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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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hundreds of central american migrants rushed the gates today trying to force their way into the country. the group was met by police in riot gear, who blocked access to the footbridge and put up barriers. some rushed across the canal leading to another crossing while others gathered along the set of nearby train tracks. as they approached a metal fence topped with barbed wire, they are met with canisters of tear gas fired from across the other side. the showdown prompted u.s. customs and border control to suspend crossings at the santa siege report of injury just before 11:30 this morning. that is the largest border check between san diego and tijuana mexico. the crossing is also used heavily by commuters from mexico who have jobs in the u.s. they too were unable to cross until about two hours ago. when pedestrian bridges were re supporters in the u.s. stood in
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they gathered on the san diego side, demanding asylum for the group. >> instead of using the resources we have they are using guns. instead of using the money to help these families, they are using to fund the government. >> although the border crossing is close some migrants have stationed in front of it, some played soccer in the street near the blockade setting up makeshift goals with traffic cones to pass the time while their fate hangs in limbo. border agents are processing fewer than 100 petitions for asylum each day. there are more than 5000 migrants waiting to be heard in tijuana tonight. we will have another report from the border later in the newscast. 49ers linebacker ruben foster is out of a job tonight after his second domestic violence arrest this year. while his teammates were
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setting up in tampa bay this morning, foster was wearing jailhouse orange in a florida courtroom. the 24-year-old was accused of slapping and pushing a female companion at a hotel where the team was staying last night. >> on the charge of battery domestic violence. defense? >> mister foster is gainfully employed, his ex-girlfriend does not live in order to have children in common. >> the court finds probable cause to charge domestic violence, battery, bond on $2000. no weapons or firearms. >>, to the charges? >> get out of my face. >> in response to the charges? >> no. foster had no comment for reporters as he bonded out of jail a short time later. this is the second domestic violence accusation against foster involving the same ex- girlfriend. devon feel he reports from the 49ers. it was the last straw.
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>> reporter: when ruben foster was arrested for the mystic violence the first time, the 49ers seemed to want to give the young man the benefit of the doubt. they wanted the courts to determine his guilt, not the court of public opinion. but this time was different. the judgment was swift, his dismissal from the team definitive, and fans seem to be equally unforgiving. foster was arrested in tampa saturday night, and by sunday morning his brief but troubled tenure with the 49ers was at an end. fans watching sunday's game were angry, and incredulous. >> what a dummy. really. what a dummy. why would you put yourself in that situation again. >> reporter: fosters time with the 49ers was defined as much by his off the field problems as is on the field performance. he was arrested in january in alabama for marijuana possession. a month later, he was arrested for felony domestic violence, for allegedly roughing up his on-again off-again girlfriend. those charges were eventually dropped after the alleged victim recanted her story.
