'll think you're the most charming
8:36 am
conservationalist. >> people heard two different things and you couldn't argue somebody out of the difference of what they were hearing. is that essentially the way we process these political arguments? >> exactly. we have these different gut feelings and if you see things differently, from this different moral standpoint, you can't cross that divide. >> make sure to have adele downloaded if all else fails. >> or follow the advice of tony maranti, just shut the mike up. just everyone be quiet and eat. how about that? >> on that note -- >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> no politics. >> no politics. >> politic-free zone. black panther start michael b. jordan shared with gayle how he prepared for the
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> i lived my entire life waiting for this moment. i train, i lie, i kill just to be here. i killed in afghanistan, iraq. i took life from my own brothers
8:41 am
and sisters right here on this continent. and all of that just so i could kill you. >> that's michael b. jordan and his 12-pack in this year's blockbuster "black panther". it's the highest grossing superhero film ever in the united states. 31-year-old actor is a critically acclaimed leading man. in his new movie "creed 2," he is adonis creed. we met up with him at a very hip, very cool place in new york city called gold bar. >> my dad used to take me to boxing matches. i used to watch them all the time at home. i never imagined, could never dream at the time that i would -- >> be playing this? >> -- playing a boxer. >> listen, i'm taking this fight with or without you. >> to play the role of adonis in
8:42 am
"creed 2," michael b. jordan has blurred the line between reality and fantasy. >> living like a fighter, training like a fighter. i tell everybody on set, and they know this by now but don't treat me like an actor. treat me like a fighter. i broke my hands a couple of times on this set. i want to go home and feel t i want to ache. >> we don't feel. we love. >> you're producing it? >> yes, ma'am. >> are you saying yes, ma'am, because i'm old or because you're polite? >> obviously, my mom is scowling at me over your shoulder. >> no, mom, it's okay. >> you have everything to lose. this guy has nothing to lose. >> i love you and sylvester stallone together. tell me about that relationship with him. >> such a special guy. has so many stories to tell, like your uncle. he tells me stories about back when he did it or let's change. >> in the ring you've got rules. >> he's always giving you little
8:43 am
gems of wisdom whenever he can. i soak it all up. >> your career is young but your career is very successful. i still remember you in "the wire," michael. >> i don't want to play. i don't want to play no more. >> critically acclaimed hbo series put jordan on the map. he played a 16-year-old drug dealer, wallace, who was killed in the midst of a heated drug war. >> that was heartbreaking to me. >> me, too. >> wallace. >> i was crushed. >> if i find y'all -- >> i remember crying on set. i can't go back and work with you guys. i've got to go back to school. it was like i'll never work again and everybody was like, mike, you're going to be fine. you'll be great. all the older actors took me in under their wing and said if you want to make this a career, you can do that. >> and he did. >> i'm sorry. >> split up. split up. all right? >> that career reached new heights with "black panther." >> how many times do you walk
8:44 am
and people go -- i did that at least a month and then somebody said okay, gayle, stop. were you surprised it became the cultural phenomenon it did? >> no. >> no? >> i knew it would make an impact because of the cast, the story. everybody from all walks of life really connected with this project, sense of pride, sense of identity and owning where you come from. i think that was really important. >> just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships. >> how were they going to create that? >> i don't know. you have to -- >> do you want to come back? >> honestly, yes. i had so much fun working with ryan. >> that would be director ryan coogler, who has cast michael in all three of his movies. >> what does the relationship mean, professionally and personally with him? >> he is a swreenious. i don't say that loosely. looking at this brother direct i was like, wow, can i do that? somebody my age that looks like
8:45 am
me, from similar places, similar family backgrounds. i never knew that was an option for me like that in that way. >> that's why it's important to see it. >> 1,000%. >> yeah. >> with ryan, our relationship, we just became brothers. going through similar things, stress i stressing out. >> did you have moments where you had doubts, am i good enough? can i do this? >> yes, and i still do. >> you realize that you're michael bakari jordan. >> yes, ma'am. >> how is it that he still doubts himself? i'm fascinated by that. >> i don't want to get drunk off my own high. maybe i'm not comfortable yet. i'm comfortable but not comfortable. i don't feel like i'll ever feel completely comfortable. >> dating has become more challenging because of your success. i was surprised to hear that. >> oh, yeah. >> why? >> for a lot of different
8:46 am
reasons. what is dating? >> this is dating. hi, gayle, it's so nice to see you. i've enjoyed this conversation. is there a way i can get in touch with you later? >> that's not dating. >> it's not? >> it's introduction. >> do you even want a significant other at this point in your life? >> my parents have been together 33 years. i want a family at some point. that's important to me, to build my own family. god presents me with somebody, puts in front of me that's supposed to be the one for me, hopefully i'm at the point in my life where i can recognize it. >> he has a good foundation. parents been together 33 years. creed 2 opens in theaters today. this was on the news yesterday. michael b. jordan says he wants roy jones jr. in the ring and the boxer has accepted. so they're setting up a time for the two of them to actually box. i hope he hasn't gotten a little bit over his skis because he is a real fighter, as everybody knows. he's 49. michael is much younger but michael believes that he can do
