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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 25, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> quijano: dangerous roads and grounded flights. a major snow storm howls across the central u.s., just as holiday travel ares are trying to get home. one of the nation's busiest airports could become a no fly zone. also tonight crisis at the border. we're the crossing between san diego and tiajuana is closed after hundreds of migrants breach a fence. a thanksgiving tragedy, in the confusion of a mall shooting, police mistakenly shoot and kill a young black man. >> i want the 2ru9. >> holiday shoarps set an online record on black friday with 75 million more ready to shop on
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cybermonday. >> he i don't do malls. i can't handle the traffic, the lines, the people. >> and hours from now a nasa space craft will attempt to land on mars. one wrong move and the mission could be a multimillion dollar disaster. >> we called it the 7 minutes of terror. >> good evening, i'm elaine quijano. on the busiest travel day of the holiday weekend blizzard warnings stretched through the heart of the country. from the great plains to the great lakes. but snow isn't the only threat. powerful wind advisories are posted from texas to illinois. ste mergency in kansas.omed a hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed long before snow started falling at chicago's o'hare international. jacob i would kof is tracking the weather at wbz. >> jacob. >> we do have blizzard warnings
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from metro chicago down to the kansas city area. pretty impressive swath of blizzard warnings. we need a specific criteria for a blizzard. blowing know, wind gusting over 35 miles per hour. we have seen wind gusts up to 50 to 60 miles per hour with this system. last time metro kc had a blizzard warnings was back in 2011. so we will add some additional snow, 6 to 12 inches along the interstate 70 corridor. white out conditions there. 12 plus inches out towards molene, illinois it will be impactful as it moves out of here. this is paused at 8:00 this evening. then you start to see that rain move through, pittsburgh, columbus, into cleveland, the i-9 a-- i-95 tomorrow getting in on some of that rain and this will be impressive rain totals. another one to two inches of rain, solidifying the fact that this has been one of the rainiest autumns in new england recorded history. on the north side of this system, white gold to all those
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ski resorts in northern new england adding 6 to 12 plus inches of snow late monday and into tuesday. we're talking sunny skies and upper 40s for atlanta and into denver, a mixture of sun and clouds for minneapolis and near 20. >> quijano: jacob, thank you. the rough weather is disrupting travel plans for many headed home after the holiday weekend. hundreds of flights in to and out of the storm zone have been grounded. the highways are also treacherous. here's meg oliver. >> icy roads and white out conditions shut down parts of i-70 in kansas as low visibility made the highway impassible. trooper ben gardner from the kansas highway patrol warned people to stay off the roads. >> in my 19 years as a trooper this might be the top five worst i have ever seen across kansas in this area 6789 people need to slow down. they need to stay home. >> i can't see anything. >> kansas governor jeff colyer issued a state of disaster
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emergency. the strong system caused backups in nebraska and at least a dozen crashes on interstate 80. >> blizzard warnings from western missouri to nebraska are impacting travel on the tbrownd and in the air. thousands of flights are delayed and cancelled nationwide. the impact will be felt at chicago's o'hare international airport. one airline official tells cbs news customers should avoid flying to and from that hub. we're told delays could reach five hours for some flights during the height of the storm. >> airlines are allowing passengers to change their flights without charging a fee. at laguardia the gomez family got to the airport early to beat the storm. >> i think it's going to get complicated in a couple of days. >> you are getting out just in the nicker of time. >> i think so. >> more airline disruptions and tough driving conditions are expected as this fast-moving storm targets upstate new york and northern new england on