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nonetheless, the nfl suspended foster for the first two games of the season. >> the first time he was probably guilty. >> reporter: john mcmanus says he believes the 49ers to the right thing this time by cutting foster immediately. >> abuse of women is a real problem in the united states and all over the world, and i don't think it can be tolerated. >> reporter: even more troubling, according to the police report, the victim in saturday's assault is the very same woman who accused foster in february and later changed her story. >> it makes me really sad. i feel compassion for both people. of course, the women needs to be protected, and the man it needs to be held accountable, and i think absolutely the 49ers are doing the right thing. >> reporter: ruben foster is just 24 years old, it is not clear if you will ever play again in the nfl, what is time is that his time with the 49ers, at least for now, news
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>> what's the reaction from the 49ers? >> we know there was a zero tolerance policy for ruben foster put out by the 49ers. but, foster will get a waiver. it is unknown if any other team will be interested because he could be facing another suspension from the league. the chronicle are reporting that the santa clara police department was caused to foster's house last month for a verbal dispute with the same woman. this was the final strike for kyle shanahan and the organization that had supported him previously. >> this is based on other it was his other stuff. i don't know what is right or wrong, we will see what happens in the court of law. i was not there. too many things have happened, and we try to help them out a lot. i know he has been trying to. -- trying, too. but, this doesn't matter whether he did or not. >> don't forget, the alleged victim recanted the last
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domestic accusation against ruben foster. we will see if she does the same. there is an old clichi in the nfl, but if you have talent like ruben foster has, then nfl team will take a chance on you. we will see about foster, because it goes beyond the mystic violence issue come he has had a long troubled past, very difficult upbringing. in fact, he was -- his mother -- was shot by ruben's father. while she was holding ruben as a baby. ruben was hit by that bullet. so, he has had a very difficult life. >> i think you did a story on that? >> i did. it's no excuse. but, he has had a very difficult past, and hopefully he gets through it. >> the niners are making a clear stance, zero tolerance,
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we hope he gets help and we will see what happens. onto news tonight, longtime bay area radio host ray tony farrell has gone missing. he was last seen november 10, near a pizza parlor in konica kentucky, just across the ohio river from his home in illinois. this missing flyer is being circulated by police, stating that the 79-year-old may be experiencing disorientation, and signs of dementia. he hosted a long-running program, an overnight show on kgo radio called the early show, they tackled political issues from a liberal perspective. he helped found the national association of black journalists, and served as president of the sentences go chapter of the naacp. he moved to southern illinois after he retired back in 2011. another veteran, ron owens, posted -- another kgo veteran, ron owens posted this on facebook, praying for a good outcome in the search for my longtime colleague.
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don't be surprised if you see smoke rising near the santa cruz county -- county customer, cal fire is planning to set a controlled burn to reduce the fire danger in walter ranch state park. some are wondering if that is a good idea. kiet do asked park hours what they think. >> reporter: the folks at the california state parks get it. they know that this is an awkward time to have a prescribed burn, especially with the camp fire still smoldering. but they say mother nature has left them no choice. after two and half weeks, as of this morning. >> you want to set fires? >> right. i know that that is really hard for people to get their heads around. but as i said, we have this extremely narrow window. >> reporter: last week's rain in the mountains means the clock is ticking for a prescribed burn. >> we wait for an inch of rain, then the fourth gets wet and dries ouand we are able to s
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burn the grass without any hazard of the fire spreading into the forest. we only have a week, because from the time it rains, to the time the grass greens up, to where you can't burn it, it only takes about a week. >> reporter: to give you some idea of where it is happening, this is the campus of uc santa cruz, mondays burn will be 20 to 40 acres of the tiger beetle meadow. if conditions are right, crews will continue to burn eucalyptus loop, and maybe even the longmeadow for a possible total of 200 acres. >> reporter: if you don't do it now? >> it won't happen this year and feels will build up on the landscape will be that much more flammable heading into fire season next year. >> reporter: the burn is happening along a trail popular with mountain bikers and hikers. >> will the trails be okay? >> yes. >> then i'm okay with th. ways feels like it honors the camp fire, we will make sure that that won't happen here.
