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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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a winter storm warning effect in tahoe. so much -- how much snow the area could get, next. now at 11:00, a strong storm crossing the bay area right now. high lit up
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with pockets of heavy rain. your hour by hour forecast. morale is at an all-time low for one east bay police department. the scathing report that says the force lacks vision. and a woman knocked unconscious outside a bay area bar. one suspect is on the run. >> we are watching the doppler very closely right now. this rain is widespread from the northbay to the santa cruz mountains. >> that is where maria medina is live right now. emily turner is in this year aware a snowstorm is bearing down but first, chief meteorologist paul deanno tracks the rain. >> cases of street and highway flooding has prompted an urban flood advisory for san francisco, oakland, and surrounding counties from now until 11:30. certainly this evening, pockets of very heavy rainfall in sonoma county, petaluma, napa, american canyon, vallejo, south
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to highway 4. concord, martinez, west to richmond. san francisco getting a break. san bruno, santa cruz mountains just covered in steady, soaking rainfall. futurecast stops the clock at midnight. that's when the next heavy rain moves through. we will stop the clock again at 8:00 tomorrow morning in the middle of the commute. soggy weather continues. this rain will be a six on the one to 10 scale. it's already windy outside. there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms and of course, the urban or highway flooding that is going on right now, which may continue tomorrow. rough surf continues through the day tomorrow. swells building 13 to 16 feet. there is a wind advisory in effect until tomorrow afternoon, especially along the coast. wind gusts of up to 45 miles- per-hour. now through 10:00, that is the window of opportunity for the storm used weather, although we will likely stay windy for most of the day. we will talk about how much rain we will see coming up in a
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few minutes. the rain is coming down steadily as people try to get out of the storm. rainwater is flooding in parts of the mission district. fast, flowing water gushing down the gutters. >> and in marin, the north bay is getting soaked. you can see the rain coming down fast. >> maria medina continues our storm watch coverage live in the santa cruz mountains, where road conditions are getting dangerous tonight. >> reporter: we have been watching chp drive up and down highway 17 with their lights on to try to get drivers to slow down. as you can see, it's not only rainy but windy, and foggy. as you mentioned, more is yet to come. >> reporter: it's a common sight when the santa cruz mountains gets drenched. road closures, downed trees and utility poles. >> it's pretty intense. people are driving pretty slow.
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>> reporter: and drivers carefully navigate the wind he cut treacherous roads the area is known for. >> visibility is very poor. >> the rain is coming down too fast for your windshield wipers and it's slippery. >> reporter: park rangers ordered campers at seacliff state park to move to higher ground, and with more rain on the way, county leaders are concerned this winter's weather may add to the long list of damaged roads still being repaired from last year's heavy rains. >> if we back these storms up every year, we are going to be in permanent disrepair on our roads. >> reporter: of the more than 200 roads damaged, crews have so far repaired only about three dozen. many two lane roads are still down to one. >> it's a huge inconvenience. >> it's frustrating for us as much as the residents. >> reporter: many are welcoming the rain after months without it. >> we need it for the fires.
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>> i think the rain is great. it has cleared up the air pretty much. >> reporter: not only is santa cruz expected to get a couple inches of rain, wind is also a factor and we could see gusts up to 40 miles-per-hour an -- 40 miles-per-hour. >> this is a look at i-80. drivers can expect chain controls to be in effect off and on all week. kpix 5's emily turner is in squaw valley where a snowstorm is blowing in. >> reporter: all of this snow isn't exactly great news for the roads, but it's great news for the businesses who depend on it, especially going into the winter and holiday season. that winter storm warning went into effect at 10:00 tonight. caltrans reports it was mostly a low between storms where they prepared for tonight's big storms. they restocked sand and salt, and also made sure they had full maintenance crews looking
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at all of their trucks, getting ready for tonight and the next couple of days. they are already fully staffed, but they have crews working 24 hours a day. there were chain restrictions on and off all day both on 80 and 50, headed to the sierra. folks are ready for more snow. they say it should be smooth sailing as long as traffic stays low, which because it's during the week it should be. it's good news for resorts, most of which have opened in the last week or so. they are expecting 1 to 3 feet over the next three days. the only real concern beyond making sure the roadways continue to be clear overnight into the morning hours is the wind possibility with this storm. they don't want this fresh powder to go to waste at the resorts by closing those lifts, so they hope the wind speeds stay low. we will keep ant. emily turner, kpix 5. >> like paul mentioned, heavy rain throughout the night and strong rain during the morning commute. urologist mary lee will have
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the latest weather and traffic conditions starting bright and early at 4:30. new at 11:00, no vision, management disconnect and poor morale is part of a report that claims these are just a fraction of the problems plaguing one east bay police department. kpix 5's christin ayers explains. >> reporter: the independent audit levels tough new criticism against the richmond police department, saying it has no clear vision and lacks a strategy for fighting crime. the 15-page report paints a picture of a police department with no direction, and devastatingly low morale. among the findings, a comprehensive strategy does not exist to challenge the conditions that contribute to crime, disorder in richmond. there is no compelling, articulated vision for the richmond police department. and there is a strong belief that the command staff is apathetic and unaccountable. morale among the rank and file is alarmingly low.
