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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 28, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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rain soaked much of the bay area this morning but the worst is yet to come. >> plus, another senate seat secured for republicans this morning. why this race in mississippi has the bay area fired up. >> and the trump administration fights back against a federal court's ruling on asylum seekers. good morning, test wednesday, november 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it's 5:00. we have seen a lot of rain over the last several days and more to come. catching a break for today in between storm systems here. a second one rolls in with heavy rain and strong winds tonight into tomorrow. hi-def doppler is tracking lingering showers this morning. and zooming into the peninsula, you can see san mateo that straight level mapping here, down through
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baywood park and foster city. you can see light to moderate rainfall over you this morning. let's head down to the south bay here from los gatos, morgan hill, some moderate rainfall currently right over you. and then down through santa cruz and watsonville. you can see that light to moderate rainfall. through the rest of the morning, more rain will push in especially across the south bay. so you are getting a live look with the south bay san jose cam. temperatures are in the 50s. mild start to the day. here's what to expect. we're looking at that light rain especially for the south bay this morning. we'll be between storms today but with that residual moisture we are looking at lingering scattered showers today with the heavy rain strong winds that really gets going for us late tonight into tomorrow. so likely overnight you will definitely hear that rumble of thunder as well as brief heavy downpours.
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we are going to time it out on futurecast taking you hour by hour and when we'll see our next round of rain coming up. let's check in with michelle for a look at traffic. we are looking at roadways in rohnert park right now southbound 101 at wilfred avenue. northbound in the green. 101 from rohnert park expressway to steel lane is 8 minutes. south of there tracking a clear ride through petaluma and it isn't until you get into sausalito you will be tapping on the brakes because of the crash southbound 101 near spencer avenue two lanes blocked and backup that stretches beyond rodeo avenue from the 580 and 101 split. to the golden gate bridge. here's a check of other roads. 580 from 205 to 680, you're looking at a 29-minute ride. and from crow canyon road to
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highway 242 on 680 and 880 is looking in the green to > back coverage. rainstorms are back with a vengeance! it is creating some dangerous conditions at local beaches in the bay area. kpix 5's katie nielsen is live at the pacifica pier with a lot more. >> reporter: we are under a high surf advisory until friday morning. that's because the national weather service is expecting swells up to 25 feet high today. that's as tall as a two-story building. we are seeing waves crashing over the seawall. there's a chance we'll get wet this morning. in santa cruz there are extra lifeguards on duty already. they are expecting to be extra staffing for additional rescues. they are also expecting sneaker waves which can be very dangerous and are saying
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people need to be careful at the beach beach. >> you have to respect the waves. you have to respect the power that is out there. >> reporter: so we're already seeing swells here as high as the base of the pacifica pier. we'll keep an eye on in. be very careful at the local beaches. live in pacifica, katie nielsen, kpix 5. rain is posing another threat for california fire victims. devastated communities are now bracing for mudslides and flooding in this week steamers. in the wools -- storms. in the woolsey fire in southern california, residents are teaming up to help those in needs. boy scouts are filling sandbags and crews are racing to restore power outages. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and the fire martian is on the scene of this fire we have been talking -- fire marshal is on the scene of this fire we have been talking about this morning in indiana. taking a look at these
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pictures. six people died in a house fire including four children ages 2 months to 10 years. two adults were able to escape this fire with firefighters' help. a mother and a son. but investigators are now on scene trying to determine if this was accidental or this could have been arson. very difficult for firefighters to put out. in fact, they will be there all morning long trying to make sure it doesn't reignite. they are dealing with freezing temperatures and this is in a rural area near a town called logansport and they don't have normal fire hydrants so they had to truck in water. that investigation is ongoing. but four people have died. >> devastating. all right, anne, thank you. a judge will decide by friday whether to allow president trump to reinstate asylum restrictions for immigrants who illegally cross into the country. the justice department announced it's appealing a federal judge's court order blocking it from enforcing the ban.
