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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and ventura counties. the storm is tapering off a bit in the bay area, but there's still a lot of activity up in the mountains. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is watching the hi- def doppler, but we start first in lake tahoe live with emily turner where it's been snowing for sure, emily. >> reporter: it does. can you tell by what's going on behind me? we have a brief break now, but it's been snowing on and off all night and there are some flurries just beginning to drop. it's beautiful now, but man, was it a mess earlier today. it's a winter wonderland out the window, but from the streets it's more of a nightmare. >> it's pretty to look at but not too convenient. >> reporter: overnight the storm dropped up to 15 inches of snow. by the time it's finished tonight that number could double depending on elevation. here at lake level it's a lot whiter than it was yesterday, but it's certainly colder, windier and much wavier than we saw yesterday.
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behind this storm is yet roll t friday night. all that white stuff means chain controls on and off on 80 as well as around the lake on 89 and closures on 50. there have been brief breaks in the snow, but chp says those lulls are not an invitation to head up. >> you don't need to come into town or come up here, if it's not essential, don't come. people see a a break between storms and think hey, we can sneak up there. there might be an issue with traffic and you get stuck in the storm. >> reporter: tough advice to follow for many excited about a weekend of fresh powder and the prospect of new runs opening. >> we are really excited about this storm. >> reporter: north star reported 18 inches by lunch and plenty still falling. >> our patrol team is up on the mountain. i think they'll do it as the storms go on throughout the day to see what new terrain we can open. >> reporter: right before we went to air i was joking with the ski patrol for heavenly. they said there will likely be a lot of sick calls tomorrow.
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heed the warning of chp. it will be lighter tomorrow. it will be snowing on and off. weigh your options and make sure you check the roadways before you hit them tomorrow. >> it's one thing for the chp to tell people don't come up, but we show them the beautiful pictures of all this snow. i know from experience that the only thing that shuts those places down is high winds where they have to literally shut down the lifts. we haven't seen that yet, right? >> reporter: no, we haven't. they were really concerned about that and it was windy as you saw from that stand-up down at lake level, but the it didn't get to the wind speed they need it to to shut the lifts down. going into the storms tomorrow, things should be much calmer as far as the wind is concerned. if you do take that risk, be careful. you will have those lifts opened most likely. >> plan ahead for sure. herenow.hank you. we were okat the totals. they look pretty good, but is it enough to get us back where
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we need to be? >> the answer is almost because we went seven weeks, 49 days without one drop of rainfall in san francisco. we were down to about 10% of average rainfall for the water year which it's still early. it starts october 1st. we're back up to 94% of average in both santa rosa and san francisco, less so in livermore and san jose. we've caught up almost the entire way, still a few isolated downpours out there. it's not everywhere. if you get caught in one of these guys, it will pour five, 10, 15 minutes. one will move right over stanford, fair oaks and mountain view. one just left san jose and one is heading towards fremont. we got nearly 2 inches of rainfall in st. helena, santa rosa and oakland hills, 1 1/2 inches in petaluma, nearly an inch in san jose and nearly an inch of rainfall in san francisco. it wasn't just rain. it was the wind. it was windy everywhere. hayward 43 miles per hour peak wind gust, the port of oakland
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47 miles per hour, mount tam in the 50s and mount diablo a 68 mile-per-hour wind gust this morning. the winter storm warning continues for several more hours, the sierra snow levels up to 6,000 feet, additional snowfall of 9 to 13 inches and a high surf advisory continues until before sunrise tomorrow. all of our coastal beaches swells are still running 12 to 15 feet. where does the storm go from here? the scattered downpours die down after sunset. 11:00 tonight clouds, tomorrow morning partly sunny. the storm is almost done, but it brought hail, thunder, lightning, heavy rainfall and strong winds. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up. >> paul, thanks. the wet, wild, windy weather has been causing problems all over the bay area, color fever in oakland this afternoon. the heavy -- chopper 5 in oakland this afternoon.