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a survey found 97% of officers say morale is poor or not the concern of the administration. >> it's fair criticism. the chief accepts that. >> reporter: richmond police spokesman lieutenant matt stone says richmond's police chief welcomes the criticism and has plans to address it. >> reporter: what's going wrong that morale would be that low? is it clear? >> it's not clear at this time. i know the chief is willing to sit at the table with everybody involved to make this a better organization. >> reporter: mayor tom butt says two years into his tenure as chief, brown may still be adjusting after stepping into the role that richmond's popular former police chief chris magnus left. >> there really wasn't the same level of standards you know, and internal organization that chris has put together. >> reporter: organizer anton
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clore who works as a volunteer defended the department, but admitted police could work on connecting with everyday people in richmond. >> they've got to start walking these beats. when you do that, the community feels you are engaged. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> richmond's former city manager commissioned this audit in the wake of a sexual misconduct scandal at the police department. two suspects are behind bars following a midnight and jackson street. chopper 5 flew over the scene. one man was shot and taken to the hospital. both suspects were taken a couple blocks away. a man accused of robbing wells fargo banks across california including one in downtown fremont is now under arrest. the suspect identified as 55- year-old mark gray from los angeles. police say he walked into the bank off of sale padre parkway and demanded money.
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he is also connected to four other robberies in southern california. fremont police say when they took gray into custody, crimes been booked into county jail. surveillance video shows a violent beating outside a napa bar. one woman was left battered and bruised. >> it's difficult to watch. ferne mccann de la cruz joins us with that video. >> reporter: it happened at stone's sports bar and lounge. a man shoves a woman out the door and onto the ground. two men go on to th, knoc unconscious. juliette goodrich shows how some people tried to help. >> reporter: in the video, you also see two people holding these cue sticks. the owner tells me those are friends of the victim. they grabbed this and ran outside to try to help her. >> according to the bar owner, the two men were only there for about 10 minutes before getting into a heated argument. >> we didn't go outside.outside
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like he threw me and landed on top of me. i went blank. i have a daughter. i have a life. this isn't going to stop me. this can't stop me. >> one of the suspects, juan rojas, has turned himself in. an arrest warrant is out for james faulkenberry, the other suspect. police are asking for help locating him but they weren't not to approach him yourself. they say to just call the police. he is considered armed and dangerous. coming up, the strong rain is putting up burn areas on high alert. the rain preparations they hope will withstand the storm. only one city in california made national geographic's best trips issue. i am betty yu. i will tell you which one, coming up. starbucks makes yrs of pre
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white-knuckle driving on highway 4. martinez, venetia, end., conquered all getting steady, soaking rainfall. how much rain we get between now and tomorrow morning is coming up. meanwhile, southern california residents in the burn zone of the woolsey fire are getting ready for the upcoming storm. the area is at risk for potential mudslides. residents have packed sandbags near their homes to hopefully keep floating away and protect their property. ush floowarninare in effect until tomorrow morning. heavy rain could lead to mudslides and flooding in the camp burn zone.
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residents are advised to keep an eye on drainage units. parents may be allowed to return next week -- residents should be prepared to return to their homes next week. the sheriff's office says 196 people are missing so people should be prepared to find bones of the missing. the death toll stands at officially 88. fema could soon be sending up to 2000 trailers to paradise, california for the evacuees. the oakland a's quest for a new stadium has entered a new phase. the team has announced new plans to build a waterfront ballpark. here is a look at the renderings. the idea is to turn the howard terminal north of jack london square into a 34,000 seat stadium complete with a rooftop park and surrounded by high- rises. the plan also includes a gondola ride to bring fans from downtown. >> this project is bigger than baseball. it's not just a ballpark.