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this comes as a migrant caravan from central america is still trying to get into the united states. campaign 2018, republican senator cindy hyde-smith is declaring victory in mississippi u.s. senate runoff election defeating democrat mike espy. >> it is hard to describe the feelings tonight for me and my family. mississippians know me and they know my heart and thank you for stepping up, mississippi! >> whoo! >> senator hyde-smith faced backlash over a comment she made earlier this month saying she would be willing to attend a public hanging. the republican dismissed the remark as a bad joke and apologized to anyone who was offended. president trump who campaigned for hyde-smith tweeted, congratulations to senator cindy hyde-smith on your big realpp the great e a nation made to her is sparking a boycott threat against the san francisco giants. the team owner gave her $2,700
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for her campaign. he apologized and asked for a refund. 5:06. democrat stacey abrams to court gubernatorial race in georgia. her new voting rights group called firefight georgia filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the election was grossly mismanaged and so was the larger voter system in georgia. abrams says that that mainly happened under republican brian kemp who beat her in the race says he worked to disenfranchise voters while he was the secretary of state. the lawsuit is asking the state to force electoral reform in the state. >> we're not going to just hope and wish and pray. we are going to take this to any court that we need to. we are going to take it to the court of public opinion. we will use every type of asset we have. >> the suit names interim secretary of state robin crittenden and the state election board as defendants. in response, the solves office said it's never been easier to
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vote in georgia. this morning, at least one man is behind bars after leading police on a wild pursuit through los angeles. >> this is the time these streets -- oh!! on the sidewalk! >> check it out. a driver in an suv led police on a high-speed chase through the busy streets of downtown and at one point, the suspect nearly hit several vehicles and came within inches of pedestrians. but the chase ended when the driver slammed into a bus stop. he and a passenger hopped out and started running. the driver tried to open the door of a car nearby. there he goes. but he fails. police then chase him down and tackle him in echo park. it turns out he was wanted for robbery. new disturbing details on the shooting rampage inside a war in thousand oaks. the ventura county sheriff every sheriff now says that the gunman ian long immediately began shooting when he entered the borderline bar & grill. he fired 50-plus rounds striking 13 people at point- blank range including an
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officer who responded to the scene. only one wounded victim survived. the 28-year-old former marine gunman also threw smoke grenades into the bar adding to the chaos and the confusion. a mother of one of the victims wants more gun control. the sheriff said long had 7 high capacity 30 round magazines which are illegal in california. officials are trying to understand why he did it. some teachers are outraged at a florida high school that was the scene of a deadly mass shooting protesting after three administrators and a security specialist were reassigned. 17 people were killed in february when a gunman opened fire at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland. protestors say the people reassigned were unfairly singled out and blamed for security failures that day. >> we have worked for almost a year to try and heal. and it's our family.
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>> a school district safety commission recently concluded some staff members may have missed warning signs that led to the shooting. still ahead, a stretch of highway with washout potential is shut down ahead of the rain coming. this morning, the closures you need to know about. >> we are tracking a second stronger more powerful storm system. we'll time it out for you on futurecast. coming up. >> and taking a look at the south bay in san jose, this is northbound 280 at highway 87. we'll have an update on the rollover crash near 7th street when we come back.