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monday. elaine. >> quijano: meg oliver, meg, thank you. >> tensions escalated today at the border crossing between san diego and tiajuana, mexico. a group of migrants reportedly part of the caravan of central american migrants breached a fence at the port of entry in san ysidro, california. border agents reportedly fired tear gas and promptly shut down the crossing. this comes as the trump administration and the incoming government of mexico are discussing the plan that boo have asylum-seeking my grants held in mexico until their cases are processessed. weejtsia-- weijia jang has more. >> hundreds of migrants attempted to cross the u.s. border between tiajuana and san diego hoping to apply for asylum. but u.s. customs and border patrol agents formed a human wall to block them and closed an official port of entry. this comes just hours after president trump tweeted, would
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be very smart if mexico would stop the caravan's long before they get to our southern border. dem created this problem, no crossings. >> cbs news has learned the trump administration has talked with mexico's incoming government about keeping those migrants in mexico as their cases are processed in the u.s. republican senator joanie erust. >> i think that is the intent of the president is to divert any issues before they actually happen. so of course we don't want to see the border closed but you know what, safety of our nation comes first. >> reporter: the president has pitched other ways to handle thousands of migrants heading to the united states, like turning away asylum seekers if they do not go to an official port of entry. and authorizing troops to use lethal force if necessary. he is even threatened to shut down the entire southern border. but on "face the nation" senate armed services que member angus king said i'll illegal for the
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military to act as law enforcement. >> now if indeed theres with an invasion which there isn't, clearly we can defend ourselves. using troops in a border situation with asylum seekers is-- is i think not appropriate. >> president trump will likely talk about the southern border when he holds two rallies in mississippi toma head of the state's runoff election for u.s. senate seat on tuesday 6789 elaine. >> quijano: week ya jang-- weijia jang, thank you. >> it was a thanksgiving tragedy. in the confusion of a shooting at a mall in alabama the police 34eus takenly shot and killed a young african-american man. here's mark strassmann. >> on thanksgiving night chaos exploded at the riverchase galleria mall. someone had shot and wounded two people 6789 and 21 year 08d emantic bradford, jr. known as ej lay dead shot by a responding
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police officer. april pip kins his mother got a call from one of his friends. >> ej, he said ej dead. and at that moment i just-- lost it. i'm like not my baby, no, i'm like no, this can't be. >> at first police in hoover, alabama claimed they had stopped a deadly threat. >> the hoover officer encountered an armed individual and he did shoot and kill that person. >> his family says bradford who had a concealed weapons permit was armed but his gun was always holtz terred and by friday night hoover police admitted bradford likely did not fire the rounds at the mall. they're now searching for the real shooter. that pains eman ticker bradford senior, the victim's father who is also a police officer. >> you got him on tv, you made it national, daggone press conference, made it good like this officer say hero. no, he screwed up. >> the bradford family is angry
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that hoover police have never contacted them. >> you shoot first, ask questions later. it's backyards. >> hoover police have not responded to more questions about the shooting or the investigation. elaine, the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave while state investigators look into how he shot and killed the wrong man. >> quijano: mark strassmann, thai. in aleppo, syria, more than a hundred people were taken to hospitals after a suspected poison gas attack, a as the assad regime and antigovernment rebels blamed each other, russian warplanes hammered rebel targets. >> here's jonathan vigliotti. >> reporter: dozens of patients including children flooded a hospital where they were treated for troubled breathing, skin rashes and inflamed eyesk symptoms doctors said were consistent with chemical warfare. it is still unclear who launched this attack and what chemical was used.
