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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 30, 2018 3:12am-4:01am PST

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train, so dangerous, it's known as the beast. >> when he finally reached the border, he asked for asylum and was detained for five months while his case was processed. he received asylum on october 15 15th. >> reporter: show me the paper. this document from the judge granted his asylum. >> translator: this paper means everything to me, it represents a lot of sweat, tears hunger and suffering. >> reporter: according to organizers of the original 1500 group she, only three have
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received asylum. including this young man. why do you think you are one of so few that were granted asylum. >> translator: a government representative said that i had proof of persecution, presenting 400 pages of evidence. an organization for q-dap flew him to new york, and helped him get shelter and a social security card. but his mind is sticking on the migrants currently making the journey. >> translator: every day, i thought was my last he said. i was worried about dying from exhaustion or dehydration or cold, because we had to sleep in carts. as a refuge, he is eligible for a work permit, and we were with him on the day of his appointment. >> reporter: do you feel nervous. >> translator: yes, i don't know how it's going to be. >> reporter: he came out after a few minutes and said his work permit will be ready in a few
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months. how do you feel. >> translator: happy, because there's one more step and there's more great things to come. the next step is finding a job and going to school. >> reporter: cbs news, new york. >> a possible break through in male contraception, researchers are hoping this gel will do the same for men. a story that got a lot of people talking today. how does it work? >> so for any product like this to move forward, it has to be safe and equity i ha-- and effee and reversible. it's a combination of two hormones, and it is going to be applied to the skin of the upper arms and shoulders. >> you rub it in. >> rub it in daily. in this study, the men will apply it every day and monitor them for a couple of months to make sure that the sperm production count goes down. in the hope that it decreases but does not have any other
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affects. after it's effectively decreased, they will follow 420 couples to see how effective it is in preventing pregnant and if the couples like it. it's not going to be rolled out now. it will be needing more research. >> there's no birth control for men right now, why is that? >> it's a complicated issue, none of the options are ideal, failure problems, a lack of reverse ability with the vasectomy, the industry has not put the phone in the game. a lot has been left to nonprofit and government. and the second a biology issue, that it's much harder to much suppress the production of hundreds of millions sperm produced every day, verse 1 to 2 eggs per month. but it's time for more shared responsibility and family planning. >> it's interesting to talk about. and i will be interested to see the results of the study.
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what may have driven a man to kill his brother's family and burn down his mansion and later, he is making college basketball history and has even bigger dreams.
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authorities said today it was more than bad blood that led a nj man to go after his brother's family and set his mansion on fire. the details are disturbing. >> this one is the most brutal case that i have seen in my experience here. >> monmouth county prosecutor charged this man with four counts of murder for allegedly shooting had h ining -- for sho business partner and brother, before kwil-- before killing hi wife and two young children. >> the wife, jennifer, was stabbed and shot and the two children were stabbed by knife repeatedly. he then burned down the $1.5 million mansion to try and destroy the evidence. >> they have a very large fire in colt's neck.
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and then set his own home ablaze and rescued had his family. >> why would he start a fire at his own home? >> he intended to destroy it for purposes of concealing or covering up the alleged crimes and the other reason was to create a ruse or a story of sorts that the family over all, was somehow targeted or victimized. >> reporter: the police believe he had a financial motive for the murders. they ran a tech consulting company, and now, two families are destroyed and a community is shaken. >> i hope for the community, we can deliver some sort of justice, whatever that might be. >> paul faces live in prison, and will be arraigned tomorrow. in his statements to cbc news, his lawyer said that he maintains his innocence. jeff? >> thank you. still ahead here tonight, mudslides, and rescues in california.