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on the healthwatch, a new study finds that endurance exercise like running, swimming and cycling are better than resistance exercise to slow down aging. they found endurance and interval training slow or reverse cellular aging while resistance training does not. teens and preteens who see ecigarette ads are likely to use "vap-ing" and tobacco products. researchers surveyed children between 10 and 18. those who saw the ads were
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more than twice as likely to try them and nearly half said that they smoked tobacco cigarettes. 5:13. in the north bay, a fleet of new smart train cars scheduled to roll out next month will be delayed for months. four new diesel cars were severely damaged after being shipped from a plant. they were part of an original $57 million order with the japanese manufacturer. it is part of an expansion to the sonoma-marin area rail transit train. >> we are not accepting damaged vehicles. we didn't pay for damaged vehicles. so at no cost to the taxpayers, they have to repair these to our satisfaction. they have already taken the damaged parts and they have shipped them to japan to be repaired and replaced. >> the repaired cars won't be ready for service until next spring. >> the bay area toll authority will hold a hearing to get public input on toll
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hikes at 7 state owned bridges. voters passed regional measure 3 back in june. it calls for a $1 toll increase and this coming new year's day followed by $1 increases in 2022 and 2025. the hearing takes place about 9:30 this morning at the bay area metro center on beale street in san francisco. this week's rain is prompting caltrans to shut down a 12-mile stretch of highway 1 in monterey county. closure of the coastal road is set to begin this morning near big sur between paul's slide and mud creek. this is being done as a precaution after storm caused mudslides in the area in 2017. we are looking at gilroy right now where we are seeing some speeds starting to dip a bit as you can see here along 152. we have some speeds in the yellow there dipping below the limit. we see some at 35 miles per
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hour. and 101 you're seeing some speeds dip below the limit, as well. speeds are in the yellow for a stretch and then fine after that. northern 280 at 7th street, two lanes blocked earlier but now all lanes are open. this is after a car hit the center divide and actually flipped on its side but a tow truck is on the scene now again all lanes open. super commuters from tracy speeds are in the red on 205 headin13 miles per hour. in livermore speeds in the morn metering lights are not on just yet. and traffic is moving along nice on 80 from the maze to
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highway 101. it's looking like a 12-minute ride. a crash in sausalito. it's a solo car crash southbound 101 at spencer avenue. two lanes blocked. from 101 to 580 at the golden gate bridge is looking like 11 minutes. that's a look at traffic of the here's mary with weather. we are going to be in between storm systems today. but still tracking some scattered showers some lingering showers out there on hi-def doppler and you can see it. we are going to zoom into some spots especially across the east bay from from pleasanton to union city. you can see cells with light to moderate rainfall. down across the peninsula, from just moving over san mateo some light rain down through highlands, you can see that light rain. then across the south bay, from morgan hill through santa cruz, we are looking at that wet start to the day.
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and this is the rain pushing in to the east and more offshore rain will push into the south bay this morning. here's a look with our golden gate bridge camera. a foggy start to the day so let's talk about our temperatures on the mild side. 59 oakland. 57 livermore. 54 for santa rosa. so the visibility, because of foggy conditions in spots, we are looking at concord a mile and three quarters. half mile in petaluma. three quarters in napa. so dense fog in spots. light rain across the south bay, peninsula and east bay this morning. we'll be in between storms though today. but with that residual moisture, we'll see some lingering showers as we go through the rest of the day. heavy rain, strong winds with the second storm system will be around midnight overnight
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we'll see that more powerful storm system move in. so there we go. this is our stronger storm on satellite and radar. again that moves in overnight into tomorrow. you can the light rain from the south bay that continues at 10 a.m. most of us catching a break. but you can see still see that scattered activity lighting up our radar screens. there may be a stray isolated shower. at 7 p.m. showers on the screen but this is the stronger storm system overnight. hopefully while you're sleeping the heavy rain comes in with strong winds, could see thunderstorms and heavy rain overnight know tomorrow morning. we are talking about high surf. high surf advisory still in effect through friday. today we'll see the highest swells and breakers for all
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coastal beaches 18 to 25 feet for the breakers. high wind watch tomorrow for the coast and higher elevations, 45 to 60 miles per hour. winter storm warning tonight through friday morning there for the west slopes of the sierra. temperatures low to mid-60s and again scattered showers there. we are looking at that stronger storm system late tonight overnight into tomorrow. a brick sunday and monday and another storm system rolls in for next tuesday. let's check with dennis for sports. anybody out there feel the need to catch a wave? the men's surfing finals in maui coming up. and how the redskins justified claiming reuben foster off waivers from the 49ers. coming up. >> and before we go to break,
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let's take a live look outside. you can see some rain in this shot. we'll be right back.