8:47 am
it. and so does roy jones jr. that could be interesting. >> acting, producing, maybe directing next. sky is the limit for him. >> hopefully he will be ducking. thanksgiving holiday is about taking time to give thanks. ahead, one of the things for which i am most grateful. and you can -- >> me and bianna? >> among them. >> and norah, at home doing the flower zpls and interruptions. >> no? >> listen to the "cbs this morning" podcast quickly. it's on apple
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8:50 am
♪ with the holiday season upon us it's a good time to reflect on things and people for whom we are most grateful. in today's reporter's notebook i'm thankful for everyone who
8:51 am
makes it possible to roll out two hours of news every day. turkey, chop the wood for the fire. political fights around the table. i prepare for thanksgiving by making a list for the things i'm grateful for, based on an essay years ago. stump town coffee roasters. at the top of my inventory this year are the people you never get to see at "cbs this morning," but whose work you see every time you watch the show. if it's a piece you liked or question that helped you learn something or simply that the show has become part of your morning, it's these colleagues you have to thank. they interrupt their plans to chase stories and bring you the people at the heart of them. they create entire villages in random spots to bring you live reports. they capture just the right shot and make sure the sound and
8:52 am
lighting sing. a thousand puzzles solved under hairy deadlines. they stay up all night as stories break while you sleep. they track information so we get it just right and their graphics help make the complex understandable. >> let's rock and let's roll. >> they turn page after page of scripts, tweaking words, sometimes until just seconds before we say them. they make our hair, makeup and clothes look just so in order for us to be at our best for the crew that manages the cameras, cables and chaos during the live broadcast. ♪ taking care of business >> in front of the camera work hard to do work that is worthy of that collected dedication. so while you gather around your table, all those you're grateful for, we are grateful for all those gathered around our table each week. and one final note of gratitude to all of you out there watching, thank you, and happy thanksgiving. >> john, beautifully said. and the words are so true. >> we know who everyone's favorite anchor is here.
8:53 am
>> yes. >> really, that's what i was fishing for. >> mission accomplished. >> so true. we're thankful for everyone here. >> thank you. >> thank you. on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less. [ready forngs ] christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas.
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yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. good morning. it is 8:55. i'm michelle griego. the bad air is clearing out for the first time in nearly two weeks. taking a live look outside at san jose, some relief for crews in butte county. the rainy weather is finally moving in this morning. airports across the country are gearing up for a big travel day today the day before thanksgiving. this holiday weekend is predict to be the busiest for thanksgiving travel in 13 years. and the annual san francisco auto show gets under way in an hour. it will feature hundreds of new model cars, trucks and suvs. it's set to run through sunday at the moscone convention center. ews updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:56 am
8:57 am
the rain is causing some problems this morning. taking a look at northbound 280 at cesar chavez, we are reportedly looking at some flooding in two lanes there. so that's slowing down speeds. you also see slow speeds 101 going north as well down to 15 miles an hour. taking a look at golden gate
8:58 am
bridge, you can see rain ponding. across the bay bridge toll plaza, not too bad. it will take you 13 minutes to get from the macarthur maze to highway 101. and san mateo bridge not looking bad as well going from hayward to foster city. it will take you about 15 minutes. but because of that rain out there, you certainly want to be careful. it doesn't take much to hydroplane so be careful. keep two hands on the steering wheel. mary? >> good advice there, michelle, because we haven't seen rain in seven weeks. it's great to see hi-def doppler lit up this morning and you can see that rain pushing across the bay area so we have seen already this morning anywhere from a tenth to a half inch of of rain with this weather system. so you can see light to moderate rain from san francisco down to daly city and san bruno as well as san mateo, redwood city, and then even some heavy rain from vallejo down through hercules, richmond, san rafael, novato, mill valley light to moderate to heavy rain. hayward getting that rain as well across the east bay. and continuing to see rain throughout the morning.
8:59 am
9:00 am
wayne: you can't lose! - (screaming) wayne: we're making wayne in the club. you've got the big deal! tiffany: yeah! cat: wait, wait, wait, wait. wayne: is it good? - show me what you got. jonathan: it's a new bmw! - (screaming) wayne: season ten-- we're going bigger! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal." wayne brady here. this is our thanksgiving episode. we're thankful for you. we're thankful for everybody in the audience. thank you so much for tuning in. tomorrow's turkey day but today it's deal day. who wants to make a deal? (cheers and applause)


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