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the heavy rain caused a warehouse roof to collapse. the gaping hole was big enough to see into the warehouse, not good news for those folks. meanwhile in san francisco the winds caused construction scaffolding to collapse in the sunset district this morning. fortunately nobody got hurt. kpix5's wilson walker with how the weather made for some pretty serious close calls. >> reporter: no matter where you were today you probably saw a good bit of rain came through in spurts and waves. in a lot of places it left quite a mess. >> the leaves didn't come off just yet. then it rained. so that kind of creates a surface area to catch all the water which adds more weight to the tree and it falls. >> reporter: a rotsen willow toppled on-- rotten willow toppled onto a truck in marin county. it was dangling power lines in mill valley and a christmas tree lot scattered all over with the winds. officer brandon correa was patrolling in contra costa
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county where heavy rains flooded roads causing a handful of accidents during the morning commute hours. the. >> it's dark. visibility is low. it's . that's when when he see a -- slippery. that's when we see a high rate of calls coming in. >> reporter: for anyone involved in a minor accident like this one, get off the highway, especially on a day like this one. >> if you can drive your car, tell the other people involved hey, we're driving to the next exit. get off the freeway. a lot of times people veer over and hit other people on the side of the road. take yourself out of harm's road by getting off the freeway to the next exit. exchange your stuff off the freeway in a safer spot. >> reporter: this was not the first time i have intents a day like today out with the highway patrol -- spent a day like today out with the highway patrol. they mean it when they say be careful out there. in newark, wilson walker, kpix5. a homicide investigation in an upscale san jose neighborhood, one person was
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killed, another critically injured at a family home. kpix5's len ramirez is at the scene of the murder in san jose's vendome neighborhood just off north first street. len? >> reporter: that's right. san jose police say they got a welfare check call from this home on ayer avenue at about 8:30 a.m. this is very close to police headquarters, just a couple blocks away. it's also the neighborhood of former san jose mayor tom mcenry, but even before officers could arrive here a second call was coming in from this home, this time reporting a stabbing. police officers confronted a violent crime scene on this otherwise peaceful and upscaling neighborhood on ayer avenue near north first street. one man was stabbed to death and another critically wounded by gunfire. identities of the victims are being withheld until their families are notified, but names say the home where it happened was occupied by an elderly couple and a middle aged son and that the family had lived here for decades without previous incidents.
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>> it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. we norm hadally just have normal people walk -- normally just have normal people walking around using the light rail system. it's pretty quiet, but it's a close neighborhood, very small, so pretty shocking. >> reporter: police describe the man shot as the suspect in the stabbing. they aren't talking about the relationship between the two men, but they also say they are not looking for any other suspects at this time. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. the san francisco hall of justice was evacuated today after a woman set off a firecracker in the lobby. just after 11:00 the firecracker started a small fire near the security checkpoint. the blaze quickly was extinguished and smoke left fire alarms blaring. a 42-year-old woman was arrested on an array of charges. no injuries were reported, but all criminal court hearings were canceled for the day. a new development in the russia investigation, president
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trump's former lawyer says he lied about contacts with russians in 2016. >> michael cohen admits he played down attempts to broker a deal for a trump tower in moscow. >> veronica de la cruz is here with more on the latest legal twist. it keeps getting deeper and deeper. >> michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress as he appeared in a manhattan court this morning. cohen now says his negotiations with russia continued throughout the presidential campaign as late as june, 2016. he says he kept mr. trump in the loop the whole time. the new guilty plea is part of a deal with special counsel robert mueller. cohen has spent dozens of hours talking with investigators prior to the agreement. >> he's got himself a big prison sentence and he's trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up this story. >> this is one more example of one of the president's closest
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allies lying about their ties to russia and russians. >> cohen pleaded guilty last summer to eight other charges including campaign finance violations in a case that is separate from the russia probe. the president says his moscow project was perfectly legal. back in 2016 he claimed he had no business interests in russia. >> we'll find out. thank you. coming up president trump is saying no to a meeting with vladimir putin. >> what's behind the sudden cancellation and the world leader mr. trump will meet with instead at the g20 summit in south america. >> plus nasa announcing an exciting new partnership that could land a man back on the moon, the two major space companies left out of the race. >> plus a new body camera perspective of a daring rescue at the campfire, the bulldozer that pulled up just in the nick of time.