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reuben foster was claimed off waivers yesterday by the washington redskins the only team to put in a claim for the former 49er who was cut after his latest charge of domestic violence. now, the linebacker was immediately placed on the nfl commissioner's exempt list which means he could work out and participate in team meetings but not practice or attend games. foster will not suit up for the redskins until he goes through the legal process and possible discipline from the nfl. washington senior vp of player personnel said: to the ice. evanderkane returns to the
5:25 am
ice. then past burns gives the sabres 1-0 league. little joe behind the net sneaks in for the second goal of the night. tying the game at 2. so we go to overtime. san jose's martin jones can't post a puck away from jeff skinner skates in for the game winner and buffalo wins 3-2 tying a franchise record with their 10th straight win. men's final the jaws challenge in maui. this dude trying to hang 10. he hung an 0.5 instead. the ratio was 50/50 yesterday. but not for that man. billy kepter won the event with this barrel run making history by winning the jaws challenge for the third time in four years. he didn't even know if he was going to compete with a bad back and mri last month in los angeles. next up, the big wave tour,
5:26 am
the mavericks right in our backyard. that's the latest. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. we are seeing some of those really big waves coming in here today. just how big? we'll have that story coming up. and we have some breaking news. the sketches of the a's proposed new ballpark are out. this is a live look at the coliseum and oracle there. our own phil matier stopping by to give us a look.
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we even have live sports and news channels. ( ♪ ) and your free wi-fi will start shortly. enjoy your flight mr. jones. world's best inflight entertainment. fly emirates. fly better. right now, showers across the bay area are starting to taper off. but not for long. we are tracking a powerful punch later today. >> and looking live at the oakland coliseum and oracle there, this morning we are getting our first look at the
5:30 am
as' plans for its new ntthe new >> and breaking news out of oakland where the a's are taking another big step toward an ambitious plan for a new baseball stadium. >> the team is unveiling sketches of its proposed ballpark and phil matier is up early and he is joining us this morning. >> good morning, mr. matier. >> i wanted to show you these things before anybody else saw them. the a's are set to unveil plans for a mega deal that involves both a new ballpark on oakland's waterfront and in a twist, a complete remake of their current home in east oakland's coliseum site. let's take the look. first at the new ballpark. it's being billed as a 32,000 iet with a box like the modern. inbackground we'll see the crane that is operate oakland's port. now, it's going to be surrounded by high-rises of course with office and housing development. that goes with every development, sports or otherwise in the bay area.
5:31 am
now let's go to the coliseum site. how's this? all right. they are going to take you down. see all the grass up there? oracle arena is going to stay but this is what the coliseum is going to look like after they tear it down and turn it into an outdoor sort of amphitheater park. and with housing out on the rims. but that's pretty ambitious. think the raiders are going to play there again? i doubt it! see ya! this is a big business. but keeping oracle arena in there for concerts and shows and other things. remaking the east oakland area. as for the ballpark at jack london square that's going to be along the lines of coors field or at&t park the idea of getting something down in the downtown. >> those look spectacular. it's completely changed.
5:32 am
kind of outdated but this looks absolutely fantastic. >> i mean i think it looks beautiful. looks expensive, too. >> you're bringing in the money. >> you always worry about the money. >> the a's promised they are going to privately finance this deal. but coming up, we are going to take a closer look at this in the next half-hour exactly where that money might be coming from. is it going to come from them or me, from you? are you getting skeptical? >> owners will always want public funding. >> we'll have more in a little bit. >> thank you. in storm watch, this is just some of the damage from the first bay area storm this week. this 30-foot tree landed on parked cars at 23rd street near sanchez in noe valley. and the biggest storm though is on the horizon. >> round 2 is coming. today a break capping a few showers out there. but then our second storm
5:33 am