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it is something that could have a lasting impact on our community here in oakland to ensure the a's are here for 50, 100 years. basically, forever. >> the a's are asking for development rights to turn the coliseum into a new neighborhood of housing, stores and offices. you might say it's an unlikely city to get someone class recognition, but not according to national geographic's latest list of must-see destinations. kpix 5's betty yu on why oakland was just chosen among all others, like cairo, egypt, and galway, ireland. >> reporter: oakland is one of four u.s. cities included in national geographic's best trips for 2019 issue, and it was the only city chosen in california. the city of oakland is getting teion fo diversity, art, food scene, and nightlife.
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it landed a coveted spot on national geographic's annual traveler issue. oakland was selected in the culture category. >> every time you hear about oakland, i think it plays second fiddle to the city next francisco. i think i was taken aback by how much is going on here. >> reporter: very surprised, and also pleased that oakland is getting some love. >> reporter: among the selected cities in the culture category, cairo, egypt. and galway, ireland. >> we have 125 language -- languages spoken at our public schools. we have an amazing accepting culture. the largest lgbt community raising children per capita. it's a great place to raise kids. a great place to work andgr up. www.visitond.comarkets e cityas a trav destination. >> recently, probably for the last three or four years we have seen a dramatic drop in
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violent and property crime. >> reporter: elizabeth brennan is an oakland native. she watched her neighborhood become gentrified. >> i am really glad the culture we have had for a long time is getting appreciated, and i think natives can compete -- keep participating in it. >> i am happy to see progress in. i am only 23 so just to see that happening, to where i've been in my whole life, the city going from bad is going up. >> reporter: visit oakland says more than 3.7 million people visited the city last year. that's a 10% jump from the previous year. it expects this trend to continue into 2019. in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. oakland's popular first friday street festival is making a comeback for the month of december. it was canceled this month after a shootout injured six people nearby. just hours after the event ended in october, organizers and city officials have since
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reviewed safety policies and procedures. a gruesome discovery in the north bay. a woman's body was found hanging out of a donation box. the body was found in petaluma along old redwood highway. her legs were dangling from a donation container. police believe she climbed into grabbed clothes and got trapped. her identity has not been released but authorities say it was an accident and there is no evidence of foul play. a committee is calling for mark zuckerberg's name to be removed from the city's general hospital. supervisor aaron peskin is behind the push behind -- after facebook scandals that left consumer data vulnerable. the hospital was renamed in 2015 when the facebook ceo and his wife donated $75 million. bay area drivers are going to start showing out more cash on tollways, the first of three toll hikes rolling out on january
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that means drivers will pay as much as seven dollars to cross the bay bridge during peak hours. at the beginning of next year, and in 2025 it will cost nine dollars to cross that bridge. the toll authority is facing two lawsuits in connection with the hikes. one suit claims it's an -- a tax and not a fee. this one is unusual. >> starbucks is rolling out a new tool to block customers from using their wi-fi to watch porn. apparently, it's a thing so the coffee giant says it has found a way to prevent people from watching explicit videos while inside their stores. while watching porn is banned at starbucks, the chain does not have content blockers on its wi-fi service. you can look at anything you want. starbucks says the new tool
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will be available by next year. they were under pressure to block porn for years. other food chains like mcdonald's and chick-fil-a already have content filters on their public wi-fi. we are getting soaked. this video is from just outside the newsroom. you didn't have to go far to hit the rain. most of the bay area has seen some or a lot of it this evening. we can really hear it on the rooftop. >> we can hear it in the studio and as we walked down the stairs. there is significant rainfall. the storm is here. it's already raining heavily and already getting reports of ponding and flooding in the roadways, prompting an urban flood advisory for the next 10 minutes in the immediate san francisco-oakland area. sonoma and napa is coming down to a half inch of rain per hour. that is a very fast clip of rainfall. glen ellyn, jan field getting steady rain. american canyon, vallejo getting steady rain.