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unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables know what turns me on? my better half, hors d oeuvres and bubbly. and when i really want to take it up a notch we use k-y yours & mine. tingling for me, warming for him. wow! this holiday season get what you want . a month that started with fires, has been ending with mudslides and floods and rescues. a man that was clinging to a tree near the lake, where the holy fire burned this summer, and the flood waters cru s rush
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through a canyon. a report said that life expectancy declined last year, again, among the reason, drug overdozes and a rising suicide rate which is a 50 year high. the longest decline in a century since world war ii and a flu pan democr pandemic. this young man is signed for kent state, he will be the first scholarship player in division-i to have autism. he has big dreams. >> i want to use the platform to inspire other kids with autism, and with no autism, and let them know, hey, if i can do it, you can do it too. >> love it. he hopes to create a place where kids like himself can feel safe
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and happy. up next, a christmas light fight.
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had. tonight in new jersey, a man that was spreading holiday cheers for years said he never expect jeers. here is the story. >> reporter: this is the time of year, when tom shines, to be exact, his house, front yard, driveway and backyard, shine, brightly. >> i just love christmas. this took us about nine months to build. we started in january. the designing and everything else like that. >> reporter: for 15 years, the new jersey native has strung hundreds of thousands of colorful lights, mounted huge l.e.d. screens and synced everything with christmas music. >> i think it's fantastic. >> reporter: his neighbor looks forward to it every year. is so do the 10s of thousands of tourists that drive by his house every december. >> what he does for the community and everything, it's great. >> it's about bringing smiles to people's faces.
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i would put the entire display up if it put a smile on one person's face. >> reporter: he shares what has become a national tradition, homeowners outdoing one another with over the top displays and some are saying bah-hum-bug to his lavish lights. after years of complaints the town will fine him $3,000 a day to pay for traffic control. >> it's not like i'm rich or anything, i'm a normal working person like everyone else. >> reporter: he hopes to continue lighting up the night and make spirits bright. cbs news. new jersey. >> that is the overnight news for friday, for some of you the news continues, for others, check back later for the morning news and cbc this morning, from the broadcast center in new york city, thank you.
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this is the "cbs overnight news." >> president trump's long-time lawyer and fixer, michael cohen dropped a political bombshell in federal court in manhattan, he pleaded guilty for lying to congress about a real estate deal he was negotiating to build a trump tour in moscow. with what does it mean for the president? here is paula reed. >> reporter: michael cohen was mobbed by reporters outside federal court in new york this morning. >> how are you today?
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>> very good, thank you very much. >> reporter: moments after admitting that he lied to congress, of a real estate deal in russia. cohen told congressional committees in 2017, he stopped working on the trump tower moscow project in 2016, before the caucuses and primaries began, he now admitted that it was false and the deal continued in june 2016 and included discussions of trips by himself and then candidate trump to russia. >> i'm loyal and dedicated to mr. trump. >> reporter: he was one of trump's toughest supporter, he said that he lied to be consistent with mr. trump's messaging and to be loyal to him. he said that he was aware of trump's disavo wiwals of politi ties between himself and russia and that all contact was terminate brd the -- terminated
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before the iowa caucas. >> he is a -- he is a weak person and not a smart person. he is trying to -- it's simple, he has himself a big prison sentence and he is is trying to get a lesser prison sentence by making up a story. >> reporter: just last week, the president provided written answers to questions from special couple robert mueller, sources said that one question was about the moscow project and sources say that mr. trump's written recollection of events was in line with mr. cohens but mueller did not ask about timing. the president who got a had hes up of the cohen plea down played the project in russia. >> that was a project that was not done for a lot of reasons. one, not that i had to do it, i was focused on running for president. i wanted that to be my primary focus.
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not running or building a tower. >> reporter: cohen is expected to be sentenced next month on these charges as well as previous ones. he faces the possibility of years in prison, but he will continue to cooperate with the special council in the hope of getting his sentence reduced to a few months. >> the fall out from the surprise guilty plea comes as president trump is in argentina for the g-20 summit. the big talk of the summit is the saudi assassination of jamal khashoggi. >> reporter: president trump cancelled two high profile g-20 meetings with vladimir putin. he did it based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia. russia continues to hold three ukrainian naval vessels and more than 20 sailors it seized last
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weekend in the black sea. short time earlier on the south lawn, the president said the putin meetings are still on. >> i think it's a good time to have the meeting. >> reporter: the reversal occurred after the president conferred with top national security officials and also came shortly word of michael cohen's plea deal, admitting to lying about a trump development project in moscow something that would have prompted questions in the g-20. the russian actions will test how tough trump will be on t russian moves. the trump administration has sent lethal weapons like these anti-tank missiles to ukraine, and u.s. national guard forces have trained ukrainian armies against russian backed separatists.