arrives and i'll time it out for you on futurecast in just a few minutes here. but hi-def doppler let's show you first of all the light rain falling especially across the south bay. in fact, right over san jose. so south bay getting that rain this morning from sunnyvale down through cupertino, campbell as well and then again right over san jose some light to moderate rainfall. and then stretching across the peninsula, you can see foster city, near san mateo, and san carlos getting some light showers out there this morning. so here's hi-def doppler and putting this into motion you can see all this pushing to the east but behind it offshore, we are still tracking that rain that's going to push into the south bay this morning. so a live look with our san jose camera, with the wet camera and the raindrops on our live cam looking at temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s as we start off the day. so here's what you can expect
5:34 am
looking at light rain for the south bay this morning. we have showers today but the heavy rain strong winds that really get going for us with that second storm, late tonight into tomorrow. we'll time it out on futurecast taking you hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. we have a multi-car crash westbound 80 past travis boulevard. two lanes blocked right now. the backup already stretches beyond waterman boulevard on westbound 80 from 505 to the carquinez bridge. we are in the red, 54 minutes. southbound 680 down to the benicia bridge, in the green. cars moving along. westbound 4, some slowdowns from loveridge to bailey road. concord looks like you are back in the green. metering
5:35 am
lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. not to the foot of the maze but it is growing and now your bay area roads are heating up. this is eastbound 80 at 580 right before the maze and you can see some of that backup here. here's some of the travel times on other roads: 101 from tennant to cochran about nine minutes. 580 from 205 to 680, 31 minutes. and it is in the green on 80 from 4 to the maze. this hole on highway 101 opened up on south san francisco near sfo yesterday. it's fixed now. it snarled the evening commute. the surf is expected to peak today because of all that rain coming back to the bay area. kpix 5's katie nielsen has been in pacifica all morning long and she has much more on this new storm coming in. >> reporter: forecasters say
5:36 am
we could see 25-foot waves later today and also this morning. that's because there is a high surf advisory in effect through friday ahead of this storm. now, here in pacifica, the swells are almost to the base of the pier. yesterday morning we saw people walking out on the pier. this morning, those gates are locked. in santa cruz, extra lifeguards will be on duty to help with additional rescues. they say even for experienced surfers, these types of conditions can be dangerous. that's because if a surfer miscalculates a wave they can tumble and only have a few seconds to catch their breath before another wave crashes again. >> swells this large, we get surfers that get injured that know what to do or we get beginners that aren't familiar with the area or the conditions and get in over their heads. >> i got washed in, in about 10 waves and i was almost banging into the cliff and that wouldn't have been good at all.
5:37 am
>> reporter: so low tide is at about 8:30 this morning. high tide about 2 p.m. so if you are going to be heading out to the beach today, you definitely want to be careful of those sneaker waves. we are standing on the seawall at high tide, definitely not a good place to be because you could literally get swept off your feet. live in pacifica, katie nielsen, kpix 5. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and taking a live look at capitol hill this morning where democrats are set to vote on house leadership in an hour and a half at 7 a.m. our time. it's going to be a big day for nancy pelosi. she is up for house speaker today. there was some rumblings of some challengers early on but it looks like she is a shoo- in. then to make that official, she needs to make it through a full house vote on january 3rd. also a big day for east bay representative barbara lee. she is running for leader of the house democratic caucus and if she wins that position,
5:38 am
she would be the highest ranking black woman ever to serve in a leadership position in congress. >> thank you. right now, the search is on for a missing air force academy cadet in colorado. crews say 20-year-old cadet candidate micah tice was last seen thanksgiving night. on saturday he told his parentsest going for a hike in the snow near colorado springs. his car was found at a trail in the area on monday. park rangers say there was deep snow, extremely high winds and cold temperatures on saturday. new details this morning. the lion air flight that crashed into the java sea last month should not have been flying according to investigators. they say an automatic safety system malfunctioned. it kept automatically pushing the nose of the plane down. the pilot fought the downward tilt more than 2 dozen times until they crashed. all 189 people were killed. investigators say that the pilots did not hit two cutoff