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>> reporter: is it too much too soon? >> no. >> reporter: wilder ranch has seen prescribed burns for the past decade. susan says it is just life in the mountains. >> it's all part of fire prevention, you got to do some of this work when it's wet, and now is the time. so i'm all for it. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix5. >> as he just mentioned, the camp fire is 100% contained tonight finally . after raging in butte county for more than two weeks, in total, it burned just under 240 mi.2 and around the town of paradise, an area bigger than chicago. a city with 100 times the population of paradise. 14,000 people -- sarcomere with 14,000 single family homes were destroyed. at least 85 people were killed, and 249 more are still unaccounted for tonight. interior secretary rines and you will be back in butte county tomorrow to survey the disaster zone. he might not get the warmest welcome, when he first toured
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the burn area on november 14, he called the worst fire he ever saw and days later he blasted environmentalists for blocking proper forest management. >> is not time for finger- pointing. we know the problem, it's been years of neglect, and in many cases, it's been these radical environmentalists, that want nature to take its course. we have dead and dying timber, we can manage it using best practices, but to let this devastation go on, your after year after year, it's acceptable . >> reporter: she'll be joined tomorrow by u.s. forest chief vicki christensen. culture secretary sonny purdue, in butte county congressman. the group will meet with firefighters and community leaders before turning the burns on. -- burn zone. >> have a front and moves through the town, as wide as the town. >> reporter: one firefighter
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was busy trying to stop that fire when he destroyed his own home. still to come, how his bay area colleagues are rallying to get him back on his feet tonight. >> nowhere to hide, how police in one city printed up with chp to corner a suspect from above and below. >> and, this guy is smarter than the average bear. the clever intruder who turned himself in at a chp office. speaking of rain, more on the way, whether details when we come back. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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traffic is flowing smoothly again on highway 13 tonight after a tree toppled across the northbound lanes. the seven about 10:00 in the morning. first, the tree hit a blue minivan and then four more vehicles crashed into the chaos that followed. nobody was hurt, but traffic was backed up for a while for cleanup. now, to san jose where a woman is dead and a man accused of running her over is under arrest. it happens just before 10:00 last night on capital expressway near silver creek road. police say the victim was not in a crosswalk, when a pickup truck hit her. the driver allegedly tried to get away but witnesses stopped him. the man is now in jail facing
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hit and run and particular manslaughter charges. police don't think drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash. the victim's name has not been released. concord police got some help from above in tracking down he wanted suspect. the chp helicopter used its infrared camera to spot the man. he was hiding out on the roof of an apartment complex on hillsboro court. police are trying to arrest 42- year-old kevin del toro on a drug-related warrant last night, when he took off. as you can see, he didn't get very far. police brought him down with a little help from the fire departments ladder truck. he is behind bars along with 32- year-old woman with him at the apartment wanted for burglary. a hungry bear didn't want to miss thanks giving dinner, so he took matters into his own hands, and it was caught -- he was caught reading the food closet of elementary school cafeterias. you can see the bear climbing
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onto a rack, after rifling through the pantry, and leaving quite a mess behind. meanwhile, another very curious bear was caught on camera, having an adventure at the chp office at donner pass. you can actually see the bear opening the office door, look at that, standing up on his hind legs, and peeking his head in apprehensively. he decides i'm going to go inside, closing the door and checking out the vending machines, you can see the bears reflection in the glass. there you go. the bear decides to move on eventually, heads out the door, police were seen following the bear but the intruder was not apprehended. that is the best video. it's like a story in itself. >> he was in there looking for the rangers i guess. mostly clear skies around the bay area tonight, that will change come tuesday, rain on the way for the bay area again. this is a pretty shot as we look towards golden gate bridge, we review the highs today, they were all within a few degrees of 66.
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san francisco had 65, mid 60s we are all in the mid 60s, repeat performance tomorrow as we look south on the tower cam. right now, concord at 50 degrees, livermore at 55. san jose has 60 degrees. high pressure has given us a bit of a respite from the rain that we had late in the week last week. moore is on the way, you can see pressure winding up south of the bering straits, eventually it will develop into a system that will roll through the bay area first on tuesday, and linger through thursday. in the meantime, mild weather for the bay area, future cast will give us an idea of the timing. here is tonight and he was tomorrow, midday. monday looks mostly sunny into tuesday, here come the clouds and the rain. by 2:00 in the afternoon, light rain mostly favoring the north bay first then moving through the rest of the bay area later in the day. this first system will go out, the next best -- systems favors the south bay. mountains get hit particularly
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hard, we will get rain on wednesday, again it will fade in the south bay for a change. heavy rain possible by wednesday, especially in the south, it will also be wendy phillips is wendy. showers lingering for thursday next week and looks dry. if your travel plans are heading out, pretty good for tomorrow. for new york not too bad, seattle has rain, chicago snow and rain, 35 degrees, if you are headed for -- 45 degrees must the cloudy. when i degrees in the 40s and 50s, senate tomorrow at 7:02. for forecasts tomorrow, it's easy. temperatures from 63 to 68, warmer in the south bay, with 65 degrees in san jose and santa clara. 63 is concord, 65 for redwood, and 65 degrees again at fairfield. north bay tomorrow, mostly sunny day, a foggy start today, could be some of that tomorrow. temperatures rebound in the low to mid 60s, ditto for kai and
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san alina. in the extended forecast, we will look for sunshine on monday, high clouds again like we had today. increasing clouds means rain on tuesday, lingering showers on thursday, and then the way it looks now as we get into the weekend, it looks like we will begin to dry it out. expect wet yet again. here's dennis. how did the 49ers perform on the field at the rubin fosters release. can the raiders put a win streak together? this highlight is a little hint to the answer. we will kick it off next.