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we're getting a new look at what it was like for people running for their lives, running from the camp fire in butte county. >> the sheriff's office just released a deputy's body camera footage from the night the camp fire broke out. our allen martin shows us the moment that flames surrounded that deputy. >> pretty dramatic, guys. deputy aaron parmley was driving on pence road in paradise on november 8th. he attempted to locate four
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nurses who needed help evacuating, but parmley's car became disabled forcing him to get out and walk. this is body cam footage from parmley. it fades in and out, but what you can see, flames on both sides of the roadway, embers flying through the air. he couldn't see more than 10 yards in front of him. when there appeared to be noway out, a bulldozer's lights flashed in the distance. >> can i get in? >> yeah. come on. >> get in. >> i can get one or two. >> parmley raced to the back of the dozer to make sure everyone else was able to fit in. a small group all made it on board and the dozer drove them to safety. parmley and the four nurses did
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survive. the camp fire went on to burn more than 150,000 acres, an area about the size of chicago. the number of dead stands at 88. right now 196 people are still listed as missing. >> thank you. nasa is setting its sights on returning to the moon. the space agency is turning to private companies to make that happen. the. >> a handful of companies have -- happen. >> a handful of companies have been chosen to develop their own spacecraft. >> nasa didn't choose elon musk company spacex and jeff bezos' company blue origin, but they will still be part of that equation. kpix5's don ford has details. >> reporter: there's been a lot of talk lately about mars, going to mars, colonizing marching, but today's announcement from that is -- mars, but today's announcement from nasa reminds us about the moon. nasa has not forgotten about the moon. >> it's beautiful, mike. it really is. >> reporter: 1969, nearly 50
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years ago, we landed on the moon. 1972 we left and never went back. today nasa says that's going to change. >> we believe there is a lot of amazing science that we can do on the surface of the moon. >> reporter: nasa is announcing a partnership with nine private aerospace companies to develop small robotic landers. these companies would design and build small rovers that will explore the surface with modern technology, not even dreamed of decades ago. >> nasa has a great history of working with industry. >> reporter: dr. steven beckwith says the selected group is interesting because some are well known like lockheed martin. others we've never heard of like orbit beyond or moon express. each has already submitted proposals of rover prototypes. dr. beckwith believes this move is in our national interest. >> you can see that some of our national competitors, china, japan, india, they're all e eating their own industries
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are of great strategic importance. >> reporter: but two names are not on the list, spacex and blue origin. they perform a different function, however, separate from the other companies. >> i don't think that list includes exactly the launch services. i think that's a list for payloads. >> reporter: some of the small landers could be rolling across the moon's surface as soon as next year. in berkeley, don ford, kpix5. president trump now says that he will not meet with russian president vladimir putin this weekend. the president left this morning for a g20 summit in argentina. here's a live picture from buenos aires. president trump is just landing in the next few minutes. in fact, the aircraft is pulling up. he tweeted he is cancelling a scheduled discussion with mr. putin. he said that it's because russia keeps holding three ukrainian naval slips and several sailors after a recent
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confrontation at -- ships and several sailors after a recent confrontation at sea. he will meet with china's president amid continuing trade tensions. on her way to the summit, german chancellor angela merkel's plane had mechanical problems and turned around about an hour into the flight, not clear what went wrong exactly with the government airbus. mrs. merkel and her entourage will use a replacement aircraft. in the tenderloin neighborhood the bristol hotel on mason street and eddie is sporting brand-new paint and fixtures to make a place for the homeless. mark benioff is donating over $6 million to help subsidize rents which will range from 500 to $650 a month. >> through bold and innovative solutions we know that we can make a difference in people's
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lives. >> this is an example, an example of the difference that we are going to make with public/private partnerships. the city, business, philanthropy and ngos all working together. >> the bristol hotel will open its doors in february. there will be 58 rooms. a lot of rain, a lot of wind, thunders, lightning, what is this, miami? no, the bay area today. we'll talk more about the storm, what will happen now that the storm is on the way out and when the next chance of rain is use, hint, it could impact part of your weekend plans. it's all coming up. >> also next how the shoe store payless pulled a fast one on some fashionistas. wait till you see the prices at their fake luxury store. >> we will not take this [ bleep ] any longer! >> coming up new at 6:00 tonight fed up with fires and excuses, rate payers demand a takeover of pg&e, the drama that shut down a meeting of