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the president also faces a high stakes showdown here saturday night with chinese ping, hundreds of billions of dollars in new tariffs are on the horizon, as is the prospect of a full blown trade war. >> rain on the west coast is making life miserable for the thousands of migrants camped in tijuana and waiting to apply for asylum in the u.s. we spoke to one person would may it through the process. >> reporter: this 19-year-old young man said he was beat at political protests in honduras, he was one of the estimated 1500 people in the migrant caravan that moved through mexico this spring. that journey spanned two months and more than 2,000 miles, mostly on foot. he said that he survived a kidnapping attempt, and three days on a mexican freight train,
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so dangerous, it is known as the beast. when he finally reached the border, he asked for asylum and was detained for five months while his case was processed. he received asylum on october 15th. show me your paper? this document from the judge granted his asylasylum. >> translator: this paper means everything to me. it represents a lot of sweat, tears, hunger and suffering. >> reporter: according to organizers of the original 1500 strong group, only three have received asylum so far. including this young man. why do you think you were one of the few to be granted asylum. >> translator: a government representative said that i had proof of persecution, presenting over 400 pages of evidence. >> reporter: an organization called q-dep flew him to new york, and helped him get shelter and a social security card.
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but his mind is fixed on the migrants making the the journey currently. >> translator: every day, i thought it was my last. i was worried about dying from exhaustion or dehydration or cold, because we had to sleep in parks. >> reporter: as a refuge, he is eligible for a work permit and we were with him the day of his appointment. do you feel nervous before the meeting? >> translator: yes, because i don't know how it's going to be. >> reporter: he came out after ten minutes and said, the work permit should be ready in a few months. how do you feel? >> translator: i feel happy, because it's one more step and there are more great things to come. he said that his next step is finding a job and going to school. >> reporter: diaz, cbs news. new york. the cbs "overnight news," will be right back.
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this is the cbs overnight news, the pride of brooklyn's chess team is returning home a half million dollar richer, but he did not win the grand prize against the defending champion, magnus karlsson, the two played to a draw in 12 consecutive matches and then went to sudden death. mark phillips was there. >> as stare downs go, this was not ali/fraser but in the world of chess, it's as heavyweight as it gets. the unflappable world champs,
3:41 am
the 27-year-old, magnus "the iceberg" carlson, and fighting out of brooklyn new york, fabiano "the human processor" caruana, he stood to be the first american world champ since bobby fisher beat the kremlin's darling in 1972. this match didn't have a cold war back story. but it did have its own tension. tied after 12 games it would be settled by a series of speed chess shootouts, for fabi's traveling fan club, that was enough. >> it's a big deal, i mean, it noots happened in 60 plus years. the u.s. is just blowing up with chess. >> it might have been a bigger explosion if carlson was not unbeatable at speed chess. >> did you feel any extra pressure as the first americana decade to have a chance at becoming world champion? >> i felt a lot of pressure.