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as we told you earlier in the newscast, 49ers have released the second-year linebacker ruben foster after he was released on charges of domestic violence. he was also arrested for domestic violence this violence in february but those charges were later dropped. a rough day for general manager john lynch all the way around in tampa, first-quarter, bucks quarterback winston hits the tight end, cameron greg for a touchdown, 7-0 lead, winston's first started almost a month. nick mullins, who was making his third straight start to pettis for the touchdown, both out with injuries and the 49ers 7-6, 49ers got the ball to start the second half, jeff wilson is in. right? no. a second down, they give it to
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freda up the goal line, he stops. third down, it's a mullins, he is stopped short, shanahan. then on fourth down they called false starts settled for a field goal, 13-9 tampa you get the idea. after a long pr penalty deep in 49er territory, patent barrel through for the touchdown, a rough sequence for the 49ers as they lose 27-9, and full 2-9. >> i've always had good -- good interactions with ruben. this is me off that we are talking about this after a game. >> i care about ruben just like all those guys do but there are responsibilities that we all have to live by, and if anyone
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wanted to talk more about it they can talk to me in my locker room, but today was not the time to talk about it and i told him we don't talk about it. from a a rookie quarterback, they face in of the first year started today, baltimore looking to pick up a win over three, john goodman, derek carr, anna goodman on the sidelines, second quarter raiders up 7-3, john townsend putting in front of his end zone, cyrus jones fielded all the way back to the 30, but this gets a special teams out of the doghouse. jones, 70 yard return, and baltimore took a 10-7 lead. third quarter, 20-10 ravens, car under pressure, look at cook bailing him out, reaching back, one-handed grab, that's a touchdown, and the raiders within -- when a field goal. baltimore responds with a 17 play drive, rookie lamar jackson to the radar -- raider michael crabtree. raiders backup 10. six minutes to play, raiders force a goal at fourth and eight, car hit from behind,
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jarrell cracks it down, the 36- year-old is running out of bounds, he returned in for a 43 yard knockout blow, baltimore wins 34-17, raiders dropped to 2-9. >> disappointing, europe 75 yards, passing to a tight end, you can't get off the field, stop the inside running game, can't protect when you have to, those are the storylines to me, things i've got to figure out. and until we do, we will have a lot of long faces. >> ben roethlisberger and the steelers looking for their sixth straight win in denver, last play of the first half, pittsburgh faked a field goal, direct sac to chris boswell, throwing it to the 300 20 pound offense of lineman alejandra villanueva to tie the game. game tied at 17, denver has the lead. final minutes with her third and goal from the 2 yard line,
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roethlisberger is picked off at the goal line by the defensive tackle shelby harris, is when 24-17 stopping the steelers six -- six game win streak. philip rivers with a record- setting day against the cardinals, final seconds first half, rivers rolls out, mike williams taps both inbound for the score, 28 points in the quarter, they led 28-10 at the half. opening drive in the third quarter. philip rolls out, keenan allen for the touchdown. was rivers 25th street completion, tied our record, he finished 28-29, three touchdowns, chargers win 25-10, they are eight and three, seahawks running back chris carson using the pampers defender with the ball, they stuck his landing. four minutes of play, seattle's facing a fourth and three. the game is tied.