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budget friendly shoe brand payless, we're all familiar with them, fooled some social media influencers by opening up a fake luxury store. >> they invited dozens of influencers to check it out and shoppers raved about the shoes. >> they're elegant, sophisticated. >> it's always made with high quality material. >> people will be like where did you get those? those are amazing. >> the fake pop-up shop palessi was set up in los angeles and the store was shocked with shoes at huge markups of one person paid $640 for a pair of boots. payless soon revealed the prank, returned the money and let shoppers keep their shoes. the experiment was intended to
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remind shoppers that affordable shoes can fashionable as well. >> wow. isn't that like target? >> yes. palessi. i've been tweeting all afternoon about the rainfall that will not go away. cupertino, it's pouring again, sunnyvale, los altos, los altos hills and more showers heading towards san jose. they only last five or 10 minutes, but in that time a mess. 680 through milpitas and newark getting showers heading over to mount hamilton. not much north and west of san francisco telling me things will wind down rather rapidly now that we've lost the heating of the dabuit's plentything rikes arnd ther of low pressure which is 40 miles south and east of sacramento. the snow likely pick up in intensity around tahoe this evening. san francisco 56, livermore 54, santa rosa 54 degrees. we'll clear out and begin to
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cool down tonight, concord 46, redwood city 48 and napa down to 39 degrees tonight. your microclimate forecast for martinez, you'll get a dry day tomorrow. you've earned it. pretty stormy today around martinez, partly cloudy, 59 degrees. you wake up saturday. it will not be dry, another round of rain, albeit not stormy, but morning rainfall, afternoon sunshine and a high of 57 degrees. we don't get landfalling storms is meaning the actual center of low pressure passing right over northern california. sometimes they drift down from the pacific northwest. most often they stay in the pacific northwest. this one just moved right through california. that's why the atmosphere was so unstable. not only did we get heavy rainfall. we got the strong wind. we got the thunder and lightning and even small hail. it's gone tomorrow morning. we will be dry. partly sunny skies, but watch what happens saturday morning, sunrise, got some rain and we'll see that clear out by afternoon. so if you hang on until after the lunch hour saturday, i think you'll escape the rainfall. scattered downpours a couple
5:26 pm
more hours till about 8:00 tonight, mainly dry weather friday, rain early saturday. we'll clear out by afternoon. your highs tomorrow, fremont and san francisco 57, napa 58, san jose, santa rosa and fairfield a high of 60. saturday morning we're soggy. then we dry out saturday afternoon. we're dry sunday and monday. some more light to moderate rainfall likely toward the middle of next week. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thanks, paul. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. jeff? >> hi, ken and liz. up next here's a look at what we're working on for tonight. michael cohen's guilty plea, now that he says he lied to congress we'll break down what it means for the trump administration and robert mueller's investigation. >> the new form of birth control that's being tested on men. >> and a christmas light fight
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between one family and a town they live in. up next who says fast food isn't popular for pets? the special new burger for dogs. this little home of mine,
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ford. built for the holidays. time to get our best offers of the season. burger king has a new treat for man's best friend. >> it's called the dogper, the dog bone with flame grilled taste free with the purchase of a whopper, but there's just one catch. it's only available through delivery company door dash. burger king says the dogper was created so dogs don't beg for food while their owners enjoy their whopper. i'm wondering how they know if it has a flame broiled taste. >> they'll be the first one to
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get them confused and eating the dogper instead. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> back in 30 minutes and update you on the storm. >> glor: on the cbs evening news this thursday, a surprise guilty plea from the president's former lawyer saying he lied to congress. one of the few migrants granted asylum details what it's like inside the caravan. and the christmas display that sparked a bitter holiday light fight. all that beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> mr. cohen has cooperated. mr. cohen will continue to cooperate. >> today's big stunner-- michael cohen pleading guilty for lying to congress. >> he's a weak person, lying very simply to get a reduced sentence. >> if anything the president has said is true, why are all his closest associates being found guilty about lying about their ties to russia? >> repor a


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