3:42 am
i don't think that i had added pressure because of being the first american challenger in a long time. >> he said is that he hopes the tourm has put chess back on the american map. he did take an invincible champion to the brink and it was fun while it lasted. >> fabiano is great on -- he has put american chess on the map. >> if you are like most americans you will probably do a lot of your holiday shopping online, that means packages being delivered to your doorstep, but there's warnings had this season, that a new digital notification system offered by the post office could make you vulnerable to high tech porch pirates. ones that roll up and steal your
3:43 am
packages. we have the details. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service took a leap in to the digital age last year with a service called "informed delivery," if you sign up, they will send you a preview by e-mail every day, what is coming in the real mail later that day. now, privacy advocates have a warning. >> you have got mail. that is the message each morning in the e-mail in box of 13 million people who signed up with the post office for informed delivery. wherever you are. i can see my mail. an e-mail arrives with a scan of any mail on its way that day. >> so, you can be sitting in the coffee shop had in the morning on your phone and see what mail you are going to be getting later that day? >> bob dixon developed informed delivery for the postal service, it's free and easy to sign up. >> create an account and you are done. >> reporter: in how many minutes? >> the last time we timed a tester, it took 2:30. >> the post office asks you to
3:44 am
identify yourself. >> the information could be on the dark web, it's being collected by companies that collect and sell data. this kind of information is often times available on social media. >> that can allow scammers to sign up, with your name and address. but their e-mail. and now, the secret service warns, criminals can take advantage of informed delivery to intercept mail and to further their identity theft fraud scheme. >> it's enables fraudster to commit the fraud. >> this man had his identity stolen in a 2015 data base breech, said a scammer used the hacked data to sign up for informed delivery in his name. and swipe a credit card from his mail. >> someone was receiving images and was monitoring i guess the neighborhood, and when they saw that the credit card came in the mail, they then proceeded to follow the postal delivery
3:45 am
person -- >> the postal service said that households can opt out online from informed delivery and warns their inspectors are watching. >> informed delivery is a criminal's worse nightmare, we are continuely monitoring for suspicious behavior. we will shut down the accounts and conduct an investigation to bring that criminal to justice. >> the postal service stresses that the actual informed delivery data base has never been hacked. and they say, that the best way to protect yourself just may be to sign up using your own e-mail so someone else cannot sign up as you. >> the unemployment rate is near a 50 year low, that has a lot of jobs waiting to be filled. one of the hardest hit industries are trucking. they are putting help wanted ads from all over and they are getting appelicants from an
3:46 am
unexpected source. >> reporter: here is what you expect to see in laramie, trucker after trucker, making their runs. hauling everything from fuel to furniture. billboards advertising where they can gas up and what you may not expect the trucker in the next lawn is wearing a turbin. >> i cannot say -- i know the feeling. >> reporter: even with unemployment at nearly 49 year low, there's a record shortage of truck drivers. this year, the turnover rate for truck drivers is 96%. more than 50,000 drivers are needed to meet the demand and the shortage is forcing companies like amazon, general mills, tyson foods and others to hike the prices to consumers. the one group of drivers, indian americans that practice -- truckers like this man, may well be a big part of the solution. more than 30,000 of them have
3:47 am
entered the trucking industry. >> most of them, they want to keep the artificial of faith. turbin of hair, beard, mustache. it's a safety hazard for jobs. and in trucking they can keep everything and make a good living. >> reporter: he becaused a used trailer 13 years ago and now he owns nine riggs and his truck stop? laramie, with so many truck drivers, he added a temple to his truck stop. >> not many truck stops come with a temple. >> not many. >> reporter: and his kitchen offers indian specials which attracts new fans as well. but it's more than a friendly truck stop drawing them to a career behind the wheel. recruiting videos that look like something straight from bali wood. promise a glamorous future fancy
3:48 am
truck, nice car in the driveway and wife make food for the road. had this video is based on reality? >> pretty much, oh, yeah. the presentation is eye catching. you know, it's a reality. >> reporter: a prosperous real estate -- a prosperous realty for him. if people say the american dream is dead? >> it's not dead at all. >> reporter: it's humming nicely for him, on highways across the country. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back. i'm alex trebek, here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget,
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try mr. clean magic eraser, for your impossible kitchen and bathroom messes. a lot of ink has been spilled on the high cost of real estate, especially in san francisco, new york, and washington, d.c., but if you want to put up stakes in the most expensive housing market on earth, you will have to hop on a plane to hong kong. ♪ with the soaring skyline and iconic harbor, it's no wonder a
3:52 am
whole lot of people want to live in hong kong. but housing prices in the chinese city are rising higher than all the buildings on the hillside, for the eighth year in a row, the former british colony is the world's most expensive housing market. prices have skyrocketed 2,000%, and now an average apartment costs $2,000 per square foot. >> it's a bit small. >> reporter: this realtor showed me a luxury flat for sale in the center of the city. what are they hoping to sell it for? >> they are asking 17 million. >> reporter: 17 million? that is almost $2.2 million u.s.. >> it is snoo h-- >> reporter: on how big is it? >> 234 square feet.