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doctors on the scene said they suspect color even. -- chlorine. the attack took place saturday night in the now government-controlled city of aleppo which has been the site of some of the fiercest battles in syria's civil war. both sides have denied responsibility for this most recent attack and blamed each other in what has become a familiar back and forth throughout the nation's brutal sevennier fight. while the assad regime has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons, the international intelligence community has found the syrian government responsible for some of the worst offenses. including an attack in douma earlier this year that killed more than 40 people. >> the horrific scenes of that attack prompted military action from the u.s., u.k. and france who carried out missile strikes on three sites they said were specifically associated with the syrian regime's chemical weapons program. unlike douma, there have been no
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reported deaths in this weekend's incident. though the use of chemicals does threaten to break a fragile ceasefire in place since september. elaine? >> quijano: all right, jonathan vigliotti, jonathan, thank you. >> monday afternoon nationala-- nasa will attempt to land a space craft on mars. it's been done before but the thin martian atmosphere makes it very difficult, 60% of attempted landings on mars have failed. here's chris martinez. >> nearly seven months to the day nasa's in-site lander launched from california, the 800 pound space craft is finally reaching its destination and the toughest part of the journey is still ahead. >> that's actually where we will get our first picture. >> farah all ibay is part of the engineering team that designed in site instrument, she says data from the mission will refeel more about the red planet's core, that is if it survives its seven minute landing in one piece. >> we call them the seven minutes of terror because at
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that point there is nothing we can do. >> nasa scientists estimate the space craft will enter mars' atmosphere at just over 12,000 miles an hour, a supersonic pafer a-- parachute deploys first to slow the descent then incite 2kr07s from its heat shield about a mile above the surface, free falling until reverse thrusters put on the final brakes. >> we have one shot, we have to do it well. we can't, you know, if we end up being low that could affect our science. >> if it all goes well scientists expect incite to beam back critical information for at least the next two years helping pave the way for a manned mission to mars. crist martinez, cbs news, pasadena, california. >> quijano: coming up next, the long holiday shopping weekend isn't over yet. 75 million americans are expected to be online tomorrow looking for cybermonday deals.
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within holiday shoppers racked up record online sales on black friday and according to retail analysts at shopper trak fewer customers traveled to stores on friday. could this be a sign of heavy online traffic to come on cybermonl? here's mireya villarreal. >> cybermonday is the proverbial summit for online shop ares around the world. >> i don't do malls, i can't handle the traffic, the lines, the people. >> it's the day you'll see big bargains for tablets, tv'ss, toys and fitness gadgets. experts are predicting the day could bring in over seven and a half billion dollars. >> campers were still seen waiting on long lines on thanksgiving night and the tradition of crowds pouring into malls across the country on black friday is still alive and well 6789. >> we kind of like the rush. >> but this year thanksgiving day became the frassest growing online shopping day with a total of 3.7 billion dollars in sales. up 28 percent from last year. >> according to online data
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analyst adobe analytics, the black friday crowds are thinning out. instead online sales on that day hit a record 6.2 billion dollars with nearly one-third of purchases being made on smartphones. proof that convenience is playing a key role is holiday shopping. >> i've done the black friday and i never want to do it again. do i have all day tomorrow to be in front of my computer. >> the holiday season is expected to bring in 124 billion dollars. elaine there are 36 days between cybermonday and christmas day and each of those days is expected to bring in 2 billion dollars a piece. in online sales. >> mir a ya, thanks. up next, an nfl player is cut from his team hours after being arrested on charges of domestic violence.
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>> quijano: the pent goon has identified the u.s. army ranger killed this weekend in afghanistan.
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sergeants lee and rojaso was quilled by enemy fire saturday in an area where al-qaeda is known to operate. sergeant jasso of leavenworth, washington, was 25 years old and on his third deployment to afghanistan. he was the tenth u.s. service member killed this year in afghanistan. a player on the san francisco 49ers was cut from the team today hours after he was arrested at the team hotel in tampa, florida, on charges of domestic violence. 24 year old ruben foster is accused of slapping and pushing a woman he had been having an onand off relationship with for years. the same woman earlier this year accused foster of hitting her but later dropped the allegations. the 49ers say they have a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. former trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos was ordered today to report to prison monday as scheduled.
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papadopoulos pleaded guilty last year to lying to agents about his interactions with russian contacts during the 2016 campaign. his request to delay the start of his two-week prison term was denied. still ahead, we're inside saudi arabia with the latest on the murder of aournalist jamal khashoggi.
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>> quijano: nearly two months after the murder of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi it appears the saudi crown pris has survived the fallout despite global con sen us that he was almost certainly involved. holy williams spent the week in sawedy arabia and filed this. >> sawedy arabia isn't a place that likes to share its secrets, this conservative islamic kingdom is vailed. its government opaque. a difficult place to investigated the killing of jamal khashoggi, a veteran saudi journalist who dared to criticize this country's all-powerful r50u8ers.