5:39 am
switches that would have deactivated the system. >> why didn't they just turn the system off? if they would have done that, the aircraft and those people would still be here today. >> the sensor in the plane was replaced two days before the final flight but investigators say it was still off by 20 degrees. this morning, we have learned a man who had a heart attack shortly after hawaii mistakenly sent out an alert warning of a ballistic missile is now suing the state. the suit claims the issued alert and failure to cancel it in a timely manner caused the man's heart attack. his girlfriend is suing. she said she had emotional upset from watching him almost die. another battle between microsoft and apple. we'll have that story from diane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" joining us live from new york. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with this. china is warning of dire esidchine es ahead of this
5:40 am
arnt being'ambass to shington calthe outcome unimaginable if u.s. hardliners try to decouple the world's two largest economies. the two heads of state meet for dinner on saturday. and microsoft is once again locked in a battle with apple to be the world's most valuable publicly traded company. microsoft topped its long-time rival yesterday after the first minute of trading and the two companies then swapped spots several times during the day before apple reclaimed the title it's held for 7 years. apple finished with a market value of almost $827 billion while microsoft finished at $822 billion. >> diane, many americans are dreaming about their ideal retirement lifestyle. we understand that there's a new survey about this. >> n halfof americans dream about retirement four or
5:41 am
more times a week according to the survey. as for where people want to retire, 78% want to retire in the u.s. versus abroad. people generally do prefer warmer climates. the top preferred cities are miami, san diego and denver. >> all right. so four or more times a week on average. but for those of us on the morning show, probably more and we're always dreaming about sleep. >> reporter: exactly. sleep. but also i wasn't even thinking about retirement. i'm like -- it's decades. >> yup. diane king hall of, looking forward to that retirement one day for all of us here on the morning show. thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. time now 5:41. >> i'll take sleep over fishing. >> yeah. me, too. >> some people go fishing for u we want sleep. >> straight ahead this morning, starbucks for life. coming up how you could win big this christmas. >> and a live look outside
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from our dublin cam where the traffic commute is fine. we'll have a traffic update and a look at your forecast when we come back. what's a gig of data?
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it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. welcome back. it is 5:44. here's a live look of the golden gate bridge. you can see the fog. visibility in spots down to a half mile. i'll show you exactly the locations getting that dense fog this morning. i'll also show you on hi-def doppler the locations getting that rain. we are tracking our second storm system when it moves in coming up. happening today a holiday tradition in new york city. the christmas tree in rockefeller center will light up for the season.
5:45 am
the massive tree is 75 years old. 72 feet tall. and weighs in at a whopping 24,000 pounds. plenty of artist will be rocking around it today including diana ross, tony bennett and john legend. also happening today, washington, d.c. will be celebrating a christmas tree lighting in presidents park for the 96th year. the president and first lady will mark the occasion as well as other members of the first family. heads up, coffee lovers. starting today starbucks is giving you the chance to get free drinks and food for the next 30 years. >> sounds good. it's all part of the starbucks for life contest. here's how it works. go to their website and earn points by making purchases with a card or app. then each play gets you a game piece or an instant win. if you get three-game pieces in a row, you win a prize like free starbucks for 30 years or
5:46 am
at least a month. it ends on december 31st. good luck. we need the coffee. >> for 30 years? that's a lot of money you can save, right? >> that's cool. >> basically a cup of latte costs 5 bucks so do the math. >> i can't. you know i can't do math. >> 365 -- yeah, who knows. a lot of money. let's go to traffic. we are monitoring a crash in fairfield westbound 80 past -- boulevard. two lanes are blocked. everything is cleared to the shoulder. if you are using 37 to connect with 101 you can anticipate a nice easy ride. we'll take a live look at westbound 87 before state route 121. traffic is moving along nicely. on 101 speeds in the green right now. but we are getting first reports of a crash southbound 101 near petaluma boulevard.