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a little over a minute left, hawks get the ball back. carolina going to be tyler lochhead, 43 yard game to the panthers 23 yard line. that set up old -- our old friend sebastian jankowski, the former raider, named the 31 yard field goal as time expires, seattle wins 31-27, tied with washington for the nfc wild-card spot. past game day tonight, more packed than we thought it was going to be his morning. >> is not the case. thank you. coming up in our next half hour, back into the southern border open tonight, but a new shutdown is already shaping up. >> a murder mystery in modesto tonight, a homeowner digs a hole to bury a family pet and digs up a human body. robots to the rescue, we will take you inside the ambitious cleanup of a dangerous nuclear disaster.
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our top story, chaos at the us-mexico border today, a showdown with central american migrants, shutting down one of the busiest land border crossings. hundreds of migrants stormed the crossing this morning after spending weeks in crowded shelters. some tried to reach the united states via the pedestrian footpath, others climbed over fences, as u.s. troops waited on the other side. tensions boiled over as u.s. agents fired canisters of tear gas into the crowd, you can see people running away from clouds of smoke.
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reporter monique is at the port of entry tonight. >> reporter: since around 11:00 this morning, the port of entry was completely shut down, that means no one from mexico is being allowed into the united states, no one from the united states is allowed to cross into mexico, either by car or walking over. ever since this morning, there is just a huge military presence here, a huge presence of border patrol, take a look behind me, what you are looking at now is in front of the border wall between tijuana and san diego. there are military vehicles, we have seen dozens and dozens of border patrol agents in this area. around three hours ago, there were 5 to 6 military border patrol helicopters in the air. and at one point we did here pops and see teargas being deployed near the border wall as we were told, groups of migrants, several hundred were either rushing towards the border, marching towards the border, when he actually broke through the security forces
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lines and made it at some point to the u.s. side of the border. but before the border wall, there was a valley right there we were told that some of them actually made it to the u.s. side of the border after breaking through those lines. that was monique reporting tonight, the port of entry fully reopened just after 5:00 today, president trump tweeting this morning, would be very smart of mexico to stop the caravan long before they get to our southern border. originating countries would not let them form. it is a way to get certain people out of our country and dump in the u.s. no longer. democrats created this problem, no crossings. the president says he is willing to shut down the federal government if congress won't agree to pay for a border wall. >> we talked about wall funding, we are talking about border funding, we are talking about personnel, we are talking about a whole grouping of things that protect security. but, what i don't think we should do is shut down the
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government, which again is in his hands and his party's hands. >> we don't want to see the border close but you know what, the safety of our nation comes first. the chairman of the democratic party in california is facing allegations of sexual misconduct tonight. the party has hired a look into the cases. -- eric bauman took over as chairman last year, he is accused of sexual harassment and assault. during party functions. mentions two victims and the witness anna says bauman should lose his job. in a statement, bauman said i take seriously any allegation brought forward by anyone who believes they have been caused pain. i look forward to putting these allegations behind us and moving forward as unified democrats. the vice chairs letter does not provide details about the alleged incident citing the privacy of the victims.
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a bizarre homicide investigation in modesto tonight after a man found a body in his backyard. he told cedigginthba bury a dead pet when he unearthed a set of bones. detectives confirmed the remains are human, but so far, they have not been able to identify who they belong to. an autopsy will be conducted to determine how the person died. in alabama couple demanding justice tonight after police shot and killed their son in a shopping mall near birmingham. officers now admit he was not the suspect they were looking for. reporter kim hutchinson has the latest. >> thanks vir be the same for me. that is the last time i saw my son. >> reporter: a family mourning the loss of one of their own. fitzgerald radford junior. the 21-year-old was fatally shot by a police officer inside a suburban birmingham alabama shopping mall saturday night. >> my son is gone i can't get him back.