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the east bay, livermore, castro valley, not so much. it's coming. san francisco is pouring again. san jose and the santa cruz mountains. it's coming in waves. it's not raining all the time. if it's not raining now, it will rain tonight a lot. a winter storm warning for the mountains. the northern sierra and lake tahoe. snow amounts up to 2 to 3 feet. travel delays are likely but ski resorts love storms like this just before the weekend. a flash flood watch for all the burn scar areas including the camp fire and carr fire. heavy rainfall is a problem because of debris flow and mudslides. the temperatures outside, 58 degrees in san francisco, 60 oakland, 58 concord, moderate to heavy rain fall. vallejo tonight 52, fremont 52. but it's windy with a 52 mile- per-hour wind gust a few minutes ago. just the hills above lf why? this storm is strong and the stronger it is, the more rain
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we get and the more winit. stormy just about right now for a couple hours with steady, soaking rainfall by morning. ready quickly it goes away. by tomorrow evening, the rain is done and by friday the sunshine is back. it will be wet and windy tomorrow. in very short order, rainfall totals will reach an inch in the south bay. an inch to an inch and a half over the peninsula. highs tomorrow with this wet, windy, stormy morning. vallejo 59, san jose 60, san francisco 59. the extended forecast, we dry out thursday evening. friday, some sunshine and another round of rain on saturday. saturday afternoon and sunday, we are dry with another round of rainfall moving in on tuesday. we need about one inch of rain per week. we have been doing better than that the last week and this week. we may do that again next week. a stormy bereful. >> absolutely.
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she thought she was doing a good thing by rescuing live fish from the fishmarket. now, a bay area woman could be on the hook for letting them loose in a lake.
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>> ea bay could be follfacing llowg a str
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attempt to save fish. >> lake chabot is popular with catfish and trout reaching trophy size. the woman's motive has people scratching their heads. police say she bought live fish at a market in san leandro and then released them so they wouldn't be killed and eaten. >> i think she is a little bit off to buy fish at a fishmarket and put them in the lake. >> i think she thought she was doing a good thing, but it was odd. >> police say the woman may have done this before. who really knows how many tilapia are actually in battle lake? patrick marlborough is eating tonight not tilapia but shark. steph curry's groin has been deemed healthy enough to return for the warriors. the question is when?
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a's fans everywhere were hoping for a possible nba preview between the warriors and the toronto raptors tomorrow night, but let's face it. without curry they are like the yankees without babe ruth. he suffered that groin injury on november 8. he practiced tonight in toronto, but the
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team wants to be extra cautious so he won't play. he is expected back saturday, when the warriors had to detroit. the sharks and the warriors were both in toronto tonight. let's hope golden state has a better outcome against the raptors and the bid against the maple leaves. you guys are killing me. they had a 1-0 lead. here is the power play and toronto got it knocked smooth from austin matthews. he was out a month with an injury. 2-1 toronto. they scored three unanswered and they were capped off by an old friend, patrick marlow. his first ever goal against san jose. the sharks lose their third straight lost. john gruden's brother jay gordon questioned about why the redskins claimed former 49er reuben foster who is on the commission's exempt list and
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may not play at all. gruden says foster is worth the backlash. >> we will deal with the outcry so to speak, but for the most part, this is a young athlete, a young person who got himself into trouble and we want to find out exactly what happened. the stafford -- stanford women's basketball team landed its top recruit today. haley jones selected stanford over the top schools in the country including the university of connecticut. she said she went to tara vandenberg's youth camp and now she is her highest recruit since 2010. that picture there was taken when haley was in the fifth grade. congratulations. we will be right back. at makes. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. s for.
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well, it's a whole day's worth of love songs. or 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you pay for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. the rain got here a little bit early. we have widespread, steady rainfall on the radar. it's going to be with us on and
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off until about 10:00 tomorrow morning making for a wet, soggy, windy morning commute. >> be careful out there. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast at 4:30. we will give you some updates then. niored by s >> protests over the administration's asylum policy ended with men, women, and children tear-gassed by u.s. officials. >> the type of deterrent being used is o.c. pepper spray-- it's literally, water, pepper, with a small amount of alcohol for evaporation purposes. it's natural. you could actually put it on your nachos and eat it. >> well, to test your theory, we're filling your airtight chamber with your very own spicy nacho recipe. >> my eyes! my eyes are delicious! muy caliente! >> coming up next, is mustard gas good on hot dogs?
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the answer may surprise you... it's not.


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