3:53 am
>> less than 300 square feet of nonluxury, and you likely would have a roommate. you have to know the person you are sharing with well. >> yes. because this is very small. >> reporter: the problem is the supply and demand. hong kong is a forth most densely populated city in the world, most of it is protected park land, leaving little room to grow. and an influx of newly rich chinese from the main land is driving up the prices. a single parking space in this condo tower set a world record, selling for $760,000. and meanwhile, the city's poor live in spaces smaller than cars. these micro apartments that measure less than 50 square feet, are sadly and accurately referred to as coffin homes and others have resorted to sleeping
3:54 am
inside 24 hour mcdonacdonald's, get more space at the sdrau-- a restaurant, even if they have their own apartment. finding a place to live here in hong kong is a pipe dream and one of the solutions being floa floated is to have people live inside of pipes. a local architect said that they could stack the pipes, and use them as low cost transitional housing. and there's co-living, dormitory style living, where many many young people use to live affordably and live close to the jobs. he is an accountant and like many young adults, he is stuck sharing a bedroom with his parents in this tiny apartment. >> reporter: how long do you think you will live with them?
3:55 am
>> maybe until they die. >> reporter: until they die? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: and then you will take their apartment?
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it's not exactly how the grinch stole christmas, but there's a real battle under way over a dazzling display of holiday lights going up in new jersey. the town wants the family to pay for police to direct the track that it attracts. we have the tore from old bridge, new jersey. >> reporter: each year, tom spends two months putting together this really incredibly elaborate display, he figures he has invested about $150,000 over the past decade or so and now the cost of bringing all the joy is about to skyrocket. how long have you been doing it? >> it will be the 15th year. sglie >> it's a tradition like no other. the holiday is his time to
3:58 am
shine. why do you do it? why such a commitment of time and money? >> because i love christmas. >> reporter: this year the love is not shared with some members of his own community who have taken their fight to the mayor. >> we have to make it safe. i don't have a choice. >> reporter: the mayor said that the neighbors have safety concerns. like heavy foot traffic, minimal street parking and accessibility for first responders of. >> had the street all blocked off. >> reporter: the lights don't just hike the electricity bill. they say that they must pay a $3,000 fine every night that he sets up a light show for visitors. >> they want me to pay for the police, and they also want me to pay for shuttle service from a private parking lot and punishes beam in that they want me to pay for. and i'm not doing it. >> reporter: who do the neighbors think? >> some like it, some don't. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i think it's fantastic, it's great. >> ready to go. >> reporter: the attraction gained national attention in the
3:59 am
episode of the great christmas light fight. where families deck out their homes to compete for cash. the family said it's never been about fame or money. the family collects visitor donations to fund raise for a charity that houses severely injured veterans. >> we started taking donations about six years ago, so, we have probably had, probably over $30,000. >> reporter: but if they refuse to pay the fine, taxpayers, their neighbors may have to foot the bill, which would force him to pull the plug on the show. >> reporter: you think they will shut you down? >> if they shut me down, they will have to talk to my attorney. >> reporter: you think it's a free speech? >> free speech and free religion. >> reporter: they say they will foot the bill for the security for the first few nights. they have started a go fund me page, the goal is $75,000, but, even if they don't reach the goal, they say, these lights will go on starting this saturday night. >> and that's the overnight news
4:00 am
for friday, for some of you the news continues and others, check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning, from the broadcast center, in ripe it's friday, november 30, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." surprise admission. president trump's former lawyer pleads guilty to lying to congress and offers details about a moscow tower deal. the president's strong reaction. the g-20 summit kicks off this morning in argentina. the trade meeting overshadowed by conflicts involving saudi arabia, china, and russia. killer's confession.


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