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but you people keep vilifying my son like he was a criminal. >> reporter: authorities claim he was involved in an altercation inside the mall injuring two people. police initially said the officers shot bradford because he was armed and appeared to be fleeing the scene. just a day later, authorities changed their story. new evidence suggested bradford likely did not fire the shots. police say at least one gunman is still at large. >> there is a murderer on the loose. largely because the police rushed to judgment. >> reporter: the family calling for accountability said they have not heard from police in any regard. >> all over social media, but is no way any parent should have to find out about the death of their child. >> reporter: he loved people. he was not a killer. >> reporter: kim hutchinson, kpix5. is closed on stemming the midwest has people stuck on the
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busiest travel day of the year. as kansas is under a state of emergency tonight, whiteout conditions are forcing major interstates to close leaving drivers and stranded at truck stops. in missouri, the blizzard also shut down kansas city international airport. all arrivals and departures are suspended for about four hours, and plains and runways had to be deiced. some departing flights are now being allowed to leave. conditions are also creating a major headache for travelers in chicago, more than 700 flights have been canceled at o'hare international airport. the chicago area is under a blizzard warning right now, the storm could bring up to 12 inches of snow. several flights between o'hare and sfo were among the cancellations, the airport is reporting a total of 15 weather-related cancellations tonight. japan is turning two robots to deal with the disaster at the fukushima powerplant.
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an unprecedented cleanup effort looks more at -- like a science fiction film. >> reporter: four-legged robot, robots that climb stairs and even robots that can swim into reactors flooded with water. they are equipped with 3-d scanners, sensors, and cameras that map the terrain, measure radiation levels, and look for the missing fuel. this is part of a massive cleanup expected to catch nearly 200 billion dollars and take decades. >> has anything like this cleanup in terms of the scope ever happened before? >> no, this is unique situation, it never happened in human history. it is a challenge, but we have never had before. >> reporter: blake barrett is a nuclear engineer and former
6:38 pm
energy official who oversaw the cleanup of the worst nuclear accident in u.s. history, 3 mile island. he was hired as a senior advisor by the tokyo electric power company that owns the plant, and is in charge of the effort to find the missing fuel. he is also advising on the development of new robots, like this six legged spider robot that engineers are designing to hang from scaffolding and climb onto recruitment. he describes them as >> very advanced working robots that will be ones with long muscular arms, they will go in and take molten fuel and put it in a canister and retrieve it. >> reporter: should we think of this as a project like sending someone to the moon? >> bigger in my view. but, there is a will here to clean this up, as there is a will to put a man on the moon -- andes engineering tasks can be
6:39 pm
done successfully. stay tuned for leslie's full report tonight on 60 minutes after this newscast. tomorrow is cyber monday, still to come has a major brick and mortar retailers are training technology to fight back against their online competition. he has spent his career helping others but tonight this area firefighter is the one who needs help after losing his home in the camp fire.
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tomorrow begins cyber monday when online retailers offer extra deals to help kick off the holiday shopping season. it is expected to be the largest online shopping day ever, with more than $7 billion in sales. that is largely due to a strong u.s. economy, healthy trends in consumer spending. but, retailers like target and walmart to do a lot of business online or under pressure because discnts and free shipping typical for cyber monday tend to eat into their bottom line. >> meanwhile some major brick and mortar retailers are finding creative ways to compete with online sellers.
6:42 pm
tony shows us how they are blending technology with tradition to keep the crowds coming in. >> reporter: this walmart in rogers arkansas looks like the store you've been shopping at for years. almost. america's largest retailers hoping to stay on top, bringing in a dose of online convenience to old-fashioned off-line shopping. this holiday season, every aisle can be the checkout aisle. >> saturday night fever. >> i will scan this barcode right here. >> reporter: if you are tired of getting lost in giant stores, walmart has a solution. your phone will guide you to items. >> there it is, let's go get it. >> reporter: if you can't wait for your online order to come to you, you can come to it by using one of these pickup towers. >> barcode?