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but one thing that has never arabia's veement denials that crown prince mohammad bin salman was involved though that hasn't put a stop to wide spread suspicions that he is culpable. >> to explain its version of events that khashoggi's killers were saudi officials gone rogue the kingdom brought out its suave american-educated foreign minute officer. >> he had nothing to do with this issue. >> the saudi government desperately wants to go back to business as usual. at this forum in riyadh last week they were taughti saudi innovation. >> he-- the young prince's shadow is everywhere. >> we would like to ask ordinary saudis what they think about the killing of jamal khashoggi and allegations that the crown prinsz was show involved, but many people here are simply too fearful to speeblg openly. and that problem has got worse since the crown prince came to
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power. >> the prince portrays himself as a reformer 678 over the last year we've witnessed women finally granted the right to drive, more mingling between the sexes, and even rock bands allowed to perform openly. but that hasn't translated into political free doming. and proof of that may be what happened to jamal khashoggi, holly williams, riyadh, saudi, arabia. >> when when return bonded by blood and stronger than iron, one proits muscle, the other spirit. together they can't be beaten.
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>> quijano: we end tonight with an extreme test of stamina, and an enduring bond between brothers that cannot be broken. here again is mark strassmann. >> this is in every sense a real partnership. >> all the way. >> in every way brent and kyle pease brorl bond has gone the distance. they race as a team in ironman
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competitions. you know, those grueling swim, bike, run events that cover 140.6 miles. >> what about you, are you a competitive guy. >> oh yeah. >> kyle has cerebral palsy, no use of his arms or legs. >> from the earliest age i wanted kyle to be included in whatever we did. so it was okay, let's just figure this ot. >> here we go,. >> good big brother. >> great big brother. >> kyle got the idea watching brent race in his first ironman in 2010. they found the right equipment, started training and made it happen for kyle. >> just as when they were kids. >> kyle uses my legs and i use his spirit so i mean i pull kyle in the boat and push the petals and push him on the run but that whole time kyle has spastic
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quadriplegia so his body is fighting itself. >> their first ironman madison wisconsin in 2013, it took them 15 hours to finish. >> the most competitive athlete in our house is kyle. because he has been competing to be just like everybody else his whole life. >> last month in kona, hawaii, the pease brothers competed in their fourth ironman, the world relationships. they finished after almost 14 and a half hours, more than six hours behind the men's winner. but as always, brothers first. >> i knew in my heart is that i banted to become an athlete. to become an athlete with my brother, is so much sweeter. >> mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. qups a beautiful bond. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." for more news any time go to cbsn@cbs or download a i'm elaine quijano in new york.
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for all of us at cb live from the cbs bay area studios. now and 6:00, 49ers linebacker ruben foster kicked off the team tonight after yet another run-in with the law. >> if you see smoke rising in santa cruz county tomorrow, why cal fire plans to start a fire there on purpose. a showdown at the border tonight as asylum-seekers try to force the u.s. to hear them out. good evening. >> the san pedro port of entry near sentences -- san francisco reopened 40 minutes ago and descended into chaos.
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hundreds of central american migrants rushed the gates today trying to force their way into the country. the group was met by police in riot gear, who blocked access to the footbridge and put up barriers. some rushed across the canal leading to another crossing while others gathered along the set of nearby train tracks. as they approached a metal fence topped with barbed wire, they are met with canisters of tear gas fired from across the other side. the showdown prompted u.s. customs and border control to suspend crossings at the santa siege report of injury just before 11:30 this morning. that is the largest border check between san diego and tijuana mexico. the crossing is also used heavily by commuters from mexico who have jobs in the u.s. they too were unable to cross until about two hours ago. when pedestrian bridges were re supporters in the u.s.


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