5:47 am
it is on the shoulder so not affecting the commute there. further south on 101. an earlier crash near spencer is all clear but we have a new crash. this past the waldo tunnel and it is clear to the shoulder. it is business as usual at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the backup. but it is looking like from the maze to highway 101 a 14- minute drive. that's a look at traffic of the here's weather with mary. all right. thanks. we are tracking light rain in spots this morning on hi-def doppler. so let's zoom in here in the locations getting that wet start to the day. some cells popping up across pleasanton to union city there across the east bay. let's show you the peninsula. you can see some spotty showers in belmont. woodside down through portola valley near los altos and then across at least east of the east foothills you can see
5:48 am
some light showers especially down through morgan hill. we are tracking light to moderate rainfall there. as you put this into motion showers pushing east. behind it we have more activity with more light rain showers there so today looking at a break in between storm systems for the most part. we still have residual moisture we could see more showers through the day but we'll be in between storms today. here's a live look with our golden gate bridge camera. the foggy conditions out there, temperatures are in the 50s as we start off the day here. let's show you low visibility in various areas. so your rain headlines we're looking at light rain for the south bay this morning in between storms again today but looking at lingering showers as we go through the day. most of us catching a break but we are going to keep that
5:49 am
chance of showers in the forecast. intense rain tonight into tomorrow. we are talking heavy rain, strong winds, could see an isolated thunderstorm. the strong system comes in tonight into tomorrow. that storm impact into tomorrow looking at strong winds. now, not looking at areawide flooding but we could possibly see some street flooding there. the commute tomorrow morning will be a whens that rain. 7 a.m. rain for the south bay that continues at 10 a.m. for the south bay. through the day, most of us getting the break for the rain. still seeing scattered showers lighting up the radar screen that continues for tonight. this is at 7 p.m. most rain overnight. likely hopefully while you're sleeping we are going to have that heavy rain strong winds could hear a rumble of thunder
5:50 am
that could wake you up with an isolated thunderstorm possible with the second storm system. high surf advisory through friday. we are looking at the highest swells today 13 to 16 feet, breakers 18 to 25 feet. and a high wind watch again tomorrow with that second storm. the coastline and mountains we are talking 45 to 60 miles per hour. forecast today 60s. a break for the rain from the most part here but again lingering showers are still possible today. that second storm late tonight into tomorrow. another storm rolls in saturday. sunshine sunday, monday and then another storm for next tuesday. time now 5:50. giving back to the "camp fire" victims coming up the donation that lets dozens -- that left dozens of teens in tears. >> taking a live look outside at the richmond/san rafael bridge, right before that toll plaza, it is 5:50 right now. thanks for waking up with us.
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saving people money on car insurance. good wednesday morning to you. we are tracking lingering
5:54 am
showers behind yesterday's cold front here so hi-def doppler and you can see the wet weather as we start off the day. let's take you out to the east bay from pleasanton and down through union city. some light to moderate rainfall. across the peninsula and then down across the south bay. and we are tracking a new crash in the south bay. northbound 87 at curtner avenue. one lane is blocked right now. the backup from this crash already stretching towards capitol expressway. but it looks like speeds start to pick back up right before you get to 280. we are going to keep an eye on this crash and other hot spots and i'll give you an update coming up. 5:54. the students of paradise high school are on the receiving
5:55 am
end of a generous gift this morning. it's coming from a southern california businessman who just wants to give back. >> really appreciative because we can put it towards moving on. i do hope that that man knows that i'm very thankful. >> it's incredible to k theoke atsomeone is wilson. he is an to the wiped out town of paradise destroyed by the "camp fire" in butte county. wilson vieach radise high school student and staff member a $1,000 check totaling over $1 million. >> if they take away from this, that some guy 600 miles away thought enough to come up here and give them a check, you know, that's all the compensation i want out of it. >> wilson says he made the donation because his heart went out to the students there and wanted to show them that
5:56 am
someone cared. what a guy. >> yeah. so nice. it is 5:55. the storms hitting northern california this week will force the closure of 12 miles of highway 1. why that stretch is such a big cause for concern. >> reporter: and the high surf warning still in effect today. the conditions here at pacifica pier. we'll take a look after this.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
more rain is arriving in the bay area this morning and another is right behind is it. >> we have a winner in the mississippi senate races. good morning, it is wednesday, november 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it's abo the rain this morning is expected to make a messy commute. and an even slicker one later tonight as we take a live look outside at the richmond/san
6:00 am
rafael bridge. you can see the roads are wet. and we are seeing some damage already from the first of several storms two storms. a 30-foot tree collapsed in noe valley landing on cars about 9 p.m. >> this is not the worst of it. >> that's right. we are tracking showers in spots this morning. but our second more powerful storm that arrives late tonight into tomorrow morning. so we are tracking that stronger system that will bring heavy rain strong winds and could see an isolated thunderstorm. i'll show that you coming up. but hi-def doppler is going. showers popping up this morning. let's take out to the areas you can see:


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