6:43 pm
>> reporter: mark davidson gave us a demo. >> it is as simple as scanning the barcode, a little message saying retrieving item, you can hear it clocking in the background. i'm not sure it should be clunking but there you go. within seconds, there is your purchase. thing of wonder. >> reporter: is there a little person in there? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: walmart isn't the only retailer selling convenience these days, thanks to curbside pickup, no instrument target customers don't have to leave the car. home depot shoppers can skip the line by picking up there order from in-store lockers. a >> usa today national business correspondent charisse jones. >> amazon revolutionized retail, by making shopping so easy and fast and convenient. >> reporter: for all the shoppers out there, we urge you not to splurge too much on a holiday dream item. according to jones, about 25% of people are still paying off
6:44 pm
debt. from last year. tony to copal, rogers arkansas. it has been seven months since a new mars probe blasted off from california. >> it's the final seven minutes that have nasa scientists worried tonight. >> we call them the seven minutes of terror because at that point, there is nothing we can do. >> reporter: just a few hours from now, we will see if they can stick the landing. >> that will be big news tomorrow. big news tuesday and wednesday will be the weather, we will tell you why when we come back.
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nearly 7 months to the day after nasa's inside lander launched from california, the 800 pound spacecraft is scheduled to arrive on mars tomorrow. the toughest part of its journey is still ahead. it has to stick the landing. >> we call them the seven minutes of terror because at that point there is nothing we can do. >> reporter: nasa scientists estimate the spacecraft will enter the martian atmosphere has a blistering speed of 12,000 miles per hour. a supersonic parachute will deploy to slow the descent, then, a mile from the service the lander will drop its heat shield and freefall, until reversed thruster but on the final breaks and if that is not stressful enough, sc ve a flat anything out of it. >> we have one shot, we have to do it while it looks as if we end up being on the lower
6:48 pm
rocket, that could impact our science. >> reporter: if all goes as planned and the lander stays in one piece it will deploy solar panels and get ready for work. it is equipped with a heat probe and a seismometer, to track the planets temperature, and measured creeks. scientists expect insight to beam back critical information for the next two years, helping pave the way for a manned mission to mars. a very unusual weather phenomenon, take a look. and iowa farm -- storm chaser captured this footage of thunder snow, heavy snowfall accompanied by lightning and thunder. let's see if we can see it. have you experienced that before brian? >> not in that area of the country but when i was in kgo, years ago,
6:49 pm
>> the storm chaser said to. we will see. just in case you have been away the entire weekend let us revisit how much rain we got during this last storm, 7 1/2 inches of rain. by the time all was said and done, sentences didn't do badly, 2 1/2 inches at sfu. in marin, sonoma county, 4 inches at campfield, santa rosa came in with 2 1/2, a good soaker and more on the way. a few clouds around from son to -- time to time, high clouds over the northern part of the state, then rain begins to move into marin on tuesday morning and bay wide by tuesday afternoon, this is what it looks like by tuesday afternoon at 3:00. not a heavy rain with moderate. then more rain coming in favoring the south bay by the
6:50 pm
time we had wednesday, lingering showers will be here, on thursday, so it gets wet on tuesday, with her on wednesday, especially down south and lingering showers for thursday. highs today in the mid 60's for the most part, mild sunday and pretty much a repeat performance, we could get a few degrees of warming for monday. before things begin to chill out by tuesday evening. right now, numbers are in the 50s, bay wide with san jose coming in at 60 degrees. a nice clear night in the bay area, what a relief after all the smoke and haze of a week ago. for tomorrow, a few high clouds from time to time, rain coming in on tuesday, we have a bubble of high-pressure and assistant ouver, artalking caus s t w essureth streets heading towards northern california for rain coming in on tuesday. patchy and dense fog again tonight, mostly in the 40s. fair and drive through monday evening but then rain returns tuesday through thursday.
6:51 pm
heading out of the bay area, sfo is looking good for tomorrow with the wind out of the north northeast, at 5 miles per hour, highs in the low 60s, and if you have travel plans taking to chicago we have already warned you about the snow out there, snow lingers through midday with a high of 35 . seattle at 57 with rain, la looks good for melinda not bad but you wouldn't be surprised to find out that it -- at heathrow they are respecting all almost -- a mostly cloudy day. overnight tonight in the mid 40s and low 50s, some up at 7:02 and four tomorrow, high temperatures will be in the 60s again, maybe a notch or two higher than they were today. some clouds will fill the baby later in the day we have sunshine and mid-sixties in the south bay and east bay. 67 at dublin, 67 for pleasanton, and 64 at pleasant hill. in the north bay we will look at mid 60s along the shoreline, cooler, in campfield, 64 tomorrow, 63 in san rafael, up around ukiah and lakeport, numbers in the low to mid 60s.
6:52 pm
extended forecast, a few high clouds come through time to time, fog in the morning but generally monday looks nice. tuesday increasing clouds and rain, more rain on wednesday. lingering showers on thursday and next weekend is looking high and dry, we get a break from the rain. we will also get this break. back in a minute.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
can't find a 100% contained, a task force is headed home tonight. the 45 members of search and rescue task force three are dog tired as you might expect. there's a picture of search -- searcher george and canine george, looking for the missing. the fire chief said in a statement every but he knows somebody who lost a home or more. the team was honored to be there but it was hard to feel completely finished with so many people still missing. i know many feel like they are
6:55 pm
leaving a piece of themselves behind. at least one bay area firefighter has nothing to return home to tonight. >> katie nielsen reports he is one of more than 80 firefighters who lost their own homes to the camp fire, while trying to protect other properties. >> reporter: steve morris is an engineer for cal fire and works out of this station in my speech. but, the morning the camp fire started, he was in paradise. >> when i first woke up it's when i noticed that there was a fire, it was a pretty decent ominous red glow with smoke drifting over the town. >> a place steve has called home since he was in the third grade. sparta didn't expect to have a fire front moving through the town just as wide as the town. >> reporter: steve and jennifer grabbed what i could and evacuated. less than an hour later their home would be gone.
6:56 pm
>> you get to a point where you realize it is what it is and we have to figure it out. >> reporter: is a firefighter steve has spent his entire career helping others, but now, he is the one who needs help. >> is a great person, great guy. he'd give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. >> reporter: that's why firefighter from across san mateo county pitched in to help, starting a gofundme account that has already raised $5000, and holding a toy and clothing drive to benefit steve and his family. they even helped to find a temporary place to stay in chico. >> we realize this is his time of need. we are happy to be in a position to help. >> reporter: steve has been a firefighter with cal fire for 17 years. when he was promoted two years ago, he got transferred to the station in half moon bay and has been commuting from paradise ever since. he says now more than ever, he feels he owes it to his fellow firefighters to get back to the station. >> steve says he is not planning to take any extra time off of work, he will be back here at station 44 for his scheduled shift at the end of
6:57 pm
the week. in half moon bay, katie nielsen, kpix5 . >> if you would like to help, we posted a link to their gofundme page. /so many stories like that, we can't think our firefighters enough for doing that. >> for now, thank for watching, 60 minutes is next. >> the latest is always on, and we will see you back here at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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that's a good looking burger. ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> this is a department of homeland security arrest warrant issued during the child separations last spring. the target of the arrest... is a three-year-old named immers. tell me about the moment that immers was taken away from you. >> ( speaking spanish ) >> his father, ever, told us, "i never thought that they would separate him from me, but an immigration agent said, 'your son is going to be taken away, and then a judge will decide what will be done with you.'" >> we take better care of people's effects when we send them to jail, than we took care of the children who we took from their parents. ( explosion ) >> stahl: seven years after


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